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January 2012

January 2012



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January 2012


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Spirit Zone: The Hidden Side of Sports by Steve Taylor


Whipped Zabaglione by Clark Dougherty


Alternative Goes Mainstream Trends in Natural Health Care

by Kathleen Barnes


Pulsed Magnetic Therapy by Dr. James Lemire, MD


Smart Heating Options: Stay Warm and $ave by Brita Belli


Acupuncture for Energy and Pain Therapy by Dr. Paula Koger, RN, MA, DOM


Creating the Life You Want by David B. Wolf, Ph.D.


5 Intentions for the New Year by Wayne Dyer


Live Your Life with Passion by Meryl Lowell


In the Year 2012: Dispelling the Mystery by Linda Sechrist


Yin & Tonic: Signs & Wonders by Melody Murphy


Green Smoothies: The Healthy Fast Food by Colleen Griffin


Science-Based Nutrrition Scientific Analysis vs. Trial and Error

by Dr. Michael Badanek, DC, BS, CNS 4

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January 2012


NewsBriefs Vitalize Nutrition


s more and more unhealthy options emerge around us, it is encouraging to see that there is a new resource for health and wellness in town. Vitalize Nutrition Company of Ocala, which opened in September, provides shoppers with a unique and refreshing take on health food and supplement shopping. Patrons have described it as modern, inviting, affordable, refreshing and inspirational. Vitalize was founded by Dustin and Cara Owens, of Ocala. They are a young couple with entrepreneurial spirit and a heart for helping their community achieve wellness. Cara comes from a Social Work background and has a deep love for people. She states that she hopes all people, who want to look and feel their best, can feel welcome, despite their current health status or stage of life. She says her hope is that people can come to Vitalize to be inspired to make positive health choices. There is even a designated education center for people to enhance their knowledge of nutrition by reading and studying health-related materials. Vitalize showcases top-quality brands, and they have made a commitment to keep prices low with the intention of allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of good health. Cara says, “It might take us a little bit longer to become profitable, but we aren’t doing this just for the money. I really want to see people be able to prioritize and afford things that are good for them; I ultimately want people to feel the way God intended them to feel.” Vitalize has a business model where most supplements are marked 20% below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, every day. They also showcase an expanding grocery section with local meat, honey, and healthy snacks.


Keep an eye on the Calendar of Events section of this publication for free educational seminars and special speakers at the store. You can also visit and ask to be included in their newsletter mailings. The store is located at 4414 SW College Road, Suite 1520, in Ocala. It is less than one mile west of I-75 in the Market Street at Health Brook shopping plaza, which houses Dick’s Sporting Goods. Vitalize is next to Panera’s.

Historic Days and Medieval Knights


xperience a world of medieval magic, where jousting knights, dancing gypsies and historic heroes mingle with visitors at the 26th Annual Hoggetowne Medieval Faire. During the last weekend in January and the first weekend in February (Jan. 28-29 and Feb. 4-5), the Alachua County Fairgrounds transforms into a medieval marketplace filled with hundreds of artisans and entertainers. A special School Day celebration on Friday, Feb. 3 features half-price tickets for all guests. “The Hoggetowne Medieval Faire is a place where people of all ages can appreciate the rich culture of the Middle Ages,” said Faire coordinator Linda Piper. “Coming to the Faire and enjoying its authentic atmosphere has become a tradition for families from across Florida.” More than 160 talented artisans offer one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, stone and wood carvings, blacksmithing, weaving, handblown glassware, leather goods, and medieval clothing. Besides artisans, fortune tellers, actors, musicians and street performers, armored knights, falconry, aerial acrobatics, magic acts, the living

chess match, and food booths will be present. The Faire also offers entertainment for children. They can embark on an adventure to the royal pavilion, where they will become lords and ladies of the court of Hoggetowne, or they can enjoy camel, pony and elephant rides. Adults can join in the fun too, with more than a dozen old-world games such as archery and knife throwing. Faire hours are 10-6 on Saturdays and Sundays, and 9:30-3 on Friday, Feb. 3. Admission is $14 for adults, $7 for children ages 5-17 and free for children younger than 5. Tickets are half–price on Friday, Feb. 3. For more information, call the City of Gainesville Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs at 352-334-ARTS or visit www.

Scents-ual Aromatherapy Class


lant source extracts, known as essential oils, often contain pheromones (hormone-like substances that influence physical attraction) and are undetected by the conscious mind. In this class you will learn how to blend massage oils using pure essential oils and the appropriate base oils for a perfect intimate experience. Light snacks will be available, or bring a lunch if you prefer. $30 includes materials. Saturday, January 28, 11-3. Part Two, The Next Level, will held on Saturday, February 11, same time, same cost. Participants will learn about exotic dusting powders, bath syrups, and other such things. The Maker’s Market is a holistic general store that sells gourmet foods, difficult-to-obtain items, local honey, free-roaming eggs, pet supplies, herbs, essential oils, as well as many other items found in a health food store. Additionally, holistic therapies such as reflexology, acutonics, bio-feedback, acupuncture and more are offered. 295 S. Court St., Bronson, 352-4861838,

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January 2012


HealthBriefs Science Confirms Benefits of Herbal Brews


njoy your next cup of herbal tea while toasting to better health. U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded researchers have confirmed the sciencebased health benefits of three of Americans’ favorite herbal teas. Chamomile tea has long been said to soothe a troubled belly and restless mind. After reviewing scientific literature on the herb’s beneficial bioactivity, the study team published an article in Agricultural Research describing test-tube evidence that the beverage also offers moderate antimicrobial and significant anti-plateletclumping action. They found that peppermint tea also shows significant antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant and antitumor actions, and even some antiallergenic potential. After reviewing human clinical trials, the researchers further reported that drinking hibiscus tea lowered blood pressure in a group of pre-hypertensive and mildly hypertensive adults.

The Power of Good Posture


other’s warnings against slouching were correct. Recent research proves that poor posture not only makes a bad impression, it can make us feel physically weaker. The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, explored the relationship of posture and pain tolerance and found that by simply adopting more dominant poses, people can feel more powerful, in control and better able to tolerate distress. More, those studied using the most dominant posture were able to comfortably tolerate more pain than others assigned a more neutral or submissive stance. People tend to curl up into a ball when in pain, but the University of Southern California researchers recommend doing the opposite—try sitting or standing up straight, lifting the chin, pushing out the chest, and generally expanding the body shape. They suggest that these small, yet empowering, changes in behavior can decrease sensitivity to pain. Adopting a powerful posture may even affect the body’s hormone levels, boosting testosterone, which is associated with increased pain tolerance, and decreasing cortisol, typically released in response to stress.


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Science Behind an Apple a Day


Secret to Longevity


review of more than 160 studies has established compelling evidence that happy people tend to live longer and experience better health than their unhappy peers. One study that followed nearly 5,000 university students for more than 40 years found those who were the most pessimistic as students tended to die first. An even longer-term study that tracked 180 Catholic nuns from early adulthood to old age revealed that those who wrote positive autobiographies in their early 20s tended to outlive the nuns who wrote more negative accounts of their young lives. Source: Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being.

Garlic Is Kind to Cartilage

ccording to Bahram H. Arjmandi, Ph.D., a registered dietician and chair of the Department of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences at Florida State University, there is scientific truth in the adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The nationally recognized nutrition researcher, a Margaret A. Sitton professor, maintains that apples are a “miracle fruit,” providing health benefits beyond fiber. Earlier animal studies have shown that the pectin and polyphenols in apples improve lipid metabolism and lower the production of pro-inflammatory molecules. Arjmandi’s new study is the first to evaluate the long-term cardio-protective effects of eating apples daily. He randomly assigned 160 women, ages 45 to 65, to one of two dietary intervention groups: one received 75 grams of dried apples each day (the equivalent of four or five fresh apples); the other ate dried prunes. Arjmandi reports surprising results: “Incredible changes in the apple-eating women happened by six months—they experienced a 23 percent decrease in LDL [bad] cholesterol.” Daily apple consumption also led to lower levels of Creactive protein, which is known to trigger inflammation in the body. In another unexpected benefit, the apple-eaters lost an average of 3.3 pounds. Source: Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Homegrown Organics Organic buying club. Start eating right today! n Fresh organic fruit and veggies n Organic and free-roaming poultry n Grass-feed beef Doreen, 352-598-4184


ew research from King’s College London and the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, England, reveals yet another healing benefit of garlic. The scientists discovered that women who consume a diet high in garlic and other allium vegetables, such as onions and leeks, experience less hip osteoarthritis.

January 2012


Spirit Zone

a phenomenon called “tipping,” in which they feel that they are rising into the air and becoming extremely The Hidden Side of Sports light as they run. More dramatically, an athlete might feel a sudden inrush by Steve Taylor of strength and energy, as if they’ve made contact with a huge, normally he connection between sports inaccessible, energy reservoir inside and spirituality might seem hard themselves. to see at first, but the desire for Russian weightlifter Yury Vlasov spiritual experience is one reason why describes a state of being he often people play sports. experiences during competitions: “At Renowned psychologist Mihaly the peak of tremendous and victorious Csikszentmihalyi has observed that effort, while the blood is pounding in sports is an effective way of generating your head, all suddenly becomes quiet the state he calls “flow.” This occurs within you. Everything seems clearer when our attention is completely and whiter than ever before, as if great absorbed in an activity, and awareness spotlights have been turned on. At of our surroundings and our selves that moment, you have fades away. Chaotic thought Sports seem the conviction that you chatter gives way to inner contain all the power in peace and a sense of being to have the the world.” energized and more alive power to generate Advanced practitioners than usual. of martial arts such as judo For a sportsperson, flow spiritual states. and karate are traditionally may lead to a state of being expected to smash bricks with their bare “in the zone.” Everything clicks, and hands or knock over opponents with they shift to a higher level of perforthe lightest of touches, perhaps without mance, capable of astounding feats. touching them at all. The prerequisite Without trying hard, everything seems for these feats is the ability to cultivate naturally and inevitably perfect. Time moves slower, giving them more time to a state of intense absorption, which enables them to tune in to a more subtle anticipate others’ actions and to better and powerful form of energy. position themselves. Sports can even—if only rarely New age writer David Icke, once —take sportsmen to a state of true a professional soccer player, regularly samadhi, a mystical state of union experienced this state. As a goalkeeper, with the cosmos. Climber Richard a player once fired a shot from close Byrd describes his mystical experience range that looked unstoppable. He exploring the Arctic Circle: “Out of the notes, “All was like a slow-mo replay silence [came] the strain of a perand everything was quiet, like some fect chord, the music of the spheres, mystical dream, until my hand made perhaps. It was enough to catch that contact with the ball. Then, everything rhythm, momentarily be a part of it. In zipped back into conscious time; that instant, I could feel no doubt I landed and bounced on the of man’s oneness with the unifloor and the noise erupted, as if verse.” someone had turned off the mute button.”


Paranormal experiences are not uncommon among athletes. Many distance runners have reported glimpsing inside their bodies while running, while short-distance runners sometimes experience


Steve Taylor is the author of The Fall: the Insanity of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of a New Era, commended by Eckhart Tolle and Colin Wilson. His website is

ActionAlert Faux Food Demand Labels on Genetically Engineered Foods


he U.S. is a rarity among developed countries in that it does not require labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods. Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and 15 nations in the European Union require notice of GE content. A poll by ABC News shows that 93 percent of Americans want the federal government to require mandatory labeling of these foods. The nonprofit Center for Food Safety (CFS) has filed a petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demanding that the agency require the labeling of GE foods, on behalf of the Just Label It campaign (, a coalition of 350 companies, organizations, scientists, doctors and individuals dedicated to food safety and consumer rights. In 1992, the FDA issued a policy statement that GE foods were not “materially” different from traditional foods, and so did not need to be labeled. Agency policy severely constricts differences only to alterations that can be tasted, smelled or otherwise detected through the five senses. CFS Executive Director Andrew Kimbrell states, “Current FDA policy uses 19th-century rationale for a 21stcentury issue, leaving consumers in the dark as to hidden changes to their food. It is long overdue that the FDA acknowledges the myriad reasons genetically engineered foods should be labeled and label these novel foods once and for all.” Critics claim that GE foods are linked to both personal health and environmental risks. Tell the FDA to label GE foods and more at and

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Whipped Zabaglione by Clark Dougherty


his tasty Italian custard (pronounced ZAH-buh-YOneh) is simple to prepare and makes a gorgeous presentation. Options for the palate abound with this dish. Choose a liqueur flavor to enhance the custard, and select fruit and berry toppings for appearance and taste. Enjoy! Ingredients 7 egg yolks 1/2 cup Marsala wine 1/3 cup white sugar

3 tbsp. Gran Marnier OR Amaretto OR Frangelica 1 cup heavy cream, whipped to stiff peaks Fruit and berries for topping (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, star fruit, bananas, Mandarin oranges, etc.) Directions Fill a medium saucepan with several inches of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a quick simmer. Whisk egg yolks well in a large metal bowl; incorporate wine, sugar and liqueur choice. Place metal bowl over simmering water. Beat continuously with a wire whisk until zabaglione turns pale yellow, thickening to the consistency of softly whipped cream.

Scrape zabaglione into a clean mixing bowl, placing it into a larger bowl of ice water. Stir occasionally until well cooled. Fold whipped cream into cooled zabaglione. When whipped cream is incorporated, ladle onto dessert plates. Top with fresh fruits and berries.

January 2012


and alternative medicine; and some hospitals are encouraging their staff to become proficient in energy medicine and healing techniques. The U.S. government established the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) in 1992, under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health, to investigate and evaluate promising unconventional medical practices. In the 21st century, CAM has been used more widely under the concept of integrative medicine, in which conventional medical and more natural therapies are used to complement one another. This encouraging development also reflects current trends among major categories of therapies that take body, mind and spirit into account.

Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine


GOES MAINSTREAM Today’s Complementary Trends Support Natural Health Care by Kathleen Barnes


aven’t we all at some time shifted to healthier foods, enjoyed a massage, consulted with a chiropractor or naturopath, popped a vitamin or attended a yoga, Tai chi, qigong or Pilates class? Many of us also meditate regularly and pray for others. If we’ve engaged in any of these activities, we are among the nearly two-thirds of Americans who use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies each year. While these approaches to wellness have been practiced for millennia, only in the past decade or so have they begun to move from the U.S. alternative fringe into the American mainstream. The widespread use of CAM


therapies is due to a confluence of three trends: a growing body of credible scientific research that supports their effectiveness; popular demand for these natural, non-invasive and effective therapies; and growing recognition by conventional practitioners that healing is accomplished through holistic treatments that address body, mind and spirit.

Signs of the Times

Today, even the staid American Medical Association recommends a multivitamin supplement for virtually everyone; you can find a yoga class in almost any YMCA or community college; prestigious medical schools have departments of complementary

Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) requires a dramatic mental shift away from symptom-related modalities of Western medicine. Here, one’s wellness and illness is based on managing the flow of energy, or chi (pronounced CHEE), through the body. TCM has been used in China and others parts of Asia for 5,000 years. Its core concept requires that the practitioner treat the underlying causes of disease, rather than just the symptoms. TCM has now become foundational in modern thinking as well, prompting an understanding that the entire organism—body, mind and spirit—must be addressed in order for healing to take place. “Homotoxicology is the most exciting trend in TCM today,” says Jonathan Wald, an acupuncture physician and academic dean of East West College of Natural Healing, in Sarasota, Florida. He explains: “It’s a blend of homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine, with allopathic diagnostic techniques.” Homotoxicology (sometimes called biopuncture) applies herbal and homeopathic solution injections at specifically related energy meridian points to relieve various disease conditions or pain and rebalance the body. Another promising development

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is use of the Ryodaraku machine that measures electrical resistance to identify diseases in their beginning stages, affording early treatment. “I think of Ryodaraku almost as a TCM form of a blood test,” says Wald. “It helps us see what’s going on and we can often correct it with a little electrical stimulation pen.” Today, TCM and Western allopathic medicine are being considered in concert more often as practitioners find practical common ground in hospitals and clinical settings throughout the U.S.

Energy Therapies

Current energy therapies comprise a broad range of hands-on healing modalities, ranging from Reiki, Healing Touch, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), to an increasing array of hybrids. The Energy Medicine Institute (EnergyMed. org), in Ashland, Oregon, notes that energy medicine can employ a variety of non-invasive methods intended to trigger the body’s natural healing powers, working to activate energies that have become weakened, disturbed or unbalanced. According to the institute, flow, balance and harmony can be restored and maintained within an energy system by tapping, massaging, pinching, twisting, or connecting specific energy points (known as acupoints) on the skin; tracing or swirling the hand over the skin along specific energy pathways; exercises or postures designed for specific energetic effects; focused use of the mind to alter specific energies; and/or surrounding an area with healing energies (one person’s energies impact another’s). Nicolas Ortner, founder of The Tapping Solution, calls this Emotional Freedom Techniques-based energy modality “a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.” By tapping on meridian points of the body while repeating certain helpful affirmations about health or emotional situations, energetic blockages can be removed,

allowing profound physical and emotional changes to take place. Ortner is excited about the growing awareness of self-guided healing through energy modalities, including his technique. “We had 350,000 people at our online Tapping World Summit last year,” he says. “That says something about the need that we are addressing.”


Herbalism is widely practiced worldwide to heal body and mind, and herbs and other plants are sometimes used in spiritual healing. Herbs are commonly prescribed by conventional physicians in Europe. In 1978, the German Commission E published a list of more than 300 herbs, noting research attesting to their safety and effectiveness, as well as possible side effects and drug interactions.

The United States has lagged in its acceptance of herbal interventions. Still, Susun Weed, founder of the Wise Woman Center, in Woodstock, New York, and author of four herbal books, including Healing Wise, points out that drug companies have been quick to isolate various herbal medicine components and market them as prescription drugs. “In the ’60s, I discovered that the weeds in my garden were better medicinal plants than the ones I intentionally planted,” recalls Weed. “Back then, there was a general belief that these alternative systems weren’t ‘real’ medicine.” But it’s more a matter of the Western world catching up with the rest of the world, she notes. “The

World Health Organization says that 90 percent of the health care given on this planet is given by women in their own homes, using local plants.” Weed reports that across the United States, attendance at herbal conferences has soared. Herbalism is a big idea whose time has come again, and is now being rewoven into family life. “I call it re-weaving the healing cloak of the ancients,” she says. “This is evolutionary medicine.”


Homeopathy, operating on the principle of “like treats like,” involves the use of highly diluted substances to trigger the body’s natural process of healing. According to The Society of Homeopaths, “A substance which causes symptoms when taken in large doses, can be used in small amounts to treat those same symptoms.” For example, drinking too much coffee can cause sleeplessness and agitation. Thus, when caffeine is made into a homeopathic medicine, it could be used to treat people with these symptoms. Dana Ullman, author of The Homeopathic Revolution and Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines, notes that the trend in homeopathy in the United States has its debunkers. He attributes this to establishment fears that, “If homeopathy is true, then everything about modern medicine and science is false.” But, he adds, “The homeopathy deniers ignore or downplay the substantial body of verifying evidence from basic science and clinical research—from outcome studies, cost-effectiveness studies and epidemiological evidence.”

Meditation and Related Therapies

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that 90 percent of all doctor office visits are related to stress. Meditation, breath work, guided imagery, and some yoga disciplines are effective ways to slow down the mind, relieve stress and bring body, mind and spirit into balance. More than

January 2012


1,000 published studies have linked various types of meditation as well as contemplative yoga to changes in metabolism, blood pressure, brain activation, stress relief and pain reduction. Angela Wilson, assistant director of the Institute for Extraordinary Living (IEL), affiliated with the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, in Lenox, Massachusetts, reports burgeoning interest in these therapies. “Doctors have become very interested in any practice that can help people slow down and calm down,” observes Wilson. A 2007 NCCAM study found that 9.4 percent of U.S. adults, more than 20 million people, had practiced meditation in the previous year. Some of the latest IEL research provides scientific proof that Kripalu yoga (often called “meditation in motion”) can act as a buffer, “helping people to face daily challenges without getting rocked off their feet or off their center,” says Wilson. She is also excited about a recent Massachusetts General Hospital study. It showed that in just eight weeks of practicing meditation, subjects experienced physiological changes in the part of the limbic system that relates to fear, resulting in less stress and anxiety.


Naturopathic medicine, a general system of natural medicine, includes nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture and energy medicine. Its goal is to holistically address the entire organism—body, mind and spirit. In general, naturopathic physicians are those who work to support our innate healing abilities. They universally encourage adoption of lifestyle changes that promote optimal health. In states where naturopathic doctors (ND) are licensed, practitioners are required to graduate from a fouryear residential naturopathic medical school and pass a board examination. In states that do not license them, people who successfully complete online courses may call themselves a naturopath. Make sure that any consulting naturopathic doctor has graduated from a residential program approved by the American Association


of Naturopathic Physicians ( Carl HangeeBauer, current president of the national association and a doctor of naturopathy with San Francisco Natural Medicine, has long been a proponent of licensing. He observes, “Currently, 16 states license naturopaths, and the trend is toward more licensing states and inclusion in federal programs, as well as loan forgiveness.” He believes this will bring more qualified students to the profession. Economics is among the many incentives driving consumers to a greater awareness of the benefits of pursuing wellness, as they come to understand how major, long-term medical bills might be reduced by applying common sense, healthy lifestyle practices and other doable steps toward preventing illness. “Our practice is growing every year. People are willing to pay for quality health care,” remarks Hangee-Bauer.


Nutrition comprises the time-tested foundation of health and includes foods, vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as herbs and spices. Importantly, core values about nutrition vary from culture to culture. In the United States, the Standard American Diet (SAD) has been off-track for long enough that it has resulted in a widespread health crisis. The problem is that, contrary to the counsel of nutrition experts, many of us have become heavily dependent upon high-fat, high-sugar, heavily processed foods. The typical American’s diet is severely lacking in recommended vegetables, fruits and whole grains. “The health crisis isn’t limited to the United States,” says Joshua Rosenthal, founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in New York City. “Fast

food and processed foods have invaded other traditional cultures, as well. Today’s chronic diseases that plague our own population now constitute a world health crisis.” Rosenthal is encouraged by the growing awareness of healthy eating, as taught by 19,000 graduates of his school, providing services in all 50 states and 82 countries. “We are at the beginning of a revolution,” he says. “By 2020, people will see that the quality of our food affects everything. Awareness and education are at the forefront of this revolution, and movements like ours are among the major catalysts for change.”

Looking Forward

Overall, today’s trends in CAM therapies are positive, hopeful and helpful. Conventional medicine seems to be becoming more open to a broad range of therapies it once relegated to the scientific dustbin. New research and long-term evidence proves that many of these non-invasive therapies are effective and can work hand-in-hand with conventional therapies. Individually and in combination, they can result in healings and cures once unimaginable to traditional practitioners. Kathleen Barnes has written 18 books, most of them on natural health and healthy living, and owns the publishing company Take Charge Books. Connect at

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Pulsed Magnetic Therapy by Dr. James Lemire, M.D.


nergy medicine is in our future and many are practicing this now. In this article, we will cover Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF). Why Pulsed Magnetics? The Earth is protected by an electro-magnetic field generated through what is called a “dynamo effect.” According to electromagnetic theory, the Earth’s liquid metallic core is stirred by convection. This motion coupled with the Earth’s rotation generates electric currents, and the electric currents in turn generate a magnetic field. Over the past 155 years, scientists have been studying the decline of the Earth’s magnetic field and the effects it has on human health. When the first cosmonauts and astronauts were going into space, physicians noted that they experienced bone calcium loss and muscle cramps when they were out of the Earth’s magnetic field for any extended period of time. After this discovery was made, artificial magnetic fields were placed in the space capsules. Every organism on Earth has developed and evolved within this protective magnetic field. In order for our bodies to operate optimally, we need the proper type and intensity of electro-magnetism, just as we need the proper types of food, water, air and sunlight. Some have called pulsed electro-magnetic frequency the “fifth element” required for life. That is one of the reasons why we encourage our patients to ground

themselves by walking barefoot on the grass, sand or dirt (as long as it has not been sprayed with herbicides). Origins of Magnetic Therapy Magnetic therapy has been studied and documented throughout the centuries, from ancient times to the present. Magnets have long been believed to have healing powers associated with energy, muscle pain and stiffness. In the third century B.C., Aristotle wrote on the benefits of magnetism in the treatment of pain and other conditions. Chinese healers as early as 200 B.C. were said to use magnetic lodestones on the body to correct unhealthy imbalances in the flow of qi, or energy. The ancient Chinese medical text known as The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine describes this procedure. The Vedas, or ancient Hindu scriptures, mention the treatment of various illnesses with lodestones. Australian aborigines and many African cultures also have traditionally used magnetic stones for healing. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) Today Continuing scientific research in the U.S. and worldwide is providing invaluable data on how magnetic fields affect the nervous and circulatory systems, as well as every living cell—animal, human and plant. William Pawluk, MD, MSc and Jiri Jerabek, MD, PhD have published an outstanding book called Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe: A Review

of 30 Years of Research. They report on dozens of medical conditions successfully treated with (pulsed) field. Pulsed Electro-magnetic Frequency (PEMF) acts as a “whole-body battery charger” by recharging each of the 70 trillions cells in your body. It builds up energy within your cells; it oxygenates and alkalizes the cells. PEMF improves circulation so the conversion of nutrients and oxygen inside the body can occur at optimum performance. PEMF increases the efficiency with which your body processes and expels waste matter and keeps your system running smoothly. PEMF Therapy is already approved by the FDA to promote the completion of non-healing bone unions and has been used in Europe for more than 20 years in more than 400,000 sessions with individuals experiencing migraines, sports injuries and other pain syndromes including back and joint problems, edema and swelling, lack of circulation, skin wound healing, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and depression . After many clinical trials worldwide, it is being used by physicians and holistic health practitioners throughout the world creating a dramatic improvement in patient’s quality of life. For more information:  Check out the recent article in the Ocala Star-Banner by Dr Mehmet Oz: http://www. COLUMNISTS/111119715/1428/ LIVING01?Title=Electromagnets-arevolutionary-way-to-relieve-pain. (Or, visit and use keywords “electromagnets,” “pain,” and “Oz.”)  Gordon Research Institute,  Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy, For additional information, and to set up your appointment for a personal experience of the PEMF call the Lemire Clinic at 352-291-9459, or visit www.

January 2012



from the outdoors is greatly diminished. Geothermal heat pump: Geothermal or ground-source heat pumps involve loops of pipe buried in fourfoot-deep horizontal or 200-foot-deep vertical holes in the yard. They exchange a home’s hot and cold air underground, where the temperature remains relatively stable yearround (between 45 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit). Geothermal heat pumps are three times as efficient as a typical furnace; even the excess, known as “super heat,” can be captured Energy-efficient soapstone fireplace to heat household water. Estimated payOutdated furnaces back on a geothermal unit is two to 10 Once the home by Brita Belli years. and boilers are is sealed against Solar heat: Solar heat is either unwanted heat he latest edition bad news for active, capturing the sun’s heat by loss and maintains of the Consumer the environment, means of solar collectors—or passive, regular circulation of Guide to Home accounting for about captured via a home feature such as fresh air, take bigger Energy Savings reports 12 percent of U.S. a sunroom with a south-facing wall energy-saving steps. that heating costs that vents warm air into the home. For sulfur dioxide Here are five options represent the largan existing home, an appropriately to consider, based est residential energy and nitrogen designed shed or garage can be well on climate, home expense—35 to 50 oxide emissions. suited for a solar collector; otherwise, size, and budget. percent—of annual a shade-free roof space is often the Air-source heat energy bills. Fortu~ Consumer Guide to best option. An active solar-heating pump: Because nately, homeowners Home Energy Savings system can be air- or water-based: the above-ground heat have many fuel- and latter requires installation of a water pumps transfer money-saving options storage tank, either in an insulated box heat—from inside superior to turning up outside or beside an existing indoor to outside or vice versa—rather than the thermostat on an inefficient gaswater tank. create it, like a conventional heating or oil-fueled furnace or boiler, using The DOE advises that the most and air-conditioning unit, they can an electric space heater, or throwing economic designs use an active solar provide up to four times the amount more logs into the fireplace. heating system to supply 40 to 80 of energy they consume, according to Before buying any major home percent of a home’s heating needs. By the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). heating equipment, it makes sense to combining such a system with passive They also help dehumidify indoor air, first fix leaks. Beef up insulation. Seal solar design features—such as thermal reducing the need for air conditioning places where heat typically escapes— walls and tile floors—families may need in warm months. around windows and doors, dryer very little supplemental heat other than The DOE notes that such devices vents, and cable and phone lines. And solar. can cut energy use by 30 to 40 permake sure heating ducts and pipes are Wood stoves, pellet stoves and cent in homes that use electric heat in working properly. Good ventilation is inserts: Traditional fireplaces look moderate climates. However, they are also vital in an air-sealed home, both cozy, but they can send as much as not a good option for cold climates, to control moisture and prevent buildwhere the amount of heat easily drawn 300 cubic feet per minute of a home’s up of indoor pollutants.


Stay Warm and $ave



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precious heated air straight up the chimney. Woodstoves, meanwhile, have come a long way, environmentally speaking. Whether old-fashioned or modern in appearance, a contemporary woodstove can serve as an efficient space heater. Note that materials matter. Steel heats up and cools down quickly; soapstone continues to radiate heat long after the fire is out; and cast iron falls somewhere in the middle.

Pellet stoves burn rabbit-feed-like pellets of sawdust, wood chips, crop waste and other organic materials. The DOE considers pellet stoves the cleanest solid fuel-burning residential heating appliances; so efficient (78 to 85 percent) that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency exempts them from smoke testing. Pellet stoves can be freestanding, or pellet stove inserts can be fitted to an existing fireplace. With airtight doors, temperature controls and easy loading and cleaning capabilities, fireplace inserts readily turn an energy-wasting fireplace into an efficient home-heating machine. Radiant heat: Radiated heat— distributed through a home’s floors, walls or ceiling panels, as opposed to baseboard panels, steam radiators, or forced air systems—is efficient, doesn’t aggravate allergies, and can complement a variety of heating systems, including gas- or oil-powered boilers and solar water heaters if it’s a hydronic (liquid) model. With hydronic

Renewable energy solar panels

radiant floors (the most efficient and popular method), heated water flows from the boiler to specialized underlying tubing that is either embedded in concrete or seated between layers of subflooring. One downside: a radiant floor can’t be covered with carpet. But with all that toastiness underfoot, why would anyone want to? Brita Belli is the editor of E-The Environmental Magazine and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Renewable Energy for Your Home.

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January 2012


Acupuncture for Energy and Pain Therapy by Dr. Paula Koger, BSN, MA, DOM, AP


instein was not the first to propose a mass–energy relationship (E=mc2). How does this apply to our body and our health? It is the basis of the body’s ability to function. Our body mass is dependent on, in fact made of, energy. It is one part of health we have neglected in modern healthcare. It tells us the body is supported by the presence of energy. The body gradually declines if this factor is neglected. The flow of energy is reduced secondary to the accumulated traumas and toxins of life. Energy blocks in the body weave a web of patterns that are counter-supportive to the flow of energy. Maintaining health depends on breaking up the patterns of interference and releasing the resistance to the flow of energy. When resistance and blocks are removed, we can give the body what it needs to maintain energy. How and if we choose to do that will determine our level of lifeforce and health. The inclusion of acupuncture to address the promotion of life-force or energy can profoundly influence the outcomes of many energy-depleting and unbalancing conditions. In fact, acupuncture is now offered in many hospitals in the U.S. Acupuncture has had a vital timetested role (more than 2,000 years) in activating and supporting the energy of


the body. Acupuncture is well known as an energy-activating treatment. It works by stimulating points along the meridians (energy channels). These channels go into the organs and carry energy or reduce energy as is indicated by the pulse and tongue assessment performed by the practitioner. If you look at your tongue, you may find it is coated with phlegm, has ruffled edges, or is dry, too pale, or too red. The practitioner of acupuncture can tell many things about your deficiencies or your excesses by looking at the tongue. They can tell the strength or weakness of the organs by feeling the pulse. These examinations, along with the complaints, determine the treatment. The treatment involves gentle insertion of extremely thin sterile acupuncture needles into the selected points. Most of the time, my clients say, “I did not feel that.” As you may have noticed, sick people have reduced energy or too much heat, cold, damp, or dry. These are elements that can be impacted by the insertion and manipulation of very small acupuncture needles and herbs appropriate for the condition. Many people get excess heat in their body in response to inflammation. Although this may be a healthy response, in excess it can be detrimental to recovery. We can reduce heat with acupuncture, or gem therapy using a cooling stone such as an emerald. In the case of excess cold in the body, we can relieve the cold and generate heat with the use of tonifying points. I have also found that gem therapy using rubies is an effective way to warm and strengthen the body. Often people lose energy because they begin to believe they have an “incurable” condition. Other energyzapping circumstances may trigger

energy loss. Energy suffers when we worry about not being well, experience trauma that “knocks us off our feet,” or consume substances that do not support the energy being strong. Acupuncture has a vital role in activating and maintaining the energy to support the mass of the body. It works by treating points along the meridians (energy channels) which supply life force to the organs. Maintaining health also depends on finding ways to minimize the loss of energy, maintain energy, and activate the flow of energy. The first time I had acupuncture, the effect was so profound, I sold my house, enrolled in school and started a new career in acupuncture. I felt the energy flow in me and I wanted to produce that kind of results for others. This career move occurred after more than 20 years teaching nursing and working as a nurse. After almost 20 years as an acupuncturist, I know I made the right decision by the feedback I get from my patients. I am consistently impressed by the outcomes which are achieved using acupuncture alone in the areas of arthritis pain, back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, knee pain, tennis elbow, and hip pain. According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey, which included a comprehensive survey of Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) use by Americans, 1.4 percent of respondents (or an estimated 3.1 million Americans) said they had used acupuncture in the past year. A special analysis of acupuncture data from an earlier NHIS found that pain or musculoskeletal complaints accounted for 7 of the top 10 conditions for which people use acupuncture. Back pain was the most common, followed by joint pain, neck pain, severe headache/migraine, and recurring pain.

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The research data shows similar results, including this study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Philip Lang and colleagues of the University of Munich used quantitative sensory testing to identify changes in pain sensitivity with acupuncture in 24 healthy volunteers. After applying acupuncture to the leg, the researchers found that pain thresholds increased by up to 50 percent. The best thing about acupuncture as a mechanism for pain relief is that: • It has no side effects, unlike morphine or other painkillers. • It is recommended by most traditional doctors as the best form of alternative pain relief therapy. Around 50 percent of doctors believe that acupuncture is a viable form of pain management and control. • It works by releasing the body’s natural pain killers including endorphins and opioids. • It boosts the working of immune system cells. • It induces neurotransmitters and neurohormones in the brain, thus inducing a feel-good sensation. • The level of “good” chemicals in the bloodstream increase after a session of acupuncture. • Electromagnetic signals are relayed at a faster rate than normal after acupuncture and this increases the flow

of endorphins to the affected areas. If there are variations in the responses and a return of the pain, we simply have to use other tools for assessment and treatment and look deeper into the underlying factors of the disease. We have to address the needs of the body individually and thoroughly. Getting back to our goal, which is to stimulate and restore energy, we have to look at all factors which affect the flow of energy in this particular person. Let us take a deeper look at what may affect the energy flow and need to be addressed to maximize the results of acupuncture treatments in the case of pain: 1. The flow of energy in the body’s bones, muscles and tendons—hormone levels, absorption of nutrients, alignment, infection, and toxins. 2. The strength of the organs and their ability to clear toxins—toxin levels increase, and nutritional deficiency decreases, organ strength and function. For example, weak and toxic kidneys may cause low back pain. 3. The presence of “issues in the tissues” or traumas that caused blockage. 4. The presence of toxins and pathogens. 5. Thoughts, attitudes, beliefs. 6. Lifestyle. Because of the wide variations in the needs of the client, it has been

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necessary to adapt by implementing complementary services for assessment and treatment of pain. These include: 1) Laser, which activates and restores energy flow. 2) Electronic gem therapy to regulate and restore energy balance. 3) Electro stimulation. 4) Biofeedback to assess for toxins and traumas. 5) Body Talk and CMRT for alignment of the body. 6) Voice mapping to assist in identifying and releasing the trauma. 7) Color therapy to release the emotional blocks. A very important part of addressing the energy flow needs of the body is to understand that everything has energy, everything is energy, and everything impacts energy. Einstein proved that energy and matter are linked in the most famous relationship in physics, E=mc2, or, the energy content of a body is equal to the mass of the body times the speed of light squared. It is of great value to the person seeking relief to identify the role they can have in making choices that have a positive impact or their desired outcome. It is a large part of the physician’s role to guide you in determining what is best. For more information, visit www. or call 941-539-4232.

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January 2012


Creating the Life You Want by David B. Wolf, Ph.D.

The Large and Small of Goal Setting A client recently wrote to me, “It feels good to have little successes.” I reflected on that, because a lot of times in personal growth we speak about thinking big. We speak about getting out of the box, and setting challenging goals that will move us out of our past conditioning to live a commitment-driven life. And obviously, there’s a place for that; I would never discount or discourage the quantumleap approach in goal setting. At the same time, there is a place in personal development and goal-setting for thinking small. Small, in the sense of breaking down our goals into manageable and practical steps. In this way we give ourselves the experiences of success. Small Successes Pave the Way for Greater Achievement Let’s say my goal is to get up at 4 am and do meditation every day. I might say, “Yes! Every day, for the rest of my life, I am going to get up at 4 am and do meditation!” Now let’s say the reality is, it has been more than 25 years since I woke up before 8 am. So perhaps I will wake up at 4 am for a day, or even a week, but then due to past conditioning, I am likely to miss a day. Missing one day can lead to missing two, and even a whole week. I am likely to feel that I made a commitment to myself, and I didn’t keep it, which can lead to a downward cycle of discouragement. However, what if I say, “I am going to get up at 6 am at least two days per week for the next month to do my meditation.” I might consider waking up early on the other days, but I am rock-solid committed to these two days. At the end of the month, I can feel good about myself for having achieved my goal, and then I can build on that success to eventually achieve those greater, larger goals.


Clear Intention Is the Key We assert that, apart from any external goal-attainment strategies, to achieve a result, small or large, we must have clear intention. The power of intention will always actualize itself. “Clear” intention means consciously applying the power of intention. Living from clear intention, no material impediment can prevent this actualization. Therefore, even if our conditioning or other circumstances present apparent challenges, we can always prevail. With clear intention, we find a way to concretize the result. Implicit in the principle of clear intention is the idea that, “I might not know how it’s going to happen, but I’m certain it’s going to happen.” A client described how for years she had been trying to sell a piece of land. When she would get close to a sale, something invariably would come in to block it. This became a source of anxiety for her. Once she absorbed the principle of clear intention, and understood that this consciousness comes from the soul, she felt freed from her anxiety. Almost immediately, her land sold. Whatever our most cherished vision may be, let us begin it now, with clear intention, and consciousness in the goal. David B. Wolf, Ph.D., founder and director of the Satvatove Institute School of Transformative Coaching, has trained coaches, counselors and psychotherapists for more than 30 years. He is the author of Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious Living: How Transformative Communication Can Change Your Life. The new session of Satvatove’s accredited coach training course begins this month. For information, call 386-418-2037 or visit www.

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Intentions for the New Year by Wayne Dyer


hese daily practices will help you move toward Spirit in your thoughts and actions.


Commit to at least one daily experience where you share something of yourself with no expectation of being acknowledged or thanked. For example, before I begin my daily routine, I go to my desk and choose my gift for that day. Sometimes it’s just a phone call to a stranger who’s written to me, or perhaps I order flowers or send a book or a present to someone who has helped me in a local store. On one occasion, I wrote to the president of the university I graduated from to start a scholarship fund; on another day, I took a calendar to the yard man; on another, I sent a check to Habitat for Humanity; and on another, I sent three rolls of postage stamps to my son, who had just started his own business. It doesn’t matter if this activity is big or small—it’s a way to begin the day in-Spirit.


Remind yourself of this statement: My life is bigger than I am. Print it out and post it strategically in your home, car or workplace. The “I” is your ego identification. Your life is Spirit flowing through you unhindered by ego—it’s what you showed up here to actualize—and is infinite. The “I” that identifies you is a fleeting snippet.


Dedicate your life to something that reflects an awareness of your Divinity. You are greatness personified, a resident genius and a creative master—regardless of anyone’s opinion. Make a silent dedication to encourage and express your Divine nature. Excerpted from Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling, by Wayne Dyer, with permission of Hay House, Inc.


Become conscious of all thoughts that aren’t aligned with your Source. The moment you catch yourself excluding someone or having a judgmental thought, say the words “in-Spirit” to yourself. Then make a silent effort to shift that thought to match up with Source energy.


In the morning before you’re fully awake, and again as you’re going to sleep, take one or two minutes of what I call quiet time with God. Be in a state of appreciation and say aloud, “I am feeling good.”

January 2012


Live Your Life with Passion by Meryl Lowell

It is never too late to be what you might have been. ­ ~ George Eliot


re you clear about what’s most important in your life? Do you feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment? If you could be, do, or have anything in your life, what would that be? If your answers are “no” or “I don’t know,” you are not alone. A Harris interactive poll found that only 20% of Americans are passionate about what they do. That means that 80% of us are living less then fulfilled lives. Isn’t it finally time to know what you want to be when you grow up? The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny, is a New York Times bestselling book by Chris and Janet Atwood. The book and the related programs helped me clarify the answers for myself. The Passion Test is a system (save yourself time, energy and money) for identifying, clarifying, and prioritizing your passions in life. I first read the book The Passion Test and did some of the exercises in 2007. I revisit it each year around New Year’s, and get clearer each time I do the exercises. In 2010, I gave myself the gift of having a facilitator guide me through the Passion Test. It helped me gain even more clarity when I worked with another person trained in the distinctions. It was also helpful for me to be accountable to someone for completing all the exercises in a timely fashion. My life has gotten better and better as I’ve zeroed in on what’s most important to me, and I choose in favor of my passions! I have found that the more I live aligned with my passions, the more synchronicities seem to occur in my life. Last year, I was registered for a course that I wasn’t excited about. I had decided to do the course “in order to” get to something else, even though I was clear that I had no interest in the course content. When I ran this decision through the filter of whether it was bringing me closer to my passions, I realized it wasn’t and decided to drop the course, even if it meant losing the deposit. I decided to


spend the time visiting my brother and his family in Arizona which is consistent with one of my top passions, which is focusing my time, energy and money on people, places, and projects that inspire me. When I called to cancel the course, it turned out that even though I had registered online, they did not have a record of it and I lost no money! I had a wonderful trip and never regretted my decision to drop the course. Even people who are as successful as Jack Canfield, of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, have taken the Passion Test and gotten value from it. In the process of prioritizing his top passions, Jack Canfield saw that “being part of a spiritual leaders network” was #6 on his list of passions after the elimination process, and that even though his top five passions were being realized, this one wasn’t present in his life. Shortly after taking the Passion Test he created “The Transformational Leadership Council” which consists of a growing group of over 60 speakers, authors, and trainers from around the world. Invest in yourself and your dreams! Happy, fulfilled people are usually people who are engaged in their passions, and they are fun and inspiring to be around. What have you got to lose? As Mark Twain said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Meryl Lowell is a Passion Test facilitator and a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist (MA#55987, MM#23420). She was trained and certified as a facilitator by Janet Atwood (one of the creators of the Passion Test) and her amazing team of master trainers. For more information, check out Meryl’s website, or call 352-427-8525 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute session to see if the Passion Test is the next step for you.

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In the Year 2012

Dispelling the Mystery by Linda Sechrist

Searching “Maya 2012” online yields a morass of some 10 million results, so Natural Awakenings sought clarity about the phenomenon of expected world change associated with December 21, 2012, by focusing on what leading authorities have to say.


ohn Major Jenkins, a respected 2012 author of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 and The 2012 Story, and director of The Center for 2012 Studies, created contemporary awareness of the galactic alignment of the sun with the center of the Milky Way galaxy, which underlies the famous 2012 cycle-ending date on a winter solstice. His studies of the original Mayan calendar, located in Izapa, supported the true day count of the Mayan Long Count calendar. Jenkins points out that according to the calculations of astronomer Jean Meeus, this alignment began around 1980 and will end around 2016. “Meeus’ calculations support my belief that the alignment occurs over time, rather than precisely on December 21, 2012,” advises Jenkins. Robert Sitler’s long-standing personal relationships with today’s Maya and formal study of their living communities in Mexico and Guatemala inform his latest book, The Living Maya: Ancient Wisdom in the Era of 2012. He serves as director of Latin American studies at Stetson University, in DeLand, Florida.

Both experts agree that December 21, 2012 signals neither the end of the world nor the conclusion of the complex Mayan calendar; it is however, the end of the 13-Bak’tun cycle of 5,125 years. The calendrical cosmology indicates that this period comes to fruition on December 21, 2012, the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice. “Nothing in any of the ancient hieroglyphs refers to the end of the world,” advises Sitler. He further notes that contemporary Mayas’ strong environmental ethic aptly supports the needed shift in consciousness forecasted for 2012. From Jenkins’ perspective, the shift is what the ancient Maya saw as a transformation and renewal involving an awakening of consciousness. “It is a misconception that the awakening will automatically happen on December twenty-first.” He explains that Mayan spiritual teachings intended to empower individuals and provide guidelines for how awakening can occur in a ceremonial context at the end of cycles. “To the living

Maya, awakening from a state of egocentered, self-serving sleep means waking up to a larger perspective of unity consciousness; of seeing that our collective state of out-of-control egoism and greed is not good for Earth,” says Jenkins. Daniel Pinchbeck, author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and editor of the online blog Reality Sandwich, concurs. He believes, “We are undergoing a transformative process now, as a collective organism, which will lead to an evolutionary leap of consciousness on a species level.” He believes we’re on the way to developing an integral worldview; a holistic perspective that realizes the value of indigenous and traditional knowledge systems, without rejecting the scientific and technical developments of modern times. Visit, and Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings.

January 2012


Signs & Wonders


ater dragons and blue moons, Friday the 13th and apocalyptic Mayans, Leap Day and the Loch Ness monster, diamonds and doomsday: This is what 2012 has in store for us. I’m no conjurer; this is just what I can divine from looking at the calendar and doing a little research. 2012 is a leap year starting on a Sunday, which means it has three occurrences of Friday the 13th: in January, April, and July. If you are superstitious and this upsets you, I am sorry. I just think you should know these things right up front so that you can make preparations. You are now aware of the days you should stay home and refrain from walking under ladders and avoid all black cats. Or, if you are one of the sick souls who enjoys slasher flicks, you have three opportunities for appropriately timed viewing of the film series of the same name. That is, if you like a theme along with your gorefest. About three weeks after the first New Year’s celebration, we get another one: Chinese New Year is January 23. This will be the Year of the Water Dragon. No, not Physignathus cocincinus, the rather cute green lizard found in trees along Asian rivers. And not Saururus cernuus, the medicinal swamp plant of eastern North America. I speak instead of the mythical firebreathing serpentine beast, in this case one with apparent aquatic proclivities. Dragons are traditionally regarded as benevolent creatures in Chinese mythology, a symbol of power,


strength, and good luck. They also are strongly associated with water and are believed to be the rulers of moving bodies of water, such as waterfalls, rivers, or seas. They are said to have control over rainfall and floods, and can appear as hurricanes or tornadoes. I do hope that this year’s Water Dragon will be a benevolent one and spare us a bad hurricane season. I’d rather see him appear in a different form, such as a cooling summer shower. We could do without floods and tornadoes, too. Somewhere between drought and deluge would be swell. I wonder how one bribes a water dragon. Perrier? Maybe, if the Year of the Water Dragon proves auspicious, this will be the year the Loch Ness Monster finally and fully reveals itself to a crowd of humans, all conveniently equipped with audiovisual recording devices. I don’t know if Nessie keeps a Chinese calendar down there in his watery lair, but perhaps someone should send down an otter to tell him, or at the very least drop him a message in a whisky bottle to apprise him of this fortuitous circumstance. He too may enjoy a theme. Speaking of the United Kingdom, February 6 is the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, who has been the reigning monarch for sixty years, since 1952—interestingly, the last Year of the Water Dragon. I wonder if she knows that and secretly thinks of herself as HRH Water Dragon. Perhaps her code name is “Leviathan.” Perhaps Nessie will make a cameo appearance at

by Melody Murphy the Diamond Jubilee in honor of Her Majesty. We can always hope. The following week, Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday. One week later, Mardi Gras is February 21. As always, laissez bon temps, etc. Do keep in mind that historically, more babies are born in years of the Dragon than in any other year of the zodiac, so do with that what you will as you are celebrating Cupid’s bacchanalia and letting the good times roll. Often people time their blessed events on purpose, as Dragons are said to be outstanding sorts. I myself was born in the Year of the Fire Dragon, so my belief in the epic awesomeness of Dragon people is firm. And then, this being a leap year, we get the gift of an extra day: February 29, also known as Leap Day. I say you should take a figurative leap on this day and do something extraordinary and wild and adventurous. I don’t know what; just do something leapworthy. Take a leap of faith. (Just look before you do so.) Be daring. This is a good day for it. It’s a rare day; take a rare leap. St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday, the spring equinox is on March 20, and Easter is April 8, which comes a week before the centennial anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. I’m sure the movie will be on incessantly around that time. I predict that someone somewhere, while viewing of said film, will climb up on something and do the “I’m the king of the world!” pose and fall off, at which

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point they should have Easter eggs thrown at them. Mother’s Day is May 13. Father’s Day is June 17. Remember those two dates if they apply to you. Send a card and call the appropriate people. The summer solstice is on June 20. Independence Day is on a Wednesday, which is a bit of a bummer; unless your employer is as benevolent as a water dragon in a good mood, you’ll probably just get the one day off. Stay up late and see the fireworks and the full moon anyway. Summer nights are special and sleep is overrated. The Summer Olympics will open in London on July 27. Now you have something good to watch on TV while you’re inside in the air-conditioning, avoiding heatstroke. I guarantee that during that three-week timespan, people all over America are going to be speaking cheekily to each other in their idea of British accents, brought on by prolonged television exposure to Londoners. By the closing ceremonies on August 12, we all know people who will be conversing in Bad Faux Cockney like street urchins straight out of a school production of Oliver! Somebody is going to utter the phrase, “Righty-o, Guv’na” to you while watching the men’s freestyle, and you know it. The summer-nights policy of July 4 also applies to the Perseids meteor showers of August 12-13 and to the blue moon on August 31, which is also the kickoff to Labor Day weekend; Labor Day itself is September 3. This is a good excuse for a party. Somebody needs to throw a Blue Moon Bash. I just might. The fall equinox is on September 21, and the harvest moon is on September 30. Go take a walk in the wee hours and bask in the beauty of it. Hopefully the weather will have cooled off by then, and it should be a lovely night for a moonlight stroll. Halloween is on a Wednesday. Thanksgiving is November 22. Also predicted: At least one Baby Boomer at your dinner table will inform all guests that today is the 49th anniversary of the JFK assassination, and then everyone older than 55 will tell Where Were You stories. In mid-December we get 12/12/12, which may do something for you if you enjoy the number 12. This will coincide with the Geminids meteor showers which will be peaking December 12-14. Don’t think these heavenly fireballs are a harbinger of world’s end; that won’t be for another nine days or so. And then on December 21, stuff happens with this really old Mayan calendar. It’s complicated, so you can look it up. It’s also the winter solstice, so you might want to bundle up for the end of the world or whatever doomsday scenario you expect. An apocalypse can get chilly. Myself, I expect to be at a Christmas party, as it will be a Friday night. I also predict that at said party, some jokester will play “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” amid all the Christmas carols. I call that one right now. Christmas is on a Tuesday. This means you’ll probably get at least a four-day weekend, which will be an absolute

madhouse at all retail locations. I’ll be staying in. And then, the old year goes out on a Monday night. If you work for a generous organization that gives you another couple of days off for New Year’s, you can party all that weekend, too. Or you can put your blackeyed peas in the crockpot and crash. No doubt it will have been a good but tiring year, what with all the dragons and doomsdays and such. Waiting for the end of the world is exhausting. I say, don’t worry too much. And don’t watch too many apocalypse movies. That isn’t good for your mind, and you need to be able to sleep at night. Nobody knows for sure when it’s all going to end. Maybe just live with the idea in mind that it all does end someday, or at least each of us will, and conduct yourself accordingly. Have a good time. Work on being a decent person. Be kind to others. Plan for an uncertain future, enjoy the present, don’t dwell too much on the past. Look before you leap, but still take one. Stargaze, beware of black cats on all Fridays the 13th, and watch out for water dragons. Once in a blue moon every sixty years just before the end of the world on the winter solstice in a diamond-jubilee leap year, you might catch a glimpse of one. Melody Murphy can be reached at

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Green Smoothies – The Healthy Fast Food by Colleen Griffin


hat if you could drink a magic potion that would energize you, clear your system of toxins, reduce your cravings, and melt away excess weight? How about if it also tastes delicious and takes less than 10 minutes to make? Green Smoothies can do all that, and more. Here are 12 great reasons to give green smoothies a try. 1. All you need is a blender and an open mind. The great thing about green smoothies is that you don’t need much to get started. Most household blenders will do the job. (You could invest in a Vitamix or Blendtec for silky-smooth shakes, but that’s totally optional.) My suggestion is to give green smoothies a try before you invest in a mega-blender. That way you’ll be convinced of their effectiveness without having to make a significant investment. 2. Green Smoothies are quick to make. You can make a green smoothie from prep to clean-up in less than 10 minutes. You can just blend and go, and you can drink your green smoothie on the run. You can even make a green smoothie ahead of time—store it in the refrigerator in a closed glass container and it will still taste great the next day. Experts say they are good for up to three days.


3. Green Smoothies provide a steady stream of energy. (No crashing!) You won’t experience the upand-down spikes that you might from an all-fruit smoothie. That’s because the fiber-rich greens slow down the absorption of fruit sugars, providing you with just the right amount of energy and nutrition at a pace that your body really loves.

prevent other degenerative diseases. 7. Get your daily portion of fruit and vegetables. One serving of green smoothie contains more fruits and vegetables than most average Americans eat in a day. It’s one of the easiest ways of increasing your fruit and veggie intake. 8. Green Smoothies are chock full of amino acids. If you’re worried that you’re not getting enough protein, increase your green smoothie intake. The more greens you eat, the more amino acids you provide your body with. Your body uses these amino acids as building blocks to produce protein. 9. Green Smoothies are easy to digest. When blended well, all the valuable nutrients in the fruits and greens become broken down into small particles that are easy for the body to assimilate.

4. Green smoothies can be enjoyed year-round. Green smoothies provide you with a lot of options all year. Use fresh fruits and greens when in season; organic is best, of course. You can also use frozen fruits/greens during the winter months.

10. Indulge your creativity and experiment. You can throw almost any fruits and greens into your blender and it will turn out tasting good. (It helps if you follow some basic guidelines, of course.) Green smoothies give you the flexibility to create your own recipes.

5. Green smoothies are ideal for weight loss. Whenever you feel a craving coming on, make yourself a green smoothie instead of indulging your craving. After a few weeks of consuming green smoothies daily, your cravings will be greatly reduced or even eliminated. Green smoothies help reduce cravings because they are satisfying and provide your body with tons of nutrition.

11. Green smoothies are chimney sweepers for your body. Green smoothies contain both soluble (from fruit) and insoluble (from greens) fiber. Insoluble fiber acts like a sponge, carrying many times its own weight in toxins from the body. You could say that green smoothies act like a chimney-sweeping broom to flush out all the toxic waste that has been accumulating in your elimination organs. The more green smoothies you drink, the cleaner your bowels will become, and the better your elimination overall.

6. Greens are superfoods. Green leafy veggies are great because they have tons of cancerfighting properties and immuneboosting vitamins and minerals. Increasing green leaf intake has been shown to reduce heart disease and

12. Green smoothies are a great addition to any eating plan. It’s so easy to just add a green smoothie to your current diet. Green

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smoothies are really and truly a healthy fast food. The Basic Green Smoothie Recipe: • 2 bananas (Note: it’s okay to freeze bananas; just peel them first) • 1 cup blueberries or strawberries • Handful of spinach (increase greens gradually over time) • 1 cup water Place all the ingredients in your blender. Blend well, pour and enjoy! Resources: To learn more about green smoothies and taste test several recipes, come to the next Green Smoothie Workshop at the Ocala Inner Center on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 from 6:30-8:30pm. The cost is $10/person. For more info, contact Colleen at 352-301-4858 or Jean at 352-817-0540. Another will be held on Tuesday, February 7.

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10% Every Day Discounts on Vitamin Supplements (Restrictions Apply) 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala / 352-732-0718 / 352-351-1298

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Science Based Nutrition

Scientific Analysis vs. Trial and Error by Dr. Michael J. Badanek, DC, BS, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, DM(P)

application and almost unlimited potential.


s a doctor with an appreciation for the importance of good nutrition, I have the many and varied combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other adaptogens at my disposal. Where to begin? We start with an analytical, systematic approach. The goal at our facility is nutritional specificity, i.e., to test each individual for his/her specific nutrition needs. A scientific testing system has been developed by which you can for the first time begin to realize the full potential of clinical nutrition. With these tests, we can categorize each patient in terms of their metabolic imbalances. These metabolic imbalances can be the sole criteria upon which I treat my patients, regardless of what their symptoms or conditions may be. It can be demonstrated by objective clinical indicators that there is no patient whose health problem does not have a nutritional component. This is because there is no health problem that does not involve some form of metabolic imbalance. In other words, regardless of the ultimate cause of a condition, once it has become symptomatic, the symptoms will respond to some degree to nutritional therapeutic intervention, if that intervention is able to intrude upon the metabolic imbalances associated with the symptoms. This focus on metabolic balancing makes nutrition a clinical tool with universal


Biological Individuality No two people are alike. Even the most casual look at the people around you reveals a diversity of sizes, shapes, personalities and levels of health. You are seeing merely the outward manifestations of internal chemical differences. In other words, the physical, mental and emotional qualities expressed by people are a reflection of their individual body chemistries; and different body chemistries mean different nutrition requirements to maintain metabolic balance and to enable that individual to fully express his innate potential. For example, someone may eat a breakfast of sausage, eggs and home fries and feel great, running in high gear for hours. That same breakfast might cause another individual to feel like crawling back into bed, and might have someone else running for the antacids. Your nutritional needs are likely to be quite different than many people you know. Furthermore, your nutritional needs might be different now than they were six months ago or will be six months hence. Understanding this key concept of biological individuality gives you a new way to look at nutrition. Any time you read an article or hear a lecture promoting “the ideal diet,” whether it is a high protein diet, a complex carbohydrate diet, a vegetarian diet, or whatever, you can justifiably reject or challenge every word of it. The key concept of biological individuality is being ignored. It is time to give up the search for a magical “ideal diet.” Their simply is no such thing. Furthermore, anytime you encounter an article or lecture

promoting a particular food as a “health food,” certain to work wonders for the health and well-being of every man, woman and child, or if a particular vitamin is being touted as good for a certain condition, ignore and/or research it. Any two people are likely to have a dramatically different reaction to a food, or to a nutritional supplement. The sad truth is, in both the lay and the professional literature, biological individuality is rarely considered. All we are offered is vitamin B6 to cure this, zinc to cure that, and so on. You must verify the concept of biological individuality. It is seen that no two people, even if they present the same disease or condition, are alike. Scientific Analysis vs. Empiricism What does the word “empiricism” mean to you? You can think of empiricism as a fancy word for trial and error based upon educated guesses. While empirical clinical techniques may be scientifically derived, they are not often scientifically applied. To illustrate: Vitamin C has been demonstrated to have a statistically significant effect in easing symptoms of the common cold. This information about vitamin C has been derived based on scientific studies. However, there are no objective scientific indicators by which a clinician can apply this information about Vitamin C to patients who have a common cold. Prescribing vitamin C for a patient with a cold is really done on a trialand-error and/or an educated-guess basis. Several metabolic imbalances are indeed helped measurably by therapeutic doses of Vitamin C. If a hypothetical patient with the common cold has succumbed to this cold because of a lowered resistance

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associated with one of those biochemical imbalances, the vitamin C supplementation will always help this patient to fight off the cold. There are, however, some metabolic imbalances that are actually exacerbated by therapeutic doses of Vitamin C. Suppose your hypothetical cold patient is suffering a decrease in immune resistance associated with one of these metabolic imbalances. Will prescribing Vitamin C help this patient? No. Quite the contrary, it will, in throwing this patient’s body chemistry further off balance, actually prolong the battle to overcome the cold symptoms. This failure to recognize biological individuality is the fatal flaw of most scientific studies referenced by your typical clinical nutritionist. The statistically significant group whose condition benefits from the nutrient under study must have some quality which distinguishes it from the unresponsive group. Using a scientific analysis to determine a patient’s needs is the key concept distinguishing scientific analysis from empirical health care. When clinicians employ empirical methods, they are directed only by the subjective response of the patient. When you employ scientific analysis methods, you are directed in your therapeutic efforts by objectively measured changes in your patient’s body chemistry.

make him weaker. Scientific analysis testing is the one scientific way to determine the biological individuality of each patient. Scientific analysis testing enables a holistic clinical nutrition system. Most other nutrition systems that claim to be natural and holistic are merely trying to treat diseases with vitamins and minerals, using them as medicines. The true meaning of the word “holistic” is treating the whole person, not just the disease—and that is what scientific analysis testing achieves. ... Continued on the next page

Patient-Specific vs. Disease-Specific The perfect example of empirical methods is allopathic (traditional) medicine, being essentially a disease-specific approach to patient care. In other words, it is known empirically that a specific disease or condition has a certain probability of responding to a particular therapy. The therapy is implemented, and the patient’s subjective response is awaited. The empirical trial may be a success, or may prove to be in error, in which case a second treatment is prescribed, and so on. This empirical, disease-specific approach is the road taken by virtually all of today’s researchers in clinical nutrition. The goal, apparently, is to match each of the thousands of named diseases and conditions with a nutritional cure or nutritional protocol. There is a much better approach. Whatever merits empiricism has in the practice of medicine, it is neither the simplest not the most efficacious way to practice clinical nutrition. Thus, the third of our key concepts, patientspecific vs. disease-specific, truly sets scientific analysis apart from the standard approach to clinical nutrition. Scientific analysis offers a viable alternative to diseasespecific empiricism, namely a patient-specific scientific analysis. This patient-specific approach will allow the clinician to do with scientific analysis what could not be achieved with other forms of clinical nutrition. In just a few minutes, one can perform and evaluate more than 50 different tests on a patient and thus determine exactly what foods make that patient stronger and what foods make him susceptible to disease. You will also know exactly which nutrition supplements will make him healthy and which will actually

January 2012


... Continued from Page 29 Comprehensive and Objective Testing If patient-specific, scientific analysis is our goal, how do we achieve it? Clearly, prescription of a patientspecific nutrition regimen must be dependent upon a comprehensive evaluation of that patient. Furthermore, the patient evaluation must be achieved via objective testing procedures. Scientific analysis offers an analytical system by which to achieve a comprehensive patient evaluation. That system is based upon objective clinical data derived from two sources: tests of vital signs and neuro-endocrine reflexes, and tests of urine and saliva chemistries. Much clinical experience has been accumulated demonstrating the clinical extremes found for each of these different urine and saliva chemistries, and each of the different vital signs and neuro-endocrine reflexes. It became apparent that groups or patterns of abnormal test results would tend to occur simultaneously. For example, often, high urine PH is accompanied by low urine-specific gravity. Before long, these simultaneously occurring patterns of abnormal test results could be labeled. In other words, one pattern of abnormalities corresponded to an acid condition, another pattern related to cardio renal disease, and so on. After years of clinical testing, patterns of aberrant test results associated with several fundamental metabolic control systems were defined. These fundamental control systems are ubiquitous, playing a role in virtually every state of health or disease.

Thus, a comprehensive, objective means of evaluating functional metabolic control in each patient is indeed possible. Billions of dollars are spent in America yearly by patients trying to achieve optimum health. Countless thousands of articles and books have been written to address diseases and health challenges. It must be emphasized that no two people on this planet have identical needs for the care or treatment of a disease. If someone needs nutritional support, it must be correlated with the specific biological individuality of that patient, which is in constant change on a minute-by-minute basis. That is why one should seek out the health care provider qualified to properly evaluate the patient’s ever-changing needs for the treatment of disease. Dr. Michael Badanek has been serving the Central Florida, Marion County region for more than 31 years in active clinical practice. Dr. Badanek is a licensed Chiropractic Physician with extensive continued post graduate training in Alternative Complementary Medicine including nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy, applied kinesiology, functional and traditional medicine, and electrodermal screening, with four board certifications in Alternative Medicine. His real love is treating patients with all types of conditions with alternative/functional medicine, especially people with a problem or ailment which has not responded to traditional or alternative treatments. Dr. Badanek’s website is www. For a consultation, call 352-6221151.

We don’t just talk about the environment— We respect it. At Natural Awakenings, we know the cost of glossy coatings on a magazine’s pages:  33-54% increase in energy consumption, wastewater, air pollution emissions, solid waste  Coated paper is very difficult to recycle (the quantity of waste clay coating removed nearly equals that of the usable paper fiber)  The sealant coating/varnish commonly contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs)  Inks that often contain heavy metals and VOCs  Higher costs to print, resulting in higher costs for advertisers —Sources: Buy Recycled Business Alliance; Turning the Page by the PAPER Project partnership; Magazine PAPER Project ( magazines/index.cfm For more information, visit Join our family of “green” readers and advertisers. Call 352-629-4000. 30

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Mosswood Farm Store 703 NE Cholokka Blvd Micanopy, FL 32667 (352) 466-5002

Resilient Communities Volunteerism Remains Strong in America


ore than 60 million Americans volunteered 8 billion hours of their services in 2010, holding steady with the previous year, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). Communities are benefiting from their work in mentoring and tutoring youth and general labor, including disaster relief. “Every day, volunteers of all ages are giving their time and talents to solve problems and make our country stronger,” says Robert Velasco II, acting CEO of CNCS. The members of Generation X (born 1965 to 1981) are volunteer stars, having contributed 2.3 billion hours in 2010. Teen volunteer rates were also up from 2002 through 2010, compared to 1989. A Volunteering in America report attributes this to emphasis on service-learning in high schools, the influence of parents who volunteer, social networking, and finding opportunities via the Internet.

Organic coffee and pastries, sustainable living books and earth friendly supplies, crafts, soaps, homemade bread, much more. Open every day 10-6.

To find local volunteer opportunities by category, visit Serve. gov or

Fishy Business Something’s Spawning Gender-Bent Fish


French study examining wild gudgeon fish that live directly downstream from a pharmaceutical drug manufacturing plant found that up to 80 percent of them exhibited both male and female traits in their sex organs. Such sex abnormalities indicate endocrine disruption that can foreshadow larger effects on fish populations because of reductions in breeding abilities. Upstream of the plant, only 5 percent of such intersex fish were detected. Excreted pharmaceuticals can enter the environment from sewage treatment plants or the flushing of unwanted or old drugs down the toilet. They also can directly enter waterways via discharge into rivers and streams by drug manufacturing plants. The study is the first to link discharge from a drug plant, rather than a sewage plant, with physical and chemical changes in fish. The inquiry was initiated after fishermen along the Dore River, in France, noticed swollen bellies and abnormal innards in the wild gudgeon fish. Study results were published in the journal Environmental International. More research is needed to identify the types and levels of specific drugs in the water at each site. Source: EnvironmentalHealthNews. com

January 2012


CommunityResourceGuide Acupuncture

Gluten Intolerance

Dr. Paula Koger, DOM, BS Nursing, MA Counseling 941-539-4232 / Dunnellon and Sarasota Dr. Koger has a long history of success with people who are receptive to multiple ancient and high-tech healing techniques. 20 years’ experience including Professor and school health nurse; more than 17 years in Alternative healing practices with training from experts worldwide.

Gluten Intolerance Group / Gainesville 352-215-1078 / The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America proudly announces a new branch in Gainesville. Please call or email for information about our monthly meetings. Share your stories, or give/get support! Gluten intolerance is more common, and more serious, than most people know.

Michael J. Badanek, BS,DC,CNS,DACBN,DCBCN 3391 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Suite #B Ocala, FL 34470 / 352-622-1151 30+ years in clinical practice with alternative wholistic complementary health services. Treating the body to support all health challenges with Wholistic Integrative Medicine. Treatments include Autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, Autism, ADD/ ADHD, Musculoskeletal conditions, Heavy metal toxicity, Cardiovascular and endocrine conditions, Nutritional deficiencies/testing.

Biologic Dentistry

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Psychotherapy

Dr. Cornelius A. Link, DDS 352-732-8544 / Ocala / There must be a biologic balance in the mouth as part of total body health. This means being concerned about infections in the teeth and gums, the relationship of the teeth to the jaws, the teeth to each other, saliva pH and metal toxicity. As a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, we follow a recommended safety protocol for removal of amalgam fillings, if necessary. Dental materials compatibility testing available.

James E. Lemire, M.D., FAAFP Nuris Lemire, MS, OTR/L, NC The Lemire Clinic

Meditative PsychotherapyTM James R. Porter, Ph.D., LMHC Gainesville, Alachua 352-514-9810, Consciousness, presence, awareness of your source. Dr. Porter provides a spiritual, omnicultural home for Western psychotherapeutic treatments.

Colonics Gentle Waters Healing Center 352-374-0600, Gainesville The therapists at Gentle Waters Healing Center will assist each individual with detoxing using colon hydrotherapy, Far Infrared Sauna, and/or Aqua Chi Lymphatic Drainage. We also carry probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other products for overall health. Proud sponsors of Barley Life Nutritional Products. Call Dawn Brower for more information or visit MA41024, MM15426.

Fitness Hip Moves Fitness Studio Rona Bennett, BS, CPT Holistic Health, Personal Fitness Coaching 708 N.W. 23rd Ave., Gainesville / 352-692-0132 An intimate fitness studio focusing on creativity and holistic health. Classes and private lessons in Belly Dance, Yoga, Pilates, and Personal Training. Rental space available.


11115 SW 93rd Ct. Rd., Suite 600 Ocala, FL 34481 / 352-291-9459 Dr. Lemire has been in practice for 32 years. He follows a Functional Medicine approach, utilizing up-todate techniques such as: Chelation, Detoxification, natural hormone replacement, nutrition, Prolo/Biopuncture, acupuncture, anti-aging, among others. Dr. Lemire along with his staff are dedicated to a joint partnership with their patients—a partnership that seeks to maximize the God-given life potential of each individual. We believe that true wellness for the whole person includes a healthy body (physical self), a healthy mind (emotions and intellect), and a spiritual peace. For this life-changing goal, Lemire Clinic commits their energy, their compassion and their skills.

Hanoch Talmor, M.D. Gainesville Holistic Center 352-377-0015 We support all health challenges and the unlimited healing potential of God’s miracle: your body. Chelation, Nutrition, Cleansing, Homeopathy, Natural Energy Healing, Detoxification, Wellness Education and more.

Hypnotherapy Christine Green CHt Hypnotherapy Gainesville Hypnotherapy 1212 NW 12th Ave., Suite C-3 Gainesville FL 32601 / 352-339-6078 Invite amazing changes into your life through Hypnosis. The powerful process of Hypnotherapy guides you naturally and easily to the life you truly deserve. Free consultation: and 352-339-6078.

Life Coaches Cynthia Christianson, M.A., CCC ThetaHealing™ Advanced Practitioner 352-374-7982 or 352-284-1107 ThetaHealing™ coaching is using the Belief and Feeling Work to empower people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive, beneficial ones. Change your negative beliefs and you will heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels thus really seeing this relief show up in your life.

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Piano Services

Tiara L. Catey, LMT Center for Balance 1705 N.W. 6th St., Gainesville 352-642-4545 / Relieve pain, manage stress and cultivate joyful relaxation and balance by including massage as an essential part of your self-care practices. Therapeutic massage, relaxation massage and lomilomi. Includes aromatherapy. Holistic approach. Some insurance accepted. Visa/MC. See for details. MA41831.

Hendrix Piano Service 352-895-5412, Serving north central Florida Tuning, repairs, cleaning, fine custom maintenance of your acoustic piano. Pianist: accompaniment, weddings, other church services, concerts. Experience: churches, cabarets, Marion Chorale, Duelling Divas, much more. Fine used pianos available.

Clark Dougherty Therapeutic Massage Clinic 850 N.E. 36th Terr., Ocala 352-694-7255 / Offering a variety of therapeutic massage techniques for pain relief, improved flexibility, and other wonderful benefits. PIP and WorkComp always accepted, also group/private insurance in some instances. All credit cards accepted. Gift certificates are available now for Mother’s Day and birthdays with 25% discount on a second session. MA27082, MM9718. Meryl Lowell, LMT The Health and Healing Center of Ocala 2206 SE 3rd Avenue, Ocala 352-622-9339 or 352-427-8525 MA#55987, MM#23420. Therapeutic massage and Reiki for pain relief and relaxation.

Rolfing Carol L. Short / Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Craniosacral Therapist, Gainesville and North Central FL / 352-318-0509 Rolfing® is a system of body restructuring through systematic manipulation of muscle and fascial tissues. It promotes the release and realignment of long standing patterns of tension and dysfunction, bringing the body to greater balance, mobility, vitality, and ease. A holistic approach to mobility, vitality and balance. MA16337/MM18921.

Classifieds Professional Advanced Continuing Education Meeting all of your C.E. needs! Licensure by endorsement. 352-625-1665, Linda. Ads: $25/up to 30 words, $1/each additional. Fax ad with credit/debit card info to 352-351-5474, or email to

Veterinary Care Medicine Wheel Veterinary Services Shauna Cantwell DVM, Ocala, FL / 352-538-3021 Holistic veterinary medicine for small animals and horses. Preventative health, arthritis, neurologic and hormonal dysfunction, skin, allergies, cancer, pain, immune and chronic disease, more. Certified Veterinary Acupuncture, certified cAVCA animal chiropractic, herbal therapy, tui na medical massage, functional neurology, postural rehabilitation, ozone therapy, homotoxicology, nutrition. Available for workshops.

n British Medium Janette Marshall Returns to Gainesville March 15-18, 2012 Held at Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th Ave. n Private readings available. Check Web for complete 2011 program

Grow Your Practice Naturally with Natural Awakenings. Easy and affordable. How much is it costing you not to grow your business? Call 352-629-4000.

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CalendarofEvents Listings are free for our sponsors and just $15 each for others. Visit, email, or call 352-629-4000. Wednesday, January 4 HGC weight loss: safe homeopathic solution. Detox coaching and support. FREE consultation; call for appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-7320718, 351-1298, January 5-15 “Rumors,” Neil Simon play. Ocala Civic Theatre, 4337 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-236-2274, Saturday, January 7 Building a Sweat Lodge, with Tad DeGroat. Free and open to all. 1-3pm. High Springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs. 386-454-8657, Healthy Foods Class: cooking healthier food with tasting. 113pm, $10 suggested love offering. Unity of Ocala, 2 Cedar Rd., Ocala, 352-687-2113, Wednesday, January 11 Metabolic balance. All natural weight loss. FREE consultation; call for appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718, 351-1298, Thursday, January 12, 19, 26 Core Strengthening with Gail, 11am-12, $20. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd, Ocala, 352-687-2113, January 12-15 Spiritual Response Therapy Basic, with Janice Puta, 9am5pm. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd, Ocala, 352-687-2113, www., Saturday, January 14 Crystal Chakra Balancing on the BioMat, with Sharron Britton. 12-5pm, $10/session or free with purchase. High Springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs. 386-454-8657, Readings of the teaching of Sai Baba, 5pm. Realms Beyond, 500 SW 10th St., Suite 107, Ocala, 352-433-2624, January 14-15 Amrit Yoga Immersion Introduction Retreat, Zero Stress Zone with the Amrit Method of Yoga and Yoga Nidra. $99 includes meals and accommodations. Amrit Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, 352-6853001 or Sunday, January 15 Relationships That Work. Improve your relationships with better communication. Save your spot online at www.satvatove. com/register, or call 352-538-0376. Monday, January 16 Meet the Doctor Open House. Free, 6-7pm. Limited seating; call to reserve. Lemire Clinic, 11115 SW 93rd Ct. Rd., #600, Ocala, 352-291-9459, Tuesday, January 17 Green Smoothie Workshop, 6:30-8:30pm, $10/person, Ocala Inner Center. Info: 352-301-4858 or 352-817-0540.


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Wednesday, January 18 Cleanse your body of toxic buildup, repair G.I. tract, support immune system, weight loss, anti-aging nutrition, protocol for radiation detoxification. FREE consultation; call for appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352732-0718, 351-1298, January 19-22 4-Day Instructor Training for Initiation Healing® Meditation with Author Ojela Frank, in Ocala. Thursday-Sunday, $300, 352239-9272, anuary 20-22 Conscious Relationships for Committed Couples. $595 per couple includes meals and accommodations. Amrit Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, 352-685-3001 or Saturday, January 21 EVOLVE, The Last Realms Beyond Fair, 11am-7pm. Realms Beyond, 500 SW 10th St., Suite 107, Ocala, 352-433-2624. Introduction to The Integrative Kinesiology Training Program, with Juliet Mathison. 3pm, Helping Hands Chiropractic 4400 NW 23rd Ave., Gainesville. Register by 1/17/12: Lance Posey, 303-6681649, Living a Course in Miracles, with Jon Mundy, Ph.D. 9:30am1pm, $35/advance or $45/at the door, but no one turned away who can’t pay. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd, Ocala, 352-6872113, Psychic/Medium Spiritual Development Class, 2-4:30pm. Held at Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th Ave. Info: Int’l Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge, 407-673-9776, The Infinite Variety of Quartz: How to Choose and Use Quartz Crystals, workshop with Sharron Britton. 1-3pm, $20. High Springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs. 386-454-8657, January 21-22 Initiation Healing® Breath and Meditation I with Rev. Ojela Frank in Ocala. Sat. 9am–5pm, Sun. 10am–6pm, $100, 352-2399272, Tuesday, January 24 Inspirational Meditation, 2:15-3:45pm, $20. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd, Ocala, 352-687-2113, Wednesday, January 25 Wellness Consultation on Irritable Bowel Syndrome. FREE consultation; call for appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718, www. January 26-29, 2012 Reiki I and II Together. $395 includes meals, manual and accommodations. Amrit Yoga Institute, Salt Springs. 352-685-3001 or Friday, January 27 Chinese New Year Celebration: Year of the Dragon Open House. Free, 6-8pm. Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, 1000 NE 16th Ave., Building F, Gainesville, 352-371-2833, www. Saturday, January 28 Heartful Tarot Readings with Sandy Grizzle. 1-5 PM, $20. High springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs. 386 454-8657,

January 2012



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Signs and Symptoms Analysis. Any time any of the organs/systems of the body are out of balance, there are signs and symptoms. FREE. Call for appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718,

Thursdays Amrit Yoga w/Veda, 5:30-6:30pm every Thursday. Downtown Public Library, 401 E. University Ave, Gainesville. Free. Dress warmly, bring light blanket.

Saturday, Jan. 28 and Feb. 11 Scents-ual Aromatherapy, Parts I and II. 11am-3pm. $30 includes materials. The Maker’s Market, 295 S. Court St., Bronson, 352-486-1838,

Fridays Psychic Intuitive Lisa Fadley, psychometry. Realms Beyond, 500 SW 10th St., Suite 107, Ocala, 352-433-2624.

January 30-31 Auditions, “Perfect Wedding,” comedy. Director Kenneth Kay. Ocala Civic Theatre, 4337 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-2362274, February 24-26 Transformative Communication and Self-Empowerment Seminar, with Dr. David Wolf, author of Relationships That Work. Country Inn and Suites, Gainesville. To register call 386-418-8840 or go to

Saturdays Farmstead Saturdays. Free, 9-3pm. Crones Cradle, 6411 NE 217 Pl, Citra. 352-595-3377, Tarot Readings with Rev. Lady Mac, 1-5pm. Realms Beyond, 500 SW 10th St., Suite 107, Ocala, 352-433-2624.

February 25 – 26 Initiation Healing® Therapeutics – Basic Workshop with Rev. Ojela Frank, LMT in Ocala. Sat. 9 am–5pm, Sun. 10am–6pm, $100, 352-239-9272,  

Seven days/week Abraham, yoga, breathwork, reiki, much more—something every day. Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th Ave., 352-3731030, Bellydancing, fitness, yoga classes, personal training as early as 5:30am, as late as 7:30pm. Hip Moves, 708 NW 23rd Ave, Gainesville, 352-692-0132, Yoga classes as early as 5:30am, as late as 8:30pm, beginners (including “Stiff Guys”) to experienced Hot Yoga. Big Ron’s Yoga College, Gainesville, 352-367-8434,

March 10-16 Satvatove Advanced Seminar Experience; 7 days of courageous introspection and self-empowerment, with Dr. David Wolf and Marie Glasheen. Days Inn, Gainesville. To register call 386-418-8840 or go to

Dates vary Specialized Community Groups: ACOA, women’s group, men’s group, eating disorders group, relapse prevention group held weekly at Refuge Transitions Wellness Center, 352-624-0366. Community groups are facilitated by licensed therapists.

March 24 Introduction to Initiation Healing® with Rev. Ojela Frank in Ocala. 12–4pm, $25, 352-239-9272, ONGOING Sundays Farmers Market, 12-4. Mosswood Farm Store, 703 NE Cholokka Blvd, Micanopy, 352-466-5002, Meditation and Spiritual Lesson, 10am. Unity of Ocala, Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd., Ocala, 352-687-2113, Science of Mind and Spirit Meditation 9:45am, Celebration /Message 10:30am, Youth and Children’s Celebration 10:30am. Love offering. OakBrook Center for Spiritual Living, 1009 NE 28 Ave, Ocala, FL 352-629-3897, Sunday services, 11am. Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th Ave., Gainesville, 352-373-1030, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, acupressure & Shiatsu. Refuge Transitions Wellness Center, 352-624-0366. Monday-Friday Organic Food Pickups. Monday, Ocala; Tuesday, Eustis and Mt. Dora; Wednesday, Ocala and Gainesville; Friday, Oxford/The Villages. Homegrown Organics by Doreen, 352-598-4184, http:// Tuesdays Zumba, January 10,17,24,31. 5-6pm. $25/4 classes, $7/dropin. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd, Ocala, 352-687-9660. Tuesdays, Thursdays Healing Yoga with Marque Kolack. 1-2pm, $25/4 sessions, $40/8, $7/drop-in. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd, Ocala, 352-687-9660.

January 2012



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turn your passion into a business... own a Natural Awakenings magazine! As a Natural Awakenings publisher, you can enjoy learning about healthy and joyous living while working from your home and earn a good income doing something you love! Your magazine will help thousands of readers to make positive changes in their lives, while promoting local practitioners and providers of natural, Earthfriendly lifestyles. You will be creating a healthier community while building your own financial security. No publishing experience is necessary. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a complete training and support system that allows you to successfully publish your own magazine. Be part of a dynamic franchised publishing network that is helping to transform the way we live and care for ourselves. Now available in Spanish as well. To determine if owning a Natural Awakenings is right for you and your target community, call us for a free consultation at 239-530-1377.

For information about how to publish Natural Awakenings in your community, call


Phenomenal Monthly Circulation Growth Since 1994. Now with 3.6 Million Monthly Readers in: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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*Existing magazines for sale

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Low Investment Work at Home Great Support Team Marketing JanuaryTools 2012 39 Meaningful New Career

Restore energy



detoxification For decades, Americans have increasingly turned to “alternative” forms of medicine and natural treatments. They have sought help for all kinds of diseases and conditions that were not helped by traditional Western medicine, which is often characterized by surgery and narcotics.

Lemire Clinic focuses on “functional natural medicine,” which does not rely only on invasive procedures or drugs. It combines modern science with ancient healing wisdom from different parts of the world, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). At Lemire Clinic, we combine various natural therapies with safe, proven medical treatment to help remove stress, reduce pain and anxiety, manage symptoms and promote well-being. Using these non-traditional pain management techniques and detoxification therapies, we can cleanse the body of chemical, heavy-metal and environmental toxins. We have successfully reduced pain and symptoms and improved the overall condition for many patients.

Amazing Facials! Season Special:

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Book 1 and Receive Book 2 and Receive

• Physician Assisted Heavy Metal Detoxification • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy • Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification Therapy

• Electrical Dermal Screening • Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy • Prolotherapy • Far Infrared Sauna Therapy • Live Blood Analysis • Occupational Therapy

• Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy • Colon Hydrotherapy • Microdermabrasion Patient Information • Voice Mapping/Emotional Clearing Technique

Call for your free consultation today 1-352-291-9459 11115 SW 93rd Ct Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, Florida 34481 40

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 8 – 5 Tuesday 9-6 Closed everyday from 12-1

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“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, January 2012 issue.  

The full-color monthly magazine about green, local, organic, wholistic, natural, fun, healthy living.

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