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’34 Cart


Some Legends drive among us, but they aren’t born, they’re built.









If ZZ Top had a Golf Cart


ne of the things that I look forward to each month is perusing the submissions of custom cart builds that our readers provide us. It generates that cereal-box-prize satisfaction when I click on a link and an image of a custom cart fills my screen. As a golf cart lover, I’m rarely disappointed by a submission and occasionally I’m totally blown away. Anyone can submit a custom build by accessing this URL: It’s important that you provide as much detail about the build and parts used as possible and include high-quality images. If we like what we see it may end up in the magazine or even land on the cover. The other day I’m looking through the submissions and stumble on one that made me gasp. I immediately thought that if ZZ Top had a golf cart, this would certainly be it. The custom build was submitted by Andy Fisher of Garden City, SC who owns a cart company called Fisher Carts. He took a 90’s E-Z-GO frame and put what appears to be a '34 Ford fiberglass body on it. Andy stripped all the E-Z-GO parts


off the cart and converted the 36-volt controller into a 48-volt AllTrax controller. He added a D&D motor created by engineer Vic Dejohn. The body is a combination of fiberglass and metal, and the front of the cart was hand built. The front has 12” wheels and the rear wheels are 14”. Here is a list of specs: • Curtis foot pedal • 48/400 Amp AllTrax SR controller with fan • 400 Amp solenoid D&D custom high-speed motor • Go-cart racing bench seat • 6 Fuse block with 48/12 reducer • 12 Volt GM truck rear view mirror with compass & temperature reading auto dimming • Third brake light • 12" Front wheels - 14" back wheels Needless to say, Andy did an amazing job, this cart is stunning and one of my all-time favorite builds. Thank you, Andy, for your submission and please send in more of your creations. Please visit the Fisher Carts Facebook page and let Andy know what you think about his build. https://www.facebook. com/Fisher-Carts-112380448836428

Trevor Rose Senior Editor









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+ NIVEL PARTS & MANUFACTURING CO., LLC announced that it has acquired System 3 Off-Road, a leading UTV tire and wheel supplier. The purchase brings together Nivel’s manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution capabilities with the highly respected System 3 brand of tires and wheels, as well as extensive design and engineering capabilities. System 3 products are distributed in partnership with Tucker Powersports. Nivel intends to continue growing the business with a seamless transition of System 3’s talent, vendor relationships and distribution partnerships. Craig Petersen, founder and former owner, said “We are very excited to join the Nivel team; the transition is a great fit for System 3. Nivel’s resources will position System 3 to further accelerate product innovation, 14

brand strategy and strengthen distribution relationships.” Nivel recognizes the growth in the UTV market and understands the importance of a well-rounded product portfolio appealing to all UTV segments. Through the acquisition of System 3, Nivel expands into the UTV Tire & Wheel market with a well-recognized brand built on providing an excellent customer experience and high-quality products. Nivel CEO Brett Hankey commented, “We are thrilled to welcome System 3 into Nivel’s family of brands. The System 3 team has proven their ability to leverage their experience, design talent, and engineering skills to bring best-in-class products to the market. We look forward to continue building on this success and delivering must-have products to our UTV enthusiast customers.”



’34 Cart

Some Legends drive among us, but they aren’t born, they’re built.



f you have been following us on Facebook or on our website, you just might know that you can submit your cart to possibly be featured in the magazine. For those of you that have high quality photos and detailed information, you can go to to submit your cart. This issue’s "Custom Golf Cart" feature comes from Fisher Carts of Garden City, SC. Owner Andy Fisher is one of the original golf cart builders from back in the day, a real golf carting OG. BY TROY MERRIFIELD



In 2007 Buggies Unlimited hosted an event called Buggy Bonanza, and I remember Andy showed up with his modified ’89 E-Z-GO Marathon. This unique ride was outfitted with dually tractor-style tires, a shorty windshield and some custom diamond plate mods in the rear. And, of course, the most memorable quality about this cart was its ability to pull the front wheels off the ground with two full-sized grown men in the front. Andy was obviously talented back then, and I’m glad to see him still building carts 15 years later. Today, we are featuring his ‘90s E-Z-GO with a custom Legends body. We sat


down with Andy to find out more about this build. GCMAG: Andy, thank you for submitting your Legends build. This is an amazing cart that I wanted to share with our readers. I’d like to ask you some questions… What can you tell us about the build? ANDY: This custom golf cart is a ‘90s E-Z-GO with a custom one-off ’34 Legends body installed. The cart has fiberglass body from the front cowl area to the back with a metal front tilt hood. The cart is sitting low for handling, with 12" wheels up front and 14" wheels on the back wrapped with 215/35-14 tires. I bought the cart with 36-volt stock controller and wiring. The cart ran, but it was slow…really slow. The cables were bolted together to make them long enough to reach from the back of the motor to the front to the controller -- about 8 feet of cable for each one. I took all the stock E-Z-GO stuff out and rewired everything for 48-volts, moving the 48/400-amp Alltrax controller programed by me into the back of the cart and adding an F/R contactor. I have less than 4 feet of cable now on any one cable. All the cables are 00 welding lead, also made by me. I put in a D&D motor built by none other than Vic DeJohn. I installed the remote key switch in it also with a GM rearview mirror that has auto dimming, compass and temperature. The body is part fiberglass and metal. The front is hand-built metal


that tilts forward; the fire wall back is fiberglass. I put all six batteries behind the seats along with a black diamond plate tray to house the electronics. GCMAG: It’s impressive how much custom fabrication you incorporated into this build, and it turned out very authentic. What other aftermarket parts did you use? ANDY: I installed a Curtis foot pedal, 48/400amp Alltrax SR controller with fan, 400amp solenoid, D&D custom high-speed motor, go-kart racing bench seat, 6 fuse block with 48/12 reducer, 12-volt GM truck rearview mirror with compass & temperature reading, auto dimming, a third brake light, and I installed 12" wheels up front and 14" on the rear. GCMAG: How did you get involved in building carts? ANDY: I have been building carts since back in the ‘90s. We bought a house in North Myrtle Beach, and I bought an ‘89 E-ZGO that first summer and drove it with no major upgrades. The next winter I took it apart and had the frame bed-lined and the metal body painted. I built my own lift kit for it. I made all the diamond plate parts myself and had Plum Quick rebuild the motor. Carson, Robby & Rick Steen are all good friends now. That is how I got started into carts. Buggies Unlimited was the only supplier for parts at the time before they were purchased by Nivel. Bart, who owned BU back then, was a good guy and a heck of a businessman. He sponsored a couple of cart shows back then before selling 20

the company. I drove 8 hours to each one with my golf carts. I have been hooked ever since. I like them to go fast, so I like mechanical mods more than cosmetic ones, but both have their place. I drag raced golf carts with them also. I have also had several custom carts and even a gas off-road cart that had a full custom V-twin in it that ran 55 MPH. My 72-volt dragster ran 60 MPH on a 1/8-mile track at Shady Side Dragway in Greer, SC. GCMAG: That’s awesome! I remember that first E-Z-GO you built and how much fun we had at the Bonaza. Do you have any future plans for your company? ANDY: I plan to continue building custom carts and doing regular maintenance on them. I've owned about 200 carts total and at one point I had 5 running carts to drive. GCMAG: Well, if you continue building great carts like this one we can’t wait to see more carts from you in the future. ANDY: Yeah, the cart has gone through some tough times, but it’s better now than ever. I remember when I only had the cart for about 6 months. We invited some neighbors over for a fish fry at our house and some neighbors decided to invite their own guest to our house. There was a lady that I didn’t know and had never seen before sitting on my neighbor’s cart. My cart was parked under my carport so I could charge it up, and my neighbor’s cart was parked in front of it. While sitting there, she floorboarded the skinny pedal in the cart and ran



into mine, shoving it between my house and the building. It broke the rear fenders loose, bent the front axle, broke the headlights, taillights, and broke the front frame in 2 places. I spent close to $3000 getting it back together, and she didn’t pay me a penny! That was over a year ago now. The cart is doing great, and my plan is to put an A/C kit in it this winter, I hope. It runs around 30 MPH now, but I would like it to get it up close to 40 MPH. I plan to do disc brakes and bigger wheels on the back. GCMAG: Well, it looks great, and we are glad we are able to show it to our readers. - GCMAG 22


eNVy Electric Neighborhood Vehicles


ith a history of building incredible machines, the Intimidator Group is proud to add the eNVy® to its line-up. Whether you need a vehicle to golf, cruise the neighborhood, do work around the house, or be a workhorse for cities, the eNVy is the best choice. Company Name: eNVy Electric Neighborhood Vehicles Website: Headquarters: Batesville, AR Phone Number: (855) 307-0933 Facebook Page: Designed with durability in mind, the eNVy is built to last. The all-welded American steel frame creates the perfect base. Automotive plastics, electric motor, and plush seating are features that create a great ride. Additional extras like regenerative braking, LCD screen, storage, and cargo space are the envy of others. The all-electric eNVy® Neighborhood Vehicle not only looks good, but there are many standard components you will love!


Some of these include storage areas, seating options, 12-volt electrical outlets, double USB ports, and power steering. Did you know that the eNVy® intuitive dash contains the

latest and greatest technology? This is similar to what you experience in newer cars and trucks! This interactive display not only has a 7” LED screen, but also shows battery life, speed, and even allows for custom settings. Did you know that you can set two different passcodes for drivers on our eNVy® Neighborhood Vehicle? The passcodes can be changed from the main menu screen and allows operating parameters to be set for each code. This way, if you so desired, a faster speed

could be set for the owner and a slower speed for the operator. This definitely sets it apart from your typical golf cart! Each eNVy vehicle is packed with a variety of standard features that take it beyond your normal personal transportation vehicle (PTV). See why these features will make others Ride with Envy.

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• • •

For more information on eNVy Electric Neighborhood Vehicles , visit their website at

Keyless Ignition Adjustable Seating Rear Seat Storage

Turn Signals Regenerative Breaking Upgraded Tires & Wheels Underhood Storage Rotomolded Plastics Intuitive Dash Independent Suspension Deluxe Seating Power Steering


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D-Alli behind the wheel of GR2

Meet D-Alli: Carolina Carting Legend D BY DR. MOUNCE

ebbie Allison is a ray of sunshine behind the wheel of a golf cart. During her morning social ride, she opens up about her passions for kindness, fitness, and the golf cart lifestyle. When I rang Debbie Allison, she put me on speaker. She was driving one of her golf carts – affectionately named GR2 (Grandover Rolls Royce) – around her North Carolina neighborhood of Grandover, in Greensboro. She also spends a lot of time driving CR2 (Crescent Rolls Royce) – her cart in Crescent Beach, a neighborhood in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She said her 3-legged rescue dog named TyneDiamond (TyneD to her humans), was along for the ride, and I imagined they were both in their usual bedazzled pink garb. In December 2014, I was gifted a book for Christmas by someone who barely knew me. Lemons to lemonade (Little Ways to Sweeten Up Life’s Sour Moments) by Addie Johnson, is a collection of short stories, quotes, tips, and quips designed to perk you up. I asked D-Alli if she 28

remembered giving me that book. Oh, she remembered, but that could wait. She quickly transitioned the conversation back to me. “Before we go any further, how are you doing? How’s your family? What’s happening?” Afterwards, D-Alli tells me that in a year and a half, she will be 70-yearsyoung. “I’m just a mere 68!” She laughs at this, and it is contagious. She parks GR2

TyneD the three-legged rescue

by a clubhouse and tells me about the fun courses she used to teach. “We used to offer horseback riding,” D-Allie says. “But one day they told us the students weigh too much.” She is passionate for helping others with their fitness, and although she is retired, she still teaches college credit courses such as physical fitness, walking for fitness, and pickleball. She is a spunky lady standing only 5’1” – “on a good day,” she reminded me. In Greensboro, D-Alli is the top-ranked pickleball female in her age group. She has won multiple tournaments around the Southeast and is a North Carolina State Games Champion. Pickleball is perfect for D-Alli’s golf cart lifestyle. She carts to most of her pickleball matches. “We use GR2 for grandkids to go to their favorite fishing holes, creeks, visiting friends, school, golf, swimming, and tennis too,” she delightfully informs me. “We can also drive CR2 right to the Possum Trot pickleball courts,” she says. “The beaches have also learned that many people won’t go there if they don’t have pickleball courts! Even the smaller communities have added pickleball courts to their rec centers or near the piers.” Cheer practice is also along her cart path. The High Point Rah Rahs do routines that are part cheer and part dance, and they range in age from 63 to 81-yearsyoung. She tells me about winning gold at the North Carolina State Games. “The Durham Divas & The Dude had always won it. We were disqualified our previous year because one of our girls had to have surgery, and that dropped our numbers below the minimum. But that disqualification really spurred us on.

It broke our hearts. But we came back the next year and won the whole thing.” They perform at halftime shows at High Point University, for church groups, various country clubs, retirement communities, and parades. They cheer to help others be proud of who they are as a person. The Rah Rahs create bonds, spread joy, and inspire others. “Both R2s have always started – even if they sit for several months…great carts!” She says compared to other ways of getting around, carts are the most social way to move about. Runners and bikers zip by too fast to bother, but golf carters are ready to mingle. She says, “People talk to you in golf carts. It’s different. It’s not like you’re in a car with the windows rolled up. People don’t communicate in cars when you stop. But in the golf carts, people might have their chairs and coolers loaded up right there in the back. They usually are not in a big hurry anyway.” She continued, “It is amazing that I can ask other golf carters how to cut over to the new Dick’s down there. And people will tell me, go over the river bridge, cut through there, and you’ll get right in behind that outdoor mall.” “You kind of wave at each other when you pass people, even if you don’t know them. It’s a neat experience. It’s like you’re in a club, you know? People need that socialization.” “I was not a golfer,” she says. “I didn’t grow up riding around on a golf cart, but then when my family got a place in Crescent Beach, my dad also got a cart. When he passed, he left it to me. I then realized there’s a whole golf cart world that is embraced down there.” One of D-Alli’s favorite stomping grounds in GR2 is the entertainment hub of North Myrtle Beach known as The Horseshoe – the area at the end of Main Street that is a focal point for concerts and other events. She tells me, “The Horseshoe concerts have gotten so big that you can pull up in your cart, and you don’t even have to get out. It’s just like the drive-in theaters we used to go to.” D-Alli’s communities also support a very functional golf cart lifestyle. “You don’t even need a truck, because most things I can stick in the back of the golf cart,” she tells me about Crescent Beach. “I’ve carried a twin bed, two nightstands, pine needles, groceries, and all kinds of things from place to place. A lot of people don’t realize the usefulness of a golf cart! I go to Lowe’s, Home Depot, the grocery store, and bring stuff back and forth on my cart a lot,” she continued. “And people help you. It’s a community like I have never experienced before.” Back in Grandover, she takes her grandkids to school and much more. “GR2 takes the grandkids to swim practice, tennis lessons, to get a special snack, even fishing. They carry their nets to the creeks and pull fish right up. They go trick-or-treating and ride to Easter egg hunts.” As we wind down our talk, she needs to start getting ready

"I try to be as positive as I can be. The meaner people are to me, the kinder I am to them. It’s such a novelty thing today, and we need it now more than ever." – D-ALLI

D-Alli and grandkids in North Myrtle Beach


golfcartcommunity somewhere she would like to visit. “Oh, I don’t need to travel anymore,” she says. “I’ve got GR2 and CR2. They take me to the community. Carting keeps me healthy; it keeps me thinking positive things, and I think what’s most important is to have wonderful friends. I try to make life better every day. Just a little bit better is my goal. A little bit kinder, a little bit better. That’s all we’ve gotta do.” Before she left, D-Alli had a revelation for me. In December 2014, she took a chance on hiring a guy for an adjunct position in her department at the college. She even invited him to the department Christmas get-together, even though he had never taught a class there yet and had never met anyone there besides her. She even had a gift for him, a tiny book called Lemons to lemonade (Little Ways to Sweeten Up Life’s Sour Moments) by Addie Johnson. “You know why I hired you, don’t you?” she asked me. “It wasn’t because of your degrees, or your other teaching experience, but it was because you listed your time driving a school bus on your application. I thought that was so cool, that you thought bus driving was important enough to list on your application for college professor.” Thank you, D-Alli, but trust me, you’re the cool one. Dr. Mounce is a professor and author that lives with his family, dog, goldfish, and plants in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. So many of his golf shots ended up in the wilderness he started writing bigfoot books, which you can check out at squatching. com. He also podcasts with his friends about lake monsters and aliens at Despite actively going allout at sand volleyball and clay-court tennis, he also loves the simple joy that is riding around in a golf cart. Dr. Mounce would love to hear from you on social media (FB & IG@dr.mounce & @allthingsunexplainedpodcast; Twitter @drmounce1 & @ atunexplained), and you can whoop at him by emailing the_ Dr. Mounce grabbing coffee, which he consumes voluminously, in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

D-Alli with her pickleball medals

for a church Elves’ Ball meeting. The Elves’ Ball began in her living room as an idea for those who work so hard behind the scenes. She invited parking lot attendants, audio-visual technicians, greeters, ushers, bulletin makers, coffee/hospitality folks, and all those who volunteer their time to make church happen on a regular basis. Over the years, it has grown well beyond her living room. Now, they must meet in the church itself to accommodate everyone involved. “We celebrate and appreciate what they do throughout the year,” she says. I ask her what is left on her bucket list. Maybe there is









hen it comes to providing electric power for golf carts, utility vehicles, boats and RVs, there is finally something new under the sun. A new company based in Fort Myers, Florida, is marketing an alternative to standard lead or lithium batteries they’re calling “power packs”, a graphene-based matrix super capacitator system which is claimed to have many advantages. SETI, an acronym for Sustainable Energy Technologies, Inc., was formed in 2019 and has designed a power pack that weighs only about 35 pounds, compared to multiple traditional batteries that can weigh around 400 pounds. The new power packs are powered by solar panels, either on top of a golf cart, boat or other vehicle, making them the perfect green choice for power. They never need water, charge extremely quickly and can last for up to 20,000 charging cycles. Traditional lead batteries can take up to 8 to 12 hours to attain a full charge, but the new SETI Power Packs can completely charge in about 8 to 10 minutes in the sun. After a round of golf or a full day of work on the construction site, SETI


Power Packs will have the same or more charge as when you started the day. The weight efficiency is also a big factor in why SETI feels the new technology is superior to standard batteries, greatly increasing the power-to-weight ratio and overall handling of any electric powered vehicle. The power packs are also biodegradable, making them better for the environment. The capacitator technology uses small graphene matrix “packets” containing thousands of layers that produce an electrostatic charge, and the more packets used, the more power produced. Chris Sanders is the CEO of SETI, and says the company spent 3 years testing the product in dozens of applications to ensure the product was ready for the market, and the power packs came through with flying colors in every outcome. He said, “this is the Holy Grail of power.” Even if the packets experience a puncture, the capacitator will still charge and provide power. Sanders said they are working with the ideal power pack design for golf carts currently, but he sees a day when

the technology is refined to the point that the size may be applicable to things like heart monitors, small enough to fit in a human body. SETI has partners in the science and research industries as well as a partnership with a manufacturing firm that makes the power packs. They are joining up with MITO, Inc., a sales and distribution partner based in Indiana. REAL-WORLD TESTING GARNERS REAL RESULTS In October 2021, SETI partnered with Palmetto Pine Country Club to test the graphene minipacks in their golf carts, and the results were impressive. The golf club is in Cape Coral, Florida, and hosted the debut of the product in the U.S. Palmetto Pine is the first golf facility to go green with solar powered carts, and on their cart barn and maintenance buildings. The club’s president is committed to the promise of SETI Power Packs and will help fund the project and assist with future experimental testing. The Coral Oaks Golf Course, also in Cape Coral, is another believer in the groundbreaking tech, and head golf

professional Allan Magnusson was quoted as saying, “this is the future of power supply for every golf cart and RV on land or water.” Other entities like the University of Notre Dame, home to Indiana Michigan Power’s largest and most ambitious solar energy project, has expressed interest in the capacitor technology, and Fort Myers-based Gator Golf Cars has signed an agreement with SETI to use their power packs in their custom golf cars. Sanders says that perfecting the technology for use in golf carts and other small utility vehicles is just the tip of the iceberg for SETI. The company’s website shows the potential for powering homes, industrial and commercial use, efficient power storage, street lighting, drones, robotics and military applications. “For the golf cart and LSV market specifically, SETI’s new graphene power pack technology will be a game changer,” Sanders said. “Those looking for a much longer lasting, faster charging, lithium free innovation will find our solution better than a battery, and the future of the industry.” -GCMAG GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 35



COMPLETE GOLF CART AUDIO SOLUTIONS F inding the right sound system for your golf cart can be difficult in a sea of products. In this review, we take a closer look at ECOXGEAR, a new company breaking into the sound system market for golf carts. If you are in search of a high-quality sound bar for your golf cart, boat, or ATV, then stick around.

WHO IS ECOXGEAR? Established in 2006, ECOXGEAR has been producing new digital experiences for all personal music platforms, which seem to be evolving every day. This California based company 38

designs and engineers all their products in America, and have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, acoustic engineering, and product innovation. The mission of ECOXGEAR was to produce rugged, yet high quality audio devices so you can take your music anywhere you go, and we believe they did just that. They have a huge line of products, and not all exclusive to the golf cart. ECOXGEAR has a broad range of products, and the audio quality is superb. You can find products such as portable speakers, party speakers, subwoofers, and even speakers for the inside of your bike helmets.

Now that we know a little bit about the company, let’s take a closer look at their golf cart sound bars.

ECOXGEAR SOUND BARS ECOXGEAR has a few different options when it comes to sound bars for your LSV. In order to make the right decision on which one is right for your golf cart, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need about each of their products. Let’s take a closer look at each sound bar, and their differences. SOUNDEXTREME SEDS32" The latest from ECOXGEAR is their 32" SoundExtreme powersports sound bar with 360-degree sound and LED lighting system is perfect for your golf cart, ATV/UTV and boat. 100% waterproof, dustproof, and dirtproof. 500 watts of power to 11 marine grade speakers provides a great listening experience. With their EcoCast feature, connect up to 100 Sound Extremes at a time! Below, we go into more detail about all the features packed into the SoundExtreme SED32” sound bar.

FEATURES: • Marine-grade speakers in IP66 Patent Pending enclosure providing 100% waterproof, dirt proof and dustproof audio • 500 watts of peak power output • 11 marine grade speakers: 3 tweeters, 6 mid-range and 2

side mounted woofers • The new double-sided soundbar provides the same frontfacing audio as the class-leading SE26 soundbar while adding three rear speakers for 360-degree sound. • Bluetooth 5.0 for long range reliable wireless connection to smartphone • EcoCast allows up to 100 soundbars to be connected together or connect to any ECOXGEAR speaker with the EcoCast feature • Integrated on speaker controls: Power, mode (Bluetooth/ FM/Aux in), volume, skip FWD/Back, Ecocast, lights, Bluetooth • Built in microphone for speakerphone calls • Multi-color LED’s backlight all 8 speakers: chose from red, green, blue, white. Sync to music, solid color on or off • Rear Facing dual 160 Lumen LED light bar can be turned on separately from the speaker LED’s. LED light bar can be white, red or yellow. • Waterproof Aux In connection port to play audio from a wired device • Waterproof Aux out jack to daisy chain to other optional wired speakers • Waterproof 5V USB charge out to give a boost to your phone or other devices • Mounting brackets and integrated threaded mounting holes for multiple mounting configuration options • 1 year warranty on parts and labor WHAT COMES IN THE BOX: SoundExteme Sound Bar, 8-ft Power Cable for Connecting to Vehicle 12V Battery, Auxiliary power out mating connector, 2x Mounting Brackets and Mounting Hardware Included, adjustable clamps, Long Range RF Wireless Remote Control for Lighting and Audio Controls, Straps. Price: $499.99 SOUNDEXTREME 26” The SoundExtreme sound bar is the perfect entertainment system for any golf cart, ATV, or boat. This 100% waterproof sound bar is equipped with 500 watts, and 8 marine grade speakers perfect for any outdoor occasion. Below, we go into more detail about all the features packed into the SoundExtreme 26” sound bar.

FEATURES: • 100% waterproof, dustproof, and dirt proof • 8 speakers - 2 tweeters, 2 side-mounted woofers, and 4 mid-range • Right and Left Stereo Sound (independently sealed) • Bluetooth 5.0 equipped • EcoCast, which is a feature allowing up to 50 different GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 39

golfcartaudio sound bars to be connected at once • On Unit Buttons include Mode, Power, Skip, Volume, EcoCast, and Lights • 8 LED backlit speakers with options to change colors from white, green, and red with sync to music feature • Rear facing speakers with LED equipped lights that can be changed to Red, White, or Yellow • 12V power connection cable (waterproof ) - power out cables to link to other 12V accessories • Aux connection in and out for playing from other wired devices, or connecting to other wired speakers • 5V USB charging port • Mounting brackets with multiple holes for a variety of mounting options

• EcoCast, which is a feature allowing up to 50 different sound bars to be connected at once • On Unit Buttons include Mode, Power, Skip, Volume, EcoCast, and Lights • 8 LED backlit speakers with options to change colors from white, green, and red with sync to music feature • Rear facing speakers with LED equipped lights that can be changed to Red, White, or Yellow • 12V power connection cable (waterproof ) - power out cables to link to other 12V accessories • Aux connection in and out for playing from other wired devices, or connecting to other wired speakers • 5V USB charging port • Mounting brackets with multiple holes for a variety of mounting options

WHAT COMES IN THE BOX: SoundExteme Sound Bar, 8-ft Power Cable for Connecting to Vehicle 12V Battery, Auxiliary power out mating connector, 2x Mounting Brackets and Mounting Hardware Included, adjustable clamps, Long Range RF Wireless Remote Control for Lighting and Audio Controls, Straps.

WHAT COMES IN THE BOX: SoundExteme Sound Bar, 2x Mounting Brackets, Mounting Hardware Included, Long Range RF Wireless Remote Control for Lighting and Audio Controls, 4x adjustable bar clamps, 12-volt Battery Pack, 2amp Battery Charger, Straps.

Price: $399.99

Price: $499.99

SOUNDEXTREME SEB 26” The SoundExteme SEB is packed with all the same features as the first sound bar we mentioned, with one extra feature. This sound bar is equipped with a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery pack, meaning no need to hook up your sound bar to a 12V power source. This easy to install sound system is perfect for any golf cart, boat, or ATV. Let’s take a closer look at everything packed into this sound bar.

SOUNDEXTREME 18” The SoundExtreme 18” is the smallest sound bar that ECOXGEAR has to offer. This 17” unit, 18” with mounts, is a waterproof and dustproof speaker system perfect for someone who doesn’t want to compromise quality sound but needs something a little smaller. Below is a more detailed breakdown on all of the features equipped on the 18” SoundExtreme.

FEATURES: • 100% waterproof, dustproof, and dirt proof • Battery can last up to 20 hours with normal volume levels • Battery lasts 7 hours at 75% volume level • 12 Volt/ 2-amp battery charger • 8 speakers - 2 tweeters, 2 side-mounted woofers, and 4 mid-range • Right and Left Stereo Sound (independently sealed) • Bluetooth 5.0 equipped 40

FEATURES: • 100% waterproof, dustproof, and dirt proof • 5 speakers - 1 tweeter, 2 side-mounted woofers, and 2 mid-range • Right and Left Stereo Sound (independently sealed) • Bluetooth 5.0 equipped • EcoCast, which is a feature allowing up to 50 different sound bars to be connected at once • On Unit Buttons include Mode, Power, Skip, Volume, EcoCast, and Lights • 8 LED backlit speakers with options to change colors from white, green, and red with sync to music feature • Rear facing lightbar with LED lights: 2 modes light on/off steady

golfcartaudio • 12V power connection cable (waterproof ) - power out cables to link to other 12V accessories • Aux connection in and out for playing from other wired devices, or connecting to other wired speakers • 5V USB charging port • Mounting brackets with multiple holes for a variety of mounting options WHAT COMES IN THE BOX: SoundExteme Sound Bar, 12volt Power Cable, Auxiliary power out mating connector, 2x Mounting Brackets and Mounting Hardware Included, Adjustable Clamps, Long Range RF Wireless Remote Control for Lighting and Audio Controls, Straps.

FINAL THOUGHTS As you can see, ECOXGEAR has a few options when it comes to sound bars for your golf cart, and I have to say, we’re impressed. The quality and sound are there, the durability is there, and it’s super easy to install. No matter which model you choose from the SoundExtreme series, you won’t be disappointed, and you won’t find a better sound bar for the price.

Price: $299.99

Coming soon is ECOXGEAR’s SoundExtreme ES08 powersports sealed powered 8-inch subwoofer tube with built in 500-watt amplifier that you can currently preorder on their website. This is for those that want a little extra bass to their sound system and best of all it can be mounted vertical or horizontal. If you haven’t visited their website, it’s worth a look. Not only do they have SoundBars, but they offer of variety products that range from party speakers, smaller portable speakers, jump starter to earbuds and helmet audio. To learn more about the SoundExtreme models from ECOXGEAR you can visit their website at



OWNER: Tom Sollars from Dunkirk, MD YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 1990 CLUBCAR DS

years. Mainly engine swaps and lift kits. This was the first build that wasn’t completely all golf cart.

TOM, COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT THIS CUSTOM BUILD? First off this is a completely one-off build and not a kit. I wanted a cart that would turn some heads, so I built this. “The CHUGBOAT” a completely custom creation that I fabricated from a fiberglass 1960 Glasspar G3 speedboat and a 1990 36v electric Club Car DS golf cart. The carpet and marine-grade vinyl interior is completely custom. The paint is very eye catching and is clear coated for protection. I installed is a second battery just for the blue perimeter LEDs so you can go to the bar and never worry about them draining the battery that gets you home. During the day it’s charged by a solar panel, so we don’t have to ever worry about charging it.

IS THERE ANY CUSTOM FABRICATION, OR CUSTOM-MADE PARTS? Everything is custom, from the windshield, Bimini top to the functional “parking brake”- pull up to the bar and pull the parking brake knob. The anchor drops onto the pavement making a loud “clang!”. It’s a real fiberglass boat, which is an antique and rare Glasspar G3, which is one of the first fiberglass racing boats. This was the design everyone made fun of as being “plastic” until it started winning. Then everyone went to fiberglass.


WHAT AFTERMARKET PARTS DID YOU USE? I fabricated 99% of the parts and got the rest from Buggies Unlimited. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR YOU OR YOUR COMPANY? I plan to start building limo carts once I sell the two I’ve recently built that I’ve had sitting around.



ELECTRIC CART COMPANY located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL boasts being the largest street legal electric cart dealer in the Southeast U.S., with not only the largest selection of inventory but also the highest quality carts. They represent Polaris, Star EV, Club Car, American Custom Golf Cars, Tomberlin and EEVM Sport. Their 17,000 square foot location is located off US Hwy 98 in Santa Rosa Beach, FL between Destin and Panama City Beach. DEALER PROFILE: DEALER NAME: Electric Cart Company DEALER LOCATION: Santa Rosa Beach, FL PHONE NUMBER: (850) 622-2000 EMAIL: WEBSITE: 46

The Electric Cart Company claims to have the largest selection of new and pre-owned golf carts and street legal carts in the region and a full-service department as well as a 60 cart street legal rental fleet. This part of the country is a golf cart and electric vehicle paradise and ECC’s vehicles reflect not only a sensible lifestyle but are compatible with the fun, resort-style culture of the area. No gasoline. No fumes. No noise. No pollution. Just plug in...charge it up…and go! Electric Cart Company offers a wide selection of golf carts, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) and electric low speed vehicles (LSVs), as well as commercial electric vehicles and trucks. They are the Florida Panhandle’s largest State-licensed dealer of "street legal" electric vehicles. In fact, the Electric Cart Company is the largest "street legal" cart dealer in the Southeast USA representing GEM by Polaris, Star EV, EVE by Evergreen, American Custom Golf Cars, Bad Boy MTV, Columbia ParCar, American Sportworks, and Legacy by Evergreen. They also carry a broad line of pre-owned and refurbished carts. They specialize in Club Car, and generally have EZ-Go and Yamaha carts also in stock.

ECC sells electric and rents electric. ECC specializes in providing "street legal" electric vehicles for rent from Panama City to Fort Walton Beach. They provide delivery and pickup for rental customers on Okaloosa Island, Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Seagrove, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, WaterSound, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach, Panama City Beach. Whether you need to rent an electric cart for fun or if you need to rent a low-speed vehicle for work, they are your one stop shop. Their cart rentals include insurance, as well as delivery to and from your location. The Electric Cart Company sells fun vehicles...and "street legal" low speed vehicles as well as services electric-powered vehicles of all makes and models with pickup and delivery available. Electric vehicle parts, accessories, upholstery, covers, enclosures, audio systems, custom wheel/tire combos, and much more for your carts are also available at the dealership. -GCMAG For more information on Electric Cart Company in Santa Rosa Beach, FL visit their website at http://www. call (850) 622-2000.



ASK THE MECHANIC Q: What is the difference between a DC electric cart vs an AC? A: This question is in regards to the powertrain of the cart. DC (direct current) and AC (alternating current) share the same principles but are not created equal. DC motors use electrical brushes inside the motor that contacts its armature surface where AC does not utilize brushes at all. Because of this, AC motors can be used at a higher RPM so they can create more torque using a higher current. Also the electrical windings inside the motor are much different. In other words, AC motors are able to produce more power without as much work involved. They run cooler and produce power efficiently. Q: I currently have a DC cart. How do I change it to AC power? A: To accomplish this, you would need to change out not only the motor but the controller as well. There are kits from Navitas and Silverwolf currently that can upgrade you to this more modern level of performance. You can also tweak and monitor 48

the system via Bluetooth from your cell phone with these kits too. Of course the higher amperage kits produce higher torque and top speed but will require more power to do so. Q: After purchasing all the parts, is there anything else I will need to do? A: We recommend spending a little extra and get all new wires in your system as well as a new higher amp solenoid. Starting from scratch allows you to not have a weak point in your new setup. It is recommended to start with a new set of batteries to get the maximum range and performance with your new AC setup. Many people opt to go with lithium now because of its much lighter weight, quicker charging, and no maintenance involved. Not only that lithium has no dip in performance when the battery gets low on charge whereas lead acid or AGM batteries will degrade in performance over time.

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