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Joseph revealed himself to his brothers. It was a moment of shock and awe, as his brothers, who sold him previously to slave traders, knelt down before him. Shame blanketed the young men, as they remembered the dream Joseph told them when he was younger that his brothers, like bundles of bended sheaves will soon bow down before him. Now that dream unfurled before their very eyes. Then weeping followed, as Joseph forgave his brothers and said, "God sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives." Then he pressed on even more saying, “Yes, it was God who sent me here, not you! “He added, "He has made me a counselor to Pharaoh--manager of his entire household and ruler over all Egypt." From slave to ruler, Joseph is now in a position to master plan the land

of Egypt. He prepares the nation to buffer its stock of food and grain for the onslaught of the severe seven years of famine God forewarned Pharaoh in a dream, which Joseph had earlier interpreted. He then chose the land of Goshen in Egypt as the land where his family will dwell as they evacuate from Canaan to escape the famine. Pharaoh immediately approved of the land chosen by Joseph, instructing him to give his family the best. "Settle your father and your brothers in the best part of the land. Let them live in Goshen," Pharaoh said. Many years later as the Israelites prospered and grew in number in the land of Goshen, they were shackled with slavery as a new Pharaoh rose to power. He neither knew Joseph or

the Pharaoh who made Joseph ruler. The slavery oppressed the Israelites that they cried out to God for deliverance out of Egypt. When the cruel Pharaoh refused to let them go, the ten plagues were unleashed by God against them until the death of all the firstborn of the Egyptians. But the land of Goshen, where the Israelite community lived in Egypt at that time was spared and protected by God from all the plagues. It is with this sense of history, meaning and destiny that we named Goshen Land's quarterly as Joseph. We envision it as a tablet to record stories of triumph, life lessons, good news, family and the best part of the land that is Goshen Land. This is Joseph's first issue and we hope that it will be relevant to those who will scan its pages.


Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski Goshen Land Glocal Champion now International Olympic Committee member Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski, Goshen Land glocal champion and endorser was elected into the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as its 9th member on September 10, 2013. She was inducted at Buenos Aires, Argentina. The daughter of Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) head and former Tarlac Congressman Jose "Peping" Cojuangco, she was inducted with 8 other members of IOC during the 25 the IOC session. Mikee, mother of three boys and the wife of former PBA player Robert Jaworski Jr. is the third IOC representative from the Philippines after Frank Elizalde and Jorge Vargas. Mikee was the 2002 Busan Asian Games equestrienne champion besting riders from Korea and Japan. She was chosen by Goshen Land as its glocal (global-local) champion because of her unrelenting drive for excellence which is the same passion that Goshen Land has. Her excellence as a local equestrienne is at par with global standards making her a top choice as Goshen Land endorser. The first cousin of Philippine president Noynoy Aquino, she is very down to earth and a hands-on mother of her three boys. According to Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy who is a good friend of the champion, Mikee , during the presidential campaign took care of her baby Renzo without a coterie of maids . "She came with her feverish baby Renzo slung on her shoulder. She carried him like how our good old Cordilleran mothers carry their babies. It was a rare trait among celebrities like her," the CEO observed. Mikee charmed the marketing group and project teams of Goshen Land during the shoot of her "Tulad ko champion ang Goshen Land" advertisement with her unpretentious , humble and people person attitude. She immediately worked on her shoot in the morning straight from a midnight travel from Manila. "I saw in her the same qualities that we treasure and espouse at Goshen Land," Bangsoy said. "She has a humble and down to earth attitude despite her privileged background," he added. ***JD


Mikee Cojuangco - Jaworski: Goshen Land Glocal Champion Out of frustration with the state of the country in 2010, my family and I wrote 7 reasons why we should support Noynoy Aquino which was circulated over the net. At the same time, people were already forming a volunteer group which is outside the political mainstream to support the candidacy of Noynoy as sentiments for change are welling up triggered by the death of democracy icon Cory Aquino. This volunteer group formed Tuloy Pnoy, a ragtag army of volunteers who supported Noynoy. As the appointed CAR Tuloy Pnoy coordinator, I met Mikee and her husband Robert Jaworski Jr, the former congressman of Pasig. The first thing I noticed about Mikee was her humble and down to earth spirit despite of her pedigree and privileged background. As I got to know her better, I saw in her the same qualities and values that we treasure and espouse at Goshen Land like being familyoriented. In one Tuloy Pnoy meeting, she came with her feverish baby Renzo slung on her shoulder, like how our good old Cordilleran mothers carry their babies. She took care of him without maids or a coterie of alalays. I would often see

Busan 2002 Asian Games Equestrienne Champion Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski. ***JD


Goshen Land Glocal Champion Mikee Cojuangco - Jaworski with Goshen Land CEO President Alexander Bangsoy during the endorsement contract signing this week at the Goshen Land Masterplanned Condominium Community The Courtyards at Leonila Hill, Baguio City. ***JD

her personally take care of the needs of her children, which is rare among celebrities like her. Her love for country manifests itself not just in supporting leaders she believes in but she is one of Gawad Kalinga’s pioneers, helping poor and marginalized Filipinos in the cities and countryside with housing and livelihood. This trait endeared her to Goshen Land for it matches the same heart the company has. While her accomplishment as an actress is admirable, what really amazes me was her accomplishment as an athlete which continues to this day. She continues to win equestrienne show jumping events. She is now the country’s top-notch riding coach of budding equestriennes, all of whom come from the country’s elite. After more than ten years, she is still in top form as when she won gold in the 2002 Busan Asian Games, besting Korea and Japan in the equestrienne show jumping event bringing the Philippines to a

world class mark. Her excellence as a local equestrienne is at par with global standards making her a glocal (global-local) figure. Her unrelenting drive for excellence and perfection is the same passion we have at Goshen Land in delivering real estate products and services to our customers. Being homegrown and local, Goshen Land delivers masterplanned developments in the provinces, bringing worldclass real estate products and services in the locality because we believe that the probinsiano deserves better. This is our glocal commitment. So without any hesitation, we invited Mikee to be part of the Goshen Land family by being our Goshen Land glocal champion as she exemplifies the same values we treasure. God-centered, familyoriented, integrity, loyalty, teamwork, passion, perseverance, excellence, and service to others. --Alexander Bangsoy CEO and President Goshen Land Capital Inc.


The mute street kid who talked

Rodrigo Gango III known in the football field as Pepe lived on Baguio's streets since he was eight. ***JD He was a regular fixture in the streets of Baguio city's central business district. Nobody knew this street kid's name because he didn't talk. Nobody also seemed to care. When he was 8 years old, he wandered off to the Melvin Jones football field where football players in Baguio trained. Football coaches noticed him as he tried to steal the bags of the players left on the side of the pitch. Caught by the coaches in the act, they asked him why. They didn't get any answer. He was dirty, thin, dark and never uttered a word. The football coaches noticed the mute street kid kept coming to their football training till he was invited by Coach Aris Bocalan to join the kids they were training. Coach Bocalan and his friend, Gatan Dalang,

Rodrigo Gango now a scholar of Goshen Land, here with CEO Alexander Bangsoy.***JD


another coach, now both coaches of the Cordillera Goshen Land Football Club (CGFC) in Baguio trained the street kid who doesn't talk. He started to utter unintelligible sounds and pointed to things to convey messages. The kids in the football field called him Pepe, a play on the Tagalog word Pipi meaning mute. For six long years, everyone in the Baguio football community and anyone who meets him in the city center communicated to him in 'carabao sign language'- an attempt to communicate thru sign language albeit by remedy. Coach Bocalan attempted to enroll him in school but the kid doesn't seem motivated. Then he got spotted by Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy and his wife Annabelle in the football field while he played in 2010. By then, Pepe at 10 was surviving day to day through the random kindness of some coaches, parents, strangers as he begged for food. At night, he would work as a pin boy inside one of the city's bowling centers. Sometimes, he would steal food and other things to satiate his hunger. After some time of research to no avail about Pepe's family, Bangsoy and his wife took Pepe as one of Goshen Land's scholars. They enrolled him at the Special Educational Center (SPED) in Baguio through

the help of a kind teacher named Teacher Art. Since he lives on the street and sleeps underneath the bowling lanes, Bangsoy and Goshen Land provided him a home, a scholarship with allowance, tutorials, mentoring, [continued to page 28]

Rodrigo at the CGFC futsal clinic ***JD


Goshen Land's Melbourne Towers: Your chance to own premium property

Stop renting. Own your office, clinic, and commercial space at MelbourneTowers by Goshen Land. It is located a few paces below Session road and north of Aguinaldo Park. It offers a rare opportunity to own a central business district property. ***JD

Most of us wish we could also own premium property in the central business district so we don't have to rent our clinics, offices and commercial spaces but we can't. The high cost of premium commercial land and building our own structure in the city center is hard to reach even if we pawn the family silver. Those who own premium property in commercial centers rarely sell, if at all, because they pass it on to their children as inheritance. That leaves many of us unable to own commercial spaces like our offices, clinics and business spaces because premium properties have a high barrier to scale. But Goshen Land made a way for ordinary Filipinos to own premium property. At Melbourne Towers, one could own premium property in the central business district. Just a five minute walk from Session Road fronting the Aguinaldo Park, Melbourne Towers is a master planned premium property by Goshen Land which one 8

could own without having to pawn the family silver. Its units could be used for offices, clinics, commercial or residential. Commercial renters can now own their premium spaces, instead of renting it monthly, year in , year out with their rent money never enabling them to own their rented spaces. This is because rent

“Melbourne Towers gives you a chance to own your office, clinic, business space.� money cannot be recovered anymore. Instead of "throwing away" the money allocated for rents and space rights as is the case for renters in the central business district, wise investment common sense would dictate that it is much

better to use it to purchase your own commercial space. This is possible only at Melbourne Towers by Goshen Land. Melbourne Towers gives you a chance to own your office, clinic , business space and even own residential unit through monthly downpayments for the price of most commercial monthly rents . While most rented commercial spaces in the central business district only offer spaces, Melbourne Towers will provide world class amenities to its buyers. A fitness gym that has a view of the Aguinaldo Park will be on the 6th floor, a roof top infinity swimming pool, the first of its kind in Baguio will be on the 8th floor. A roof board walk, a sky lounge, roof deck garden, a rooftop board walk, an eco-themed lobby to greet guests and parking spaces will be included in Melbourne's generous provision of amenities. ***Annabelle C. Bangsoy, JD

INUUPAHAN MO BA ANG APARTMENT MO? Isang araw, kinatok ka ng landlady habang ikaw ay natutulog. "Renta mo, overdue na," sabi ni landlady. "Pwede po bang palugit ng isang araw, wala pa po suweldo, "sagot mo, mapait-pait pa ang iyung mga mata dahil retira mo sa call Bayad mo sa renta? You thought it's just a nightmare but you have to wake up and pay your rent. At Central Apartments, you can own your apartment without a grouchy landlady waking you up to collect center eh kaninang umaga lang. Halos the rent. ***JD monthly ganito na lang lagi ang scenario. Malaking percentage ng kita mo eh sa upa malaking porsiyento ng kita ng magulang with a higher rate," Alex explained. "But ng bahay pumupunta. niya eh naisasantabi lagi sa renta. "Sa because of the land reform law at that time, katapusan, may kaba ka sa dibdib kasi anit limits the rentals in urban areas," he add"Laging pinag-iipunan monthly jan na ang singil." Matagal daw silang ed. However, he says since they didn't ng tatay at nanay ko noon yung apartment nangungupahan pero gusto ng may-ari ng have the money to hire private lawyers , namin nung bata ako sa Manila," kuwento bahay na itaas ang renta. "The object was they got ejected from their apartment on a ni Alexander Bangsoy, Chief Executive to remove us so he could have it rented out [continued to page 28] Officer (CEO) ng Goshen Land. Sabi niya

Located at Trancoville, Baguio city, Central Apartments by Goshen Land is a chance for ordinary Filipinos to own a place of their own. Financing and budget payments available. ***JD


Lutong Bahay Food

Beggang: Fire Up Your Appetite Beggang is known as the ‘lutong – bahay’ (home-style) restaurant beside the Burnham skating rink in Baguio City. One often sees politicians, businessmen, families and hungry locals with a sprinkling of lowland tourists eating at Beggang. The restaurant, named after the local Ilocano term for embers, is run by a mother and daughter team. Cecille Peredo and Anggie Sanggalang make sure Beggang food is how they want to make it at home. Their pork barbecue, a mainstay

flies. Plus, you bite into juicy chunks of lean meat. Kids of patrons love Beggang barbecue and parents are happy with it because it’s fresh and chemical-free. Their kare-kare also ranks high among its share of loyal Beggang fans. It is served with a generous helping of tender beef hock and the obligatory oxtripe. Mixed with assorted vegetables in a thick, creamy peanut sauce, Beggang’s kare-kare is finished off with a seasoning of its shrimp paste that rounds off the lutong-

Yummy ribs of seared fat and reach the tender lean meat near the bone. Then one discerns there won’t be a need for knives because the meat easily falls of the bone. The dish comes with a barbecue sauce to intensify the homey Filipino flavor of the dish.

To stave off the guilt from the hard-to-resist carnivorous indulgences at Beggang, a side order of pinakbet will do the trick. The classic Ilocano veggie ingredients of squash, string beans, ampalaya and eggplant are done right but not over-


Pork barbeque with that " umami" taste

and the ‘star’ of their menu for some loyal patrons, aptly depicts their restaurant name. It is definitely a winner. When tasted, one feels like savoring that particular ‘umami’ goodness of sidewalk barbecue without the

bahay dish. One of their newest dishes that got raves from diners is the Beggang baby back ribs. Once served, the ribs looked appetizing enough. But wait until your knife slices through the caramelized layer

cooked, as most pinakbets are. The saltiness of the dish from the bagoong alamang is well-balanced. After a satisfying lutongbahay lunch, one can try one of the many home-baked goodies inside their dessert cabinet with a brew of Benguet coffee. If you happen to miss lunch at Beggang, try their puto-bumbong and bibingka with a




cup of hot chocolate at snack time. It’s authentic lutong-bahay merienda in the park. Besides, the jolly and customerfriendly Beggang staff make you feel at home. ***Flynn Ayugat, JD

Free entrepreneurship seminars

Goshen Land CEO mentors local budding entrepreneurs "You must live for a cause bigger than yourself." This is the opening statement one hears from Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy in his free entrepreneurship seminars. It immediately debunks the common mindset that entrepreneurship is all about money. "If all you do is all about money, you will fall by the wayside," he adds. His free entrepreneurship seminars started in Baguio city this year. It is attended by locals as well as entrepreneurs from out of town in Northern Luzon and Manila. His free entrepreneurship seminars are culled not from books or the internet but from his own life. "My entrepreneurial

Google online women entrepreneurs present a wooden Android replica to the Goshen Land CEO after his entrepreneurship talk at the Google event. ***JD

Village entrepreneurs from Mountain Province were so happy with their new entrepreneurship learnings from Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy during a free seminar in Bontoc, Mt. Province. ***JD

dream started when I was a child," he shares. "I was born of poor parents, both Igorots, who because of poverty migrated from Mountain Province to Metro Manila to work as houseboy and a housegirl," he adds. "We were poor but we were an entrepreneurial family. We survived the odds of poverty through sheer hard work, ''he recalls. In his free entrepreneurship seminars, he exhorts his audience with a learning he got from Harvard, that entrepreneurship is the pursuit of op-

Baguio city jail inmates listen as the Goshen Land CEO gives them a free entrepreneurship seminar inside the jail. ***JD

portunities beyond resources controlled. "Pursue opportunities regardless of the lack or absence of resources," he says. He teaches entrepreneurship to anyone who cares to listen. "Because I believe that entrepreneurship could help this country overcome poverty." Bangsoy was nominated by Philippine Stock Exchange CEO and President Hans Sicat as Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He was just notified this month as a finalist for the search. "Hindi hadlang ang pagiging mahirap o salat para umasenso," he said. His free entrepreneurship seminars are not limited to free men. He also shared it with inmates at the Baguio City Jail, as part of his company's life coaching program for inmates there under Goshen Land Caring Hands. His free entrepreneurship seminars start with his "heart in hand principle". The principle defines the heart of entrepreneurship which deals with the purpose, character and cause higher than self and the hand of entrepreneurship which deals with the skills needed by the entrepreneur. [continued to page 36] 11

How to Spot a Good Investment: Tackling Greed (first in a series)

Alexander L. Bangsoy CEO and President, Goshen Land Capital Inc.

So how much is a good return? From our experience, an in-


By Mike Arbela, Goshen Land Scholar

which is really greed, afflicts both per annum and in certain instances 5 rich and poor. It is the main to 10 percent a month is most likely cause why a lot of people fall into the trap of bad investments, investment scams, pyramiding scams and all out fraudulent schemes. Thus the first lesson in spotting a good investment is getting rid of the love of money in our hearts. If we recognize this in our lives, then we should repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness. Unless we rid of greed in our lives, we will continually fall into investment traps.

a scam. The rule of thumb in assessing investment returns is simple: if it is too good to be true, it probably is. So choose an investment that offers you a good, consistent, yet modest return of investment on a regular basis.*** By Kenneth Bobiles– Goshen Land Scholar

Before we talk about spotting a good investment, I “Once we are free of would like to share that the main greed, then we are in reason why a lot of people get a good position duped into a bad investment is pure and simple greed. Greed is to spot a good brought about by the love of money. The Bible tells us the love of investment.” money is the root of all evil. Note that money is not evil, because it vestment that yields an annual return is neutral-one could use it either of 10 to 20 percent is already a good for good or evil. investment. This is why investments The love of money, that promise a return of 100 percent

Once we are free of greed, then we are in a good position to spot a good investment. A verse in the Bible that is helpful

Heart in Hand

here is the one in the book of Proverbs that says “those who gather money little by little watch it grow". We should therefore search for investments that give us a consistent modest return through time.

From Hangar Market to Harvard: Local Entrepreneur nominated for Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Best of both worlds. Hangar market and Session road Baguio sidewalk vendor Alexander Bangsoy with his dad in their market puwesto in the 80's (L). Alexander as a student at the Harvard Business School, Boston, USA(R).*** JD

Goshen Land President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) lawyer Alexander Bangsoy was nominated by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) as Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The Igorot entrepreneur, who is currently a student at the Harvard Business School at Boston, Massachusetts honed his entrepreneurship bent in Baguio city’s Hangar Market and Session Road sidewalk as a vendor.

“Who is a Bangsoy to be nominated for this? I am a nobody,” the Goshen Land CEO said. He said he is humbled by the nomination, adding that those who were nominated for the

“Because I believe that the probinsiano deserves better, I being one of them.”

Mother Pauline Bangsoy, 74, still working in the market. She is the first entrepreneurship teacher of son Alexander. ***JD

prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneurship award in previous years were the who’s who of the Philippine business landscape - Jaime Ayala, Socorro Ramos , Lance Gokongwei, and Tony Tan Caktiong, among others. The Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year program was created in the United States in 1986. SGV launched it in the Philippines in 2003 to honor successful and innovative entrepreneurs whose passion, dynamism and determination allowed them to break barriers, build successful businesses and contribute positively to the economy. Bangsoy started Goshen Land in 2007 to provide world-class, masterplanned developments in the provinces. The son of a houseboy and a house girl from Mountain Province who went to Manila to work, Bangsoy said his parents didn’t finish school at the time but shepherded their family through small-scale businesses like a sari-sari store, and recycled rejected yarns for profit through a knitting business. Bangsoy, as a little kid helped in their sari-sari store and tagged alongside his mother to sell their knitted wares in Baclaran. His father then became a janitor at Trinity College in Quezon City, put himself through college and [continued to page 32] 13

Goshen Land bids to make Baguio Futsal Capital of Philippines former Philippine National Futsal Team player, told reporters futsal is good for a young athlete’s mental, emotional, and physical development. Futsal is a more exciting game for the kids compared with playing computer games,” said Bocalan, who represented the Philippines in the 2013 world meeting of futsal coaches last June. Futsal had its origins in Uruguay in the 1930s when football coach Juan Carlos Ceriani was fed up with rain -soaked pitches and cancelled training sessions. Goshen Land, meanwhile, reported an increase in its elementary, Such great interests, Bangsoy high school, and college scholars to 17. said, have prompted CGFC to organize The scholarship program is part the futsal clinic at the Green Valley Re- of Goshen Land’s Entrepreneurial Sosort during the rainy season. The event cial Responsibility (ESR) together with drew support and strong participation the free entrepreneurial training the from children from all walks of life. company offers. Goshen Land Caring

Jasper Malicdan, 3 years old, loves attending the futsal clinics of CGFC. Looking on are 6 year old players Zurich Dalang and IJ Bangsoy.***JD

A big dream that can start with a single step. Cordillera Goshen Land Football Club (CGFC) is envisioned to make Baguio as the “Futsal Capital” of the Philippines, a dream that can be made possible with the help of various sectors in society. CGFC and Goshen Land top honcho Alexander Bangsoy said such plan is showing a good start with more children convincing their parents to let them participate in the previous and future football competitions.

This school year, CGFC said in a press statement that dozens of young boys and girls joined the futsal clinic. Some adults are also signifying interests to join the same clinic if training modules are available for them.

Hands, the ESR arm of Goshen Land, has been in the forefront of Baguio City’s grassroots football program that primarily helps street kids and underprivileged kids from public schools through its holistic program. ***Harley CGFC coach Aris Bocalan, a F. Palangchao, JD

Pre-school and Elementary students from different Baguio schools join CGFC's futsal clinics every Saturday at the Green Valley Country Club Sports arena. ***JD


Blue Ridge Mountains: Your Pamana Investment

Seventy percent of Blue Ridge Mountains by Goshen Land is reserved for a green zone making the thirty percent a place for your Pamana investment. ***JD

‘Tis the mountain where the dew is fresh and where a cool mountain brook lazily flows by. This is Blue Ridge Mountains by Goshen Land, situated on the northeast highlands of Baguio, and it straddles the southwest green hills of La Trinidad. Blue Ridge Mountains is a masterplanned investment community where newly married couples and even older ones could slowly build the future of their lives and their children. Blue Ridge Mountains stand as a testament to the wise stewardship of a family's finances, that which considers the future of the younger generation. This is the reason why Goshen Land is offering Blue Ridge Mountains as a pamana investment, a treasured inheritance. Blue Ridge Mountains is a premium pamana investment since it is

the only size of its kind left in Baguio where one can enjoy life without the city's hard to breathe congestion. With an initial size of 26 hectares with options for expansion, Goshen Land will only develop 30 percent of the land area while allotting 70 percent for a green zone. Population increase in the city was unprecedented as more in- BU-O. These wild, exotic, edible rounded mushmigration from the flood-prone low- rooms grow abundantly at Blue Ridge Mountains. ***JD lands choose Baguio as their residence. Thus for a city originally meant for With its natural allure boost25,ooo residents, it is now bursting at ed by Goshen Land's desire to reduce its seams with more than 300,ooo resi- carbon footprint in a masterplanned dents. This means land resources are community for pamana investment, limited in the city and Blue Ridge Blue Ridge Mountains is akin to a Mountains is the last premium residen- "second John Hay". A beautiful river tial space one can reserve for the next graces the lower part of its eastern generation, since not everyone could ridge where a jogging trail for outdoor be accommodated in the old family enthusiasts was allocated so they house. could both run and swim. Nature treks, camp sites, view decks and other sports facilities were designated in the area. With 24-hour security, a mountain infinity pool and a clubhouse, Blue Ridge Mountains will create a Village Square where the residents could congregate in its cafes and stores like a real community. Country-themed house designs were planned out for the development to give the community a premium, homey feel. Thus, one need [continued to page 36]

Blue Ridge river. Goshen Land scholars enjoy a dip at the fresh, cool mountain water at Blue Ridge. *** JD


Investment Lots at Goshen Land: The ordinary Filipino can own one

The hills are alive at GreenHills by Goshen Land. It is an investment lot with affordable monthly payments, budget fit and flexible installments. ***JD

Five years to pay without interest. This is Green Hills, an investment lot at La Trinidad by Goshen Land. Most of the buyers here are locals, who loved the investment property package prepared for them by Goshen Land. Starting at P2,500 per square, the early batch of buyers also encouraged their families and relatives to purchase lots at Green Hills so they could be near each other like a community. "They see it as a good investment for their relatives also," the Green Hills Sales Specialists observed. A few minutes away from the central business district, and a walking distance from Camp John Hay, Wagner

Hill by Goshen Land. It is a high-end premium property that offers one of the best investment lot opportunities for an ordinary Filipino. It is a cul-de-sac property that is quaint, quiet and has a fresh environment that’s near the city’s business district yet secluded from its polluted and noisy atmosphere. Blue Ridge Mountains is one of the biggest and most promising developments yet that Goshen Land has to offer. Blue Ridge Mountains merges the best of masterplanned community and natural beauty into one exciting community. Away from the busy streets of Baguio,

A project specialist tours a client at Wagner Hill by Goshen Land, a premium investment lot located in a cul-de sac at Military Cut-Off interior, Baguio city. ***JD


Goshen Land takes you to a magnificent mountainous forest-community with country themed homes. Smell the old Baguio scent as you run through its jogging trail or sip that cup of Benguet Arabica around a bonfire at the Blue Ridge Mountains campsite. These are real investments that are worth investing. One, because it is real and tangible, and two, it is a long term investment that you can relish for a lifetime. Goshen Land gives the fulfillment of the Filipino dream into reality – a better home, a secured life, and of course a better quality lifestyle. Goshen Land was conceived by CEO Alexander Bangsoy out of his frustration in seeing inferior homes being sold to probinsyanos like himself. He desires for ordinary Filipinos to have a life they deserve by offering affordable but quality and premium masterplanned condominium communities and lots and houses. He says his painful childhood experience of being forcely evicted from their rented home should not happen to other kids. This inspires him daily to execute Goshen Land’s vision of building happy families. ***Joseph Fernandez, JD


North Cambridge: Perfect Student Condo in Baguio

Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski gamely plays a student resident at Goshen Land's North Cambridge student condominium just beside SLU Bakakeng campus, Baguio. ***JD

Situated right beside Saint Luis University Bakakeng, the North Cambridge Masterplanned Condominium provides students a premium but affordable home that is close to their school. It only takes a five minute walk to traverse your North Cambridge living room to your classroom at SLU Bakakeng. Say goodbye to traffic jam excuses, long lines and cramping in jeepneys. Say hello to hassle free

mornings and fresh air while saving money from travel fare. With its exciting world class amenities such as the Infinity Lap Pool, Fitness Gym, Picnic Area, Cafes, Convenience Stores, Wi-Fi Study Area with Book Cafe, Indoor and Outdoor Parking Lots, 24-hour Security, students now have an upgraded, secured home in Baguio City that is not pricey

but just right. Aside from condo units one could own, North Cambridge also offers units that could be rented out to students. For only P1,950 a month, students can enjoy a fully furnished unit with a 12" flat screen tv, hot and cold shower, electric stove, compact refrigerator, and a bed with comfortable mattress, plus the privilege of using the exciting amenities of North Cambridge. North Cambridge is different from other dormitories and boarding houses in Baguio because North Cambridge is the only one that offers a fully furnished unit that comes with a complete set of appliances, bed, comfortable mattress, and its property management team monitor its student occupants to make sure they are home safely as parents entrust their kids to them.

Student residents enjoy their privileged but affordable residence at North Cambridge for only P1,950 per month with fully furnished units. ***JD


"Maganda at secured dito sa North Cambridge, kaya ito ang piniling tirahan ng parents ko para saken", Julia Galocan, SLU student, currently renting at [continued to page 36]

A CEO’s take on BLISTT Alexander L. Bangsoy CEO and President, Goshen Land

Public-Private Partnership. The BLISTT concept will not work if the public and private sector will not team up as early as the planning phase until the execution phase of the project. For example, there is a clamor for the Loakan Airport to be operational but unless a private airline will agree to operate and provide flights, the airport will just become another white elephant. More importantly, no airline will want to operate unless it is financially viable, meaning there is a market for it that would justify the cost of operations. This is the same with BLISTT. Designating uses for industrial, tourism or residential zones in the BLISTT areas will be useless unless the private sector will establish needed businesses in these designated areas, which brings us to the second point. Market Study. Aside from the limited employment opportunities in government, there is no denying that the bulk of job generation comes from the private sector. However the private sector will only be enticed to establish businesses in the BLISTT once it is convinced it has a market for it. As a developer, I could see four feasible core businesses that could fuel the BLISTT concept. These are tourism, business product outsourcing trinidad congested area

It is suggested that a new study about the BLISTT (Baguio, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba, Tublay) concept must be conducted because changes in the environment and the market might have rendered the previous Euro sponsored BLISTT study obsolete. From a developer's point of view, there are three important things to make BLISTT work. These are public-private partnership, market study and LGU (Local Government Units) readiness.

The congestion brought about by in-migration in Baguio city and La Trinidad opens good options for BLISTT to move on the ground. ***JD

(BPO's), education and real estate development. The best bet here of course is tourism. With the onslaught of climate change in terms of extreme hot weather all over the country, the temperate weather in the BLISTT makes it an attractive tourism investment area. This is in synergy with the general trend and national direction of taipans and major businessmen in the country now where they are investing heavily on domestic and foreign tourism.

“The temperate weather in the BLISTT makes it an attractive tourism investment area.” In tourism, the BLISTT could do a lot of innovations from the bread and butter tourism play. The BLISTT could strengthen its ecotourism beyond ziplines, sports tourism, medical and educational tourism. Another good bet for the BLISTT would be business product outsourcing (BPO's). The BPO industry is not a

technology business but a human resource business. With the 70,000 or so college students in the locality, the BLISTT is a shoo-in for this business. In fact, the BLISTT, mainly Baguio, was included among the 10 wave cities for BPOs nationwide, with the presence of major BPO firms in the city. Next would be education dispersed within the BLISTT, not mainly concentrated in Baguio, as we are still considered the top educational center in Northern Luzon. Of course all these businesses will be needing real estate development for residential and commercial purposes. LGU Readiness. Having a good market for business is only half of the equation. The other half would be the attractiveness of the BLISTT as competitive areas to do business. This is something that both the public and private sectors need to improve on if we are serious in seeing the BLISTT actually move on the ground, beyond the rhetorics. In the 2013 Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index report done by the National Competitiveness [continued to page 31] 19

Cups of Kindness

Community Tips Over for Crisly Editors Note:

The writer wears many hats. It depends on the need that cries out to him. Ever selfless, he tirelessly built a tradition and a culture of helping indigent patients in the city and from afar. He refers to himself as a ’glorified’ government clerk who heads the Public Information Office at Baguio City Hall.

“We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out”. – Ray Bradbury. Barely two months after leaving for Saudi Arabia to work as a domestic helper in Riyadh, Emilia Anayasan had to return home. She arrived in Baguio early morning last August 13. For the next 24 hours -

and for the last time - she watched over Crisly, her eldest son, before his burial the following morning. Crisly was the eldest of three children of Crisostomo, a 47-year old carpenter from Bauko, Mt. Province, and Emilia, a 55-year old seamstress from Bakun, Benguet. He should be 22 come Dec. 30. But it wasn’t meant to be. It was already a miracle that the boy survived and lived 21 years on this mortal plane. Crisly was born with a congenital and life-threatening heart defect. Aside from difficulty breathing, the tell-tale signs were always there: bluish lips and fingernails, as if the kid had just helped himself to a jar of fresh blue or mulberries. Still, life allowed him to study at the Quezon Hill elementary and national high schools, even while it took him longer to graduate than

Contributed Photo from Conrad Marzan Songs to heal. Baguio folksingers Conrad Marzan, Bryan Aliping and a host of other local singers have been singing to help the sick. It is a unique community culture in Baguio. ***JD


Life well lived. Crisly Anayasan,19912013.***JD

did his original classmates. It allowed him to transfer to an uncle’s place in San Fernando, La Union, where the flat and, therefore, less tiresome terrain made it more conducive to pursue a two-year course in information technology. Twenty one years allowed him to now and then pursue his elusive, amorphous dream of medical deliverance. It’s a dream shared and kept alive by thousands of other charity cases from all over who stream daily into the Philippine Heart Center, all praying along the long queues it would be their turn to be admitted and later wheeled into where their hearts would be opened and mended. Hours before dawn last Aug. 7, Crisly had a seizure. The attack came while he and his father, Crisostomo, were resting at the back of a small eatery at the corner of EDSA and East Avenue in Quezon City. The boy and his mother, and later with his father, had repaired there before, as the lessee, Cordilleran Vic Sapguian, had long opened the place as a half-way house for [continued to page 38]

Local entrepreneur chosen as Finalist for Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year me to become an entrepreneur," he said.

Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year secretariat headed by the SGV accounting firm interview Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy for the search. ***JD Local entrepreneur and Goshen Land CEO-President Alexander Bangsoy was notified this month by the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year secretariat led by the SGV Auditing firm that he was chosen as a finalist for the search. The search for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year is the world's most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. Bangsoy was nominated earlier by Philippine Stock Exchange President Hans Sicat. The Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year program was created in the United States in 1986 and SGV launched it in the Philippines in

The Goshen Land CEO during one of his VMV mornings with partners. ***JD

2013 to honor successful and innovative entrepreneurs whose passion, dynamism and determination allowed them to break barriers, build successful businesses and contribute positively to the economy. "My entrepreneurial dream started when I was a child. I was born of poor parents, both Igorots who because of poverty migrated from Mountain Province to Metro Manila to work as houseboy and housegirl," Bangsoy said. "We were poor but we were an entrepreneurial family. We survived the odds of poverty through sheer hardwork," he added. As a child, his family was ejected from their rented apartment in Manila near the squatters' area in Damayang Lagi, Quezon City. "All our things were thrown out on the street in the full view of our neighbors, " he recalled. " We were herded like cattle in a rented truck and we went home to La Trinidad, Benguet," he added. To support his studies, his father worked as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Dammam, Saudi Arabia while his mother who finished Grade 6 elementary continued her small buy and sell business of various things. Bangsoy went on to study at the Ateneo College of Law and passed the bar. On the side, he would sell knitted cardigans to his classmates and board mates while he was studying. He also became a sidewalk vendor along Session road, Baguio city and in the city's public market. "All these experiences propelled

His traumatic childhood experience of being ejected inspired him to build Goshen Land, now the premier developer of the North. "It is Goshen Land's dream to provide affordable homes to ordinary Filipinos so they don't have to experience what I went through," he said. A sense of vision and purpose nurtured the company and its human resource in its start-up stage. "You have to live for a cause bigger than yourself," he explains in his weekly vision, mission and values (VMV) session with his partners. This helped nurture his personnel into passionate, dedicated and highly-trained Goshen Land partners. From a staff of three—himself, his then legal secretary who is now Goshen Land's Procurement Head, and a liaison guy, he now has more than a hundred partners (this is how he calls his employees) plus the hundreds more that gets employed in the construction of Goshen Land's masterplanned communities. Go-

“My entrepreneurial dream started when I was a child. I was born of poor parents, both Igorots who because of poverty migrated from Mountain Province to Metro Manila to work as houseboy and housegirl.” shen Land, as a homegrown company has its own Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility (ESR) programs for underprivileged kids that puts heavy emphasis on character development, mentoring, free tutorials, grassroots futsal and football programs and counseling. The ESR programs also extend to beneficiaries at the Baguio City Jail. The Ernst and Young Entrepreneurship Award encourages entrepreneurial activity among those with potential and recognize the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement. ***JD 21

With the upcoming partial opening of the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) on October 2013, tourism and business in Baguio City and its adjoining areas are expected to improve. The travel time from Manila to Baguio will be shortened to three hours from the six-hour drive. As a result, Baguio City Mayor Domogan said tourist arrivals will increase in Baguio City and the adjoining La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba and Tublay known as the BLISTT area will benefit from the TPLEX in tourism and trade. According to the DPWH website, the plan for the construction of the expressway will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will improve the construction of two lanes while the second phase entails its expansion into four lanes to accommodate 25,000 vehicles. In anticipation of the local tourism growth, the local government was reported to have given priority to the improvement of the tourist locations in the city. “We have to improve our basic facilities, infrastructures, peace and order as well as work on our hospitality to really attract more tourists,” Domogan said. According to Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy, the expressway is being built to boost trade, tourism and speed up transportation in the provinces. “Just imagine the number of tourists who would want to come visit our city with the shorter time it would take them to travel up here,” he explained. When these people spend their money on goods and ser-

Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX): Business and Tourist Enabler of Baguio

Manila to Baguio travel will soon be eased into shorter travel time because of the TPLEX, government officials say. The TPLEX is expected to cut down travel time from Manila to Baguio to three hours. ***JD

vices, this will lead to a multiplier effect dent population in Baguio. These students and will help create more jobs. This will be coming from different regions would also provide opportunities for local such as Regions 1, 2, and 3. These students prefer to study in Baguio not only “The travel time from because of shortened travel time but because of the cool weather conducive to Manila to Baguio will be studying. Bangsoy explained the Business shortened to three hours Product Outsourcing (BPO) industry will from the six-hour drive.” also get boosted by the TPLEX. Bangsoy said even real estate enterprises such as hotels, restaurants and property prices will increase in the city the like, Bangsoy added. because of the TPLEX. This is the reason Another main positive impact of why he encourages people to invest now the TPLEX construction according to the while lots are still available and affordaGoshen Land CEO is the increase of stu- ble. Goshen Land, a local homegrown developer in Baguio City that builds masterplanned communities offers affordable monthly downpayment of its masterplanned developments. In fact, daily down payment of only Php 313 for the 20 -square meter studio unit at North Cambridge in Baguio City, already affords one coveted lease- potential condominium unit. The North Cambridge is the first masterplanned student condominiums in Baguio City pioneered by Goshen Land. It’s very affordable daily downpayment means ordinary Filipinos can now own a real estate property. The amortization can be paid thru Pag-ibig or bank financing. Just a fence beside it of course is Saint Louis University (SLU) Bakakeng Campus that enrolls around 9,000 students every year. ***Harriet Dale Sagorsor, The Clark International airport will soon be the nearest international business and access hub to JD Baguio as TPLEX cuts down travel time to two and a half hours. ***JD 22

‘Coffee Ben’: The Real Coffee Master in the Philippines In the concrete jungle of Manila, self-styled coffee masters and gurus are sprouting all over the place, trumpeting their Goggled knowledge about coffee as if they know coffee better than anyone else. When in fact they haven't even experienced coffee at its core--germinating, planting, nurturing, harvesting, processing, before it reaches the hallowed paper and styrofoam cups of branded coffee shops. This is why the Cordillera is blessed to have the best, real, unassuming coffee guru in the Philippines. Retired Benguet State University (BSU) professor Benjamin 'Ben' Dimas knows coffee like the back of his hand, without pretensions. An Ibaloi who went to UPLB for college, he defied agricultural conventions by planting Benguet Arabica coffee under pine trees, a planting strategy frowned

Like Hawaiian hula skirts, Arabica coffee accent the hill.*** JD

upon by agriculturists and farmers who insisted that the planting condition under pine trees is just too acidic for anything. But no one can argue with good results. He went on to establish the famed BSU Agro-forestry project where Arabica coffee trees thrive under pine trees. The project became a showcase of the university for researchers, scientists and a learning laboratory for students. It became the model for most farmers and multinationals who are now cashing in on coffee as a high

Retired BSU professor Benjamin Dimas points to the nuances of his MSAC Selection Arabica coffee trees at his brainchild project, BSU Agro-forestry farm. ***JD

value cash crop. In his July 2013 State of the Nation Address (SONA), President of the Philippines Benigno Aquino II told Filipino coconut farmers to intercrop coffee with coconuts. This presidential emphasis singling out coffee production bodes well for the nation's farmers. According to the Philippine Information Agency, the Philippines imports 100,000 metric tons of coffee worth P10-billion annually because of local supply shortage. So one wonders why there is no focused push to move coffee production in the Cordilleras, beyond backyard growing and select agro-businessing when the country willingly shells out billions of pesos to Vietnam and other countries that supplies it with java. Visiting his brainchild Agroforestry project with Joseph Digest, Dimas showed us mature, premium Benguet Arabica coffee plants that have been topped, and the trees look like Hawaiian hula skirts that accent the hill. The coffee berries usually turn red in October, lending a Christmassy atmosphere in the farm. The professor diligently explained the life of coffee,

from selecting the berries for planting from the right mother plant to germi-

Green arabica coffee beans ready to ripen before Christmas. ***JD

nating, re-planting and nurturing it well to transferring it to its desired planting area. "The big mistake of farmers is to put a lot of fertilizers after they transplanted the seedling. That costs them a lot," the professor said. Then he quotes a Japanese proverb that suggests a principle of excellent coffee agriculture. "Nayahan sako", he explains, means the goodness of the beans determine more than half of the product. His passion for coffee wafts through in our discussion just as the aroma of well-roasted Benguet arabica [continued to page 30] 23

The Courtyards Manors Loft: P303 Daily Investment

Mikee Cojuangco Jaworski enjoys her relaxed weekend at the Courtyards Manors Loft with the P303 very affordable daily downpayment.***JD

The Manors Loft at The Courtyards, a master planned community by Goshen Land gives you a better option for your three hundred three pesos daily. Instead of using it for an impulse buying spree of things that don't earn, why not invest your PHP 300.00 for a Manors Loft unit at The Courtyards? You may set aside your cravings of venti cups of branded coffee and pastries for a day but it will afford you a premium unit at The Manors Loft. At only PHP 303 daily, you will get to enjoy a real estate property in your lifetime that increases in value through time. Options of leasing or flipping it for bigger investments in the future are doable. At PHP 303 daily, Manors Loft will let you enjoy the use of its high-ceiling tiered space complete with functional conveniences of a warm, cozy home. At only PHP 303 daily, you will get to enjoy the privacy and own24

ership of a stylish one bedroom loft unit set up in a unique, split-level high ceiling loft, akin to exclusive condo units in plush developments located in upscale neighborhoods. The Manors Loft comes with its own toilet and bath, a functional kitchen, dining and living room area meticulously separated from the cozy privacy of the bedroom loft. Most buyers of the Manors Loft say they love it for their vacation

“At only PHP 303 daily, you will get to enjoy the privacy and ownership of a stylish one bedroom loft�. home. But it is also a great pad for college and post graduate students, singles and professionals. For families who desire for more than one bedroom to fit their brood, they could opt for The Courtyards Manors' two bedroom

unit or also request for tandem units. Laid out in a 1.2 hectare property, The Courtyards, which is composed of 3 blocks-The Cabins, The Manors and The Lodges, is located outside of the city center which gives it a quiet, provincial setting with the cool Baguio breeze wafting in to the property. By the weekend, The Courtyards infinity pool on a hillside offers a fun place for family bonding and relaxation. For health buffs, the fitness gym and wellness center at The Courtyards could give them a workout even during rainy days. All these, and more amenities are in store for The Courtyards Manors Loft buyers for Php303 only, a daily downpayment ordinary Filipinos can afford. ***Kristine Mae Gacer, JD


Rock Valley by Goshen Land: A Solid Investment single-detached homes that all feature the economic use of space. The facades of the houses in Rock Valley range from modern, country, modern Zen, Asian contemporary, cottage, and colonial. Goshen Land provides the opportunity to build your dream home by offering flexible monthly payment terms. This means that part of your monthly income would go into steadily building your dream. Many of the resident owners in Rock Valley are actually OFWs who have worked or are currently working abroad. They usually send money on a regular basis for the ongoing construction of their homes so they can come back to the Philippines and see the fruits of their labor. OFWs are very close to Goshen Land’s heart because the company is headed by the son of an OFW who has personally seen the hardships of those working abroad and seeks to help them through the products the company offers.

“OFWs are very close to Goshen Land's heart Rock Valley by Goshen Land homeowners will soon enjoy the lots and houses they acquired from Goshen Land through a budget fit investment plan. ***JD

Sometimes even if we make the right decisions and end up with a good and stable income, we still end up living paycheck-to-paycheck. This is because of the mentality to own the latest gadgets and designer clothes at the expense of forgetting to invest in things that last longer. We sacrifice our long-term goals like getting a home and investing to satisfy what we want at the moment like gadgets or new shoes. We tell ourselves that we’ll start saving when the next paycheck comes but it’s been months and we’ve barely made a dent in the 26

amount we plan to save. Sometimes all that hard-earned cash finds its way into scams that offer inflated promises of return of investment. Much like the infamous Aman Futures scam which duped almost 15,000 Filipinos and left countless devastated. These situations are all too common and all of them are a result of bad choices and improper money management.

because the company is headed by the son of an OFW.”

One can reach Rock Valley through a road that weaves and curves in Barangay Dontogan, Baguio City. It is a 15-minute drive from the Central Business District which makes it an escape away from the constant hustle and This is one of the reasons why bustle of the city. Rock Valley is one of Goshen Land started Rock Valley, a one Goshen Land’s proudest accomplish-hectare masterplanned community of ments. ***Flynn Ayugat, JD

Selling the Goshen Land Way “You're supported as a mother supports her children.”

Excited sales referrers are eager to join the free site tripping to Goshen Land masterplanned communities for their clients. ***JD

Cash advances for hospitalization of family members, tuition fee for sales referrer's children and burial assistance are only a few of the varied support Goshen Land gives its sales referrers. But how does one avail of these privileges?

“I didn't have to go abroad to earn.” We now take a glimpse of the Goshen Land way of selling. With hard work as its foundation, it is financially rewarding. The commissions and incentives are high. Property ownership, gadgets and travel are just a few of the rewards one can enjoy through the Goshen Land way of selling. The good thing is, anyone can be a Goshen Land sales referrer. No age limits, no educational degrees are needed. A ten minute registration and orientation is all it takes to become one. Lola Pauline, a 74 year old grandmother of five and an elementary graduate was able to do Goshen Land sales referring and was able to earn a substantial amount she uses to increase her business capital at the Baguio public market. A people person, she continues to earn as she refers clients to the Goshen Land home store. Roman, a young nurse, was

Goshen Land's top seller for 2011 and 2012. Due to his hardwork, he was able to win a car, enjoy travel perks from Goshen Land and purchase his own Goshen Land condominium unit from one of Goshen Land's masterplanned communities. He didn't have to leave his family to earn his keep. "I didn't have to go abroad to earn," Roman said. Divina, a public school teacher worked on the side as a Goshen Land sales referrer and within a span

of only three months, she was able to buy her own lot in one of Goshen Land's developments. From the proceeds of her commission, another Goshen Land sales referrer, Nenita, bought a much needed laptop for her selling. These are just a few stories from Goshen Land's sales referrers who were able to benefit from their sales efforts at Goshen Land. "When you register as a Goshen Land sales’ referrer, you immediately become a member of the Goshen Land sales big family," says a Goshen Land sales executive. "You're supported as a mother supports her children," she added. The Goshen Land way of selling gives premium importance to people development. Training, seminars and team building opportunities are given to ensure growth and competence development of members. To further upgrade the company's sales training program, the company is preparing to launch its Goshen Land Sales Academy to mentor and coach future sales referrers. ***Genalyn Ramos, JD

Sales referrers and their clients troop to the Goshen Land home store to reserve their chosen Goshen Land property before others will beat them to it. ***JD


Mute Street Kid… [continued from page 6] life coaching, monitoring, football training and tournaments, and placed him under the wings of Goshen Land Caring Hands, the entrepreneurial social responsibility arm of Goshen Land.

brought to the DSWD. Once interviewed, he suddenly talked, catching everyone by surprise, prompting Goshen Land Caring Hands staff Nestor Udan to cry after hearing him speak for the first time. "Siak ni Rodrigo Gango III, 14 years old," (I am Rodrigo Gango III, 14 years old) Pepe, now

Rodrigo (circled) with his other street kids teammates during a street kids football tournament sponsored by Goshen Land and the Baguio city government. ***JD

This year, while he was under counseling with Goshen Land Caring Hands Chair Annabelle Bangsoy because of repetitive misdemeanors, which to him was 'normal' since he grew up without parents on the streets, he was told Goshen Land Caring Hands will refer him to the Silungan Center of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) if he wont stop his bad habits. He kept committing his bad habits even after he makes a promise not to do it again. He was told he wont be under the care anymore of Goshen Land Caring Hands once he is at DSWD. To show him Goshen Land Caring Hands was serious with its decision, (although it was just actually to test him,) he was

Rodrigo said. He later confessed he was afraid Goshen Land Caring Hands will really hand him to DSWD that is why he "truthfully talked out". Asked why he acted mute all those years, deceiving many, he said he did it out of fear and protection. He explained he wasn't really mute but found it convenient to be one as it makes people kind to him and give him food while he was on the street. His mother abandoned him when he was a baby and his father died before he turned 8. He learned to survive on the street by switching to a mute mode. Right after his counseling, he was brought to his coaches in the football field to apologize. "Sorry," Rodrigo said. His coaches, almost petrified

Central Apartments… [Continued from page 9] Saturday when no public lawyers from the government were in office. "Our things were thrown out on the street, in full view of our neighbors," Alex remembered. "Pero kahit napaalis kami, nagsumikap ang magulang ko. Nag-OFW ang tatay ko bilang cook sa Dammam. Nagkaroon kami ng sariling bahay sa La Trinidad, Benguet at di na kami nangungupahan," sabi ni Alex. Alex, now also a lawyer who graduated from the Ateneo College Of Law said his childhood traumatic ejectment experience inspired him to make housing accessible and affordable for most ordinary Filipinos. "Dahil sa mapait na nangyari sa buhay

namin, “Ang dream ng Goshen Land ay magkaroon ang ordinaryong tao ng sariling bahay at mapasakanya ang kanyang inuupahan”, Alex said. "Eto ang dahilan kung bakit namin naisip ang Central Apartments na nasa prime location ng Baguio," he said.


“Ang dream ng Goshen Land ay magkaroon ang ordinaryong tao ng sariling bahay at mapasakanya ang kanyang inuupahan.” Alex said Central Apartments is a masterplanned apartment community in Trancoville, Baguio City. It is near the city's central business district, hospitals and schools. "Dahil pag ikaw ay malapit sa

by the sound they were hearing from Rodrigo brought their ears closer to the kid's mouth. "Enya, ada ibagbagam Pepe?" (What, are you saying something Pepe?) "Sorry," Rodrigo said again, with tears profusely coming down his cheeks, sobbing , as if he was saying , "this is freedom". The coaches cannot believe their ears, as they rejoiced with Rodrigo amidst tears and hugs and repetitive requests for Rodrigo to keep on saying their names. "How many years have we been in the dark with Rodrigo, he can't even accidentally say a word when he gets hurt in the field or when he makes a goal during a game, "observed Udan. Even his writing was in a "mute mode" whenever he was tutored in the office by Goshen Land Caring Hands, a far cry to the straight, normal writing mode after he confessed he wasn't really a mute kid but just acted like one. His Teacher Art was on the verge of tears and joy as Rodrigo was also brought to him to apologize for his deceit. Overjoyed, teacher Art started calling on teachers and anyone who passes by his classroom announcing to them that Rodrigo is now talking! During the general assembly of CGFC where members from preschool to college players were present, Rodrigo apologized infront, saying sorry for his deceit and other offenses he committed against some of the members. The kids suddenly kept silent in their surprise, followed by their appreciative applause. Rodrigo is now restored to a family relation who promised to the DSWD Rodrigo won't be physically abused again by some relatives. Rodrigo, who is good in Math, told Bangsoy he wants to become a civil engineer someday. ***Pheobe Sumilep and Nestor Udan Jr., JD town, tipid ka sa pasahe, gasolina. Higit sa lahat, you could spend more time with your family dahil tipid ang oras sa biyahe," he added. Owning your own Central Apartments unit also comes with a long-term financial benefit. "Dahil sa centrally located, napakabilis ng pag-appreciate ng property na 'yan. Very affordable pa ang amortization niya, kayang-kaya buwan-buwan o kaya daily," he added. He also emphasized that because land is getting scarce for a growing population, Central Apartments is a premium but affordable investment for those who are interested. "God stopped making land but he didn't stop making people," the CEO said. ***Annabelle C. Bangsoy, JD

Getting Fit the Futsal Way :For the Young Once Can one with creaky knees still engage in sports with all the threat of gout on the feet and breathing so heavy, one would think he is better off confined within the four white walls of a hospital room gulping down painkillers? But of course before this hap-

each called five-a-side. Each team will have to shoot the ball in their own goals to make a score. Now, as in basketball, the assigned defenders in the team must try to stop the ball from going into the goal by using their feet. In futsal, any kind of tackling is a violation, unlike in football.

Public school teachers sweat it out on the futsal court. ***JD

pens, try futsal. Futsal is indoor football that could be played anywhere— in the sala, in the porch, on basketball courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, corridors and even on the street. Unlike basketball, futsal is more friendly to the knees of those feeling their years but still desire to get fit. Since it is a team game with a mindset of fun and play, a novice player, no matter how young or old usually desires for more games and in the process get fit, unlike other rigorous fitness programs that starters usually hate to continue because it's not fun. It may take a lifetime for younger futsal athletes to perfect their skills but futsal for fitness takes a shorter route. A thirty minute to an hour drill practice for beginners will enable them to play the game and they will learn the rules in the process. The basic rule for futsal is it is played between two teams, with five players

“Unlike basketball, futsal is more friendly to the knees of those feeling their years.” ones an alternative for fitness training when those knees start to signal a "slowing down". A five minute play inside the futsal court usually makes one sweat almost immediately. It is also an indoor sport so it could be played after work at night. The Cordillera Goshen Land Football Club started training its players from public schools in futsal together with DEP-ED teacher-coaches. It has a continuous Futsal Clinic at Green Valley Country Club every Saturday from 9-11 am. CGFC is currently conducting its club futsal festival for public high schools every Saturday at the Baguio City High National High School. The club has also scheduled a Baguio Day Futsal festival for elementary and preschool students on August

Baguio media men test their endurance during a futsal game following a futsal press conference with Goshen Land at Green Valley sports club. ***JD

Futsal is good both for male and female executives, office workers, parents and for just about anyone who likes to get fit in a fun way. While one can play futsal as soon as he is able to walk from the crib, futsal gives older

31, 2013. Interested individuals, groups and teams who like to learn futsal for fitness can contact me at CGFC 09981988719 for adult clinic schedules. *** Aris Bocalan, Coach CGFC 29

Why go for Masterplanned Communities in Baguio the beginning to include areas for residential, commercial and even industrial use and all of these areas are connected by a simple road network for easy access. It offers a high quality of life for its residents because they don’t have to travel far to access the services they need. It also helps disperse the population in the business districts because basic amenities, entertainment centers, parks and restaurants are already offered for the convenience of the residents inside their community. It is a place where an occupant can simply live, work and play.

Heavy congestion is one of the major problems the city of Baguio has been experiencing since the year 2000. As a small city originally planned to accommodate 25,000 people, the population has now ballooned to 318, 676 residents as of 2012 according to the National Statistics Office. An additional 150,000 people from the lowlands and nearby provinces also come to the city to work, study or visit. This large influx of people has resulted to increase crime rates, heavy traffic, and overcrowding. Many homes are haphazardly built with little or no regard to structural integrity. The distribution of electricity and the maintenance of water pipelines are also affected and problems in waste management are apparent in many parts of Baguio.

Environmentalists often dispute the idea of masterplanned developments because of the number of natural flora and fauna that would be disrupted, but vertical developments would actually be a better solution in preserving the environment. Why? Because vertical developments would house hundreds of families using only a small portion of the land (less area for more people) rather than land owners making use of a large portion that would only house his family (more area for less people).

“Vertical developments would house hundreds of families using only a small portion of the land.” For a city with a limited area of, and a rapidly growing population, masterplanned communities would solve many of the aforementioned problems.

Socially, developments like these would not only be beneficial to the owners but would also be beneficial to the host city as it would open a lot of opportunities for starting businessmen and investors. This will stimulate the city’s economy and generate more jobs. The population would also be distributed throughout the city and

But what are masterplanned communities? These are developments that maximize land area by creating small to large scale neighborhoods. These communities are planned from Coffee Ben…

“You flash-roast the beans and you will get coffee that tastes like charcoal.”

[continued from page 23] coffee envelopes the kitchen and the neighbor's. "You must have a patient old man to roast your coffee," he advises. To coax maximum coffee flavor from http://lang-ayfestival.

Ripe Arabica coffee beans. ***JD


the beans, the professor said one has to roast the beans, patiently, for two long hours. "You flash-roast the beans and you will get coffee that tastes like charcoal," he added. Having travelled to other Asian countries to study coffee, he developed his own Benguet Arabica

Goshen Land’s The Courtyards is a masterplanned community. ***JD

lessen the congestion in the Central Business District, decreasing traffic jams, creating less waste, preventing crimes and leaving a more orderly and cleaner host city. Why go for masterplanned communities in Baguio? It is simply the only way to accommodate the growing population of the city while preserving its natural beauty and giving the residential, commercial, and industrial needs of its people. *** Joseph Christian Fernandez, JD

specialty coffee variety whom he calls MSAC (Mountain State Agricultural College, now BSU) Selection. A multinational from Bukidnon got samples of the beans for germination and a branded Bukidnon coffee is now sold at an international coffee chain. Benguet, with the Philippine's coffee guru living in its midst can bring back the aroma of Arabica roasting in its backyard again .Who knows, MSAC Selection Benguet Arabica will soon fill the venti coffee cups of the world. ***Annabelle Bangsoy, JD

The BLISTT holds promise not just to decongest Baguio but also to improve the business climate outside of the city. ***JD

in the top 50 competitive cities in the Philippines in terms of economic dynamism, government efficiency, and infrastructure. With the decline in competitiveness, the BLISTT LGUs have a lot to work on to make their areas attractive for investors to fuel the BLISTT concept. Basic concerns of investors like peace and order, ease of doing business, infrastructure, taxes and fees and basic utilities have to be addressed. For example, Itogon, Tuba, Sablan and Tublay still do not have their own water districts. So any development in these areas will have to outsource their water needs which makes it costly. At the end of the day, vision, in this sense, BLISTT, is good but the details in implementing grandiose visions like it is where it could hit a snag. The BLISTT concept, just like Cordillera autonomy have been discussed, debated on, over analyzed and studied for years with thick documentation in the archives but until now, it still has to move on the ground.

The BLISTT... [continued from page 19] Council, Baguio City nor La Trinidad did not make it to the top 50. Some of the matrix the council used to measure competitiveness are responsiveness of the LGU to business needs which cover length of time to renew business permits, cost of renewing permits, cost of doing business, cost of registering property, and availability of investment incentives among others. But Tabuk city in Kalinga made it to 38th, the only LGU from CAR that at least got a rank

Ambuklao Dam. Water resource will be critical in the BLISTT development concept. ***JD

Meantime, the Cordillera Administrative Region's competitiveness had been declining, with only one percent growth last year which is the second slowest in the country. This is appalling given the vast natural resources of the region which could fuel not just the BLISTT concept but the region' s economy as well. When BLISTT actually moves on the ground, it will become an enabler of the region's economy and a driver for optimal resource management. But this will take commitment and competence on all sectors involved. ***JD


From Hangar Market to Harvard… [Continued from page 13] finished a degree in education. In 1982, tragedy struck the family. Bangsoy and his family were suddenly ejected by their landlady from the apartment they have been renting. All their things were thrown out of the house and into the road where all their neighbors could see and watch the humiliation. This tragedy in Bangsoy’s childhood planted the seeds of a passion in his heart to provide affordable housing for ordinary Filipinos so that his tragic experience will not happen to them. “Breaking barriers, creating possibilities,” the first philosophical battle cry of Goshen Land in its initial years aptly depicts what Bangsoy desires for eve-

Goshen Land became known in Baguio and nearby provinces for introducing real estate products not available in other provinces. “It’s world-class, affordable and with a local heart,” Bangsoy said. Goshen Land was featured thrice at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, featured twice on Philrealty TV and once at Philippine Star. Since 2007, Goshen Land had been growing at a double-digit growth. The company was cited as Developer of the Year from 2010, 2011, and 2012 by local community newspaper Midland Courier. Goshen Land, through its Entrepreneurial Responsibility (ESR) department called Goshen Land Caring Hands have been in the forefront of Baguio city’s grassroots football

Goshen Land continues to help public school kids, underprivileged kids and street kids through grassroots football and through its Goshen Land Caring Hands character development programs. ***JD

ry ordinary Filipino which is to have an affordable and decent home so their kids will not experience the same tragedy he went through in his childhood. This passion led him to a foundation of law at the Ateneo Law School, where he sold Baguio knitted cardigans to classmates and in Manila trade fairs. This helped augment his school allowance and helped his father who sacrificed to work as a cook in Dammam, Saudi Arabia for his son’s education. Bangsoy sought further learning and earned Master in Entrepreneurship Degree at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and now currently enrolled at the Harvard Business School to further improve his company’s products and services to its clients. 32

program that primarily helps street kids and underprivileged kids from public schools through its holistic program. The program is heavy on life coaching, mentoring, free academic tutorials, and scholarships. It also supports the city’s football program by providing much needed counseling, moral support and football equipment and gears to the kids under its care. During the recent Palarong Pambansa, Goshen Land Caring Hands not only provided playing gears for players from Baguio city but also from Benguet, and gave them moral support till their last games at the Palarong Pambansa in Dumaguete, cheering the boys in the field, win or lose. Through its club, the Cordil-

“Regardless of the circumstances you are in, mahirap ka, probinsyano, matanda ka, iniwan ka ng asawa mo, thru vision, handwork, perseverance and by the grace of God kaya natin umasenso.” lera Goshen Land Football Club (CGFC), FIFA-based football training is done by its volunteer coaches, led by Asian Football Confederation (AFC) licensed coach Aris Bocalan. The CGFC also conducts free futsal training for juveniles at the Baguio City Jail coupled with a continuous life coaching program that Goshen Land conducts for juvenile inmates there. Goshen Land, because of its local heart, being a homegrown development company owned by an Igorot has just concluded its second free Entrepreneurship Seminar led by the Goshen Land CEO that was attended by locals and out of town entrepreneurs, from as far as Manila and Vizcaya. This free entrepreneurship seminar is meant to lift the economic conditions of those willing to listen. It is Goshen Land’s humble contribution to help upgrade the region’s economy and hopefully overcome poverty in the Cordillera. “Regardless of the circumstances you are in, mahirap ka, probinsyano, matanda ka, iniwan ka ng asawa mo, thru vision, handwork, perseverance and by the grace of God kaya natin umasenso,” Bangsoy said. According to the Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines website, the Entrepreneur of the year is the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. The award makes a difference through the unique way it encourages entrepreneurial activity among those with potential and recognize the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership, and achievement. ***JD

Summerfields: Mountain Top Living with a Privileged Valley View

The La Trinidad Valley view from Summerfields by Goshen Land. Summerfields is the first masterplanned community of Goshen Land with budget fit payment terms. ***JD

Summerfields is the first premier community venture of Goshen Land. It feels like you are in an American Country side because of the San Francisco motif of delicate homes, roof shingles, rustic stonework, high ceiling spaces of homes and an expan-

Country homes dot Summerfields with the fresh mountain breeze always refreshing residents. ***JD

sive valley view. At Summerfields, you can experience a wonderful view of the La Trinidad valley with its strawberry fields. There are some things you can enjoy while living on this mountain top community. First, Summerfields blends the beauty of a pleasant living environment. You get to wake up every morning with the breath taking view of the valley and breathe the fresh cold air. In the morning you can also jog around the community and witness how the sun rises above the mountains as it lights up the valley floor. Second, the neighborhood is a haven for family and community activities. Summerfields has playgrounds and wide parks. The environment is peaceful here as there are no city traffic noises that could distract residents. It is secluded, even with neighbors close by. It is also safe for families to live in because the community has 24hour security. Because it is a secured community parents can let their children play around without them worrying about their safety. In the afternoon, sometimes Summerfields gets breezy. It is nice to

“It feels like you are in an American country side because of the San Francisco motif of delicate homes.” sit with your loved ones and drink good old Benguet coffee. Watch your children play around nearby with their kites and bikes. One can also do an afternoon walk to enjoy the cool breeze. On Sundays, one could invite friends and relatives over for a barbecue cook-out while admiring the expansive valley view. Summerfields look enchanting still when the fog comes down on most afternoons. Houses built in Summerfields have strong foundations because of the natural lime stones formed over the years underneath the property. So when you’re around Baguio or La Trinidad don’t forget to visit Summerfields and enjoy the panoramic view of La Trinidad Valley and the strawberry fields. ***Harriet Dale Sagorsor, JD


SPECULA Seedling Karin Bangsoy, 15 This is an idea column space in written or drawn form for the young, from pre-school to college. Contributors can send their pieces to marke or mail it to Goshen Land , attention Joseph Digest, 35-A Montinola Subdivision, Baguio city. This issue's writer is a 15 year old Grade 10 student who started reading Nancy Drew books when she was 6. She submitted this piece for a Jose Rizal history event. I am a ghost walking. I might be alive in the flesh, yet I have lost all will to live. My country, fought and bled for by countless heroes, is now nothing but a mirage of its former self. My love, my life, my nation, my motherland. Countless nights have I wept as I am trapped in replay, my eyes forced to watch the very thing that I have fought against. This is not living. This is not being alive. This is a living death. I watch as that which my fellow heroes and martyrs bled and died for are


demolished in the blink of an eye. I watch as the nation I helped build is burned to the ground. I am helpless. I watch as the free are imprisoned. I watch as the voice of truth is drowned out in the cacophony of lies and deceit. I watch as honesty disappears into the shadows. I watch as integrity seems to disintegrate in the sulphuric smoke of smooth talk and deception. I watch as everything I have fought for is now fought against. I can scream until my throat is raw, but nobody listens to the past. I can join and lead the revolution once again, but nobody follows the past. I can do everything, yet it will all amount to nothing. I can only weep for the country I love, until I have no more tears to give. And yet I cling to one small hope. This hope keeps me from turning my back on my only love – my motherland. This hope keeps me from giving up. His name is Kabataan. Kabataan is young and inexperienced, but in him I see the future of our country. He personifies this small sliver of hope that I have hidden away in my heart. Every time I see him make a stand for what is right, when I see him stand against the tyranny of the majority, when I see him stand in the name of all that is good and pure and true, my faith in this country is rekindled.

Kabataan fans the flames of a long -lost revolution, only this time he is not fighting against the oppression of invaders. He has a much harder battle to fight. He fights against all that is wrong in this country. He fights against those who might wish to silence his voice. He fights against the tyranny of the majority. He fights against deception, deceit and despair. He fights against those who wish to quench the fire that he has ignited in every Filipino. He leads the dawning of this nation, in such a time as this. However, Kabataan is young. He is inexperienced. Often have I shed tears as time and time again he has stumbled. Time and time again have I wept as he has almost given up. Over and over again has my heart been broken as he has followed the wrong path and drowned in vices and immorality. Despite it all, he is still the nation’s hope. He is the best that the Filipino can offer in their fight against the everincreasing forces of darkness. He is light, shining into the dark crevices of the political system. He is light, penetrating the barriers of evil. He is light, striking deep into the darkest parts of the nation’s heart, calling others like him to fight alongside. He is the heart and soul of this fight against oppression. Even if I would write a million novels, even if I would take all the seas and oceans for ink and the vast expanse of the sky for paper, I would never be able to

ous messages into your ear, messages of calling you to follow him in his campaigns of, among others: Utak Talangka, Utak Mandarambong, Ningas-Kugon, and Utak Buwaya sa Katihan. You may not realize it, but he might be whispering into your ear at this very moment. He might be telling you to take something which isn’t yours, to lie, to cheat, steal and give up. He might be telling you to turn against your neighbour, to commit wrong and hide it from the light. And without realizing it, you might have already let him win.

Jose P. Rizal, Philippine National Hero chronicle the rise of a new Philippines, the dawning of a new morning, if Kabataan from Jolo, Cotabato, Siquijor, Tondo, Aparri, Cordillera, and the diaspora of the Filipino Kabataan all over the world would not rise and continue his fight until the end of his days. There is a reason why this new dawn hasn’t come yet. There is a reason why the forces of oppression seem to grow ever stronger. This reason is a dark presence. His name is Anino. He is the worst of the Filipino. He dwells in every home, in every court, in every sidewalk and street. He is what has brought my country to its breaking point. He is the greatest enemy of Kabataan, always seeking to silence the voice which could defeat him. Compared to the lone voice of Kabataan, Anino’s voice is a clap of thunder. He is loud and persuasive, gaining many followers. He promises a life of comfort and security if only you will follow him and fight on the side of corruption and violence. He is the epitome of the force of darkness and shadows in this nation. But he is not always the loud voice of the majority. Most of the time he is the low, soft voice whispering sweet, poison-

But it is not too late. Although Anino may be strong, he could be defeated many times over if even just one Filipino Kabataan will take a stand. Although he may be loud, he is immediately silenced if only Kabataan will choose not to listen to him. Sadly, not many Filipinos choose to take the path of Kabataan, and be the light against the forces of Anino. This is why the Philippines, country that I have worked for, nation I have bled for, love that I have died for, is not yet what I hope it will be.

“Since I have seen Kabataan, I have dared to hope.” No. Now it is a nation of warring principalities, of light and dark, of good and evil, of oppression and freedom. Every bit of its being is engaged in a battle that is tearing it apart at the seams, consumed by the poverty of moral convictions. Brother is turned against brother, sister against sister, husband against wife, as the war rages in every heart and mind, in every house and home, in every sidewalk, street, barangay and village.

Sometimes Kabataan gains the upper hand, but when he stumbles and falls, distracted by immorality and vices, Anino quickly gains the upper hand and will not so easily relinquish it. He will carry on broadcasting his messages of laziness, greed, hopelessness, mediocrity, and self-preservation into the hearts and minds of the Filipino people. Kabataan will have to pick himself up and rally more to his cause. He will have to persuade others like him to close their ears to the lies which have so easily deceived those who came before them. If no one will listen, then Anino will be silenced. Since I have seen Kabataan, I have dared to hope. I do not say that there will be a new and brighter dawn ahead, for that remains to be seen. But one thing I am sure of: there will be a new day. And a new day means another chance for Kabataan to rise once again and take up his sword of truth and fight the battle against falsehood. A new day means another opportunity for truth, integrity and honesty to step out of the shadows and rule the men and women in government, rule the family, and rule the schools that nurture the mind of Kabataan. A new day means another chance. The outcome of which side will prevail depends entirely on the Filipino Kabataan. It depends entirely on you. My name is Jose Rizal. I am a national hero, watching as my nation strives to lift itself out of its own bondage. I am a writer, chronicling the war of principalities. I am a lover, giving my heart and all that I have left to my only love: my country. I am a ghost walking. Can ghosts have hope? Well, this one does. /specula/ - Latin, “a gleam of hope”


Free Entrepreneurship [continued from page 11]


His free entrepreneurship seminars inspire and teach entrepreneurs as he teaches from the heart and shares his learnings from the Ateneo College of Law, Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and Harvard Business School. His foundation of entrepreneurship came from his experience as a sidewalk and market vendor in Baguio when he was younger. "This was rooted in my childhood experience where we were ejected so I desired to have a property of my own and help others own homes so they wont go through the same traumatic experience I had," he said. While he is deluged with requests for mentoring, he doesn't turn down any one

Blue Ridge Mountains… [continued from page 15] not go far from his home to relax either in the water or up in the mountain ridge. These rare privileges make Blue Ridge Mountains a desirable place to go home to: so near the city but still

Blue Ridge Mountains sample house design. ***JD

of them. He regularly answers private message queries and emailed business questions from entrepreneurs who attend his seminars. He also encourages young people he is mentoring to submit to him an entrepreneurship idea which they could do as a start-up business. He said he is willing to shepherd the young entrepreneurs and their start-up venture. In one out of town free seminar he had in Bontoc , Mountain Province, he spoke to village entrepreneurs composed of Sagada bakers, women cooking rice cakes, hotel and travel agency owners, coffee and souvenir craft producers, wine makers and start- up en-

away from the congestion and pollution of the urban center. The 70 percent green zone of the development was dedicated to a social program of Goshen Land under its Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility (ESR) arm Goshen Land Caring Hands. The program consists of a coffee plantation in the area for the purpose of supporting the education of Goshen Land Caring Hands scholars from underprivileged families who are also being trained in the holistic grassroots football program of Goshen Land. The program is heavy on life coaching, counseling and mentoring for character development, free academic tutorials, equipment and uniform sponsorships, out of town football exposure through sponsored tournaments.

North Cambridge... [continued from page 18] Harvard Building of North Cambridge, said. Goshen Land understands that a student's life in Baguio is tough, as college kids are away from their parents and friends. Thus, North Cambridge strives to help ease the process. Convenience, comfort, and security at an affordable price is Student residents enjoy the attentive security services what North Cambridge Masterplanned of North Cambridge, which assures parents of their kids' safety. ***JD Condominium offers. So whether you are a budget-minded type, comfort seeker type, or security type, North Cambridge 36

trepreneurs. After the seminar, the coordinator said the participants continued the discussion on their way home. "They started having ideas and kept discussing on how to make their products excellent," said Juliet Lucas, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Mt. Province director. Bangsoy got an invitation again from the group, asking him this time to teach them about branding. Bangsoy's regular free entrepreneurship seminars are held at the Victory Center, Albergo Hotel below Mansion House. It is scheduled at 2 pm every third Saturday of the month except this September because he is on study leave for a course at the Kellogg School of Management in the US.***

“The 70 percent green zone of the development was dedicated to a social program of Goshen Land.” Thus a premium pamana investment in Blue Ridge Mountains does not just assure one's kids and grand kids a sure property they could call their own and use it in the future. It will also make a way for underprivileged kids at Goshen Land Caring Hands that the company sponsors for scholarships, football and character development programs to have a pamana future. It's a life where they could have a better start than their parents. ***Annabelle C. Bangsoy, JD

has you covered. Unlock your potential with our conducive-learning environment while enjoying a world class student living at North Cambridge by Goshen Land. “One of the advantages of living in North Cambridge is we aspire to provide a full-service property management capability”, said Jael Cuaresma, Chief Operating Officer of Property Management- MARTHA. “It is about providing the needs of the residents”, Cuaresma added. ***Joverlyn Espejo, JD


Cups of Kindness… [continued from page 20] patients from home in search of medical attention and healing in the big city. Sapguian and Crisostomo rushed the boy to the Philippine Heart Center where Cris had spent the day before undergoing a battery of tests preparatory to corrective cardiac surgery. Crisly passed on 15 minutes past noon at the PHC. The transition ended years of visits with his mother to the center that began when he was in the grades at the Quezon Hill Elementary School. It dashed all hopes for his finally undergoing surgery, the costs of which the family had hoped would be partly covered by his being a charity case, partly by his mother’s would-be earnings as a househelp in Riyadh. Medical deliverance was now water under the bridge. What mattered, as Emilia wished while neighbors were

that her son’s suffering and struggle to live, and to grow like normal kids do, were over. She needed to thank them and those who had worked out the final arrangements for Crisly’s final trip for home. Through those 21 years of suffering and hope, help flowed from various cups. It came from as far as Germany, where students of Shoshin, a traditional martial arts school founded by former world shotokan karate champion Julian Chees, included Crisly in their list of fund support beneficiaries, allowing those follow-up trips to the heart center. Last May, a local Samaritan who requested anonymity handed Emilia P15,000. When he learned of Crisly’s death, the gentle soul added P5,000 for the incidentals in bringing the boy’s remains to Baguio. (What remained of the amount paid for the hemodialysis session last Aug. 12 of kid- Here in the Judean wilderness, one Good Samaritan helps a waylaid traveler in need. In Baguio, a community of Samaritans tip over their cups for those in need. ***JD

passing plates for the mid-morning meal for those who came for the burial, was for her family to be able express its gratitude for the sense of community that allowed her eldest to have gone this far. She felt the need to contact those who, over the years, had reached out to Crisly. She needed to tell them 38

ney patient Joel Gal-od. Gal-od, a 40year old taxi driver who had to part with his house and cab to sustain his life-time dialysis, also earlier received P15,000 from the same Samaritan.) From his end in Quezon City, Sapguian, a teacher-turned- smalltime eatery operator, took the tab for the embalming and worked out the cadaver transport permit.

“She needed to tell them that her son’s suffering and struggle to live, and to grow like normal kids do, were over.” At city hall, Mayor Mauricio Domogan asked Baguio fire marshall, Chief Inspector Joe Fernand Bangyod, through Insp. John Ullibac, to dispatch a vehicle to bring home the boy’s remains. Fire Officer 1 Jeffrey Losnong volunteered to drive the box-type L300, in the company of Crisly’s uncle Desiderio Astudillo. The two laid on the back a casket that Punong Barangay Tomas Dumalti and other officials of Irisan (where Crisly’s dad works as “tanod”) solicited from “Beyond the Sunset” crematorium. City social welfare and development officer Betty Fangasan, whose staff had been supporting Crisly’s bid for heart surgery, issued the gas slip and even had another vehicle on standby just in case. When he learned, Baguio Rep. Nicasio Aliping Jr. sent an amount needed to suit up Crisly at the funeral parlor for the trip back home and the wake. When she learned of her son’s fate, Emilia asked Gadah Al Qabaa, her lady employer in Riyadh, permission to come home for the funeral. “She understood and paid for a round trip ticket,” Emilia said just before Crisly’s internment. “She gave me two weeks off.” Crisly is also survived by sister Shermae, 15, and brother Jokim, 13. It’s for them that Emilia will fly back to her household work in Riyadh on Sept. 2. And to help refill her lady employer’s cup of kindness. *** Ramon Dacawi, JD

Joseph digest  

Issue 1 Volume 1 October 2013

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