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65 Stang and Don’t Forget the Trailer


t was the year that Star Wars opened in theaters. The year that Apple II computers hit the market, the year we lost Elvis and the same year when Roman Polanski’s life became complicated. It was a late spring afternoon in 1977 and my older brother and I were off to see Star Wars for the first time in a south suburb of Chicago. We were being ferried by our mother and I’ll never forget the car we were in. It was a 1965 Ford Mustang, the first year they were introduced, and who could have envisioned just how wildly successful this model would ultimately become. Our family Mustang was a sparkly royal blue with white vinyl interior and in remarkably good shape for a 12-year-old vehicle. Every time I see an old Mustang it takes me back to my seventies childhood and I can here “Staying Alive” and Queen’s “We Will Rock You” in my head. I say all this to share with you a custom cart submission from one of our Florida readers who completely custom built a 1965 Ford Mustang golf cart… and don’t forget the trailer. I


smiled widely when I clicked on the first image link because 65 Mustangs are a small part of who I am. Sean Courterier of Extreme Golf Cart Service in Winter Garden, FL absolutely crushed it when he transformed a 2003

Club Car DS into the iconic 1965 Mustang. “This cart started out as a basic 2003 Club Car DS and was completely converted to a lithium powered Mustang replica cart. Complete with body, paint, custom dash, Bluetooth stereo, and matching tow along trailer. Everything about this build was handmade and every detail was crafted with perfection,” Sean explains. I would have to agree. Some of the aftermarket parts used to complete this build are Modz wheels, Allied lithium batteries, Doubletake dash and seat kit to name a few.


Sean says, “I’ve been in the golf cart business for 15 years combined, I’m factory trained by all 3 major manufacturers, EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha. I specialize in unique, one of a kind custom golf cart builds and built to order carts. Right now I run my company on my own but I plan to expand very soon as I’ve become a huge name in Winter Garden, FL.” Well Sean, if you continue to create carts like this, your name will be huge in more places than just Winter Garden. Thanks for sharing your cart with our readers. -Trevor Rose










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companyprofile COVER STORY

The All-New Trojan EV X not only looks great, but is also full of standard features





his month’s Company Profile we are featuring the golf cart manufacturer Trojan EV. These beautiful street-legal, feature-rich carts boasts cutting-edge technology and superior construction and craftsmanship. These custom golf carts provide a lot of versatility and perform great on the course, around town and even on the farm or ranch. Head-quartered in Sheridan, WY with dealers nationwide, Trojan EV is growing rapidly and plans on having a Trojan EV dealership in every community in the U.S.

Dealer Name: TROJAN EV Dealer Location: SHERIDAN, WY (DEALERS NATIONWIDE) Phone Number: (307) 343-1105 Email: INFO@TROJANEV.COM Facebook Page: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/TROJANEV GCMAG: Thank you for spending time with us here at Golf Carting Magazine. Tell us more about the Trojan EV X carts. TROJAN EV: Trojan EV is proud to manufacture the best performing, safest, most durable and most enjoyable personal street legal ready electric vehicle sold in the United States.



Rear Flip Seats with Cupholders and Cooler (removable for extra storage space) 7-½ ” Touch Screen w/ Integrated Backup Camera

Full Carbon Fiber-Like Dashboard

Bluetooth Sound System

14” Wheels

Side Steps

7-½ ” Touch Screen with Integrated Backup Camera LED Light Bar on Grill

Underbody Lights


Color Changing Turn Signals

companyprofile Our street legal ready electric vehicles come with a long list of safety features that make it street legal ready almost everywhere in America. We've included an unmatched list of standard features that most other manufacturers only offer as add-ons. At Trojan EV we also understand that no two customers are alike, so we have built our carts to be fully customizable. From body kits and light kits to brush guards, baskets, dashes, side steps and more, Trojan EV X's are built for customization to fit each customer's personal style. Trojan EV X also comes equipped with a powerful 5Kw AC motor and a 400 amp controller in its class, but with that upgraded power you don't have to trade handling and stability. Trojan EV X is one of the most stable and smooth driving carts on the market. Trojan EV X- Better Stability, Better Handling, Better Features, Better Ride, Better Value. GCMAG: It sounds like you have thought of everything. How did you guys get started? TROJAN EV: As golf carts have been going through a sort of revolution, taking them off of the golf courses and into neighborhoods and communities, we began to realize the

need for better options, better performance, better handling and stability, and better style. Carts are no longer just for golfers. People are using them to get around their neighborhoods, to socialize with neighbors, to spend time with their families. Each of these people have unique requirements to what they are needing or wanting in a cart. We thought we should build on that and provide a cart that fits the needs of everyone. Trojan EV Xhas a long list of safety features to keep your family safe when cruising your neighborhood, it has the power and speed to have a truly fun drive, and additional accessories like built in sound systems to make riding around enjoyable for all. GCMAG: You are right that the “golf cart” is evolving and not just for golfers. Here in Florida where I live, they are becoming a big part of local transportation in so many communities. Where are you located? TROJAN EV: We are headquartered in Wyoming with dealers throughout the Nation. Trojan EV is always looking to add more dealers to our network. GCMAG: Can you tell us about your employees?

KEY POINTS IN TROJAN EV X • 5Kw AC Motor • 6.7 HP • 400 AMP Controller • Onboard Charging System • LED Turn Signals (Inside and Outside) • USB Charging Ports • Light Bar on Grill • Bluetooth Sound System • Seatbelts on All Seats • Underbody Lights • Brush Guard • Exclusive Luxurious Seats • Grab Handles for All Seats • Carbon Fiber Dashboard • 7-½ ” Touch Screen w/ Integrated Backup Camera • Rear Flip Seats with Cupholders and Cooler (removable for extra Storage Space) • Color Changing Turn Signals 22

companyprofile TROJAN EV: Trojan EV has a large staff of loyal employees ranging from manufacturing, engineering, and quality control to accounting, customer service, marketing and general staff. GCMAG: How do you promote or advertise your business? TROJAN EV: We advertise online and through social media and we have strong word-of-mouth promotion based on customer satisfaction referrals. GCMAG: There’s nothing better than word-of-mouth marketing. What is the most important business lesson you've learned? TROJAN EV: One of the most important things to us is listening to our customer's wants and needs. We have learned that most people's biggest concern with a cart for their family is safety and reliability. We have heard over and over again the same complaint when it comes to most golf cart brands, and that is the handling and stability does not feel safe. In response we tasked our engineers with developing a cart that meets these needs and is one of the most stable and smooth riding carts available on the market, regardless if you have one passenger or up to 4 passengers, the cart's stability is unchanged. Customer satisfaction is always key in business. Having a

product that is reliable, durable, and the best value for your money is going to set you apart from your competition, satisfy your customers, and give you longevity in your industry. That is why we have also made our carts come standard with features that would normally be considered a costly addon with other manufacturers, as well as an upgraded motor to give you the best performance and most enjoyable ride. GCMAG: Safety and value are certainly the most important factors to consumers. What are the future plans for Trojan EV? TROJAN EV: We plan to have a Trojan EV dealer in every community in the United States. We aspire to be not only the largest manufacturer of golf carts, but the manufacturer of the best quality carts in the market with the best performance, best handling and stability, best safety features, and most standard upgrades. GCMAG: We appreciate you taking the time to tell us more about Trojan EVs and we wish you continued success. For more information on Trojan EV X custom carts visit their website at or their Facebook page at

Grab Handles for all Seats

Seatbelts on all Seats (front and rear)

Exclusive Luxurious Seats

Bluetooth Sound System


LED Color Changing Turn Signals in the Mirrors




n this month’s edition of Golf Carting Magazine, our Company Profile features Backspin Seating of Wilkes-Barre, PA. Backspin Seating started in 2011 and was created to offer a high-end seat solution for custom golf carts. Backspin Seats are completely custom, with endless color combinations and are easy to install on any year Yamaha, Club Car and E-Z-GO electric carts. We spent some time with John Dellamalva, one of the owners of Backspin Seating, who graciously provided us with some detailed information about his company and his products. Company Name: BACKSPIN SEATING Company Website: Company Headquarters: WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA


GCMAG: First of all, John, thank you for taking the time to give our readers some information about Backspin Seating. Can you tell us about your company? JOHN: Backspin Seating is a manufacturer of custom upholstered golf cart seats. Each seat we produce is unique as the customer chooses the color combinations. Our company offers thousands of different color combinations sourced from high-quality marine grade vinyl. We currently offer four different high-quality seats at affordable prices to the marketplace. Backspin offers a Split Back Bucket Seat, a Crossover Bench seat, a Crossover Bench Bucket seat and a matching rear seat kit. Each seat comes with different options and price points to match the customer’s needs. The seats are made with multiple layers of comfortable,

impact-resistant foam and specialized webbing that will not break down. Our seats are built using heavy gauge steel and rugged hardware to ensure long lasting strength and durability. Backspin seats are custom built for quick and easy installation on any year Yamaha, Club Car and EZGO golf carts. We have made the installation process as easy as possible for our customers. We were the first seating company to offer positioning belts, seat sliders, adjustable arm rests, sound barrier foam, custom embroidery options and easy lift access. Backspin seats are made with high-quality marine grade vinyl fabric and are available in over 300 colors and multiple stitching designs to customize your unique cart. If you cannot find a color you like in our inventory, we will order it for you. We offer fabric that is weather resistant, easy to clean and very durable. With our two and three-tone color combinations, there are thousands of combinations to choose. Each customer is unique, and their cart should be too. Our team personally works with each customer to make sure they get the perfect seat. Our company is very flexible, we’ve had customers call and ask for options not offered on our seats and we can usually make it happen, which is something not many manufacturers are willing to do. We strongly believe in the continuous improvement of our product, and we usually come out with a new and improved design each year, based on the feedback we receive from our customers and our growing network of dealers we have established throughout the country. Because of our innovative spirit, we have several new products that we will soon be offering that will appeal to a wide variety of golf cart enthusiasts. Backspin is proud of the fact that our products are built in and the parts are sourced in the USA. All seats are manufactured in our 140,000 square foot building by very our experienced manufacturing team.

JOHN: Backspin Seating currently has 30 employees that are able to utilize their many years of seat design experience. Our company utilizes both the latest manufacturing technology as well as a handcrafted finish to each seat that we produce. Our employees are specialists in sewing, upholstery and seat design. GCMAG: Impressive. How do you market and promote Backspin Seating? JOHN: Backspin Seating markets our seating products in several ways. We have developed a network of golf cart dealers who offer our products to their customers. We have salespeople that reach out to golf cart dealers in order to grow our dealer network. We advertise in multiple golf cart magazines. We also maintain an online presence with our website and on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. GCMAG: It sounds like you really have it covered. What is the most important business lesson your company has learned? JOHN: The most important business lesson I've learned to provide a positive experience for each customer that we have the pleasure of serving. Positive or negative word of mouth, especially in tight-knit golf cart communities can make or break your reputation. Anyone in business knows that a company's or a person's reputation is everything. Always keep your word and protect your reputation. GCMAG: What are the future plans for Backspin Seating? JOHN: While Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania might seem a long way from the golf cart communities of the southern and continued...

GCMAG: That’s a lot of really good information. It sounds like you’ve really dialed in a quality product. Who are the owners of Backspin Seating? JOHN: Thomas Dellamalva, myself -John Dellamalva, William Legg and Darlene Larkin GCMAG: Can you give us some background on how and when Backspin Seating started? JOHN: Backspin Seating has over twenty years of seat manufacturing experience. Thomas Dellamalva, started Backspin’s parent company, Custom Seats Inc. in 2000 and it quickly grew into a leading manufacturer of seating for the healthcare and transportation industries, theaters, auditoriums, and casinos. In 2011, Backspin Seating was created to offer a highend, customizable seat for golf carts that was not being offered by any other company at the time. GCMAG: How many employees do you have? Tell us about your team. GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 27

companyprofile western United States, Backspin Seating continues to see strong growth each year. We are working to expand into new areas of the country. Backspin Seating also knows that product innovation is very important which is why we continually update the design of our seats. Our customers demand the best for their golf carts, and we will always be there to provide new and exciting features on our seating products. We are in the process of developing several new products that will be available for purchase in the spring of 2021. GCMAG: Thank you again John for spending time with Golf Carting Magazine and giving us a much better understanding of your impressive company. We wish you much success! For more information on Backspin Seating visit their website at: You can also give them a call at 570-891-0600.




arades of all types have long been a tradition for celebrations and community involvement, whether its for a holiday, local festival or other outdoor gathering, and golf cart parades have become some of the most popular ways for friends and neighbors to gather to show off their festive cart decorations. Across the country, people look forward to dressing up their carts to show their patriotism on the 4th of July, light them up for festive Christmas celebrations or create “cart costumes” for expressing themselves on Halloween. There are also many local events like food festivals, historic celebrations, and neighborhood community events where the golf cart parade is the talk of the town. Some communities are known for the sheer size of the participants in their golf cart parades, like The Villages, a retirement community located just north of Orlando, Florida. In fact, this grand celebration holds the Guinness Book of


World Records acknowledgement as the largest cart parade in the country. With golf carts being the preferred method of transportation there, it comes as no surprise that the record for participating parade carts stands at 3,321, and the elaborate cart decorations are a crowd pleaser every year.

On Top of The World, another large retirement community just outside of Ocala, Florida, has been organizing their popular Mardi Gras Parade in February for many years, with about 300-400 carts dressed up in colorful beads and baubles winding their way throughout the community.

exception. A little crazy and highly popular, this tradition is in its 15th year and takes place the first weekend in December. The most recent Captiva Cart Parade featured a local television news anchor as the official emcee and judge of the cart decorations, and proceeds benefit the Sanibel-Captiva

The town of Manhattan Beach, California, holds a lively Halloween Golf Cart Parade annually where participants are awarded prizes for Best Cart Decoration and Best Participant Costume. The parade includes around 60 golf carts and goes through the whole town for everyone to see. Local restaurants offer prime outdoor seating to allow diners and spectators ideal views of the festivities.

Chamber of Commerce and other local charity organizations. This event even caught the eye of The Travel Channel a few years ago who sent a crew to film a segment on unique holiday festivities around the country. The segment’s producer pointed out that they were looking for “not your typical celebration”, and the quirky personalities and elaborate carts participating in Captiva’s parade surely did not disappoint. While The Villages holds the record for largest number of carts in their Christmas Cart Parade, hundreds of smaller 55+ communities in Florida and around the country hold their own events for residents. Del Tura is a golf community located in North Fort Myers, Florida, and their annual Christmas Cart Parade is one of their most popular celebrations. The parade route winds through the entire neighborhood, and there are cash prizes for best cart decorations and lighting. There are usually around 40 to 50 carts in the parade, and residents don’t hold back when to comes to creativity and having a good time. Debbie Moran has been a Del Tura resident for 7 years, and loves joining her friends and neighbors to watch the parade as they kick off the Christmas festivities.

Year ‘Round Sunshine Perfect for Cart Parades Florida just may be the epicenter of golf cart parades, with many cart-friendly retirement communities and towns that hold several local celebrations each year. Cities like Winter Garden, Ozona, Apollo Beach, Dunedin and even tiny Captiva Island hold cart parades for Easter, the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Halloween and Christmas every year, bringing their communities together for a fun time and to raise money for many local charities. Captiva is a small island paradise located just off Lee County on the Gulf Coast near Fort Myers. The locals here are known to walk to the beat of a different drummer, and their enthusiasm and creativity in dressing out their carts are no


golfcartcommunity “Everyone really gets into the decoration of their carts,” said Moran. “It’s amazing to see how much time and effort people put into their lights and other cart decorations, and it’s a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.” Buckingham is a rural community in eastern Lee County, Florida, just outside of Fort Myers. 26 years ago, two friends, Doug Clark and Larry Bogard, were lamenting about the need for a little more Christmas cheer around the area and decided to dress up their old Cushman 3-wheeled cart and drive around calling out greetings to their neighbors. When both gentlemen passed away just 2 years later, new neighbors Kim Belcher and her husband, along with her brother-in-law and his wife, decided to help keep the tradition going. “We realized if this fun event was going to continue, we needed to step up and preserve the heritage,” Kim says. In 2021, the Buckingham Christmas Parade had around 200 vehicles, about half of which were golf carts, ATV’s and UTV’s, all decked out with elaborate lights and folks in Christmas outfits. The route stretches approximately 4 miles throughout Buckingham, and even has its own Facebook Page to keep everyone informed about the event. Kim says, “The looks on the kids’ faces as people cruise by and toss Christmas candies


just makes the whole event a big hit, and so worth the effort.” The event has been going on so long that neighbors plan their own holiday parties for the same Saturday evening right before Christmas and enjoy the outdoors in the country while watching the procession of carts, swamp buggies and even trucks towing Christmas-themed floats. Of course, it doesn’t take an actual holiday to come up with a reason to hold a golf cart parade. The island community of Grand Isle, Louisiana, holds their annual Christmas in July Cart Parade as a community fundraiser, and donates to several local charities and buys bicycles for kids who cannot afford them. Now in its 9th year, the Christmas in July cart parade came about when a few friends were sitting around their campground and noticed everyone there had a golf cart. What began with just 8 carts is now big enough to require a police escort, and organizers and participants love coming together for a worthwhile event that helps so many in the community. Whether large or small, and whether you are participating or gathering the family to enjoy it from the sidelines, there is little question that a parade is the ultimate celebration. When golf carts and UTVs are part of the fun, more people get to be a part of the experience.






OWNER: Ryan Connolly from Winter Garden, Florida YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 2008 CLUB CAR ALPHA RYAN, CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THIS BUILD? This cart has a 48v upgrade with Navitas 600amp controller, 400amp solenoid and 2g wires. Custom seats with center console, 14” MODZ wheels, brand new body, LED lights, underglow, 2014+ dash, voltage reducer with fuse panel.


WHAT AFTERMARKET PARTS DID YOU USE? • Madjax Alpha Off Road body kit • Madjax Alpha hood scoop • Madjax Alpha premium LED light kit • Madjax Armor Bumper • Madjax Genesis 250 rear seat kit • Madjax Genesis tow hitch kit • Nilight 11” LED light bar • Nilight LED cube lights • Nilight LED amber accent lights • Navitas 5kw 600amp AC system • RHOX 6” HD lift kit • MODZ Assault wheels

• MODZ FS2 custom seats

• Grant steering wheel

• MODZ tower top

• USB dual charge ports

• MODZ tower top windshield

• Eco Battery 72V 105ah lithium

• BADLAND ZXR 2500 winch

system • Custom made FORD grille • Custom made SuperDuty decals

• KICKER 6.5” RGB marine speakers • KICKER 6.5” RGB LED speaker rings • Kenwood Excelon X802-5 amplifier • Boss Audio Elite 10.1” touchscreen

radio • Boss Audio Elite SLIM10 subwoofer • Dreamcolor rock light kit • Cart Start wireless start system • Xtreme Mats Golf floor mat • Bevel Engineering side mirrors

CAN YOU GIVE US SOME BACKGROUND ON HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS? Cart was built by Sean Couturier of Extreme Golf Cart Service in Central Florida.



OWNER: Todd Williamson from King, Nc YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 1981 Yamaha G1 TODD, COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT THIS CUSTOM BUILD? Bagged and bodied G1, custom seats, paint, ignition system, powdercoated wheels, 5-gallon scuba tank for ViAir air compressor with two switches for the front and rear, led rock lights with multiple colors, a 40-inch LED light bar and the steering wheel has been dipped with a red pattern. WHAT AFTERMARKET PARTS DID YOU USE? Viair compressor SMC valves Extensive switches Dipped steering wheel


IS THERE ANY CUSTOM FABRICATION, OR CUSTOM-MADE PARTS? Custom mount brackets for the air bags, a custom motor swap and 2 front and rear Chevy C10 bumpers cut and shortened. CAN YOU GIVE US SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS? I'm a tow truck driver and a Dyno owner. This is my 1st cart build that I started after seeing everyone's cool builds. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR YOU OR YOUR COMPANY? Take it to the next level IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU'D LIKE TO ADD? I would like to thank JC Designs, Extensive Metal Works, Scott Strickland Madgear Hotrod Apparel and Hatermade Clothing Company





oteau Custom Carts in New Iberia, LA is a custom cart builder and new EVolution Electric Vehicle and a Star EV dealer. David and his crew take a lot of pride in keeping their customers happy. Coteau Carts just moved into a new and larger place. We were able to catch up with the owner David Mallet to get an inside look into this five-year-old custom cart business. DEALER NAME: Coteau Custom Carts DEALER LOCATION: 7010 Coteau Road, New Iberia, LA 70560 PHONE NUMBER: (337) 349-9120 OWNER: David Mallet WEBSITE: GCMAG: Tell us about your golf cart dealership? DAVID MALLET: I take great pride in building, customizing and/or repairing golf carts to make them the perfect fit for each customer’s needs. We have been an Evolution electric vehicle dealer for the past three-years and just became a Star EV dealer as well. We are very excited about the Star EV


addition to our business. My business is unique because we truly are a family business. The moment a customer steps into my shop they become family. They will never be greeted by a stranger. I am involved in every step of the process, and I know that all their needs will be met with the utmost patience and care. What sets me apart is that I do not try to push unnecessary upgrades to make the most money possible. Instead, I use my experience and expertise to make sure each customer receives exactly what they want and need to get the most out of their golf cart. GCMAG: You are the owner? DAVID MALLET: Yes, I am David Mallet, the owner. GCMAG: What is your company background? How and when did your company start? DAVID MALLET: I have been building, repairing, and customizing golf carts for over ten years now. In 2017, I decided to take a chance and see if I could take this hobby of mine to the next level and Coteau Custom Carts was born. The

inspiration for my business came to me back in 2006 when I was on a camping trip with family and friends, and we realized that golf carts were an essential part of camping life. At the time, I could not afford to buy a new cart, so I found some used ones in Texas. I drove seven hours to purchase the two carts, and before I got back home, I had already sold one to some friends of ours. From there, word of mouth spread, and people became interested in where they could purchase and fix up golf carts. Thus, my golf cart hobby began and eventually grew to what it is today. GCMAG: How many employees do you have? And can you tell us a little about them? DAVID MALLET: My business is family-owned and operated by me and my wife Monica. My son Cody helps run the business with help from Justin Dutile, while my other son

Chase does all of my seat covering work and my daughter Raven handles all of my decaling and promotional items. We also have a couple of part time workers that help to modify carts with things like new custom body kits, light kits, batteries, back seat kits, sound systems, lifts, extended roofs, wheels, and custom seats. GCMAG: I’m sure it’s rewarding to work alongside your wife and children. How do you promote or advertise your business? Online? Social Media? DAVID MALLET: We mostly promote through social media. We are on Facebook and Instagram. We also have a beautiful website that brings in a lot of customer for us. We have been featured in Sugar Mill Pond's neighborhood magazine, The Gates Magazine as well as River Ranch Magazine, all of which are neighborhoods that are golf-cart-friendly. Mostly, word of


dealerprofile mouth brings in the majority of business for us. GCMAG: What is the most important business lesson you've learned? DAVID MALLET: I have learned the value of a social media presence on a business. I also have learned that positive customer reviews are one of the best ways to grow a business; therefore, I take great pride in satisfying every customer's needs. GCMAG: What are your future plans for your company? DAVID MALLET: My future plans for the company are to continue growing as a business and to maybe open a second location soon.

GCMAG: Is there anything else you'd like to add? DAVID MALLET: I am most grateful for the ability to do what I love with people I love. I am thankful for my loyal customers who have also become like family to me and support me through recommendations, positive reviews, and follow-up business. GCMAG: David, it sounds like you are in a great place right now. We want to thank you for sharing about your dealership and we wish you tremendous success going forward! For more information on Coteau Custom Carts in New Iberia, LA visit them online at, stop in to their showroom or give them a call at (337) 349-9120.


ASK THE MECHANIC Q: I have a Delta Q charger that has a red light flashing and not charging. What does that mean? A: It depends on how many flashes you are seeing. Generally the error codes are as follows: 1 FLASH: The battery has too high of voltage. 2 FLASHES: The battery has too low of voltage. 3 FLASHES: The charge timed out because the battery did not reach the required voltage. 4 FLASHES: The battery could not be trickle-charged up to the minimum voltage. 5 FLASHES: The charger shutdown due to high temperature. 6 FLASHES: Internal charger fault. Q: I am getting the BATTERY TOO LOW VOLTAGE (most common). How do I get it to charge? A: You will need to charge each individual battery up to its peak rating with an independent 6, 8 or 12v charger. If a battery is less than 2 volts, some microprocessor controlled chargers will not charge it. For safety's sake, you should remove the battery wires and isolate each battery from the positive and negative terminals of the next battery in series while making sure you have your cart in tow/ maintenance mode before charging any batteries. 46

For your information, many golf cart shops and mechanics use an older style manual charger to "jump" the pack so that your charger can see the required voltage to turn the charger back on. Make sure all your connections are corrosion free and your water levels are correct (just above the plates). Q: My charger gets really hot and takes eight hours or more to charge and seems to be boiling the batteries. A: You could have one of two situations here. First, the charger has the wrong algorithm set for the batteries or you have one or more bad batteries. When batteries wear out they obviously lose their ability to hold a steady charge thus causing your charger to overcharge them and possibly timeout. It is common for your charger to get hot, especially those with no internal fan, so be sure to have your charger in a well ventilated space. You can check your charging algorithm on a Delta Q charger by unplugging it, waiting about 10 seconds, plugging it back in, and count the blinks of the yellow light during the startup sequence. That will tell you what algorithm you have. Depending on the charger, the algorithm can be changed using a "tap method" (see YouTube video for this) or most dealers will have the ability to change it as well using a USB drive or specific programmer.

Visit and go to Reader's Rides to submit. Be sure to use the hashtag #golfcarting





Visit and go to Reader's Rides to submit. Be sure to use the hashtag #golfcarting





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