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When You Go Big, You Need Big Power








Power You Can Rely On It’s our mission at RELiON Battery to provide superior product quality and performance. Our number one priority is an exceptional experience for our customers. With our InSight Series® lithium golf car battery, you can enjoy easy installation – with no tray modifications – and flexibility to scale capacity based on desired mileage. Plus, it’s backed by a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

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3 Companies That are Driving the Industry Forward Eco Battery, is based in the United States, specializes in providing high-performance golf cart batteries that are not only reliable but also eco-friendly. Their commitment to environmental responsibility sets them apart in the industry. Eco Battery offers a diverse range of battery options, including lithiumion and lead-acid batteries, designed to power both traditional and electric golf carts. Their products are known for their longevity and exceptional performance, ensuring that golf cart enthusiasts can enjoy extended rides without the hassle of frequent battery replacements. With a nationwide presence, Eco Battery delivers its eco-conscious solutions to customers across the country.


he world of golf carts is evolving rapidly, with companies offering innovative solutions and products to enhance the golf cart experience. I wanted to introduce you to three prominent companies that are featured in this edition, each contributing uniquely to the industry. is an online retailer in the world of golf carts. As a one-stop-shop for electric vehicle parts, the company has gained a reputation for providing golf cart enthusiasts with everything they need to customize and maintain their carts. Whether you're looking for replacement parts, accessories, or upgrades, has it all. offers convenience and a vast selection of high-quality products. Whether you own a gas-powered or electric golf cart, this website is your go-to source for sourcing top-notch components. With an easy-to-navigate interface and a wide range of options, they cater to both DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics, ensuring that your golf cart stays in peak condition.


Voyager EV is revolutionizing the golf cart industry with its electric vehicle offerings. With a focus on sustainable mobility, this company designs and manufactures electric golf carts that are both stylish and eco-friendly. Voyager EV’s electric vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge technology, delivering a quiet and emission-free ride while maintaining the performance and functionality expected from a golf cart. Whether you're cruising around the golf course or using a golf cart for transportation in a community, Voyager EV's electric vehicles are designed to meet your needs. We encourage you to discover more about these companies and read the full articles in this edition. Together, they contribute to the ongoing evolution of the carting world, making the experience better and more sustainable for enthusiasts everywhere. We hope you enjoy this November 2023 edition of Golf Carting Magazine.

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When You Go Big, You Need Big Power PHOTOS BY TUCKER WILLIAMS


f there ever were a more appropriate concept behind the phrase, “go big or go home,” this outstanding custom cart build would certainly qualify. “Blank Check” is the name of this rolling masterpiece, and the designer and builder confirms that’s pretty much what it took to get this cart completed. Cory Osteen is the Operations Manager at Eco Battery’s East Coast distribution facility in South Carolina. He came up with the idea of creating a cart that would dwarf other custom builds both in size and in performance. “I just wanted to do a build that was to the extreme, using the best parts, components and accessories that I could, and the people at Eco Battery were behind me all the way,” Cory said. Several of the Eco Battery team helped to get this larger-than-life



cart off the ground. Cory spent about 8-months on the build and received extensive support and assistance from Golf Carts Modified®. Cory started this project with a new, 2022 E-Z-GO TXT chassis, and the radical modifications began. He cut the chassis and extended it by an amazing 42-inches before powder coating. He then installed dual 4-link suspension front and rear and 33-inch coil-over shocks, along with dual anti-roll bars. The ground clearance on Blank Check can be adjusted from 22

40 to 46-inches. The cart rides on 30x16-inch American Force® wheels and 42x16.50R30 LT Fury® tires. This giant makes a truly impressive entrance everywhere it goes. “With a cart of this size and scale, I knew we needed to use two, 70.4V Eco Batteries to supply the amperage needed to make everything on the cart perform like I wanted,” said Cory. Other mods include the silent drive vacuum assisted underslung power brakes, 15-inch rear Silverado disc brake conversion, custom billet rear differential cover, and EZ-Steer®

power assist steering with a Fox® steering stabilizer. A cart this big needs big sounds, and Blank Check installed a Wet Sounds® stereo, two zero-6s inside the dash and two zero-8s built into the floor facing down, powered by a 4-channel Wet Sounds amp. The cart also a features 600 amp, 5kw Navitas® AC conversion module. Cory opted for maximum eye candy appeal courtesy of the iPad 12.9-inch Pro built into the dash, custom painted storm body, Magnetic LUX® rock lights and dual row LED under glow lighting. ECO BATTERY A GIANT IN LITHIUM BATTERY MARKET Headquartered in Utah, Eco Battery continues to power the future as the leading lithium manufacturer. The company has recently signed a long term agreement with Nivel Parts and Manufacturing® to be their exclusive distributor in the aftermarket space in North America. Eco Battery has also signed long term supplier agreements with some of the largest OEM's in the LSV space such as ICON EV®, EPIC EV®, VIVID EV®, MadJax®, Kodiak EV® and others. With their commitment to unmatched quality and performance in the worldwide lithium battery industry, they have also started expanding world-wide by signing a long term agreement with Golf Cart Parts and Repairs® as their exclusive Australian distributor. 24

Through countless hours of research and development, Eco Battery designs and meticulously manufactures all of their batteries to provide years of trouble free service. They use only the highest quality LiFePo4 cells from the best manufacturers in the world. Every Eco Battery contains cells that are meticulously sorted and matched for both capacity and resistance. Their website is easy to navigate, offering individual golf cart batteries in a wide array of volts, amperage, and sizes for any brand of cart, or customers can purchase complete battery bundles that include all mounting hardware, charging port, converter, and digital gauge kit. Eco Battery has roughly 40 employees in their two facilities and over 2,000 active dealers in North America. Noah Schone is the company’s Vice President of Sales and is focused on the future of Eco Battery. “Our entire team has our heads down working hard on some exciting new features to come to the battery world that we expect to launch early next year,” he says. Thanks to the vision of Cory Osteen and the team at Eco Battery, the company now has a stunning new rolling marketing tool to highlight the power of their premium lithium ion batteries. To learn more, visit 26





If you have an electric golf, PTV or utility vehicle, you will need to replace your batteries from time to time. The time between replacement varies by technology, maintenance, charging and other factors. You should have some idea of the expected cycle life of your battery, but your battery may be failing if it:

number of batteries in your vehicle. Current determines the size (or capacity) of the battery. The more current required, the larger the battery must be to provide it. Remember to include the current needed to run accessories as well as the motor. Together, voltage and current determine the total power that the battery set can produce.

• • • • •

VALIDATE THE DIMENSIONS Try to replace the batteries with the same physical size. If you must change the battery size, measure the battery compartment and length of cables to verify that everything will fit. If you change the battery type or capacity, ensure the cables are large enough to accommodate the different batteries. If possible, replace all the batteries at the same time. Replacing just one or two can lead to shortened life and poor performance of the new batteries and may hasten the decline of the older batteries. When you are ready to purchase new batteries, look for a manufacturer with a broad dealer network, a technical support line and a complete portfolio of deep-cycle flooded lead-acid, VRLA and lithium-ion batteries.

Takes longer to charge. Hesitates during acceleration. Fails to operate accessories. Loses power quickly. Bulges, leaks or cracks.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Before buying replacements, you will need to know the voltage your vehicle requires, the current you need and the dimensions of your battery. Voltage determines the number of batteries you will need. Typical voltages are 36 or 48 volts and require four to six batteries, sometimes eight. Some utility vehicles are 72 volts and may require up to nine batteries. If you do not know the voltage, check your Owners Guide. You can also calculate the voltage by locating the individual battery voltage on the label and multiplying that by the 28

Learn more or find your local Authorized Trojan Dealer.



If you’ve been thinking it’s time to freshen up your cart with some new, high quality parts and accessories, Converted Carts is the place to look. This company is based out of Ohio and was founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Matt White. Offering everything to bring your cart up to the newest levels of style and performance, Converted Carts also offers free shipping with no minimum 32

order. The company is known for their commitment to offering their customers the ultimate buying experience, and their extensive line of parts for all cart manufacturers is second to none. White started the company during the COVID19 pandemic lockdown, looking for an online, e-commerce business concept. As an experienced expert in marketing and website

development, search engine optimization, (SEO), and the financial aspects of a successful e-commerce business, White looked at the paddleboard and boating industry before deciding to focus on golf cart parts and accessories. “I studied the market and saw that golf carting and the use of EVs for personal transportation was a rapidly growing market and decided to launch my own company with a real commitment to unmatched personal service to our customers,” he says. “I took the time to use the learning experience to enhance Converted Carts’ website to streamline and optimize the ease of ordering from us.” One of the key efforts White took in establishing Converted Carts was to reach out to major players in the golf cart parts and customization industries, like Nivel Parts and Manufacturing®, creators of the wildly popular MadJax X Series Storm line of carts and custom products. This was one of several critical alliances White formed as an authorized reseller of some of the top manufacturers of cart parts, components, and custom accessories in the world. THE BEST BRANDS, THE BEST BUYER EXPERIENCE The Converted Carts website is extremely easy to navigate, with options to shop by manufacturer, category, style, wheels and tires and more. The company offers a huge variety of parts large and small, letting their customers transform their current plain Jane cart into a showpiece that will get admirable looks in any neighborhood. The section of Manufacturer Brands, for example, will take you directly to 289 specific products you can use to upgrade and update an E-Z-GO cart, or whatever brand name you select. The company offers parts for Club Car®, E-Z-Go®, Yamaha®, Icon/Advanced EV® and Evolution® carts. Their extensive line of cutting edge body kits are offered by Apex®, Storm®, Alpha® and HAVOC® and will transform your stock cart into a rolling masterpiece. “Our customers know that there is nothing you can plan for updating your cart that we can’t supply,” says White. People can order everything from a cell phone holder to full lift kits, custom

golfcartcompany seats, batteries, audio systems and other electronics, battery chargers, brush guards, nerf bars, lighting and much more. Their Wheel & Tire selections include 14 and 15-inch wheels and tires for road or all terrain use, from companies like MadJax® Evolution Flow Form, GTW® Bravo, Spyder and Raven wheels and tires, and several more. These premium wheel and tire offerings will add real bling to your cart while providing the ultimate in ride comfort and performance. White added that one of Converted Carts’ newest product offerings are their custom steering wheel and exterior body badges. Customers can add the perfect finishing touch to their new custom cart with a cart or brand logo, fun custom saying, cart name, a unique graphic and more. USING YouTube® TO SHOWCASE THEIR BEST Another spoke in the wheel of marketing White and his son are using to highlight their products is their YouTube channel called GolfCarTV. This page is full of entertaining, well-


produced videos showcasing Converted Carts’ newest and most popular products and carting accessories. The videos are produced and posted every week and enjoy strong viewership. This channel features a new episode each Wednesday at noon and includes a lot of up-to-date details on specific golf cart products and accessories, often with on-site video at several parts manufacturers’ and custom cart facilities with informative interviews with key personnel. White has built his company around the promise and commitment to the ultimate buyer experience. “From the second they reach our website to the free shipping of products, we pride ourselves on providing the most satisfying, fantastic customer experience,” he said. To learn more about Converted Carts, visit https://www. Their YouTube channel can be found at gS_ogZf0rBQ?si=f5bvijgC0sHQidUo








ith a dozen years of experience in the golf cart dealership industry, Andy and Ashlee Ilg saw a need for a premium electric vehicle that was reasonably priced yet still offered the top-of-the-line quality, features and performance their customers were looking for. That was the catalyst for the couple to pair up with long-time friends, partners and electric vehicle experts Jeff


Hathaway and his wife and son to launch Voyager EV, which is now based in the golf cart-centric city of Peachtree City, Georgia, near Atlanta. After years of research and deep industry analytics, the team saw a surge in the growth of the electric vehicle industry and opened their company in 2022. Voyager EV now employs a staff of 7 that has perfected the art of cart design,


manufacturing and production resulting in an array of different models and configurations designed specifically for unique needs. Their years of experience in the cart business provided an intuition as to what buyers were looking for, and the company has honed their offerings to meet those needs. “We saw huge growth in the electric vehicle market and knew we could deliver a product that would be a hit with consumers throughout all sectors of cart buyers,” Ashlee said. Proudly built in the US and powered by Allied® lithium batteries, the models offered by Voyager EV have been created to offer the perfect cart to match your needs. THE MODEL LINE UP: PIONEER, EXPLORER AND REBEL The Pioneer model is the picture of performance and comfort for those who want to experience shorter trails or take the family around their neighborhood. This model features 4-passenger seating with the rear seats facing backwards. It is equipped with a 48V / 65 Amp hour lithium battery and rides on stylish 10-inch wheels. Other features include premium contoured seats for all passengers, front brush guard, side mirrors, retractable seat belts, USB ports and the choice of 11 stunning metallic body paint colors. The Pioneer also offers a top 42

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golfcartmanufacturer that extends to cover all 4 passengers as well as footrests and handrails for the safety and comfort of the rear passengers. Starting at just $9,995.00, the Pioneer model from Voyager is the clear choice for those seeking peak performance and premium features at a very attractive price. Voyager’s Explorer model is designed for those looking for a little more performance, luxury and power. Available in 4 or 6-passenger models featuring all forward-facing seating, customers can order the lifted or non-lifted options. The Explorer will easily cover 30 miles on a single charge and is perfect for cruising the beach or taking the family to the community pool in style and comfort. Explorer models come with 48V / 105 Amp hour battery. Buyers can opt for the 12inch wheels, and other distinguishing features on the Explorer include the Bluetooth® sound bar, Gussi® custom steering wheel, reverse camera, insulated storage and ice chest and much more. The Voyager Explorer starts at only $11,495.00. The company’s Rebel cart is the epitome of style, performance, luxury appointments and accessories. This cart is for those looking for the ultimate in traversing rougher trails without sacrificing comfort.


Like all Voyager’s EV lines, the Rebel offers automotive like styling and features in a lifted cart that will surely be the envy of the neighborhood. The powerful, 72V / 105 Amp hour lithium battery means you can cruise in comfort for 50-miles on a single charge. The Rebel is available with stunning, 14inch custom wheels and tires with an aggressive tread design, a carbon fiber dash with large, lockable storage areas, plus all of the custom metallic body color choices of the entire Voyager line up. The Rebel comes in a 4 or 6-passenger lifted configuration ideal for use at your weekend lakefront getaway or exploring new trails out in the country with your family. Voyager EVs are available from 7 dealer partners around the country, and the company prides themselves on serving their network with the ultimate in customer service. “We knew from our years as electric vehicle dealers that meeting the immediate needs of our customers was the key to success, having experienced a need that was unfulfilled,” Ashlee Ilg said. “Having a large inventory of on-hand parts and components and standing by our dealership network means we can deliver a superior cart in the most efficient timeframe, and those are the keystones of Voyager EV.” - GCMAG


OWNER: Gary Gifford from North Port, FL YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 2022 Club Car Tempo WHAT YEAR, BRAND AND MODEL CART IS THIS? 2022 Club Car Tempo HI GARY, TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUILD? I call it Wicked Liberty, and it was a 3-month build. It has a full Navitas running gear and wiring throughout. I Lifted it 6-inches with a SGC lift kit and color matched to the cart with 10x14x23 inch wide MODZ Maverick wheels spread out by 2-inch spacers all corners. I prefer the wider stance. I laid down a wild custom paint, with AllSports shorty windshield painted to match to complete the convertible look. A MODZ camel diamond stitched seats with black and tan stitched Nokins armrests were added on top of a GTW rear seat. Completing the cart I added a Kem Moto floormat, voltage reducer and fuse box that was hidden away in the engine compartment for a cleaner look in the battery compartment. 46

WHAT AFTERMARKET PARTS DID YOU USE? MODZ 14x10x23 Maverick satin black on street Fox radials. 2-inch spacers. MODZ seats Nokins armrests. AllSports windshield Kem Moto floor mat SGC 6-inch lift GTW rear seat kit with cooler House of Colors Pegan Gold mid coat with Silver Prism Pearl added, over Burnt Tangerine basecoat. SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOU AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS, HOW DID YOU INTO THE BUSINESS? I started with all the bolt on goodies, then moved to full builds within a short time after. I love being able to use my imagination in my builds it takes some extra time for sure, but no two carts are the same when I’m done.



ASK THE MECHANIC Q: Is Lithium safe? A: LifePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) is the safest battery chemistry available, and is noncombustible as well as nonflammable. The BMS (battery management system) is integrated into each battery and will detect any problems with the performance of the battery. It will shut down any cells not functioning properly. The BMS will also protect the batteries from overcharging or undercharging.

Q: How low can I run the battery before charging and how often should I charge? A: It is not recommended to run a cart on lower than a 20% lithium battery charge. Be sure to charge to 100% after each use to maintain long battery life. The battery should be charged after every use, when the charger light stays green for over 3 minutes, unplug from the cart.

Q: What is the difference between a 48V, 65AH, 105AH and 150AH? A: AH = amp hour. The higher the amp hour, the increased runtime and better performance. Also keep in mind, the larger the amp hour rating, the higher current draw the BMS can handle.

Q: How low can I run the battery before charging and how often should I charge? A: It is not recommended to run a cart on lower than a 20% lithium battery charge. Be sure to charge to 100% after each use to maintain long battery life. The battery should be charged after every use, when the charger light stays green for over 3 minutes, unplug from the cart.

Q: How low can I run the battery before charging? A: It is not recommended to run a cart on lower than a 20% lithium battery charge. Be sure to charge to 100% after each use to maintain long battery life.

Q. Can I use my existing charger for Lithium? A: No, you will need a new lithium specific charger to properly charge. Usually a charger will be included when purchased as a bundle.


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