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E-book or paper book?

Advantages and disadvantages of e-book

+ Availability + Price + Payment + Volume + Ecology + Easy to produce + Interactivity + Date information + Convenience

- Cost of equipment - Faster tiredness and slower reading (except kindle) - Paper book do not need any battery - Digital format is not as solid as paper book

Amazon Kindle The Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader designed and marketed by With this gadget you can download and read e-books, newspapers, blogs etc. But you can also do it on mobile, tablet or computer. So what is so special about Kindle? It is an E Ink electronic paper display capable of rendering 16 tons to simulate reading on paper while minimizing power consumption. This technology makes also that your eyes are not getting more tired than reading a paper book, like it is in an usual e-book case. So you can be calm about your health ď Š

Here you can the growing popularity of Kindle

The future of reading Research has found, that in Internet people read more than those, who use only traditional books and newspapers. Nowadays folks focus on comfortable and cheap sollutions, and that is what e-books proposes. No one wants to carry heavy books, but if you have the Kindle, iPad, or even smartphone you can have all of them. E-books are also cheaper. So they do not need nothing more to be the future of reading.


Małgorzata Laskowska

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