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Inbound Marketing For Beginners The digital tools now available, as well as the millions of messages everyone is bombarded with every day, mean traditional ‘push’ marketing tactics are no longer very effective. It’s not just about flogging stuff to people any more; it’s about building relationships with them and using their opinions to build your brand’s value and guide your product and service development. It’s about being social with them. If your company currently takes a fragmented approach to digital marketing – the intern doing the Twitter feed, lonely and abandoned LinkedIn groups, some scrambled SEO done by a supposed expert who made your website sound like it was written by a shouty car salesman – you need inbound marketing, a methodology proven to turn all that work into one customer buying process which can be measured. Not only that; it takes less time, generates more targeted leads and grows your bottom line. Inbound marketing is the latest buzz word in the digital world, for very good reason. After years of cold calling customers and screaming at them via TV ads, smart companies are harnessing the power of the web to get their

customers to come to them. It’s an approach we’re so captivated by that we’ve set up a training company – Zoober Digital Training – to teach British businesses how to take control of their digital marketing to ensure it gives them the ROI they would hope for.




So what is inbound marketing and where did it come from? Inbound marketing is about using a combination of blogs, SEO-optimised content and social media to pull visitors to your website; where they find content that delivers real value. HubSpot, an American marketing software company, originally coined the phrase. American businesses have been doing this for a bit longer than us Brits. In fact, it’s really taken off over there; whereas in the UK, it’s just starting to attract the attention of business owners and marketers. Don’t worry though; we’re not total dinosaurs as it only really started to grow in popularity in 2011.

Inbound Marketing costs companies 62% less per lead Source: Hubspot Survey

A HubSpot survey of American businesses last year showed that over half of them planned to concentrate on inbound marketing more. It also revealed that the gap between spend on outbound marketing and inbound is growing, and that can only be down to one thing; inbound marketing delivers better results. No, actually, it’s because of two things – inbound is

cheaper too, as the same survey revealed that the companies doing it spend 62% less per lead than the ones still shouting out messages to whoever will listen.

Who’s already doing it well? Not just the Americans. According to HubSpot, Firefish Software, a small business in Glasgow that develops solutions for the recruitment sector, is a leading light at using the technique. Like most small businesses they really need their marketing efforts to have maximum impact. Well, guess what? Since adopting inbound marketing tactics they have seen some amazing results: a 364% increase in traffic from organic search results, a 235% increase in leads and a 129% increase in traffic from social media. They achieved these amazing results by using their blog to pull customers to their website. Their content educates, informs and doesn’t just shout “Buy our software”. This adds real value for the visitors, as is shown by the increase in traffic to the site. The Firefish marketing team is able to track all these new visitors using analytics software, so they can see which leads are warm and pass them on to the sales team for follow up.


Learning the inbound marketing ropes So now that you know what inbound marketing is and have seen how effective it can be, we know that you won’t be able to wait to start doing it yourself. That’s where Zoober Digital Training comes in. Using a simpleto-follow, five-step method, Zoober training courses teach a marketing methodology that can be applied to every organisation - regardless of size. Based on the process of transforming fragmented online and offline activities to make your marketing work harder for you, we guarantee that you will find our training innovative, informative and, most importantly, value for money. The Zoober methodology turns your disjointed marketing into a streamlined funnel. This includes improving your content marketing, SEO, online marketing, lead nurturing and marketing automation processes and showing you how to apply analytics technology to understand what’s working and what’s not; so you can continually drive better results. Used together, these steps deliver better sales results from activities such as demand and competitor research, blogging, email marketing, social media and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Our approach has helped many companies transform their marketing activities into a step-by-step process that brings them more leads and more revenue.

Check out our case study to find out how we helped professionals at Birmingham City University get more leads and increase their revenues – or try our marketing grader to measure how successful your website is at making you money at the moment. To book a course, check out our calendar or call us on 0121 771 0315.

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