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THIS IS MY COLUMN By Richard Branciforte A Return From Seven Months in Exile

It is seven months to the day since we closed down Good Times Magazine on March 16 becaue of to the coronavirus pandemic. We were just getting ready to celebrate our 51st anniversary on April. In those 51 years of publishing, we had only missed one issue – when Hurricane Sandy forced us to close down. It's hard to believe that for 51 years, there was a deadline every two weeks. I'll spare you the recap of what we have all been living through each day; you've heard it a thousand times. And after a billion Zoom meetings, the ability to talk in person with other people has been a reprieve from the horror of this pandemic. During the summer, we all hoped that things would improve, our entertainment businesses would reopen, and we could move forward. It didn't happen. During these seven months, we have all gone through a lot. We owe tons of money to those who we did business with before March 16 – and we are owed monies which we have been unable to collect from our customers. Additionally, we had a vicious lawsuit filed against us for $150,000. Although it was baseless, it was basically an extortion law suit, similar to ransomware – pay us money or spend a fortune on legal fees. Good Times file photo by Bob Smith

Our legal bill is over $32,000. The matter was eventually settled, but only after much economic hardship; it still would be going on, if it wasn't for the tremendous legal skills of Jeff Jacobson and his crew at The Jacobson Firm. You don't realize how important having a good lawyer is until you need one. Sitting at home, in exile for the past seven months, I was sure that Good Times would never publish again. It was kind of nice to relax for a change, read some books, and sort through 10,000 family photos. This must be what retirement is like. I guess there's something in my DNA that doesn't allow me to do nothing. Keeping in touch with our many friends, it was fun to follow everyone through their virtual concerts, live streams, and occasional live performances. We also started to go to local restaurants, and being in touch with people was a plus. In August, my landlord gave us a push: He had someone who wanted to rent our office. What was our plans? Strangely enough, during the summer I had received several requests from businesses that wanted to advertise in Good Times, not realizing we were closed. We e-blasted many flyers for our friends to try to help out. We posted on Facebook and other social media sites, and always got back the question: “When is Good Times coming out?” We heard from our distribution spots that readers were coming in asking for the paper. It was at that point that I decided to re-open Good Times, even though most of our entertainment-based advertisers were still closed. Next, Governor Andrew Cuomo came down with an edict that clubs couldn't advertise live performances. I'm re-starting Good Times because it is what I love to do and know how to do. Honesty forces me to admit that there wasn't a pile of job offers coming in. Like everyone, I hope that things improve over the next few

2 • Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020

months. Brian Reardon, former owner of Monster Music summed it up when he said: “I miss locking horns with you over advertising ... how much to pay, how many ads to run.” You don't have to be a genius to realize that Good Times, like most small local businesses, is in dire financial straits. However, we have been encouraged by those who are supporting us in this issue with their advertising. We are disappointed with those who we have supported and helped over the years who didn't even respond to our call for help. We hope that you enjoy reading this issue of Good Times. We have revamped our format to include new sections, including Stream Team (featuring live streams and virtual shows), Health & Wellness, Dining Deals, Art Galleries & Museums, and Day Trips. Look for them all in

this and future issued. Gone are columns that seemed outdated. Unfortunately for now, gone is our huge Music Calendar. We look forward to the day that it is once again filled with shows. Back are Lloyd Carroll's Sports Beat and Jimi LaLumia's Rhythm Tracking. Lloyd and Jimi have put in a combined 75 years writing for us. Also back again is the popular Tales From Ukulele Ed cartoon; he’s always spot on with his observations. For the next three months, we will be publishing monthly, instead of bi-weekly. We will be out on November 17, December 15, and late January. This is an important time for us. If durig the past 51 years we have ever covered you, your business, or your band, please help with an ad in upcoming issue. You will help save Good Times for the next 51 years.

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(516) 280-2100 Fax: (516) 280-2103 E-MAIL: gtmag Check Us Out On Social Media

Take Off: Flying History At Cradle Of Aviation Museum

Note: Some photos used are to illustrate activites at events, and do not depict the actual events themselves.

Open and ready to soar, The Cradle Of Aviation Museum in Garden City continues its F-14 50th Anniversary Celebration each Thursday through Sundy from 10 am to 4 pm; for more information, long on to or call (516) 5724111. This exhibit celebrates the F-14 Tomcat, one of the most iconic Navy fighters ever built. Few types of aircraft owe their celebrity status to Hollywood to the extent that the F-14 Tomcat does, featured in the film classics Pearl Harbor, The Final Courtesy Cradle Of Aviation Countdown, and Top Gun. Via Pixabay

Publisher Richard Branciforte

It’s been a tradition in Stony Brook for 30 years: This year’s Scarecrow Competition continues through October 26 on Main Street; it’s free for the public to come and stare at the array of scarecrows designed just for this event. This is a much-beloved October tradition for families and local groups, with the small fry usually “ooohing” and “ahhhing” at the array of not-so-scary scarecrows.

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Get Shakin’: Stony Brook's Scarecrow Competition

For A Great Cause: Run For The Warriors Online registration is open for the virtual Hope For The Warriors 13th Annual Run For The Warriors, Long Island, taking place November 7 through 14. The virtual event hosts several options for all levels of runners and adaptive cyclists with each participant picking his/her own course and start time. Run For The Warriors is a race series open to civilians and military members that honors the men and women injured in service to our country after 9/11, their families and families of the fallen. Learn more and register online at

Courtesy Run For The Warriors

Get On A Roll: Bowling’s Back In New Hyde Park

One of the last type of businesses to reopen in New York State has been bowling centers – and Herrill Lanes in New Hyde Park is back under new ownership, with a host of safety measures in place to keep patrons safe. The center has implemented health-safety compliant partitions between lanes, hand sanitizing stations, social distancing measures, cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and special filters and Ultra-Violet air-purification technology in its HVAC system. The popular Tommy Delutz Jr. Pro Shop is now back as well. Info: (516) 741-8022.

Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020 • 3

Day Trips: Hartford Is A Gem

by Rich Branciforte Photos by Sandy Branciforte

elizabeth garden

Sometimes we don’t realize what we have in our own backyard. I have driven through Hartford CT hundreds of times, especially when I used to have the Good Times in Portland, Maine. I’ve eaten at restaurants all along I91, yet had never stopped in Hartford itself. With everyone stressed out from being at home, Good Times is going to suggest some great nearby weekend getaways to see a change of scenery. Hartford is the state capitol, and a first trip there in July, and then a return in September, turned us on to some great experiences. Bushnell Park is right downtown, the Central Park of Hartford. It is beautifully laid out, with a carousel, fountain, archways and stunning buildings, right across from an imposing state capitol building, which has tours during the week. It is a spacious park, and easy to walk, with sweeping vistas. Elizabeth Park, 1561 Asylum Street, is everything you could want in a park. Large and well landscaped, it is a delight to roam. It has a scenic pond, a very popular restaurant on the pond, and the magnificent Rose Garden. In July the roses were in full bloom and stunning. In September, the vast assortment of flowers was a virtual paradise. The Elizabeth Park Rose Garden was superior to many arboretums we have visited across the country. And, admission to all Hartford parks is free. It also had tons of benches throughout the park, most placed to give you a panoramic view as well as a resting spot. The Cathedral of St. Joseph is visually stunning. A highly walkable downtown will bring you past the original State House, Mortensen Riverfront Plaza, and stylish architecture of different periods.The Asylum Street area could have been like our Soho. A drive along Prospect Avenue will showcase jazz age mansions, and grand estates. The crown jewel of Hartford is the Wadsworth Atheneum, a beautiful museum that has works by the superstars of the art world, whether classical, surrealist, renaissance, modern or avant-garde. We were fortunate to be there the day it re-opened. Admission is free and you should reserve your tickets online. Outside the museum is a fine selection of sculptures, including a monumental work by Alexander Calder “Stegosaurus.” If you know how to book bargain hotel

wadsworth calder sculpture

bushnell entrance

bushnell park fountain

mo’s hartford

doogies hot dogs

rooms, Hartford can be a super bargain. We strongly recommend Priceline, especially their Express Deals. We copped a great room at the Ascend Hotel for $72. The hotel is on Asylum, directly opposite Bushnell Park, and a few doors away from Black Eyed Sally’s. Our return trip in September scored us an unbelievable suite at the Residence Inn by Marriott for only $73. It was multi-level with a king sized bedroom and full kitchen,two huge televisions,and right in 04 - Good Times Magazine - October 16 - November 16, 2020

downtown.Street parking is free throughout Hartford on the weekend, and our total tab for parking was $2 on Monday morning. Dining...I don’t know where to start here, we found so many great places to eat, and this was one of the main reasons we returned in September. During our July visit, many restaurants were still closed. For breakfast, you should try Mo’s Midtown, 25 Whitney St for some big pancakes and super low prices, a neighborhood favorite, and The Quaker Diner, 319 Park Road where we feasted on pancakes, omelets, egg platters, all at unbelievably low prices at a throwback diner. Bears BBQ, 25 Front Street was okay for barbecue, but they didn’t deliver on what we had read on Yelp. Their signature dish, burnt ends, was dry and the presentation was like going to a Chinese takeout, but others seemed to have liked the place. Doogies, a short 15 minute ride from downtown on CT 15, Newington, has been a favorite of ours for 20 years, and their Philly Cheesesteaks are great, but their two foot hot dog with all kinds of toppings is the best. The Main Street Creamery, 271 Main St, Wethersfield serves up monster size homemade ice cream that can’t be beat. It also is only 15 minutes from downtown, and offers a nice dessert to Doogies. We didn’t go into City Steam Brewery, which was actually in the lobby of our Marriott Hotel because it was just re-opening the day we were leaving, but local word was that it’s top notch, and the menu looked really appealing. Speaking of dessert, we can’t stress enough how good Mozzicato DePasquale Bakery, 329 Franklin Street is. You have to google the place to see the array of baked goods offered, everything we bought there was superior, including the turnovers, chocolate cakes, Italian pastries, and some excellent Italian ices. They are located in the heart of what used to be the “Little Italy” of Hartford. Prices are incredibly low and quality incredibly high. I’ve saved the best for last...Black Eyed Sally’s, 350 Asylum Street, was closed during our first trip,and was one of the reasons for our return trip. I’ve been in hundreds of clubs, bars and restaurants in my day, but this place is a superstar. For that reason, we are writing a separate review of it. Hartford, a true find, only two hours drive from Long Island. Be assured, we will be back.


Sputino Offers Outstanding Italian

There's nothing better than discovering a new neighborhood restaurant that offers excellent food at great prices. Spuntino in Williston Park opened recently with a good selection of Italian favorites. The place is spacious, everyone is socially distanced, and super clean. This new gem is owned by Lauren Serrano and her husband. They own two other resturants in Suffolk, and this latest venture is a big hit. Talk about timing: The restaurant opened in February, right before the pandemic hit. Sandy Branciforte Several recent visits to the restaurant showed the place bustiling with activity, as customers came in to eat or for takeout. Each dine-in meal comes with delicious homemade bread. Their pasta menu shows twenty-nine different offerings, from Linguine di Mare to Rigatoni Fiorentina – a tasty blend of chicken, spinach, mozzarella, and creamy pink sauce. We opted for the Rigatoni Carbonara, a delicious blend of bacon, peas, sweet onions, and parmesan cream sauce. The pasta was cooked pefect, and the sauce was delicious. Homemade meat lasagna was another excellent choice, great

By Rich Branciforte

ingredients. Some of their entree highlights include the Toscano with marinated grilled chicken, broccoli rabe and fresh mozarella, chicken, veal, and shrimp parmigiana, as well as the Sorrentino, battered eggplant, prosciutto, mozzarella, plum tomatoes and marsala wine sauce. Hungry one afternoon before writing this review, we stopped in for some takeout. The chicken cutlet parmigiana hero was a good size, and we loved the tomato sauce. The chicken club panini at $6.95 was delicious, the garlic knots were outstanding, especially with extra garlic, and the capellini cake, with capellini pasta, ricotta, mozzarella, grated Romano cheese and pomodoro sauce, was a super winner. If you're looking for a super bargain, Monday and Tuesday Sandy Branciforte nights are pasta nights. For $15.95, you can choose from twenty-three pastas. It comes with homemade bread, choice of house or Caesar salad, and coffee or tea served with a cannoli. Book your reservations for this one early. Congratulations to Lauren and her staff; they make you feel right at home. Spuntino is located at 29 Hillside Avenue in Williston Park. You can order at (516) 248-8200. You won't be disappointed.

Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020 • 5

Black Eyed Sally's Soothes The Soul By Rich Branciforte; Photos by Sandy Branciforte

Whenever we travel to a new city, we try to find local places to dine. Black Eyed Sally's in Hartford, Connecticut, has all the bases covered – great food, reasonable prices, an outstanding wait staff, and décor that screams “coolness” without being loud. Black Eyed Sally's is located across the street from the beautiful Bushnell Park. Inside, a combination of memorabilia and original paintings cover the walls. Paintings of Muddy Waters and other blues greats by Michael Symond adorn one wall; the main room has original jazz paintings by artist Andres Chapparo. Food at BES is fantastic. Appetizers that stand out are the burnt ends, tasty and tender smoked beef brisket morsels, Southern Sliders, three good-sized brisket sandwiches, and Louisiana Gumbo, a New Orleans stew with slow cooked roux, pulled chicken, and Andouille sausage over Carolina Rice. For your main course, we recommend the St. Louis Ribs, tender delights that are dry-rubbed and cooked over hickory wood. We had the Sally's Pig Out Platter: delicious pork ribs, pulled pork, sausage with smoked cheddar cheese grits, and red beans and rice. The $19.95 price is a bargain. A standout is the buttermilk Southern Fried bone-in chicken, served with mac and cheese and collard greens. Delicious! My wife said it was it's worth the two-hour drive to Hartford. Crispy, tender and juicy. A great item for lunch or dinner is the Sally's Cheddar Burger Memphis style, with pulled pork, caramelized onions, and BBQ sauce. It comes with delicious fries. A bargain at $14.95. Dessert is a problem: It's almost impossible to choose one from the many selections. We recommend the chocolate bread puddin filled with chocolate, topped with ice cream and house-made bourbon caramel sauce. Talk about decadent! You can also try the bourbon pecan pie tart. Owner James Varano has crafted a comfortable, enjoyable home for those who enjoy good food with a blues, soul, and funk vibe. During normal times, they offer live music several nights a week, often with national acts. “We could put a duo or trio in now, “ James says. “But it wouldn't be the same feel. We hope to have the live music back by March.” We spoke to several of Varano's employees during our visit, and they had nothing but praise for him. He is the man who has curated that great combination of music, food, and art. Black Eyed Sally's is a place worth the trip. It’s located at 350 Asylum Street in Hartford; reservations can be made at (860) 278-7427. Tell them Good Times sent you for some soul!

6 • Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020


Quick, Fun Eating Througout Our Area

App Up Your Appetite: Yes, a lot of us have missed going to diners, restaurants, and fast food emporiums during these past few months – but some companies have been ahead of the curve on keeping us fed. Phone apps offered by several top brands – all in the Long Island area – have done a stellar job in quickly and easily allowing us to order the foods and snacks we love so that we can bring them home hot and fresh. This is contactless food service at its best; you simply place (and pay for) your order on your phone, the restaurant gives you the time to pick it up, and you walk in, grab the bag with your name on it, and it's all done. Note: Advance order from many websites as well as apps. A tip of the cap for their app goes to Jersey Mike's Subs (locations in Carle Place, Garden City Park, Uniondale, Freeport, and Bellmore), for their quick and easy ordering scheme for their luscious, “Mike's Way” sub sandwiches, which will be freshly prepared and waiting for you when you arrive … Curbside service has been all the rage in these “contactless” times, and the job the Anothy's Coal Fired Pizza has done at this Carle Place location has been stellar. You simply phone in your order, and when your car arrives at a marked location, a wait staff member brings out your fresh chicken wings, pizza, salad, and other items fresh and hot, even placing it in your back seat if you request. There are Long Island locations for Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Bohemia, Carle Place, Commack, Wantagh, and Woodbury (at present, the location in Stony Brook is temporarily closed) … Finally, we don't know how they do it, but the new Chic-fil-A location in Westbury keeps the cars buzzing through the always stealthy line, and curbside pickup there has been a breeze. With that location going strong and a Popeye's nearby, that part of Westbury may be Long Island's chicken sandwich nirvana. Mickey D’s Sweeties: Wake up and smell the...cinnamon rolls: Beginning Wednesday, October 28, McDonald’s (you know where they are) customers can enjoy a new Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin or Cinnamon Roll at breakfast time, available all day at participating restaurants nationwide. Here’s the lineup: Apple Fritter: A classic fritter made with cinnamon and apples, this hand-held treat is fried to a golden brown and drizzled with a sweet glaze icing. Are we saying you should dip yours into your morning coffee? No way… Okay, fine, we definitely are.

McDonald’s: First New Bakery Items In Years

Via PR Newswire

Blueberry Muffin: This new recipe is baked with real blueberries and topped with a streusel crumb topping, making for a crave-worthy soft and fluffy muffin. Cinnamon Roll: Loaded with cinnamon layered between buttery, flaky pastry dough that is drizzled with a cream cheese icing. Served warm, the aroma alone sparks a craving for the next decadent bite. These options will be offered alongside McCafé cookies and pies, marking the first addition of bakery items to McDonald's core menu in more than eight years. – Via PRNewswire

Dining Deals

Food and Drink Specials At Your Favorite Restaurants.

by Rich Branciforte

Ben’s Deli

big daddys prime rib




portobello/restaurant week

snapper inn

vincent’s the pinta

Social Distancing, Masks, Outdoor Dining are all challenges to going out to your favorite restaurant. And with the economy in bad shape, we need every deal we can get. That’s why in each issue, Good Times will highlight local dining spots that offer great specials. These places are safe, socially conscious and offer good food at reasonable prices. Big Daddys, 1 Park Lane, Massapequa is a consistent favorite, with funky ambiance and really good food. Deals you want to try are their Wednesday $39 Smoked Prime Rib Night, complete with a Hurricane cocktail that would make Pat O’Brien’s jealous. Saturday and Sunday $20 brunch from 11-3 offers bottomless cocktails and Southern favorites. And don’t forget Taco Tuesdays, which changes every week. 516-799-8877 for reservations. Mim’s in Roslyn at 235 Roslyn Road has to be one of our favorite spots to dine, and we’re not alone as any neighborhood resident will tell you. The good news is that they are now open for lunch, have different specials throughout the week, and are featuring an Oktoberfest menu throughout October. Choices include giant Bavarian Pretzel, German Potato Pancakes, Grilled Double Cut Berkshire Pork Chop, Bavarian Bratwurst Platter and homemade Apple Strudel for dessert. Outdoor seating available. 516-625-7305. Speaking of Oktoberfest, our

friends at The Snapper Inn, 500 Shore Drive, Oakdale are offering a Social Distanced Oktoberfest October 17th, 12;30-4pm.(Rain date October 18th)There’ll be baked pretzels for all. Entree choices include veal, pork or beef dishes, shellfish plate, (choose two) and comes with your choice of sides. Tickets are being sold since seating is limited, and is $65 a person, gratuity not included. Act now, it’s coming up fast. Call 631-589-0248 to reserve. Over at Ben’s Deli several locations, they haven’t forgot about the kids. From now until October 31st, if you purchase any sandwich or entree at regular price, you can order an item off their extensive kid’s menu for only $5 for children 10 and under. Nothing goes down better than one of their overstuffed pastrami or corned beef sandwiches, and Ben’s is an important part of our deli history. Takeout is also outstanding. 516-621-3340 for Greenvale location, or checkout their Bayside, Carle Place, or Woodbury locations. If owner Ronnie Dragoon is there, stop by and say hello, he speaks brisket. What’s that you say, you want pasta? We’ve got it. Spuntino, 29 Hillside Avenue, Williston Park has a $15.95 Pasta Night every Monday and Tuesday. Your choice of 26+ pastas is served with homemade bread, choice of house or Caesar salad, and coffee or tea, served with a cannoli. Love the pasta carbonara or pasta with meatballs and

sausage(a big portion). You can reserve a table at 516248-8200. Ask for Lauren. Still want more pasta or chicken? One of our all time favorite places is Mama’s, 922 Montauk Highway, Copaigue. Every Monday is Pasta Night at $16.95 that comes with salad, garlic knots, N.Y. Style cheesecake, and choice of 20 pastas including Penne Abruzzi, with caramelized onions, crumbled sausage, in light Gorgonzola cream sauce and Penne Michelangelo with broccoli florets, crumbled sausage, fresh basil, in pink sherry wine sauce. Thursday is Chicken Night for only $18.95, including Chicken Antonio, Chicken Parm (huge portions), and Chicken Gaetano. All dishes are served over penne or spaghetti and includes house salad, fresh garlic knots (addictive) and N.Y. Style cheesecake. Service at Mama’s is impeccable, and the place is large and beautiful inside with outside seating available. 631-842-9889. 317 Main Farmingdale is having a Weihenstephan Beer Dinner on October 27th at 6 pm. It will consist of a five course meal by Chef Eric paired with Weihenstephan Beer. Tickets must be purchased in advance. For more info, 516-512-5317. Texas Roadhouse in East Meadow has Wild West Wednesday weekly. Enjoy an 8oz hand-cut Sirloin for just $11.99 or an 11oz hand-cut Sirloin for only $14.99. Both entrees are served with two made- from- scratch

sides and fresh baked bread. Texas Roadhouse is at 2571 Hempstead Tpke, East Meadow. 516-520-7427. Long Island Restaurant Week is back! From Sunday, October 18th through Sunday October 25th, participating restaurants will offer a two course prix fixe lunch for $20. They also will have a $25 or $35 three course dinner menu. Part of the proceeds will go to Island Harvest. For a list of restaurant participants visit Columbus Day may have come to an end, but don’t tell that to Vincent’s Clam Bar in Carle Place. For the rest of October they will offer a Columbus Trio Menu for $22.95. The Nina is chicken, baked ziti and eggplant served parmigiana with mild sauce. The Pinta is Meatballs, Lasagna and Manicotti served Parmigiana with Bolognese Sauce, and the Santa Maria is chicken, shrimp and linguini with Francese sauce. Vincent’s is located at 179 Old Country Rd., Carle Place. Reservations are recommended. Call 516-742-4577. Try some these’ll have good food at bargain prices and will be supporting our local restaurants. Have a deal cooking at your restaurant? Email them to gtmag@optonline. Put Dining Deals in subject.

7 - Good Times Magazine - October 16 - November 16, 2020

Norman Wasserman Pivots To Live Concert Streams

The Miami Heat could have used Norman Wasserman in the NBA Championship games. The man knows how to pivot. Norman has spent years building his Friend Entertainment USA into a tribute band juggernaut, putting on Las Vegas quality shows in hundreds of concert halls, specializing in fundraising concerts for big and small nonprofits. When Covid hit in the Spring and the world shut down, Norman was faced with dozens of cancellations. “I thought it was all over for us,” Norman recalls. Courtesy Norman Wasserman But for a man who has re-invented himself several times Dancing from the days when he was a corporate headhunter, giving Dream: Abba up was not an option. Tribute Norman was an early promoter of virtual concerts and live streaming, putting on his first virtual show with the John Fogerty Project in July, which was broadcast live with great interest. Feedback told Norman that he was on to something, and he moved ahead, booking other shows successfully. Then, a marriage created in Heaven took place. Norman hooked up with Eppy Epstein of My Father's Place and moved his live streams to the nightclub, giving it the advantage of streaming from a nationally known location. Norman is moving ahead with an ambitious lineup at the club. He did Neil Diamond this month, and coming up he has Abba Performed by Dancing Dream on November 7th, Roger Kabler as Robin Williams on November 14th, The Legends of Brooklyn Tribute to Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand and Barry Manilow on November 21st, supporting the American Cancer Society. Kenny Rogers and Donna Summer are scheduled for December. Norman has shown that even during a time of adversity, there is room for creativity. In addition, because Friend Entertainment uses its own proprietary broadband system to live stream its concerts, it can rent its services to other promoters at very reasonable prices. For more information about Friend Entertainment USA's many projects, or if you are a non-profit looking to do a fundraiser, contact him at 631-698-9696 or go to – Richard Branciforte

8 • Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020


VV ii rr tt uu aa ll & & SS tt rr ee aa m m ii nn gg C oo nn cc ee rr tt ss –– LL ii vv ee FF oo rr You C

Avril Lavigne

Photo: David Needleman

While live concerts are pretty much on hold and have been for months, savvy music mavens have been offering live streaming and virtual concerts for fans of all genres to enjoy. Here’s a look at what’s hot: Platinum-selling rock band All Time Low has kicked off its “Basement Noise Concert Series.” The five-night streaming event, filmed in Nashville in July, kicked off on October 9; setlists for the remaining four shows in the series are curated by each band member. Presale tickets for shows are available exclusively through All Time Low’s fan club. Get your virtual tickets at … Call Paw Paw; Everybody’s getting online – and we mean everybody: A free virtual concert featuring Frank Sinatra impersonator John Russo is slated for November 19 at 10 am. Information: (727) 430-5180 or Photo: log on to … The r esurgent Avril Lavigne’s livestream concert on October 24 at 8 pm is John intended to raise awareness of Lyme Russo disease – and this will be her only live performance of 2020. The concert will feature all of her pop/rock hits, as well as songs from her return to music, Head Above Water, that was released last year. Ticket are at her website, The show will include hits, fan favorite songs, as well as tunes from 2019's Head Above Water. The concert will benefit The Avril Lavigne Foundation and Global Lyme Alliance … New York City’s Carnegie Hall is keeping serious music fans entertained with an entire series of live concerts. The next on the schedule, free for all, is “Carnegie Hall Master Class: Piano Solo” featuring Richard Goode with host Johnathan Biss on October 28 at 2 pm. The price is right, and it’s all part of the “Learn With Carnegie Hall” series; log on to for info. Photo: Elektra Records

Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020 • 9

SPORTS BEAT The New York Jets may not be just be the worst NFL team of 2020 – they could be one of the worst in NFL history based on watching Gang Green lose to the previously winless Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium. To his credit, Jets QB Sam Darnold showed toughness quickly returning to the game after Broncos linebacker A.J. Johnson sacked him to the ground like a rag doll. Perhaps because it's the Jets, the refs did not call a roughing the passer penalty on Johnson. Unfortunately, Darnold has never learned to throw the football away instead of getting tackled well behind the line of scrimmage. He also tends to panic by forcing throws into receivers who are not open which winds up in all too many interceptions or near pickoffs. What is worse than the Jets' paucity of talent is their lack of football smarts and discipline. Jets defenders committed four personal fouls, which basically handed the game to the Broncos. It is time to stop all the talk about how Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is a football genius. The unmerited buzz about Williams reminds me of that which surrounded former Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson, who was also touted a whiz but never really lived up to the hype. Steve Cohen should be formally approved as the new owner of The New York Mets in a


Jason Alive At 25: The legend of Jason Belmonte continues to grow. In winning his second consecutive PBA Chameleon Championship on October 4 in Centreville, Virginia, by stopping upsetminded Brad Miller, 232-202, in the title match, the Australian won his 25th Go Bowling PBA Tour title, now tied for 10th all time with Hall of Famer Brian Voss. "Twenty-five means a lot, considering 11 years ago was my debut. To have won 10 years ago, it's surreal to reach a milestone like that," said Belmonte, now 37 years old. "I don't look at it as being ranked 10th all time in wins. Right now, with my drive and motivation this is just a peg along the way, another steppingstone. The stats and rankings are things I'll reflect on at the end when I am retired." Clearly, Belmonte is at the height of his powers and those numbers will not stop adding up any time soon. The Chameleon win, coming as part of the Storm PBA World Series of Bowling XI, was Belmonte’s third PBA title of 2020, including the US Open and PBA World Championship. The US Open win in Nebraska in February completed a career Super Slam (joining his previous PBA Players Championship, PBA Tournament of Champions, USBC Masters and PBA World Championship). The World Championship victory in March in Las Vegas,

Wi W it th h L Ll lo oy yd d C Ca ar rr ro ol ll l

Courtesy Skyhorse Publishing

few weeks. He already announced former team general manager Sandy Alderson will be returning to Flushing as team president.

That news does not bode well for current Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen, whose teams have disappointed in his two-year tenure running things. Even worse, most of his trades and free agent signings have not panned out. His first major move as GM in fall 2018 was trading the first-round draft pick that year, outfielder Jarred Kelenic, to The Seattle Mariners for closer Edwin Diaz and second baseman Robinson Cano. Both players were abysmal in 2019, which did not get Van Wagenen off to a good start with the Flushing faithful. What is more harmful to him is that Kelenic was drafted by Alderson's regime, and I don't think Alderson was happy to see his successor move him so shortly after he drafted him. Van Wagenen is a sharp guy, so you can bet he reads the handwriting on the wall. He said all of the right things when he learned his predecessor will be back as Steve Cohen's key Mets executive. That is part of his cool, unflappable persona, which will serve him well if he chooses to become a sports television personality. Van Wagenen is handsome and well-spoken, and he is sure to be wooed by ESPN, Turner, and Fox Sports if he decides to go in that direction instead of returning to his prior vocation of being a player agent. HBO Sports' latest documentary, "Wild

From PBA Legends To Local Lanes also part of WSOB XI, added to his record 13 major championships. Belmonte was locked in as the No. 1 seed for the 2020 PBA Playoffs as the PBA points leader, has the highest average on Tour, and advanced to the TV finals in both the 2020 PBA Players Championship and PBA Photo courtesy PBA, LLC

Jason Belmonte

Tournament of Champions. In other words, a sixth Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year award seems a lock for 2020. Belmonte, who previously won the Player of the Year award in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2019, would join the legendary left-hander Earl Anthony with six, which ranks second all-time to Walter Ray Williams Jr.'s seven. Indeed, Player of the Year was on Belmonte's mind during the tournament win.

10 • Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020

"Coming into these WSOB events, if someone was to win three animal patterns and win the Playoffs, it was in back of your mind that a player could get on a roll like that (and become a major factor in the Player of the Year race)," said Belmonte. "So, heading into today's show and before the final shot against Brad, I told myself, 'Give it your best shot and get as many points and titles as you can.' My case for Player of the Year will be very strong to deny." The win also added to Belmonte's lore in World Series of Bowling competition. He is the undisputed king of the event, now with eight WSOB titles, including three main event World Championships in the 11 years of the PBA's international bowling spectacular. He has advanced to a record 20 TV finals at the World Series alone, in his career. "The biggest thing for me about the World Series is there is a lot of bowling, even though the pattern events are in a shorter format," said Belmonte. "At the end of the day, you're playing the World Series to win the World Championship, every single day. I feel like I normally start slow on the Cheetah and progressively get better.” – Jillian Laufer, PBA Communications


Card: The Downfall Of A Radio Loudmouth," is a harrowing recap of the life of Craig Carton who, along with his partner, Boomer Esiason, had a top-rated morning radio show in the New York market from 2007 through 2017. It came to a crashing halt when the FBI shocked nearly everyone by arresting Carton three years ago for defrauding business investors so he could repay gambling debts. Carton was involved with all aspects of "Wild Card," and he doesn't sugarcoat the seedy things he did to cover for his gambling habit. There is plenty of commentary from his former WFAN morning show cohorts, Jerry Recco, Eddie Scozzare, and of course Esiason. The show reenacts his time at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary and his late nights playing blackjack at the Borgata in Atlantic City. What is not explained, however, is how Carton could turn a blind eye to how his actions were harming his wife and four kids. He discusses being abused as an 11year-old at summer camp, but doesn't connect the dots about how that led to this kind of self-destructive behavior. "Wild Card" reminds us of how entertaining Carton was when he was on the air doing his good-natured crazy guy shtick. The documentary takes pains to show his on-air persona is

Photo Courtesy HBO

all an act. I've met Carton several times, and I have found him to be thoughtful and engaging. At press time rumors, were swirling that © Alex Arroyo

Carton may be returning to WFAN in the afternoon drive-time slot. With the FAN struggling in the ratings, a reunion makes sense. The 20th anniversary of the Mets-Yankees World Series is understandably getting lost in the shuffle because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Longtime sports journalist and Farmingdale resident Jerry Beach nicely recalls the 2000 Fall Classic with his latest book, appropriately titled The Subway Series (Skyhorse Publishing). The author provides detailed recollections of each of the five games played, in which the Yankees won four en route to the championsip. Beach also offers a lot of quotes, from the players to a bevy of baseball executives. He also devotes a chapter to memorable Mets-Yankees on-field battles in the 20 years which proceeded the greatest week in modern New York baseball history. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson surprised many by endorsing the the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket. We can assume that news upset his old boss, WWE CEO Vince McMahon, who has had a long friendship with President Donald Trump. McMahon’s wife, Linda McMahon, works for the Trump administration.

We survived the Disco years, but can we survive the pandemic? Gloria Gaynor has released a “I Will Survive” facemask, available exclusively at

We colonists have our Teddy Bear, but our brothers on the other side of the big pond are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Rupert The Bear. Beloved by children throughout the Isles, and the subject of the famous Oz Obscenity Trial at the old Bailey in 1971, Rupert has is being hon- Rupert & The Frog ored by none other than Paul Song PR McCartney. Remastered version of We All Stand Together – Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus – set for release on limited edition specially shaped 7” picture disc via November 6th 2020 – 1LPWeAllStandTogetherPR Fully restored Rupert and The Frog Song animated film to premiere on YouTube on November 6. PaulMcCartney. Fully restored Rupert and The Frog Song animated film to premiere on YouTube on November 6. RupertAndTheFrogSongPR.

Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020 • 11

Crios Photography

Karen Bella: One Of LI’s Rising Talents

Karen Bella Will Survive

Karen Bella, Long Island's prolific songwriter is sure to win this year's “Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive Award.” Karen is an example of what hundreds of musicians are going through during this Covid-19 world, with show cancellations, audiences that are afraid to go out, and clubs unable to even advertise the names of who are performing. A Five Towns College graduate, she released her first album, “Ordinary Girl” in 2013. Over the next few years, working with many established artists, she built a strong following the old fashioned getting out and performing wherever and whenever she could. No place was too small, each offered an opportunity to be seen by new fans. After working with many other musicians, she was set to release her new “Karen Bella” EP at a record release party at Rockwood Music Hall March 13. Warner Music was among those who said they were coming. Bad timing. Just at that time, Governor Cuomo announced the state was locking down. Karen's preview went on that night, turnout was good but many didn't come due to the bad publicity. Karen, like many of us, was feeling down for a while and certainly questioning her future. Then, in mid-July, when the scene partially opened, she found that she was in demand as venues looked for solo and duo acts. Then a few weeks back, disaster struck. Karen fell and severely injured her wrist, requiring strong medical treatment. Never to give up, she was barely out of the hospital when she started performing again, this time with good friends playing guitar while she sang. She scored some shows at the Paramount's Founder's Room series, and as her wrist improved, started to play keyboards and some guitar. Karen is a great example of turning adversity into a strength. Go see her at one of her many shows and visit her at for more information about her music.

12 • Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020


Your Guide To Local Events We were planning to run our regular Music Calendar this issue, but due to State regulations that clubs cannot mention names of performers, we are going on the side of caution and holding off for now. Instead, we have compiled an interesting mashup of radio and television shows, live streams and events that you may find of interest.



Oct 16-Nov 27 8pm Every Friday Trey Anastasio will be live streamed from The Beacon Theatre Watch The Beacon Jams at www.twitchtv/treyanastasio



Nov 11 7pm..Flushing Town Hall’s Live Virtual Jazz Jam “November Gratitude” with up to 15 jazz musicians from New York City and across the country. To watch, tune in to Flushing Town Hall site on Facebook.

Oct 18 3-9pm Bang On A Can Marathon, live online at Oct 24 6pm GooGoo Dolls Virtual Rock Show. Tickets at Oct 24 6pm Billie Eilish Global Livestream Concert Tickets at livestream.billieeilish. com Oct 27 8pm My Fathers Place presents Kerry Kearney Neighbors and Family Band. Stream tickets available at Oct 28 7pm Cinema Arts Centre presents virtual zoom talk about macabre film director Tod Browning, hosted by film historian Keith Crocker. Tickets at cinemaartscentre. org Oct 31 7pm Virtual Halloween Costume Contest for Kids, presented by Cinema Arts Centre for kids 12 and under. Register now, then log in to zoom event October 31st at 7pm at Nov 7 8pm Friend Entertainment USA presents live stream concert series with Abba performed by Dancing Dream. For tickets, visit Nov 8 11am-4pm Virtual All Kids Fair. Exhibitions, kid’s classes, info sessions for parents, coffee talks. Tickets can be purchased at Tickets to “visit” the exhibitors are free and $10 per device to take part in events.

Nov 14 8pm My Fathers Place presents Chris Berardo Acoustic Trio Live stream concert. Stream tickets available at Nov 14 8pm..Friend Entertainment Unlimited presents live stream concert series Robin Williams Uncensored performed by Roger Kabler. For tickets visit virtualtributeconcerts. com

Weekly Radio and Television Shows Every Sunday noon-1pm Down Home Country, vintage country music with Mary Lamont on WUSB Stony Brook 90.1 FM or archived at Every Sunday 8pm Good Talk with Robin Eve and Donnie Vapor, live on Thursdays 12pm Mystic Noir television show with Ben Metzger on Optimum Channel 20 Thursdays 9pm..Roy Wilson and the Buzzards online rockabilly and honky tonk live stream. Wednesdays 8pm Benoir Live streaming at If you have an event you would like featured from November 17th-December 14th, email it to and put “Music Calendar” in subject.


in Good Times Magazine your band or Club’s Gig FREE in our music calendar Each issue of Good Times has over 400 listings of shows. Just send us the name of act, date and show location with town. This offer is for live music only, sorry no DJ or karaoke. Open mics ok

Email to Put “Music Calendar” in the subject INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT NAME

13 - Good Times Magazine - October 16 - November 16, 2020

SONGWRITER VOL 1 NOW OUT D C Visit Joe Picket on NEW Bookings

14 • Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020

Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020 • 15

GALLERIES & MUSEUMS Slowly but surely, there are signs of life out there. Museums in New York City have finally been given the go ahead to partially re-open, and galleries are staging some great exhibits. This new column in Good Times highlights some of the events available for our enjoyment. The Patchogue Arts Council-MOCA LI is presenting a new event, fittingly called New Visions, running November 7 through December 20. New MOCA Visions presents four LI artists – two with international careers, and two active on the local scene. It’s curated by John Cino. It is an exhibition stressing the need for clarity of thought, and ponders possible futures. Mark Strodl (his work is pictured here) uses a digital remix of his photos to create surrealist images of altered realities. Lori Horowitz examines the frailty of the human condition in subject and form. New Visions will be on display at MOCA LI, located at 20 Terry Street in Patchogue. An artist's reception is scheduled for Saturday, November 7 at 6 pm. More info: (631) 627-8686

Morrison Hotel Gallery

In His Life, A Celebration Of John Lennon at 80 opened October 9 at The Morrison Hotel Gallery. Viewing is by appointment only, and features the photographic masterworks from Bob Gruen, Astrid Kirchherr, and Allen Tannenbaum. The exhibition offers the unveiling of several rarely seen images and special offerings of four of Lennon's original handwritten lyric sheets. The Morrison Hotel Gallery is located at 116 Prince Street in New York City; (212) 941-8770.

On Halloween, The Queens Drive-In will present a series of scary movies including double features, presented by The Museum of the Moving Image at The New York Hall of Science at Flushing-Corona Park. Offerings include Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and The Birds October 24; Nosferatu and Young Frankenstein on October 25; Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on October 30; and Little Shop of Horrors and Beetlejuice on the big night, October 31. Tickets are $35 (single feature) or $45 (double feature). The New York Hall of Science is located at 4701 111 Street in Corona; tickets MOMI are at – Rich Branciforte

16 • Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020

DEMOLITION Sean V Syndicate Written In Your Scars Independent

Who: Favorites in the area scene, Rocky Point's Sean V Syndicate – buoyed by singer and guitarist Sean Virag – returns with this new album, the followup to their 2016 debut Higher Calling. Recorded at Port Jefferson's VuDu Studios, the album was produced by Virga and Frank Mitaritonna, and mixed by the prolific Mike Watts. This is about as major league as it gets, with thoughtful songwriting mixed with expert playing, establishing a light groove throughout that's hard to resist. This marks the second strong effort in a row for Sean V, who is aided and abetted by stellar guests including Katie Pearlman, Watts, Rorie Kelly, and other artists. The Musicians: It's an all-star team: Sean Virag, Johnnie Luca, and Dominic Nastasi, with Mike Katzman, Natalie Grunnan, Mike Watts, Jeff Pearlman, Katie

Area Artists: Send CDs/EPs To Good Times Magazine, 584 Mineola Avenue, Suite 2, Carle Place NY 11514 or send audio files to Photos provided by the artists.

Pearlman, Frank Mitaritonna, Don Torillo, Derek Luce, Rorie Kelly, Kevin Griffin. The Songs: “Avalanche,” “The Voice That Speaks Through Me,” “On The Road With Jesse James,” “Waiting For So Long,” “Rising Up To The Devil's Cheek,” “Behind The Silhouette,” “Last Man Standing,” “One Dimensional Man,” “Lonely Inside,” “Deep Down,” “Written In Your Scars.” To Learn More About The Artists & Their Music: This new album is available in a digtal format via seanvsyndicate.bandcamp .com. It also can be found at Deezer, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Terror Garden Keep It Real / Independent Who: One of the heaviest bands in Long Island is back with its third album, as Terror Garden delivers its unique brand of metal mixed with some tongue-in-cheek material and a lot of serious, blasting rock as well. The lineup: Paul Terror (lead vocals), Mike

De Gruchy (guitar and vocals), Gee (drums), Johnny Wildchild (guitar and vocals), and Tony Cianciotto (bass). The album was produced by the band and Peter R. Pizzo Jr. at Crescent Sound Studios in Farmingdale. If you like a lot of crunch and drive, this is the band – and album – for you. The Songs: “You Can't Sing For Sh*t!,” “I Don't Care,” “Rise,” “Learn How To Drive,” “Go Fund Yourself,” “Knock You Out,” “Always In My Heart,” “Twilight Zone.” To Learn More About The Artists & Their Music: Find this new release at Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music, Spotify, and virtually all music outlets.

Good Times Magazine - October 16 - November 16, 2020 • 17


Thanks, A Slot: Without dwelling on the hows and whys, here’s a compendium of the goings on at area and regional casinos and resorts – and, yes, many of them are up and running hot: The mega-popular Jake’s 58 in Islandia reopened in September. Per the state’s directive, the gaming floor at Jake’s 58 has reopened at 25 percent capacity, with a reduced number of active video gaming machines at least six feet apart; employees and guests are required to wear face coverings. This destination spot is doing its best to ensure the safety of its guests: Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel has implemented a comprehensive program that features new health and safety standards aimed at helping to keep guests and employees safe while slowing the spread of COVID-19 that include new entry procedures. The program, called Play It Safe, encompasses Jake’s 58’s new operating procedures, which have been re-engineered to minimize contact risk. It includes bolstered hygiene protocols to meet or exceed best-practice guidelines of Courtesy Jake’s 58 (file photo) the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Get the full scoop on gaming and the venue’s hotel at, or call (631) 232-3000. Resorts World Casino New York City in Queens is now open from 10 am to 6 am every day of the week. Like Jake’s, Resorts World has its own program for the health and safety of patrons, a 21-point safety plan that takes into account every aspect of what goes on inside the Jamaica hotspot’s walls. While band and performers are temporarily postponed, Resorts World continues to feature a huge array of slots and table games, as well as its popular Players Club; stop by for your free membership card at the first floor sign-up. Get up to date at, or call (888) 888-8801. New York City residents: Early voting will take place at Resorts World from October 24 through November 1; get the details at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun is up and running with Jessica advanced safety protocols, Kirson and features live comedy as part of its entertainment offerings thanks to their health strategy. On tap: The infamous Mark Norman, perhaps best known for his “Out To Lunch” speical on YouTube, is a regular; his upcoming shows are slated for October 16 and 17. The nationally touring standup Courtesy Mohegan Sun star Adam Ferrara returns on October 24, and Long Island favorite Jessica Kirson (pictured left) takes the stage on October 29, 30, and 31. Learn more at, or call (888) 226-7711.

Photo: PRNewswire/Zappa Records/UMe

Get Zapped For Halloween: A Spooky New Boxed Set

Courtesy Resorts World New York City (file photo)

18 • Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020

By 1981, Frank Zappa’s Halloween shows in New York were legendary – a rock and roll bacchanalia of musicianship, costume-clad revelry, theatrical hijinks, and dose of Zappa’s signature virtuosic guitar workouts. When Zappa returned to The Palladium in NYC in 1981 for a five-show four-night run from October 29 to November 1, the nearly-annual tradition was even more anticipated than usual as the 1980 concerts were cut short due to Zappa falling ill. Curiously, there was no fall tour the previous year, and thus no Halloween shows. For the first-time, Frank Zappa’s historic October 31 Halloween night concerts and the closing November 1 show recorded live at The Palladium in 1981 will be released on October 2 via Zappa Records/UMe as a gigantic six-disc box set featuring 78 unreleased live tracks and a Count Frankula mask and cape. Songs: “Goblin Girl,” “Doreen,” “I’m A Beautiful Guy,” “Dumb All Over,” “Black Napkins,” “Dancin’ Fool,” an more.Brown Goes Down,” and “King Kong.” Zappa and Steve Vai’sguitar prowess is on full display throughout the shows, and spotlighted here with extensive guitar workouts on “The Black Page #2,” “Easy Meat” and “Stevie’s Spanking.”

Vic Kastel: From The Peppermint Lounge To Merrick

If good wine improves with age, Merrick native Vic Kastel's new full-length release,Time Traveler, is a vintage effort. Kastels' recently released first album consists of material that was recorded during the 1970s at the legendary Phil Ramone-owned A&R Studios. These analog tracks are a window into Kastel's personal journey. When asked why it took 50 years to release the album, he laughed and remarked that “good music transcends time.” No newcomer to the business by any means, Kastel peformed in the 1960s with his band, The Axents at The Peppermint Lounge, home of The Twist. His musical journey saw him open for Jackie Wilson, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, The Drifters, and James Cotton, among others. For a time, Kastel worked with Little Buster & The Soul Brothers, recording and producing Buster's final recording session, which was released on Rounder Records. Kastel’s new 13-track release on Island Avenue Records has garnered critical acclaim. For more on the artist, check out his website, – Rich Branciforte disCompany

An Artist Honored: Willie Nile Tribute Disc

Long Island-based Paradiddle Records released the latest in its series of tribute albums, Willie Nile Uncovered (Celebrating 40 Years Of Music), in late August; it’s now available everywhere. This two-CD collection features 26 songs from the New York rocker’s recording history, starring an incredible lineup: Featured are Nils Lofgren, Graham Parker, Richard Barone, Richard Shindell, Elliott Murphy, John Gorka, Slaid Cleaves, James Maddock, Dan Bern, Kenny White, Rod Picott, Jen Chapin, Gene Casey, Caroline Doctorow, Emily Duff, Pete Mancini, Lucy Kaplansky, and other artists of national and regional note.

Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020 • 19

Teddy Wender: ‘Peace Will Come” A Song For Our Times

“Peace Will Come,” a new single and video from Long Island-based Teddy Wender, is now available on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, and Apple Music. In six months, our world has changed. An invisible virus has ravaged the globe, devastating families and changing the way that humans have behaved since the dawn of time. Yet, despite these isolating and threatening circumstances, millions have come together to remind us that real change comes when we unite during difficult times. “Peace Will Come” is an anthem of love, peace, equality, and hope. Written by Wender and Neil Rosengarden, co-produced by Chris “The Fourz” Brown, the song is the result of decades of friendship. "With the nation being at such crossroads, with over 200,000 deaths due to the pandemic, resulting in millions of jobs lost and a dramatic rise in racial injustice not seen since the '60s, political polarization is at an all-time high, peace, love and understanding is all we need now,” said Wender. “It’s time to work together and this song says just that. Please join us to try to make a better world for our kids.” Find Teddy Wender on Facebook, Instragram, YouTube, and – Courtesy Rick Eberle Agency; photo by Scott Siegel

20 • Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020

MUSICIANS WANTED DRUMMER WANTED for classic rock quartet. 50+. (631) 462-5987 (1298) SINGER/SONGWRITER looking for a lead guitarist and female lead singer to interpret and play my original songs. Hoping to record and play live. Michael (631) 475-2316. (1298) ORIGINAL GOSSIP band is looking for a bass player. All original music only. Log on to Check us out and contact Tania at: (1298) FOR SALE FOR SALE: Miller High Life clock; 1970s. Light working. Also: Vintage movie posters. Scrooge Collectables (516) 233-9916. FOR SALE: 1936 Rockola Jukebox. Art deco design, a rare find. Needs minor repair. (516) 233-9916. OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU currently sell products or have connections with bars, clubs, restaurants?

Introduce us to your connections and we weill pay you for what they buy. Our prices and service put you in a position to make extra money. Position is commission-based. Nassau County, Eastern Queens only. Contact: Nick @ (1297)

We’re Seeking Individuals For Delivery Deliver Good Times Every Two Weeks To Clubs & Retail Stores $15/hr Plus Gas Delivery Experience & Reliable Car A Must

For More Information:

Contact Rich (516) 280-2100


Yo, yo, yo – hello everyone out there! I know it’s been a while, but I just want to take this time to let you know that we are back. It’s been a hectic few months and we’re living in a very interesting world right now, as I’m sure you’re aware. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t get out here and give you the best info and recommendations in the EDM sphere – so let’s dive right in and see what you’ve been missing these last few months. With live music events being mostly cancelled, artists have had more time than ever to hunker down and put out some incredible music. First up: Griz’s new Chasing The Golden Hour Part 3. Known for his funky jams and hardhitting bass lines, Griz has also taken the opportunity over the years to release albums that are tailored to the chillest of vibes, meant to be listened to during the precious daily golden hour, also known as sunset. After three years of waiting, we now have the third installment of these vibes. Chasing The Golden Hour Part 3 is the musical representation of kicking back with a couple of great friends in a beautiful place and sipping on a drink or two. The album forms a cohesive experience from start to finish. It all starts off with a bit of a spoken word poetry piece by Griz himself, imploring listeners to just be themselves and live in the present: “The more you try, the less you be, and the less you see. Let go and you become the universe. See, you don’t need anything when you, the universe, is everything.” These are some powerful words I believe can speak to a lot of people: Don’t try and try to be something you’re not. Just live for the moment and understand that you are as much a part of everything as everything is a part of you. I love the way this album opens; it’s a positive affirmation of your importance in this world, and that you just need to let goIt’s a metaphor for the album as a whole; to just let go and


Photo courtesy @shanehanson

sit back and let it all be. I won’t go through all of the songs, but the album is a sensation and will make you appreciate the world around you and the energy within it, often making you feel like you’re floating on a cloud in a sea of sunshine and pure beauty, with nothing standing in your way. Listen, enjoy, relax. The next artist I want to put in the spotlight is TVBOO. All I can say is wow. The more and more I listen to TVBOO, the more I want festivals to come back so I can hear all of this grime live. This year has been a big year for TVBOO despite the pandemic, as he has come out with a slew of new tracks, collaborating with artists such as DMVU, Jantsen, and sfam. Each one of them is unique, but still featuring his unique “wobble” sound, as I refer to it. With his Cult Classics Vol. 2 release, he has solidified his place as one of the more unique bass artists I’ve heard, and has made sure no one will forget his name. “Crawdaddy,” one of his newest releases, starts off with a funky groove to it, forcing the

By Richard Joseph Branciforte


Photo courtesy Josh Siegel

listener to groove for quite a while, everything slowing building around it – and then it just hits you. Smack! The deep bass and truly organic sounds may well make the listeners contort their faces in the most obscure ways. Why is this pleasing to me? How does one even create a sound like this from a simple sine wave on a computer program? These are questions I tend to ask myself when listening to TVBOO, and I know you will too. Check him out. You won’t be disappointed. And with that, I conclude the re-emergence of TechnoBeat, a staple of the EDM community (or at least, I think so). Be sure to check back in the coming months for more tips on what’s going on in our EDM community, and perhaps hit play on a few of these wonderful tracks. Until next time, keep raging, my friends!

Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020 • 21


With Jimi LaLumia

The world keeps turning while it adjusts to the reality of COVID-19. The damper has certainly been put on live shows, both small venues and arenas. Night life was grounded, but is beginning to show signs of a gradual, safely designed rebirth. Masks and social distancing rule, and will probably do so for some time to come – but the desire for music, old and new, has remained as strong as ever. Sales of music, especially vinyl, have boomed during the quarantine, as at least some semblance of America's lifelong obsession with pop music continues. It is great to be back in Good Times and keep a finger on the pulse of pop culture as it comes back to life, and venues begin to re open. In my off time, I was contacted by Chrome Orange Media about an idea they had for a YouTube/podcast talk show called LaLumiNation; they seem to think that I have the penchant for talking (a lot), and believed we should channel it into into a pop culture series. Thus far, we’ve done several episodes with co-host Susan Faber Gaide on some historic periods (punk, etc.) in the music industry. We’ve interviewed Yvonne Sewall Ruskin regarding the first version of iconic NYC nightclub Max's Kansas City, and we've just completed an episode on the second and final era of Max's with Peter Crowley. An episode dealing with Good Times Magazine is in the planning stages. You can find LaLumiNation on YouTube, and also in a podcast format on Spotify, iHeart Radio, and all the usual podcast locations. Speaking of Max's Kansas City (aren't we always?), a new fourCD box set, Wayne County & The Electric Chairs: The Safari Years has just been issued by the Cherry Red UK label, famous worldwide for their reissues. It chronicles the groundbreaking recording career of the first pop/rock artist to transition (from Wayne to Jayne) in a sometimes hostile public eye (The British music papers during County's reign, 1977-1982, were snarky to begin with, and they went way over the top with Miss County). At the end of the day, those UK music mags are obsolete, but Jayne County is still around – and the remastered albums sound incredible, and actually quite timely. Stay safe, and stay well.

Jimi LaLumia Publicity/PR

I made “Death To Disco”/Psychotic Frogs an international sensation, and work with worldwide icon Jayne County. I am available for consult on publicity/media angles for bands, actors, politics, and more. Learn More: Facebook/lalumi-dia public relations

22 • Good Times Magazine - October 16 - November 16, 2020


The Stuff You Always Save

And, He Bobbles It: Even though fans weren't allowed to attend MLB contests this season, the sports collectables market kept going strong, with fans relying on mail order and websites to keep stocked with jerseys, balls, pennants, and the modern era's new must have item: Courtesy Agway/ the bobblehead. PRNewswire It's been a mania all across the country: In July, Agway Energy Services, LLC, announced the continuation of its partnership with the Baltimore Orioles in producing a collectable, limited edition Bobblehead of the Orioles' Bird. For more than 20 years, Agway Energy has provided natural gas and electricity supply, and energy-related services to customers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. During the July promotion, Agway Energy offered their new electricity and/or natural gas customers a free limited edition light-up Orioles Bobblehead. The hand-painted collectible features Orioles' mascot, The Bird, with a light-up Agway Energy Services lightbulb, and was available to new customers. Since the bobblehead was not sold in stores or available online, the news of the limited edition statuette created mania in Maryland, with fans clamoring to get their hands on this officiall license rarity. Look for a video about this prized piece on YouTube. Watch Out For A Collectable That's An Investment: When Rolex announced the debut of new wristwatch lines on September 1 – while discontinuing older ones at the same time – the collectors of these watches went crazy, shopping like mad and driving prices on the secondary market through the roof. Given these events, if you’re in the market for a new Rolex watch (even as a Christmas gift) in 2020, contact your authorized dealer now. Not in a month, not during the holiday buying season, but right now, right this instant, don’t wait a moment longer. The interest in the most famous luxury watch brand has never been higher, and the watch-buying public seems quite keen on the newest models. Here’s what’s new: A new line of 41mm Oyster Perpetuals, and several of the models are available in bright new colors as well … Of course, the new Submariner is what many sports watch buyers have Staff photo been waiting for with baited breath. The one models are also 41mm, with a sleeker, slightly thinner case, an improved bracelet, and more new colors (the “Hulk” is gone, replaced with a new green-bezeled model) … There are three new high-end versions of the Sky-Dweller; two are in everose gold, the other in spectacular yellow gold … Also: a new quartet of 31mm Datejusts.

BITS & PIECES Alyssa Trahan: Upstate's Gift To Country

After releasing her first single of the year with “Memories Not Dreams,” upstate New York’s Alyssa Trahan is back with a music video for the track; hear it on YouTube. "This song is special to me, and I really wanted the music video to capture the emotion and message,” said Trahan. “I couldn't think of a better way to do that than showing actual memories from my childhood. I hope it inspires people to live their lives to the fullest, and maybe call an old friend they haven't talked to in a while.” Stay up to date at

Photo: Charlotte Rutherford/Atlantic Records

Max Out: Ava’s ‘Royal’ New Tune

She's about as hot as a young artist can be right now: Global pop sensation Ava Max has released a new single “OMG What’s Happening,” the newest tune from her debut full-length album, Heaven & Hell, now available everywhere from Atlantic Records. The daughter of Albanian immigrants grinded since grade school, and exploded on a global scale with the 2018 triple-platinum Right out of the gate, the first single release, “Who’s Laughing Now,” continued this hot streak, amassing more than 13 million YouTube views and 1.6 million streams in less than a week. In the middle of this whirlwind, she pieced together her new full-length debut album, which was recently released and is available everywhere.

Photo: 117 Entertainment Group

The Mastersons: Singing Out On New Album The Mastersons – singersongwriters/multi-instrumentalists Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore – channel vintage acoustic rock on their new track, "In the Name of God," from their new EP, Red, White, & I Love You, Too, the followup to the Shooter Jennings-produced album No Time For Love Songs, which was issued in March. "In the Name of God" was written regarding the plight of refugees and the inhumanity of separating children from their parents, and is aided by Eleanor's clear, poignant vocal.

Photo: Red House Records

Jon Bon Jovi Digs Deep On Special Podcast

Gabby Barrett: On Amazon, On Fire

Rising star and Amazon Music Breakthrough artist Gabby Barrett has released Breakthrough: Gabby Barrett, a new mini-documentary offering a neverbefore-seen look at her meteoric rise. Filmed during quarantine in East Texas, the mini-doc features candid interviews with Barrett alongside her husband, Cade Foehner, while capturing many of the moments leading up to her debut album Goldmine, released in June. “This is such an exciting opportunity to share with fans another side of who I am and how I got to this point in my career,” said Barrett. “I loved getting to film it and walk through the journey again – I feel blessed and fortunate for every step along the way. Partnering with Amazon Music in this mini-doc has been amazing – they have been huge supporters of me and my music and I am very grateful for everything they’ve done.”

Bon Jovi has a new album, 2020 – and group founder Jon Bon Jovi joined host Steve Baltin on an episode of the “People Have The Power” podcast to discuss the writing of the band’s new album. “As events started to unfold and I started to write more, I thought, I'm gonna take the position as a witness to history,” said Bon Jovi as he goes deep into the writing of the album, his influences, and some memories in the interview. To listen to full episodes, visit People Have The Power at

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Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020 • 23

Good Times Magazine • October 16 - November 16, 2020 • 24

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