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cruise through your community—protected

Rolling in Remembrance: Celebrating Memorial Day with Golf Carts

Memorial Day, a solemn occasion to honor and remember those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom, has a unique and vibrant tradition that marries leisure with remembrance: the golf cart parade. In golf cart-friendly towns and retirement communities, this tradition has become a staple, transforming the leisurely pastime of golf cart cruising into a moving tribute to our nation's heroes.

Community Spotlights

Across the nation, communities are putting a spin on Memorial Day celebrations with golf cart parades. From the sun-drenched lanes of Florida's retirement havens to the quiet streets of golf-centric towns in Arizona, these parades are a testament to the ingenuity and patriotic spirit of American communities. In one notable example, a small town transformed its annual golf cart parade into a "rolling museum," with each cart representing a different era of military history, adorned with flags, historical photos, and memorabilia, creating a vivid tableau of America's military past and present.

Decoration Ideas

while placards or banners bearing the names of local veterans or fallen soldiers add a layer of meaningful tribute. For a more thematic approach, consider mimicking the design of military uniforms or symbols, such as stars or stripes, to honor different branches of the armed forces.

Engaging Veterans

Involving veterans in Memorial Day golf cart parades not only honors their service but also bridges the gap between generations. Inviting veterans to lead the parade, share their stories, or simply acknowledging their presence during the event can be profoundly meaningful. Some communities have taken to decorating a special cart as a "cart of honor" for a local veteran, allowing them to participate in a place of distinction.

The Memorial Day golf cart parade represents a unique intersection of community, leisure, and remembrance. It allows us to honor those who have given their all-in service to our country while fostering a sense of unity and patriotism. Through thoughtful preparation, respectful celebration, and a focus on the true meaning of Memorial Day, these parades can serve as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made for our freedoms. As we roll in remembrance, let us never forget the weight of the sacrifice behind our freedom and the importance of coming together to honor it.

Decorating a golf cart for Memorial Day offers an opportunity to express both creativity and patriotism. The key is to balance festive flair with the solemnity of the occasion. Traditional American colors—red, white, and blue—form the basis of any decoration scheme. Flags, bunting, and balloons can add a celebratory touch, 10

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Gettin’ Western, Gettin’ Western, 16

Rolls Royce Style Rolls Royce Style

Restoring a Vintage Gem: A Modern Twist on Classic Golf Carting

Roaming through Facebook and OfferUp in search of my next cart project, I stumbled upon a true gem – a pristine 1994 Western cart, "Rolls Royce" edition. Yet, despite its near-perfect preservation of 90's golf carting excellence, I couldn't resist the urge to transform it into something truly exceptional.

After a relentless negotiation battle, I proudly became the new owner, brimming with ideas to unleash its potential. My mission was clear: to merge modern performance with classic aesthetics, all while preserving its factory allure.

With determination fueling my vision, I set out to execute my plan. The first


order of business? Outfitting it with the largest wheels possible and slamming it to the ground, yet maintaining its stock appearance. And let me tell you, I nailed it. Aside from the bold wheels, this is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

To pay homage to the iconic Rolls Royces, I opted for a striking Mercedes satin white finish with satin black accents. The interior received a touch of rejuvenation as well – the original wood cloth seats underwent a transformation with a simple dye job, retaining their impeccable feel and appearance.

Not content with stopping there, I meticulously refined the body, shaving off unnecessary protrusions like front reflectors and taillights. In their place, I installed a 48" LED truck tailgate light and tastefully tinted the strip for an enhanced,

yet still brilliantly bright rear aesthetic. Of course, I didn't forget the essential street legal signals and brake lights – they're all part of the fun.

But what's a ride without some serious tunes? I integrated a 28" sound bar and rewired the speakers for maximum dashpounding power. And let me tell you, the 12" bass tube under the rear seat delivers a heart-pounding punch that'll leave you breathless.

For air management, I spared no expense, opting for an 8-switch manifold paired with a 4-gallon tank and not one, but two Viair 480 compressors – overkill? Perhaps. But with 14-second refills, I'm not complaining. Plus, those Air Slammit digital gauges? Pure perfection for keeping tabs on everything.

Now, let's talk speed. The stock 42V system simply wasn't 18

cutting it. Inspired by the sight of modern carts doing wheelies and cruising at breakneck speeds, I decided to up the ante. Enter the 600amp Navitas A/C kit paired with a revolutionary Lithium battery from – boasting an insane 120AH capacity and an 800 Amp Max discharge rate. Talk about a powerhouse in a compact package.

The result? A jaw-dropping spectacle that leaves onlookers in awe. From pulling wheelies to tearing up the pavement at over 35MPH, this beast commands attention wherever it roams.

But beyond the thrill of customization and speed lies the true essence of my passion – bringing my family closer together. Witnessing the excitement in my daughters' eyes as they experience the fruits of my labor alongside my wife and me is a priceless reward.

As I bid farewell to this project, my mind races with anticipation for the next challenge. But for now, I'm taking a brief hiatus from airbags to embark on a new adventure –something lifted, yet reminiscent of the mini truck days of So-Cal. Stay tuned as I continue to push the boundaries of creativity in my garage, one golf cart at a time.


• 120AH 54.6V Lithium battery

• Modz 14" Mauler Rims

• Rockville 28" sound bar and 12" bass tube

• Airslammit manifold

• 2 Viair 480's

• Custom fabricated 3-link rear suspension

• 8" of lift front and rear

• Navitas 600Amp A/C drive system 20



LLithium batteries have emerged as one of the topperforming product segments in the golf car industry over the last several years. This new and exciting product has enhanced the golf carting experience for consumers by offering much longer run times, extended service life, and requiring zero maintenance. Almost exclusively produced overseas, lithium batteries have revolutionized the entire battery industry by introducing new brands and supply chains to the US consumer. In this article, we will compare factorydirect battery suppliers with more established US-based battery brands.

Traditionally, lead-acid batteries were manufactured in the United States and reached consumers through a network of US distribution companies and retail businesses. In contrast, lithium batteries are mostly produced by countries in Southeast Asia, with China being the top supplier. Overseas manufacturers have always aimed to sell directly to consumers, bypassing established battery brands, distributors, and retailers. Through online retail outlets like Amazon and Alibaba, factory-direct brands can now reach the end consumer. The question arises: Is this good for the US lithium golf car battery consumer?

A factory-direct brand is an overseas brand created by the manufacturer or assembler. These brands typically have whimsical names and are primarily sold through various large online retail sites. The biggest advantage of purchasing a factory-direct battery is the lower price. However, the major disadvantage is the lack of after-sale service and their ability to handle warranty claims. Consumers must decide if the savings of a few hundred dollars are worth trusting an unknown battery brand with faceless online reviews.

My initial experience working with a factory-direct lithium battery brand was as an early RoyPow dealer. In those early years of the lithium rush, it was beneficial to offer a lithium golf car battery at an affordable price. Additionally, RoyPow extended 30-day terms to all retailers at the time, enabling them to flood the market with their products. Nearly overnight, RoyPow dominated the lithium golf car battery space. So, what happened? How did a company with unlimited supply and virtually no competition fail to emerge as the industry leader? Firstly, RoyPow was slow to recognize that their batteries had an insufficient discharge rate for a large portion of upgraded US golf cars. Secondly, the dealer network realized RoyPow’s

limitations in after-sale service and warranty claim handling. These limitations were exploited by emerging US battery brands focusing their business models on technical support and seamless warranty processes.

A US lithium battery brand is a company based in the United States that imports batteries from overseas manufacturers based on the product standards they set. These companies have the necessary domestic insurances to sell a hazmat-labeled product to the public and an infrastructure for diagnosing and handling warranty claims. The major US battery brands utilize a nationwide dealer network to distribute their products, providing purchasers with a local point of contact for questions or concerns. If a trusted and experienced local retailer sells a company’s product, they are staking their business’s reputation on the quality of that product. Word travels fast locally and even faster online. The best reason to choose a US battery brand, aside from an extended US-based warranty and domestic tech support, is quality control. Overseas manufacturers are infamous for swapping components due to availability or cost issues. US brands should and must perform quality control checks on each shipment to ensure products meet their standards. Specifically, for this product category, the more checks and balances, the better.

From an experienced dealer’s perspective, the aftersale service provided by US brands and dealer networks is invaluable. I have navigated through multiple types of warranty processes over the years. I have assisted many customers in purchasing a second lithium battery after initially taking the less expensive route. I’ve also had customers wait months for a resolution on a warranty claim. No one wants to have a bad experience after spending upwards of $1,500 on a product. A US-based company can be held accountable for product deficiencies; overseas companies cannot. While some products can be produced as inexpensively as possible to extend savings to the end user, others, like lithium batteries, must be produced to the highest standards and qualitychecked at every step of the way. Given that we already know cheap lithium batteries are a potential fire hazard, it’s clear that purchasing a lithium golf car battery from a trusted US company backed by an extended dealer network is the right choice. 22
golfcartcustoms AngryGoatCustomCartsCreatesaMonsterofaCart 24

Some custom cart shops may be satisfied with creating one specific new cart and then calling it a day. But at Angry Goat Custom Carts, they’re not known for resting when it comes to taking things a few steps further.

Paul Pryor and Mike Smith are the cart fanatics behind Angry Goat, located in DeBary, Florida, about midway between Orlando and Daytona Beach. In business for just around seven years, this custom shop knows what it takes to dream up, engineer and manufacture some of the most stunning vehicles around.

The pair built the original Beast Mode about two years ago but got to thinking about how to breathe some new life into it. That’s how Beast Mode 2.0 came into being, and it has been catching the attention of cart lovers around the country. The company took it to the recent PGA Show in Orlando to showcase their work, and this behemoth was a big hit making the rounds at many sponsor and exhibitor’s homes.

“We couldn’t be happier with the reception to Beast Mode 2.0 and Angry Goat,” says Pryor. “It was a lot of fun to see people react to it, and we’re really proud of how it turned out.”


The original cart was based on a Navitas® X6 chassis, and Angry Goat used that to begin this build. The rest of the cart features all new fabrication and components that came together perfectly to bring this monster to completion.

The body kit is a MadJax Storm®, with an E-Z-GO® center seat pod and front end. Navitas supplied their 5kW motor and 600-amp controller, and Eco Battery® provided the twin lithium 51v 105ah batteries along with a separate, 12v lithium 100ah battery dedicated to just the electronics.

And when it comes to electronics, Angry Goat really pushed the envelope.

“If you want a custom that stands out, Beast Mode 2.0 will really light it up,” Pryor says. The company used one-and-a-half under glow light kits from ECOXGEAR SOUNDEXTREME®, along with 5-row, 17-inch LED light kits mounted inside the massive wheels, courtesy of Overkill Lighting out of Longwood, Florida. All of the custom lighting on the cart is programmable and synchs to the entire vehicle. The cart’s custom rocker panels from Absolute Pro Solutions are even backlit.

“You can pre-program all of the cart’s lighting through an app to create a Christmas theme,



Halloween colors, red, white and blue or whatever you can think of,” Pryor pointed out.

Other electronic goodies include the massive, 10-inch Navitas dash display screen, the 4, 6.5-inch dash speakers and dual subwoofers from SOUNDEXTREME, front and rear-view cameras, and Bluetooth AM/FM sound. One of the massive subwoofers is placed within the primary seating pod with a custom access and control panel, and the other is mounted behind the rear set of seats. Beast Mode 2.0 will definitely get your ears’ attention.

Visually, Angry Goat knew they had to go big. Pryor and Smith decided to go with a painted body as opposed to just a wrap. That’s where Liquid Lenny’s of Odessa Park, Florida, stepped up and delivered. “I told them my general theme and asked them to go for it, create something really unique,” said Pryor. “The result is definitely a home run.”

The eye-grabbing, “American Pride” theme includes a flowing, red, white, and blue motif with 2 original skull highlights. This paint job rivals those found on the winners at any classic car show.

Other exterior features include the custom FS3 seats from MODZ®, dripping a brilliant red color and stitched to perfection. created the custom badges

on the seats and dash trim. The dashboard was the work of Barry Hall at Kart King®, textured by Angry Goat. Dekomats® was asked to create a set of floor mats to reflect the theme of the cart, and the results are perfect.

Beast Mode 2.0s aggressive stance is thanks to the lift job by Big Bad Carts, with more help from the massive, 26 x 14inch chrome wheels from HardCore® and 35-inch tires.

In addition to creating some of the most impressive custom carts in the southeast, Angry Goat is also an authorized dealer for new Vivid® vehicles and have just announced the Denago® line of carts as a new offering.

The company has a well-established history of crafting some of the most notable customs around, including a special commission from SOUNDEXTREME to create their cart for the PGA Show, plus some totally unique designs including one that replicates an old Ford Model T, and many others.

Pryor noted why he works with and supports only the best in the cart business, especially when it comes to a mega-build like Beast Mode 2.0. “I deal with people and companies that are loyal to me and our shop, and provide the ultimate in not only their products, but in customer service,” he said. “Loyalty in business is everything, and building custom golf carts is no different.” -GCMAG 28



Headquartered in Texas with a 106,000-squarefoot production facility located in Williston, South Carolina, Atlas Golf Carts has quickly proven themselves in manufacturing some of the industry’s most impressive golf carts and LSVs.

Mark Messick is the Co-CEO at Atlas, along with industry veteran Sanjay Kopay, who each have a long history in the personal transportation vehicle market with some of carting’s best known brands.

“We began planning Atlas Carts in 2019 and launched in 2022, learning quickly how to adapt and grow the company by successfully navigating business challenges and

remaining flexible as a team,” Messick says. “Our mission was to differentiate our vehicles from the competition, and that continues to be our guiding principle.”

Since this publication last covered Atlas Golf Carts, many new and innovative enhancements have been implemented to stay ahead of the curve from a competitive standpoint. “2024 has already been a very exciting year for Atlas and we’ve got some more plans for growing the company coming up,” said Messick. “We’re constantly evolving and adapting to what the marketplace wants.”

In recent months, the company has added a stunning new, 6-passenger personal transportation vehicle, along with a new,

golfcartmanufacturer 32


street legal low speed vehicle. Other updates include adding 7 new body colors to their lineup and launching a super realistic, online configurator tool to allow clients to create their own personal vehicle with all of their individual features and options using unmatched imagery and accuracy.


People looking for real value and premium quality features in a new cart or LSV want to get the most bang for their buck, and Atlas certainly delivers.

Models include their 2-passenger, 4-passenger, and 6-passenger vehicles. The latter two are also offered in a lifted version. All of the vehicles offered by Atlas come standard with some of the industry’s most appealing and cutting edge consumer features and benefits.

For those who want to alleviate the fear and anxiety of running out of power during a round of golf or cruising their neighborhood, Atlas offers a powerful 210Ah lithium battery pack, one of the largest in the industry, which provides three times greater amp power than most other brands. They also feature an onboard charger and a rapid charging system for when you forgot to plug in your charger, and 2 state-of-charge meters. They also offer a 105Ah battery pack option.

All Atlas vehicles are engineered for pure enjoyment, with a Bluetooth sound system, AM/FM stereo and hands-free calling standard on every model. There’s even wireless phone charging capability.

Other notable features include the advanced LED lights on the carts, 34


with distinctive headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals and hazard lights. People will see you coming, and you’ll be able to see your way with the ultimate in illumination. The body styling features distinctive lines, contours and accents unlike any other cart, and the automotive-styled lights create an eye catching visual appeal.

The chassis is all aluminum, and the 5KW AC Nidec® motor and 400A Nidec controller provide plenty of smooth acceleration and power. Coil over springs provide a luxury ride on all four corners. Other features include 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes and automatic electronic parking brake, 3-point seat belts for all occupants, side and rearview mirrors and a horn. When it comes to comfort, Atlas models offer premium, ergonomically designed seats, folding windshield, 14-inch aluminum wheels, locking front storage compartment, 4 front cup holders and an Italian-made steering wheel.

The Atlas 2-passenger model starts at approximately $12,399.00.


Constantly on the leading edge of technology and vehicle innovation, Atlas continues to improve their features and usercentric comfort with some notable new upgrades.

Their new Atlas WAVE sound system provides the

ultimate premium quality audio experience for clients with reengineered dash acoustics and illuminated tweeters mounted in the dash. Gone are the traditional, low back cart seats, now enhanced with premium, higher seating with headrests and more interior cushioning.

The company recognized the rising demand for a topof-the-line low speed vehicle designed and built for cruising residential neighborhoods and country club communities. Their new LSV model offers a DOT-approved windshield with an electric wiper, backup camera and pedestrian warning system, and even an illuminated license plate bracket.

Another new upgrade from Atlas is their lifetime warranty on their motors, controllers, and rear tans-axle components for original owners through their partnership with Nidec. The company knows that this will be a huge advantage for the dealers in their 130-plus nationwide dealer network.

At the PGA Show held in January in Orlando, Atlas Golf Carts made a distinct impression on attendees, with Messick and his entire team coming away with increased motivation to continue to innovate and lead the market.

“Visitors and our dealer partners were very pleased with what we’ve developed at Atlas over the past year, and we see nothing but positive growth opportunities as we continue to surpass the needs of the LSV consumer,” Messick said. 36
Power You Can Rely On It’s our mission at RELiON Battery to provide superior product quality and performance. Our number one priority is an exceptional experience for our customers. With our InSight Series® lithium golf car battery, you can enjoy easy installation – with no tray modifications – and flexibility to scale capacity based on desired mileage. Plus, it’s backed by a 10-year warranty for peace of mind. BECOME A DEALER | 855-931-2466
let'sgetsocial 40

Revolutionize Your Dealer Profits with ActivEV

Showcase this premier golf cart brand in your dealership, and receive: Massive Dealer Profits Turnkey, Ready-to-Sell Inventory Low First-Time Order Requirement Standard Cutting Edge Lithium Battery 4-Year Warranty with Stress-Free Support Nationwide Advertising To Drive Traffic To Your Dealership Nationwide Dealership Support Network For Your Customers Showroom Materials Free with First Order + Premade Marketing Materials Premium Captain’s Chairs 10” LCD Touch Screen 14” Aluminum Wheels Powered by BintelliTM, Driven by Innovation For more information, visit SCAN NOW for more info


Saturday, March 23rd, was the date of our first ever “Golf Carting Magazine Carts & Coffee” event in Charleston, SC, along with Charleston Custom Carts, and it was a smash hit.

The event started at 10am and there were already people walking around, arriving in their golf carts and enjoying a cup of coffee. Charleston Custom Carts had 12 carts on display from Denago EV, Club Car, Sierra and ICON, with a big tent, tables and displays with information from the sponsors which included Denago EV, ECO Battery, ECOXGEAR, Navitas, MODZ, Converted Carts and EWG, who all donated some great products and merchandise for the event. We also gave away a lot of magazines, stickers, hats, and hundreds of drink koozies.

The amazing sales staff, Jennifer and Amanda, from Denago EV worked hard to set up our booth and were key to making the event look top notch. Chandler from ECO Battery was also there and set up their own table with some free swag and information on their products. The team - Matt, Angie, Hank, Craig, and Bill - from Charleston Custom Carts managed all the details that made this inaugural event such a success.

By 11am there were dozens of people and carts lined up and kids running and playing on the lawn. The tropical steel drum music was playing outside Coastal Skillet, where free donuts, coffee and other refreshments were generously donated by the owner, Tracy. Tracy was also a huge help in setting up this event and we are incredibly grateful for her


By 1pm, the place was packed, and everyone was having a great time. Many people were taking Denago EV test drives, playing corn hole, enjoying refreshments, and learning about all the new products our sponsors had to offer, all leading up to the main event… The prize raffle was set to take place at 2pm and attendees were excited to see the show and find out if they were one of the lucky winners!

Over 300 people were anxiously awaiting the raffle results, with Christian Amico, CEO of Golf Carting Magazine and www., served as the MC of the event and handled the randomly picking of winners of the 6 prize giveaways from the event sponsors. ECOXGEAR donated a sound bar and under-glow LED system, MODZ donated a setup of chrome red wheels and tires, Navitas donated a DC controller, ECO Battery donated a 72v lithium battery and the main prize was from the amazing people at Denago EV who donated a brand-new Nomad XL golf cart!

“We couldn’t have been more pleased with the turnout for our 1st Carts & Coffee”, Christian said. “We plan to have more of these events all over the country to help spread the word about golf carting experience, help promote our outstanding sponsors and assist dealers with showing how much they appreciate their customers.”

Counting down from the 6th place winner with a randomly generated numbers thanks to Siri, the prizes were

golfcartevent 44

flowing, and the crowd was gathered around in excitement cheering on the winners with tons of cheering as we wrapped up the event with the 1st place prize announced by Christian. Congratulations to all of the winners, and a huge shout out to all of our incredible sponsors, staff and our host who came out to support this fun carting event. Stay tuned for the announcement about our next Carts & Coffee Event!

Charleston Custom Carts: Denago EV:

ECO Battery:



Converted Carts:


For more information about GolfCarting Magazine or GolfCartingTV, or if you would like to be a future sponsor and be featured in our publication, please visit or You can also contact


Q: How can I test my battery charger to see if it is functioning correctly?

A: You can test your charger output by simply connecting a multimeter on both main positive and negative contractions on the battery pack where the charger receptacle wires lead to. Once the charger is connected, you should see a higher voltage than your pack. For instance, if you have a 36 volt cart you should see at least 39+ volts at first. In different phases of the charge, you can see voltage as high as 44 volts while it is its equalization phase closer to the end of its charging cycle. Check on your charger periodically to see if it may be shutting off mid-cycle from overheating, a poor connection or a bad battery that is in the pack. Modern chargers have "intelligent" circuitry to monitor the charge cycle enough to indicate if one bad battery is in the pack and so it will not charge the pack fully to protect from overcharging and possibly causing an explosion. Some chargers (like Delta-Q) have flashing trouble codes to indicate if there is a condition that shows why the charger may not be functioning properly as well. Make sure to double check all your connections including at the receptacle and charge cord to make sure there is good contact and no corrosion or loose contact pins inside the plug.

Q: My battery cable ends seems to be melting and getting extremely hot. What’s going on?

A: This could be caused by the cables not being

tightened properly and causing an arch and extreme heat. Make sure the connections are cleaned and your cables are tightened down making a solid connection with the battery posts. This could also be caused by faulty or improper gauge cables. You want to make sure these cables are a minimum of 6 gauge (which most stock carts come with), but we recommend 4 gauge or even 2 gauge, especially if you are going to modify anything with the electrical system in the cart.

Q: My cart goes forward but sometimes does not go in reverse. What could be the issue?

A: It sounds like you may have a faulty forward/reverse switch. If your cart has an early style manual lever-style switch, changes are the copper contacts have become worn or have a poor contact situation. You can visually check this by taking the cover off the switch underneath the seat and making sure you can see the lever fully touching or overlapping these contacts when the lever is moved back and forth. Also, there are microswitches involved with this type of mechanism, so you want to hear a small click while these microswitches activate to produce continuity between the open/closed circuit positions. You can also verify continuity of these switches with a multimeter. Check all your wires leading from the F&R switch back to the motor as basically all this switch does is reverse the polarity to the motor. A small possibility could also be that you have a bad controller as well but check all these areas first to troubleshoot.

askthemechanic 48
and go to Readers Rides to submit. Be sure to use the hashtag #golfcarting 50
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