Faraona Arrosto al Vin Santo - A Traditional Italian Recipe from our Blog

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Faraona Arrosto al Vin Santo Baked Guinea Fowl witn Vin Santo Wine

Ingredients (serves 4) • 1 guinea fowl • 60gms raisins-sultana grapes • 1 white onion • 1 carrot • 1/2 cup largely chopped celery • 6 thin slices of pancetta (not smoked)

• sage • rosemary • salt and pepper • olive oil • garlic cloves • 1 cup of vin santo wine

Clean guinea fowl and remove heart, blood, liver. Under the wings place 3 leaves of sage and a twig of rosemary. Dice some garlic cloves with rosemary salt and pepper and make small incision in either breast and insert this mixture , rib also over the bird , place the slices of pancetta over the breast of the fowl, in the cavity of the fowl add the sage & grapes . With kitchen string wrap the fowl, making sure that the wings and legs are pulled close to the body of the bird. Place chopped carrot , celery and onion on the bottom of a baking dish, drizzle with oil add the fowl, drizzle with olive oil and bake in a hot oven (180° C) for 45 minutes. 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time add the vin santo, wetting the bird. Remove from oven, remove the pancetta and the string from the bird, though place the pancetta in the baking dish to continue flavoring the sauces. Place in the oven again for about 15 minutes, add a notch of butter and a little flour to thicken the sauce mix with a fork to remove all lumps. Remove from oven and remove toothpicks. Lift the bird slightly allowing the fruit to come out, along with the juices into the baking dish. The fowl will then be removed and placed into the serving dish. The juice and pancetta will need to be filtered with a sieve .This is then used as the gravy to serve with the guinea fowl.