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Ingersoll Rand Sells Club Car Club Car is certainly among the most popular and iconic golf cart brands in the world. Though born in Houston, TX in 1958, Club Car was purchased by Bill Stevens Jr. and began production of its “cart with a steering wheel” in Augusta, GA in 1962 and well-known celebrities like Jackie Gleason and Slammin’ Sammy Snead were among the first Club Car drivers. In 1978 Club Car was acquired by a number of E-Z-GO executives and quickly became the largest competitor to E-Z-GO. But it wasn’t until 1995 that the giant Ingersoll Rand acquired Club Car and turned it into the colossal brand that it is today, especially with the release of its wildly popular Precedent line of golf cars in 2004. In April of this year it was announced that Ingersoll Rand Inc. would sell its Special Vehicle Technologies division for $1.68 billion, which of course includes Club Car, to a private equity firm Platinum Equity. Interestingly, the founder and CEO of Platinum Equity Tom Gores is also the sole owner of the Detroit Pistons. “Club Car has a long history of leadership in golf, utility and consumer low-speed vehicles, and we look forward to nurturing their core business and supporting the diverse needs of the company’s customers,” said Tom Gores. “We are excited to partner with the Club Car team and support the business as it executes on its strategy of operational excellence and ongoing, profitable commercial growth.” It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for one of the most respected brands in the golf cart world.

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Fat Tire Golf Scooters has introduced a new Single-rider golf cart to their lineup. Cart dealers and golf courses are realizing the smaller size and weight of the SR4 create much less wear and tear on the turf and are a great option for golfers that want to ride alone. This small cart has more features than most of the big boys, including a 60ah lithium battery, engine braking and parking lock, upgraded color-matched seats, folding windshield, 2000w high-torque motor, Curtis controller, Kenda tires on upgraded aluminum rims, integrated ball and cup holders, cooler, sand bottle, LED lighting, and even a USB port. MSRP is only $5999.

Segment Adjusted EBITDA), materially reduces Ingersoll Rand’s net leverage to <1.0x and provides significant capital flexibility. The company will use the capital to create long-term value for stockholders, including significant organic and inorganic investment into core, sustainability-oriented, mission-critical flow creation technologies and industrial solutions supported by long-term growth trends. In addition: The Specialty Vehicle Technologies Segment is not included in the company’s 2021 guidance that was reviewed during Q1 earnings call on April 29, 2021. Results from the Specialty Vehicle Technologies Segment will be reported in discontinued operations for the second quarter of 2021 and comparable prior periods will be recast on a consistent basis.

ABOUT INGERSOLL RAND INC. Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE:IR), driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and ownership mindset, is dedicated to helping make life better for our employees, customers and communities. Customers lean on us for our technology-driven excellence in mission-critical flow creation and industrial solutions across 40+ respected brands where our products and services excel in the most complex and harsh conditions. Our employees develop customers for life through their daily commitment to expertise, productivity and efficiency. For more information, visit

INGERSOLL RAND COMPLETES SALE OF CLUB CAR TO PLATINUM EQUITY Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE:IR), a global provider of missioncritical flow creation and industrial solutions, completed the sale of its Specialty Vehicle Technologies Segment (“Club Car”) to the global private equity firm Platinum Equity. Ingersoll Rand Execution Excellence (IRX), implemented throughout the divestiture process, enabled the company to over deliver on its commitment to complete the sale by the third quarter of 2021. The all-cash transaction, valued at $1.68 billion (approximately 12.1x 2020 Specialty Vehicle Technologies 14

ABOUT PLATINUM EQUITY Founded in 1995 by Tom Gores, Platinum Equity is a global investment firm with more than $25 billion of assets under management and a portfolio of approximately 40 operating companies that serve customers around the world. The firm is currently investing from Platinum Equity Capital Partners V, a $10 billion global buyout fund, and Platinum Equity Small Cap Fund, a $1.5 billion buyout fund focused on investment opportunities in the lower middle market. Platinum Equity specializes in mergers, acquisitions and operations – a trademarked strategy it calls M&A&O® – acquiring and operating companies in a broad range of business markets, including manufacturing, distribution, transportation and logistics, equipment rental, metals services, media and entertainment, technology, telecommunications and other industries. Over the past 25 years, Platinum Equity has completed more than 300 acquisitions.


K/5 Blazer Orange Krush - Sponsored Golf Cart Build


efore we do anything else, we have to take a minute to thank all the amazing sponsors and friends who either chipped in products, custom fabricated parts, donated their time or lent a physical hand building this super-custom, K5 Blazer-inspired golf cart. Thank you guys! We could not have done this without you, and we are more than appreciative. – The Golf Carting Magazine Staff WHY A K5 BLAZER GOLF CART? This project started as the brainchild of Christian Amico, President of Golf Carting Magazine who has a borderline unhealthy addiction to 1970’s Chevy K5



Blazers. He has built, customized, and restored half a dozen of them in the past ten years and currently owns two. And Matthew Smith, Christian’s great friend and the owner of Charleston Custom Carts, who has also been bit by the same K5 Blazer bug and can often be seen driving around town in his custom 1973 K5 with the top off. Both Christian and Matt had been contemplating taking on this project for over a year now and with the help from sponsors, friends, and the super-talented staff at Charleston Custom Carts they decided to jump in and get started. GETTING STARTED The build began with a Club Car DS Transport, factorystretched 6 passenger cart. After being completely stripped down to the frame it was acid-washed what seemed dozens of times. The frame required some welding and cleaning up since the cart came from a local business that really put it to work. After the frame was made over, it was ready for a body… but which one? The custom body stared off as a fiberglass Bronco-themed shell from Tony over at Christian and Matt decided it was a solid base to start with and knew Tony made some great products. The Bronco-style body has similar dimensions, scaling, and style to a Blazer and it would be much easier to convert it to a Blazer than custom fabricating one from scratch. So, Tony shipped us a body and they got to work. To get the right Blazer 18

shape, the shell had to be seriously modified, body worked, sanded, and painted. Big shout out here to Daniel our body and paint guy. The whole process took about a month. The wheel wells were trimmed out, the hood was shaved down and re-shaped, the truck bed area was bed-lined, and the dash was re-constructed. The roll-bar Tony sent was modified to mimic the 70’s Blazer style and two coats of paint and three coats of clear were applied. TIME TO GO SHOPPING For the suspension, the guys really wanted to make a statement, so they went with an All Sports 11” lift and heavyduty rear leaf springs. The lift was test fitted at Charleston Custom Carts, aligned, then removed and sent to be powdercoated to match the color of the cart. With this massive height it was time to decide on the wheels and tires and for that Ryan over at MSA Wheels was kind enough to help us out and send in a set of the 16x7” M31’s wheels with color-matched (real) bead locks wrapped in 31” MotoRavage tires. Man did this setup really look amazing and more importantly, fit the style Matt and Christian were going for… 70’s Restomod! HIGH-TECH INNOVATIONS VS OLD SCHOOL FABRICATION. The body from also came with a fiberglass grill insert that looked exactly like a Bronco grill from

the late ’60's. Christian’s first reaction was to toss it but it proved to come in handy for what would be one of the higher-tech innovations needed to pull this project off - a custom 3D designed and printed 70’s style Blazer grill. In an earlier life, Christian went to school for graphic design so he had already mocked up a digital rendering of this cart to use as a baseline for fabrication but when it came to the grill, the guys were scratching their heads on how to fabricate such a complicated part. They toyed around with cutting up an original grill and making it smaller, but that would have taken forever to get perfect. They decided to go the high-tech route and custom 3D scan and digitally model an original grill from a 1972 Blazer, shrink it down, then 3D print it. With the help of Christian’s friend Chris, who 3D prints parts for F1 racing teams (I know right… Mr.CoolestJobEverFancyPants) they were able to produce a miniature-sized grill that looks like an exact copy. It took 3 days to actually print it into four sections then had to be epoxied together, primed, and painted. MILES OF WIRES While the body was getting prepped, sanded, cut and painted,

Matt put one of his top techs, Bill Cole, on the project of wiring this beast. No small task but thanks to MTX, Navitas, and Relion Battery who were gracious enough to send a ton of amazing parts and accessories, all of which needed new custom wiring, Bill persevered and got the job done. MTX Audio sent us six speakers, two amps, a 12” subwoofer GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 19

(mounted in a custom-built enclosure under the rear of the cart), a head unit, and all the cabling and controllers needed to shake the ground. RELiON Battery sent in not one, not two but SIX of their InSight 48-volt Lithium Batteries that power this behemoth. And Navitas sent us their Club Car 600-AMP 5KW DC to AC Conversion Kit, which comes with a motor, controller, and the dash-mounted adjustment panel to dial in the speed, torque, and acceleration. With all these top-of-the-line products and a builtin onboard Delta-Q charger supplied by, the wiring had to be perfect. Bill decided to use 2-gauge (orange) wire for the batteries, controller, and motor which turned out to be right around 80 feet of custom cut, crimped, and soldered cable for worry-free all-weather driving. With all the MTX gear and accessories we stuffed into this cart it was a challenging three days of work for Bill. Three 30-amp voltage reducers were used to power everything including the electric folding side steps from Amp Research 20

which needed higher amperage than your normal golf cart accessories. The steps (and the headlights) were also wired to period correct chrome pull switches in the dash. LET'S ACCESSORIZE, BUT NOT TOO MUCH With all the big stuff out of the way Christian and Matt turned their attention to the overall look and style of the cart which proved to take some time trying new parts and accessories for the perfect fit. “Oftentimes when you’re building a themed golf cart it’s easy to go overboard with logos, paint, graphics, and accessories. For this build we had to find the fine line between simplicity while trying to pay homage to the K5 and not be tacky.” explained Amico. The guys knew the seats would play a big part in the overall look and they wanted to make sure they would have that classic feel, so Christian ordered some period-correct orange houndstooth fabric and sent it directly to Ashley at Lazy Life Seats to work his magic. Lazy Life incorporated the houndstooth perfectly, matched the 70’s style and knock out of the park. Genuine K5 emblems, badging, side marker


lights, taillights, decals, switches, bumpers (which were original 72 Blazer bumpers that were cut, shrunk, and welded back together) really set off the look and style of the 70’s era. Our fabrication guys really knocked it out of the part making everything fit, thanks Pat and Jeff! TIME TO BURN SOME RUBBER Not only does this cart look amazing and turn heads but it drives like a racecar. With the max speed of 49mph the acceleration is necksnapping and on dirt or loose gravel the tires are impossible not to spin. Thanks to the Navitas’ setup it can be adjusted down for normal driving and locked so it can't be tampered with. The cart’s range is impossible to tell unless you plan on driving for quite a distance. Based on the calculation from the techs at Charleston Custom Carts it should get well over 100 miles of drive time on a charge thanks to the half -dozen RELiON 48-volt lithium batteries. “This cart was super fun (and challenging at times) to build and I’m happy that Golf Carting Magazine could help pull it all together. I think it really came out amazing. Over 400 hours of labor went into designing, building, and fabricating this cart and my kickass team really pulled through and went the extra mile. This is by far the most enjoyable golf cart I have 24

ever driven.” said Matthew Smith smiling. Again, we would like to thank all of the sponsors, vendors, friends and staff that helped out. If you would like to learn more about any of the parts and accessories used in this cart build, please visit their websites below. -GCM











SAVE $500 ON ANY CLUB CAR ONWARD FREE DELIVERY Call us for more information Financing Available • Free Estimates • Pick up/Delivery •Full Service Shop • Scheduled Maintenance • Trades Welcome • New & Used Parts, Carts and Accessories

1720 W Elliot Road • Gilbert AZ, 85233 • 480-272-8418




K & K Custom Carts, as the name indicates, is a builder of quality custom golf carts in the great state of Michigan. K & K Carts also offers full service and repair with pick up and delivery. In this month’s Dealer Profile we spent some time with owner and founder Jeff Klekotka who was graciously willing to share more information about his dealership. Let’s find out more about K & K Custom Carts… Dealer Name: K & K CUSTOM CARTS Dealer Location: BELMONT, MICHIGAN SERVICING ALL AREAS IN MICHIGAN Phone Number: (616) 914-0365 Email: KKCUSTOMGOLFCARTS@GMAIL.COM 34

Owner: JEFF AND ERLINDA KLEKOTKA Facebook Page: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/KKCUSTOMCARTS GCMAG: Hi Jeff. We appreciate you giving us some of your time to learn more about K & K Custom Carts. Can you tell us a little bit about your business? JEFF: Sure. K & K Custom carts sells high-quality custom carts, custom builds, full service, parts and repair. GCMAG: Who are the owner(s)? JEFF: My wife and I are the owners. Jeff and Erlinda Klekotka. GCMAG: What is your company background? How and when

did your company start? JEFF: Building custom carts was a hobby that I turned into a business. I have over 35 years of experience in auto collision repair and paint. People started inquiring about our services with golf carts which prompted me to start a business. GCMAG: So many of the dealership owners we’ve gotten to know have said the same thing about a hobby morphing into a successful business. Where are you guys located? JEFF: Belmont, MI which is just north of Grand Rapids but we service all areas in Michigan. GCMAG: Can you tell us about your employees? JEFF: Currently we just have two employees and they handle all aspects of the business including building, repair and service, cart detailing, ordering parts and customer service. GCMAG: It sounds like you’re running a lean and efficient

business. How do you promote or advertise your business? Online? Social Media? JEFF: Through social media such as Facebook and word of mouth. We get a lot of really good referrals. GCMAG: Word of mouth is always the best marketing. What is the most important business lesson you've learned? JEFF: We are honest, reliable and trustworthy. We stand behind our work. We build each cart per our client's specification and budget. The most valuable lesson we have learned is that word of mouth is everything. We are grateful to be appreciated. GCMAG: That is so true. What are your other future plans? JEFF: We really just want to keep doing what we are doing and continue to grow more. GCMAG: I’ve see how beautiful your custom builds are and I’m sure word-of-mouth will continue to grow for you. Is there continued...


dealerprofile anything you’d like to add? EFF: We started K & K Custom Carts to reflect our passions and values: affinity for custom carts and appreciation for well-built carts. We can create! It's our trademark and a straight forward one. Just take a quick peek at our work and you'll see what we mean. We are driven and focus on excellence. We think, do and build. Why Choose Us? At K & K Custom Carts we are all about bringing you premium custom golf carts every time. We love building carts and we do it well. We have challenged ourselves to be the best in the business and we continually strive towards this. Our hope is that our carts have a place in all your best weekend adventures and favorite memories. GCMAG: Well said Jeff and we really appreciate you spending time with us and giving our readers a glimpse into your business. All the best! For more information on K & K Custom Carts in Belmont, MI visit their Facebook page at or give them a call at (616) 914-0365.



NAVITAS CONTROLLERS NAVITAS HAS BEEN A WELL-KNOWN NAME IN THE GOLF CART INDUSTRY FOR MANY YEARS, and for good reason. Navitas has been creating quality aftermarket parts for all EV enthusiasts, but especially golf carts. In this guide we give you detailed information on all things Navitas speed controllers. We’ll break down the various options for your custom golf cart and how much it’s going to dig into 38

your pocket. Let’s get to it. WHO IS NAVITAS? Navitas is one of the leading companies in manufacturing high performance controllers for EV’s and stationary machinery. Navitas has been in business since 2013 and is based out

of Waterloo, Ontario. Their business strives to create the best aftermarket speed controllers for electric carts. Their products receive excellent reviews and are affordable. Before we discuss the best Navitas controllers for your golf cart, let’s learn a little bit more about what a speed controller is. WHAT IS A SPEED CONTROLLER? For those who are new to golf carts, a speed controller, as the name suggests, is a device that helps control the speed of an electric vehicle. It may not seem like much, but it’s actually one of the most important parts you can install on a golf cart. Let’s say you hook up that old DC motor without a speed controller...every time you hit the gas pedal, you would be getting full power from your battery. This would cause neckbreaking take-offs, which sounds like fun on a track, but in a neighborhood, not so much. If you have an AC motor, or a DC Brushless, then you won’t be getting too far without a speed controller. In these motors, electrical signals are firing back and forth which can reverse at any time. This is where your speed controller comes in. All of these

signals must be timed properly in order for your golf cart to move. The speed controller helps to regulate the reversing AC signals, allowing the motors rotation to keep in time. The speed controller meters your voltage and current based on the input, whether that be a throttle, or gas pedal. Now you can control the acceleration and deceleration of your golf cart. OTHER IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS OF THE SPEED CONTROLLER We know that the speed controller helps to control the vehicle speed, in addition to that, the speed controller is actually doing a lot more behind the scenes. No matter what motor you’re using (AC or DC), the speed controller can help you achieve the following… Speed Boost: Changing your controller typically adds 4-5 mph to your golf cart's top speed. Motor Current Limiter: This can help prevent damage to your motor or controller when the vehicle stalls or overloads. Battery Current Limiter: This can help to protect your battery

golfcartguide from discharging. In addition, it also decreases battery current as it’s depleting, which can prevent damage to the cells. Throttle Mapping: This allows you to change your throttle response time. Maybe you want fine control at slower speeds, and open control at higher speeds. Acceleration: This will depend on how hard you press the gas pedal. The faster you press the pedal the faster your acceleration, the slower you press the pedal, the finer the acceleration. Thermal Protection: This makes sure that the controller doesn’t overheat. This will also monitor the charge and health of your batteries. KNOWING WHICH CONTROLLER TO CHOOSE There are quite a few options to choose from when deciding on a controller for your custom golf cart. The first thing you should do is to look for controllers specifically made for your golf cart, for example, EZ-GO, Club Car, or Yamaha. The good news is, Navitas makes controllers for every type of golf cart, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right one for you. The next thing you’ll want to do is figure out if you need a controller for an AC system or a DC system. Again, Navitas makes controller systems for each type of current setup, so don’t panic! We made it easy for you. Below we listed the best options for speed controllers by golf cart brand. CLUB CAR CONTROLLERS 1. Navitas 440-Amp 36/48-Volt Series Controller The Navitas 440-Amp replacement series controller features a pre-programmed Series controller and model specific module for true plug and play operation. This is one of our favorite and most reliable controllers for Club Car. No need for the “on the fly” programmer to change to series operation. You can still add this as an option for improved acceleration or top speed control. Controller Features: Compatible with a 3-Spade connector harness for plug-andplay installation. Solid state models: • 1995-Up 48-Volt • 1990-1994 36-Volt This replaces the stock controller, and plugs directly into your carts existing wiring harness Best Price: $536 2. Transport-Utility Navitas 600-Amp 48-Volt Controller The Navitas 600-Amp high-performance replacement controller is one of the most powerful controllers that they make. This controller is best for those with custom golf carts 40

meant for heavy loads or multiple passengers. This controller will plug directly into your old controller harness, so installation is super easy.

Models: • Club Car Transport-Utility 48-Volt 2006-Up • 24-Pin harness for plug and play installation This is also equipped for the optional On-The-Fly Programmer, which makes adjusting your speed, acceleration, and braking all on the move. Best Price: $736 3. Club Car DS / Precedent Navitas 600-Amp 48-Volt Controller This high performance controller is perfect for those looking to add a little more power to their 48 volt golf cart system. Works with: • Club Car DS & Precedent with IQ/Excel i2 48-Volt • 2001-Up DS • Precedent 2004-2016 models Direct replacement of stock controller, and plugs directly into your cart's existing wiring harness, making this a simple DIY. Best Price: $687 YAMAHA CONTROLLERS 1. G19 / 22 Navitas 600-Amp 48-Volt Controller The Navitas 600-Amp high-performance controller is a replacement, which comes equipped with a wiring harness made specifically for your golf cart. Features: • Comes with Yamaha G19 & G22 48-Volt harness for plug and play installation. Works with models: • 1996-2002 G19 • 2003-2007 G22 Direct replacement of stock controller, plugs directly into your cart's existing wiring harness, making installation a breeze. Best Price: $740 2. G29 / Drive Navitas 600-Amp 48-Volt Controller This 600-Amp Navitas replacement controller is a highperformance controller and comes with an adaptor harness specifically for your cart model. Features: Comes with Yamaha harness for plug and play installation. Comes compatible with their On-The-Fly Programmer, which is sold separately. This device allows you to make adjustments to your torque, braking, and acceleration on the fly. Models: • G29/Drive 48-Volt 2008-Up This is a direct replacement of the stock controller, and plugs

golfcartguide directly into your cart's existing wiring harness. This, like all the others mentioned, is super simple to install on your own. Best Price: $740 E-Z-GO CONTROLLERS 1. MPT-Utility Navitas 600-Amp 48-Volt Controller This 600-Amp Navitas replacement controller is a highperformance controller and comes with an adaptor harness specifically for your cart model. Works with models: • E-Z-GO 48-Volt shunt system MPT-Utility 2010-Up • Equipped with a harness for plug and play installation This is a direct replacement of your stock controller, and plugs directly into your cart's existing wiring harness, making installation simple. You can also purchase the On-The-Fly Programmer separately, that way you can make adjustments to your system on the go. Best Price: $726 2. TXT PDS System Navitas 600-Amp 36-Volt Controller This 600-Amp Navitas replacement controller is a highperformance controller and comes with an adaptor harness specifically for your cart model. Works with models: • E-Z-GO TXT 36-Volt PDS Shunt System • Equipped with harness for plug and play installation (Tow/ Run switch under seat). This is a direct replacement of your stock controller, and plugs directly into your cart's original wiring harness. Compatible with the Navitas On-The-Fly Programmer, making it super simple to change all of your system settings while you’re moving down the road. Best Price: $725.99 3. TXT Navitas 600-Amp 48-Volt Shunt Controller This 600-Amp Navitas replacement controller is a highperformance controller and comes with an adaptor harness specifically for your cart model. Works with models: • E-Z-GO TXT 48-Volt shunt system 2010-Up • Equipped with harness for plug and play installation. This is a replacement of your golf carts stock controller, and plugs directly into your existing wire harness. Like all the other Navitas controller models, this is very easy to self-install. Also compatible with the On-The-Fly Programmer. Best Price: $725.99 ON-THE-FLY PROGRAMMER Sold separately from Navitas is their On-The-Fly 42

Programmer, which allows you to make adjustments to braking, torque, and even acceleration, all while you’re moving down the road. This feature is definitely a cool, and recommended upgrade for those looking to add a little extra to their custom golf cart. Best Price: $234 FINAL THOUGHTS As you can see, Navitas has a variety of controllers to choose from, no matter what kind of golf cart you have. In this article we explained to you the function of a speed controller, and how an upgrade could improve the quality of your custom golf cart. We also broke down some of the most important aspects of speed controllers, and did our best to explain the importance of the speed controller in your golf cart. Lastly, we listed some of our favorite controllers Navitas has to offer all by golf cart brand, making your life a lot easier. I hope this article has helped you to feel confident in deciding on the right speed controller for your custom golf cart. If you have any questions regarding Navitas Speed Controllers, or have any personal experience with Navitas controllers, let us know!




Active California Golf Carting Community


aguna Woods Village, California, is the premier place in the state for active seniors to retire. The community has been around for over five decades, welcoming individuals who are 55 or older to enjoy their golden years. Home to 18,500 residents, Laguna Woods Village also has a very active golfcarting community. Over the fifty-plus years that the community has been in existence, Laguna Woods Village has built networks of paths and crossings for its residents to utilize both for golf carting and walking. Golf carts in the community can be driven on the city’s designated golf cart paths, across its designated golf cart crossings, and on private property. However, the city discourages the use of golf carts on various roads and sidewalks including El Toro Road, Moulton Parkway, Santa Maria Avenue, and Ridge Route Drive. Also, golf cart enthusiasts should avoid using the golf cart crossings once the sun has set for safety purposes. Other non-golf-cart areas of Laguna Woods Village include City Centre Park, Woods End Wilderness Preserve/Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, and “A Place for Paws” Dog Park. While the use of golf carts in the state of California does


not require a California driver’s license or registration with the DMV, Laguna Woods Village reminds golf cart owners to drive with caution, always keeping their own safety and the safety of others at the forefront of their minds. Part of safe golf-cart driving includes yielding to pedestrians, other vehicles, and bicycles. But its golf-cart friendliness isn’t the only thing that draws seniors to Laguna Woods Village. Its list of amenities is long, and there are a multitude of opportunities to have fun and relax. If you’re more into being active than relaxing, Laguna Woods Village has you covered with its two professional golf courses, equestrian center, and ten-court tennis facility. There’s no excuse to skip playing your favorite sport while living in this community! The equestrian center features a full-size riding ring and an impressive 38 stables, and the golf courses are comprised of a nine-hole, par three executive course and a 27hole championship course that’s sure to challenge your golfing skills. The tennis complex is equipped with five courts that feature coin-activated light timers so residents can hit the ball during the evening hours. Other opportunities to be active abound at Laguna Woods

Village. The three state-of-the-art fitness centers are sure to keep your heart rate up, while the ten walking trails will help residents connect with nature. If you do better in water than on land, never fear: the community has an astounding five swimming pools including an Olympic-sized pool, four hot tubs, and lap lanes. Other fitness-related amenities include four outdoor paddle tennis/pickle ball courts, shaded bocce courts with free lessons and furnished equipment, and a Table Tennis Room that’s fun for all ages. The grandkids will love playing a round of table tennis while visiting! If socializing is more your bag, then there are seven unique clubhouses that have your name written all over them! The Community Center features meeting rooms as well as computer facilities and workshops for you to enjoy. Clubhouse 1 is equipped with a shaded swimming pool, a large fitness center and gym, and various rooms available for classes and club meetings (more on the clubs in a little bit!). Clubhouse 2 has two gorgeous Lawn Bowling greens as well as a stunning view of the nearby valleys and mountains. There are also two card rooms, a video learning center, and a swimming pool. Clubhouse 4 is perfect for artisans, craftspeople, and hobbyists; if you want to pick up a paintbrush or play with clay, this is the place for you. Clubhouse 5 is the ideal place to get your boogie on—it features a stage and dancefloor in a large main lounge, a drop-in fitness center, a fitness studio, and swimming pool. Clubhouse 6 would be the right setting for an intimate party; its private, tranquil setting is great for connecting with friends and family on a special occasion. Finally, Clubhouse 7 can accommodate a whopping 130 people for dancing and dining, so it’s great for a private gathering. About those clubs we mentioned earlier: Laguna Woods Village has an incredible 250-plus clubs and special interest

groups for its residents to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in arts and crafts, games, dance, science and technology, politics, or religion, this community has you covered. And if there isn’t a club for the specific hobby or interest that you’re passionate about, why not start your own club? These amenities are just one reason that Laguna Woods Village was voted by the OC Register as being the Best Senior Living Community in the area. Have a green thumb? There are two garden centers in Laguna Woods Village for you to enjoy flowers, plants, and everything in between. Garden Center 1 is equipped with three equipment sheds, 132 tree plots, and 172 garden plots; Garden Center 2 features one shade house, 118 tree plots, 596 garden plots, four equipment sheds, and 26 benches for plants and orchids. If volunteerism is your passion, then there are plenty of chances to volunteer at Laguna Woods Village. Simply fill out a Volunteer Application and hand it in at the recreation office to start your philanthropic work! You can apply to volunteer in the Camera Club, at one of the clubhouses, with the Friendly Visitor Program, in the Garden Center, and more. As you can see, there’s a wealth of reasons that active seniors would want to retire in Laguna Woods Village. The various opportunities to stay active, rest and relax, socialize, and continue to pursue your passions and interests are enough to keep this community the Best Senior Living Community in the region. And if you’re a golf cart enthusiast, you can’t go wrong settling in Laguna Woods Village. Its network of golfcart-friendly paths and crossings will support you in riding that golf cart that you love so much. Ready to settle into your golden years—and to do so in style? Look no further than Laguna Woods Village!



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A group dedicated to big block swapping GAS golf carts. All GAS engine upgrades allowed.

Dedicated to the Club Car DS and Carryall, this group was formed to share photos and ideas, solve problems and support the model DS community. Buying, selling and trading is welcome, but do so at your own risk. GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 47


ASK THE MECHANIC Q: My battery cable ends seems to be melting or get extremely hot. What’s going on? A: This could be caused by the cables not being tightened properly and causing an arch and extreme heat. Make sure the connections are cleaned and your cables are tightened down making a solid connection with the battery posts. This could also be caused by faulty or improper gauge cables. You want to make sure these cables are a minimum of 6 gauge (which most stock carts come with), but we recommend 4 gauge or even 2 gauge, especially if you are going to modify anything with the electrical system in the cart. Q: What is the difference between a golf cart and a LSV (low speed vehicle)? A: The simple answer is LSVs are registered vehicles with the DMV. In some states an LSV is considered an automobile and must follow most the same rules and regulation as a typical car. LSVs must have the proper safety accessories such as 48

headlights, turn signals, break lights, a horn, DOT approved windshields, seat belts and they must be able to reach a speed of 25mph. LSVs in some states can be driven on the roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less. Please check the laws with your state’s DMV for exact information on rules and regulations. Q: My cart will only move a few feet and then stop. What should I check first? A: We get this question a lot and the answer could be many different things, but the most common cause is a bad or improperly connected forward / reverse switch. This problem happens very often, and the forward reverse switch is probably the most replaced part on a golf cart. They get used a lot and often times go bad or the connecter on back comes loose. It’s a simple fix and a very inexpensive part for most golf carts, so we recommend checking this first, making sure the connections are solid or replacing it all together.


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