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Club Car CRU – An NEV with Flair

We all know that the future of electric carts is the NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle). A I’ve written before, new home communities are being designed for NEVs, complete with their own mini-garages and charging stations. I’ve even heard rumors that some developers are including an electric cart with the purchase of a new home.

So, it comes as no surprise that Club Car is entering the NEV business. And let’s just say they weren’t shy about it. Meet CRU NEV, Club Car’s newest member of the family and their solution to the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. I won’t spend a lot of time on the details as Kelly Madden, has written an

in-depth article on CRU in this month’s edition, but CRU NEV is different.

When I first saw it, I was reminded of a mini pontoon boat with wheels. The CRU NEV is an open-air, 6-seat NEV complete with a small table in the back, because, well, why wouldn’t you have a table in your NEV?

The CRU screams one thing and screams it loudly, FUN! It is the ultimate family NEV and the open design, slick styling, and wraparound back bench seating, makes it feel like you’re cruising the back bay instead of driving around the hood. Personally, I absolutely love it! Well played Club Car.

We would like to thank all our advertisers who make this magazine a reality and we hope you enjoy this month’s edition of Golf Carting Magazine. 12


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Decades of experience with major golf cart manufacturers is the common thread between four friends and their passion for the golf cart industry. When they discovered their shared obsession for state-of-the-art golf cart innovation, quality and performance, Atlas Golf Carts was born.

Co-CEO Sanjay Kopay, together with Co-CEO Mark Messick and Vice President of Sales Jake Guinn, all worked together at E-Z-GO Textron and Club Car for over fifteen years combined, managing and overseeing the development of the Onward line of carts. When the three friends discovered their innate drive to build the ultimate golf cart, they launched Atlas Golf Carts and have never looked back. Landon Wisser brings his long career in the cart and accessory industries to the company as Chief Marketing Officer. 18

Atlas Carts’ production facility is based near Augusta, Georgia, and has created a full line of carts to match the needs of cart buying consumers. They make two and four-seat models perfect for so much more than golf. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Texas.

Just one of the reasons Atlas carts are making a name for themselves in the industry is their impressive range thanks to the largest lithium-ion battery pack in the cart industry. Each Atlas cart comes standard with a 210 Amp hour battery, which is about three times more than other cart manufacturers. This means extended range with each charge, eliminating the anxiety of needing to charge your cart so often. The onboard charger means you can plug your Atlas cart into any household 110-volt outlet for a quick charge. An added benefit is the fast charging rate of the battery so you can quickly get where you’re going with little down time.

Depending on driving conditions and payload, the range of the two passenger Atlas cart is between 40 to 60 miles, and the four passenger cart will take you around 30 to 50 miles. Top speed is preset at 20 miles per hour, and your authorized Atlas dealer can adjust that based on your needs and how you use your cart.

Another premium offering standard on all Atlas carts is the advanced technology, adding industry leading benefits and convenience for owners. Just some of the impressive standard

features include the Bluetooth sound system, AM/FM radio, and wireless phone charger and hands-free calling capability. Other notable features are the Atlas-designed LED lighting, including headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals and hazard lights. Atlas carts even come with a horn and 3-point seatbelt system to make them completely street legal, based on your local laws and ordinances.

When is comes to style, its hard to argue that Atlas carts are eye-catching and contemporary, turning heads everywhere they go. The body features smooth, contoured lines with a sculpted look and modern design, using seamless accents resembling today’s finest supercars. The automotive style headlights could be considered the focal point of the cart’s design, with Atlas designing the cart around this advanced vehicle to create a truly stunning cart. The carts even come with high and low-beam headlights.

Atlas carts come with striking, 14-inch aluminum wheels, coil over shock absorber suspension system and an aluminum chassis. The two passenger model measures 93-inches long by 53-inches wide with an overall height of 73-inches and wheelbase of 66-inches. It weighs in at 1,063 pounds and can carry up to 500 pounds. The four passenger model is 113-inches long and 53-inches wide with a wheelbase of 67-inches and load capacity of 800 pounds. This cart weighs 1,197 pounds. 20

Atlas cart owners love the in-dash storage compartment and four cup holders, the folding windshield, premium, ergonomically designed, double diamond seating with armrests, custom steering wheel and many more comforts and conveniences. The four passenger model has elevated, rearfacing seats and a center grab bar for the convenience and safety of your passengers.


In addition to the large lithium-ion battery pack, Atlas carts come with an advanced 5KW Nidec AC drive system and 400A Nidec controller designed to supply all the power you’ll need to accelerate smoothly and effortlessly, creating a superior comfortable driving experience. From the hills on the course to the streets of your community, the drive system provides all the torque you’ll need for any incline. And you’ll never need to worry or hassle with the parking brake, with Atlas’s automatic, electronic parking brake that engages when the cart is stopped.

Other key performance features include the hassle-free

maintenance of the massive battery pack without the need for adding water and is backed by a five year warranty. (The vehicle has a two year warranty). The electric motor braking system means a reduced load on your brake pads and hydraulics. All Atlas carts come with hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels. You’ll feel safe with the cart’s large side and center rearview mirrors, and the overhead grab bars make it easy to get in and out of the cart.

There is also a large trunk storage compartment on the front of the carts, illuminated and lockable for added convenience and security.

Co-CEO Messick says there was one underlying theme as their goal when starting Atlas Golf Carts. “We wanted to be the provider of high-quality vehicles that were reliable and offered an excellent value for the money when compared to our competitors,” he says. “Our dedication to provide the ultimate in customer service to our network of dealers for parts and service training is what we pride ourselves on.”

Atlas Golf Carts pricing begins at just under $15,000 for the 2-seater model and around $17,000 for the 4-seater. -GCMAG 22


TTrojan’s pioneering AES Battery redefines AGM technology. The premium VRLA battery delivers consistent, unrivaled high output and up to three times the battery life of standard AGM, especially in extreme deep cycle (up to 100% DoD), partial charging, or challenging environments. It helps you control costs and avoid frequent battery replacements. The battery:

• Lasts Longer: Up to 3x more cycle life than standard AGM. Validated at 1,200 cycles at 100% DoD vs 400 cycles for AGM.

• Performs in Harsh Conditions: Robust performance in extreme temperatures and conditions. The temperature range is -40o F to 160o F (-40o C to 71o C).

• Delivers Harmless PSoC: Tested to withstand long-term partial state of charging, again and again.

Advanced Technology Prevents Corrosion and Extends Battery Life

Some traditional AGM batteries must be fully recharged after each cycle to prevent damaging partial state of charge (PSoC) operation. That doesn’t always happen, creating sulfation and corrosion, reducing battery life, and requiring frequent replacements.

The Trojan AES Battery is optimized for PSoC operation with a proprietary additive and Deep-Cycle Series Technology, featuring paste formulations that can withstand daily repeated discharge and

operate in PSoC without damage.

The batteries are available in 6-, 8- and 12-volt models, and deliver these additional benefits:

• Maintenance Free: Virtually no maintenance as watering is not required.

• Safe and Sustainable: The battery is classified as non-spillable and can be safely mounted horizontally to fit difficult locations. It’s made using 80% recycled materials and is 99% recyclable.

• Warranty: This VRLA battery is backed by a three-year warranty.

• Rugged Design: Designed and manufactured to absorb vibration and shock.

• Charger Compatibility: This battery has plug-and-play compatibility with chargers using AGM profiles.

As a complete battery solutions provider, Trojan Battery Company offers a full range of golf and PTV batteries including lithium-ion, AGM, gel, and flooded lead-acid. Find your local Authorized Trojan Dealer. Trained battery experts will answer your questions and help you select the best option for your lifestyle and budget. 24 batterybuzz

New Kid on the Block Club Car’s CRU Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

The design and engineering teams behind Club Car’s new CRU Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, (NEV), clearly thought outside the box of more traditional personal transportation vehicles, and the results are extraordinary.

This open-air vehicle features a design collaboration with Designworks, a wholly owned BMW subsidiary most noted for their work on some of BMW’s most incredible concept car designs, and the CRU NEV is unlike anything available on the market today.

The U.S. Department of Transportation classifies a NEV as a type of Low Speed Vehicle, (LSV), perfectly legal to be driven on most public streets with speed limits of 35-mph, and governed by other local traffic laws. The CRU meets all the street legal requirements set forth in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, but also the more stringent requirements of the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), J2358 standard when it comes to features like the 3-point seat harness system and the Occupant Protective Structure regarding protection of passengers in the event of a roll over crash.

golfcartmanufacturer 28


The Club Car CRU NEV is built in the company’s Augusta, Georgia, home facility, and was designed for those who live in a gated community, a larger, resort country club or need to cover large acreage at a vacation home, often replacing the need for that second family car. With all of the street legal modifications and accessories on board, you can take the CRU to the local supermarket or café, run errands to the drug store or visit the neighbors with comfort and unmatched utility.

The body styling points are inspired by automotive standards, and the flexible seating makes it easy to use your CRU to meet your specific needs. The passenger side is open to the center-table, and the wrap around rear seating arrangement similar to the set up found in limousines, motorhomes and RVs. The driver’s side is enclosed by glass, allowing passengers to easily access and exit the CRU via the passenger side for added traffic safety.

The full Plexiglas top of this elongated NEV allows the sunshine in, and the LED headlights and automotivestyle front cowl and bumper are reminiscent of a highend sports car. Other features include taillights and turn signals, tilting steering column, side-mounted and

center rear view mirrors and an automotive-style dashboard. The CRU features a wheelbase of 115-inches and an overall length of 148-inches, width of 72-inches and height of 76-inches. The NEV tips the scales at 2,200 pounds and can

golfcartmanufacturer 30

carry a passenger load of 800 pounds, comfortably carrying up to 6 passengers. Ground clearance is 5.5-inches. The CRU rides on 215/50R14 Morpheus street tires and features 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, rear straight axel with coil spring suspension and independent double-A front suspension with coil-over shock absorbers and electric power steering.

Power comes from a 10HP continuous / 30HP peak motor and 6, 12v maintenance free AGM batteries. The CRU comes with a 2-year warranty on the vehicle and 1 year on the batteries. Top speed is 25-mph. The NEV also features an on-board charger that connects to any 110v or 120v electrical outlet and the charging cycle is about 14 hours when the batteries are completely discharged. Typical range is between 15 to 20-miles, depending on your payload and type of terrain.

The luxurious interior resembles what you would find in a fine quality luxury car or yacht, with a retractable center table, wrap-around, folding bench seating that carries 4 comfortably and 2 front seats that easily swivel 180-degrees to face front

or rear. The idea was to create an “outdoor living room” atmosphere, perfect for an open-air picnic with the family or a game of cards with your neighbors, wherever you happen to be.

Club Car had the foresight to understand the emergence of the electric vehicle industry and created the CRU NEV to meet the growing demand for electric cars that are ecofriendly and feature the amenities of a luxury car. The CRU NEV starts at around $28,000.00 U.S., and is currently only available through authorized Club Car dealers.

Whether you live in a large community where golf carts are the norm for getting around or your local neighborhood traffic ordinances allow the use of LSVs on public streets, the Club Car CRU can be the ideal way to take the family to the community pool or drop off the kids a school, run across the street for errands and lunch or just cruise around with your crew.


Nivel’s MadJax XSeries Storm Cart Now Available

Anew personal transportation vehicle has entered the marketplace with the unveiling of the MadJax XSeries Storm cart, sure to attract attention of consumers looking for a premium, customizable cart packed with all of the features buyers want in their PTV.

MadJax is one of the brands offered by Nivel Parts & Manufacturing, a global manufacturer, distributor, and seller of aftermarket parts and accessories for niche vehicles and heavyduty equipment founded in 1968. The XSeries Storm was officially unveiled at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida in late January of this year. Brent Hankey, CEO of Nivel, said in a press

announcement, “We are excited to offer consumers a stylish, comfortable golf cart loaded with our best parts & accessories. The MadJax XSeries Storm is the first of many exciting golf carts we are planning to launch over the next several years.”

MadJax is Nivel’s premium PTV brand, originally founded in Cairo, Georgia, in 2009. Nivel acquired MadJax in 2015 in order to elevate the brand’s sales and distribution resources through their extensive nationwide and international retail dealership network. MadJax carts are only available through an authorized dealer. The company is now based in Jacksonville, Florida, and has grown to over 40 employees. 36 golfcartmanufacturer


In addition to the unveiling of the The XSeries Storm cart, the company also offers a brand new MadJax XSeries body kit designed for E-Z-GO™ TXT golf carts from 1994 to current models, and one of the driving forces behind its development was the input the company was receiving from their dealers. The MadJax XSeries Storm’s modular, automotive-style body design was created to allow the replacement of individual parts that may have become damaged without needing to replace the entire body. The body panels are made of 100% recyclable, mold injected polypropylene plastic. Nivel has undertaken a massive, 2-year initiative to ramp up their research and development, engineering and design capabilities to stay on top of the premium personal electric vehicle market, and their newest model will not disappoint.

Nivel’s MadJax carts represent some of the most innovative and trend setting product enhancements available today, and their XSeries Storm PTVs are a prime example of the company’s attention to detail and uncompromising blend of value and performance. The Storm comes standard with a 6.7 hp, 5Kw brushless AC motor with zero maintenance and extended life span. Storm buyers can expect increased range and run times, more torque, and maximum efficiency.

The cart’s 400A Reliance solid state controller system provides the ultimate in power to the drivetrain, high output, and quick acceleration. The high capacity voltage reducer means you can easily add more accessories like USB ports, speakers and sound bars, custom lighting and more. The onboard charger enables simple charging by plugging in the cart directly, and provides a more efficient, high output charging cycle. Other mechanical features include 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, front MacPherson strut suspension with double-ended rack and pinion steering, mono-leaf spring rear suspension with hydraulic shocks and a rust-free, galvanized steel frame for maximum protection against corrosion.

When it comes to stylish cart design and premium accessories, the MadJax XSeries Storm is a market leader. The PTV is available in 6 eye-catching colors, and the cart’s automotive style grille, front fascia cowl and rocker panels make it stand out from the competition. Other features include the Storm’s available premium custom seats for added comfort, flush-mounted front and real LED lighting system and accent running lights, overhead and side-mount convex mirrors for increased rear visibility and safety, durable fender flares and optional drop-down textured nerf bars. The Storm is also compatible with the MadJax Genesis series and GTW


Mach Series rear seat kits.

The XSeries Storm measures 92.7-inches long and 45.5-inches wide with a wheelbase measurement of 65.7-inches. Ground clearance at the differential is 4.72-inches. The PTV weighs 573 pounds without batteries, is rated for an 800-pound load capacity, has a steering radius of 22.9 feet and can reach a top speed of 20 mph. The rear axle ratio is 12.3: 1.

The cart is available with 12-inch, 14-inch or 15-inch wheels in 8 different cutting edge designs, and tires made for the street or a more aggressive tread pattern for combined street and off road use. There are 3 different fade and impactresistant windshield options, a premium ergonomic steering wheel and a choice of lead acid or lithium ion batteries.

All MadJax carts come with a limited 3-year warranty. In addition to the MadJax brand, Nivel is also the parent company of RedDot cart enclosures and other accessories, Jake’s cart suspension and lift kit components, GTW cart accessories, Reliance power and engine components, Pacific Rim & Trim

products, and Falcon Ridge, High Lifter and Seizmik lines of premium ATV and UTV parts and accessories.

Alina Niederer is the Director of Marketing for Nivel, saying the MadJax XSeries was a big hit at the PGA Show in Orlando, and their booth was busy through the entire event with people attracted to the cart’s cutting edge style.

“Given Nivel and MadJax’s long history of being an industry leader in aftermarket golf cart parts and accessories, it was a natural evolution for us to begin offering a full golf cart solution. We are excited to offer consumers a stylish, comfortable golf cart loaded with our best parts & accessories. The MadJax XSeries is the first of many exciting golf carts we are planning to launch over the next several years,” she said.

With their firm grasp on the golf and personal transportation vehicles and impressive list of supporting companies all under one roof, Nivel is a manufacturer worth a closer look when considering buying your next cart. - GCMAG

golfcartmanufacturer 38
Protect My Floor RoughTex® Flooring 20% OFF: GC0223 exp. 02/28/23 800.992.2018 Less Work More Golf

OWNER: Dustin Hahna from San Diego CA

YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: Club Car Precedent


Remake of the classic Jurassic Park Jeep from the original Jurassic Park movie.


6” lift kit . Custom graphics . Full led light kits . Brush guard . Aftermarket wheels. Custom shaving cream Dino embryo holder.

GIVE US SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOU. I have been working on carts for about 3 years, so I’m fairly new. I was a graphic artist for ten years before this . I also own a wrap shop.


To make custom carts know one has ever seen before.

golfcartingnation 40


When it comes to developing a solid plan for starting a new business, it has been said that finding a void or lack of a specific type of business is a smart move. Seeing a real need to provide a service or product is one aspect of deciding to take the plunge of owning your own business.

That’s exactly what happened to Dan Allers and his wife Megan, along with business partners Tim Ryan and Bob Sturkey on Fort Myers Beach, Florida back in 2021. Allers is also the Mayor of Fort Myers Beach.

“My daughter visits us from up north and she doesn’t drive, but can operate a street-legal cart, and I didn’t see anyone offering those for short or long term rentals,” Dan says. “There are places you can walk up to rent a cart, but no one was offering a delivery and pick-up service, so that’s when we decided there was a definite need here in the Fort Myers area and opened Island Carts FMB.”

Between their opening in December 2021 to late September 2022, the company grew from 4 to a fleet of 14 rental carts. And these were not just base-model carts. The company invested in new, completely street legal, top-of-theline Bintelli Beyond carts, known for their premium quality, functionality and eye-catching style.

Just as things starting running well and business was booming, along came Hurricane Ian. The category 4 storm brought 150-plus mile-per-hour winds, a violent 15-foot storm surge and complete devastation to Fort Myers Beach and the area onshore in south Fort Myers, where the company kept their carts. “We had about 24-inches of water in our warehouse, and we’re 12-feet above sea level,” said Allers. “Unfortunately, the storm water was just high enough to damage the cart batteries, so all 14 carts were a total loss.”

The business partners needed to make a conscious

golfcartfun 42

decision to rebound after the storm, and are doing everything they can to not only rebuild their facilities, but to rebuild their cart rental enterprise.

They have ordered 10 new Star electric vehicles and have a cart rental contract with the new Margaritaville Beach Resort on the north end of Estero Island, providing carts for guest rental. In order to provide premium service to their customers, Island Carts FMB focuses on going the extra mile in running their business.

“We provide drop off and pick up service to hotel guests, Air BnB visitors or anyone else who wants a rental cart,” Allers says. “There may be a person who lives in a Fort Myers community who is expecting visitors like grandkids or

something, and they want a cart for a week to help them get around the subdivision.” The company delivers to not only Fort Myers Beach, but also to Bonita Springs, Sanibel and Captiva islands, and Fort Myers on the mainland.

Island Carts FMB saw a real need for a cart rental business that provides premier, “white glove” service, and is rebounding post Ian with a laser focus on re-establishing their company as the leader in rentals of high-end, street legal electric vehicles and is committed to continued growth.

As the Mayor of Fort Myers Beach, Allers is putting his heart, soul, and sweat into rebuilding the island town, and his business. All of us at Golf Carting Magazine wish them much success in their recovery.


OWNER: Daniel Ross from Flemingsburg, KY

YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 1994 Yamaha G8


Full air ride, below are the parts I have used.

-Air Bag It 2400 Front Bags

-Air Lift Water Trap

-Bypassed Governor and Adjusted Linkage

-Firestone 2500 Rear Bags

-Front Seats have been rewrapped

-Hella Supertone Horns

-Led Fog Lights

-MIC Manual Valves

-Custom Modified Lower Control Arms/Spindles

-Rear Shocks

-Viair 444C Black


I had to cut the control arms right before the king pin and angle/move them up. When it’s laid out the front wheels have negative camber like a bagged Ford ranger. When lifted, they are straight. Also, handmade bag brackets and some modification to the frame up to fit the bags.

GIVE US SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOU This is my first good cart, I’m a Minitrucker, so I have had several bagged trucks and I wanted a golf cart to take to shows, but of course it couldn’t be stock.


I want to get a 6-seater gold cart and bag it next.



Q: How can I make my cart stop quicker?

A: Most golf carts come from the factory with manual cable connected rear drum brakes. You can adjust the pedal travel by adjusting a rod either underneath the cart or in your pedal box (in Club Cars). It's a good habit to remove the drums and check the shoes once a year for uneven wear. These basic drum brakes are good for the golf course but when extra braking power is needed, especially when you add more speed and bigger tires, one of the most popular modifications is adding a JAKES hydraulic braking system to the front of the cart. This system supports the back brakes for the best possible stopping performance. These kits are cart specific with all the parts needed for a complete install.

Q: I just bought an E-Z-GO cart from the golf course and it's slow! How can I upgrade the speed on my EZGO TXT48 cheaply?

A: LSV (Low speed vehicle) branded carts are ones that abide by all the safety regulations involving DOT standards. A typical golf cart can be made into a LSV by adding the proper accessories and speed regulations. These include, headlights, tail & brake lights, horn, turn signals, front and side mirrors, a DOT approved windscreen with wiper, seat belts in all seating

positions, safety triangle in rear, and speeds to go at least 25 mph. Bear in mind, you may have to upgrade your motor/ controller to be able to increase the top speed in your cart. You may consider having your cart on an insurance policy as well as registered with a license plate from the state. In order to get a LSV plate, you will have to apply for a 17-digit vin in order to get a title as well. This last part may be a bit trickier but there are companies out there that provide this service. You may just have to take the cart to a dealer with a manufacturing license to be able to do this. Just be sure to do your due diligence first and understand your state regulations to see the requirements.

Q: What's the best way to prevent cart theft?

A: One of the best ways to add theft protection for your cart is to change the universal key to a unique key switch. A lot of people don’t realize that one universal key per each manufacturer is typically used when the carts are built. There are also physical deterrents like pedal cages, tire claws, and even steering wheel "clubs" that can be used to immobilize the cart. Another option is to upgrade your controller to a Navitas brand where you can disable your cart wirelessly through its Bluetooth enabled communication App. You can effectively shut down the controller until you reactivate it.

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