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Our Twelfth Edition – A Year to Remember


his month is Golf Carting Magazine’s twelfth issue. Our first printed magazine hit the stands in July 2020 amidst some of the most tumultuous times our country has ever faced. We are excited about the explosive growth of this humble publication. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our readers and some interesting and valuable constructive criticism. Our sponsors are happy with their advertising investments and we are continuing to receive more and more inquiries each day. It’s rewarding to be a part of something that takes shape and morphs into its own, living, breathing organism. Golf Carting Magazine is here to stay, and we are excited about year two. We are genuinely grateful to all of our readers and sponsors who have allowed this thing to succeed. The electric cart industry as a whole is growing at an astonishing rate. Regardless of your political affiliation, one thing is certain, transportation in the U.S. (and the world) is headed electric. Certain countries are vowing all their vehicles to be one-hundred-percent electric in the span of a few short years. Electric carting will always be a source of recreational travel, but it is also becoming a normal and accepted mode of transportation. Communities all over the country are being designed with the electric cart and LSV in mind. As a golf cart publication, our commitment is to keep you informed and entertained about the wonderful, and often weird, world of golf carting. Year two should be more fun as the world is cautiously starting to get back to normal. People are starting to breathe a little bit easier and gung-ho to start having fun again. And golf carts will help them get there.

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low life


f you have been following us on Facebook or on our website, you just might know that you can submit your cart to possibly be featured in the magazine. For those of you that have high quality photos and detailed information, you can go to our website at and click on the "Articles" tab to find where you can submit your cart. This issue’s "Custom Golf Cart" feature comes from Bobby Trepanier, a hobbyist that loves to build custom golf carts. When we asked Bobby about his future


plans, he commented, “I have no real plans for builds in the future just yet, just going by what challenges me, maybe a new cart even lower… I've got this crazy idea that has never been done before that I've been thinking about, but we will see.” This custom golf cart is a 2007 EZ-GO TXT PDS, and of course, what drew us to feature this cart is how low it sits. Below is their written submission detailing the build. Tell us about this custom build My goal was to have the lowest cart possible without altering 16

the body or cutting out the wheel wells. I started with the strip down of the cart to the frame, the body, every screw, electrical, everything was removed. I added supports to the frame after I notched out the front for tire clearance, new shock gussets, new custom foot brake so that I could get maximum clearance with the E-brake functional while lowered. The front axle cut & narrowed, spindle locations raised, custom steering assembly bracket, steering assembly arm and the steering tie rod cut & narrowed. Steering column lowered closer to the seat, not cut down. Front leaf springs flipped and

shortened 1”. Rear leaf springs converted to custom made 2 link control arms, custom bracket made for rear passenger side brake cable to be lowered. Monroe 705 Air Shocks, front & back, upgraded to 1/4” air lines and fittings, protected by rubber hoses where needed. Controlled by 2 manual valves, front & back with a 3-gallon tank and air compressor, with an automatic 120-pound pressure switch all ran on a separate 12v Mighty Max Deep Cell marine battery that also powers the headlights & tail lights with a digital volt meter and 2 USB charging ports on separate toggle switches. 400Amp All-Trax Controller, T105 Trojan batteries with 1-gauge wire and heavyduty solenoid with a stock motor all rolling on RHOX


Wheels on 205/35 R12 Kenda Pro Tour Tires. Any custom fabrication or custom-made parts? Front axle, rear links and rear brake cable bracket as noted above as well as a custom-made sheet metal motor cover. Custom made shock mounts, swing arm, front axle, brake pedal lever, and steering components as well as wiring harnesses. Custom battery tray cover to accommodate the motor when the cart is lowered. What aftermarket parts did you use? Monroe 705 Air Shocks, 12v Mighty Max Deep Cell marine battery, RHOX Wheels on 205/35 R12 Kenda Pro Tour Tires, 400Amp All-Trax Controller, T105 Trojan batteries. Some background about you and how long you have been building carts, how did you get into the business? I've always enjoyed building different things and camping is what got me started with golf carts and my first build. My first project was a 1962 Metzandorf camper that I brought down to the trailer frame and rebuilt it. Last year I modified our E-Z-Go cart to an extended 6 passenger cart. I've also bought carts in the past and fixed them up for a quick flip or for friends to enjoy. My family & I enjoyed a few of the carts and decorated 18

them for Halloween, everyone's favorite was the Ghostbusters. It's just a hobby for me not a business so often times my projects get sold so that I can start a new one. I like a challenge, so the more difficult it is, the more I'm intrigued and determined. Thankfully my family & my friends are very supportive and encouraging me, they see a talent and potential and it helps pushes me to do things I wouldn't normally do. -GCMAG




All-electric, street-legal GEM low-speed vehicles are now offered with new Personal Customization

GEM, AN ALL-ELECTRIC PREMIUM OFFERING IN PERSONAL CARTS, is now providing people who cruise their neighborhoods with all-new ways to extend their personality into their favorite vehicle. Polaris Inc. (NYSE: PII) is recently launching an entirely new line of offerings for street legal GEMs; a panoramic sky roof, 11 bold paint color options, premium upholstery options, new sport tires and rims, Rockford Fosgate® audio and interior glow lighting. These new options paired with GEM’s already sustainable, safe and stylish 20

design offers over 10,000 configurations for customers to create their own personalized cart to enjoy their communities and stand out with their style. “GEMs have been used in beach towns, neighborhoods, and gated, golf and leisure communities for decades. We’ve seen trends that more and more residents in these areas want a cart to socialize, cruise to entertainment areas, and use in other ways to simply enjoy the community,” said Keith Simon, vice president and general manager, Polaris Commercial.


“We’ve also seen a major increase in these customers wanting to find ways to make these carts their own, so we invested to make that happen with our GEMs, a street legal cart that already stands out in the crowd.” MEET GEM AT THE INTERSECTION OF STYLE, SUSTAINABILITY AND SAFETY GEM electric vehicles are the ultimate personal transport vehicles – and their designation as low-speed vehicles (LSVs)

make them street legal. They are made to order in Anaheim, California with factory- installed accessories for the highest quality finish, tailored for each customer. Polaris GEM electric vehicles are allowed on any road posted 35 mph or less and are charged by standard outlets. Open air or with doors and windows, the vehicles offer a uniquely fun ride for drivers and passengers alike without sacrificing GEM’s established safety features like forward-facing bucket seats, three-point seatbelts, signal and headlights, automotive-grade windshield, side and GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 21


rearview mirror, back-up camera and front and rear hydraulic brakes. PANORAMIC SKY ROOF ADDS OPEN FEEL All-new, transparent Panoramic Sky Roof utilizes motorcycle windshield technology allowing the modified acrylic roof to span the entire length of the GEM in each model configuration – two, four and six-seat. The roof panels come in translucent smoked gray to help filter sunlight while maintaining a clear, expansive and unique view up. A white roof is also still available.

introduce appealing textures that elevate the style of the seat. The seats are offered in three new color options to add to the customization of each GEM. The weather-resistant, luxe seats can be covered in Beechwood, Avalanche Gray and Black or Beachwood and Black color combinations.

BOLD PAINT COLORS BRING PERSONALITY In addition to white and black exterior colors, GEMs can now be ordered in either a gloss or matte finish in Sunset Red, Navy Blue, Titanium Metallic Gray, Bronson Rock and Orange Rust as well as Radiant Green in a gloss finish for 11 new color options.

INTEGRATED ROCKFORD FOSGATE® AUDIO PROVIDES THE SOUNDTRACK FOR FUN Superior sound quality is provided by the newly designed Rockford Fosgate® audio system. Made to withstand weather, the speakers are Element Ready™ and deliver superior outdoor audio performance without the need for an amplifier. A bigger, surround sound is possible with two speakers in front and two in back. These speakers are controlled by an in-dash tuner that is Bluetooth® and audio-in compatible to broadcast audio from another device, like a cell phone, or use the built-in AM/FM tuner for the radio.

PREMIUM UPHOLSTERY GIVES ULTIMATE COMFORT Individual bucket seats with high backs are ergonomic for ultimate comfort over bench seats. A new seat pattern is highlighted by three high-end vegan leather fabrics to

SPORT TIRES AND RIMS OFFER SUPERIOR STYLE Customization continues with the addition of larger, blackedout, 16-inch wheels. The new rims are painted black with bright machined accents and the new sport tire has an



aggressive tread pattern for added style. INTERIOR LOW-GLOW FEATURE LIGHTING ADDS AMBIANCE Interior LED lighting can switch between blue and white with the flip of a switch for ambient or task lighting within the GEM. In addition to these all-new options to add style and fun to GEM, Polaris has a full line of existing options that seamlessly integrate with the new options; doors, bumpers, aluminum wheels, tilt and power steering, a rear trunk box and more. All of these options can be viewed in GEM’s online configurator and built into a personalized cart to match individual styles and use for an ultimate street-legal electric cart. CREATING THE ULTIMATE RIDER EXPERIENCE FOR COMMERCIAL SHUTTLES The Polaris GEM’s comfortable interior, quiet ride, enjoyable open-air design and unique appearance also make it a popular platform for shuttle services on academic and corporate campuses, urban and entertainment districts, hotels and resorts. The premium look of the vehicle enhances a property’s

brand, providing riders with a uniquely enjoyable experience. The rider experience can be accentuated with GEM’s all-new accessories. The transparent roof that lets passengers fully experience the outdoors unlike any other vehicle; the interior lighting not only help riders easily see their belongings but also helps the vehicle and associated property stand out on the road; and also all-new Bluetooth® Rockford Fosgate® audio provides for a fun experience. As a company, Polaris is expanding its electric vehicle portfolio with “rEV’d Up,” an initiative focused on leading the powersports industry in electrification, investing even more in electrification for off-road and recreational vehicles. Over the last decade, Polaris has sold $1 billion in electric vehicles from across the portfolio – with GEM being a part of that. GEM will continue to advance electric benefits for the personal cart customer. ABOUT POLARIS GEM GEM electric vehicles are the ultimate personal transport vehicles – and their designation as low-speed vehicles (LSVs) make them street legal. They are made to order in Anaheim, California with factory- installed accessories for the highest GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 23

firstlook POLARIS GEM

quality finish, bespoke for each customer. Polaris GEM electric vehicles are allowed on any road posted 35 mph or less and are charged by standard outlets. Since their introduction in 1998, more than 60,000 GEM low-speed vehicles have been produced. These street-legal personal carts are highly customizable with more than 10,000 configurations for customers to tailor the already sustainable, safe and stylish design. ABOUT POLARIS As the global leader in Powersports, Polaris Inc. (NYSE: PII) pioneers product breakthroughs and enriching experiences and services that have invited people to discover the joy of being outdoors since our founding in 1954. With annual 2020 sales of $7.0 billion, Polaris’ high-quality product lineup includes the Polaris RANGER, RZR and Polaris GENERAL 24

side-by-side off-road vehicles; Sportsman all-terrain offroad vehicles; Indian Motorcycle mid-size and heavyweight motorcycles; Slingshot moto-roadsters; snowmobiles; and deck, cruiser and pontoon boats, including industry-leading Bennington pontoons. Polaris enhances the riding experience with parts, garments, and accessories, along with a growing aftermarket portfolio, including Transamerican Auto Parts. Polaris’ presence in adjacent markets includes military and commercial off-road vehicles, quadricycles, and electric vehicles. Proudly headquartered in Minnesota, Polaris serves more than 100 countries across the globe. Rockford Fosgate® is a registered trademark of Rockford Corporation; Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Sig, Inc. Unless noted, trademarks are the property of Polaris Industries Inc.

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n this month’s edition of Golf Carting Magazine, our Company Profile features Backspin Seating of Wilkes-Barre, PA. Backspin Seating started in 2011 and was created to offer a high-end seat solution for custom golf carts. Backspin Seats are completely custom, with endless color combinations and are easy to install on any year Yamaha, Club Car and E-Z-GO electric carts. We spent some time with John Dellamalva, one of the owners of Backspin Seating, who graciously provided us with some detailed information about his company and his products. Company Name: BACKSPIN SEATING Company Website: Company Headquarters: WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA


GCMAG: First of all, John, thank you for taking the time to give our readers some information about Backspin Seating. Can you tell us about your company? JOHN: Backspin Seating is a manufacturer of custom upholstered golf cart seats. Each seat we produce is unique as the customer chooses the color combinations. Our company offers thousands of different color combinations sourced from high-quality marine grade vinyl. We currently offer four different high-quality seats at affordable prices to the marketplace. Backspin offers a Split Back Bucket Seat, a Crossover Bench seat, a Crossover Bench Bucket seat and a matching rear seat kit. Each seat comes with different options and price points to match the customer’s needs. The seats are made with multiple layers of comfortable,

impact-resistant foam and specialized webbing that will not break down. Our seats are built using heavy gauge steel and rugged hardware to ensure long lasting strength and durability. Backspin seats are custom built for quick and easy installation on any year Yamaha, Club Car and EZGO golf carts. We have made the installation process as easy as possible for our customers. We were the first seating company to offer positioning belts, seat sliders, adjustable arm rests, sound barrier foam, custom embroidery options and easy lift access. Backspin seats are made with high-quality marine grade vinyl fabric and are available in over 300 colors and multiple stitching designs to customize your unique cart. If you cannot find a color you like in our inventory, we will order it for you. We offer fabric that is weather resistant, easy to clean and very durable. With our two and three-tone color combinations, there are thousands of combinations to choose. Each customer is unique, and their cart should be too. Our team personally works with each customer to make sure they get the perfect seat. Our company is very flexible, we’ve had customers call and ask for options not offered on our seats and we can usually make it happen, which is something not many manufacturers are willing to do. We strongly believe in the continuous improvement of our product, and we usually come out with a new and improved design each year, based on the feedback we receive from our customers and our growing network of dealers we have established throughout the country. Because of our innovative spirit, we have several new products that we will soon be offering that will appeal to a wide variety of golf cart enthusiasts. Backspin is proud of the fact that our products are built in and the parts are sourced in the USA. All seats are manufactured in our 140,000 square foot building by very our experienced manufacturing team.

us about your team. JOHN: Backspin Seating currently has 30 employees that are able to utilize their many years of seat design experience. Our company utilizes both the latest manufacturing technology as well as a handcrafted finish to each seat that we produce. Our employees are specialists in sewing, upholstery and seat design. GCMAG: Impressive. How do you market and promote Backspin Seating? JOHN: Backspin Seating markets our seating products in several ways. We have developed a network of golf cart dealers who offer our products to their customers. We have salespeople that reach out to golf cart dealers in order to grow our dealer network. We advertise in multiple golf cart magazines. We also maintain an online presence with our website and on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. GCMAG: It sounds like you really have it covered. What is the most important business lesson your company has learned? JOHN: The most important business lesson I've learned to provide a positive experience for each customer that we have the pleasure of serving. Positive or negative word of mouth, especially in tight-knit golf cart communities can make or break your reputation. Anyone in business knows that a company's or a person's reputation is everything. Always keep your word and protect your reputation. GCMAG: What are the future plans for Backspin Seating? JOHN: While Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania might seem a long way from the golf cart communities of the southern and continued...

GCMAG: That’s a lot of really good information. It sounds like you’ve really dialed in a quality product. Who are the owners of Backspin Seating? JOHN: Thomas Dellamalva, myself -John Dellamalva, William Legg and Darlene Larkin GCMAG: Can you give us some background on how and when Backspin Seating started? JOHN: Backspin Seating has over twenty years of seat manufacturing experience. Thomas Dellamalva, started Backspin’s parent company, Custom Seats Inc. in 2000 and it quickly grew into a leading manufacturer of seating for the healthcare and transportation industries, theaters, auditoriums, and casinos. In 2011, Backspin Seating was created to offer a high-end, customizable seat for golf carts that was not being offered by any other company at the time. GCMAG: How many employees do you have? Tell GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 29

companyprofile western United States, Backspin Seating continues to see strong growth each year. We are working to expand into new areas of the country. Backspin Seating also knows that product innovation is very important which is why we continually update the design of our seats. Our customers demand the best for their golf carts, and we will always be there to provide new and exciting features on our seating products. We are in the process of developing several new products that will be available for purchase in the spring of 2021. GCMAG: Thank you again John for spending time with Golf Carting Magazine and giving us a much better understanding of your impressive company. We wish you much success! For more information on Backspin Seating visit their website at: You can also give them a call at 570-891-0600.


CLUB CAR PHOENIX BUILD • MODZ Chrome Bombers Wheels • MODZ Street Fox Radial Tires • MODZ Skinz Seat Covers • MODZ Tower Top • MODZ Flip4 Rear Seat Kit • MODZ Heavy Duty Leaf Springs • Doubletake Phoenix Body • GTW A-Arm Lift Kit






attery chargers are just as important as any other piece of equipment for your golf cart. The type of battery charger you choose can ultimately depend on how long the batteries last in your golf cart. Are you looking for the best golf cart battery charger for your custom golf cart? After reading this article you will know exactly what battery charger is right for you and one that will give you the biggest value for your money.





First up on our list of chargers is Lester Electrical. Lester has been in business for the last 50 years manufacturing some of the best battery chargers in the United States. Lester’s specialty is making some of the highest quality and longest lasting chargers on the market. The two most popular chargers from the company are the Lester Links battery charger and the Lester Summit charger. Both of these chargers are considered automatic chargers, meaning that the charger will automatically shut off when the batteries are fully charged. They also have an advanced winter mode that allows

snowbirds or vacationers to head out of town without their batteries losing charge or dying. You can literally leave the charger plugged into the golf cart at all times. They'll charge your batteries for months. This battery feature is one of the most unique features that Lester has to offer. Each of the Lester chargers comes with a two-year warranty. Let’s get into the specific details of the Summit and Links models.

LESTER LINKS BATTERY CHARGER First up is the Lester links battery charger which is considered a heavy-duty battery charger. This charger has some weight to it and can be anywhere between 24 and 36 pounds, depending on the model that you purchase. The Lester Links charger is an off-board charger so it can be stored anywhere in your garage but keep in mind that the Lester Links is not waterproof. It is best to place it up in a dry area to avoid any type of moisture. The Lester Links can be paired with most golf cart charger plugs. It is a reliable charger that will charge batteries quickly and can make for a great replacement of any Club Car, Power wise, Yamaha, EZGO or Power Drive charger. COST Lester chargers can last up to 20 years and cost anywhere between $400 and $1,000 dollars. The variation in cost depends on the type of battery charger that you buy. Lester supports 24, 36, and 48-volt battery chargers, and has charge rates anywhere from 13 amps to 25 amps, with AC outputs from 50 to 60 hertz. To summarize, the Lester Links battery charger is one of the most reliable and the most affordable you can buy for your golf cart.

LESTER SUMMIT BATTERY CHARGER Another notable charger by Lester Electric is the Lester Summit battery charger. This battery charger is a high frequency charger and is made with some of the newest technology available for golf cart chargers. The Summit charger has the basic amenities as the link series charger and can still be configured with all of the other plugs for golf carts, but there are a few important differences. The charger is much lighter and weighs around 12 pounds. Secondly, this charger can be purchased as an off-board, or as a built-in onboard making it easy to be installed on any custom golf cart. This feature can be nice for those who drive around large properties or communities. If you start losing battery charge during your ride you have your portable charger available. SOME ADDITIONAL FACTS: • The Summit charger is used for wet cell acid batteries. • It can only be configured for AGMs from the factory and not by the user. • The Summit battery charger from Lester is completely water-resistant and is completely sealed. • If you plan on using your golf cart in another country these chargers can be used across C's taking 100 to 230 VAC.



DELTA Q CHARGERS Located in Vancouver Canada, Delta Q Technologies is one of the leading providers of battery chargers in Canada and the United States. Their battery chargers can improve reliability and performance for all electric vehicles. Delta Q Technologies has become the supplier choice for many of the world's electric golf carts, aerial work GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 35

golfcartguide platforms, and lift trucks. So, what makes Delta Q Technologies chargers some of the best for your golf cart? They provide two of the most superior performing and lower operating cost chargers known as the IC series and the QuiQ series.

monitoring. • The LED indicator lets you know when it is fully charged. • Can be programmed with up to 10 charging profiles. • They're also accommodated for scooters and motorcycles. COST The Delta Q QuiQ charger costs around $350. This price is very reasonable considering some golf cart chargers can cost as much as $500. If you are looking for a high-quality golf cart battery charger the Delta Q QuiQ is well worth your money.

QUIQ CHARGER Let’s cover the Delta Q, QuiQ battery charger. This charger comes in 48-volt, 36 volt and 24-volt packs. These chargers provide you with superior charging performance and flexibility. The QuiQ charger can be used as an onboard or off-board and has 10 charge profiles for lithium-ion, AGM, and lead-acid batteries. This means that you can store up to 10 charging profiles for different brands of batteries. This helps you achieve flexibility for your battery charging. The design is fantastic. The QuiQ battery charger is designed with 93% efficiency for energy and is completely sealed to prevent water damage, extreme temperatures, vibration and even dust. Another great feature is they're integrated for other countries. They can be used anywhere in the world. THE PERKS OF THE QUIQ: • The charge profiles in the Delta Q charger is built to precisely charge. • These battery chargers are developed to provide the ultimate battery life and a balanced charge. In addition, other application requirements are easy to integrate. • Versatile as an onboard or off-board unit. • Provides a clear display to indicate the progress of the charging and it even lets you know when it's done. • Global flexibility. • Delta Q chargers have battery temperature 36




PERFORMANCE SERIES Next on our list is the Eagle Performance Series by Pro Charging Systems. Pro Charging Systems has been a leading provider of energy management resources and battery chargers for the LSV and golf cart industry. The Eagle Performance Series by dual pro offers sophisticated capabilities that make these chargers a goto for fleet operators, or even golf enthusiasts. With Delta View technology, operators of the battery chargers can monitor the status and energy state of the battery from any smart device. The Eagle Performance Series is engineered to keep your golf cart running longer. Because of their superior components, innovative technologies, and precise quality, the performance is unrivaled in the LSV and golf cart industry.

golfcartguide AUTO CHARGING AND VOLTAGE The Eagle Performance Series is the latest in innovation. All you have to do is connect your battery to the charger and it automatically detects whether it's 48 or 36 volts before it begins charging. All the cables are interchangeable, making this product truly simple to use for those looking to charge their LSV and golf cart batteries. BATTERY GAUGES Pro Charging Systems make chargers that have an exclusive battery gauge that keeps you up to date and informed on the status of your battery charge. Many customers say that it's the most reliable, accurate, and durable gauge they ever purchased. WHAT WE KNOW • Easy to install • Unmatched performance, safety, reliability, and quality • Advanced algorithms for charging • Can be configured to charge the majority of lithium battery systems • 5 stage charging COST The Eagle Performance series is going to cost you around $400. This is a fair price for the product that you get. The Eagle Performance is one of the most well-known charging systems for golf carts, and it even comes with a 3-year warranty from the factory. If you are looking for a dependable and longlasting charging system for your cart, then we would recommend looking into the Eagle Performance by Pro Charging Systems.



ADMIRAL ADVANTAGE BY RED HAWK Next up is the Admiral Advantage high frequency golf cart charger. Like the previous mentioned chargers, this charger is equipped to charge 48 volt and 36-volt golf cart battery systems. This 20 amp/15-amp golf cart charger has a power range of a 100 VAC to 230 VAC. It is also equipped for onboard mounting or can be stored in your garage as an offboard charger. We should mention…you can only use the 36-volt 20amp charger for onboard installation. This battery charger is also fully sealed and completely waterproof making it durable and weather resistant. The weight of this charger is around 20 pounds which is a bit heavier than the other battery chargers. 38

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THIS CHARGER • Perfect for any type of gel or lead-acid batteries • Has a wide variety of range input voltages from 50 to 60 Hz and 100-230 VAC • Equipped with Winter Mode • Completely sealed to keep out water • Protected from overheating, short circuiting, and reverse polarity • Rated up to IP65, which is perfect for rugged outdoor environments • Ergonomically placed mounting holes makes it super simple to install on your garage shelf, bulkhead, or wall. COST The Admiral Advantage battery charger costs around $300, which is a little bit less expensive than previously stated chargers. If you are looking for a lower cost battery charger that will efficiently charge your custom cart batteries, then look no further than the Admiral Advantage by Red Hawk.



MODZ BATTERY CHARGERS Last but certainly not least on our list of top golf cart battery chargers is the. This battery charger is the lightest of any other charger that we have mentioned, weighing in at just 7 pounds. Don’t let the small size fool you. This durable charger with an aluminum casing is powerful, rugged, and super easy to carry around with its built-in handle. The MODZ Max is one of the few battery chargers that works with an onboard computer and can charge

golfcartguide FEATURES • Super lightweight • Easy to transport • Setup for all makes and models (36-volt and 48-volt systems) • Easy to read battery gauge • Durable and water resistant

systems with six, 8-volt or six, 12-volt batteries. This charger has the ability to charge your batteries with an intelligent microprocessor that reads ambient temperature and real-time battery capacity. The softswitch tech allows for less power consumption and reliability. Equipped with an easy to read gauge, you are able to check the state of your charge and the mode that it is set to. One of the best features, like the other battery chargers that we mentioned, is the smart float technology. This feature allows you to plug your batteries into the charger and let them go without fear of damaging or overcharging. Simply plug in the charger, connect to your batteries, and the MODZ MAX will turn on or off depending on the state of your batteries, this way you will always have a charge when you’re ready to ride.


COST The MODZ MAX 48 is one of the least expensive battery chargers you can find. This battery charger costs between $200 and $275, depending on store sales or other discounts that are often promoted. So, is the MODZ MAX 48 worth it? Absolutely. This easy to transport charger is powerful, durable and will get the job done. They also make models of this charger for all of the popular makes of golf carts from Club Car, to EZGO, to Yamaha. If you are in the market for a lightweight, and inexpensive way to charge your cart batteries, then give the MODZ MAX golf cart battery charger a try. FINAL THOUGHTS As you can see, there are a variety of brands to charge your golf cart batteries. Before you purchase your new battery charger, make sure you have selected the right setup for your golf cart, whether that be for a 48, 36, or 24-volt system. Also keep in mind that you should choose a charging setup for your specific brand of cart, whether that be EZGO, Club Car, or Yamaha. We hope that this article has empowered you to select the right golf cart battery charger for your specific needs.




CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, is a beach-lover’s dream. The region includes Charleston proper, Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, Sullivan’s Island, North Charleston, Daniel Island, and Mount Pleasant. And in the beach communities of Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Daniel Island, and Folly Beach, golf cart lovers are able to play with their favorite toys: their golf carts. The most golf-cart-friendly roads are available in the beach areas and lower Peninsula neighborhoods, and in recent years, golf cart enthusiasts have created a golf cart lifestyle in the Charleston area. College students in downtown Charleston have even jumped on the golf cart bandwagon, using carts to travel to and from class. Traveling via golf cart is a slower, more green mode of transportation, and slower traffic as well as new infrastructure that diverts automobile traffic to roads with faster speed limits support traveling on a golf cart. Matthew Conway, owner of Coastal Cruising Carts, LLC, saw golf carts in Charleston “evolve from a recreation into a true mode of transportation” during his time growing up on 42

Sullivan’s Island, living in downtown Charleston for college, and currently residing in Mount Pleasant. He is a proud member of the golf cart community, driving his children to daycare in one of his LSVs pretty much every day, and using an LSV to make any trips that are within a five-mile radius to his home: to the grocery store, a friend’s house, one of the many delicious restaurants in Mount Pleasant, or a local playground. Conway reports that Coastal Cruising Carts sells and rents both golf carts and LSVs, focusing on electric models and aiming to reduce their trailer delivery carbon footprint via carbon offset programs. Matt Allen, owner of IOP Cart Rentals and Repairs on Isle of Palms, is another golf cart lover in the area. He has lived on Isle of Palms for almost 23 years, and most of the work he does with his cart rental and repair business is done on IOP as well as Sullivan’s Island. He reports, “There are enough golf carts out here to keep me working on just these two barrier islands.” However, he does get repair calls for Daniel Island, Mount

Pleasant, and the West Ashely area of Charleston. Allen loves traveling via golf cart, saying it’s a “more enjoyable way to travel.” He and his family use their Club Car Precedent to go just about everywhere: the grocery store, to check the surf, to cruise around the golf course, or to bring their kids to the marina to get some candy. They bring their cart out for evening cruises at least five times per week, just to get out of the house in the cool evening hours in the summertime. Anne Lee Taylor is a golf cart enthusiast residing in the Charleston city limits, and while just about everyone calls her by her first name, there are some in the community who refer to her as the “golf cart lady.” Taylor and her family moved to the Charleston area in 2009 and purchased a golf cart about eight years ago. Their love for golf carts has exponentially grown ever since. In October of 2016, she and her husband joked about starting a golf cart club, and Taylor created a Facebook page to see how many members she could gather. This was how Cainhoy Golf Cart Club was created, which now manages parades and other golf cart events. Taylor and her husband use their golf cart to get some time away from their teenagers and spend some quality time together. They enjoy visiting their neighbors and cruising around the neighborhood, listening to music. Golf cart parades are plentiful in the area’s neighborhoods. During his years growing up on Sullivan’s Island, Conway and his family often dressed up and decorated golf carts for the Fourth of July Parade. More recently, he has participated in the Mount Pleasant Christmas parade, although he feels that the smaller neighborhood parades “spark the most creativity and fun with adults, children, and pets enjoying the outdoor casual, slower pace a golf cart lifestyle offers.”

On the Isle of Palms, a Memorial Day “riding lawn mower and golf cart race” on 21st Avenue used to take place, but liability became an issue, so it is unfortunately no longer in existence. Allen states that the Fourth of July parade on IOP is by far the largest; he couldn’t provide a good estimate of how many carts are typically involved—there are that many! But he did state that the line starts around 2nd Avenue/Charleston Blvd. and stretches all the way to Carolina and 7th Avenue. During the parade, golf cart drivers and riders throw candy to the kids attending, and the kids chuck water balloons at the golf carts, creating a hilarious spectacle. As was mentioned earlier, Taylor manages several golf cart parades. She befriended a local police officer, Deputy Cephus Rogers Jr., and he agreed to lead the first parade that Taylor organized. She and her community just had their 5th Annual Cainhoy Golf Cart Club Christmas Parade, and their 5th Annual Fourth of July Parade will take place in just a few months, followed by the 5th Annual Halloween Parade in October. Taylor says her favorite parade is the Fourth of July Parade, which is a “wet” parade; spectators bring water guns, hoses, and sprinklers to douse Deputy Rogers as well as the parade participants. So, if you plan on participating, be sure to wear a swimsuit! As you can see, Charleston is a golf cart community that’s alive and well—and the three residents we talked to can attest to that! If you’re looking for a vacation to the beach and want to enjoy all that a golf cart enthusiast’s community can offer, the Charleston area has all that and more. So, get out your calendar and plan some time to bring the family to South Carolina. You’re sure to meet other golf cart lovers who are just as enamored with their carts as you are!



37.6K members This page is to encourage golf cart owners to make modifications to their carts and make the carts their own. There are a lot of good builders and strong users on here. Post up pics of your work and show it off. Also ask any tech questions you made need. Feel free to give advice or your suggestions to help each other complete our builds.

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The Golf Carting Magazine Sponsored “Orange Krush K5” The past few weeks have been a bit slow as the work we needed done was specialized aluminum welding and our guy was on vacation. But we managed to create the custom brackets to hold the front of the body on and some extra supports for the rear as well. We have started the wiring for the electronics and super craxy audio system from MTX and the all new Houndstooth LazyLife custom seats are in production.

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ASK THE MECHANIC Q: How Often Should I Have My Golf Cart Serviced? A: Depending on the use of the golf cart it’s recommended to have your golf cart or LSV serviced by an experienced service center or mechanic at least once a year. They will check all the electrical connections, fluids (if gas), service the brakes, grease any bearings or hubs needed and generally check the cart out for any issues or safety concerns. Q: What Should I Pay for Service, Maintenance or Repairs? A: This depends on your location and type of golf cart. Gas golf carts could be more expensive, but most authorized golf cart dealerships and service centers could charge anywhere between $65 and $95 per hour for service and repair for electric carts and generally have a yearly maintenance package 48

for anywhere between $50 to $150. Q: What Are Some of The Most Popular Upgrades? A: The most popular upgrades we see here in the south are lift kits and wheels and tires. This is a quick way to drastically change the look of your golf cart. Generally, lift kits would cost around $500-600 installed and a new set of larger wheels and tires could range from $500-800 depending on the style, size and finish. Another top request upgrade is a sound system. Generally, these are a Bluetooth mounted sound bar which easily connects to your cell phone and provides some amazing sound, these run for anywhere from $400-$800 installed depending on size and features.


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