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Amazon Prime Trucks Make Poor Golf Carts


t’s that time of year again. Carols are filling the airways and public places. The television portrays Santa driving a Mercedes. My neighbors are in full Christmas-lights-competition mode. Black Friday has passed. The holidays are here. It’s Christmas go time. December also means that it’s the season of Amazon Prime trucks. I work out of my home office with a charming view of my street. Since the passing of Thanksgiving, I’ve noticed a dramatic increase of Amazon truck traffic on my lonely little cul-de-sac. I’ve counted as many as five trucks go down my street in one day. And that’s just the ones I’ve noticed. I’m not sure how Amazon Prime fulfillment works exactly. I’m no rocket surgeon but wouldn’t it make more sense to send one, or even two delivery trucks a day to serve the good folks on Bobcat Court? Five trucks in one day seems like a flawed system. Couldn’t they get bigger trucks to reduce trip frequency? Amazon is ruining neighborhood street football for young people everywhere. And another thing… with the five Amazon trucks lumbering down my street last Tuesday, how many of these were the same truck and driver? Or was it five different trucks and drivers? Can you imagine if the same driver had to come back to my neighborhood five times? Amazon makes my head hurt. But if I’m being honest, I can’t remember the last time I drove to a store to buy a Christmas present. I’m surprised people still do that. Having millions of trucks means you need to have millions of drivers. Yes, I’m exaggerating. But think about how many Amazon Prime truck driver’s exist in North America. Just like Uber drivers, you might get some duds. Last month at the Boulder Creek Golf Course in Michigan, an Amazon Prime truck got stuck in a golf cart tunnel. Let’s pause a few seconds to let that sink in. I’m not making this up. There’s photo evidence included in this editorial. This incident begs so many questions I’m not sure where to start. To me, the most basic of questions is, wouldn’t the truck driver have the spatial awareness to understand the relationship of the size of his truck compared to the size of the tunnel entrance? And with the absence of this faculty, what impact could this have on other animate and inanimate material in this truck’s path? When asked about the incident, the poor driver said that he followed his GPS into the tunnel. There have been many times when my GPS told me to turn left where no left turn existed. Disaster was avoided because I determined that no left turn existed and I trust my eyes more than GPS. But let’s show a little compassion here. Everyone makes mistakes. And I can’t help but feel sorry for the driver. Can you imagine what he will go through at the Amazon Prime truck driver Christmas party this year? Can you imagine all the “light at the end of the tunnel” jokes? Golf Carting Magazine wishes all of our readers and sponsors a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Year’s. We hope you enjoy this December issue of Golf Carting magazine!

Trevor Rose Senior Editor 8 GOLFCARTING.COM

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CHARLESTON CUSTOM GOL Taking the Low Country By Storm

IN THE BEGINNING It was in February 2018 when eight-year master mechanic Matthew Smith made the decision to start a custom golf cart shop in his garage. At the time, little did he know that in just two short years, he would have two thriving locations and that Charleston Custom Carts would be one of the largest custom cart brands on the Eastern seaboard. Charleston Custom Carts started as a hobby in a garage as golf cart dealers often do. Matt was a master mechanic for working for Honda and Chevy, but decided he wanted to go back to school for his engineering degree. In school, Matt was helping friends with golf carts, and building a few for himself. 16 GOLFCARTING.COM

One thing led to another and CCC was born. CCC is truly a family owned business. Matt focuses on the custom builds and service, while his wife Danielle handles general manager duties including, customer service, billing, scheduling, and account management. Matt’s brother is the head technician and oversees the service center. Personal attention and customer satisfaction is the main focus of the business and CCC prides itself on superb customer service. Matt’s motto is simple: “Make the customer happy at all costs.” EXPLOSIVE GROWTH The rapid growth of Charleston Custom Carts and the


transition from a garage-shop to respected dealer is almost unbelievable. In less than four-months after being in his garage, Matt knew that the Charleston area was desperate for a fully customizable golf cart provider and he also knew that he needed a real shop. In a centrally-located area of dramatic growth known as Daniel Island, Matt found a perfect location to open his first showroom and service center. Matt and his small team of three spent two-months building-out the new location and determined to raise the bar from the traditional golf cart shop, and focus on creating a comfortable and inviting retail location for its customers. Instead of the dark, grimy, and often chaotic golf cart shop Matt was used to visiting, he wanted to create more of a “motorsports� style showroom; clean, well-lighted, bright-colored and sophisticated. The Daniel Island, SC shop opened its doors in February, 2019 and was instantly a huge success. So much so that in a matter of a few short weeks Charleston Custom Carts filled the 5,000 square foot shop with new customer repairs and custom builds and immediately needed more space. Matt realized that they simply did not have enough space to build enough custom carts to meet the demand. Never mind that the new location was barely a month old. Matt knew he needed to expand.


Instead of the dark, grimy, and often chaotic golf cart shop, CCC is more of a “motorsports� style showroom; clean, well-lighted, bright-colored and sophisticated.

CHARLESTON CUSTOM CARTS #2 With almost providential timing, Matt learned that the owner of a long-time golf cart dealership located in neighboring Mount Pleasant, SC wanted to sell his business so he could retire. The location was perfect, the facility was perfect and Matt jumped at the chance to purchase Low Country Golf Carts in Mount Pleasant. Low Country Golf Carts had been in business a long time and had garnered a very large customer base, as well as a terrific reputation for providing excellent service and customer satisfaction. Matthew moved quickly and worked out a deal with the owner to purchase the business and all the existing inventory. Just seven short months after opening Charleston Custom Carts in Daniel Island, SC, Matt opened the doors to his second location in Mount Pleasant, SC. 18 GOLFCARTING.COM

Like the first location, the Mount Pleasant facility would experience extensive renovations in order to duplicate the highly popular, loungelike atmosphere of the first. The grand opening in January of 2020 attracted hundreds of friends, family and customers that all joined together to celebrate the new and highly-anticipated store. The new location is almost 15,000 total square feet of retail showroom and shop space. It now serves as the headquarters and flagship for Charleston Custom Carts and truly elevates the traditional golf cart shop in both aesthetics and customer experience. One walks in and immediately feels an automotive showroom appeal, elegant, comfortable and chic. Charleston Custom Carts currently has seven employees and builds exceptional custom carts for buyers all over the country.

CHANGING THE MARKET Matt knew that the Charleston golf cart market was lacking built-to-order custom carts and this quickly became Charleston Custom Cart’s specialty. The customer is empowered to design every aspect of their new golf cart with CCC’s in-house design center complete with a massive 70-inch touchscreen configurator. The customer selects everything with the 3D Builder and then works with Matt and Danielle to make their custom golf cart or LSV (low speed vehicle) a reality. INTEGRATING NEW TECHNOLOGY The popularity of Charleston Custom Cart’s design studios are a big part of their instant success. They offer samples of bodies, seats, wheels, and accessories. The customer can then see how these accessories will look on their future cart with the all new 3D Golf Cart Builder on huge touch screens in both of their locations. The 3D Builder ( allows the customer to not only customize every aspect of their new golf cart, but see the cart in real time, making changes to colors, seat textures, and accessories on the fly and get accurate pricing every step of the way. In addition to the instore design studios, the new 3D Builder compliments CCC’s state-of-the-


art website ( where customers can not only build and get a quote for their new golf cart, but they can also schedule service and get up-to-date information on new builds, features, and news. CONSTANTLY EVOLVING Now having plenty of space with the two locations, Charleston Custom Golf Carts has the ability to build dozens of golf carts each month to meet the big demand in the Charleston Area. Their two strategic locations have complete service centers and are located conveniently in Daniel Island, SC and Mount Pleasant, SC -two of Charleston’s high-growth areas. Charleston Custom Carts has a very good reputation and has hundreds of 5-star Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews. Matt Smith’s commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence has certainly paid off in a big way. For more information on Charleston Custom Golf Carts: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Phone: 843.800.8626 Addresses: 1161 Highway 41, Mount Pleasant SC 29466 & 2300 Clements Ferry Rd, Daniel Island SC 29492 Charleston Custom Carts back room shop is almost as clean as their front showroom.



Selecting the right battery for your electric cart is a big concern. Simply put, the performance of the cart is largely based on its battery. If your battery is inferior you can be left high and dry. It pays to do some research and choose a battery with care. There are many things to consider when buying batteries for your cart. Your needs will determine the type of battery you want to purchase. For example, pay attention to the warranty, advertised lifespan, charging capacity, standby time and maintenance. The big disrupter in the battery industry is lithium batteries. More and more we are seeing cart OEMs migrating from traditional lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries. In this article, we will compare the lead-acid battery with lithium batteries for electric carts. There are pros and cons with each battery type. And to 22 GOLFCARTING.COM


be perfectly honest, there is really no wrong answer to which battery type you should choose. It really depends on your specific needs and personal preferences. Let’s begin by going over some of the significant differences between lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LEAD-ACID AND LITHIUM BATTERIES We will use the following parameters in comparing the two battery types: • Price • Weight • Cycle life • Reusability • Efficiency • Charging speed • Maintenance

PRICE Price seems to always be what people look at first when making a purchase. Lead-acid batteries are significantly cheaper than lithium batteries and it really isn’t even close. You can expect to pay almost double for lithium. That being said, that is based on the initial purchase price. There are maintenance costs you should factor in. If you consider the average cost per year, lithium batteries cost less to maintain so the longer you have them the less cost difference there will be over lead-acid.

battery before taking a ride.

WEIGHT Lithium batteries are much lighter than lead-acid batteries. As noted above, lithium-ion batteries cost twice as much but are about half the weight. Less weight means the cart can achieve higher speeds and run more efficiently. Lithium allows for more weight to be added to the cart before reaching capacity.

CONCLUSION We covered the primary differences between lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries for your electric cart. You want to choose a battery that is right for you. Ultimately, you can get a quality set of lead-acid batteries for your cart and initially save a bundle doing so. Or you can go with lithiumion and take it on the chin on the initial purchase. Ultimately, you will probably save time and money and improve your cart speed, capacity and performance by going with lithium-ion.

LIFE CYCLE The battery life is specified in terms of charge, discharge, and recharge cycle. Lead-acid batteries have the capacity (the maximum amount of energy that can be extracted from the battery) of around 300 charge cycles with a depth of discharge of 50%. This means that by the time the battery reaches 300 charge cycles, the battery's capacity will reduce by as much as 50%. Lithium batteries have a much higher life cycle. A standard lithium battery has between 2,000 to 5,000 charge cycles with a depth of 80%. Compare that to 500 to 1,000 charges for a lead-acid battery. Again, the initial higher cost of lithium-ion doesn’t necessarily mean that you will save money buying lead-acid long term. REUSABILITY Reusability or recycling of a battery is when a battery or its materials are repurposed to be used again. Lead-acid batteries have the highest value of reusability. Almost 90% of the battery materials are recycled and reused. Recycling infrastructure for these batteries is well established. The majority of the lead-acid batteries used in automobiles, golf carts, and home backup systems use a recycled lead from old batteries. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries have very low reusability. The recycling infrastructure for lithium batteries is gradually growing however. EFFICIENCY Efficiency in this case refers to how quickly a battery can be charged and how well a battery can perform when not fully charged. When comparing lithium-ion to lead-acid in efficiency, lithium-ion comes out way ahead. It generally takes 8 hours to fully charge lead-acid batteries whereas it takes just 1 hour to charge 80% of lithium batteries and just 3 hours for a full charge. But wait, there’s more… When you partially charge a leadacid battery it can sustain sulfation damage. But there are no negative effects of partially charging a lithium-ion battery. This makes it more convenient to quickly charge a lithium-ion

MAINTENANCE We’ve covered maintenance briefly already. Lead-acid batteries need maintenance and lithium-ion don’t need maintenance. Lead-acid requires that you constantly keep the top of the battery dry and clean. You must water the battery with distilled water to about ½ inch above the plates. You must not overcharge the batteries and you must use the battery often. Lithium-ion batteries require none of those.




This issue’s Company Profile features Texas-based MODZ, a golf cart parts and accessories company. MODZ’s mission is to help consumers transform their golf carts from ordinary to extraordinary by offering accessories and replacement parts for Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha electric carts. They offer everything from custom Tower Tops to battery chargers We caught up with founder Aaron Gouldie to learn more about MODZ. Company Name: MODZ Company Website: Owner: Aaron Gouldie Company Headquarters: Austin, TX GCMAG: Aaron, it’s great to talk to you again. Tell our readers more about your company MODZ. 24 GOLFCARTING.COM

AARON: Thank you for the opportunity. MODZ offers an exciting lineup of accessories and replacement parts for Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha. Our ever-growing catalog of products includes wheels, tops, chargers, seats, and common hard parts. GCMAG: We’re seeing the aftermarket golf cart accessory market booming. It’s a great business to be in right now. Can you give us some background on your company? AARON: Sure. MODZ was started back in 2016, but I’ve wanted to start a golf cart parts company as long as I can remember. Having grown up in the golf cart industry, I have had the opportunity to pretty much test every golf cart part and accessory imaginable. I would like to think this gives me an edge when developing new products. We’re also a small to medium size business who partners with a lot of small businesses. We frequently rely on handshakes as opposed to contracts and we meet all our partners in person on a regular

basis. GCMAG: In the digital age where digital communication is the norm, it’s refreshing that you guys still engage in the personal approach. Where are you headquartered? AARON: We are located in beautiful Austin, Texas but we have partners located across the united states and the world. GCMAG: You mentioned that you are a small-to-medium sized company. Can you tell us about your employees? AARON: We employ around 30 people and many of us grew up together in the Austin area. Our team includes customer service, sales, technical support, warehouse, operations, IT, marketing, and administration. GCMAG: Interesting. 30 employees is pretty impressive. How do you promote and advertise your business, other than being a loyal sponsor of Golf Carting Magazine? AARON: We are primarily an online business and market accordingly, but we are expanding our network of brick and mortar dealers to bring our products to more showrooms and golf carts across the country. We are still fairly new to social media, but our Instagram following for RIDE MODZ is growing rapidly. We frequently share photos of amazing carts and I highly recommend checking it out.

GCMAG: We’ll certainly take a look at your Instagram page to see some of your creations. Can you tell our readers what is the most important business lesson you’ve learned? AARON: I would say creating a positive experience for our customers is our top priority and an area in which we take a lot of pride in. Whether you are speaking to someone on our customer service team or in our sales department, our knowledgeable team members are ready to help. Additionally, all MODZ parts and accessories are rigorously tested and vetted before ever becoming available, so our customers know they are getting a quality product. GCMAG: What are your future plans for MODZ? AARON: Our mission at MODZis to help people take their golf cart from ordinary to extraordinary. In pursuit of this effort we will continue to push the industry forward with new and pioneering products. We have some really cool stuff in store for 2021 and we can’t wait to share them with you. GCMAG: That’s great and we’ll be looking forward to seeing MODZ in 2021. We appreciate you sharing with our readers and we thank you for being a loyal sponsor to this magazine. For more information on MODZ visit their website at

SAVE $500 ON ANY CLUB CAR ONWARD FREE DELIVERY Call us for more information Financing Available • Free Estimates • Pick up/Delivery •Full Service Shop • Scheduled Maintenance • Trades Welcome • New & Used Parts, Carts and Accessories

Happy Holidays!

1720 W Elliot Road • Gilbert AZ, 85233 • 480-272-8418


This page is to encourage golf cart owners to make modifications to their carts and make the carts their own. There are a lot of good builders and strong users on here. Post up pics of your work and show it off. Also ask any tech questions you made need. Feel free to give advice or your suggestions to help each other complete our builds.

This group is for Club Car Carts ONLY. Buy and sell ONLY Club Car and Parts for ONLY Club Car. Do not list or speak of any other cart brands on this page. If you list a item for sale it must state in the listing "For Club Car"...Talk about and ask questions for Club Car ONLY. All post or comments that are not Club Car related will be deleted and member will be blocked from this page with no exceptions 28 GOLFCARTING.COM

This's a place where people can talk about problems,Solutions and selling golf carts and anything about golf carts.

This group was created for all those who like or would like to create a custom cart. Please don't bash others on this site everybody's ideas are not the same. If you are drawing a blank maybe you can get some ideas or insight to a problem your having.

Custom over-the-top golf cart pictures, news, videos, information and more brought to you by Golf Carting Magazine.

Ez go golf cart parts, buy sell or barter. Dedicated to the Club Car DS and Carryall, this group was formed to share photos and ideas, solve problems and support the model DS community. Buying, selling and trading is welcome, but do so at your own risk. Spam and members who post it will be removed. GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 29


Navitas 5KW AC Conversion on EZGO TXT Ryan Fenters is the founder of the popular YouTube Channel called Fentertainment. Ryan creates DIY videos of, in his own words… “dedicated to making, painting, building, modifying and fixing things…” His golf-cart-related DIY videos are very informative, and we thought it would be a good idea to transcribe them for you. In the latest video, Ryan Fenter replaces the motor and controller of an EZGO TXT to achieve a top speed of 35mph. Ryan Fenter: This is Ryan Fenter with Fentertainment. My friend has an EZGO TXT and he decided to do the AC conversion on it, and we are going to do that on this video today. He got his AC Kit from Plumb Quick Racing (PlumbQuick. com). We’ll first open up the first box and you’ll find the invoice, the instructions and some Plumb Quick decals. We went with the two-gauge kit and it comes with the SW180 Curtis Albright Solenoid and is 36 or 48 volts. The box also comes with solenoid mounts that are enclosed in the packing materials so be careful not to accidentally throw the mounts away. 30 GOLFCARTING.COM

The second box contains the motor. The first thing we’ll find is mounting hardware including the eyelet support hooks and three rubber boots for the AC motor. Next we see the motor itself. The last box for the kit contains the Navitas AC motor controller. It also contains the battery cable that connects the controller to the motor itself. You’ll find a wiring harness for the controller and the on-the-fly dash remote control. Finally, it comes with the EZGO TXT controller mounting plate. Let’s get started. First put on the parking brake and put the key in the “off” position. Remove the seat and put the tow run switch in the “tow” position. Next we will remove the positive/negative battery cable away from the battery pack and we’ll remove the controller cover. When the cover comes off, you’ll see wires and a male and female connector that connects to the tow run switch which you will need to remove and save for later. You’ll need to remove the controller now and disconnect the plugs at the bottom of the controller. And after doing so, you will see three large cables that will need to be removed

from the old controller. Before we can mount the new controller, we need to mount the TXT adapter plate. Make sure to have the beveled bolt holes face up. First, line up the center top hole to the plate and bolt it in and then you can easily match up the other bolt holes.

Now we need to replace the solenoid and begin by removing the solenoid cover. You’ll notice that you have a green cable connecting to the input and the output cable runs to the controller. You’ll also notice two contact connectors for the activation circuit and all four of these will be replaced with the new solenoid.

In the instructions, it will tell you to mount the controller with the connector outlets facing left or pointing to the outside of the cart. I like to reverse that and mount the controller with the connector outlets facing right, towards the center of the cart because there will be much less chance of water dripping into the connectors. Mount the switch bracket in the top right area of the controller plate.

Next take the switch and mount in the switch bracket with the mounting nut. Before we go any further with the controller, I’m going to remove all the stock battery cables and replace them with the two-gauge battery cables from Plumb Quick.

You’ll notice that there is a large power wire going from the new solenoid to the battery that is not yet hooked up. And the other wire goes from the solenoid to the positive side of the controller. We just need to connect the power wire to the positive side of the battery pack. We won’t do this until everything else is completed. Next we need to connect the b-negative wire from the controller to the battery pack. Now it’s time to replace the motor and we will need to jack up the rear end of the cart onto jack stands. Since we are replacing the motor and the motor cables, we do not need to disconnect the factory cables away from the factory motor. Just pull them out. Remove the three bolts that hold the motor in place and then we can slide the factory motor away from the transaxle.


doityourself down beneath it. We will circle up the excess wire and wire tie it and conceal behind the cupholder, so it makes a nice, clean look.

In order to prep the new motor, we need to install the main cable and the Plumb Quick two-gauge cables as well as the rubber end boots to protect the terminal posts. You simply run the cables through the ends of the boots and connect to the terminal posts with the supplied nuts and then slide the boots over the terminal posts and over the other side of the wires. Some people like to zip tie these boots into place so that they are secure. This makes sure the entire area is secure from things coming up and hitting the wires and terminal posts and causing damage.

Now that all three cables are installed, we need to manhandle the motor and slide it back onto the axle shaft and bolt it into place. Connect the color-coded cables from the motor to the controller. Plug the switch into the factory harness. Next we will attach the supplied cable into the controller and the other two ends (one is a temperature sensor and the other is a speed sensor) into the motor.

To install the on-the-fly remote control to the dash we first want to remove the cupholder. We put a notch into the back of the cupholder that will allow the remote-control wire to slide 32 GOLFCARTING.COM

Next we need to install the wiring harness and the big plug goes into the large outlet into the controller. Though there are two other plugs, we will only be connecting the plug with the two red wires to the tow run switch. Next, plug the remote-control wire into the controller. The last plug to connect is the speed and temperature sensor cable. At this point the install is finished, just tighten all the wires up and don’t forget to connect the positive power wire to the battery. Switch on the golf cart and pull up your Navitas app and select the model of your controller. Go to the settings and switch the tire size to what’s on your cart. Save settings and

then make sure you turn the golf cart off and then on again for it to load the new setting. You can also change the mph setting to up to 35mph and you will need to accept the disclaimer and save the changes and turn the cart on and off again.

And there you have it. Thanks for joining us.



Amazing airbrush detail on this Walking Dead build. Life needs more old Chevy trucks!

Copper and white = cool!

@sideshowfabricationandpaint built one sick ride. They used all House of Color paint and 24 karate gold leaf.


This cart is making us thirsty! Super clean Jeep build from the crew at @ridemodz




For all the E-Z-GO fans! We love this newer style Club Car Carryall build.

The Hawaiian style never gets old.

How great would this be to show up at the first hole with this?

Everyone should have a boat that matches their golf cart.

This cart turned out great! Loving the old school graphics and metal flake! GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 35


SOUNDEXTREME The SoundExtreme is100% waterproof and rugged outdoor audio soundbar. The MSRP is $399.99 and is available now. The SoundExtreme is the perfect soundbar for Golf carts, UTVs, ATVs, Marine and RV markets. Like the entire ECOXGEAR rugged and waterproof audio line, The SoundExtreme is packed with market-leading features and technology such as: • 100% waterproof, dust proof, and mud proof • 500 watts power 8 marine grade speakers: 2 tweeters, 4 mids,

and 2 side facing woofers • Control audio and light functions via the speaker or included remote control • ECOCAST: wirelessly connect up to 50 ECOXGEAR soundbars and speakers • LED lights: back lit speakers and rear facing light bar. The speakers’ backlights and light bar operate independently and can synch to the music, display solid color, or remain off (default).

Go to:


SERIES 401C S/S Description: Inspired by our classic S/S design, these wheels will definitely add style to any golf cart. CONSTRUCTION: 1-Piece Cast Aluminum FIT: Direct Fit OFFSET: RWD CAP: Included

Go to:



HURRICANE Description: The first wheel in ITP’s Storm Series Line, the Hurricane offers exceptional strength in a modern, stand out design. Highlights: • Features eight sets of X-shaped wheel spokes. • Offers ITP® Exclusive “Rock Armor” inner wheel lip to provide unequaled structural integrity. • Unique automotive-like center design • Lifetime Structural Warranty • Valve stem and center cap included • Available in Matte Black or Bronze finish

Go to:


TORNADO Description: The powerful Tornado wheel spins circles around the competition with its head-turning design, outstanding load rating, and unbeatable durability. Highlights: • Eight spoke center configuration with beveled edges as well as unmatched structural integrity for conquering challenging terrain. • Offers ITP Exclusive “Rock Armor” inner wheel lip to provide unequaled structural integrity. • Limited Lifetime Warranty • Includes valve stem and center cap

Go to:



EAGLE EYE DEEP CYCLE LEVEL SENSOR The Eagle Eye Deep Cycle Level Sensor makes it easy to monitor and manage the status of your batteries. The integrated sensor is simple to understand and use: a red indicator light means add water to your battery, while a green light means no water is needed. The easy and quick installation allows you to simply strap the sensor onto the battery. The Flow-Rite Eagle Eye Sensor is compatible for batteries with Flow-Rite Pro-Fill watering systems and without. To order, call (616) 583-1700 or send an email to Part # EA-006

Call: (616) 583-1700 or Visit:


HAND PUMP WATER SUPPLY This water supply is ideal for the person who has their own golf cart, utility vehicle, or other light use application. It is commonly used with a jug filled with distilled water. The hand pump is for use with batteries that feature 24 or fewer cells and are equipped with Pro-Fill, or Qwik-Fill systems. To order, call (616) 583-1700 or send an email to Part # RV-2020

Call: (616) 583-1700 or Visit:



48V PRO-FILL UNIVERSAL WATERING KITS WITH LEVEL SENSOR The Pro-Fill™ onboard battery watering system is the only system that has been specifically designed for the golf and utility vehicles. At a glance, many of the superior features are evident. Everything from the Eagle Eye in-valve level sensor, patented manifolds, standard flame arrestors, three port swivel, and Clampless polypropylene tubing, to the easy install winged caps. Pro-Fill Universal Kits come in several configurations and include everything you need to get started. To learn more, visit To order, send an email to or call us at (616) 583-1700. Part #: BG-U48V-7G-EA (6/12v batteries) & BG-U48V-BG-EA (8v batteries)

Call: (616) 583-1700 or Visit:


MUDSYS OVERHEAD SOUND BARS DESCRIPTION: MTX Sound Bars for are designed for easy installation, ease of use, and delivery of big sound. Whether you want to stream your music via Bluetooth, listen to FM radio, or just need something easy you can connect your audio device to, MTX has a solution for you. Available in 31", 41" and 46" sizes. MSRP: $549.95 Contact: 1-800-285-5689

Go to:



UNIVERSAL 6-SPEAKER SOUND BARS DESCRIPTION: Our MUD6SP/SPBT universal solutions are designed to be extra tough and environmentally resistant including water, mud, dirt, sand, snow, or whatever else you can think of driving through. Models available with or without Bluetooth connectivity. MSRP:$349.95~$449.95 Contact: 1-800-285-5689

Go to:


UNIVERSAL AUDIO KIT DESCRIPTION: The UNI-1-AWBTSW is a package that includes everything you need to take your machine to the next level in sound. Featuring our compact Bluetooth receiver switch, 100-watt amplifier and weatherproof speakers, this system lets you take the party with you. Additional configurations available online. MSRP: TBD Contact: 1-800-285-5689

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LUX HEADLIGHTS FOR CLUB CAR TEMPO & YAMAHA DRIVE2 Introducing LUX, the newest in lighting technology from MadJax. LUX light kits feature exclusive Bluetooth connectivity and RGB3 technology for ultimate control, providing color, pattern, and speed customization to the user. MadJax LUX light kits also feature self-canceling turn signal indicators,

brake lights, high/low-setting, horn, and Dual-USB charging ports! And if that was not enough, each kit also features a 7.5amp 12- volt accessory connection in your dash for additional accessories such as a radio or interior lighting, for even greater customization and ease.

Go to:

GREAT DAY INC. Quick-Draw Gun Rack

Here’s a universal-mounting, two-gun rack that puts “Ole Betsy” at your fingertips as you cruise your hunting property. The Quick-Draw Gun Holder fits in most pickup trucks, all side-by-side utility vehicles (Kawasaki Mule, Polaris Ranger, John Deere Gator, Bad Boy, Club Car and all golf cart style vehicles). It mounts in a “stand alone” fashion and can be positioned to your preferred angle for quick access and maximum use of passenger space. The Quick-Draw holds two guns (rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader) securely and protected in a soft, cushioned cradle. Unlike conventional clips and loops, Great Day’s unique Velcro holders form and fit the super-soft holding cradles to the exact size of the stock or forearm of the gun it is holding - no more loose fits to disturb the sight and scope settings! The Quick-Draw comes complete with all necessary hardware for quick and easy installation. Made with pride in the USA!

Go to: or Call: 866.649.1918

Note: The Quick-Draw quick detach plate can be purchased separately to allow instant installation and removal of the Quick-Draw Gun Holder. When ordering, use model #UVQD800QDP.





As golf carts become more popular as a means of shortdistance transportation in and around electric-friendly communities and other communities across the United States, it is becoming increasingly important to find parts and accessories to keep them riding well and in style. Just as stereos are an important part of our commuting experience in full-sized cars, so too they are becoming an important part of our experience as we commute in golf carts and electric vehicles. Below, we have created a guide to golf cart stereo options to help you sift through the myriad of options and find the best-suited one for you and your needs. A GUIDE TO GOLF CART STEREOS Stereos come in a wide range of options for golf carts. For starters, they are designed using many different styles and 42 GOLFCARTING.COM

sizes, as well as installation modalities to suit preferred aesthetics and matters of convenience. Additionally, available cart stereos are fitted with modern technological features like Bluetooth, voice, and remote control access. For this stereo guide, we focus on some of the testier areas that can prove problematic if not decided on using the right information from the point of purchase. Some of these areas include installation methods, the cost, speakers and amplifiers, and power source, among others. INSTALLATION OPTIONS It’s one thing to like the size, design, colors, and even the hitech features of a golf cart stereo. It is quite another thing to have one properly installed. This is particularly true if you are opting to install the stereo yourself. So, here is what you need to know about the two main installation styles:

OVERHEAD STEREO INSTALLATION Generally, an overhead stereo installation offers the easiest option for installing a sound system into your vehicle or cart. The key thing to consider when using this option is to measure the width and depth (or head clearance). Self-contained overhead stereo units feature a simple 2-3 wire hookup, wired speakers, and an antenna.

addition to looking for good quality sound, it also important to look for durability when looking at speakers. As a rule of thumb, speakers that use sealed components and rustproof hardware, like marine stereos, are the best options. Also, when installing, be sure to select a location that works for the model of your cart, as speakers tend to have some flexibility in this regard. POWER SOURCE AND BATTERY It goes without saying that your stereo system would need to be powered by battery or electricity. As you consider the features like Bluetooth, amplifiers, and speakers, it is important to ensure that these features and the system as a whole draw power evenly from your batteries. Even distribution of power is critical as this will ensure your battery will last longer. Stereos with features that draw on only one or two batteries will force those batteries to quickly run down and other batteries to compensate for the same by working harder, potentially leading to your batteries failing.

DASHBOARD INSTALLATION Also known as an in-dash mounting kit, the dashboard installation option is a bit more complicated than the overhead installation option. Thankfully, there are installation “dash kits� with parts and tools to help you do everything properly and to help with further maintenance. Consider the intricacies of this installation option if the stereo system you are opting to use is a dashboard installation option. Both of the aforementioned installation options are still relatively easy as long as you follow the instructions that come with your stereo and installation kit. Still, consider which of the two options you are more comfortable with before you select a stereo system for your cart. SPEAKERS AND AMPLIFIERS Speakers and amplifiers are a key component of the stereo experience as they significantly impact the listening experience of anyone riding in these carts or electric vehicles. Amplifiers are central to the performance and sound of your stereo system. As such, it is important to look for quality in this area. Of course, quality speakers also help to deliver quality sound and so is a good area to pay attention to along with the amplifiers. As a general rule, the specification to pay attention to where amplifiers are concerned is that of wattage. Higher wattage (i.e. more watts) usually means better sound quality. Importantly, it also means a greater demand for the life of your battery as more watts also means more power required to facilitate the quality sound. So consider the quality of your battery as you go for higher wattage amplifiers. For speakers, it is important to remember that this part of your stereo system is likely to be exposed to the elements due to the outdoor-indoor design of most golf carts. A such, in

COST Like all the features and components, we have discussed so far in our guide, the cost of any stereo system will vary from one system to the next depending on the variables involved. These variables can impact the final price of a golf cart stereo and so how much it costs you. The average price of a golf cart stereo can run anywhere from a measly US40.00 to upwards of US$300.00. BONUS: 3 TOP STEREOS IN 2020

#1. Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio If you love hi-tech features and powerful wattage, then this is the stereo system for you and your cart. For starters, the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio comes fitted with hands-free calling, Bluetooth connectivity, a digital front panel, and 300 watts. In addition to the tech-friendly features, this stereo system offers up a dashboard installation option and comes with a 12-volt console receiver system that is an easy to mount in-dash kit. It is great for replacing single din size radios. The Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio is the most affordable

golfcartguide option on our list, retailing at a steal of about US$40.00. #2. Boss Audio Systems Unlike the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio, the boss audio systems stereo is an overhead installation stereo system. However, like the Pyle Marine, Boss Audio offers up Bluetooth connectivity. It also offers a dynamic media playback system

featuring both AM and FM radio stations, USB connectivity, and, as stated prior, Bluetooth. This receiver, however, does not have a CD playback option. Still, the system is weatherproof (a key feature for overhead installation) and speaker specifications that augurs well for good quality sound. In terms of affordability, this is a solid option, retailing at an average of US$120.00.

#3. Custom Golf Cart UTV Radio Overhead Stereo Console Also offering an overhead installation option, the Custom Golf Cart Radio is an Overhead Stereo Console uses ABS plastic material to help ensure the durability of the stereo's make. Other features offered include Bluetooth connectivity, 300 watts, 3-way full-range speakers of about 6.5 inches in size, as well as MP3 audio output, audio streaming, and USB connectivity. With all these features, there is no need to not have great sound listening to some of your favorite music played from the device of your choice. Retailing for an average of US$300.00, this option is the most expensive on our list. However, the features and design make it more than worth it, if this is within your price range. FINAL THOUGHTS In the final analysis, the cart stereo options you choose will depend heavily on how well the available options and combination of features and variables described in this guide are able to meet your needs and your immediate circumstances. Your budget, for example, will determine your price range, and in turn determine the options available to you and ultimately, your choice. Still, there are so many options available, that you are likely to find something that suits you just fine. Happy accessorizing!



This edition’s Dealer Profile is York Custom Carts in Myrtle Beach, SC. Brett and Sandy York started York Custom Carts around 10 years ago and they pride themselves in building one-of-a-kind, completely custom golf carts.

Brett: We primarily sell completely custom-built Club Car golf carts and we also customize other make and models like EZGO and Yamaha. We also do full service and repairs on all carts and we sell most parts and accessories for any cart brand.

I had an enjoyable phone call with Brett who graciously spent some time with me to answer my questions and share more about York Custom Carts.

Brett: My wife Sandy and I are the owners of York Custom Carts.

DEALER PROFILE: Dealer Name: York Custom Carts Dealer Location: 1008 8th Avenue North Myrtle Beach Sc 29577 Phone Number: (843) 455-5856 Owners: Brett and Sandy York Website:

GCMAG: Hi Brett! Thank you for taking the time to share more about York Custom Carts. Tell us what you guys do.

GCMAG: That’s great. Who are the owner(s)?

GCMAG: What is your company background? How and when did your company start?

Brett: I’ve been in the automotive customizing business for over 35 years , I owned an automotive customizing shop in late 90's. I worked at several customizing shops and I built a lot of cars with my pops over the years. Around 13 years ago, I moved to South Carolina from Ohio. I got a corporate job working for a company, who after a couple of years, downsized and I was laid off. I was tired of that lifestyle and decided to turn my love and ability to customize cars towards golf carts (seeing a huge market in my area) working for a few shops in the area and decided to open up

York Custom Golf Carts. My passion was building custom carts, and I mean, start with the frame and build them completely from scratch. My obsession is to pay attention to every little detail and I’ve heard it said that I’m a little over the top but I love what I’m doing.

that they researched all of the dealers in the area and read our reviews and they tell us that they couldn’t find a single negative comment about us. That means a lot to us. It’s the kind of business I run. If someone calls me at 2:00am, I’m coming out to you if I have to.

GCMAG: Good for you. Building custom carts sounds a lot more rewarding than working a corporate job. So you said you are mainly rebuilding Club Cars?

GCMAG: What is the most important business lesson(s) you've learned?

Brett: About 95% Club Car, but we’ll custom build EZGO and Yamaha as well.

GCMAG: I noticed on your site that a lot of your rebuilds have very creative custom paintwork. Do you do this in-house?

Brett: That is correct. I have a very talented painter. We design them and my painter paints them.

GCMAG: Where are you guys located exactly?

Brett: 1008 8th Avenue North Located Downtown Myrtle Beach, SC

GCMAG: Can you tell us about your employees?

Brett: We are a true family-owned company. It’s my wife and myself along with my daughter who works 2-3 days a week.

GCMAG: It must be great working with your family. How do you promote and advertise your business? Online? Social Media?

Brett: Word of mouth accounts for probably 60-70% of our sales. Social media works great for us as well and we have a lot of 5-star reviews.

GCMAG: I know in this industry reputation is critically important.

Brett: It’s very important. All the time, our customers tell us

Brett: There is always room for improvement and to continue learning. And keeping up with new technology is a must.

GCMAG: Can you elaborate on keeping up with new technology?

Brett: Mainly I mean the aftermarket accessories. As you know, this industry is booming and new the accessory market is booming with controllers, batteries, stereos and LED’s as examples.

GCMAG: What are your future plans for your company?

Brett: I’d like to sharpen up some things but basically do what I’m doing and maybe expand my facility to a larger one. I’d love to create more of a department store feel where you go to this section to shop for bodies and another section to shop for wheels and tires, etc. But mainly, I just want to keep doing what I’m doing and build beautiful custom carts and a business that my kids can run one day.

GCMAG: That’s great Brett and I’m confident you will do just that. Is there anything you would like to add? Brett: We’d love for people to checkout or Facebook page and engage with us there.

Thank you very much for spending time with Golf Carting Magazine and we wish you continued success!


ASK THE MECHANIC Q: How Often Should I Have My Golf Cart Serviced? A: Depending on the use of the golf cart it’s recommended to have your golf cart or LSV serviced by an experienced service center or mechanic at least once a year. They will check all the electrical connections, fluids (if gas), service the brakes, grease any bearings or hubs needed and generally check the cart out for any issues or safety concerns. Q: What Should I Pay For Service, Maintenance or Repairs? A: This depends on your location and type of golf cart. Gas golf carts could be more expensive, but most authorized golf cart dealerships and service centers could charge anywhere between $65 and $95 per hour for service and repair for electric carts and generally have a yearly maintenance package 48 GOLFCARTING.COM

for anywhere between $50 to $150. Q: What Are Some Of The Most Popular Upgrades? A: The most popular upgrades we see here in the south are lift kits and wheels and tires. This is a quick way to drastically change the look of your golf cart. Generally lift kits would cost around $500-600 installed and a new set of larger wheels and tires could range from $500-800 depending on the style, size and finish. Another top request upgrade is a sound system. Generally these are a Bluetooth mounted sound bar which easily connects to your cell phone and provides some amazing sound, these run for anywhere from $400-$800 installed depending on size and features.


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