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Be a part of Bintelli’s authorized dealer network and capitalize on the strength of a premium brand built on 24 years of industry leadership.

Introducing the new Bintelli Nexus, where luxury meets innovation.

Featuring a state-of-the-art touchscreen, integrated cooling fans, a premium sound system, dynamic color-changing LED accent lights, a convenient beach chair holder, two secure locking storage areas, and more.

The Nexus raises the bar with luxury, functionality and more standard features than any other model on the market.

Celebrating Milestones and Parades in Our 50th Edition

Welcome to the July 2024 edition of Golf Carting Magazine – our golden 50th edition! We are beyond thrilled to hit this milestone, and it's all thanks to you, our wonderful readers, sponsors, and advertisers. Your support and enthusiasm for the golf cart lifestyle have powered us through fifty editions, and we couldn’t be prouder. So, here's a big virtual high-five to everyone who’s been with us on this journey. Let's keep the wheels rolling and the batteries charged for many more editions to come!

parade around with pride.

So, as you prepare for this year’s Independence Day festivities, remember to keep your batteries charged, your decorations festive, and your spirits high. Whether you're participating in a local parade or just enjoying a leisurely ride around the block, let’s show our patriotic spirit and make this 4th of July one to remember. Thank you for being a part of the Golf Carting Magazine family. Happy 4th of July, and happy carting! We hope you enjoy this 50th edition of Golf Carting Magazine!


Now, let’s talk about why July is such a significant month for us golf carters. Independence Day is just around the corner, and that means one thing: golf cart parades! Yes, folks, it's time to deck out those carts in red, white, and blue and join the festivities. Picture it: a line of golf carts, each one more patriotically adorned than the last, cruising through neighborhoods with flags waving, lights flashing, and maybe even a few star-spangled streamers fluttering in the breeze. It's a sight to behold and a tradition that brings communities together in a truly unique way.

The 4th of July isn’t just America's birthday; it’s a celebration of freedom, creativity, and camaraderie –all values that resonate deeply with the golf carting community. As we commemorate the birth of our nation, let's also celebrate the freedom that our beloved electric carts give us – the freedom to explore, to connect, and to

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First seen at the PGA Show back in January, the Bintelli Nexus caught the eye of many of the show attendees who were anxious to see what the next generation offering from Bintelli was going to look like. After having the privilege of getting my hands on one of the first demo units, I want to share all of the reasons I believe the Nexus marks the next evolution in the low-speed vehicle industry.

At first glance, the Nexus clearly has more eye-catching features than what I’m used to in the marketplace.

Throughout my time with the cart, it became evident that a lot of time and attention was spent on the smaller details that in my opinion, make the biggest impact for someone using the cart every day. Bintelli has clearly taken a lot of feedback from their already award-winning Beyond and built upon that with the Nexus.

Every aspect of the Nexus has been meticulously crafted by Bintelli’s innovative team. This cart wasn’t made just to keep up with the competition. This release is a statement that clearly sets it ahead of everyone else. It’s no secret that other OEMs are focused on smallerbodied carts in order to cut costs at the expense of rider comfort.

The noticeably wider seats got thumbs-ups from all of my passengers and I really appreciate the focus on the cockpit layout, even the pedal angle was adjusted for a more comfortable drive – another nod to their attention to detail!

Moving to the technology in this cart, it’s hard not to notice the huge infotainment touchscreen, one of the largest I’ve come across.

It powers the industry-leading headliner (typically found in significantly more expensive offerings) that includes color-changing lighting, roof-mounted fans, dome light, and easily one of the crispest-sounding audio systems I’ve ever heard. It’s not going to blow you away with loud bass but anyone that appreciates quality sound is going to love this 10-speaker system. The sound is all around you and as loud as I would ever want it!

I had a week with the Nexus and I can say that when my time was up my only regret was not putting more miles on it with my friends and family. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of things that come standard on the vehicle such as the beach chair holder, dual locking storage compartments, and unique keys just to name a few.

My questions for Bintelli were probably similar to those that readers of this article would have. I was curious what the price would be and how Bintelli envisions the Nexus fitting into the marketplace with their current dealers. In returning the vehicle to Bintelli I was able to speak with Jason Perske, their VP, who shared some insight into what Bintelli is hoping to achieve.

From what I learned there’s no doubt the Nexus has a lot going for it from standard features to its incredible looks. He mentioned several times that while he knows other OEMs are cutting costs and dealer profits, Bintelli looks at it a different way. Their dealerships will always make what they need to make while delivering the best value carts in the industry. There’s no doubt that dealers appreciate their commitment to them, ensuring that they can continue to excel in their local market. At the time of my review, final pricing wasn’t available but after I offered a guess of the pricing, he smiled and said “I’m happy to charge you that price, but they’re going to be considerably more affordable than you think.”

In closing, a big thanks to Bintelli for allowing me some early access to what surely will be THE cart of 2024. I’d recommend if you are a dealership interested in carrying the Nexus to complete a “Become a Dealer” form on the Bintelli website and let the team at Bintelli connect with you.


LLithium batteries power our daily lives, from cell phones to the coin cell batteries in key fobs, everyone uses lithium batteries. Manufacturing methods and different lithium-based chemistries have made this once volatile energy storage element much safer than the first generation of lithium-ion batteries. Although the components used in today’s LiFeP04 golf cart batteries are far safer than early lithium batteries, there are still precautions that need to be taken to ensure consumer safety. This article highlights the importance of US-based quality control for lithium batteries, specifically regarding large lithium golf cart batteries. We will discuss what US import quality control entails, who performs it, and what qualifies as a proper inspection. Additionally, we will explore why quality control for lithium batteries is crucial and identify which lithium golf cart batteries undergo US quality inspections.


US import quality control is an inspection procedure performed by the distributing company to ensure consumer safety and verify that products meet their specifications. Ideally, this inspection should occur for every battery or at least as a spot check on every container received from the overseas manufacturer. Once the battery boxes are opened, five key areas need to be inspected:

• Shipping Procedures: Verify that proper shipping procedures were followed to ensure the battery ships safely to its next destination.

• Exterior Condition: Check the condition of the box, buttons, plugs, switches, etc.

• Interior Condition: Inspect the welds, hardware, battery management system (BMS), cell packaging, wiring, etc.

• Firmware: Ensure the firmware is up-to-date.

• Battery Cells: Confirm the cells are A-grade and within the correct date range by reading the etched QR codes on top of each cell.


Quality control is particularly important for lithium golf cart batteries because they are classified as HAZMAT products. A HAZMAT-labeled product poses potential health or safety hazards. Lithium is a volatile chemical element that can experience thermal runaway events if improperly manufactured or handled. Unlike less critical products like seat covers or floor mats, lithium golf cart batteries demand stringent quality control measures to ensure safety.


US Customs does inspect import shipments to ensure proper hazmat documentation and shipping procedures. However, US-based battery companies go a step further by inspecting their products to ensure they meet specifications and use proper components. These companies are financially liable for the products they import and distribute. When consumers purchase batteries directly from a manufacturer, they rely on the manufacturer to have followed proper manufacturing methods and to have met the advertised specifications. In the event of negligence by an overseas manufacturer, seeking international judicial repercussions can be challenging.


With all the concerns surrounding lithium batteries, US import quality control by a US based company should be recognized as a critical step in the supply chain. When a consumer purchases a factory direct battery, they are putting complete faith in the manufacturer that the product is safe, made to advertised spec and uses acceptable if not the highest grade components. The consumer is also taking a leap of faith that the overseas manufacturer will honor their warranty in the event of a defective or damaged battery. In parting, always find the most value when making large purchases. Find the best battery backed by a great company and love your battery for upwards of a decade.

Revolutionize Your Dealer Profits with ActivEV



With its long-standing reputation as a leader in premier LSVs and golf carts, Tomberlin is pushing the envelope when it comes to constant innovations and new vehicles.

Owned by the Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd, and operating as the Columbia Vehicle Group, Inc., Tomberlin has risen to an impressive level of success by staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the needs of top-of-the-line electric vehicle consumers.

Currently, the company is experiencing exciting new expansion projects, along with launching updated and progressive new vehicles and features.

Kurt Meyers is Tomberlin’s Business Development Manager

and is proud and excited about all of the new developments throughout the company. “We’ve just relocated our manufacturing facilities from Florida and Wisconsin to Aiken, South Carolina, to be closer to our customer base and for easier supply chain access,” he says. The new, 160,000-square foot facility represents a $12+ million dollar investment on University Parkway in Aiken and is expected to employ about 180 people.

Nordic and Columbia Vehicle Group also produce heavyduty industrial utility and maintenance electric vehicles under the Columbia brand and the state-of-the-art Evoke E-Bike.

Company founder, Michael Tomberlin, currently Columbia Vehicle Group CEO, is feeling positive about their recent

expansion and relocation. “We’ve been investing in great communities since 1947, with Aiken being a superb fit to our continued global expansion of the Tomberlin and Columbia brands,” he said. “It has been a pleasure working with Aiken County and the South Carolina Department of Commerce.”


The entire line of Tomberlin LSVs and golf carts offer something for everyone, no matter how you intend to use your vehicle. The company offers their EMERGE line of carts, and also the new ENGAGE models to appeal to a wide array of potential cart buyers. Tomberlin vehicles are widely known for their exceptional manufacturing quality, innovative design features and advanced automotive-styled features and driver comforts.

At this year’s PGA Show held in Orlando in January, Tomberlin rolled out the new ENGAGE models packed with innovative features.

“Our newest ENGAGE models were greeted by a lot of enthusiasm and interest from dealers,” said Tomberlin Marketing Director Sean McNally. “The ENGAGE offers a huge new leap forward in standard features and technology.”

One of the many new advancements in the ENGAGE models includes Tomberlin’s 360 onboard connectivity. Backed by the company’s mission of providing the ultimate in safety, performance and styling, this high-tech carting innovation is gaining increasing attention throughout the market.

This new app puts you in control of your vehicle by providing near real time location and status updates. It also alerts you to things like low battery voltage, giving snowbirds peace of mind knowing their vehicle will alert them from anywhere in the country if their battery runs low. Tomberlin 360 also includes a security feature that utilizes accelerometer data to monitor your cart and alert you if it’s moved unexpectedly, even when the cart is turned off. You can use this helpful new tech no matter how far you are from the

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Just some of the newest ENGAGE model’s features are Apple Car Play® and Android Auto® capability built into the advanced, automotive styled entertainment dashboard. This cart also offers passenger-controlled heat and ventilation controls, wireless charging ports for front and rear passengers, a large, locking glove box, and a steering-column mounted LCD instrument cluster. The carts also offer a new, automotive style dash with everything the driver needs to see in clear, easy to read monitoring just like today’s best cars. Further upgrades include consolidating the vehicle’s turn signal, high beam, forward – neutral – reverse selector and windshield wiper controls to the steering column as in a passenger vehicle. The ENGAGE cart also features an electric, automatically activated parking brake when the vehicle is stopped, in park or turned off. Coupled with their drilled front disk and rear drum brakes, this feature offers the ultimate in driver and passenger safety.

The ENGAGE cart models are offered in Ghosthawk, GTS, and LX versions, all packed with a host of upscale features and conveniences designed for those looking to experience the ultimate in personal LSV transportation, whether on the golf course or cruising up to the country club pool with the family.

The 2024 ENGAGE Ghosthawk is a 4-passenger, forward seating cart with everything you’ll need for the ultimate in comfort, performance, and styling. Just some of the Ghosthawk’s features are the high performance LED

headlamps, taillights and turn signals providing optimum nighttime visibility, and illuminated rocker panels to increase your visibility to other vehicles and pedestrians.

Other premium upgrades include the rear view, color camera display, headliner with dome, map and reading lights, and even a custom built-in umbrella holder, complete with umbrella.

When it comes to the ultimate in LSV styling, Tomberlin’s ENGAGE vehicles offer LED tail and reverse lights, effortless power steering, cool touch premium seats with cell phone pockets, and a large, locking trunk storage compartment. The sleek side-mount mirrors have built in turn indicators, and the striking black diamond pattern floormats are built for style and durability.

Columbia Vehicle Group also manufactures an extensive line of heavy duty, industrial and commercial EVs meant for a construction job site, hotel, university or medical campus or any use where transporting multiple passengers or cargo in comfort is required.

Kurt Meyers says the company is anticipating extensive future growth with their new South Carolina facility. “The future of Tomberlin LSVs is very bright, and we are looking forward to providing savvy cart consumers with everything they are looking for in an advanced, premium personal transportation option.”

For more information, visit



As the old saying goes, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention,’ and that could not be truer than in the case of the way a new golf cart accessory has arrived.

Gerry is the founder of Cart Racks SC, LLC, based in Summerville, South Carolina. His journey into designing and manufacturing a popular new golf cart product came about because of a need he felt would help him, as well as other cart and EV owners.

Gerry is a retired, 20-year plus, police officer from New Jersey who, together with his family, decided to relocate to South Carolina after the Covid pandemic. He quickly discovered that the area was a prime location for the golf cart community, and the family purchased one for their use.

Because the family has 4 kids under the age of 6, Gerry opted for a 6-passenger, Bintelli Beyond vehicle. The neighborhood of Cane Bay, where the family loves visiting the pool and food trucks, is perfect for cruising with the family in your cart.

But when it came to hauling all the gear the large family required to enjoy their day, especially beach chairs, Gerry noticed a problem, and decided to set out to fix it.

“There are other accessories you can attach to the rear safety grab bar on many carts designed to carry beach chairs, but I just had an instinct that there was a better solution,” he said. “As a former cop, you wouldn’t believe some of the safety issues I’ve encountered, especially involving children.”

Many other bolt-on chair racks extended straight out from

the rear grab bar, presenting a potential for injury, or hitting some obstruction. Cart Racks’ model features the ability to fold down when not in use, creating a compact profile for transport. “I developed a prototype that was collapsable in an effort to reduce the risk of causing some type of injury to anyone,” Gerry says.

The chair racks extend from 17-inches to 23-inches and will accommodate up to 6 folding beach chairs. They lock securely in both the extended and folded position with locking pins. Most 4 or 6-passenger carts come with a rear seat safety grab bar, and Gerry knew there was a good way to build a better mouse trap.

The company has designed and manufactured versions of their Cart Rack to fit all models of multi-passenger carts except some newer Club Car models. “Our racks are designed and engineered to fit perfectly on every cart,” he said.

The racks are made of steel and coated with an oil-based black paint. Everything a customer will need to easily install the racks is included with each order. The bundle comes with 2 rack arms, including the nuts and bolts, locking pins and even the drill bit. Customers can easily drill 4 holes in their grab bar. They also come equipped with rubber bumpers to keep the rack from rattling and halfmoon spacers to accommodate installation on grab bars that are rounded and not square.

Cart Racks began posting to a few Facebook golf carting pages, and the response has been very encouraging. “We received a lot of initial requests about how people could buy one, and then it really took off,” Gerry reports. The complete kits sell for $129.00 which also includes shipping anywhere in the U.S. They have received orders from over 2 dozen states so far.

“I wanted to come up with a simple solution for a problem I saw, and we’re really pleased with the response,” said Gerry. His design is currently patent pending.

For more details about these chair racks, visit or on Facebook at


When ICON EV’s founder and visionary Roy Williams started his Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) company in 2017, he knew he had to get the word out in a unique and aggressive way. Williams immediately followed his passion and got on the road, traveling the country to present his innovative electric golf cars to dealers nationwide. This savvy entrepreneur acknowledged that it would take a lot of effort to build the relationships and grow his nationwide dealer network, and his hard work certainly paid off.

Now, 7 years later, ICON manufactures a wide array

of golf cars from economy to luxury, EVs to gas power, and light-duty to heavy-duty commercial to fulfill the needs of all consumers. Six production facilities in Tampa and Sarasota, Florida, Huntersville, North Carolina, Dallas, Texas, Goodyear, Arizona, and Nassau, Bahamas make it efficient for dealers to stock inventory and save on shipping costs.

Prospective dealers interested in carrying one of the brands in the ICON family have an open invite to tour the nearest production facility to see the operations firsthand. “This has been by far the best practice,

enabling dealers to see the dedication to quality control, and meticulous attention to detail that goes into each and every vehicle we build,” Williams said.

ICON is a leader in the LSV industry, offering consumers a DOT/LSV package that will allow the issue of MSOs, and now is the only manufacturer providing a street legal gas car solution, which has elevated the company to an all new level.


The company’s newest endeavor is the PURE EV line of LSVs, highlighting all of ICON’S years of innovation and premium craftsmanship.

PURE vehicles are offered in 5 different cart configurations, including the P40, also available as a lifted version in the P40L. These cars offer unmatched visual appeal with their ultra-sleek body styling, as well as the eye-catching front grille, headlights, and cowl. The P40 offers seating for 4 with rear-facing passenger seats, heavy-duty safety grab rail and foot platform, and cruises on 12-inch wheels and 215/35 tires. The ultra-smooth

ride is thanks to the MacPherson style fully independent coil-over shocks with camber adjustment, and the solid axle coil-over shock and stabilizer bar in the rear.

The instrument cluster is fully built-in to the carbon fiber-style dash and includes all convenient aspects of a multimedia screen. The fully integrated digital instrument cluster includes a 10.1-inch digital display touchscreen, back-up camera, Bluetooth®, phone, radio, music, video, and USB playback, all relaying to the studioquality 26” EcoXGear® soundbar. The top of the dash is equipped with an industry leading wireless charging pad for your cell phone, which brings that convenience factor to a whole new level, along with two locking glove compartments, keyless ignition switch, dual USB and USB-C ports, multiple cup holders, a built-in cooler/ storage compartment beneath the rear seat, and flush mount seat belts. PURE EV is also equipped with a prewired 45A reducer which makes adding underglow lighting and accessories a breeze for dealers.

As always, safety is a top priority for this manufacturer. The LED front combination lights include

low-lights, high beams, turn signals, daytime running lights (DRLs), and charger indicator light. The dual lit side mirrors keep your surroundings in view, and oncoming and passing traffic aware of your next move. The LED rear lights include taillights, brake lights, back-up lights, and hazards. The exceptional 4-wheel disc braking system that consumers have come to expect of their ICONs comes standard in all PURE models as well. PURE even comes equipped with actual car key fobs for its pushbutton start.

While the exterior showcases six new modern colors, including opal, seaglass, black diamond, sky blue, slate, and scarlet, what lies underneath the exterior is an exemplary machine that meets every high-level standard you’d expect from your ICON family of brands.

Territories are now open nationwide but going fast. Dealers interested in carrying PURE should reach out immediately to sign up. You can learn more about the new PURE EV by clicking here.


Continuing with their mission to lead the golf car and LSV industry, ICON also offers their G-Series line

of gas-powered carts, available in four different 4 and 6-passenger models. The G40 cart offers a top speed of 25 mph, an estimated fuel range of about 120+ miles, and is powered by a 410cc, 11.5hp OHV engine with electronic fuel injection. Other benefits include the nochoke starting system and a 4.3-gallon fuel tank. This gas-powered golf car is the only gas-powered golf car on the market that can be fully street legal (in almost every state) and is equipped with the exceptional 4-wheel hydraulic disc braking system that ICON has perfected.

“We are thrilled to offer the very best and only line of gas-powered Low Speed Vehicles with our signature 4-wheel disc brakes available on the market today,” said Williams.


There are many different configurations and styles of ICON EVs, which all began with their cornerstone, the ICON model. This trendsetting golf car raised the bar for style, comfort, durability, safety, and performance, which is a key focus for the company – and the reason for their continued growth in the marketplace.

The ICON model line-up boasts 10 stylish

configurations, perfect for every activity. From enjoying 18 holes on the green to transporting friends, family or co-workers around your community, business complex, school campus, medical facility, or large sports venue, ICON has the perfect transportation solution for every need.

ICON’s 2024 models have been reimagined with numerous upgrades that have improved both design, function and “cool factor” that all consumers love. They showcase a beautiful new carbon fiber-style dash equipped with locking glove compartments, a 10-inch digital display and multimedia screen with Bluetooth capability, and a back-up camera. Plus, an added rear storage/cooler compartment, and thicker, more plush seating for added comfort, and upgraded rims and tires that make every adventure even more enjoyable.


If you’re looking for luxury… look no further than the top-of-the-line EPIC line of carts. All of the “bells and whistles” come standard to create the ultimate personal LSV. The EPIC comes in 6 different model configurations perfect for 2, 4 or 6 passengers to ride in style.

This stunning car offers factory-installed features which make them street-legal-compliant in a majority of states. These street-legal features include a back-up camera with large 10-inch dash display, 3-point seat belts for all passengers, glass windshield with electronic wiper,

a carbon fiber-style dash with digital gauges, dual sided lit turn signals, horn, and even an illuminated license plate holder. Other premium features include state-ofthe-art 4-wheel disc brakes, adjustable coil-over shocks, a 450/500 Amp controller, onboard charger and are now available with Lithium or sealed, maintenance-free AGM batteries. More standard features include the 26-inch EcoXGear Bluetooth soundbar, USB ports, and pre-wired 12V switches, all with a 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Sure to turn heads at your community pool, the local park, or even cruising the coastal beaches, the EPIC Cart is ideal for family fun.

Taking a test drive is the best way to determine what model in the ICON family of brands is right for you, and with more than 350 dealers nationwide, it’s never been a better time to level up your golf cart lifestyle.

Prospective dealers interested in expanding their offering should visit the nearest production facility. ICON will cover the cost of two airline tickets and hotel accommodations for a dealer representative and their guest. There you will be able to meet the ICON team and visit one of the production facilities for a personal tour, examine assembly processes, assess QC, and discuss pricing and delivery options. To book your complimentary factory tour and getaway, simply call founder and CEO Roy Williams directly at (813) 335-0015.


Q: My tires are wearing unevenly. What can be the problem?

A: There could be several issues at hand. First look at air pressure. It could either be too low or too high. You should keep anywhere from 10-20 psi in the tires depending on your terrain for proper wear. Some radial tires require even more PSI to wear evenly. A second issue is you may be out of alignment. To better understand how alignment works, here are specific terms that you should be familiar with:


Toe-In: This refers to the front of the wheels pointing in towards each other (like when you are badly holding the need to use the restroom). A slight toe-in can be beneficial for straight-line stability. However, excessive toe-in can result in the outer edges of the tires wearing out faster.

Toe-Out: This is when the front of the wheels point away from each other. Too much toe-out can cause the inner edges of the tires to wear down prematurely. Camber: Camber is the angle of the wheel when viewed from the front. If the top of the wheel tilts outwards, it has positive camber, and if it tilts inwards, it has negative camber. Proper camber ensures even tire wear and turning performance.

Q: How do I perform an alignment myself?

A: Ensure your cart is on a flat and level surface and the steering wheel is in the straight position. This is a good time to make sure your tires have even tire pressure as previously mentioned.

Check the Current Alignment: Using a tape measure, measure the distance between the front of your FRONT tires and the back of the FRONT tires. This will give you an idea of whether your wheels have toe-in or toe-out alignment.

Check & Adjust the Camber: Using something straight, place the straight flat-edge on the ground and find out if a gap exists between the edge of your driver’s side front tire and the straight-edge. If there is a gap, we will need to adjust the heim joints on the cart to

straighten your camber up. The heim joints are the two joints in which the wheel assembly (hub, etc.) bolts to the steering assembly.

If your camber is not straight, engage the parking brake and jack up the front of your cart. Loosen the nut on the inside of your lower control arm (bottom heim joint) and adjust your tire to even-out the camber based on the gap your tire had when held next to the straightedge. If the camber is OUT (top of tire nearer to frame), push the bottom of the tire inward. If the camber is IN (bottom is closer), push the top of the tire inward.

After adjusting the heim joint for an even (straight) tire position, lower your cart to re-check your camber. If your camber is still off, then adjust the second heim joint just above the previously adjusted one. Repeat the process on both joints as necessary until your camber is straight. Once complete, repeat the entire process for your passenger side front tire as well.

Adjust the Tie Rods (Toe-in / Toe-out): To change the toe-in or toe-out alignment, you'll need to adjust your tie rods. Loosening them will increase toe-out and tightening them will increase toe-in.

Face the front of your cart and measure the distance between the insides of your front tires. Lying down, from the side of your cart, repeat this for the back side of the front tires. Ideally, there should be a 1/8" to 1/4" difference from the front to rear inner edges for the best stability while driving your cart.

After measuring, to achieve this ideal range, set your brake and jack up the front. Adjust the toe-in by loosening the tie rod on the driver's side wheel and twist the rod as needed. For inward adjustment, turn the rod towards the cart's rear; for outward, turn it towards the front.

After aligning both sides to the 1/8" to 1/4" toe-in difference, lower the cart, roll it 7 to 10 feet forward, and re-check. This ensures consistent alignment after your adjustments. Adjust further if any misalignment is spotted.

Once you've made your final adjustments, take your cart for a test drive. Ensure it drives straight and make any final tweaks as necessary.

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