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Audience-First Data Strategy Drives 5:1 ROAS for MetroNet Overview The recent rise of streaming services presents both a challenge and opportunity for the telecommunications industry. Traditional cable and internet providers have struggled, losing market share to cord-cutters, but fiber optics services have grown by focusing on reliable high-speed internet connections to power streaming entertainment for consumers. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, MetroNet is a telecommunications company that provides fiber optic services, including Fiber Internet, Fiber Phone, and Fiber IPTV, directly to homes and businesses throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. MetroNet was searching for a partner to help them grow their footprint and increase online sales, so they commissioned Goodway Group for a digital media strategy to help promote new consumerled and B2B orders, known as Self Sign Ups (SSUs).

Audience-First Data Strategy

For our search campaign, we used zip code targeting to concentrate on serviceable areas and leveraged the same pixels as the display campaign.

We matched physical addresses within the serviceable areas to IP addresses through Semcasting, which allowed us to focus solely on eligible users.

MetroNet CRM Data

MetroNet’s Site Data

Zip Code Targeting

We implemented a layered pixel strategy on MetroNet’s site to capture users in multiple stages of the sales funnel, and retargeted those who didn’t complete the process, and excluded users who had signed up.

Strategy Our goal was to find prospects in MetroNet’s serviceable areas and drive them to the SSU page to convert them to new customers by signing up for MetroNet’s services online. Our strategy combined display and search elements to reach users throughout the sales funnel. We used both first-party and third-party data to find MetroNet’s potential customers, as part of our audience-first data strategy. Integrating search and display created a cohesive campaign in which the tactics worked together to ensure an optimal user experience. Additionally, we optimized our search campaign on SSUs rather than clicks and focused on keywords which showed intent to purchase or switch providers, thus driving orders by targeting in-market users.

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Our partnership with Goodway, throughout the years, has had a significant impact to our company’s sales performance and growth. Their team’s professionalism and expert knowledge within the digital industry is unmatched. They have helped MetroNet develop a targeted digital strategy that allows our business to consistently achieve our sales goals. In addition, their real-time analytics and attribution insights by their account management team have allowed us to make key business decisions to further maximize our results. — Keith Leonhardt, VP of Market Development

Success Our KPI was SSUs, which we used along with MetroNet’s sales data to track ROAS. Since implementing a programmatic campaign with us, MetroNet has seen an average increase of 215% SSU conversions for MetroNet High-Speed Internet year over year from 2016 to 2018. Furthermore, the majority of sign ups across all mediums, such as call centers, salesforce, programmatic, etc. have been associated to our efforts, with MetroNet realizing that even if a salesperson closed the final sale, Goodway likely served that user digital ads. We’ve also provided MetroNet with an overall ROAS of 534% for the past year. As a result, MetroNet is pleased with our performance and will continue to deepen their partnership with Goodway Group.

YoY SSU Growth by Quarter +75%


+6% +144%

+36% +24% +64%

+47% +17%

YoY Increase in SSU Orders


Q2 2016





Monthly ROAS 2018 800% 700%

534% Average ROAS


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632% 528%







487% 472%


400% 300% 200% 100%

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MetroNet Case Study  

MetroNet Case Study