January 2018

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There is a Hope by Julie Giordano

ooking through the eyes of a child that dreams of all God created without limitation and boundaries is a gift, a true gift from heaven. Dreaming is a freedom that comes from within to see with your mind. So many young girls and women have been wounded and their minds have been tormented by fear, insecurity,

redeemed me and bought me back before I was ever born. He loved me and paid the ultimate price for me with His life. That love is unfathomable. That love is supernatural. The love of Jesus Christ is real, tangible and discoverable. I pray in this New Year that you will allow Jesus to become real in your life. I encourage you to seek a real tangible presence of God and He is so faithful to love your pain away. In His presence, everything is made new. The lyrics are so powerful in the gospel song, “Clean.” They say,

“” I see shattered You see whole I see broken But You see beautiful And You’re helping me to believe You’re restoring me piece by piece There’s nothing too dirty That You can’t make worthy You wash me in mercy I am clean

and hopelessness. The seeds of doubt that were planted many years ago still reap a destructive harvest today. But there is a HOPE for you to walk in freedom once again in your mind, and with new vision for your life. Some things in life will never make sense, and you could search a lifetime and still look into empty hands and a broken heart with no answers. I learned that why wasn’t where I found hope, but I found hope in Jesus. I found hope in forgiving. I found hope in surrendering my life and releasing expectations to my Savior, my comforter, and my healer. I couldn’t change the past, but I could embrace hope for my present and future. I first of all want to tell you how sorry I am for all of your pain, your loss, your emptiness, and the feeling your life didn’t matter. I am so sorry for who hurt you, who abandoned you, and your wounded heart that still bleeds today when certain words are spoken or circumstances that seem all too familiar. No drug can numb it and no counseling session can make it better. Religion can’t heal the deep-rooted pain and shattered dreams. I am so thankful that I know a Savior that knew my name before the foundation of this world and his name is Jesus. He is the Savior that made a way for me. He

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It’s time to move past all the limitations and breaking the stronghold of all the lies that have held you bound. No longer living in the present with a past mentality. It may have been what you went through, but it is not who you are. I speak life and healing over you and your mind. I declare that you are free from every destructive word that was spoken over you. Free from every physical, sexual, mental and emotional abusive memory that haunts you to this day. It is time for you to believe you are free and stop letting the past and every bad circumstance that has happened since dictate your decisions today. You can go to church, read the Word of God and still be bound in your mind. You have the authority to control what you think. Your mind is like a wild mustang, and you have to harness it and tell it what you will think. Many times we allow our mind to think whatever it wants and then our actions follow our thoughts. Our mind has to be trained to align with the Word of God. This is a daily lifestyle. In this New Year, choose to let go of fear - fear of the past and fear of the future. Let go of all the “what if’s.” Create an atmosphere for faith to grow and hope to rise. Jesus loves you and wants you to trust Him and He will lead you well. This is the time for you to dream again and see things from a new perspective. Your life is worth it.

Julie Giordano is a passionate woman of God who has served God faithfully in many difficult trials and tragedies throughout her life. Julie is the founder of Julie G. Ministries and is currently working as Director of Ministries at DPCI in Cleveland, TN, traveling internationally with Judy Jacobs. She is the mother of three amazing children that have shaped and blessed her beyond measure. Julie G Ministries | juliegiordano@gmail.com | 423.715.4202