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COMPLIMENTARY Spring/Summer 2024
Wings Take O in the ATL Airport District 6
How Do You Like Your Wings?
CRAFT BEER IS OUR PASSION, COMMUNITY IS OUR MISSION Family & Dog Friendly 2,000 Sq ft Tap Room 2,000 Sq ft Patio 27 Word Street Fairburn, GA 30213 770-892-1539 Scan Code for exciting news! (it’s kind of a secret) 3


The ATL Airport Area

Anchored by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the ATL airport area is a rapidly evolving mix of diverse communities that surround the airport. Each city, unique to itself, providing vital resources and needs to not only the area residents but to the millions of people flying in and out of the airport each year and to all the businesses and their staff who help keep it all running.

It’s all right here

The ATL airport area has everything you could need without any of the hassles of a big city. Offering a state of the art convention center, worldclass dining & accommodations, a wide variety of shopping opportunities, and plenty of things to keep you, your family or business associations entertained during your stay. Or, if you are looking for a place to call home, the area offers a remarkable amount of value for your buck. Take your pick from historic to contemporary, urban to rural, big to tiny, rent or own, there’s something for everyone.

Keeping you entertained

Try the Porsche Driving Experience at their new US headquarters, relish in the history of flight at the Delta Museum, or stroll through any of the historic downtowns. Play Tennis, Soccer, or choose from a variety of golf courses to work on your swing. You can watch bicycle races or relax in a variety of park and nature preserve settings. Check the calendar for a variety of seasonal art and music festivals, theater, car shows and so much more and most likely minutes from your hotel or home.

Going to Atlanta?

Take the people mover from the airport to rent a car, or jump on MARTA, accessible from the airport, College Park, or East Point, and be downtown, Decatur, Lenox, Perimeter and more in minutes.


College Park is a vibrant city that balances a buzzing urban landscape with its intimate community charm. Located just minutes away from Downtown Atlanta via MARTA, College Park is home to the world’s most-traveled airport, Georgia’s second-largest convention center and over 5,000 hotel rooms. With a wealth of locally owned eateries, retail shops and other small businesses, this hidden gem is an ideal destination for business and leisure travelers.

College Park Shopping

Featuring a reenergized downtown and a diverse spectrum of neighborhoods, including Georgia’s 4th largest registered historic district, College Park offers its 14,000 residents a quiet, small town coupled with the conveniences and advantages of big city life.

• Gateway Center Campus, which includes the Georgia International Convention Center, Gateway Center Arena, Historic College Park Golf Course and six hotels

• Woodward Academy

• 4th Largest Historic Neighborhood of Homes in Georgia

• Revitalized Downtown offering food, nightlife and shopping

4 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area


Bustling with growth, the City of Hapeville is the epicenter of the resurgence for the Atlanta Airport area. The designated Main Street City is home to the original Chick-fil-A Dwarf House and Wells Fargo Processing Center. Hapeville is a walkable community, a little over two miles in size, that offers a charming historic downtown filled with restaurants, shopping, a train depot museum and a lively downtown park.

Hapeville La Fiesta Festival

Hapeville is fast becoming known for its dedication to the arts, with a fabulous public art program, several unique art exhibits, and a performing arts center all located minutes from the airport. Numerous murals, butterfly sculptures, and artist gallery crawls help bring the city alive.

• Train Depot Museum

• Historic Christ Church & Carriage House

• Historic Downtown Art Walk

• Hoyt Smith Conference Center

• Porsche Driving Experience

On the edge of the ATL Guide area, Union City is the gateway to the South Fulton Scenic Byway and is home to the second-largest sound stages in North America. This fast-growing, intimate city with over 27,000 residents has the cultural, spiritual, educational, and economic opportunities of a large metropolis but the charm of a small bedroom community.

Union City Skatepark

Minutes from the world’s busiest airport and downtown Atlanta, Union City is an excellent place for new and existing businesses- local, regional, and national firms with an array of services and retail uses. See the natural beauty of southern flora, illustrated by blooming dogwoods, delicate crepe myrtles, flowery Bradford pears, and more. Union City offers numerous community and recreational programs and a variety of special events throughout the year.

• Atlanta Metro Studios

• Union City Skatepark

• Green Manor Restaurant


or objectionable subjects, wording or appearance.


Georgia Renaissance Festival

“Barely Balanced” at the Georgia Renaissance Festival

Celebrating 39 years of family fun, the Georgia Renaissance Festival o ers a treasure trove of activities for all ages. The festival combines music, crafts, comedy, food and drama into an amazing spectacle that transports visitors to the time of King Henry VIII with knights jousting, jesters joking and lords with their ladies in full costume roaming the 32-acre grounds.

Located in Fairburn just o I-85 at exit 61, visitors come in modern day clothes or dress the part with period garb: corsets & skirts, boots, pants, shirts & vests, hats, swords and even fairy wings are available for purchase along with handmade goods and more. There are shows and activities to enjoy: jugglers, acrobatics, jousting, comedy & singing plus games and rides for young lads and lasses. And the food! Smoked turkey legs, steak on a stake, spiral potatoes, cheese bread and scrumptious desserts to suit anyone’s fancy. Weekends from April 13 thru June 2-the festival is open 10:30am-6:00pm, rain or shine, and parking is free. For more info:

6 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area Table of Contents Discover the Area 4 Wings Take O in the ATL District 10 What’s Happening in the Area ........... 16 Airport Area Accommodations 26 The Big Map Center Spread Airport Area Attractions ...................28 Airport Area Dining 28 Airport Area Services...................... 30 Airport Area Shopping 32 Airport Area Worship Services 32 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ....................... 36 Proof of the Pudding 40 Real Estate 44 Airport Area/Downtown Attractions ... 46 Presenting Vol. 21, No. 3 of the ATL-Your Guide to the Atlanta Airport Area (formerly the Atlanta Airport Area Meeting Planner & Visitor’s Guide). The Guide is owned and published by Atlanta Airport Publications, LLC. PO Box 16954, Atlanta GA, 30321. No portions of this publication may be reproduced without prior written consent of the publisher. The editors are not responsible for return of any unused materials. The publisher has the right to reject any advertising considered to be objectionable in subject, wording, or appearance. The publisher and editors are not responsible for any changes in dates of events or activities made after the publication deadline. All efforts have been made to include factual editorial copy throughout the magazine. Acceptance of an ad in this magazine does not convey a recommendation for that advertiser. The content of articles and the views expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the ATL Guide and its parent company, Atlanta Airport Publications, LLC. ATL Guide and Atlanta Airport Publications, LLC are not responsible for any factual errors ATL ATL
Cover photo - Andrii Moniuk. Article and editorial photos courtesy of Optimal Media, Grace First Video and our city & advertiser partners.


Just 15 minutes south of Atlanta is a burgeoning city-the City of South Fulton. With entertainment at Wolf Creek Amphitheater, the Southwest Arts Center and more, faith-based offerings including World Changers & Zion Hill Baptist Church, different activities like tennis at the South Fulton Tennis Center or outdoor bouldering at Boat Rock, and food choices from breakfast to barbecue, Island to Italian, Asian to American, family style to fine dining-City of South Fulton has it all!

Tennis in City of South Fulton

A premiere destination for visitors and families, the City of South Fulton also offers world class services to all communities within our City, including:

• Award winning youth programs

• 4 primary recreational facilities

• 17 parks across 700 acres

• Basketball programs in partnership with the Atlanta Hawks

• STEM Programs to help students

• Top-flight aquatics programs

• Programming for adults and senior citizens

The City of South Fulton. . . “More Lives Here.”


15 miles south of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Fairburn is a city of history and a thriving business community offering diverse cuisine & activities for everyone. Improvement projects within Fairburn’s Historic Commercial District, arts & entertainment activities and exceptional educational resources like Georgia Military College and Global Impact Academy offer an appealing quality of life away from the bustling congestion of surrounding areas.

Third Friday Concert

Fairburn, home to the Georgia Renaissance Festival, also boasts downtown concerts, a Farmers Market, parks with diverse recreational activities and Fairburn’s Southside Theatre Guild-a community theater organization with performances for young and old. Home to more than 11 Fortune 500 companies like Google, Duracell and CSX Intermodal, Fairburn is a vibrant city looking to the future-open for business and residential development opportunities.

• 2022 Top 10 Safest Cities in Georgia

• Cochran Mill Brewing Company

• Downtown Commercial Historic District

• Oz Pizza, Armando’s, & more

• 3rd Fridays in Fairburn April-Sept.

Fairburn…A world away from the mundane, a city Situated to Succeed! 7


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Blue Scorpion RM

Clayton County is home of the world’s busiest airport and a diverse community full of innovation. Residents enjoy ample parks and an economical cost of living with proximity to downtown Atlanta, while business can easily access incentives and connect to global markets.

Clayton County contains over 896 acres of parkland, 32 parks, a nature preserve & numerous facilities o ering a variety of recreational opportunities.

Spivey Splash Water Park

Home to the most traveled airport in the world, Clayton County is a major player in many industries: film, food/beverage processing & manufacturing, health services, logistics & distribution and aviation & aerospace manufacturing. With air service, rail service, port accessibility & access along major interstates, Clayton County is the “Logical Choice for Logistics.”

Formed in 2014, the Aerotropolis Alliance has been the driving force behind the revitalization of the area around the airport. Their mission is to improve and sustain the quality of life for those who live, work and play here.

Clayton County – Where the World Lands…

8 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area

Chicken Wings Anyone? How Do You Like Yours?

Finger Lickin’ Good Chicken Wings have transcended their humble origins to become a worldwide staple, capturing the hearts and taste buds of millions. Inarguably, chicken wings stand out as the most versatile protein, with a staggering 2.2 to 9.5 million pounds sold in the United States foodservice industry annually. The average American consumes around 90 wings per year. During Super Bowl season Americans devour 1.45 billion chicken wings, as reported by the National Chicken Council. When one envisions chicken wings, the iconic buffalo wing often takes precedence. This delectable creation originated in Buffalo, New York, courtesy of Teressa Bellissimo, co-owner of the Anchor Bar, in 1964. The dish was born out of a whim in an attempt to feed her son and his friends, using leftover chicken wings in her fridge. A stroke of culinary genius led Bellissimo to toss the wings in hot sauce, and the buffalo wing was born. The success of this simple yet sensational combination prompted its addition to the menu.

The journey of the buffalo wing from a local delight to a global phenomenon is a testament to its irresistible appeal. Bellissimo and son introduced the dish to the food distributor and he immediately recognized its potential. Bellissimo’s son embarked on a buffalo wing tour with the hot sauce distributor

to introduce this effortless menu option to dining establishments worldwide. The ripple effect was swift and widespread, leading to the inclusion of buffalo wings on menus across the globe. Renowned establishments like Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, The Hard Rock Café and Wing Stop owe their existence, in part, to the popularity of this iconic dish.

The buffalo wing’s impact on the world is nothing short of revolutionary. The NFL’s Buffalo Bills inadvertently fueled the spicy snack’s popularity in the ‘90s when the Buffalo Bills stated in humor they owe their Super Bowl-winning streak to players feasting on buffalo wings before games. This elevated the buffalo wing to a national game day staple, transcending Super Bowl Sundays to become a daily indulgence. In 1977, 13 years after its creation, the National Holiday Association designated July 29th as National Chicken Wing Day. When it comes to chicken wings, thoughts often turn to the cooking method, dressing, and accompanying flavors. Whether fried, smoked, baked or barbecued, wings can be smothered in various sauces: Hot Honey Glaze, Mango Habanero, Thai Chili, Nashville Hot, teriyaki and more or cooked with seasonings like lemon pepper or dry rub to offer a less messy flavor option. The choice between

10 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area

ranch and bleu cheese for dipping, along with the obligatory 3-inch celery stalks, adds a personalized touch to the wing experience.

The wing craze has permeated homes, becoming a staple at celebrations like birthdays, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers, barbecues, and even weddings. Its convenience, low cost, and an array of flavor options make it an ideal choice for any occasion.

Here are a few local favorites:

Skinny’s- Opening its doors in 1992, Skinny’s Restaurant in Hapeville offers a tasty culinary experience for all of their guests by using the freshest ingredients. And the original owners are back! Sung and his mom are serving wings or wing combos: 4 wings, a side of fried rice and an egg roll, 5 wings and a chicken Philly, 6 or 10 wings with fried rice plus other Skinny’s menu favorites like bibimbap, burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs. Wings can be all flats, all drums or half and half in 5 different flavors. Open Mon-Fri from 10:30am3pm.

Irish Bred Pub- Located in the heart of Hapeville and just minutes from Atlanta Airport, The Irish Bred Pub is the place to enjoy great food, gameday fun, dancing and just hanging out with friends old and new. They offer 10-, 20- and 50-piece wings that you can get in 14 unique flavor options, served with celery and carrots.

Corner Tavern- A casual dining and bar scene, The Corner Tavern is open 7 days a week in downtown Hapeville. Serving up spirits and smoked wings in 5 and 10 count options with 10 sauces to

Continued on page 13

have them drenched in.

Corner Cafe Union City- The Corner Cafe in Union City self-proclaims that they are the establishment to specialize in wings. Giving you options of boneless and bone-in wings served with celery and carrots, ranch or blue cheese, the wing count options are 6,10,15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, and 100 with a choice of 15 sauce options.

Aye Tea Elle- This hidden gem located in the historic College Park downtown district is serving up some mouthwatering dishes. One thing to keep in mind when frequenting Aye Tea Elle is that they only take credit cards. When indulging in their fabulous beverages, you can snack on an 8-piece wing plate with 7 flavor options to choose from.

Brake Pad- College Park’s staple since 2002, the Brake Pad is a fun diner with artsy old fashion diner style decor. Sink your teeth into some lemon pepper or buffalo wings-served 10 or 20 per order with celery, carrot sticks and bleu cheese.

Manchester Arms Pub- The Manchester Arms is a neighborhood pub owned and operated by Will and Kristi Evens. Located in College Park, they offer 5 and 10 piece smoked wings with a dry rub and 3 sauce options-hot, mild and Voodoo-served with blue cheese or ranch.

Johnny’s Chicken and Waffles- Johnny’s Famous Chicken and Waffles in the historic downtown College Park area is owned by the world-renowned recording artist NE-YO and his wife Crystal. On Tuesdays Johnny’s offers wing specials-50 cent bone in wings-with a minimum order of 10 wings. They also have 3 whole wings or 11
Johnny’s Chicken & Waffles Irish Bred
12 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area Protecting Your Dreams (678) 672-4158 3185 Dogwood Drive, Hapeville, GA 30354 Joe McKnight Insurance & Financial Services Joe McKnight Have no worries with medical alert systems for every lifestyle ADT Senior Solutions Advisor 404-435-0609 Get protection at home or wherever you go. ADT Health & Senior Solutions Be a part of the mission of Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, Inc. to improve the quality of life for those affected by Sickle Cell Disease.

Wings Continued from page 11

6 buffalo wings served with a waffle or a combo of 6 buffalo wings (buffalo, medium, BBQ or Nashville Hot) or 3 whole wings.

Sonny’s BBQ- Sonny’s BBQ located in Jonesboro serves wings in an 8 order. You can get them as an appetizer, plate served with fries, or paired with another meat option with two sides and bread choice. They are a favorite among guests.

TrucKINGS BBQ -Fairburn- TrucKINGS BBQ in Fairburn is the spot for authentic BBQ plus succulent whole chicken wings served deep fried. Patrons receive 4 wings, fries, and bread. If you order the dinner plate you will receive 2 sides (mac

& cheese, french fries, collard greens, BBQ baked beans or potato salad) with your wings and bread.  There are other restaurants serving wings as an appetizer, combo or dinner: Town Wings, Krystal, local bars and more. After all, whether boneless or bone-in, sauced or dry-rubbed, chicken wings have become a cultural phenomenon-their versatility, with variations in cooking methods, dressings, and flavors, have made them a favorite at homes and celebrations alike. These delectable bites show no signs of losing their status as a beloved and iconic dish. 13 It’s our pleasure to serve Daily: 6:00 a.m. - 10 p.m. Chick-fil-A® and Chick-fil-A Stylized® are registered trademarks of CFA Properties, Inc. Let us cater your next business meeting or special event. Call us at 404.762.1333 1065 Cleveland Avenue, East Point GA, 30344 Cleveland Avenue
Brake Pad Wings Sonny’s BBQ

Hapeville - Best Neighborhood Award Winner 2023

Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Atlanta lies a neighborhood that exudes a timeless charm and an irresistible allure. Hapeville, often overshadowed by its urban counterparts, emerges as a hidden gem by winning the title of ‘Urbanized Atlanta’s Best Neighborhood’ for its blend of historic ambiance and modern sophistication.

In a city renowned for its architectural marvels and artistic expressions, Hapeville holds its own with the striking Porsche North American Headquarters complex, the breathtaking adjacent hotel, new development projects and a myriad of visual & performing art displays of contemporary design ingenuity. Yet it is the historic retail row of Central Avenue that truly captures the essence of Hapeville, its quaint charm and nostalgic appeal transporting visitors to an era of elegance and grace.

Hapeville City Manager Tim Young shares, “I can assure anyone this is a city where the people work well with each other. Residents and o cials strive to keep the city as accommodating as possible within the guidelines of ethics and laws.”

While Atlanta’s cost of living continues to soar, Hapeville o ers a haven of a ordability amidst the bustling urban landscape. With real estate prices skyrocketing in many areas, Hapeville stands as an oasis of a ordability compared to so many other neighborhoods that have been considered “red hot”.

Through extensive interviews with Hapeville residents and o cials over the years, Josh Green, editor of Urbanized Atlanta, unravels the neighborhood’s captivating appeal. Central Avenue’s historic charm, combined with its a ord-

ability relative to other Atlanta neighborhoods, emerges as a key selling point for residents and visitors alike. The neighborhood’s rich history, coupled with its welcoming vibe and diverse array of dining & entertainment options, adds to its irresistible appeal.

This accolade reflects the passionate support of tens of thousands of individuals who frequent Urbanized Atlanta’s website, individuals with invested interest in the city’s future. Hapeville triumphed in Urbanized Atlanta’s neighborhood tournament for 2023 with over 36,000 votes cast between all 16 neighborhoods (a whopping 57 percent of the votes). Hapeville is now the proud owner of the prestigious Golden Urby Chalice of Champions.

“Residents of Hapeville are thrilled to show the great experience it is living here”, says Young.

Josh Green, Editor of Urbanized Atlanta shares, “I’ve always loved visiting Hapeville and the feeling you’re in this place with a rich history that remains under-the-radar, relatively speaking, and immune to false hype. It’s a place that gets stu done...My wife [Lori Green, formerly Lori Ebersold] actually used to teach at Hapeville Elementary, back when she was getting started in education.”

Hapeville embodies the perfect blend of past and present, o ering a glimpse into history, embracing the vibrancy of contemporary life & welcoming artistic pursuits. O ering something for everyone, it is truly the place to eat, stay and play. With its captivating charm and timeless appeal, Hapeville stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Atlanta’s neighborhoods.

14 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area

What’s Happening in the ATL

Every Month

Academy Theatre Weekly

Sunday Variety Series

Different Artist every Sunday, 6:30pm Academy Theatre, Hapeville

Old National Farmer’s Market

1st & 3rd Saturday

11am-4pm May to October

Red Oak District Farmer’s Market

2nd & 4th Sat. 11am-4pm April to October,

Serenbe Farmers Market

Every Sat., 9 am-1 pm Serenbe Community Farm

PTC Market

Every Wed. & Sat., 9 am-1 pm 215 Northlake Drive


Gallery Show “Portraits Through Time” with artist Leigh Anne Culver April 3-27, Hapeville Depot Museum

Goodnight, Delia

Fri-Sun, April 4-21 Academy Theatre, Hapeville

Co ee and Chrome Car and Motorcycle Show

Saturday April 13,

8:30 am-noon Jess

Lucas Park, Hapeville co


Community Egg Hunt

Saturday April 13, 1-3 pm

Tom E. Morris Sports Complex, Hapeville

Southern Circuit of Independent Filmmakers, We Will Speak

Friday April 12, 6pm Historic Christ Church & Carriage House, 680 S Central Ave., Hapeville

Georgia Renaissance Festival

April 13-June 2, 10:30am-6 pm Saturday and Sunday 6905 Virlyn B. Smith Road, Fairburn

A Time to Kill

Thursday-Sunday April

18-28 Southside Theatre

Guild 20 West Campbellton St., Fairburn

Steel Magnolias

Fri-Sun April 19 May 19 The Legacy Theatre, Tyrone

Jazz Appreciation Month

Fri. April 26, 7:30pm FREE ArtsXchange East Point


Gallery Show

“Everything Old is New Again” with Re:Merge Artist Collective

May1-31, Hapeville Depot Museum

Joe Nichols

Saturday May 4, 7 pm Fayetteville Amphitheater

Coffee and Chrome

Car and Motorcycle Show

Sat. May 11, 8:30 am-noon

Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

Electric Avenue—80s MTV Experience

Sat. May 11, 7:30 pm Fred W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

Southern Crescent

Chorale Concert

Piano Man to Rocket Man

May 11, 7:30 pm Brightmoor Healthcare Amphitheater, Fayetteville

La Fiesta en Hapeville

Saturday May 18, 5-8 pm

Hapeville Memorial Football Stadium


Saturday May 18, 7 pm

Fayetteville Amphitheater

Wednesday Wind Down Wed, May 22, 5-8 pm East Point Commons, 2757 East Point Street

Memorial Day Service

Monday May 27, 10 am Hoyt Smith Recreation Center, Hapeville

16 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area
B l a c k - O w n e d G y m M o n t h - t o - M o n t h M e m b e r s h i p s P e r s o n a l T r a i n i n g F r e e W e i g h t s
Best Gym in South Fulton
( 8 7 7 ) 5 4 8 - 7 4 4 8 L I V E P H I T C O M
Prioritizing Health Inspiring Transformation


Captains of Concrete Skating competition

Sat. June 1, 12-6 pm Tom E. Morris Sports Complex, Hapeville

Blues & BBQ

Saturday June 1, 5-9:30pm Suwanee Town Center 330 Town Center Ave

Joe Gransden and His Big Band

Saturday June 8, 7:30 pm Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

Mother’s Finest

Saturday June 8, 7 pm Fayetteville Amphitheater

Movie Night Under the Stars

Friday June 14, 7:30 pm Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

A1A—Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show

Saturday June 15, 7:30 pm Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

Coffee and Chrome Car and Motorcycle Show

Sat June 15, 8:30 am-noon Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

Sheila E

Saturday June 22, 7:30 pm Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

Wednesday Wind Down

Wednesday June 26, 5-8 pm East Point Commons, 2757 East Point Street

The Alan Parsons

Live Project

Saturday June 29, 7:30 pm Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City 17 MAY THE FORES BE WITH YOU. Square o against the undulating fairways and elevated greens of one of Metro Atlanta’s most challenging historic golf courses. SCAN ME COLLEGEPARKGOLF.COM
UPCOMING CONCERTS FRANKIE ARNOLD STAGE & COURTYARD 15 W. BROAD STREET FAIRBURN, GA 30213 For sponsor & vendor opportunities: 770-964-2244 ext. 127 April 19 • May 17 June 21 • July 19 August 16 September 20 Every Third Friday April - September 6pm - 10pm


July Fourth Celebration

Thursday July 4, 3-11 pm, fireworks around 9:30 pm Downtown East Point

July 4th Celebration

Thursday July 4 Parade, 9 am, fireworks at dusk at Drake Field Peachtree City

July 4th Celebration and Fireworks

Thursday July 4, 9 am-8 pm Clayton County International Park

Movie Night Under the Stars

Friday July 12, 7:30 pm Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

Chi Town—Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute

Friday July 12, 7 pm Fayetteville Amphitheater

Rumours ATL— Fleetwood Mac Tribute

Saturday July 13, 7:30 pm Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

Coffee and Chrome Car and Motorcycle Show

Saturday July 13, 8:30 am-noon Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella


July 18-28 Southside Theatre Guild 20 West Campbellton St., Fairburn

Downtown Live Concert Series

Jazz and Seafood Saturday

July 20, 7-10 pm

Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

Air Supply with John Ford Coley

Saturday July 20, 7:30 pm

Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

Wednesday Wind Down

Wednesday July 24, 5-8 pm East Point Commons, 2757 East Point Street

Yes Epics and Classics

Saturday July 27, 7:30 pm

Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City


Jefferson Starship

Saturday August 3, 7:30 pm Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

Cinderella’s Tom Kiefer

Friday August 9, 7:30 pm

Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

One Vision of Queen with Marc Martel

Saturday August 10, 7:30 pm Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

Coffee and Chrome Car and Motorcycle Show

Saturday August 10, 8:30 am-noon Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

Downtown Live Concert Series - Wings and Strings

Saturday August 17, 7-10 pm Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

Mad Hatters—Tom Petty Tribute

Saturday August 17, 7 pm Fayetteville Amphitheater

Gary Allan

Saturday August 23, 7:30 pm Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

18 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area
2nd Saturday of the month April-September 404-669-2116
What’s Happening in the ATL

Revitalize Your Body and Mind

Embark on a Journey of Serenity and Healing with Our Signature Massages!

Body Massage

Therapeutic Massage


Deep Tissue Special Packages Couples

Mirage Massage

5554 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. Dunwoody, 30338 • 770-685-1978

Coming Soon to the Airport Area!

Wednesday Wind Down

Wednesday August 28, 5-8 pm East Point Commons, 2757 East Point Street downtowneastpoint. com


The Wallflowers

Friday September 13, 7:30 pm Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

Coffee and Chrome Car and Motorcycle Show

Saturday September 14, 8:30 am-noon Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

Arrested Development

Saturday September 14, 7 pm Fayetteville Amphitheater

Happy Days Weekend

Friday and Saturday

September 20-21 Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

Shakerag Arts and Crafts Festival

Saturday September 21, 10 am-6 pm, and Sunday September 22, noon-5 pm

Shakerag Knoll, Peachtree City


Tyrone Founders Day

Saturday October 5, 12-9 pm Shamrock Park, Tyrone

Cemetery Walk

Friday-Sunday October 11-13

Fayetteville City Cemetery

Men at Work with The Producers

Saturday October 12, 7:30 pm Frederick W. Brown Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City

Downtown Live Concert Series & Chili Cookoff

Saturday October 19, 5-8 pm Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

Magnolia Arts Festival

Saturday and Sunday

October 19 and 20

Drake Field, Peachtree City

Annual Pumpkin Festival

Saturday October 26, 5:30-8:30 pm

Old Courthouse Square, Fayetteville

Atlanta Air Show

Saturday-Sunday, October 26-27, gates open at 9 am

Atlanta Regional

Airport-Falcon Field, Peachtree City

Dia de Los Muertos

Saturday October 26, 5-9 pm Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville


2nd Annual Turkey Jam

Saturday November 16, 12-5pm Hapeville Skate Park, Tom E Morris Sports Complex

Hapeville Home for the Holidays

Tuesday November 26, 5:30-8pm Jess Lucas Park, Hapeville

20 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area 3389 Main St. College Park 30337 • • 678-974-8393 El Jefe Cigar Co. We also provide your favorite cigars and Coffee in a relaxed Jazz filled environment. Huge selection to fit Any Budget • Clean & Well Stocked Veteran Owned • Wide Variety of Accessories • Free WiFi Work Friendly Environment Quality Hand Rolled Cigars 4641 Flat Shoals Rd. Unit C. Union City, Ga 30291 678.489.7611 Monday thru Sunday 11am to 11pm (will adjust for events) Montana Cigar Co.
Academy Theatre Box Of ce 404-474-8332 Live Music, Dance, Magic, Comedy, & more! SUNDAY VARIETY SERIES Something For Everyone! The best kept secret in the ATL

50 Years of Hip Hop: Looking Back with Casual Cal.

Calvin Dupree, acclaimed as the “Lord of the Rings” by the Chicago Sun Times, holds this distinctive title not associated with Frodo or Gollum but with the world of clowns and acrobats. Hailing from Harlem, New York, he is the creative force behind audience engagement as the producer & lead performer of Ringmaster INC, and co-founder of the globally renowned UniverSoul Circus. However, his journey in the entertainment industry, particularly in hip hop, precedes his role in the circus world.

Before commanding the tented ring, Calvin was a pioneer in the hip hop scene. His journey began in 1972 as an intern at Inner City Broadcasting, working alongside New York radio host, Mr. Al Gee. Dupree’s aspirations for a career in radio led him to Atlanta on a football scholarship to attend Morehouse College, where he immersed himself in the college media outlets WAUC and WCLK. His DJ career took flight, eventually leading him to venues like Mr. V’s Figure 8, orchestrating groundbreaking productions and hosting influential shows like “The Dance Show,” “Soul of Atlanta Show,” and “Black Expo U.S.A.”.

As a witness to the ups & downs of this music industry, Calvin reflects on the evolution of hip hop in Atlanta, a city that has played a pivotal role in the genre’s growth. He expresses concern for the newer generations in hip hop, emphasizing the importance of respecting the pioneers, acknowledg-

ing the origins of the craft & pointing out the need for authenticity and awareness among young artists. He critiques shortcuts taken by some artists, such as sampling without understanding the roots of the music or showing the African American community in a negative light.

Calvin takes pride in the industry’s endurance, disproving skeptics who predicted its downfall. He played a crucial role in the evolution of hip hop, being the first DJ to play MOJO’s music, setting the stage for the emergence of future southern rappers. MOJO was the first rapper in Atlanta and in many interviews gives credit to Cal for the e ort he put in to push MOJO’s music.

Calvin has worked with many of the legendary performers, including Doug E Fresh, Curtis Blow, Jermaine Dupri, Run DMC, Grand Master Flash and Whodini among others. His extensive experience is underscored by the acknowledgment he received from Jermaine Dupri during Atlanta’s Hip Hop festival, a testament to his enduring impact on the industry.

As we celebrate 50 years of hip hop music, Calvin Dupree remains not only a witness but a significant contributor to the ever-evolving saga of this musical genre. But you know Cal, he cannot rest on his laurels-Cal is now host to The Atlanta Gong and Dinner Show, every Thursday at Crossroads Sound Stage Theatre in Atlanta.

22 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area
Casual Cal and Atlanta Hip Hop rapper MO-JO

Unleash Your Imagination at Atlanta’s Gong Show & Dinner with Host Ringmaster Casual Cal

Step right up and prepare to be amazed as Atlanta plays host to the most imaginative and thrilling event of the year - The Modern-Style Atlanta’s Gong Show & Dinner. This unique extravaganza, featuring Host Ringmaster Casual Cal, promises to captivate audiences at Atlanta’s brand-new Crossroads Sound Stage Theater in Lakewood.

Atlanta’s Gong Show & Dinner is an electrifying spectacle that celebrates creativity & showcases a diverse range of performers with exceptional talent and imagination.

One of the highlights of Atlanta’s Gong Show & Dinner is the active participation of the audience. As each performer takes the stage, the crowd holds the power to determine their fate - to cheer them on or to strike the mighty gong & send them o in a whirl of excitement!

Tickets for Atlanta’s Gong Show & Dinner are available now.

• Every Thursday Night

• Doors Open @ 7:00pm (Dinner) Showtime-8:00pm

• Crossroads Sound Stage Theater 2869 Lakewood Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30315

• Tickets: Available online & at the Venue

For more information: or 844-488-2509.

What’s Happening in the ATL

It’s the small things that add more life!

The City of South Fulton o ers something to appreciate-quality of life. The big things-malls, franchises, big box chain stores-are not necessarily things that make communities more livable. Little things often do that. Exploring South Fulton and supporting local businesses can be fun and play a key role in sustaining the community and showcasing it as a viable destination.

From breakfast to barbecue, Island to Italian, Asian to American, family style to fine dining, enjoy unique dining experiences here in City of South Fulton. Get your taste buds ready-set-go!

Small business, local merchants, family-owned restaurants. Neighbors whose names you actually know. These things all help make communities more livable.

City of

Airport Area Accommodations


» AC Hotel Atlanta Airport Gateway

2079 Hospitality Way - 404-665-0309

» Holiday Inn Express

1419 Virginia Ave - 404-400-5900

» Comfort Inn Atlanta Airport

1888 Sullivan Rd - 770-996-2220

» Super 8 Atl Airport West

4979 Old Nat’l Hwy - 404-669-8616

» Ramada Plaza

5010 Old Nat’l Hwy - 404-768-9199

» Econo Lodge

4874 Old Nat’l Hwy - 404-768-1241

» Quality Inn & Suites Atl Airport South

2480 Old Nat’l Pkwy - 404-766-0000

» Red Roof Plus

2450 Old Nat’l Pkwy - 404-684-9898

» Travelodge Hotel College Park

2471 Old Nat’l Pkwy - 404-477-1050

» Embassy Suites Atlanta Airport

4700 Southport Rd - 404-767-1988

» Hilton Garden Atl Airport/Millennium Center

2301 Sullivan Rd - 404-766-0303

» Atlanta Airport Marriott

4711 Best Rd - 404-766-7900

» Holiday Inn Express

4601 Best Rd - 404-761-6500

» Days Inn

4505 Best Rd - 404-767-1224

» SpringHill Suites Atl Airport Gateway

2091 Convention Center Concourse - 770-907-8880

» Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway

2020 Convention Center Concourse 404-763-1544

» Renaissance Atl Airport Gateway Hotel

2081 Convention Center Concourse - 470-306-0100

» Westin Atlanta Airport

4736 Best Rd - 404-762-7676

» Courtyard by Marriott South

2050 Sullivan Rd - 770-997-2220

» Microtel Inn & Suites

4839 Mass. Blvd - 770-994-3003

» Fairfield Inn & Suites Atl Airport South

2020 Sullivan Rd - 770-994-3666

» LaQuinta Inn & Suites 4820 Mass. Blvd - 770-996-0000

» Quality Inn Atlanta Airport-Central 2010 Sullivan Rd - 770-991-8985

» Sleep Inn Airport

1911 Sullivan Rd - 770-996-6100

» Sonesta Atlanta Airport South

4669 Airport Blvd - 404-763-8800

» Holiday Inn & Suites Airport North

1380 Virginia Ave - 404-305-9990

» Hyatt Place

1899 Sullivan Rd - 770-994-2997

» Country Inn & Suites

1808 Phoenix Blvd - 770-991-1099

» Days Inn Airport South

1540 Phoenix Blvd - 770-996-7300

» Best Western

1556 Phoenix Blvd - 770-996-5800

» Howard Johnson Atlanta Airport

1551 Phoenix Blvd - 770-996-4321

» Hotel Indigo Atlanta Airport

1776 Harvard Ave - 404-767-8881


» Embassy Suites 404-768-1500

» Kimpton Overland Hotel

Two Porsche Drive - 470-466-3300

» Staybridge Suites

3420 Norman Berry Dr - 404-305-9930

» La Quinta Inn Atl Airport North

1200 Virginia Avenue - 404-209-1800

» Hilton Atlanta Airport

1031 Virginia Avenue - 404-767-9000

» Residence Inn Atlanta

Airport North/Virginia Ave.

3401 International Blvd - 404-761-0511

» Courtyard Atlanta Airport North/Virginia Ave

3399 International Blvd - 404-559-1043

» Best Western Plus Atlanta Airport- East 301 N Central Avenue - 404-763-8777

» Holiday Inn Express & Suites 235 N Central Avenue - 404-844-2501


» LaQuinta Inn & Suites

6604 Mall Blvd 770-306-0049

» Stay Express Inn/Suites Atl Arprt UnionCity 6690 Shannon Parkway 770-306-3800

» Garden Inn 6701 Shannon Parkway 770-892-3128

» Country Hearth Inn & Suites 6710 Shannon Parkway 770-306-7750

» Days Inn & Suites Union City 6743 Shannon Parkway 770-969-4567

» Quality Inn 6800 Shannon Way 770-306-2677

» Magnuson Hotel Atlanta South 6840 Shannon Parkway 770-306-6067

» Econo Lodge 7410 Oakley Road 770-964-9999

» Western Inn & Suites 7420 Oakley Road 678-827-7500

» Motel 6 3860 Flat Shoals Road 770-969-0110

We hope you are enjoying your stay in and around the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport area. Next time book and save with

26 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area 27

Airport Area Accommodations


» Fairfield Inn - 770-969-1673


» La Hacienda B&B - 770-851-4422

» Best Western Plus Fairburn-Atl Southwest 678-782-4700

» Comfort Inn & Suites - 678-782-4900

» Holiday Inn Express & Suites Atl Southwest 678-674-2200

» Wyngate by Wyndham Atl Airport-Fairburn 770-892-3006

» Hampton Inn Atlanta-Fairburn - 678-782-4600

Airport Area Attractions


» Georgia International Convention Center & Gateway Center Arena 2000 Convention Center Concourse 770-997-3566

» College Park Golf Course 404-761-0731

» Chick-Fil-A Corp. Headquarters 404-765-8000

» Delta Flight Museum 404-715-7886

» Metro Atlanta Urban Farm 404-788-2432


» Porsche Cars North America, Inc (Boutique inside Kimpton Overland Hotel)

Two Porsche Drive

» Scout Hut at Cofield Park 404-669-2136

» Historic Christ Church & Carriage House Venue 404-669-2136

» Hapeville Depot Museum 404-669-2175

» Hoyt Smith Conference Center 404-669-2136

» Hapeville Performing Arts Center & Academy Theatre 599 N Central Ave 404-874-8332


» Southwest Arts Center 404-613-3220

» Wolf Creek Amphitheater 404-613-7539

» Wolf Creek Golf Course 404-344-1334


» Southside Theatre Guild 770-969-0956

Airport Area Dining



» Zab-E-Lee, Thai Restaurant 404-477-2987

» China Wok 404-761-4939

» Noodle 404-767-5155

» Happy Buddha 404-762-9924


» El Jefe Cigar Company, LLC

3389 Main St 678-974-8393

» JR Crickets 404-205-5174

» Backstage Restaurant & Lounge 404-763-1107


» La Fiesta

1419 Virginia Avenue 404-305-8780

» Nouveau Bar & Grill 404 343-6785

» Zubi Taco Kitchen 678-948-7634

» Don Sige Mexican Taqueria 404-762-8084


» Barbecue Kitchen

1437 Virginia Ave 404-766-9906

» The Breakfast Boys 3387 Main St. 470-312-2108

» Buttermilk Biscuit 1634 Virginia Ave 404-941-7328

» The Real Milk & Honey 404-458-5500

» The Crab Boil Atlanta BAR 678-705-1341

» JD’s Snoballs, Pizza, Wings & Things 470-639-8522

» The Corner Grille 404-767-1135

» Johnny’s World Famous Chicken & Waffles


» The Brake Pad 404-766-1515

» Tom, Dick & Hank 404-228-7238


» Aye Tea Elle 404-254-1982

» Jerk Shop House of Flavor 404 458-3059

» Manding Cafe 678-510-0911

» Café Shekel 404-600-3159

» Wrap-A-Lot 404-635-6495

» Tropical Cuisine 404-767-7421

» Jamaica Jamaica Luxe 404-761-1572

» Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen & Bar 404-228-4897

» Manchester Arms Pub 404-500-1011

» Bole Ethiopian Restaurant 404-549-9111


» Mellow Mushroom 404-767-1367

» Romeo’s Pizza & Bistro 404-328-2139



» Thai Heaven 404-762-9048

» City Garden 404-766-1676

» DUA Hapeville 404-767-7245

» Paper Plane 404-963-6152


» Wise Ash Airport Cigars & Spirits Lounge 770-485-7162

» The Blendz2 Cigar and Hookah 404-263-9491

» The Brass Tap 770-557-0232


» JPresso Bakery 404-458-5537

» Coffee Man Hapeville 470-698-2632

» Café Belli 404-254-2060

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AC Hotel Atlanta Airport Gateway

THE PERFECTLY PRECISE HOTEL. intuitively designed, it gives you everything you need – and nothing you don’t.

2079 Hospitality Way, Atlanta, Ga 30337 404-665-0309


» Catalina Mexican Restaurant 4110 Old Dixie Hwy 404-608-1653

» Tia Rosie’s 3266 Dogwood Dr Ste B 404-228-2189

» Mami’s La Cubana Restaurant 404-587-2441

» Don Chon Mexican Restaurant 404-492-4681

» Sombreros Mexican Cantina 404-766-4499


» Skinny’s 404-767-2757

» Hammer’s Beach Bar & Grill 404-768-5200

» Got Seafood 404-600-4679

» Buttersweet Bakery 404-767-9884

» Pit Boss BBQ 404-768-0036

» Airport View Restaurant 404-763-0707

» Chick-Fil-A 404-762-1746

» Kenny’s Café 404-762-3030

» Green Soma Café 470-346-2169

» Wings Corner 404-748-9590

» Red Snapper Fish & Chicken 404-343-1393


» Volare Wine & Bistro 404-503-6730


» Island Vibes Caribbean Grill 404-996-2380

» Irish Bred Pub 404-765-0280

» Grecian Gyro 404-762-1627


» Johnny’s New York Style Pizza 404-766-3727

» The Hapeville Pizza Co. 404-254-1928

» Junior’s Pizza 404-975-3544

» Your Pie 678-626-6706



» China Garden 770-306-0407

» China King 770-306-6878

» Ninja Japan 678-961-7169


» La Fiesta 770-306-2747


» Montana Cigar Company 4611 Flat Shoals Rd Unit C 678-489-7611


» Green Manor 770-964-4343

» 7 Star Wings 770-306-5155

» Corner Café 770-964-3000

» JR Crickets 770-306-0700

» Home Cooking Buffet 770-306-8868

» Mr. Krabs Hut 770-862-5257

» Nemo Subs & Wings 678-519-0972

» Juicy Crawfish 770-681-0846

» JG Chicken & Seafood 770-969-8664 29
Airport Area Dining


» Jerk Palace 770-969-2349


» Baltimore Seafood & Crab 404-505-2900

» Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar 678-973-0030

» Gocha’s Breakfast Bar 404-600-554

» Gocha’s Tapas Bar 678-927-9166

» Mulan Cascade 404-629-0007

» Blaze Steak & Seafood 404-907-4700

» Freshest Salad Bar 404-599-2780

» Golden Krust Caribbean 678-489-8913

» Sandtown Pub 678-904-7041

» Hungry AF 404-941-9609



» Studio Cigar Lounge 770-731-2909


» Big Mama’s Kitchen & Sweet Cakes 404-600-8825

» Judy’s Restaurant 770-964-3766

» Oz Pizza 770-306-0603

» Searra’s Breakfast & Lunch 678-489-6460

» Rooster King 770-774-3366

» Wing and Fish Georgia 770-892-4737


» Armando’s Mexican Kitchen 770-964-9909

» China House 770-964-0099

» Clifton’s American West Indian 678-833-5447

» Hikari Botanical Café 770-681-0627

Airport Area Services


» Wings Financial 1897 Sullivan Rd

» College Park Shoe Repair 3747 Main St Unit 4 404-901-9702

» BHHS Gateway Historic College Park 404-348-4529

» The Wellness Spot - 404-996-6944

» Top Notch Barber & Beauty 404-766-2001

» Airport Park ‘n Bark 678-278-0137

» Selah Phenomenal Salon 404-763-1524

» Club E 678-515-1720

» Glam Nails 678-705-5188

» Alter Ego Salon & Spa 404-768-3000

» Paper Plane Yoga 678-490-6965

» Tracie Edmonds Signature Salon 404-247-7879

» Just Pets Pet Resort 404-343-0702

» Atlanta’s Finest Barber Shop 404-768-2046

» Incite Wellness Chiropractic Spa 678-613-8912

» PinkIce Salon 678-310-7066

» UV Nail Lounge 404-585-0672

» Hair Unique 404-761-9811

» Zsavets House of Style Salon 404-549-2638

» Cycle Gang 517-204-5948

» Rod’s N Razors Salon 404-573-9962

» AllCore 360 404-766-0676

» Codes Hair Braiding 404-762-9975

» 24K Smile, LLC 404-673-4103

» Wag Atlanta 404-762-5050

» Jazzi Beauty Esthetics 404-641-9321

» The Colab/PacFit 678-993-9802

» Elite Auto Detailing 404-946-5160


» Pizza Chiropractic

3284 Dogwood Drive 404-761-6200

» The Academy Theatre

599 N. Central Ave - 404-474-8332

» Martino-White Printing Services

543 N Central Ave 404-768-8708

» Derrick Booker Agency (Farmers Insurance)


» Simmons Beauty & Barber

3439 Dogwood Dr 404-399-9093

» 2000AD Concepts in Floral Art Inc. 404-314-6194

» Atlanta Printmakers Studio 404-316-6863

» PrimefitnessATL 615-919-4794

» Cosmetic Career Company 678-428-4389

» Natural Nails 404-768-1119

» Ingrid Nails 404-484-6604

» Olympus Gym 404-684-1188

» Crew Outfitters 404-766-6507

» Yoga Hive Healing Arts Studio 404-668-2169

» Benefield Automotive 404-768-1401

» Hapeville Coin Laundry 404-761-6633

» Touch Nail Salon 404-766-0770

» Smugs Fitness 678-753-6070

» William Craig Salon 404-767-7123

» Doggie Style Atl Pet Grooming 404-762-3704

» Quadrant Fitness 678-595-1085

» CharlyO Master Salon 404-669-9800

» Chapman Drug Company 404-761-1136

» Hairberdasher 404-766-6511

» Pamper Me Plzzz Salon & Spa 678-592-8631

» Regions Bank 404-768-8000

» Swan Lash and Brow Bar 404-748-6078

» D & D Nail Salon 404-600-2144

» Sanskrit Moon Yoga 678-949-9005

» Airport Van Rentals 404-763-0643

» Bliss Nail Spa 404-579-0669


» Tony Young All Star Karate Academy 6703 Shannon Pkwy - 404-763-8939

» Courageous SelfCare 706-804-4240

» SunTrust Bank 770-282-3093

» Wells Fargo Bank 770-964-2396

» Bank of America 770-969-3790

» Planet Fitness 770-306-1177

» UC Urgent Care 678-519-2814

30 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area
Airport Area Dining 31 Barber Services | Styling | Beauty Services 404-399-9093 | 3439 Dogwood Dr, Hapeville Ask About Free Hydration Treatment - $25 Value (Limited Time) PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS AWARDS CHALLENGE COINS T-SHIRTS LAPEL PINS BANNER STANDS HOODIES EMBROIDERY NAME BADGES PENS JOURNALS TUMBLERS CUSTOM GIFTS 2145 MAIN ST, EAST POINT, GA WWW.ROYALTROPHIES.COM 404-755-2866 Looking to Celebrate Someone? Need to Promote Your Brand? Airport Area Services


» El Nazareno Presbyterian Church Hapeville - 404-664-8912

» Iglesia Ministerios Nuevo Pacto - Hapeville770-276-4603


» Village Center - Hapeville - 404-806-7432


» Midway Missionary Bapt Atl - 404-768-5648


» InterFaith Airport ChaplaincyAtl - 404-762-1051

» World Changers - College Pk - 770-210-5700


» Victory Pentecostal Col Pk - 404-761-3484


» New Life Pres. - Atl - 770-996-7159


» Hapeville UM Hapeville - 404-762-9677

» First UM of Col. Pk - Col Pk - 404-766-6294 33
Airport Area Worship 404-505-1188 3745 Main Street College Park 30337 Women’s Shoes & Boots Men’s Shoes & Boots Bag & Belt Repair Handbags & Accessories Athletic Shoes What Makes South Fulton County a Great Place to Work, Live and Play? Learn More 770-964-1984 4405 Mall Blvd Suite 120, Union City We are a 501(c)6 corporation » Get Listed! Contact Mike » 770-403-1629
34 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area 6227 Jonesboro Rd., Morrow 30260 470-278-2814 470-386-0375
M t The Art t ...F m ly Known
SOUTH P ARKING PARK-RIDE WEST ECON Park-Ride Reserve Cell Phone Lot PARK COLLEGE STATION MARTA S6 TOEASTPOINT MARTASTATION Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal E CONCOURSE T-GATES A CONCOURSE B CONCOURSE C CONCOURSE D CONCOURSE Private Jet Terminal AIRPORT TOWER CARGO College Park CNG Station NOWOPENGICCSTATION Consolidated Rental Car Center NEWATLSKY TR A N East To Airport Terminal W est T o Camp Creek Pkwy Airport T erminal & Riverdale Rd 62 61 60 59 58 70 72 73A 75 73B 239 237 237A 238A 238B 72 73 239 71 5 th Runway V irginia A ve V irginia A ve Pkwy t es r Fo Rd Loop CentralAve RooseveltHwy CreekPkwy Camp d R e la d r e v i R Rd ledaRiver Harvard A ve Hwy Howell Clark y w k P tse r o F Rd Dixie Old CrownRd St Main Maynard H Jackson J r . Blvd Conn Gateway Global LoopRd WoolmanPl Ter Toffee dR p oo L Charles W Grant Pkwy Pkwy Int’l 85 139 331 Rd dby Go Sullivan Rd SullivanRd FFO-PORD DROP-OFF SHUTTLE Rd Best NO R TH P ARKING heAvePorsc HAPEVILLE CITY HALL COLLEGE PARK CITY HALL COLLEGE PARK MUNICIPAL GOLF Loop Rd Dr Cargo S Rd ASR STATE FARMERS MARKET Hwy National Old The Tech Campus RentalCard R Access TO CITY OF FOREST PARK 75 75 285 285 85 85 85 85 F CONCOURSE F INTERNATIONAL HOURLY PARKING INTERNATIONAL PARK-RIDE DECK Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport CITY OF SOUTH FULTON Rental Car Center HJAIA’s Rental Car Center houses all Airport rental car companies and operations. It is connected to the Airport and GICC via the ATL SkyTrain. ©2024 Copyright Atlanta Airport Publications, LLC This map was compiled from various public maps and may not reflect recent changes. Any additions or changes to this map should be submitted to the Publisher for consideration on future editions. Hartsfield-Jackson ©2023 City of South Fulton and its representatives. All rights reserved City of More Play... More Fun... website 37 Hartsfield-Jackson Arthur B. Langford Jr Pkwy North Springs Sandy Springs Dunwoody Medical Center Doraville Chamblee Brookhaven/Oglethorpe Leno x Lindbergh Center Buckhead Arts Center Midtown North A venue Civic Center Peachtree Center Bankhead HamiltonE.Holmes WestLake GeorgiaStateKingMemorialInmanPark/ReynoldstownEdgewood/CandlerParkEastLakeDecatur AvondaleKensingtonIndianCreek AshbyVineCity Dome/GWCC/PhilipsArena/CNNCenter Airport Gar net t West End Oakland City East Point College Park Lakewood/ Ft. McPherson FivePoints N 404-848-5000 TTY: 404-848-5665 Accessible Format: 404-848-4037 Red Line Gold Line Green Line Blue Line I-85 I-85 I-75 I-20 I-20 166 I-285 I-285 GA-400 MARTA Routes from Airport Medicare Insurance • Life Insurance Financial Products Trusted Solutions for Your Insurance Needs Brian A. McCracken (P). 404.408.2440 (E). When looking for experiences to cherish for a lifetime, one needs only to look at the world around them. Fairburn is a city with smalltown charm nestled away from the traffic, hustle, and bustle situated 15 miles south of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Fairburn ... a city Situated to Succeed!
38 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 4 For All Your Media Needs: Photographers • Videographers • Graphic Designers “All it takes is one knock on our door and we’re family!” @optimalhousemedia/instagram Make the best choice with the best in the business! Optimal House Media, LLC. Frank Battle 678-358-2650 Brian Mobley 305-467-2109 Hartsfield-Jackson ©2024 Copyright Atlanta Airport Publications, LLC This map was compiled from various public maps and may not reflect recent changes. Any additions or changes to this map should be submitted to the Publisher for consideration on future editions. 39 Chiropractic Care, Spinal & Corrective Exercises We Treat Auto Injuries, Work Injuries & Accidents 3284 Dogwood Drive, Hapeville, GA 30354 Dr. Bradford Pizza Freedom PainFrom 404-761-6200 Hartsfield-Jackson ©2024 Copyright Atlanta Airport Publications, LLC This map was compiled from various public maps and may not reflect recent changes. Any additions or changes to this map should be submitted to the Publisher for consideration on future editions.

A Recipe for Success: Proof of the Pudding and the Georgia International Convention Center

The Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) marked two significant anniversaries in 2023:

20 years since opening in its current building on the Gateway Center Campus (connected to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport by a quick and free ride on the ATL SkyTrain) and an astounding 30-year partnership with Proof of the Pudding as the exclusive caterer for the facility.

The GICC has a lot to boast when it comes to attracting events and meetings, including a 40,000 square foot ballroom and the unmatched convenience of neighboring the world’s most traveled airport, but the incredible dining experience they o er with Proof @ GICC as their in-house caterer is the cherry on top that keeps groups returning year after year.

Catering powerhouse Proof of the Pudding has been a part of Atlanta’s culinary fabric for over four decades. Founded in 1979 as a mom-andpop operation specializing in pastries, their reputation for top tier food and stellar service led to requests for wider catering options for home parties, weddings and corporate events. Over the years, they’ve had the privilege of preparing meals for U.S. dignitaries at the Carter Presidential Center, fueling the world’s elite athletes at

the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and feeding the best golfers in the game at the Master’s PGA tournament. The company has grown tremendously in the 44 years since its inception, now with over 1,700 employees in teams dedicated to various convention centers and meeting facilities across six states.

The GICC is proud to have the crème de la crème of the company making culinary magic in its 9,800 square foot kitchen. At the 2023 Proof of the Pudding Leadership Awards Conference, the Proof @ GICC team took home three high honors, including “Team of the Year,” “Farmer of the Year” (Diann Jackson, Catering Sales Manager), and “Chef of the Year” (Matt Finley, Gateway Center Campus Executive Chef). The entire team works hard to create memorable dining experiences for groups of up to 5,000 guests – no easy feat, but they make it look easy under the guidance of Chef Finley.

Feeling more at home in a kitchen than a classroom, Chef Finley began his career in the restaurant business right out of high school. Starting o in various eateries in Athens, Ga, he transitioned to managing a catering kitchen that led to an opportunity to oversee the menus of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United players at their respective training facilities. When the

40 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area Continued on page 42



Connecting Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC), and Meeting Planners from across the world.

20 Years

Hosting conventions, events, and meetings at the world’s only convention center directly connected to a major airport.

30 Years

Catering meetings and dishing up fine-quality banquets large and small, with each meal prepared from the freshest, in-season produce and ingredients.. 41

Continued from page 40

possibility to join Proof of the Pudding as the Sous Chef of Proof @ GICC presented itself in 2018, he jumped at the chance to learn from the illustrious Chef Nick Klug. Within a year and a half, he’d proven himself capable of taking the helm as Executive Chef for the GICC and Gateway Center Arena.

Chef Finley shares the company’s commitment to sustainability in his kitchen. In charge of the massive kitchen at the second largest convention center in Georgia, he uses his vast experience of inventory management to minimize food waste and develop innovative menus using locally sourced produce and ingredients that delight all who dine at the GICC. In June of 2023, his team unveiled a revamped catering menu featuring new options for passed appetizers, plated meals, actions stations and buffet additions. Some of the delectable highlights include vegan grilled oyster mushroom tacos, tender merlot braised short ribs accompanied with burnt shallot jus and crispy leeks, fresh grilled peach and sweet corn salad and a Korean boa bar with smoked Korean BBQ pork belly, Bulgogi Flat Iron Steak, Kalbi Chicken and ginger grilled tofu. Of course, with desserts at the heart of Proof of the Pudding’s beginnings, guests can count on finishing the meal with a decadent treat such as sweet pumpkin pie with torched marshmallow or a bright lemon tart complimented with macerated blueberries.

According to Mercedes Miller, the Executive Director at the GICC, Gateway Arena, and College

Park Historic Golf Course, having the Proof @ GICC team as their exclusive caterer becomes a deciding factor for groups that are scoping out space to host their event. “Proof of the Pudding is synonymous with downright incredible food, which anyone who has visited a few convention centers around the county knows isn’t always a given,” she says, adding that the entire team “really goes above and beyond from the planning to the execution of the event.”

When planning a menu with the Proof @ GICC team, whether catering a small meeting or orchestrating a banquet for thousands, every client is treated to the standard of service that Proof of the Pudding is known for. The catering sales manager, Victoria Reddington, works closely with clients to bring their culinary vision to life. A private tasting is the perfect way to map out every tasty detail, including alternate meals for guests with special dietary needs. Just about any meal can be adapted to maintain the original essence of the dish without an allergen or restricted food item.

The 30-year partnership between the GICC and Proof of the Pudding is sure to continue for many years, even decades, to come. The ultra-convenient and beautiful convention center combined with the crowd-pleasing cuisine that is thoughtfully crafted by the Proof @ GICC team is a recipe for success that is sure to endure. You might say the proof is truly in the pudding.

42 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area 43 A New Craft Brew Experience 678 765-2630 170 Northside Dr SW ste 96, Atl, 30313 3361 Dogwood Drive Hapeville, GA 30354 678-653-2739 @ArchesBrewing World. Class. Beer. Judged to be in the

Real Estate

Atlanta’s Real Estate Market is Growing

Atlanta’s residential real estate market is changing: from millennials to empty nesters, many are looking to put down roots here in the ATL Airport District. Mild climate, accessibility to a worldclass airport, diverse culture & lifestyle choices, sports, job opportunities and an attractive cost of living make the Atlanta Airport Area the place to live, work and play.

Home Improvements

Looking to upgrade your home? Horizon Windows and Doors offers the best value in the ATL, stress-free installation and make increasing your home’s value easy and affordable. Don’t stop there: 5 Star Floor Covering offers quality carpeting, hardwood, laminate & luxury vinyl flooring. All flooring is not alike-for the best, go with 5 Star.

Commercial & Industrial Development

New hotels, a thriving film industry, ATLNext at

the world’s most traveled airport, businesses moving their headquarters & facilities, employees needing available housing-all this has created a development explosion in the ATL Airport Area.

Ayanna Echols with Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Metro Brokers is a trusted advisor and expert in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. Her extensive knowledge of the local market can help you find just what you are looking for.

New Venue

THE CYPRESS is the coolest, new private venue for meetings and parties in downtown Hapeville. Vibrant, curated, eclectic and unique-you’ve never seen anything like it. Amenities include indoor and outdoor spaces for 25-75 people with pool, cabana, stage and private ensuite bedrooms. Subscribe to or call 404-9188438 to schedule a private tour and get pricing information.

44 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area
★ Licensed agent and Business Broker
Trusted advisor and expert in the Greater Atlanta commercial real estate market
Specializing in business valuation and asset sales
Retail and land sales Ayanna Echols Contact Ayanna at 404-563-0508 to discuss the purchase or sale of commercial real estate. 45 Real Estate We also offer: Carpet disposal • Carpet re-stretch Installations • Commercial Installations Furniture Removal • Hardwood Refinishing Mobile showroom • Shop at home Carpet • Hardwood • Laminate Tile • Glass Tile • Natural Stone Luxury Vinyl • Kitchen & Bath Vinyl Waterproof Flooring Looking for New Floors? 5 Star Floor Covering Has You Covered. 145 Andrew Dr, Suite 100 Stockbridge, GA 30281 770 832-7983 3532 S Fulton Ave • Hapeville 404-918-8438 • The Cypress is a timeless venue full of endless possibilities. Appointed with unique and versatile spaces that provide memorable experiences to realize the creative vision of your quinceañera or special event. Quinceanera rates: Monday - Thursday: $1400 Friday/Sunday: $1600 Saturday: $1800 Use the QR code to contact us and schedule an in-person visit to experience The Cypress. *Hablamos Espanol A Timeless Event Venue Best Prices in ATL Reduce Your Energy Bill Stress-Free Expert Installation We Make it Easy and Affordable Increase Your Home’s Value Clearly the best choice for Windows & Doors 470-312-1199


Attractions have seasonal hours. Call or check their websites for hours.

Airport Area Attractions

Historic College Park Golf

3711 Fairway Drive, College Park 404-761-0731

Wolf Creek Golf

3000 Union Rd SW, City of South Fulton 404-344-1334


Gateway Center Arena

2330 Convention Center Concourse 770-997-3566


2000 Convention Center Concourse 770-997-3566

Atlanta Attractions


Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta United

1 AMB Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30313 470-341-5000

Tour Info: 470-341-7500

State Farm Arena

Atlanta Hawks

1 Philips Dr, Atlanta 404-878-3000

Museums & Historical Interest

Wren’s Nest

1050 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., Atl 404-753-7735

The APEX Museum 135 Auburn Ave, Atl 404-523-2739

Atlanta Botanical Garden

1345 Piedmont Avenue NE Atl 404 876-5859

Atlanta History Center 130 West Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta 404-814-4000

Fernbank Museum of Nat. History

767 Clifton Rd NE, Atl 404-929-6300

High Museum of Art 1280 Peachtree St NE, Atl 404-733-4444

Family Fun Stately Oaks Plantation

770-473-0197 100 Carriage Lane, Jonesboro, GA 30236

Beach at Clayton County International Park

770-603-4000 2300 Highway 138, Jonesboro, GA

William H. Reynolds Memorial Nature Preserve

770-603-4188 5665 Reynolds Road Morrow, GA 30260 Grounds Open 8am – Dusk


Spivey Hall Clayton College & State University Ticket Office: 678-466-4200

2000 Clayton State Blvd, Morrow, GA 30260

Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

275 Centennial Olympic Park Dr Atl 404 659-5437

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum

441 Freedom Pkwy NE Atl 404 865-7100

The King Center

449 Auburn Ave NE, Atl 404-526-8900

Margaret Mitchell House 990 Peachtree St, Atl 404-249-7015

Family Attractions

Centennial Olympic Park 265 Park Ave West N.W. Atl 404-223-4412

Georgia Aquarium 225 Baker St, NW Atl 404-581-4000

Inside CNN Studio Tour 1 CNN Center, NW Atl 404-827-2300

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center

3500 Peachtree Rd. NE Atl 404-848-9252

Six Flags Over Georgia

275 Riverside Pkwy SE, Austell 770-739-3400

Stone Mountain Park

Hwy 78 E, Stone Mountain Park 770-498-5690

Wolf Creek Amphitheatre

404-613-7539 3025 Merk Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30349

Theater & the Arts

Academy Theatre

404-474-8332-599 N Central Ave Hapeville GA 30354 www.

Clayton County Performing Arts

770-473-2875 2530 Mt Zion Pkwy Jonesboro, GA 30236

Southside Theatre Guild

770-969-0956 20 W Campbellton St, Fairburn, GA 30213

World of Coca-Cola

121 Baker St NW, Atl 404-676-5151

Zoo Atlanta

800 Cherokee Ave SE, Atl 404-624-WILD (9453)

Theater & the Arts

Alliance Theatre Company

1280 Peachtree St NE, Atl 404-733-4650

Atlanta Shakespeare Co.

499 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta 404-874-5299

Center for the Puppetry Arts

1404 Spring St NW, Atl 404-873-3391 or 404-873-3089

Fabulous Fox Theatre 660 Peachtree St, Atl 404-881-2100

Woodruff Arts Center

1280 Peachtree St NE, Atl 404-733-4200

Variety Playhouse

1099 Euclid Ave Northeast Atl 404 524-7354

14th Street Playhouse 173 14th St, Atl 404-733-4750


Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood 2002 Lakewood Ave SE, Atl 404-443-5000

Chastain Park Amphitheatre 4469 Stella Dr Atl 404 733-4900

46 ATL - Your Guide to Atlanta and the Airport Area 47
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