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Power You Can Rely On It’s our mission at RELiON Battery to provide superior product quality and performance. Our number one priority is an exceptional experience for our customers. With our InSight Series® lithium golf car battery, you can enjoy easy installation – with no tray modifications – and flexibility to scale capacity based on desired mileage. Plus, it’s backed by a 10-year warranty for peace of mind. BECOME A DEALER | 855-931-2466

Feel the Need for Speed

Picture yourself rolling up to your neighborhood community pool in your 2004 Club Car when you stop, and wait, something seems off. Why do all the golf carts now have a glimmer of luxury? No, your eyes aren't deceiving you; electric golf carts have witnessed a meteoric rise in prices over the last few years. It seems even the world of leisure isn't immune to the electric vehicle revolution. So, why the sudden surge in the prices of these zippy four-wheelers? Let's take a joyride through the factors driving up their cost.

BATTERY BLUES: The primary reason behind the price surge is the cost of batteries. While electric vehicles are hailed as eco-friendly alternatives, their batteries remain expensive to produce. As the demand for electric carts soared, manufacturers scrambled to meet the needs, putting a strain on the supply chain, and consequently, driving up the costs.

TECHNOLOGICAL TEASE: Electric golf carts are no longer rudimentary buggies with wheels. They've been infused with cutting-edge technologies to enhance the driving experience. Fancy touchscreen displays, smartphone connectivity, built-in GPS systems, and luxurious seating options all contribute to the soaring price tags. They're not just carts anymore; they're driving gadgets on wheels!

DEMAND DRIFT: With increasing awareness of climate change and sustainability, there's been a notable shift towards electric vehicles in general. This shift has prompted enthusiasts to embrace greener alternatives. As demand for electric carts surges, the classic economics of supply and demand comes into play, leading to higher prices.

A GREENER TOMORROW: The rise of NEVs can be attributed to an increasing emphasis on sustainable living. They emit fewer greenhouse gases, reduce noise pollution, and ease the burden on crowded urban roads. As cities grow more conscious of their carbon footprint, NEVs are being warmly welcomed into the transportation mix.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT: Compared to their four-wheeled cousins, NEVs are often more budget-friendly. They have fewer frills but are practical, economical, and get the job done without burning a hole in your pocket. With more manufacturers jumping on the NEV bandwagon, competition is driving down costs, making them an attractive choice for cost-conscious consumers.

So, as electric carts trade their humble beginnings for a touch of luxury and a higher price tag, NEVs are silently taking over the roads and neighborhoods. While the former embraces technology and driving glamor, the latter embodies simplicity, affordability, and a greener vision for the future. As the saying goes, "the only constant is change," and the electric revolution is certainly charging ahead, transforming the way we drive through the streets and cruise through the neighborhood. As drivers continue to weigh the pros and cons of their fourwheeled companions, one thing's for sure - the ride towards an electrified future is nothing short of a drive in the park! 14

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Experience upgraded audio & individually addressable LED light control with The SoundExtreme Elite 28”

ECOXGEAR, an innovator in the world of rugged and element-proof audio, under its SoundExtreme brand, proudly introduces the newest addition to their acclaimed soundbar lineup: The SoundExtreme Elite 28”.

Crafted with innovation and expertise, the SoundExtreme Elite 28” sets the bar for durability and audio performance. Designed to thrive in even the most demanding environments, this soundbar is built to withstand water, dust, and all kinds of harsh elements, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment during your adventures. Upgraded titanium tweeters ensure pristine vocal reproduction, while enhanced noise reduction guarantees a crystal-clear sound experience.

The SoundExtreme Elite 28” boasts an additional 3dB volume increase compared to the generation 1 soundbars, elevating your audio experience to new levels of intensity. Whether you're on an off-roading adventure, teeing off on the golf course, or cruising on a boat, the SoundExtreme Elite 28” guarantees an extraordinary audio experience.

The soundbar comes equipped with SoundExtreme’s brand new LEDcast technology, which incorporates the industry’s first built-in addressable LED lights, allowing for a custom, unlimited color and style of light show. SoundExtreme is taking LED lighting to the next

level with LEDs positioned behind the speakers, a rear light bar, and the capability to connect external LED lights like under glows, whips, interior, and roof LED lights.

“We spent the last 2 years developing the new LEDcast technology and cutting-edge SoundExtreme LED smartphone app”, according to CEO Greg Fadul. “We have taken audio and LED integration to the next level. Our new 2023 lineup allows audio synchronization of Bluetooth, AUX in, and FM radio, as well as universal control of lighting with one app across our entire line of Elite soundbars, Tower speakers, LED lighting solutions, and other industry leading audio and solutions set to be released this fall. Stay tuned!”

The SoundExtreme Elite 28” is currently available at https://www. for $449.99.


Based in Houston, Texas, SOUNDEXTREME provides a family of 100% waterproof outdoor audio and LED light solutions with the highest levels of quality, support, and service. SOUNDEXTREME sells its products through major retailers, dealers, and distributors throughout North America. To learn more about ECOXGEAR products please visit them at WWW.SOUNDEXTREME.US.

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Light up your UTV/Golf Car/Boat with ECOXGEAR’s new LED Light Whips and Strips, all controlled by the new 4-zone ExtremeController

ECOXGEAR, an innovator in the world of rugged and element-proof audio, under its SoundExtreme brand is thrilled to introduce their new LED light whips and strips that are controlled by its waterproof 4-zone LED Controller ExtremeController. With effortless installation and user-friendly controls, ECOXGEAR's new LED light whips and strips guarantee a colorful and thrilling experience for all.

from eight different colors using the RF remote or create any desired color through the SoundExtreme Smartphone App. Party Mode takes customization to the next level with an impressive selection of preset party light shows that can be user tailored via the apps. For a captivating audio-visual experience, Music Mode wirelessly connects to any of ECOXGEAR’s ECOCAST enabled soundbars, tower speakers, and party speakers.

Additionally, the controller includes a UTV Street mode, designed to comply with street driving regulations. This unique mode ensures a safe and enjoyable experience by automatically disabling the party lights while seamlessly integrating with the vehicle's signaling system, including turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights.



The ExtremeController integrates ECOXGEAR’s ECOCAST audio synchronization technology and new LEDcast light technology which allows grouping with multiple ExtremeControllers as well as the LED lights in SOUNDEXTREME’s LEDCast enabled soundbars, and tower speakers. LEDCAST allows users to program light scenes via the SOUNDEXTREME smartphone apps. A scene allows for one button command of all light zones at one time. Create daytime, nighttime, party, and holiday light scenes for any occasion.

The ExtremeController offers 3 LED mode categories: Color Mode, Party Mode, and Music Mode. In Color Mode, users can select

ECOXGEAR’s LED whips and strips are the perfect way to light up your vehicle. With the ExtremeController, users have a range of options to elevate any party atmosphere. Once securely attached to your vehicle, the remote takes charge of the rest, effortlessly controlling the whips and strips. For golf cart owners, custom strips are available, tailored to fit specific lengths and specifications. Installing and maintaining these whips and strips is a breeze, thanks to their waterproof design and user-friendly installation process. Notably, the whips feature a magnetic base, allowing for quick placement and removal without the need for clips or screws, ensuring a hassle-free and customizable experience.

The strips are connected in series to each other, which allows multiple strips around the vehicle to be controlled with one ExtremeController. This design simplifies installation, significantly reducing the number of wires and ensuring a clean and efficient setup.

LED Whips and Strip kits are available on starting at $99.99 to $499.99

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Cruising 24
Kevin Becker's Immaculate Recreation of a 1968 Camaro Golf Cart

in Style

In the world of custom vehicles, Kevin Becker stands out as a visionary craftsman, combining his passion for cars and golf carts to create a one-of-akind masterpiece. We had the privilege of sitting down with Kevin to delve into the intricacies of his remarkable creation – a 1985 Columbia/Harley Davidson Par Car transformed into a stunning replica of a 1968 Camaro.



Kevin Becker's journey into the world of custom golf carts began in a heartwarming way – with a gift for his 85-year-old father. "I built a custom fiberglass Jeep golf cart for my dad as a Christmas present in 2022," Kevin shared. "The experience was so fulfilling that I knew I wanted to dive deeper into this creative endeavor."

His next challenge? Replicating his beloved 1968 Camaro with a twist. A longtime resident of Alanson, Michigan, Kevin embarked on a journey that led to the creation of a showstopping custom golf cart that mirrors the aesthetics of his classic car.


Kevin's unique project started in January 2023 and concluded on June 24th of the same year, a testament to his dedication and craftsmanship. He took an original 1985 Columbia/Harley Davidson Par Car and stripped it down to its bare bones. His artistic vision came to life as he sourced a 1968 Camaro body and underwent an extensive process of modification and adaptation.

"The rear of the Camaro body was originally designed as a convertible," Kevin explained. "To match my car exactly, I reconstructed it into a hardtop with a rear window, meticulously fabricating and fiberglassing the changes."


Kevin's attention to detail is evident in every aspect of his 26

creation. The custom-built golf cart boasts a GM 371 Blower, complete with a Holly carburetor crowned by a Shotgun Scoop. Kevin designed a frame to support the blower under the front body and made modifications to the hood to accommodate the blower's presence. The blower engages through a marine starter, controlled by the gas pedal, and a throttle linkage that manipulates the scoop's butterfly valves. Inside the cart, a carbon fiber dash was repurposed to house gauges and a radio. Kevin managed to incorporate working gauges for fuel level, tachometer, voltage, and temperature, providing a truly immersive driving experience. The lighting system replicates the 1968 Camaro's features, including sequential LED turn signals, brake lights, taillights, and headlights.


For Kevin, the journey into crafting custom golf carts is a relatively recent one. Over the past three decades, he honed his skills in building and painting custom cars, including his beloved 1968 Camaro. Building on his extensive experience

and love for all things automotive, Kevin has ventured into the world of custom golf carts with remarkable success.


As for the future, Kevin Becker envisions expanding his creative endeavors. He plans to design a custom hitch that will enable him to tow his golf cart Camaro behind his actual 1968 Camaro, further intertwining his passions. With his distinctive style and a desire to explore new possibilities, Kevin also contemplates taking on more custom golf cart projects. From considering a semi-truck or a dump truck design to remaining open to fresh inspirations, the road ahead is filled with limitless potential.

In a quaint town like Alanson, Kevin Becker's story epitomizes the spirit of innovation, preservation of heritage, and the pursuit of creative dreams. As the town continues to evolve, so does Kevin's vision, a testament to the enduring charm of small-town living infused with boundless imagination. 28


WWhen buying golf or personal transportation vehicle batteries, most people consider the voltage, amperage hours, range, and other operating parameters. And those are indeed important.

But you should also consider the manufacturer's stability and the support services, whether you want a flooded leadacid, AGM, gel or premium AGM battery with carbon additives.

Many battery start-ups, often based abroad, offer attractive pricing. But they may lack the design expertise, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and infrastructure needed to deliver long-lasting batteries, provide essential support services and avoid supply-chain problems.

Consider These Factors

How long has the company been in operation? That can run the gamut from a few months to 100 years. A company’s longevity demonstrates its ability to consistently provide quality products and services and adapt to changes and disruptions in the marketplace.

What kind of customer service does the company offer? Some companies offer little or nothing in this regard, leaving you to order batteries online and troubleshoot issues alone. Others, however, have developed networks of dealers and an international customer support line staffed by trained battery experts.

How are their batteries sold? Buying a battery from an online retailer can mean long and unexpected delivery delays and problems returning defective products. Look for a manufacturer with a global network of trained Authorized Dealers and Master Distributors available on its website in a searchable online database.

What kind of warranty does the company offer? Golf car battery warranties are protection plans that limit liability should certain things go wrong. However, a warranty is only as good as the company behind it. Your warranty may become worthless if a company goes out of business, as many start-ups do.

Where is the company headquarters? Well-established U.S.-based companies may have fine-tuned their manufacturing guidelines, products, and infrastructures to satisfy demanding North American customers. Overseas startups may still be playing catch-up.

Does the company have an international footprint? A company with an international footprint, offices in different regions and manufacturing facilities on several continents can often cut costs, improve flexibility and avoid supply-chain problems.

Finally, look for a company offering a complete product portfolio to meet your needs and fit your budgets. 30

Bolt Energy USA

Launches Powerful New Lithium Battery Products

As part of their continuous effort to lead the way in the premium lithium golf cart battery industry, Bolt Energy USA has recently developed and released some new products that are sure to get the attention of their customers and dealers.

From their manufacturing facility in Largo, Florida, Bolt Energy has been an innovative player in the battery market for golf carts and NEVs, (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles), for years, and saw a need for some new battery configurations designed to meet the needs of consumers and fill a void in the market.

Bobby Diaz is a partner in the business and says Bolt Energy’s new products were all designed and manufactured

with the same advanced technology as their previous batteries but will now offer some additional options for size and installation to make it easier for dealers and customers to convert their battery to a state-of-the-art product. “We have not sacrificed a single thing in these new designs related to quality, power output and unmatched performance,” Diaz said.


The whole purpose of these new products was to create batteries in different sizes to reduce their overall footprint and make them more adaptable to a wider variety of installation

golfcarttechnology 34


Bolt Energy USA’s new BE-105-51M fits into the Club Car DS chassis without having to cut any areas to accommodate it. The “M” stands for Mini, and this battery has an overall footprint of 12.80 inches by 12-inches.

The BE-105-51T battery will fit in any golf or utility cart with a longer, thinner design, with the “T” standing for Thin with an overall footprint of 20-inches by 8.46-inches.

The 72v BE-105-P is also now being offered in a new size with a footprint of 20.08-inches by 10.75-inches, and the “P” stands for Power.

troubleshooting capabilities and alerts on any possible service issues. The new technology from Bolt Energy also offers a complete reboot feature for your batteries and automatic firmware updates to ensure your battery is operating at peak levels.

Diaz says, “Nobody else offers the advanced features in an app like Bolt Energy does.”

Other new offerings by the company include their new universal mounting bracket that fits every brand of cart on the market, plus a custom plate that provides a much cleaner looking installation. They have also updated all of their downloadable product and installation manuals with detailed, color coded schematics and installation instructions for virtually any golf cart application.

Bolt Energy USA manufactures premium lithium cart batteries and related accessories for vehicles from Club Car, E-Z-GO, Bintelli, Epic, Coleman, ICON, Yamaha, GEM, MadJax, Kandi, Tomberlin, Trojan EV, VividEV and more.

The company has a longstanding history of manufacturing the highest quality batteries, along with chargers, solenoids, output reducers, plugs, cables and more. They serve customers and a dealer network throughout the U.S. and Canada. Diaz and his partner Brent Tenney each have an extensive history of business and entrepreneurial experience and share a passion for unparalleled customer service.

The company’s 160Ah, BE-51-B now has a 29-inch length as well as a 31-inch version, and the “B” stands for Big. This battery has a footprint of 29.57-inches by 10.17-inches.

“Our customers are our guiding ambition for keeping Bolt Energy USA at the top of the industry in terms of the highest quality products and getting their products to them in the quickest, most efficient way,” Diaz says. “That’s how we stay at the top of our game.”

In addition to the new lithium battery configurations, Diaz says Bolt Energy’s other new products and services are second to none in the golf cart power market.

“We now have totally redeveloped and engineered our Bluetooth apps for both Apple and Android devices, capable of a wide array of information now available for our customers,” says Diaz. The updated app sends real-time data about your battery’s efficiency and performance, as well as a detailed history log showing past charging and output levels,




Whether you are in the market for a 2-passenger golf car or neighborhood LSV or a fleet of multi-passenger commercial electric vehicles, MOTO Electric Vehicles offers a wide line of products to fit your needs.

Based in Atlantic Beach, Florida, and established in 2006, MOTO EV is a leader in the manufacture of premium EVs that cover just about any use from carrying your family around your neighborhood to transporting employees, clients, and tradesmen in a commercial or business environment.

MOTO EVs are proudly made in the USA, and the components like controllers, motors and charging systems are also all sourced from companies based in the USA.

Where Style, Versatility and Performance Meet MOTO EV makes several different street legal golf cars from standard to custom lifted models.

One of their most popular models is the Electro Neighborhood Buddy 2-Passenger street legal golf car. 40 golfcartcompany

This vehicle meets all requirements for legal operation on streets with a 35-mph speed limit or below, depending on any applicable local laws or ordinances in your specific area. This model can cover around 50 miles on a single charge and comes with an onboard charger to keep you on the move and a microprocessor to make sure the batteries do not overcharge. The Electro Buddy 2-Passenger car comes with a 45kw / 5.5 hp motor with additional motor options available. This vehicle starts at around $10,000.00 and can be customized with a host of accessories and features offered by MOTO EV.

MOTO EV makes a complete line of electric cars that are designed more like an automobile than a golf cart. For example, the Electro Bubble Buddy LSV 4-passenger LE vehicle features sweeping, contemporary styling from the futuristic front cowl and graceful roof supports to the aerodynamic rear air foil. Other features include the large, lockable enclosed storage compartments on the dashboard and the outside rear of the vehicle, luxurious, high-back seating for 4, dramatic glass front windshield, body-molded side mirrors and much more.

For those looking for a little more room and style, the Electro Neighborhood Buddy 4-Passenger Highriser EV is sure to attract your attention. This car features 2 rear-facing passenger seats and a lifted body to allow more ground clearance. This street legal cart also features an onboard charging system and is capable of a 20- speed of 25-mph, ideal for taking the kids to the community pool or playground. This model comes standard with a 4.0Kw AC motor with other options available and the base price is $12,995.00.

The street legal Bubble Buddy LSV LE also offers a windshield wiper, front and rear lights and turn signals, 3-point seat harness system, rack and pinion steering, pneumatic brake system and parking brake and fully independent suspension for the ultimate smooth ride. The vehicle dimensions are 10feet long by 4.6-feet wide and a ground-to-rooftop height of 6.2-feet. The GVW is 2,398 pounds. This space aged styled LSV begins at $16,995.00.

When it comes to equipping your new MOTO EV with every accessory you can think of, the company offers a staggering number of products.

You can add things like a 48v heater, roof-mounted cool air blower, back up camera, bike rack or cargo carrier, air horns, dome light, front brush guard, custom side weather enclosures and hundreds more. MOTO EV offers many different tire and wheel options from utility and commercial vehicles to radical custom aluminum wheels and beefy all terrain tires for rugged outdoor locations. They can also supply their customers with parts for ICON® EVs, Bintelli®, Advanced® EVs, STAR® EVs, CruiseCar® and more.

Of course, if you plan on using your golf car on the course, MOTO EV offers their 2-passenger, non-street legal cart for enhancing your experience on the links. This model features some items that qualify as street legal, but it does not have a DOT windshield or VIN, so you cannot register it for street use. It does come standard with a complete light package front and rear, golf bag holder and utility basket, Curtis® programmable Sepex controller, horn, onboard charging system and much more. This golf car measures 7.7-feet long by 4.0-feet wide and


weighs in at just 1,543 pounds GVW.

Serving Industrial, Educational and Other Commercial Entities

As if their personal line of EVs and LSVs were not enough, MOTO EV offers a huge line of multi-passenger people movers, shuttle, and specialty vehicles for almost any need.

The company offers 13 different configurations of utility vehicles built for tough outdoor work environments. From a simple cargo bed or dump bed installation to an elaborate delivery vehicle with a large box truck on the rear, you’re sure to find the perfect utility EV at MOTO.

Their EV shuttles are in use at places like The Villages® in Central Florida and the waterfront town of Port Townsend in Washington State, among many others across the country. Their extensive line of commercial vehicles include the Electro Transit Buddy 40 Passenger Electric Tram with wheelchair access ramp, and the Bubble Buddy 5 Passenger EMS First Responder shuttle equipped with full emergency response accessories. Resorts, hotel properties, school campuses, wineries, military bases, airports, zoos, and other industries use many different styles of MOTO Electric Vehicles as shuttles, enclosed busses and trams that can comfortably transport from 2 to over 20 people and equipment over long distances in

golfcartcompany 42

comfort, safety, and style.

When you select a MOTO EV vehicle or cart product, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer, not an independent dealer. Operating out of their 2 large warehouse facilities near Jacksonville, Florida, MOTO ensures that their customers’ products are available in stock and shipped anywhere in the U.S. quickly and efficiently.

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More Golf
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The leading global provider of multi-channel, proprietary branded aftermarket golf car replacement parts, Arrowhead Engineered Products, acquired Custom Golf Car Supply and their DoubleTake brand of cart body kits in 2022 under their Red Hawk Golf Parts division. The company will continue to be the one-stop source for everything needed to create an eye popping cart and increase the overall enjoyment and comfort it can provide.

The precision and craftsmanship of the company’s full line of products will result in a complete revitalization of your stock cart.

Phoenix Series Body Kits Designed to Turn Heads

One of the company’s most popular lines of complete body kits is their Phoenix Series, made specifically for E-ZGO® TXT and RXV models, along with Club Car® Precedent models. The fit and finish on these premium body kits is inspired by the automotive industry and are second to none in quality.

Red Hawk uses terms like revive, resurrect, and transform when describing what their custom body kits will do for your stock, out-of-date cart, and the end result lives up to that promise.

These body kits come complete with an integrated grille available in eight different styles and designs, four powerful LED headlamps, running lights around the edge and the Red Hawk color match system to make sure every accessory on your cart looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Available in twenty colors, these body components are molded in premium, high-gloss ABS Acrylic plastic designed to last for the life of your cart. When a custom-fitted Red Hawk cart rolls up to the pro shop or community clubhouse, people will see a vehicle resembling the visual appeal of the finest quality luxury cars.

The company also offers custom sentry dash and locking storage compartments designed to match their body kits, completing your cart’s custom look. The company’s RXV dash kit is required with the Phoenix RX body kit, while their other dash and storage components will fit on a standard or Red Hawk body.

The company offers an extensive line of body kits for other cart models. The Spartan Body Kit is made to fit the Club Car DS series, and is also available in twenty color options, different grille inserts and headlamp kits, and a host of other matching accessories. The Titan Body Kit fits the E-Z-GO TXT and offers a sweeping, smooth style for a classic look. Red Hawk’s Vortex Body Kits are made for Yamaha® Drive carts and are available in the company’s color matching, molded high quality ABS Acrylic materials.

Transform Your Cart from Top to Bottom

To ensure your cart is outfitted with the highest quality accessories, Red Hawk offers an impressive array of other

products to bring your old cart back to life.

Their custom front and rear seat cushion sets are available in seven distinctive designs, each with dozens of color combinations, plus arm rests and rear seat footrest components for almost all major manufacturers. You can also equip your cart with DOT-approved, street legal, magnetic catch front windshields, and stay protected from the elements with thermoformed, solid-color cart tops to fit two, four, six or limo passenger carts. These premium tops are available in color match to your original cart or many vibrant, custom colors to match the rest of your new custom ride.

For twilight trips home from the club, the company offers dozens of light kits in both standard replacement and custom configurations for almost every cart, along with the correct voltage reducer components. Those who want to opt for an all-out customization, Red Hawk offers accessories like audio speakers and amplifiers, brush guards, storage baskets, gun racks, seat belt assemblies, fender flares, LED side mirrors, five-panel overhead mirrors, passenger hip restraint components, charge meters and much more. They also stock a complete like of motors, controllers, speed control parts and other electronics.

It’s hard to imagine a part or component for upgrading your golf cart or EV that is not available from Red Hawk. The company also carries all styles of golf cart enclosures, chargers, a wide array of cart tires, wheels and wheel covers, suspension, steering, and brake components including complete lift kits and much more. From a battery bulb filler to a top-of-the-line body kit sure to turn heads, Red Hawk has everything it takes to bring your cart back to life.

In addition to their own proprietary line of golf car replacement parts, Red Hawk began carrying the Admiral and RHOX brands of parts in 2009.

Red Hawk Dealers, Dedicated Employees Make the Difference

With more than twenty years of success in the golf car parts market, Red Hawk knows that their extensive dealer network serves as their primary business partners in maintaining and propelling the company’s success. Together with their entire team of dedicated employees, the company is focused on staying ahead of the curve in providing fast, reliable customer service that supports their vast dealer network across the country.

Originally founded in Baltimore, Maryland, in their first warehouse and distribution center, Red Hawk has grown to add new facilities in Jacksonville, Dallas, and Indianapolis. Company leaders have said their acquisition of the DoubleTake line of premium golf car body kits and other components is the perfect addition to Red Hawk and sure to bolster their position as an industry icon well into the future.



Q: My charger is not turning on in my 2008 Club Car Precedent. How can I solve this problem?

A: Once plugged in, check to see if the charger is turning on with the LED indicator. Also check to make sure no breakers are tripped and make sure all connections on the receptacle plug are secure and the connections inside are not burnt or misaligned. Make sure the charger plug is firmly in place inside the receptacle. Next, make sure all the connections to the battery terminals are free of corrosion and that the batteries are within range to accept a charge. Do this by using a multimeter to check voltage across the full battery pack from the main (first) positive to the last negative in series. If it is less than 46 volts, you may have to manually charge each battery on a 12v setting just to get them over an 8v threshold for the charger to kick on. Once 48v is seen by the charger, it should kick on. On some models, there may be a fuse between the receptacle and the battery pack so that should be checked as well.

Q: I checked all my connections and the fuse, and they are good, but it is still not charging. What else can I check?

A: At this point, performing an OBC (on board computer) reset may be necessary. On the Precedent model, turn the key switch to the OFF position. Then put the Forward/Reverse switch to NEUTRAL and flip the Tow/Run switch to TOW. Disconnect the negative terminal wire from the battery minus terminal of the battery set.

Now flip the Tow/Run switch to RUN position. Then the

Reverse button on Forward/Reverse switch and soon after, put the key switch to the ON position. Now press the throttle pedal fully to the floor. When you do this, you will hear the reverse buzzer. Now leave the cart like that for about 5 minutes so the OBC resets. After 5 minutes you release the throttle pedal. Switch off the key to reconnect the OBC system. The next step is to switch to NEUTRAL at the Forward/Reverse switch. Then flip to TOW on the Tow/Run switch. Now, reconnect the battery wire to the battery minus terminal on your battery set. Now switch the Tow/Run switch to RUN. Finally, switch the key switch to ON. In the case of current new club car sets, disconnect the main negative battery cable, wait for 10 minutes, then reconnect.

Q: My charger is not shutting off. Do I need a new charger?

A: This depends on the age and condition of your batteries. Some full charges can take as long as 16 to hours to complete. You must know that the charger charges the battery pack up to 8-10 volts above their rated capacity in the equalization/ desulfation phase. You should use a multimeter and check the voltage from time to time while charging to make sure there is enough water in the batteries. Check if there is any corrosion at the terminals and that all the cables or wires are not damaged. If none of these conditions exist, your charger may have an internal board failure and should be replaced. Some chargers like the Powerwise brand have boards that can be replaced rather than replacing the entire charger.

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