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Flow Rite Controls and Dean-Team Golf Carts of St. Louis The most rewarding aspect of my work here at Golf Carting Magazine is meeting new people in this industry and those related to golf carting. I enjoy meeting new people and I enjoy learning about their businesses. It’s fun to listen to business owners’ enthusiasm about their work and the excitement is often contagious. In this issue I had the opportunity to talk to Todd Hart, the President of Flow-Rite Controls, a Michigan-based company that manufactures many different fluid-control products and a leader in watering systems for lead-acid golf cart batteries. I enjoyed hearing about this 40-year-old company and the sincerity of the President was genuine as he constantly praised his employees. Flow Rite is without question, a company that is committed to its workforce and they have consistently been honored with the Best and Brightest Company to Work For in Western Michigan. I encourage you to read more about Flow-Rite Controls in this issue’s Company Profile. I also caught up with Sean Dean of Dean Team Golf Carts of St. Louis in this issue’s Dealer Profile section. Dean Team Carts is a thriving golf cart dealer whose specialty is building quality custom carts and one of the largest dealers in the Midwest. Sean Dean, coming from an automotive background, really understands the principal of reputation building. His dealer boasts hundreds of positive reviews on various social media platforms and it is apparent that this has played a large part in their success. So much so, that Dean Team Golf Carts have recently opened up a second location that has been dubbed the “Build Center” where customers can literally come watch their custom cart being built. You can read more about Dean Team Golf Carts of St. Louis in this issue’s Dealer Profile. We hope that all of you had a great, if not strange summer. It has been a very challenging time for everyone but the future looks bright. Enjoy this issue of Golf Carting Magazine and have a happy and safe September.

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On July 18th, the Greenwood Golf Cart Club organized a Poker Run fundraiser. The stated goal of the fundraising was $500 towards a new all-inclusive playground at Hitt Park in Greenwood, MO. Essentially, that involves activities for all types of able and disabled children. The group raised $3,150 to donate to Greenwood Parks for more equipment, one of the Poker Run organizers mentioned. Keith Shelton said: "We had 25 carts and 66 participants in our first annual Poker Run! Special thanks to our sponsors, the team that organized the event and the Greenwood Police Department. We couldn't have done this awesome event without all of you. Stay tuned for what we are planning for the fall! I love this town!" The Poker Run consisted of 5 stops at resident's homes or local businesses. Mayor Levi Weaver, Councilman Kyron McClure, Councilman Kyle Holtgraves and Parks Board President Dana Crawford all drove their own golf carts for the event. The event held raffles from local businesses to companies such as Golf Cart Garage and Golf Carts Modified. Our small town of 5,000 people loved the event. Out neighboring town is wanting to put on a similar event, due to the positive results and reception we received for giving back to the community. Even the Greenwood Police Department was willing to stop traffic so we could cross the state highway safely. We strongly encouraged the practice of social distancing, and had Quaren Clean hand sanitizer which was supplied to each cart that was generously provided to us by a local business owner who produces it. Also, only two dealers ever touched the playing cards. When serving food the servers wore masks and gloves. Every sensible effort was made to protect the participants, while still attempting to come together for the cause. 10 GOLFCARTING.COM

latestindustrynews CLUB CAR LIMITED EDITION BLAZING COMEBACK! Your ride around the block just got a big upgrade. The Onward Series carries on Club Car’s reputation for quality by prioritizing safety, comfort and satisfaction to make your everyday life easier and more fun. With dozens of options for stylish and practical customizability, the Onward is the personal golf cart you’ve been dreaming of. The four-passenger Onward is available in a lifted model as well, with struts and a brush guard that will set it apart from every vehicle in the neighborhood. Don’t choose between style and substance – enjoy the best of both! Club Car’s wide range of available premium seats provide supreme comfort and style. As one of the only personal transportation vehicles constructed from an aircraft-quality aluminum frame, the Onward is uniquely resistant to the elements and will not rust or corrode over time. FEATURES • Custom Rally Red painted body, brush guard, trim, and rear


valence. • Premium black seats with red piping and red double diamond stitching. • Onward grill inserts. • Bright chrome 12” wheels for non-lifted models and 14” wheels for lifted models. • Non-lifted models with 12” steel belted radial tires. • Red Onward steering wheel cover. Don’t forget to add Club Car Connect: Drive your personalized golf car on your neighborhood course with Club Car Connect. The Connect display enhances your neighborhood and course experience by reducing range anxiety, giving accurate pin placement, and showing the status of your battery. Listen to your favorite tunes using Connect’s available Bluetooth® Speakers on and off the course. Connect is the next evolution of the PTV experience. For a limited time only, take advantage of Club Car’s premium financing options. No payments for 3 months, then enjoy the incredibly low rate of 1.99% for 36 months.




ere at Golf Carting Magazine we are always looking for custom carts that help you get the juices flowing in your head while you are building your cart. It could be mild to wild. This feature cart from Sweitzer's Performance Center is definitely categorized as wild. Starting as a 2016 Yamaha Drive 2 canvas, owner Chad Sweitzer wanted to build a cart to tow drag cars at the drag strip. Chad's company paints hundreds of golf cart bodies for Yamaha, E-Z-GO TXT/RXV and Club Car Precedents that he ships around the country. If you are looking for a custom


painted body for your cart, you need to check out Sweitzer’s. They paint anything from flames, ball teams, tribal themes to one-off designs. Most of the designs include airbrushing and hand pinstriping that you just don't see much of in today's world. He is a true artist and is a master at his craft. Sweitzer’s goes beyond just painting bodies -- they also build and sell custom carts. To showcase his painting talent, Chad built his own shop cart that you see pictured here. The 2016 Yamaha Drive 2 body is painted with hand-mixed PPG blue and orange basecoat and


airbrushed with blue intensifier. All airbrush work is done with a "Roth" style hot rod theme and hand pinstriped with One Shot paint. If you are wondering what "Roth" style is, take a look at the rear photo of the car below. Ed "Big Daddy" Roth was famous for his character "Rat Fink" pictured to the left. Roth was an American artist, cartoonist, illustrator, pinstriper and a custom car designer back in the hot rod days in the '50s and '60s. He passed away in 2001, but his legend of grotesque caricatures lives on with many artist painters around the world. Pictured at the top of the page is the rear frame cut in half and set up for wide tires and suspension to move to the ground. The front Hoosier tires are 18.5 8-10 and rear tires are 18.5 10-10 wrapped around


lightweight aluminum Douglas Wheels. The metal wheel flares were fabricated wheel flares from minibike fenders. All of the bolts are drilled and safety wired. The flares were scuffed with a grinder and some heat was applied to add some discoloration, then the bare metal was prepped and cleared. Looking at the rear from the car, Chad modified a 1950's grill for rear bumper. The seats were custom made by Custom Classics ( out of Findlay, Ohio. All the aluminum fab work was completed by Chad. He even bought a TIG welder for the aluminum projects and

he learned how to TIG weld from this build. Starting with aluminum dash down to the one-piece aluminum floorboard. In the front, Chad added an air tank and fashioned it to look like a fuel tank connected to his onboard compressor. Just below he fabbed up an aluminum splitter front spoiler. For forward, neutral and reverse operations, a Jake’s shifter was added with some modifications specific to this build. To further modify the shifter, Chad fabbed up a small tank for the shifter knob. He didn't stop there, he shortened the steering column and bolted on an all-aluminum steering wheel to complete the build. Sweitzer's Performance Center is located at 1640 Spore Brandywine Rd, Bucyrus, OH 44820. Check them out at or call 419-563-0282.




his issue’s Company Profile features Flow-Rite Controls, a company that manufactures a lot of things, but is known in the golf cart industry as a leader in battery watering systems. This almost 40-year-old company is head-quartered in Byron Center, MI and is proud to be Made in the U.S.A. We were happy to be able to spend a little time with Todd Hart, President of Flow-Rite Controls and learn more about their business. Company Name: Flow-Rite Controls Company Website: Company Headquarters: Byron Center, MI GCMAG: Tell us what Flow-Rite Controls is all about? Todd: Flow-Rite ControlsTM, Ltd was founded in 1981. As a vertically integrated company, Flow-Rite designs, manufactures, and markets fluid control devices for leadacid batteries, plumbing systems for recreational boats, 18 GOLFCARTING.COM

and hydroponics. Recently, Flow-Rite has branched out into electronics as well. Flow-Rite also designs and manufactures masks to help our employees, the community, and beyond. All Flow-Rite products are our own proprietary developments and protected by over three dozen U.S. patents to date as well as hundreds of international patents. GCMAG: That’s impressive. Tell us about your location and manufacturing facility. Todd: All of our products are built and manufactured at our facility in Byron Center, MI just outside of Grand Rapids. FlowRite Controls is also an ISO 9001 registered company. We have continuously passed ISO 9001 audits with no findings. We also have sales and warehousing facilities in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul. It really speaks to our lean manufacturing environment that we are able to sell American-made products in Asia.

GCMAG: How many employees do you have? Tell us about your team. Todd: We have an incredible group of smart, caring people. We visualize our team as an inverted triangle, with the manufacturing associates at the top and the President at the bottom. We encourage all of our 140 employees to volunteer and donate to organizations throughout West Michigan and our team is committed to making a difference within our community. Flow-Rite’s core values are: Think Beyond Tomorrow, Love What You Do, Help First, and Question and Improve. Our talented team consistently showcases these values on a daily basis. As a result, Flow-Rite has gained recognition as one of the Best and Brightest Companies to work for in West Michigan. GCMAG: That’s a tremendous honor. Congratulations. Can you tell us more about your product lines? Todd: Our Pro-Fill onboard single-point watering product is the only system specifically designed for golf car applications. Pro-Fill includes a patented manifold, 3 port swivel tee, and both internal and external flame arrestors. We also offer a suite of sensors (Eagle Eye-Deep Cycle Level Sensor, and Advanced Battery Steward) to help you monitor, track, and control your fleet. Eagle Eye Deep-Cycle is great for the individual cart user and fleet while the Advanced Battery Steward (ABS) is ideal for fleet application. Both products can monitor water levels

within your batteries while ABS will track the health of your deep-cycle battery, sharing both current state and history. Our ABS sensor technology gives you accurate reports of your batteries and ensures you don’t miss a single issue. You can access all of your information 24/7 from our web portal ( or our mobile Battery Steward app for iOS and Android. Vehicle OEMs especially appreciate the ability to determine the health of the battery so as to prevent breakdowns. It really protects their brand reputation. GCMAG: Where do you see Flow-Rite Controls headed in the future? FLC: Flow-Rite keeps pushing our IoT sensor technology to the next level and we are eager to see where we can take it tomorrow. GCMAG: Anything else you would like to share? Flow-Rite is proud to have made 2020’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in West Michigan. This is our 4th year in a row receiving this award. It speaks so highly of the people that work for Flow-Rite. GCMAG: That’s terrific and we sincerely wish Flow-Rite Controls much success and we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us. For more information on Flow-Rite Controls, visit their website at


TOP 5 GOLF CART BLUETOOTH SOUNDBARS OF 2020 No golf cart is complete without a thumping stereo system. That’s just common sense. There are plenty of options out there to get your cart transformed into a mobile concert. We’re here to help. We’re going to break down the top 5 golf cart soundbars of 2020. We’ve scoured the Inter-Web, talked to the pros and tried more than a few of these ourselves. So we mostly know what we are talking about. How to Choose the Right Soundbar Golf cart stereo systems and soundbars are different than automobile systems. Why? Like marine stereo equipment, golf cart equipment is generally exposed to the elements so you need very specificmade products. Let’s look at three critical factors you should consider when you are thinking of purchasing a soundbar for your custom golf cart. • Look for dust-proof and waterproof rating (IPXX) • Test the performance of the soundbar in different frequency


ranges • Is it a price you can live with? If the soundbar doesn’t have a rating and does not allow for multiple frequency ranges, don’t buy it. We’ve done the research and selected 5 Top Picks for 2020. This is certainly not an exhaustive list so don’t send us hate mail. But these are certainly all soundbars that should do very well for you.

TOP 5 SOUNDBARS FOR GOLF CART 2020 MTX MUD6SPBT GOLF CART SOUNDBAR The MTX MUD6SPBT golf cart sound bar gives you high-quality sound and proven weatherproofed durability. It is a workhorse that delivers. Equipped with a 6 speaker sound system, the MTX MUD6 has four speakers that are 3 inch drivers and two speakers that are 1 inch tweeters. They all run off of a 200 watt amp so you are going to get plenty of quality sound output. There are a lot of bells and whistles that come equipped

with the MTX MUD6, including Bluetooth so you can connect to other devices. You can connect external sub woofers too with the 3.5mm output. And why wouldn’t you? The MTX MUD6 is delivered with easy-to-install mounting clamps. My 7-year-old could install it without a problem.

SSV WORKS (WP-UO4L) GOLF CART SOUNDBAR Next up on our list of golf cart sound bars is the waterproof model created by SSV Works. The WP-UO4L sound bar comes equipped with 4 weather-resistant speakers that do a great job of amplifying sound. Each 6.5 inch speaker come with marine grade waterproofing, making these speakers exceptional for operating in heavy precipitation. These WP-UO4L speakers are on the top-end of sound quality -among the best on the market. The sound bar comes with a FM tuner and a D class amp. Take your music with you as the WP-UO4L comes with a watertight dock that charges and plays music from your iPod. The body is a durable fiberglass and the WP-UO4L is not complicated to install.

MTX MUD6 Features • AUX input and output • Bluetooth Streaming • Strong Output with 200 Watt Amp • Solid Weatherproofing • Amazing Sound • Subwoofer Hookups Available MTX MUDSYS41 GOLF CART SOUNDBAR The next soundbar on our shortlist is another fine MTX offering, the MTX MUDSYS41. It looks a little rough around the edges but don’t let looks fool you here. This box delivers amazing sound and can stand up to just about anything Mother Nature throws at it. These MUDSYS41’s are popular for a reason. They are easy to mount, durable, and have a legion of loyal supporters. The MTX MUDSYS41 gives you all the features you need that include USB, AUX, Bluetooth, AM/FM and house 4, six-and-ahalf-inch speakers married to a 280 watt amp. The MTX MUDSYS41 provides flexible installation options for cart cages between 43 and 49.5 inches.

MTX 41 Features • Four Speakers at 6.5 inches • 5 mm Auxiliary input • USB Charging • FM/AM Radio • 280 Watt Power Rating • LED Dome Light with Built-in Clock

SSV Works WP-UO4L Features • Fiberglass Body with low resonance • High Class D Amp • Easy installation • AUX input • Charging Dock and Player for iPods • Bluetooth connection BAZOOKA BPB24 GOLF CART SOUNDBAR Let’s talk about the Bazooka BPB24 Sound Bar. This super-sheik sound bar from Bazooka looks ultra-modern and features marine grade subwoofers and LED lights that illuminate the entire system. The Bazooka BPB24 Sound Bar is an 8 speaker set-up and equipped with a 360 degree rotating system that delivers sound everywhere. The Bazooka BPB24 is loaded with 450 watts of power and has Bluetooth integration so you can connect any of your devices. It also comes with a RF remote that controls the streaming from Bluetooth as well as the lighting settings on the system. The Bluetooth range of this Bazooka sound bar is around 60 feet, while the RF remote will be able to handle controls up to 1,000 feet.


topproducts Bazooka BPB24 Features • Amazing LED lighting system • AUX Inputs (3.5mm) • Easy mounting • Excellent sound with 360 degree • 450 watts

WET SOUND STEALTH 10 HD GOLF CART SOUNDBAR The last golf cart sound bar on our list is the Wet Sound Stealth 10 HD and is one of the better systems you can buy for your custom cart. The Stealth 10 HD really delivers excellent sound quality with a high-quality Class D amp. The system is durable and resistant to dust, shock and water splashes. The control panel, located on the back of the system, is well lit and manageable in low light conditions. The Stealth 10 comes with an AUX input so you can connect any of your external devices and you also have the option to connect via Bluetooth, pairing any smart device to the sound bar. The Stealth 10 HD has a fairly easy mounting system so installing it should not be overly difficult.

Wet Sound Stealth 10 HD Features • 10 speaker system • 2 tweeters and mid-bass drivers • Bluetooth enabled • Aluminum rust free covering • Waterproof Summarizing the Sound Bars As stated earlier, this is by no means a definitive list of golf cart sound bars. There are a variety of quality options when it comes to sound bars for your custom cart. These five that we’ve included on our list are all systems that will provide you with excellent sound, durability, and functionality. Installation is a big deal for a lot of people. We wanted to factor in sound bar systems that provide for relatively profanity-free installations. Enjoy your new custom sound bar system for your golf cart!


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How to Install a Controller


yan Fenters is the founder of the popular YouTube Channel called Fentertainment. Ryan creates DIY videos of, in his own words… “dedicated to making, painting, building, modifying and fixing things…” His golf-cart-related DIY videos are very informative and we thought it would be a good idea to transcribe them for you. This is the third video in a four-part series where Ryan transforms a 2014 Club Car Precedent. Ryan shows us step-bystep how to install a Navitas controller. Ryan Fenters: Previously on the Fentertainment channel, we added a Plum Quick Bandit to our 2014 club car. It took the speed from 12 to 23 miles per hour. The second video of the series, we added a lift kit and some wheels and tires. The tires and wheels are made by TREX, 14-inch wheels, 23-inch tall tires. The All Sports lift kit is American-made and it's a six-inch lift kit. It took our speed from 23 to 27 miles per hour. On today’s video, we are going to be installing a Navitas controller. This controller gives us more speed, more torque, more security and has many on-the-fly adjustable settings. It has a programmable app for your phone as well so be sure to


check it out. This is the Navitas dash controller. This is the cable that goes from the controller to the stock harness on the golf cart. Since we went with the Plum Quick Motor, we decided to go with the DC motor controller on here.

This is the 600-amp controller we're going to be installing on my 2014 Club Car Precedent and it’s the Excel model. One

reason I went with Navitas is because I'll be able to use my phone through Bluetooth and also have dash controls. This is the DC motor controller, 48-volt, 600-amp, so let's get this one on the golf cart. In order to get started, make sure the golf cart's in the off position and go ahead and set your park brake. Next, we're going to go ahead and remove the seat base, lift up and pull straight up and you can pull the seat off the golf cart. Be sure to turn the golf cart into the tow mode. I'm going to go ahead and remove the positive and the negative battery cables. Next, we're going to remove this T40 bolt as this is going to be where your controller will be.

We're going to get a piece of cardboard and lay it down here, so none of this touches. Now would be the good time to go ahead and take a picture of the wiring on the controller here so we know what we have.

To remove the controller away from the panel, we're using a 3/8 socket. The top bolt does not have to come out, it just slides off. To install the new controller, we just slide the top into that bolt and the holes are already there for the existing bolts. I'm using an impact to tighten the controller to the mounting plate, but you do not want to use an impact to tighten the wires to the controller, only for removing off the old one. The orange wire is going to the F1 connector and the blue wire is going to the F2 connector. I'm using a13-millimeter socket wrench to loosen these up.

Before we mount the controller, we're going to take some rubbing alcohol and clean it up. We want to have this free and clean of any kind of chemicals, so the double-sided tape will stick the best. In order to remove the dash piece away from the dash itself, you're going to have two T30s and one T15. Once you have those bolts removed, you can now remove the access cover. Since we already have the controller mounted, we're just going to take the wire and run it down and behind the dash. Now take the cable and hook the big lead up. It's the main harness. The 8-pin is going to be for the remote control that's on the dash. Now I’m going to take all the slack here and put it into a circle and wire-tie it to get majority of the slack out, then I'll do a final wire tie after it's all put together.

Once we look at the controller and take a picture of it, we know where to match the wires onto the new controller. We can go ahead and disconnect the harness and pull off the wires.

Since we have everything else installed, we're going to remove the cover. Remember these two pins come out and the cover comes up. We're just going to take it from this middle section up and over about three inches down, and try to make a big square here. We're going to leave this cover here, so you can see exactly what yours is going to look like. Once we have everything placed back onto the controller, GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 29

doityourself The controller comes stock at 25 miles per hour in the four direction, 4500 rpm, Robbie Steen said 6500 for the Bandit. Hit accept and it's good for 35 miles per hour. You can save changes and make sure to turn the golf cart off and back on the key switch to fully save it.

including the harnesses, we're going to place it back into the golf cart. Let's see if the cutout we made is big enough. As you can tell, the cutout we made is large enough. Now, we just need to go ahead and take this top piece, push it down and bolt it into place.

We can now go ahead and install our power and ground cable and put it back into “Run” position. We’ll go ahead and place the seat back on. Now that the controller is installed on the cart, we need to install the motor app. I have the Navitas dealer app on my phone and will go ahead and select the controller. We're going to go to the download screen once the app opens and select the motor you have on the golf cart. Mine is a Plum Quick Bandit and the firmware is going to load. It usually takes about five minutes to fully load and it’s ready to go. We need to change our tire size and choose the type. Once selected click “Save Changes” and turn the golf cart key off and turn it back on so it saves the setting.


For reverse you can give it more speed or less speed. I gave mine less speed in reverse. I don't need it to go that fast. We already set the motor profiling to the Bandit. We did that on the download setting and it’s going to be the first thing you do. On the app itself, you have a green button that says “Unlock”. We press the button and it’ll turn red. While it is in the red position, you can now control the golf cart and lock it which is a security feature. The golf cart will not move and will only move again when we unlock it on the app.

The on-the-fly controller here that's mounted on the dash has a couple of different features. You can adjust the speed and the acceleration even while the golf cart is moving as long as the switch is in the unlocked position. However, if the switch is in the lock position these settings cannot be changed.

doityourself The lock and unlock adjustability for the on-the-fly controller is perfect for families with kids or companies with employees. You can set this how you want it so no one can modify the settings while it's in the lock position. Now, with this being said the top speed can also be limited in the app regardless of the on-the-fly position. How do I like the system? I don't like it at all. I absolutely love it and there's so much on here that you can set up and adjust your golf cart to different ranges and settings. I appreciate you watching and I’ll place links in the description


below where you can find these controllers where you can find them at, they're relatively cheap. Remember, this is the entry-level controller and I have an entry-level Plum Quick Motor. I have 23-inch tires and a lift kit. I was able to hit 30 miles per hour on two-year-old batteries. The batteries need to be replaced and we might do something in the future. I'm Ryan Fenters and don’t forget to check out the Fentertainment channel on YouTube. Until next time guys, we'll see you later.



We love seeing carts working for us to have fun on the lake. Just playing out in the mud.

One monster build that we can't wait to see finished.

Nivel keeps on producing rad products for golf carts.

Predator_swaps loves to get his carts out in the country.


This is a great way to pull your boat and your golf cart. The golf cart platform rotates to side load the cart.




How about matching your @mevhummer with your big suv.

Clearly one of the coolest builds we have seen. Where can we buy one?

A lot of great things going on with this build. Should be wild when it is done.

Another monster build on the way.

Any military fans out there? This would be great to cruise around the neighborhood in.

Low and slow, that is how it goes.




f you have a laptop, cellphone, or even a music playing device, the chances are good they are using lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have gained widespread popularity since the early 90’s and they are now penetrating the golf cart market in a big way. Are lithium-ion batteries really better than lead acid batteries? How so? BATTERY BASICS Batteries simplified are basically canisters hosting chemical interactions. The chemicals inside of the batteries interact with each other to create Ions (Positively charged Particles) and electrons (Negatively Charged Particles). The result of these interactions is electrical energy of course. Technology has advanced to allow us to create reversible


reactions instead of single direction and this allowed us to create rechargeable batteries. LITHIUM BATTERY BASICS The cells in lithium batteries are made up of three components. First you have a negative electrode, secondly a positive electrode and finally an electrolyte, a chemical bond between the positive and negative electrodes. As the lithium battery is charging, the positive electrode is releasing lithium ions that pass through the electrolyte to the negative electrode which is creating and storing energy. ARE LITHIUM BATTERIES FOR GOLF CARTS THE FUTURE? There is a definitive transition taking place in the golf cart battery industry. Lithium-ion powered golf carts are becoming

more and more common. We are now seeing some of the big OEMs like EZGO and Club Car equipping carts with Lithium-ion batteries. While traditional lead-acid batteries are still an option, gradually we are seeing these being phased out. But why are lithium-ion batteries superior? 5 REASONS TO USE LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES IN YOUR GOLF CART Here are 5 reasons why lithium-ion batteries are better than traditional lead-acid batteries. 1. LITHIUM ION BATTERIES CHARGE FASTER Lithium-ion batteries charge much faster than traditional batteries. Lead-acid batteries need a full 8-hour day to completely charge while lithium-ion batteries can be fully charged in as little as 3 hours. 2. LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES HAVE A LONGER LIFESPAN You are simply going to get more charges out of a lithiumion batteries than you will from traditional ones. A lead-acid battery will last around 1,000 charges on average. A lithiumion battery can get you to a maximum of 5,000 charges. I’m not great at math but that appears to be 5 times that as traditional batteries. 3. LITHIUM BATTERIES REDUCE THE WEIGHT OF YOUR GOLF CART Lithium-ion batteries on average weigh around 80lbs. Traditional golf cart batteries can weigh over 300lbs. Your golf cart can run more efficiently, ride higher and experience better overall performance by shedding hundreds of pounds of weight. 4. LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES ARE VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE The biggest draw-back of lead-acid batteries is water maintenance. It’s not fun. Guess what? Lithium-ion batteries require no water. They don’t corrode. In addition, you can leave the cart sitting and not lose substantial charge like you would with lead-acid batteries. If left alone a lead-acid battery could lose around 30% of its charge in a single month whereas a lithium-ion battery would lose around 3-4%. 5. LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES DELIVER FULL POWER ALL OF THE TIME Lead-acid batteries lose power the more you use it. Lithiumion batteries deliver full power all of the time. Even if you only have 20% of a charge left with a lithium battery it’s going to deliver 100% power. CONVERTING YOUR GOLF CART TO LITHIUM ION It’s not difficult to outfit your cart with lithium-ion batteries. It’s not much more difficult than removing your old lead-acid batteries and installing the lithium-ion batteries. Just secure them and reconnect the wires. You will find that you have a lot more space under the seats. YES, LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES ARE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN LEAD-ACID BATTERIES Lithium-ion batteries are going to cost you between $1,500 - $3,000. Getting a superior quality product costs more. A MacBook Pro costs more than a PC laptop. But like the MacBook Pro, lithium batteries are going to last a lot longer

and perform a lot better. THE TOP LITHIUM ION BATTERIES FOR YOUR GOLF CART The top battery companies are all scrambling to grab market share of the lithium-ion battery industry. Here are some of the top lithium manufacturers: • RELiON Lithium Ion Batteries • Trojan Lithium Batteries • Samsung Lithium Batteries • Allied Lithium Batteries THE ADVANTAGES OF LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES Lithium-ion batteries are more reliable than the older battery technology such as “nicad” or nickel-cadmium. Lithium-ion batteries don’t suffer from “memory effect” where they become harder to charge over time. Lithium-ion batteries don’t contain the toxic, heavy metal cadmium so they are much more environmentally friendly. They are far lighter than lead-acid batteries as mentioned earlier. To summarize, lithium-ion batteries… • Charge more efficiently and don’t suffer from “Memory Effect” • Lightweight but still very powerful • Better for the environment THE DISADVANTAGES OF LITHIUM ION BATTERIES There’s really no disadvantages to lithium-ion batteries when comparing them to lead-acid batteries. They are better in almost every way except for price. There is one drawback however, that must not be overlooked. There have been some safety concerns with lithium-ion batteries. Most notably is that there has been a tendency for lithium-ion batteries to catch fire if they are overcharged or somehow short circuit. To solve this problem, try installing a Current Interrupt Device (CID), an internal circuit breaker that will stop the current if the voltage reaches a certain point or it the temperature gets too hot. You may have noticed that airlines prohibit taking lithiumion batteries on airplanes because of similar potential hazards. As lithium-ion batteries technology continues to grow we expect these safety concerns to lessen greatly. FINAL THOUGHTS The first lithium-ion battery burst on the scene in the 1990’s and since then the technology is literally everywhere and is not going away. Over 5 billion lithium batteries are being produced annually. The technology will continue to improve and they will continue to become safer. Lithium-ion batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries in a variety of ways. They charge faster, they last longer, they require very little maintenance, they are lighter and they are better for the environment. True, they are expensive but like all new technologies, the cost will continue to decrease as more and more manufacturers compete for market share.

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DEAN TEAM GOLF CARTS In this month’s Dealer Profile we head to the heart of the Midwest and take a look at Dean Team Golf Carts of St. Louis. Dean Team is a large dealership that sells new and used golf carts and is one of the largest custom golf cart dealers in the Midwest.

Sean Dean: We sell new and used custom golf carts, accessories and provide service to golf carts in the Midwest.

We were able to spend a little time with General Manager Sean Dean to learn more about Dean Team Golf Carts and find out more about this thriving custom-oriented dealership.

GCMAG: What is your company background? How and when did your company start?

DEALER PROFILE: Dealer Name: Dean Team Golf Carts of St. Louis Dealer Location: 8154 Manchester Rd St. Louis, MO 63144 Phone Number: (314) 647-4000 Owner: Pat Dean, William Dean Website:

GCMAG: Sean, thanks for taking the time to share some information about Dean Team Golf Carts of St. Louis. Tell us a little about your dealership. 40 GOLFCARTING.COM

GCMAG: Who are the owner(s)?

Sean Dean: The owners are William and Pat Dean.

Sean Dean: Dean Team Automotive Group was started by company founder Dick Dean in 1978. A member of the automotive industry, Dick started his own automobile dealership featuring a large pre-owned car operation and new Volkswagens. The company has been family run for the past 40+ years and quickly became known for quality and customer service. It grew to 5 locations, 5 new car franchises, 1000+ preowned cars and 200+ employees! Dick Dean has since retired passing ownership down to his sons Patrick Dean and William Dean. They continued the success and growth of Dean Team Automotive, Inc. I’m the cousin of Patrick and William and in 2015 I wanted

dealerprofile to put my entrepreneur skills to the test and I started Dean Team Golf Carts. I took the ideas from my cousins and uncle and brought them to the golf cart industry in the St. Louis area. I believed if I made a higher quality, better custom-built product, coupled with an excellent service experience, the business would grow naturally and quickly. In 2019, Dean Team Golf Carts opened our second location that we refer to as the “Build Center.” At the Build Center, customers are welcome to come in and see all the latest innovations & accessories on Dean Team’s interactive accessory wall. Meanwhile, they can see the technicians building the golf carts and doing installs. The customers love the experience of just watching the technicians customize the carts. They find customers love just to pop in daily to watch their cart being built. The store’s second location also boasts a 4,000 square foot indoor showroom floor, displaying some of Dean Team Golf Carts luxury models. Don’t be surprised to see the golf cart you want sitting right next to a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

GCMAG: That is really impressive how quickly Dean Team grew. Congratulations on your success and opening your Build Center. Tell us about your employees. Sean Dean: We currently have 12 employees… Sean Dean- General Manager Tim Newberry- Sales Tyler Pelosi- Sales Peter Obermeyer- Lead Custom Technician William Obermeyer- Custom Technician Andrew Obermeyer- Custom Technician Jason Koelz- Service/Parts Advisor Paul Simpson- Lead Mechanic Tim Schaffer- Prep Mechanic Joe Schwartz- Transportation Michelle Heister- Biller/Accounts Payable Todd Pelosi- Comptroller

GCMAG: How do you promote or advertise your business? Online? Social Media?

Sean Dean: We advertise online with our own website, Facebook, Instagram and Google. We also get a lot of exposure with our community donations.

GCMAG: What is the most important business lesson you've learned? Sean Dean: I’ve learned to let the business grow naturally and keep a high level of service for our customers. Being in the automotive industry for more than 40 years, community building, customer reviews and customer referrals are three of the top resources that we focus on. Having more than 3,000 online reviews and an A+ rating with the BBB has helped build our reputation in the golf cart arena.

GCMAG: That is a lot of reviews! Especially in such a short amount of time. Is there anything else you'd like to add? 42 GOLFCARTING.COM

Sean Dean: I love being creative and mixing it up. I love trying new paint schemes and wheels. We treat our golf carts like they are cars. We have tried and installed just about every accessory in the industry to better serve our customers.

GCMAG: Thanks Sean for spending time with us. I know our readers will enjoy reading about Dean Team Golf Carts of St. Louis. We wish you tremendous success! For more information on Dean Team Golf Carts of St. Louis visit them online at, stop in to their showrooms or give them a call at (314) 647-4000.

golfcartproducts ARISUN TIRE

SERIES 80 MATRIX WHEEL / CRUZE AND X-TRAIL TIRES WHEEL: Introducing our new Series 80 Matrix wheel. Available in Glossy Black w/ Machine Face in both 12" & 14" sizes to add an aggressive and stylish look to your golf cart. Series 80 Matrix Offered in both 12x7 and 14x7 sizes TIRES: Cruze Street Tires in 215/50-12 X-Trail All Terrain Tires in 23x10-14

Go to: or call 626-420-6509


Golfing with friends & family just got easier. Practicing social distancing on the golf course is our top priority. The Driver Divider let's you share a golf cart while keeping you safe. KEEPING YOU SAFE Maintain social distancing while riding together on the golf course. The Driver Divider prioritizes the health & safety of golfers. EASY INSTALLATION The Driver Divider is easy to install. In under 5 minutes, you'll be able to ride with your golf partner while maintaining social distancing. QUICK REMOVAL The Driver Divider can roll up quickly & easily to accommodate single golfers.

Go to: or call 519-575-6953 44 GOLFCARTING.COM



SB265 Fits Club Car Precedent/Onward Check out this all new super cool bluetooth speaker system for the Club Car Precedent & Onward. It mounts at the roof and is made from molded plastic with built in brackets and a quick connect plug. FEATURES • (2) PBR65XL-LED marine component speakers • (1) 6" × 9" passive radiator • 500 W ProBox Plate Amp • (1) Dome light • BTR-12 Bluetooth Controller with Mini-DIN Connector • AUX/USB/Volt meter • On/off switch for RGB LEDs • Custom mounting bracket • One year warranty. Original receipt from date of purchase required for warranty work. MSRP: $1,250 More info:

Go to:




rom time to time we get golf-cart-related questions from our readers either on our website (GolfCarting. com) or from our social media pages. When we get these questions we reach out to our sponsors and advertisers who are leaders in the golf cart industry and get educated answers to better help our readers.

What are some things I should look for when buying a gas golf cart? The most important thing to look at on a gas golf cart is the engine. You want to inspect it carefully and look for any wear or leaks. Inspect the wiring and look for any lose connections, wear, melted or damaged wires. If additional accessories are installed like headlights, brake lights, and turn signals, check those wiring connections as well. Take the golf cart on a test drive as that will often times tell you a lot about the cart. If you have a rough ride or hear noises from the suspension or tire areas, inconsistent throttle or breaking response, there could 46 GOLFCARTING.COM

be a much bigger issue.

How many hours will a gas golf cart last? Gas golf cart engines, with proper maintenance, should last approximately 3000-4000 hours before any major repairs are needed. Without proper maintenance, this could be significantly less. Electric carts will last much longer then gas carts as they require less moving parts. If you change the batteries every 4-5 years you can easily get 10-years of normal use before any major issues occur with the drivetrain.

What’s the difference between a 36 volt and 48 volt golf carts? The 48 volt golf carts use one-third less amperage than 36 volt systems and are more much more efficient. Golf carts with 48 volt systems get longer battery life than golf carts with 36 volt systems and generally can travel 30% further on a full charge.


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