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Reading it reminded me of an experience that took place almost a decade ago. It was an early September evening with darkness closing in. I was roughly 30 feet off the ground in a tripod hunting stand on a private ranch in southern Mississippi. I’d been in the stand for several hours waiting for a wild boar and a feeling of loneliness started to set in. Hogs were all around me but I couldn’t locate them exactly in the fading light and did not want to risk wounding one. I was waiting to be picked up by the landowner in his modified hunting cart when I heard a rifle shot. A short time later, the owner arrived with his friend and my father and I learned that my father shot a hog but they couldn’t find it. Problematic. Generally speaking, wild boar are not aggressive towards people unless wounded, but when wounded, they become extremely aggressive. Having wounded a boar meant one thing; we had to go look for it in the dark with flashlights. Thinking about it triggered instant anxiety; the kind of fear that lives in the caveman part of the human brain… man versus beast. This would be very, very dangerous.

Trevor Rose Senior Editor

Happy Hunting September is a good month. It’s the start of football season and the start of hunting season. Our huntingelectrichowHunt”,“CartseditionthisexcellentMadden,staffoutstandingwriter,KellywroteanpieceinSeptemberentitled,OnThethatcoverstoconvertancartintoamachine.

Sure enough, a short time later, four grown men armed with a large caliber handgun in one hand and a flashlight in the other were stomping through thick dogwood trees in the blackness of night, searching for a wounded boar that hated us. I remember thinking to myself just how preposterous our situation was. If the hog decided to charge us out of nowhere, how quickly could we compose ourselves, take aim and dispatch of the animal without shooting each other during the frantic melee? Fortunately, we did not encounter that hog that night and while it irritated the landowner that there was potentially a wounded boar on the loose, the situation resolved itself the following morning. We discovered under the comfort of warm, morning sunlight that the boar was dead almost exactly where it was shot. Somehow, when it fell, it tumbled in a hollow that made it impossible to see in the darkness, even with flashlights. For all of you hunters out there, I think you’ll enjoy the article written by Kelly Madden and I wish you the best of luck and safe hunting this season. I’d like to once again thank our sponsors for their continued support and all of your readers who make this magazine possible. We hope you enjoy this September edition of Golf Carting Magazine.



“We are very proud to bring this much-anticipated product to market,” says Steve Martin, Director, Custom Golf Car Supply. “Developing the Phoenix-RX presented a significant challenge because we had to solve all the problems that previously made the RXV very difficult to modify. Those days are over. The Phoenix-RX is here and is shipping to happy customers across the country right now.”

The Phoenix-RX answers a long-standing demand in the market for a comprehensive, custom solution to elevate the styling of the popular RXV golf car. Both professionals and savvy DIYers will find everything they need to transform the RXV in their choice of among 20 colors, along with options for matching seats, steering wheels, roofs, wheels, and trim. The result? A completely customized look that revolutionizes the appearance of the E-Z-GO RXV.

More Outdoor Power Equipment and Powersports dealers are diversifying into the custom golf car business as these vehicles are increasingly in demand for personal use as well as in such settings as local villages, ranches, resorts, universities, and retirement communities. “Customization is everything in the UTV market, and golf car owners are no different,” said John Bauersfeld, Vice President of Field Sales for Arrowhead Engineered Products. “With launches like the Phoenix–RX, we demonstrate our commitment to delivering products that push the limits of golf car performance and aesthetics.

Founded in 2001, Baltimore-based Red Hawk is a wholesale supplier of high-quality golf cart parts and accessories that prides itself on offering the best customer experience in the industry. DoubleTake®, with its proprietary Color MatchSystemTM for customization, came under the Red Hawk umbrella in January 2022. The Red Hawk brand family also includes rugged RHOX accessories and Admiral electrical parts as well as the original Red Hawk line of replacement parts. Together, these brands comprise the Golf vertical for parent company Arrowhead Engineered Products, Inc., which acquired Red Hawk and Custom Golf Supply, Inc in 2021 and 2022, respectively. The combined companies maintain a manufacturing facility in Salisbury, North Carolina along with distribution centers in Salisbury; Baltimore, Maryland; Jacksonville, Florida; Dallas, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; and coming soon, Las Vegas, Nevada.



Exciting things are happening in this industry, and we are thrilled to be on the forefront of it all with Red Hawk and DoubleTake.”Customers can find a DoubleTake dealer and Phoenix-RX Body Set by using the company’s online dealer locator tool at

The first aftermarket body set for the E-Z-GO RXV has arrived. The Phoenix-RX from DoubleTake® is the latest addition to the successful Phoenix body kit family and the first major product launch since the DoubleTake brand was brought under the Red Hawk umbrella as part of Arrowhead Engineered Products, Inc.’s Golf Division.

The RX body kit incorporates the sweeping, aerodynamic lines and aggressive, sporty styling that have made its Phoenixline predecessors the benchmark for custom golf car body kits. All Phoenix body kits are part of the DoubleTake ColorMatch SystemTM, ensuring color harmony across the entire DoubleTake line. Everything from seat vinyl to enclosure fabrics and beyond are precisely matched to provide a cohesive, single-source solution. In addition to a broad range of color selections, the Phoenix-RX also provides options for the front grille styling. Available in diamond or slotted designs, customers can choose between a black or chrome finish, providing eight combinations for fine-tuning the look of a completely personalized E-Z-GO RXV.

More information can be found at www. and


Based in Blaine, MN—Arrowhead Engineered Products is a leading global engineer and omni-channel distributor of nondiscretionary, proprietary branded, aftermarket replacement parts. The company leverages data and digital capabilities to provide mission critical parts for outdoor power equipment, powersports, specialty vehicles, agriculture, golf, and other diverse markets. With distribution and sourcing locations in North America, Europe and Asia, Arrowhead Engineered Products employees service over 90,000 customers globally. Visit for more information. Stay connected with Golf Carting Magazine GOLF CARTING // Issue 28 // September 2022 Publisher: GC Media Group, LLC Senior Editor: Trevor Rose - Creative Director: Troy Merrifield - Graphic Designer: Tanner Merrifield Production Director: Christian Amico - Staff Writer: Kelly Madden Staff Writer: Josh Delsota Staff Writer / Social Media: Tony Benjamin Golf Carting® is published monthly by GC Media Group, LLC. Reprinting in whole or by any means- electronic, graphic or mechanical, including photocopying or information storage and retrieval systems is forbidden without written permission from the publisher. Advertising opportunities and inquiries to: Editorial contributions are welcomed, but editors recommend that contributors contact us first. Contribution must be accompanied by return postage, and we assume no responsibility for damage or loss of material. Manuscripts must be typewritten, and all photos have to have captions. Photo model releases of all people in photos must accompany manuscript. GOLF CARTING reserves the right to use material, and we reserve the right to edit material to meet publication requirements. E-mail contributions or inquiries to: WARNING: Certain action photographs depicted in this magazine are potentially dangerous. The drivers and vehicle occupants seen in our photos are experienced professionals. Do not attempt to duplicate any stunts. Wear a helmet and safety restraints while operating a Golf Cart, and never drive beyond your capabilities. Do not drink and drive while operating a Golf Cart. We also encourage you to “Tread Lightly” while respecting the outdoors and other outdoor enthusiasts. Use your head and enjoy the ride! ©2022 GC Media Group, LLC MAGAZINE


EV TITAN burst into the electric golf cart market with a flash, their new line of golf carts and LSV’s have a great style, tons of features and really look amazing. We got to test drive one a few weeks back and it’s a solid topnotch cart for any environment packed with features and accessories at a great price. EV Titan is still expanding in the US and you will soon be able to find their carts at more dealers nationwide.


Q: Can you tell us a more about the company?

A: At EV Titan, our goal is to put customers in electric golf cars that are more powerful and capable than any other car on the market. We believe upgrades should be standard. No more paying thousands of dollars extra for customizations that make your car not only stand out amongst the crowd, but also safer, and street legal from the start. Our cars come completely customized at the advertised price with options that are costly upgrades with other brands. We also offer 2 year, or 1,000 miles (whichever comes first) EV

You will be the talk of your neighborhood in their upgraded and customized electric golf cars. With more power, and stocked with unbelievable customizations, EV Titan will get you where you are going with style and class. We got a chance to sit down with the owners of EV Titan and get more information about them, there carts and their future plans.


Q: Where is your company located? Do you have multiple locations?

A: As golf carts have been going through a sort of revolution, taking them off the golf courses and into neighborhoods and communities, we began to realize the need for better options, better performance, better handling and stability, and better style all around. Carts are no longer just for golfers. People are using them to get around their neighborhoods, to socialize with neighbors, to spend time with their families. Each of these people have unique requirements to what they are needing or wanting in a cart. We thought to build on that and provide a cart that fits the needs of everyone. EV Titan has a long list of safety features to keep your family safe while cruising the neighborhood; it has the power and speed to truly have fun, drive, and additional accessories like built in sound systems to make riding around enjoyable for all.

Q: What is your company background? (How and when did your company start?)

Titan Warranty is serviced through GCWG, Golf Car Warranty Group, a nationwide electric golf car warranty company.

A: Listening to our customer's wants and needs, we have learned that most people's biggest concern with a cart for their family is safety and reliability. We have heard over and over again the same complaint when it comes to most golf cart brands, the handling and stability does not feel safe. In response we tasked our engineers with developing a cart that meets these needs and is one of the most stable and smooth riding carts available on the market, regardless of if you have one passenger or up to 4 passengers, the cart's stability is unchanged. Customer satisfaction is always key in business. Having a product that is reliable, durable, and the best value for your money is going to set you apart from your competition, satisfy your customers, and give you longevity in your industry. That is why we have also made our carts to come standard with features that would normally be considered a costly add-on with other manufacturers, as well as an upgraded motor to give you the best performance and most enjoyable ride.

Q: How many employees do you have? And what do they do?

Q: How do you promote or advertise your business? Online? Social Media?

A: EV Titan has a large staff of loyal employees ranging from manufacturing, engineering, and quality control to accounting, customer service, marketing, and general staff.

Q: What are your future plans for your company?

A: We plan to have an EV Titan Dealer in every community in the United States. We aspire to be not only the largest manufacturer of golf carts, but the manufacturer of the best quality carts in the market with the best performance, best handling and stability, best safety features, and most standard upgrades.Ifyouwould like to know more about EV Titan or become a dealer, please contact or visit

A: We are headquartered in Wyoming with Dealers through the Nation. EV Titan is always looking to add more Dealers to our network.

Q: What is the most important business lesson you've learned?

A: Online and social media and word of mouth based on customer satisfaction referrals.


HOLDS ITS CHARGE, EVEN DURING WINTER STORAGE. If you don’t charge a flooded lead-acid battery for a month, it loses up to 33% of its charge. Lithium-ion batteries lose only 2-3% charge per month, making dead batteries unlikely under normal conditions. A charged lithium-ion battery can sit for months and still start right up. They are ideal for vacation homes.

REDUCES BATTERY WEIGHT AND IMPROVES PERFORMANCE. Lead-acid batteries weigh 340-390 pounds while lithium-ion batteries weigh only 60-140 pounds. Depending on ampere-hours, lithium-ion batteries can be more than 300 pounds lighter than flooded leadacid batteries. This reduces general wear and tear and improves the efficiency of your vehicle. It will accelerate faster and maintain higher speeds on hills.

OUTLASTS FLOODED LEAD-ACID BATTERIES. With proper care and storage, lithium-ion batteries usually last three to five times longer than flooded lead-acid batteries. The lithium chemistry increases the number of charge cycles the battery can handle. Leadacid batteries deliver approximately 500-1,000 cycles. Lithium-ion deliver 2,000-5,000.

COSTS LESS IN THE LONG RUN. You’ve probably heard that lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than lead-acid, but that’s only half of the story. Yes, the sticker price for lithium-ion batteries is higher, but they last much longer. When you factor in the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries and the replacement costs of flooded leadacid and AGM batteries within that time frame, lithium-ion batteries deliver a lower total cost of ownership.

IS IT TIME TO SWITCH TO LITHIUM-ION? If your current golf car or PTV batteries are working fine and you’re satisfied with their performance, or your vehicle is old and you’re thinking of replacing it soon, this may not be the time to switch. But if you need a new battery or vehicle, it may be time to upgrade. You’ll enjoy better power, performance, and reliability and increase the trade-in value of your vehicle. Visit the Trojan Battery website to learn more about Trojan’s GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Battery or find your nearest Trojan Master Distributor.


MAINTAINS CONSISTENT POWER. Lead-acid batteries lose power as the state of charge drops. They become sluggish and can struggle on inclines. That’s not the case with lithium-ion batteries. Like cell phones and laptops, they deliver consistent power. You’ll enjoy steady performance, even on steep hills.

ELIMINATES MAINTENANCE AND WATERING. Lithium-ion batteries require no maintenance or watering, whereas flooded leadacid batteries need hands-on care. Further, poor or no maintenance can impact the performance and longevity of flooded lead-acid batteries, eating into your investment. With lithium-ion, you just charge and ride.


Flooded lead-acid batteries have kept golf cars and PTVs on the go for decades, and they remain a viable option for owners. If you have an older golf car or PTV, it probably has a leadacid battery. With their proven dependability and reliability, flooded lead-acid batteries remain the most used golf car battery. But more sophisticated lithium-ion batteries are giving traditional batteries a run for their money. If you’re thinking of switching to a lithium-ion battery, you’ll need to understand the differences between the two. Lithium-ion technology has taken battery performance into a new dimension. It offers the following benefits over flooded lead-acid technology:

SPEEDS CHARGING AND PREVENTS DOWNTIME. Have you ever headed out for a day of fun only to discover a discharged battery? It happens with flooded lead-acid batteries, often due to charger errors or vehicles not being used for extended periods. And it takes up to eight hours to charge a flooded lead-acid battery. There goes your day. This rarely occurs with lithium-ion batteries because they lose their charge so slowly. Further, they can reach an 80% state of charge in a few hours.

MONITORS BATTERY PERFORMANCE AND REDUCES RISKS. Lithium-ion batteries feature smart Battery Management Systems (BMS). Small computers inside the battery constantly monitor data on the status of each cell and the overall health of the battery. The BMS protects the battery from damage and keeps the battery operating within its safety parameters. The best BMSs feature dual microprocessors and fuses for safety. If one fails, another safely shuts down the battery.

Whether you’re in the woods hunting, checking your night cameras and feeders or looking for recent signs of animals, the advantages of doing that and more in a quiet, powerful golf cart designed for the outdoors will add a lot of enjoyment to theAtask.cart that has been properly outfitted to tackle everything involved with hunting means less work for the hunters and more success in your efforts.

The good news is the arrival of many new and useful aftermarket accessories designed to make your hunting cart a real workhorse. If you’re good with a wrench, you can add custom features made to make the thrill of hunting more rewarding.


If you enjoy hunting – whether for local game or on a photographic expedition – there are a couple ways to go if you want a cart to enhance the experience. Very few manufacturers make what may be considering a “hunting cart,” but do offer heavy duty carts made for general outdoor, landscaping or construction use.

Getting your hunting cart up off the ground will also be a key modification. A suspension lift kit of 6-inches is typical, although you can raise your cart up to 8 or 10-inches if you feel it’s necessary, but you may suffer a little loss of handling capability because the cart is riding much higher off the ground. Get rid of the standard leaf springs and shocks and install heavy duty parts, along with the tie rods. Your wheels should be as durable as possible while still being lightweight, and you should take some time to learn about the right tread patterns and sizes for all-terrain tires for maximum performance on your favorite hunting grounds.

When you’re out in the field hunting your prey, the last thing you want is to scare them away. That’s why an electric cart is the right choice. The downside is the older cart you’re trying to outfit for hunting likely has an underpowered electric motor that will need to be replaced. A typical 3-horsepower motor won’t get you up steep inclines, especially if you have multiple passengers or animals onboard. A 9-hp motor will get you where you need to go much more efficiently. You’ll then want to upgrade the motor’s controller from a 175-amp to 500-amp model with an auto-breaking feature that stops the cart when you take your foot off the gas. Make sure it is regenerative, so it charges while you’re driving. Companies like Navitas (,, Silver Wolf ( and can offer/ build motors how you like it for your terrain and program your controller to your preference.

Just like modifying a golf cart for any other use, building the optimum hunting companion is personal. You can outfit your cart with a few accessories, or go wide open in rigging it to the max.There are dozens of companies that make and sell hunting accessories for most of the major cart brands, and with a little time and a few tools you can be on your way to your dream


As with all styles of golf cart modifications, conversion to a hunting cart can be as budget-friendly or fully radical as you’d like, depending on how much you plan on investing. Front suspension is a critical component for a hunting cart, and independent suspension components can greatly increase your cart’s ability to crawl up rocky inclines while still trying to keep one wheel on the ground. Products like a Jakes Long Travel Lift Kit, available in 4” to 8” lifts, will give you a very smooth ride and enhanced handling for around $1,200.00

D&DSystemsMotor PlumQuick




Reynolds has installed a 2-gun and ammo rack behind the seats, cushioned and secure to protect his rifles. He also outfitted his cart with a front rack for gear or game, a large rear bed, hand grabs and a winch. “I can’t tell you how glad I am I installed the winch, whether for hunting or just getting out of being hung up on something,” Reynolds said. “I’ve also got enough of a lift on it to clear about 14-inches of water or rock, and that’s critical if you use your cart for hunting.”

An avid hunter since the age of 12, Rick Reynolds of Fort Myers, Florida, rigged his cart up for going to his hunting camp in Georgia to hunt white-tailed deer. He goes a couple times a year, if possible, either with his wife or a group of other hunters. A fire marshal for the Fort Myers Fire Department, Reynolds has a gas-powered cart, and installed a silencer on the exhaust system which he says makes about the same level of noise as an electric cart.

huntingcarts www.GolfCarting.com28

Reynolds gets some of his hunting accessories for his cart from Kolpin Outdoors ( based in Minnesota, one of many online sellers of aftermarket hunting parts for carts. Kolpin offers an entire line of hunting-related vehicle accessories and parts, including gun boots, roofs and windshields, Rhino Grip® clamps for securing guns and other cargo and even a mount to securely hold a chainsaw. Many other cart accessory companies sell camouflage wheels and wheel covers, steering wheel covers, seat covers and complete

machine. Vertical gun racks that mount near your legs and have a quick-release mechanism mean fast reaction when you come up on your prey, and horizontal gun storage racks allow you to safely and securely transport your weapons while driving. Today’s designs feature cushioned gun holders with foam-lined clips and Velcro straps to hold the guns securely, and heavy duty mounting hardware that is incredibly durable andOtherlightweight.options include a front-mounted basket for transporting game, rooftop racks custom-fit for any cart model and even portable propane heaters that fit in your cup holder to keep you warm at night. A camouflage graphics cart wrap will make sure you blend in with the hunting grounds.

Fender flares are another important addition to your hunting cart to keep the mud under the cart when you’re getting down and dirty on the hunting trail.

Great Day, Inc also carries products to hold your guns and bows as well as a variety of sturdy racks that mount to the front, top and rear of your cart. Their product line goes far past just carts, most of their products with fit on many models of ATVs, UTVs and even your truck or Jeep.


cammo enclosures for when the cold and wind are a problem. Depending on what you are hunting for you can get innovative and back saving product like this power-loader from for around $574. With the use of a winch (not included) the power-loader can lift any trophy deer, to a turkey. When not out hunting, it is a rancher's right-hand man with the ability to lift up to 350 lbs without physically lifting up a pound. Bales of hay, firewood, sacks of feed or seed and even fence post can be lifted and transported easily around the property.

Hunting! - GCMAG PHOTOS CURTESY OF GREAT DAY, INC www.GolfCarting.com30

Coming home safely from a day out in the woods is the goal in any hunting trip, whether you’re looking for deer, hogs, beautiful flowers or animals to photograph, or using a gun or a bow. The right modifications to a golf cart can increase your hunting enjoyment and make the whole outdoor adventure much more satisfying. Happy

Many people use other types of UTV, side-by-side or ATV vehicles for hunting, but gas engines can be a problem when you’re tracking your game. A golf cart equipped with the right electric motor can add a big advantage to your favorite hunting nest.


golfcartcompany MOKEPHOTO CREDIT MOKEAMERICA.COM America's Stylish Player in Low Speed Electric Vehicles www.GolfCarting.com32

ALL ELECTRIC, ALL FUN The MOKE is made with 10, maintenancefree gel batteries as the power source, which are made here in the US. The bulk of the parts on a MOKE LSV are Americanmade, and the vehicles are assembled in Sarasota, Florida.

While the base model MOKE LSV is an absolute headturner when it comes to design and style – they come in a wide variety of body, wheel and bimini top colors - the company also offers some Special Editions that come standard with custom features and accessories to create the ultimate electric vehicle.Ifyou’ve ever seen the 1973 James Bond movie Live and Let Die, you may recall that 007 himself cruised around the fictional Caribbean Island of San Monique in a blue and white MOKE. MOKE America now offers a custom vehicle that carries on that theme, the San Monique Model, equipped with matte

With a storied history of lightweight, efficient transportation, MOKE America is now emerging in U.S. markets as a stylish, ecologically “green” and fresh take on low speed vehicles, or LSVs.MOKE, (rhymes with “bloke”), was a small utility vehicle originally made by the British Motor Company as a nimble British Army military vehicle that could be airlifted and parachuted down to various locations and used to transport military personnel. One of the key founders was Alec Issigonis, who was also behind the creation of the original Austin Mini automobile. The MOKE was the answer to America’s Jeep, with the intent of being quicker, lighter, and able to be utilized for moreAftertasks.their use in the military, MOKE became the vehicle of choice for those looking for something other than a conventional car or typical golf cart for things like getting around a small town, cruising the beach and other uses. Celebrities around the world are big fans of the lightweight, peppy vehicles in places where a car is not needed. The Caribbean and other coastal destinations were perfect for the MOKE lifestyle, and soon they were the vehicle of choice around the world in beach towns everywhere, with their ease of operation and wide-open, topless style. That history has now evolved into MOKE America’s newest line of open-air LSVs that are quickly seeing a rise in popularity around the country. The appeal of this top-of-theline LSV continues to attract celebrities and upscale exposure, with owners like the Kardashians, Pete Davidson, Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, dozens of major league sports stars, and others. Affluent buyers are using the MOKE LSV for getting around places like the Hamptons and Montauk, Barbados and St. Barth in the Caribbean, and other destinations of the rich and famous.

The buzz is big with MOKE America, having been featured in dozens of high-end magazines and online around the globe –the vehicles have served as the backdrop for countless glamorous publication’s covers –and have been featured on television shows like Jay Leno’s Garage and Bloomberg TV. The LSVs have also been used for forming partnerships with high-end, signature events like South Beach’s Art Basel Miami Beach and manyCarmore.&Driver Magazine even reviewed the MOKE America LSV, calling it a “low speed electric vehicle with high style,” and adding, “the MOKE could be used to putter around a gated community, and it also looks like something you might drive from the dock to the beach and then to the nightclub.”


The overall design has been completely revisited since the earlier, British version, making the MOKE wider and with a slightly longer wheelbase, and riding on a sturdier frame. They come equipped with seat belts and reach a top speed of around 25 miles per hour, and the batteries can be fully charged in about 8 hours. A full charge gets you about 40 miles of travel. The MOKE America LSV is completely street legal on all roads where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less.


“I started looking at ordinary golf carts to get around town and take clients to see properties, but then I saw the MOKE, and I was hooked,” Mr. Collyer said. “You wouldn’t believe the number of times I see people just staring at it, they’ll stop to admire it, and ask me questions about it. I think it really does its job as a unique and powerful marketing and advertising tool.”

The company also has partnered with popular home goods designer Juliska to create the Special Edition Juliska MOKE, available exclusively through the upscale retailer Neiman Marcus. Juliska’s design team relied on some of their most popular home good collections as inspiration for the eye-catching design of these LSVs, and the result is a truly extraordinary collaboration in style and functionality. With the extensive list of features and accessories, together with the head-turning visual style of the vehicle, there’s little wonder why the MOKE LSV has become so popular since introduced in the US in 2017.

Mr. Collyer, with the Kimberly Luxury Group, affiliated with the Royal Shell Real Estate firm, got his MOKE from

DRAWING ATTENTION EVERYWHERE THEY GO Cedric Collyer sells exclusive luxury real estate in the chic, Florida Gulf coast town of Naples. Having spent years in the business, he realizes that in order to stand out among the thousands of others in the same business, his marketing needed to be a step up from the ordinary.


black wheels, Bluetooth technology, back-up camera, wood steering wheel and gear shift and San Monique graphics. You can see the original 007 MOKE and also take a look at the Special Edition model at


While they may cost a bit more than a custom golf cart, owners are convinced that these luxury, classy LSVs are the only way to arrive at your destination in a distinctive style and with unmatched functionality.




Orlando. Once he received it, he immediately began to make it his own. He had the wheels and roll bar custom painted to match the body and added graphics with his real estate team’s name and contact info. He even included a life-sized cutout of the real estate team’s leader, Kimberly Alvord, and he says it is a real standout when dealing with marketing multi-million dollar properties.“Naples is the perfect town to get around in with an electric low speed vehicle, and the MOKE is the ideal choice when compared to just another golf cart,” he says. “It epitomizes the laid-back Naples lifestyle and is the best way to get the real Naples experience. I couldn’t be more pleased with the attention it has brought my business, and with the recognition, fun and enjoyment our team gets from having it.”

MOKE LSVs are used in several different scenarios where up to 4 people need to get around in style. With specifications that include a McPherson front suspension, front wheel drive, hydraulic steering, 89-inch wheelbase, front disc brakes and 175/60R14-sized tires, the MOKE is truly a one-of-a-kind electricMOKEvehicle.vehicles are also very popular in beach towns, resort destinations and vacation spots as rentals, providing the perfect day of fun getting around for visitors.

Double Take roof Ground Zero speakers Sound Digital amps and DSP

JVC Rhoxradiolights with halo and turn signals

MODZ wheels and seats

YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 2019 E-Z-GO RXV BRYAN, COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT THIS BUILD? It's a 2019 E-Z-GO RXV that came from the golf course and Mike King custom painted the cart. I added a Double Take long roof along with MODZ seats, GTW seat kit, MODZ 14-inch wheels. The cart is lowered 2-inches and I added a custom mat and emblem from the Golf Cart Mafia. The audio has two Sound Digital 800-watt amps and DSP with four Ground Zero Yellow Basket 6.5 speakers and a Ground Zero 10inch sub with a ported box from the sound shop in Indian Trail NC. A 7-inch JVC double-din radio was installed, and I also added 42 feet of red LED lights along with LED wheel lights. IS THERE ANY CUSTOM FABRICATION, OR CUSTOM-MADE PARTS? Custom radio bezel for double-din radio, ported sub box and LEDwheel lights.

Mad Jax tinted windshield Lowering kit CAN YOU GIVE US SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS? I build carts part time for the last two years. I got started just getting one and adding parts here and there. I want to build them more often and hopefully one day I can build them full time.

golfcartingnation www.GolfCarting.com38

GTW seat kit


OWNER: Bryan Nivens from Indian Trail, NC

WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR YOU OR YOUR COMPANY? I would love to have a dealership selling new and used carts along with custom builds. GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 39


When it comes to getting a warranty over and above what may be offered from the manufacturer, when it comes to cars, appliances or electronics, there are basically 2 types of consumers – those that always buy a warranty, and those that do not.The same applies to golf carts. Those that sleep better at night with the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a comprehensive extended warranty at a fair price have protected themselves against the potential risk of expense in repairing their vehicles. In today’s marketplace, a buyer can purchase the added protection of an extended warranty on new and used vehicles, whether it’s a golf cart, UTV, or electric, low-speed vehicle, just as you can when you buy a car. And also, just like in a car purchase, the consumer needs to really learn what the warranty they’re considering covers and does not cover to avoid any hassles down the road.



Most major manufacturers like Yamaha, E-Z-GO and Club Car, offer limited warranties on their products. The tricky part is in reading the exact terms for each part or system on your vehicle. While there may be a 4-year warranty on the model you’re shopping for, the majority of the actual coverage on individual parts or systems may be only 2 or 3 years. This is why it is critical to read the itemized details of what is covered, and for how long. If you’ve ever heard of the theory of “planned obsolescence”, you may have a better understanding of extended warranties for golf carts. Nothing lasts forever, and there is considerable information available on the overall durability and life expectancy of golf carts of all makes and models. Manufacturers are acutely aware of how long their carts are expected to perform over their lifetime, and they do not want to end up paying for a replacement part or system repair for

THE PIONEER IN THE CART WARRANTY INDUSTRY Founded in 2016, EWG Corporation, for Electric Warranty Group, realized early on that the standard warranties that are offered by major cart manufacturers left a lot to be desired when it comes to protecting the consumer. EWG offers warranties for electric and gas carts, LSVs and other electric vehicles for periods of 1 to 4 years beginning at just $199.00. The company sells warranties for Yamaha, E-Z-GO, EPIC, Star and Club Car carts. There is no deductible to the consumer for warranty service to gas carts, and a $50.00 deductible for gas cart owners. EWG warranties offer a $50.00 credit for an authorized dealer to transport your cart from your location to the service center and take it back to the owner. The company has experienced impressive growth and market share since its inception, with over 600 authorized dealers and sales of more

something they knew was designed and built to last for 2 or 3 years.It is typical for standard cart warranties on a new vehicle to warranty something like the electric motor or controller to have a 4-year warranty, but something like the headlights or taillights may only be covered for 2 years. Whether you buy an electric or gas-powered cart also makes a difference in the coverage of your extended warranty. Different parts and systems carry varying coverage from one to the other. Batteries in electric vehicles also generally carry different warranty terms that those that apply to other parts on the vehicle. Since the batteries represent such a major financial portion of the cost of the cart, reading this section is imperative before you purchase the warranty. Of course, just like in any other contractual agreement, the section about things that can void your extended warranty is critical to fully understand. If you’ve modified your cart – even if you just added a simple lift kit – your warranty may not cover any manufacturer’s defects or failed parts. The section about “normal wear and tear” can also present an issue when you go to make a claim. If the warranty company feels you did not use proper care or attention in maintaining your vehicle, they may balk at paying your claim. Some providers of third-party extended golf cart warranties will even cover transportation of your cart to an authorized service dealer if it ever needs repairs. But another example of understanding all the agreement’s fine print is that any damages that occur while the cart is in transit on a flatbed may not be covered. Some third-party extended golf cart warranties are transferrable, meaning an added incentive to potential buyers when you decide to sell your cart. An electric cart should have a way to tell the number of hours of service logged by the vehicle’s batteries, just like the motor on a boat. If you’re buying a used cart and anticipate that the batteries or any other system on the vehicle may not last much longer, buying an extended warranty can make sense to save money down the road.


“We offer warranties that are custom-designed for different cart classifications, so the end user gets the protection they need,” said Lewis. “We have warranties for refurbished or modified carts that start at a 6-month term, warranties for small to mid-sized cart manufacturers to enhance their existing warranties and extended 4-year warranties for carts from all manufacturers that kick in after the original warranty runs out,” he explained. “There is no segment of the golf cart market we don’t have a warranty product for.” EWG’s warranties are designed to cover basically any part, component or operating system that makes the cart function. Things that are not covered include cosmetic or other items like a soundbar, seat covers and similar accessories. A cart’s batteries are not covered under an EWG warranty, Lewis explained, because most manufacturers today include a 5-year warranty on their OEM batteries.

Greg Lewis is the Vice President of Sales for EWG and has seen how the ability to offer a comprehensive extended warranty for carts and other electric vehicles is a big advantage for their nationwide dealer network. Dealers find that offering the extended warranties increases a customer’s confidence in the dealer which results in more sales and serves as an added revenue source.

Whether you’re buying a used or refurbished cart or a new model right off the showroom floor, investing in an extended warranty makes sound financial sense. The added peace of mind that comes from knowing you won’t be hit with expensive repairs should something on your cart malfunction, and the fact that it is transferrable gives your cart an increased value.The right extended warranty for your golf cart means years of hassle-free enjoyment with a feeling of security in your investment. Be sure to read and fully understand all the agreement’s terminology and coverage in limits before you buy, and you’ll be playing every round with a renewed feeling of serenity.

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than 9,000 active warranties.

Q: What is the best way to paint my golf cart?

A: Keeping your underbody clean is vital for the longevity of your cart. Check underneath your cart for any caked on mud or wet sand that becomes packed into areas on the frame where moisture can stay. Take a small brush (like a toothbrush) and a garden hose to clean all debris from the crevices. Also check your battery tray for any signs of acid leaking onto it as that will eventually rot it out. Take care not to hose off any battery acid onto a driveway as it will stain it. You can first neutralize any acid with a baking soda and water mixture then you can rinse off. If you encounter rust, be sure to sand it down and apply a rust converting paint like Rust Reformer. Doing this maintenance once every few months will certainly extend the life of your underbody and components like brake lines, hubs, and electrical connections as well.

A: The first step to your DIY golf cart paint project is sanding the whole body. For most carts, you can use fine-grit sandpaper in a circular motion to get the paint off. If you’re not planning on painting the entire cart, simply sand the parts that you want to paint. While it’s tempting to skip this step, the sanding process makes applying the paint much easier.

Q: How can I clean my golf cart seats?

A: To begin, you’ll want to know what kind of material your seats are in order to take care of them properly. You’ll also want to take a good look at how the seat cushions are made. Some golf cart seats can be removed, making them easier to clean.

Q: How do I prevent corrosion underneath my cart?



Furthermore, sanding will aid in the paint adhering to the surface allowing the paint job to last much longer. After you’ve finished sanding, wash off all of the dust so that you don’t have granules in your paint, that can make your paint job look rough and bumpy. Let your cart dry completely before moving on to the painting process. You want to make sure that you don’t get paint on anything you don’t want to be painted. Take some time to cover any areas on your golf cart you don’t want to be painted. You can use plastic sheets, drop cloths and masking tape to do the job.Once you have your cart sealed, you can start painting by applying a thin coat of primer. The spray paint versions of primers are the easiest and fastest. While you don’t want to apply too much primer to your cart, you will want to use a little more if you’re trying to paint a light color over a dark color. After the primer has dried completely, you can apply the actual paint, which is most likely acrylic or plastic fusion spray paint. Go lightly with a back and forth spray pattern so you don't get any runs. You want at least 2-3 coats for the paint to be uniform. Be sure to wait in between coats so that each layer can set properly.

If you want to take extra good care of your new paint job, you’ll want to add a clear coat or sealant once you’ve finished. This sealant goes on top of your finished paint job just the same way you applied the paint. And, if you’re going for a glossy look, it’s a must. Once you’re totally finished, let your cart dry for at least 24 hours before using it.


In general, the best method for DIY golf cart seat cleaning is combining liquid laundry detergent (you just need a couple of drops) and lukewarm water. Soak a sponge in this mixture and then use it to clean your seats. Next, rinse the sponge (or get a new one) so that you can wipe all of the soap completely off your seats. Use a towel to dry your seats completely. If you’re dealing with stains, especially on white seats, try putting some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and treating the stain before cleaning with the laundry detergent mixture.

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