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A New Look for and Welcome Katrina Robinson


s I write this February 2021 issue’s editorial, I’m sitting in a hospital room waiting for my third daughter to be born. I have all the usual feelings of excitement and trepidation and just being in a hospital with the threat of Covid feels a little menacing. Ultimately however, it is a happy and exciting time and a heck of a good beginning to the new year. In addition to personal changes there are other changes taking place both here at the magazine and with one of our loyal sponsors. First, I’d like to mention, who is a sponsor of this publication and report that there are some big changes happening with this rapidly-growing eCommerce store. is one of the premier online golf cart parts store and they have recently completely revamped their store. provides thousands of cart parts to both businesses and consumers nationwide and pride themselves on having exceptional pricing and top-notch customer service. Their brandnew, site-wide redesign was done with the intent to improve their advanced search functionality, streamline their customer support with improved chat function and more. Additionally, has created a much more aesthetically pleasing site with easier category navigation making it quicker to find the right part. If you are a business, dealership or cart owner and in the market for anything golf-cart related, visit our friends at On another note, we’d like to announce a happy addition to Golf Carting Magazine. We’d like to formally welcome Katrina Robinson as a new staff writer for our magazine. Katrina is a veteran writer who has written for many publications and blogs. She will be a regular contributor who will mainly focus on the lifestyle of golf carting and the people who drive, build and are passionate about them. We hope that all of our faithful readers have had a happy and healthy start to the New Year. Enjoy.

Trevor Rose Senior Editor 8 GOLFCARTING.COM

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latestindustrynews CARTPROS.COM RELAUNCHES WITH ALL NEW GOLF CART PARTS, WEBSITE AND PRICING Over the past few months, has finished a sitewide redesign with advanced search functionality, product bundling and streamlined category layouts. Built on blazing fast AWS servers and leading technology. was established in 2017 and quickly grew into one of the largest and most trusted online golf-cart-part stores on the internet. It was built by industry professionals with a combined over twenty-five years of golf cart experience. The founder formally worked for EZGO for over eight years and owned and operated numerous golf cart dealerships. is powered by the exclusive CartFit System that allows shoppers to see all the parts for a particular cart with advanced search functionality and cutting-edge technology. has undergone many recent upgrades designed to enhance user experience with ease of ordering and streamlined customer support. Real-time, online, chatbased customer support from their in-house trained golf cart mechanics and service technicians is now available. has thousands of products from all the top brands such as Nivel, Columbia, Red Hawk, Double Take,


Navitas with more top brands, accessories and parts added monthly. offers net terms for B2B accounts with discounted wholesale volume pricing, as well as expedited shipping options. They also offer detailed cart manufacturers parts books and repair manuals. One of the many new features at is the price-matching software that ensures competitive pricing options. Additionally, advanced and streamlined payment providers like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal and even financing options from Bread for larger ticket items (buy now pay later) are also now available. Cart Pros is one of the exclusive online providers of the leading golf cart warranty program backed by the industry leader EWG (Electric Warranty Group). They also feature the custom 3D Golf Cart Builder that showcases parts and accessories in real-time, powered by 3D Golf Cart Builder. is trusted by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies as well as academic institutions in the United States. For more information, visit their website at

latestindustrynews NIVEL LAUNCHES THE MADJAX STORM BODY KIT FOR THE E-Z-GO TXT Nivel Specialty Vehicles, the leader in aftermarket golf car parts and accessories, announced the launch of the MadJax Storm, an all-new body kit for the popular E-Z-GO® TXT® golf car. The Nivel Specialty Vehicles product team created the MadJax Storm with the needs of the dealers in mind. "From a dealer-facing standpoint, we wanted to make something that is easy," said Matt Fields, Nivel SV's Group Product Manager. In addition to the MadJax Storm's unique, automotive body style, its modular construction allows for more efficient packaging, shipping, and is easier to service and repair. With the MadJax Storm, dealers can now remove and replace the individual sections which are damaged, rather than having to swap out an entire body. The MadJax Storm will offer a fresh color palette, with options such as Sea Storm blue and Cement Gray. The kit will also include a front cowl, grille, rear body trunk cover and a full Storm Light Kit which will be the first light kit in the golf car industry to offer reverse lights. The MadJax Storm is part of a two-year transformation at Nivel Specialty Vehicles to create an R&D and product


engineering capability, drive innovation and build top-tier house brands. Included in this effort was a new brand identity for MadJax, its premium brand, which launched at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show. "The MadJax Storm will be followed by many more upcoming product launches in 2021 that will showcase true innovation for the aftermarket golf car parts industry," according to Aric Singletary, VP of Engineering and Product Development. About Nivel Founded in 1968, Nivel is a global manufacturer, distributor, and seller of aftermarket parts and accessories for niche vehicles and heavy-duty equipment. It is a trusted business partner to thousands of dealers, distributors, and consumers in the US and international markets. Nivel owns the most valuable brands in the aftermarket niche vehicle parts and accessories categories: MadJax, Red Dot, GTW, Jake’s, Reliance and Seizmik.

latestindustrynews NIVEL ACQUIRES UTV ACCESSORIES LEADER HIGH LIFTER NIVEL ADDS LEADER IN THE UTV SUSPENSION SPACE TO ITS FAST-GROWING UTV DIVISION Nivel Parts & Manufacturing Co LLC (Nivel) today announced that it has acquired High Lifter Products, Inc., a renowned U.S.-based ATV/UTV performance accessory manufacturer and pioneer in the ATV/UTV off-road market. The purchase is Nivel’s fifth UTV acquisition along with Side By Side Stuff, Octane Ridge, Seizmik, and APE Offroad. “This is the perfect opportunity for High Lifter to leverage its technical, manufacturing and marketing ability like never before,” said Scott Smith, Founder and CEO of High Lifter. In addition to expanding Nivel UTV’s product line into lift kits, tires and wheels, axles and snorkels, High Lifter brings cutting-edge product technology and development capabilities along with a strong, premium brand. “High Lifter is one of the most recognized brands in the UTV accessories category and developed the first ATV lift kit 25 years ago. We are thrilled to welcome them to the Nivel family as one of the crown jewels in our portfolio,” stated Brent Moore, CEO of Nivel. In addition to its product engineering prowess, High Lifter is also known for hosting the Mud Nationals, the largest Utility ATV event in the world, boasting more than 14,000 attendees from the U.S., Canada and Europe.


About Nivel Founded in 1968, Nivel is a global manufacturer, distributor, and seller of aftermarket parts and accessories for niche vehicles and heavy-duty equipment. It is a trusted business partner to thousands of dealers, distributors, and consumers in the US and international markets. Nivel owns the most valuable brands in the aftermarket niche vehicle parts and accessories categories: MadJax, Red Dot, GTW, Jake’s, Reliance and Seizmik. About High Lifter High Lifter Products, Inc. has been developing and marketing unique, after-market accessories for utility, 4-wheel drive ATVs, UTVs, and RUVs since 1996. In this short time, the company has grown from a one-man, backyard hobby into a 95 employee, multi-million-dollar corporation. Business operations are carried out at our 52,000 square foot location in Shreveport, Louisiana. This building includes a retail showroom, a manufacturing and fabrication facility, a performance shop, executive offices, and is surrounded by 3 large warehouses. We also operate through our main website, which is visited by millions of unique visitors each year, and includes a full product listing, a forum and more information on our annual Mud National Events.

latestindustrynews PRO CHARGING SYSTEMS ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF THE NEW EAGLE PERFORMANCE SERIES AUTO DETECT From golf carts to bass boats, scissor lifts to floor scrubbers and everything in between, PRO Charging Systems manufactures chargers that help extend battery range and endurance, all while reducing the consumer’s overall cost of ownership, thanks to our proprietary charging algorithm. One of the keys to developing industry leading battery performance is bringing batteries up to the proper specific gravity levels as recommended by battery manufacturers. PRO Charging Systems manufactures the only chargers that will consistently recharge batteries to a 100% level. By bringing a battery’s electrolyte to the proper specific gravity level, we significantly reduce sulfation; the primary cause of premature battery failure. The result is substantially longer discharge times for the consumer, enhancing their overall experience and saving them money with prolonged battery life. PRO Charging Systems launched their newest addition to the golf industry in spring 2020, and experienced record growth throughout the year, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic. The new Eagle Performance Series Auto Detect (model i36154815) utilizes this same charging algorithm at a price point that fits everyone’s budget. The conveniently designed Auto Detect can be used on virtually any 36V and 48V LSV, without the need to preset any charging parameters. The charger automatically detects the DC Voltage and charges accordingly. Thanks to its interchangeable 7’ charge cables, the same charger can be used for practically any cart brand in a ‘Plug-n-Play’ fashion. What if the cart is unplugged for a long time? Most have encountered a low voltage problem at some point. Many of the market chargers require 35V-40V for a 48V charger to begin charging. PRO Charging Systems’ Auto Detect only requires roughly 10V to begin charging. If the cart has been accidentally unplugged for an extended time, this feature helps the consumer avoid the frustration of making a low voltage-related service call to their dealer, thus freeing up time for the dealer to focus on other areas of their business. Does the Auto Detect maintain the batteries? Yes! All Eagle Performance Series models adapt to the need of the 18 GOLFCARTING.COM

battery pack and charges them to optimum levels consistent with battery manufacturers’ recommendations. The Float/ Maintenance mode ensures batteries stay fully charged at all times, without ever overcharging, thus increasing the useful life of the batteries by preventing significant sulfation buildup. Can PRO Charging Systems charge lithium batteries? Yes! Our Premier model i4818LITH (i4818OBLITH for Onboard applications) is designed specifically for Lithium batteries. The i4818LITH charges at an 18 amp output and is specific to 48V carts. The i4818LITH can be quickly and easily recalibrated to charge a standard 48V SLA or AGM battery pack, if the consumer chooses. The i4818LITH uses the same interchangeable charge cables as the Auto Detect. The i4818LITH is compatible with our DeltaView Link app which provides historical charging data and Real-time information such as State of Charge and pack voltage. PRO Charging Systems proudly manufactures their Eagle Performance Series battery chargers in Nashville, TN. For more information on Pro Charging Systems, visit their website at:



f you have been following us on Facebook or on our website, you just might know that you can submit your cart to possibly be featured in the magazine. For those of you that have high quality photos and detailed information, you can go to our website at www.golfcarting. com and go to the "Articles" tab to find where you can submit your cart. This issue’s "Custom Golf Cart" feature comes from Adrian Henson, located in Arapahoe, NC. He is a photographer by trade but likes to dabble with golf carts on the side. His Facebook page is https://www. His custom golf cart is a 1998 Club Car DS loaded with lots of extras. Below is his written submission detailing his build. This cart that we named the "Goblin" was from the NC Coast and was pretty roached out when I got it. The salt air is not kind to steel and aluminum together. I did a full teardown, replacing all bushings and bolts (mostly with stainless). I also had to rebuild the parking brake and accelerator assemblies as they were worn to the point the parking brake would not engage. I replaced all electrical with a new wiring harness, solenoid, Navitas 5KW motor, and Navitas 600-amp controller. There are Dreamcolor LED lights with a SP107E Bluetooth LED Music Controller. The speaker is a Pyle PLATV65BT ATV 6" tube speaker. For the dash, I installed a Latnex GPS speedometer in a GlowShift Pod on the dash. I added the on-the-fly controller to the front of the dash along with a battery meter, USB outlets and dimmer for the headlights. The dimmer is needed for the headlights due to them being too bright at full power for oncoming traffic. The USB outlet has a meter built in to measure the voltage of the 48-to-12v converter. I went with the Gussi Italia "Lugana" steering wheel and was quite impressed with



it. It does not require an adapter, making it a great deal overall. I knew I did not want the cookie-cutter head and taillights, so I went full custom all the way around. The headlights are 7" LED work lights from eBay mounted to the bull bar that came on the cart and are tinted with chameleon neon green headlight tint. All of the turn signals, brake, and reverse lights are custom installed individual LEDs. I also opted for the side mirrors with LED turn signals in them as well. I noticed when installing the forward-reverse switch that there were extra terminals that were not being used, so I tapped into the reverse side of the switch to control the backup lights. The backup lights are quite handy, and it surprises me that they are not on more carts. I was happy to discover that I could buy a street legal kit without the lights to provide the wiring, horn, and controls. I did a matte black vinyl wrap for the body and matte green for the racing stripe. The seat covers came from Up To


Par Covers. The sport windshield and rear ornamental roll bar came from Allsports. I went with a 6" spindle lift for the aesthetics. It just gives a different look to the cart, and that look is what inspired the name. The wheels are 14" Blackhawk with carbon fiber inserts. The tires are 205-30-14 EFX Fusion low profiles. The offset is created by StreetRays 2.5�wheel spacers, adding 5" to the total width of the cart. Due to the extra width, I added standard flares but did have to notch them out for the bull bar to pass through. I thought the combination was a unique but fitting look for the cart. The Cart is powered by US battery US8VGC. I used #2 FlexA-Prene green welding cables for the connections. 12v power is provided by a Pro Chaser 25A converter. I like these because they have a sensor lead that connects to the key switch on the cart which turns off the converter when the cart is off, eliminating the need for added switches or relays. The charger


is the Modz Max 48v. This cart does not have an OBC so the Modz max was an easy choice. The throttle box is different from what most people seem to use. I went with an EFP-005 0-5K (also called an FP-6) as it seemed to be more weather and dust sealed than the PB-6 or PB-8. I used the factory linkage and calculated where on the foot pedal I would need to drill for the ball stud. It has been a great setup so far. Most of this cart is off-the-shelf parts. The only thing I had to custom make was the bar that connects the seat posts for the speaker to mount to and the throttle box where I cut the pedal off and drilled for the linkage. Some background about me. I am a professional photographer

in real life. I started rebuilding and repairing carts about 2 years ago. I became more serious this year when everythingphotography shut down during the pandemic. I have always been mechanically savvy and have a mechanical drafting and design degree. I love golf carts because they are complicated enough to be challenging, yet simple enough to complete in a reasonable amount of time. As a creative person, it is fun to see the effect you create with available parts. What are your future plans for you or your company? I plan to stay pretty small and build unique carts that make people smile. One cart a month would be fine by me. Some of my best memories are riding on my golf cart with friends and family. I want to provide that for others.


• Navitas AC drive conversion Kit • Allsports sport windshield • Allsports ornamental roll bar • Up To Par seat covers • Flex-A-Prene welding wire for battery cables • Pro-Chaser 48v to 12v converter • Gussi Italia "Lugana" black 14" steering wheel • StreetRays 2.5" thick 4x4" wheel spacers • Pyle PLATV65BT 800-watt marine Bluetooth amplifed waterproof 6.5" speakers • MODZ Max48 15 AMP battery charger • EFX Fusion 205-30-14 Tires • 14" Blackhawk wheels with carbon fiber inserts • SP107E Bluetooth LED music controller • GlowShift universal black single gauge swivel dashboard pod • LATNEX waterproof digital GPS speedometer


SAVE $500 ON ANY CLUB CAR ONWARD FREE DELIVERY Call us for more information Financing Available • Free Estimates • Pick up/Delivery •Full Service Shop • Scheduled Maintenance • Trades Welcome • New & Used Parts, Carts and Accessories

1720 W Elliot Road • Gilbert AZ, 85233 • 480-272-8418



The controller on your golf cart plays a very crucial role in its working. It controls the acceleration, torque and speed of your golf cart. So, without a working controller, your golf cart will drive unpredictably, and it will not maintain a constant speed. Despite it being so vital to the golf cart, not many people know much about how this device really works. 28 GOLFCARTING.COM

How Does A Golf Cart Controller Work and Its Importance? The working principle of the golf cart controller is simple to understand. It alters the power to the cart’s motor, thus allowing the user to control the speed and torque of their vehicle. The larger the controller, the more current it provides, allowing the cart to generate more power.

While this does make the cart go faster, the controller serves more than just this purpose. Regulating the speed prevents excess current and voltage from going to the motor, which otherwise can result in violent takeoff and whiplash. In addition, over-speeding can add extreme stress to the components of the cart. Golf cart controllers present you with several options, and each one can generate different output levels according to input voltages. The choice of the controller suitable to you depends entirely on the intended usage of the cart. For example, if you are going to use the cart to carry heavier loads or more passengers over rocky terrains, you will need a powerful motor. On the other hand, if you are only going to transport a couple of people or light loads over smooth ground, you will not need a potent powertrain. Regardless of your choice, here are the best golf cart controllers that we have tested and loved! TOP THREE GOLF CART CONTROLLERS 2021

Navitas TSX 3.0 600A 36-48V Controller (w/Bluetooth): Navitas Vehicle Systems was founded in 2011 and has become one of the go-to brands for high-end golf cart and LSV customizers, offering a wide range of products from controllers to motors to AC / DC conversion kits. The Navitas TSX 3.0 is a clever and durable tool that has a built-in wireless controller. Under optimal conditions, it can go from 0-20 mph in 1.9 seconds making it a powerful upgrade for your golf cart. Although the company does provide a 400/440 Amp variant to this controller, we recommend going for the 600 Amp Navitas Golf Cart Motor Controller because it gives a better experience. You can use the built-in Bluetooth for programming through the app rather than doing it on the laptop to adjust power and torque settings on the fly. In addition, you can lock these setting to prevent younger or less experienced drivers from changing them. Navitas TSX3.0 also has an app that you can use to access a list of the most popular motor maps on the go. Besides golf carts, this controller has many other uses. It is popular with people owning Utility Vehicles (UTV) as well as Automated Guided Vehicles. Interesting aspects of this controller that make it popular are its compact size and low weight. Other salient features include Molex waterproof connector, thermal protection, fully sealed IP5X A/B speed sensor inputs, Plug and Play Installation that works for most popular Golf Carts, low speed vehicles (LSV’s), and has Rollback Protection.

It is capable of generating 600 AMP of current, 50 AMP Peak Field Current, as well as 36 to 48 Volt of electricity. It can go up to a speed of 35 mph for electric models with 48V, and 20 mph for models featuring 36V under optimal conditions. *Results can vary with use of different accessories, motors, tires and more. FEATURES: • Live Bluetooth® Connectivity • Compatible with iOS & Android devices • Bluetooth Lockout • End-User Apps • Regenerative braking (forward and reverse) • Integrated motor protection • Contactor-less motor reversing • Separate current limits for armature and field • Safe sequencing • Hall or pot and inductive throttle • Speed sensor input • Multi-Application compatibility • Auto-adjust between 36 and 48 Volts (custom option of 42 volts is also available) • Integrated on-board diagnostics • Built-in thermal protection • Waterproof connectors MSRP: $695.00

Alltrax XCT-48500-IQ DCS 500A 48V Motor Controller: Alltrax has been one of the top go-to companies for controllers and electric vehicle systems for quite a while now and is known to have exceptional research, development and engineering. Increase your golf cart's speed and torque with the Alltrax XCT48500 DCS 500A Controller. It comes with a cooling fan and potting that keeps the water out, thus reducing the risk of shorting it. You will also enjoy custom programming for your specific gold cart and choose between 36V and 48V models. Alltrax XCT48500 500A has thermal plastic ABS and GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 29

golfcartguide PC510 enclosures, along with copper heat sinks. The device is compatible with various carts, and you will find standard connectors for Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha models. Moreover, you can adjust the Undervoltage cutback as well as the overvoltage shutdown according to your requirements. It has a powered-up standby current of 20mA and operates at 18k Hz. Furthermore, the controller offers flexible USB Programming as well as comes with free software. In addition to this, you also get auto-throttle calibration that allows for smoother operation, plus up to +30 % torque enhancement. This golf cart controller can help you achieve a speed of 25 mph under optimal conditions. The standard warranty for this device is two years. It covers harm endured while delivering the product, including any malfunction of the electric components. FEATURES: • DC motor controller (separately excited motors) • ITS Volt Throttle • USB 2.0 compatible • No Adapters needed - Direct EZGO DCS Connection • Hi-Reliability Optional Fan panel (Included on 500-amp model) • Auto Throttle Calibration • Flame-resistant thermal plastic enclosure (ABS + PC510) • All copper heat sinks for superior thermal transfer • Operating Frequency: 18k Hz • Sealed epoxy UL-94-VO / 5VA flame rating (top-rated) • Adjustable Undervoltage cutback 16-30 VDC • Adjustable overvoltage shutdown 30-60 VDC • Voltage drop @ 100amps: <.18V • Control voltage KSI key switch and reverse: 36-48V Nom, 62 VDC Max • Powered Up Standby Current <.02A (20mA) • Relay solenoid drive output current: 5amp peak, 1.0A Continuous MSRP: $540.00

Curtis 1205M-5603 500A 36V/48V DC Motor Speed Controller: 30 GOLFCARTING.COM

Curtis has been around for many years and is the standard controller brand in many new OEM vehicles. They offer a wide array of options for dozens of manufactures. The CURTIS 1205M is a programmable series motor that can provide you with no-trouble, noise-free motor speed control. You get complete control of your cart's speed and torque at an extremely affordable rate. Since it is programmable, thanks to the 1313-4401 Handheld Programmer, you can tailor it to your specific needs. Other than configuration flexibility, the programmer also lets you test capability and diagnostics. The CURTIS golf cart controller comes with two nominal voltage settings - 48V and 36V, with the former coming as default. It also offers plug braking, 500V electrical isolation to the heatsink, 70mA or 130mA KSI input current, and a below 2mA status LED output current, as well as 2mA logic input current. FEATURES: • High frequency switching and ultra-low voltage drop for improved performance without noise. • Plug braking diode internal to controller. • Easy mounting and wiring. Push-on connectors for control signals, and plated solid copper buses for power connections. • Voltage throttle and two-wire potentiometer compatibility. • Throttle fault protection circuitry that disables the controller if throttle wires break or open. • A high-pedal-disable feature that stops the controller operation if someone turns on the key while the throttle is being applied. • Thermal protection and compensation circuit that provides constant current limit over operating range and during under/ over temperature cutback. It prevents any sudden loss of power under any thermal conditions. • Undervoltage cutback function protects against low battery voltage. It includes low voltage caused by external loads. • Easily programmable through the Curtis Model 1313-4401 Handheld Programmer or 1314 PC programming stations. • Rugged anodized aluminum extruded housing that meets the IP65 environmental sealing standards for use in harsh environments. MSRP: $280.00 CONCLUSION: Your golf cart speed controller is an essential component for its smooth running and safety. Not only does it give you more acceleration and torque, but it can help maintain a constant speed and regulate the current to the motor to avoid whiplash from violent takeoffs. Different controllers offer you varying levels of output and performance. However, regardless of your requirements and the cart model you drive, we have handpicked the three best golf cart controllers for you: Navitas TSX3.0, the Alltrax XCT-48500-IQ, and the Curtis 1205M-5603. Pick the one that best suits your needs! Disclaimer: Speed and torque results may vary depending on battery voltage, battery age, tire size, motor, the weight of your vehicle and other unknown factors.



The Golf Carting Magazine Sponsored “Orange Krush K5” The Golf Carting Magazine Sponsored “Orange Krush K5” build in the 4th week of it’s process and things are going great. It’s been a busy few week at Charleston Custom Carts (who is donating their time to fabricate and build this monster of a cart). We couldn’t have even started this project without our amazing sponsors who donated a bunch of topquality parts. In the past few weeks, we have wired up all the Relion batteries with the Navitas controller and motor from the Club Car 600a 5KW DC to AC conversion kit and actually got the test drive the cart. Not only is it fast, has a ton of torque it takes off like a rocket. Still some tunning to do but it’s looking great so far. Then we moved onto the body kit which came from Tony from “Villages Golf Cart Man” and will start off as their 80’d Bronco body then be modified to have the look of the 70’s K5 Blazer were looking for. Right now, we test fit the body and everything seems to be lining up correctly, we will have to make some custom mounting brackets out of aluminum for the front to be mounted correctly to the frame.

More to come in the next issue so stay tuned.



The Villages: A Place to Ride, to Play, and to Live BY KATRINA ROBINSON

The Villages, located in central Florida, is a retirement community comprised of several quaint neighborhoods, each with its own unique features. The Villages has residents from all walks of life and from across the nation, but above all else, the community is heavily populated with golf cart enthusiasts who use their carts to travel from place to beautiful place and attraction to recreational attraction. The community consists of seven distinct neighborhoods. Camdyn is a group of cabana villas located in The Village of Hawkins, full of scenic views of nature and water that are sure to put any busy mind at ease. Also located in Hawkins is The Cottage Villa Series, which combines the appeal of private courtyards with the low-maintenance living of the Cottage 34 GOLFCARTING.COM

Home Series. Hawkins Verandas South provides residents with a modern, stylish home that is both trendy and functional. The Carley Patio Villas are a low-maintenance option that is affordable and close to the pedestrian pathways that The Villages is famous for. The Elise Villas neighborhood is a short ride away from the Sawgrass Grove area, which will be home to Clifton Cove Putting Course, Ezell Regional Recreation Complex, Sawgrass Market, and O’Grady’s Restaurant & Pub. Take a golf cart ride west to The Village of Bradford, and you’ll enter the Opal Bungalow Villas neighborhood, which provide retirees with the perfect combination of spacious living and privacy. The easy access to pathways and trails keeps residents on their toes and provides golf cart lovers with a

convenient way to enjoy riding around the neighborhood, enjoying the sights. Hop on your cart and travel farther west, and you’ll run into St. Catherine’s designer homesites. This up-and-coming neighborhood provides future residents with a home close to all the dining, shopping, and entertainment they could want in central Florida. The homesites are gorgeous, and the home plans do not leave future residents wanting—not the least bit! Each neighborhood is connected to the next, allowing residents from one area to mingle with those from another. And the quickest way for a resident to reach his or her neighboring buddies? A quick ride on a golf cart, of course! But what is there to do in The Villages? Plenty. There are thousands of social clubs led by the retirees themselves, so residents can rest assured that they will be able to find a group of like-minded individuals regardless of their passions. Whether a person is an artist, musician, athlete, hobbyist, intellectual, philanthropist, or collector, he or she will be sure

to find a social club that offers the opportunity to spend time with those who share their interests. The social clubs offer events and classes along with group or individual activities; it’s not difficult to fill up the calendar with this much opportunity for socializing. The Aviary Village Recreation Center, located in the largest village, Hawkins, recently opened and provides residents with a billiards room; several gathering rooms; and outdoor pickleball, bocce, tennis, and shuffleboard courts. The cherry on top? The pool, which provides retirees with the perfect excuse to slap on some sunscreen and soak up the sun. And this is just one of the recreation centers in The Villages! There are also the Trillium Recreation Center, located at The Lofts at Brownwood, and the Water Lily Recreation Center in The Village of DeLuna. So why are golf carts so prevalent in The Villages? Each neighborhood and recreational center we’ve mentioned is connected to the next by a series of roads, paths, and bridges. The Villages’ vice president of design, Tracy Morse, said, “Residents tell us all the time how much they enjoy the golf cart lifestyle. Our vision for full connectivity is all about making sure folks can travel by golf cart anywhere they want in the community.” An added plus? The community is constantly growing, as new bridges are constantly being constructed. The Water Lily Bridge will travel over the Florida Turnpike; it’s the third of four major bridges that are to be built in The Villages’ southern region. Once it’s completed, this bridge will connect retirees to the community on the western side of the Turnpike. It will land near the Water Lily Recreation Center— hence, the bridge’s name. The Southern Oaks Bridge is the second Turnpike bridge in development stages; it will connect residents to future centers and amenities located south of Warm Springs Avenue and east of Marsh Bend Trail. The Chitty Chatty Bridge and the Brownwood Bridge have already been constructed; both bring residents via golf cart over State Road 44. Other notable pathways and roads include the Meggison Multi-Modal Pathway and the tunnel under Warm Springs. About the bridges, land planner Mike Pape remarked, “These structures will not only add to the ease of movement throughout The Villages community, but they will continue to be a fun, celebratory sense of arrival and departure for years to come.” When all the bridges are completed this year, residents will have the ability to drive their golf carts from the northern most part of The Villages south and across the Florida Turnpike, ending up in the newest areas of the community, which are going to be filled with dining, recreation, shopping, and socialization. All in all, The Villages brings a sense of community and connection to central Florida via seven different neighborhoods and a web of paths, roads, and bridges, all of which are traversed by residents on their trusty golf carts. It’s a place where true golf cart enthusiasts can be found, enjoying their lives and having fun with one another, whether it be by lounging by the pool, playing a competitive game of shuffleboard, or attending one of the many events hosted by The Villages. Retirees who end up living in this community are certainly lucky and lead a charmed life! GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 35









GUIDE TO GOLF CART LED LIGHTS From headlamps to more decorative lighting options, lights are a must-have accessory for your golf carts. Light kits for golf carts fit into one of two categories, namely, non-street legal kits and street-legal kits. How you decide to use your cart for transportation will determine which of the two varieties will be best suited to you and your needs. STREET LEGAL AND NON-STREET LEGAL LIGHTING KITS Non-street legal lighting kits for golf carts are generally great for driving around a campsite or around your property, around your community -particularly if your community is a golf cart community. 38 GOLFCARTING.COM

On the other hand, street-legal options are great for moving around in your cart outside the parameters of campsites and personal property. Much like other onroad vehicles, these light kits make your cart or other electric vehicles road-worthy and fit to be driven on the road and around your neighborhood. Due to available kits falling into one of the two aforementioned categories, it is important that as you select lights for your cart, you bear in mind how you use your cart on a daily basis. If you need to (or usually do) use your cart for public road travel, then you are likely to need a street-legal kit. Of course, the opposite is true if you only use your cart within the confines of your own property or a private golf cart friendly neighborhood.

LED VS HALOGEN BULBS Once you are clear on the categorization of LED bulbs for carts as street-legal or non-street legal, you can move on to some of the more intricate features that light kits have to offer. Such features include the kinds of bulbs a given kit will present with. As intimated from the title, you have two options when it comes to lighting types -LED or halogen. LED lights tend to burn brighter, be more energyefficient, and have a longer lifespan. Of course, the increased energy efficiency is a great feature for the batteries as this means it takes less energy to run these lights. Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, may prove to be less energy efficient. Consequently, they are likely to place a greater demand on the cart's battery, causing it to run out of juice faster and have a shorter lifespan. Importantly, halogen light bulbs do use older, established technology that is considered to be a trustworthy “oldie but goodie�. In addition to considering the pros and cons of each light bulb option, cart owners should consider using voltage reducers alongside your light kit. This is particularly recommended in those instances when 6-volt and 8-volt batteries are being used on your golf cart. In such instances, the voltage reducer will help reduce the power inputted into your lights, thereby reducing the possibility of the batteries burning out. There are many voltage reducers to choose from that can be used well with any chosen light kits.

choices. The most popular Club Car model that you may be using light kits for are the Club Car Precedent. In addition to considering the usage, it is important to know the model and production year of your club car so that you can find the right kit for your model. For older Club Car models like the DS model, streetlegal lights can run you as much as $400 while the nonstreet varieties can cost you up to $300. As expected, the non-streetlight kits are more affordable than the streetlegal option. The Club Car precedent models have a non-street legal light kit that can cost up to $300 and the streetlegal kit options can cost an average of up to $390. With the Club Car Precedent, the non-street legal kit also proves to be more affordable than its street-legal counterparts. Importantly, both the non-street and the street-legal options have halogen and LED bulb choices.



LIGHT OPTIONS FOR CLUB CARS If you own a Club Car, then the first thing you need to know is that you can acquire both a non-street and a street-legal light kit depending on your cart usage

LIGHT OPTIONS FOR E-Z-GO CARTS As is the case for Club Cars, it is important to know the model and production year of your E-Z-GO carts. Again, this is in addition to considering the usage of your car to determine if street-legal and non-street varieties may be more appropriate. Once that is decided then we can look more closely at the light kit options directly. The two E-Z-GO models catered for are E-Z-GO RXV and E-Z-GO TXT (1994 to 2016). For the E-Z-GO TXT, there is the E-Z-GO TXT (1996 to 2014) basic street-legal kit and non-street legal kits. The street-legal kits cost an average of $400 and the available non-street kits cost an average of $250. For the E-Z-GO RXV, there are the E-Z-GO RXV light bar bumper kits for non-street legal and street-legal use. The non-street legal option costs up to $380 on average and is only available as an LED cart light kit. The street-legal option is also only available as LED light kits and costs up to $500 on average. GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 39

golfcartguide and street-legal light kits are made for the Yamaha G14, G16, G19, and G22 models. Both the LED and Halogen options of the non-street legal light kit averages up to $300 in cost, and the Yamaha G14-G22 street-legal (LED and Halogen) light kit averages up to $400.


LIGHT OPTIONS YAMAHA CARTS After verifying the model and year of your Yamaha golf cart, and your preferred usage modalities, then you are ready to start comparing the available LED and Halogen kits. The main light kits options for Yamaha carts available are the Yamaha Drive/G29 (both non-street legal and street-legal options) and the Yamaha G14-G22 (street-legal and non-street) legal light kit. The Yamaha Drive (G29) street-legal light kit (LED and Halogen bulbs) averages about $300, while the non-street legal options average about $100. The Yamaha G14-G22 non-street

LED LIGHTS INSTALLATION TIPS In addition to the options highlighted above, there are many other LED lights and accessories to choose from for your carts. In addition to the standard headlights and backlights, there are also other options for the inside, outside, and underside of your cart. So, be sure to consider all your options in that regard. Of course, after purchasing your light kit, you will have to install it. Installation is usually relatively easy for most light options that are available, including the ones highlighted in this guide. Furthermore, most light kits come with clear instructions you can follow. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully or get the needed assistance from someone more experienced if that is what it takes to get your LED lights properly installed. Once installed and working as it should, you would have gotten yet another awesome feature for your cart out of the way. This is particularly true if you go the extra mile and move beyond the options of headlights and backlights. Do it right, and your golf cart may just be the envy of those living within your cart-friendly community.



This edition’s Dealer Profile is Golf Carts of Texas of Bacliff, TX. Serving the Greater Houston area as well as the Texas Gulf Coast, Golf Carts of Texas is a full-service golf cart dealership and an authorized Tomberlin and EV Titan dealership.

GCMAG: What is your company background? How and when did your company start? GCOT: We started in a home garage many years ago and quickly grew to one of the largest custom cart builders in the area.

DEALER INFORMATION: Dealer Name: Golf Carts of Texas Dealer Location: 3615 TX-146, Bacliff, TX 77518 Phone Number: (281) 559-3171 Owner: David Beacher Website: Facebook:

GCMAG: Where are you guys located? GCOT: We have two locations. 3615 Hwy 146, Bacliff, TX 77518 and 4131 Smith St, Ste B, Bacliff, TX 77518

GCMAG: Tell us about your dealership. GCOT: We are a franchised dealer of new Tomberlin and EV Titan carts. We are a true custom cart builder as well as provide full service and repairs. We service all brands of carts. GCMAG: That’s great. Who are the owner(s)? GCOT: David Beacher 42 GOLFCARTING.COM

GCMAG: How many employees do you have? GCOT: We have a total of eight employees. Three mechanics and two builders. We have three office and sales people. GCMAG: How do you promote and advertise your business? Online? Social Media? GCOT: We promote our business through our website,, and through Facebook and Instagram.

GCMAG: What is the most important business lesson(s) you've learned? GCOT: To treat our customers with respect and do everything possible to ensure smiles and 100% customer satisfaction. GCMAG: What are your future plans for your company? GCOT: We want to continue growing like we have been. For more information on Golf Carts of Texas visit their website or their Facebook page GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 43


MODZ SILVER CLUB CAR ACCESSORIES • MODZ Chrome Bombers Wheels • MODZ Street Fox Radial Tires • MODZ Skinz Seat Covers • MODZ Tower Top • MODZ Flip4 Rear Seat Kit • MODZ Heavy Duty Leaf Springs • Doubletake Phoenix Body • GTW A-Arm Lift Kit




ASK THE MECHANIC Q: My battery cable ends seems to be melting or get extremely hot. What’s going on? A: This could be caused by the cables not being tightened properly and causing an arch and extreme heat. Make sure the connections are cleaned and your cables are tightened down making a solid connection with the battery posts. This could also be caused by faulty or improper gauge cables. You want to make sure these cables are a minimum of 6 gauge (which most stock carts come with), but we recommend 4 gauge or even 2 gauge, especially if you are going to modify anything with the electrical system in the cart. Q: What is the difference between a golf cart and a LSV (low speed vehicle)? A: The simple answer is LSVs are registered vehicles with the DMV. In some states an LSV is considered an automobile and must follow most the same rules and regulation as a typical car. LSVs must have the proper safety accessories such as 48 GOLFCARTING.COM

headlights, turn signals, break lights, a horn, DOT approved windshields, seat belts and they must be able to reach a speed of 25mph. LSVs in some states can be driven on the roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less. Please check the laws with your state’s DMV for exact information on rules and regulations. Q: My cart will only move a few feet and then stop. What should I check first? A: We get this question a lot and the answer could be many different things, but the most common cause is a bad or improperly connected forward / reverse switch. This problem happens very often, and the forward reverse switch is probably the most replaced part on a golf cart. They get used a lot and often times go bad or the connecter on back comes loose. It’s a simple fix and a very inexpensive part for most golf carts, so we recommend checking this first, making sure the connections are solid or replacing it all together.


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