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elcome to the 2014 Goleta Magazine. The Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to publish the premiere guide to Goleta. From our rich history, natural beauty, connected community and thriving businesses, Goleta is a great place to be! This issue takes an in-depth look at our deep roots in agriculture. From Bragg Live Foods, growing organic apples for our school district, to Fairview Gardens, growing over 100 different fruits and vegetables on its 12.5 acres of land, to Good Land Organics, the only coffee farm in the continental US, Goleta boasts a complete eco-tourism experience in southern California.


If you’re looking for places to stay, eat or play, look no further. We have put together all the information you need to explore wine country, eat local and enjoy our beautiful coastline. The great weather, beaches and natural beauty make Goleta a great place for the entire family.

goleta chamber

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of Commerce. With 450 members representing 35,000 jobs, we are the voice of business. Members who advertise in the Goleta Magazine are putting their best foot forward to inform you and ask for your business. We hope you’ll seek them first for your lodging, dining, shopping and services. If there is something you’re looking for and don’t find in these pages, check our online Member Directory at, or give us a call. We hope this will be your guide to discovering all Goleta has to offer, whether you’re visiting, or here to stay! —Cortney Hebert, Editor-in-Chief

ON THE COVER Fairview Gardens is located in the heart of Goleta, but when you’re onsite you feel miles away from civilization. Resident of Fairview Gardens, Elsie, carries a basket full of organic vegetables grown on the land. PHOTO BY JAY FARBMAN



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his will be a monumental year for the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce and the businesses and community we represent. In this idealistic setting sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains entrepreneurial businesses flourish and recreational activities abound. Whether your outdoor interests are ocean water sports, hiking, biking or golfing, there is something for everyone on a year round basis. And check out our annual two day Lemon Festival and nearby wine tasting!

• Saving Goleta Beach Park

The Chamber will continue its tremendous momentum from 2013 in three main areas:

To our members: Thank you for your trust in the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce. Without your support we would not have the impact on business and community that we do.

• An equitable revenue-neutrality agreement between the City and County • Old Town Goleta redevelopment and improvements

• Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet project • Visitor Services program

To our visitors: The Goleta Valley is waiting for you. Come relax, explore and enjoy what our friendly coastal locale has to offer!

• Membership Meanwhile, we’ll continue to support several important initiatives to the businesses and community in our area:

—Don Donaldson, Chairman

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ith an average temperature of 68 degrees and a perfect location in Santa Barbara County, Goleta is a great place to live, work and visit. Goleta’s beautiful parks and beaches, thriving businesses and good schools offer the best of life. The community is interconnected between retail and industrial sectors, education, non-profits, high tech business and its agricultural history. It has the friendliness of a small town with access to big city activities nearby.

thriving businesses and excellent educational system, it is no wonder Goleta is a great place to be. The Chamber’s mission remains the same: creating a strong local economy, promoting the community, providing business and networking opportunities, representing business to government, and pro-business political action. We are proud to announce after five years of operating in a virtual office, we remain closer to our members than ever. Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet, a collaboration of the Chamber, the City of Goleta, and UC Santa Barbara has an incubator space in Old Town Goleta and will soon be housing high-tech entrepreneurs and start ups.

For 66 years, the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce has celebrated the Goleta Valley. From the beautiful parks and beaches,

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cover story



A visit to Fairview Gardens in Goleta isn’t complete without a taste of something growing in the rows of the urban farm—a proud staple of any Mark Tollefson-guided tour. As the nonprofit farm’s executive director used a pitchfork to churn soil loose, digging up earth-covered orange vegetables, stone silence fell across the group of otherwise chatty local elementary students on a field trip to the storied, 12-acre North Fairview Avenue property. Tollefson looked up to see all eyes fixed on him. Stunned expressions made the passionate, multigenerational farmer feel like he suddenly had sprouted an extra head. A small voice broke through the quiet. “Why are those carrots in the dirt?” a boy asked earnestly. Tollefson remembers tears reaching his cheeks, coupled with the realization that these kids had become so disconnected from their food sources that they didn’t know carrots grew in the ground.

The story’s end was far less heartbreaking. That same boy’s mother volunteered at Fairview Gardens a short time later. When asked why she was so set on helping the once-struggling farm operation, the mother recounted her son’s epiphany—complete with his pleas that the family buy more carrots from the grocery store. The ones with green, leafy tops, and not precut in a bag. Tollefson retells the tale as the essence of Fairview Gardens’ mission: to educate children, to reconnect people of all ages to their food sources and to create a resilient, self-sustaining community. But just as humans lost sight of food sources, so did Fairview Gardens drift from of its original purpose. The farm founded prior to the 1900s abandoned its educational roots entirely just a few years ago in the face of mounting bills, neighborly scrutiny and other troubles. It wasn’t until recently that Fairview Gardens re-emerged as a guiding force in urban agriculture—the hard-fought ALL PHOTOS BY JAY FARBMAN



Fairview Gardens ushers in a new era in urban agriculture product of an admitted identity crisis. Years of planning and soil plotting later, the farm has once again begun to feel the embrace of the Goleta community it so desperately strives to serve. Tollefson didn’t know the magnitude of mess he was getting himself into four years ago. The native Canadian agreed to lead the Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens, the nonprofit organization created when the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County, the county Board of Supervisors and a collective of individuals and foundations purchased the property at 598 N. Fairview Ave. The parties bought the site for a song in 1997 from Cornelia and Roger Chapman because an agricultural easement was placed on the farm. To keep the land in trust, the deal stipulated that 88 percent of land be used for agricultural production, with farm support, employee housing and educational uses allowed on the rest. Tollefson was aware the organization had fallen on hard times, but to what extent was soon discouragingly clear. Lack of long-standing leadership seemed at the heart problems. Fairview Gardens hadn’t had a stable supervisor since Michael Ableman, a farmer who managed the land from 1981 until the late 2000s. Ableman was the charismatic and knowledgeable founder who formed the original nonprofit that

helped place the farm in trust. He had managed the farm under the previous owners, and subsequently spearheaded the educational component that had been a part of the land since the 1970s. In 2001, however, Ableman left the Central Coast to farm in British Columbia. While he managed Fairview Gardens from afar, the operation fell from its path. “Without Michael here, Fairview had a chance to drift away from its original mission,” Tollefson said. “It got more focused on production agriculture and a lot less about what does that actually mean?” Fairview Gardens wasn’t making enough money, and community members who once enjoyed its educational benefits became annoyed by its noisy poultry operations and live-in farm hands — 26 of them at its peak. The farm needed to redefine its role within the Goleta community, and quickly. In many ways, Fairview Gardens experienced the same challenges of any other small nonprofit organization. With limited resources, the farm needed to create a new survival plan to figure out what urban farming should look like, who would be in charge and which former financial supporters might be called on to help. Tollefson hired Geoff Green, executive director of The Fund for Santa Barbara, as a consultant to craft realistic and tangible goals.

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cover story

One thing setting Fairview Gardens ahead of other woeful organizations was actually owning its greatest asset: centrally located farmland. “If it weren’t for that, I don’t know that they would’ve made it,” Green said. “Most non-profits don’t own resources. So often people get into these cycles where they’re building debt. They were just trying to figure out how to best return that into a reinvented Fairview Gardens. The idea of urban agriculture and what that meant in the 1990s is really different now.” Beyond rebuilding staff, Fairview Gardens had to remedy a number of zoning and permitting issues. In 2009, it was forced to close its vegetable and fruit stand—the face of its operations along Fairview Avenue—because of encroachment land issues with Southern California Edison and the City of Goleta. Tollefson said much of 2012 was spent treading water and trying to reopen the stand, where the farm earns much of its revenue. Seeing the public benefit of Fairview Gardens, the Goleta has forgiven more than $56,000 in outstanding parks development and processing fees over the years, according to Jennifer Carman, the city’s planning and environmental review director. In June 2012, the Goleta City Council voted to also pay $5,000 so the farm could obtain a permit to reopen its farm stand. The farm gained a great partner in city staff, which continues to work with the organization to ensure residents can visit a true model of sustainable living. “I think we’re blessed,” Goleta Mayor Michael Bennett said. “Mark has turned that farm around. He’s incredibly motivated. They’re having some real success.” Green credits Tollefson’s energetic and charming character for furthering Fairview Gardens’ resurrection. His knack for storytelling —especially anecdotes involving the farm’s fascinating history — helped re-attract donors and continues to hook people of all ages on agriculture. “You have to love it, and he does,” Green said. “Fairview Gardens is the epitome of local sustainable organic food systems. It’s a great teaching tool, and at a time and place when fewer and fewer people have connection to food.” Page 7: Esher, one of the many children who help farm, pulling wagon of organically grown vegetables. Mark Tollefson, Executive Director of Fairview Gardens. Page 8: Chicken strolling through the gardens’ grounds. Tending to the local and fresh crops of Fairview Gardens. Page 9: Display shows some of the many offerings at the Farm Stand. Olivia, a child living on the farm, playing with one of the gardens’ friendly animals.



The Fairview Gardens farm stand reopened in September 2013, more than four years after it closed. Daily visitors have returned to the public face of Fairview Gardens for their fix of organic fruits and veggies. They enjoy the scenic setting reminiscent of rural backcountry, but can still be comforted by the faint hum of cars traveling on the nearby Highway 101 and close proximity to civilization. More than 3,000 schoolchildren are once again touring the farm annually, along with 400 adults in education program, 400 children from summer camp programs and another 1,500 others on self-guided tours of grounds that include fields, fruit trees, chickens, goats, the original farmhouse and more.


Tollefson’s mentor, Dave Davis, the executive director of Santa Barbara’s Community Environmental Council, has also been working with the farm to piece together a sustainable food system plan for the Santa Barbara County region. “It’s all a matter of community,” Davis said. “That term community development really means something. I think we’re blessed to have him (Tollefson) as a farm manager out there and in the community.”

Let’s bring people out on the farm, and show them that this is what real food is like.”

Tollefson and his family are now the sole site residents. He and wife, Sharon, and two children live in the farmhouse, which is sometimes opened for curious visitors. Fairview Gardens is generating revenue again, but still retains its focus of helping humans reclaim food sources. What’s happening at the Goleta urban farm has caught the attention of others across the country who are looking for a healthy, sustainable food model.

The worst of times appear behind Fairview Gardens, but Tollefson said he isn’t taking any chances. He plans to build upon the educational model, and hopes the farm will one day become the community gathering place it has the potential to be.

Everyone has to eat, he said, and it might as well be locally grown food that treats bodies best. “It changes kids’ lives,” Tollefson said. “What we have the chance to be able to do here is to reintegrate people back into our food systems. It’s not just about growing food. Let’s grow really the best food we can and bring people out on the farm, and show them that this is what real food is like.’




Goleta Grows Green t

Take a drive out to the coastal foothills of Goleta at an elevation of 650 feet and you’ll see the sprawling 42 acre farm, Good Land Organics. With a comfortably warm, southern orientation, combined with innovative organic growing techniques, Good Land Organics cultivates a wide range of out of the ordinary crops such as cherimoyas, finger limes, coffee and more.

is similar in texture but has a distinct lime flavor. This small fruit surprises taste buds in any food and drink that calls for lime, and ones that don’t! Cherimoyas take a lot of time and care, including hand pollination. It is the sweetest fruit grown in Santa Barbara in the winter and the most pleasurable fresh crop to eat out of hand. Other fruits available for national shipping are listed on their store page,

Their Coffee Educational Tour lets you visit the only coffee farm of the continental United States. This Tour of Good Land Organics is offered seasonally. Good Land Organics also accommodates private tours during harvest season and in the fall and winter months. The 3-hour tour, led by Good Land Organics owner and grower, Jay Ruskey, consists of a tasting of their California grown coffee, a walking tour of the 42-acre farm, and enjoying a lunch at the onsite Koi pond. Good Land Organics have been collaborating on this coffee research effort with Mark Gaskell of the University California Cooperative Extension. This trial is evaluating all aspects of growing coffee in California with over a dozen named varieties. One of their more exciting new crops is a micro-citrus native to Australia, finger limes. They are referred to as vegan caviar or caviar limes, because the flesh Jay Ruskey, Founder of Good Land Organics



Bragg Live Foods Goleta has something to brag about. You can’t discuss agriculture in Goleta without acknowledging the commitment to organic farming and good health lead by Bragg Live Foods. Bragg’s farm spawns over 120 acres of the Goleta coast. Mature walnut trees loaded with chartreuse, nutbearing bulbs, white trunks peaking out from the apple orchard flanked by a running stream and native chaparral decorate this natural landscape. The Bragg message is the result of a life time of spreading the word of good health worldwide since 1912. Bragg Live Food Products once produced 365 products, the first vitamins, minerals, health teas, health foods, health candies and skin care. Now Bragg Live Foods, Inc continues to sell their three favorites, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Olive Oil, and Liquid Aminos, Apple orchards sprawl as well as 10 best selling self-help books. To learn more about Bragg and their products visit

along Bragg Farms. The fountain in the middle of Patricia Bragg’s famous rose garden.



GAUCHO CERTIFIED FARMERS MARKET L AUNCHES TO HEALTHY CROWDS, FOODIE FANFARE Gaucho Certified Farmers Market opened early this year and its grand opening was replete with live music, food trucks and a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The UCSB Farmer’s Market will subsequently be held on Wednesday of every week, same time, and same place. The Gaucho Certified Farmers Market aims to promote local eating and provide a more community-oriented atmosphere on campus. Bearing the slogan ‘Eat Fresh, Buy Loco,’ a riff on the nickname for roaring student crowds at UCSB sporting events, the market was born from a staff initiative known as Gaucho U. The six-month, voluntary learning program is meant to foster innovation, employee engagement and culture change, plus build community and develop leaders. Participants work in groups, or cohorts, and produce a final project. Gaucho U did a survey in spring 2013 and received thousands of responses on the need for a farmer’s market on campus. The staff at UC Santa Barbara volunteer and are dedicated to this initiative because it serves the campus and the greater community. Such was the genesis of Gaucho Certified Farmers Market. The goal of the farmers market is to foster a feeling of unity within surrounding neighborhoods and bring together everyone on campus, from faculty members to staff and students. Since the Gaucho Certified Farmers Market started, it has added five more farmers and a student-run bag campaign, in the vein of “take a penny, leave a penny,” that will encourage shoppers to donate their unwanted bags for

The Gauchos Farmers Market features fresh local fruits and vegetables in addition to artisan goods and local food trucks.

fellow foodies who forgot theirs. Rotating occupants of the educational booth, such as UCSB Health & Wellness and Katie Falbo, take the time to inform shoppers on topics such as recycling, healthy eating, and sustainability. The UCSB Farmers market invites the entire community to come explore the new market and buy loco!



made in goleta

Destination for GEM

Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet Founded

The Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet (GEM) is collaboration between the City of Goleta, the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce (GVCC) and the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). The Mission of GEM is to strengthen the local economy by supporting new and growing science and technology entrepreneurs. GEM’s Vision is to be recognized as a world-class regional center of excellence for entrepreneurial technology development and growth. GEM and its associated technology incubator would provide new and emerging technology and compatible businesses with an environment that would support their start-up phase and increase their likelihood of success.





Executive Director Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet

President & CEO Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce

City Manager City of Goleta

“We are set to open up our first incubator in Spring 2014. Located at 600 Pine Avenue in Old Town, the incubator will be a fully furnished 4,500 square foot office space, with 12 cubicles, five offices and a conference room, flexible leases, shared use of common office equipment, direct business assistance and guidance, mentoring, networking to capital, and other technical resources. I am excited to work with the young minds in our area who are inventing the technology of tomorrow.”

“After years of planning and forming the partnership between the Chamber, City of Goleta and UCSB, GEM has transformed from an idea, to a committee, to its own entity. By securing funding for the program, through the founding partners, private donors and local businesses, GEM will open an incubator, hold an accelerator program for young startups and make a big impact on the Goleta community. I am excited to see Goleta on the map as a techtopia.”

“The economic impact of high-tech companies coming out of UCSB is a great thing for the City of Goleta. We look forward to helping to foster the technology culture in Goleta. We are also eager to learn about the new and exciting projects growing right in our backyard. Goleta has a history of local business making global impacts and I’m excited to see what those are.”





Deckers Outdoor Corporation relocated their international headquarters to the Cabrillo Business Park from a nearby site in Goleta, taking the retail shopping experience to a new level.


Deckers Outdoor Corporation introduces the Omni-Channel Retail Experience

Mayor of Goleta, Michael T. Bennett congratulates Deckers Outdoor Corporation President & CEO, Angel Martinez at the Grand Opening Event

The flagship store delivers an elevated environment for Deckers brands to display their core heritage footwear, as well as seasonally significant offerings, while serving as an innovation lab to continually test new technologies and merchandising approaches, aimed at further improving the Omni-Channel customer experience. The ability to obtain direct feedback from customers in an interactive retail environment will enable Deckers to continue to lead the industry in driving innovation in how footwear, apparel and accessories are displayed, marketed and delivered to consumers. The Brand Showcase store features an extensive breadth of product across all Deckers brands, such as UGG® Australia, Teva®, Sanuk®, TSUBO®, Ahnu®, MOZO®, and HOKA ONE ONE®. In addition to the rich array of offerings, which includes more than 1,000 SKUs, customers have the option to pick up their purchased product in-store or ship overnight, free of charge. Such an efficient retail model underscores the Company’s consumer-

centric growth strategy that includes the introduction of compelling products and engaging store experiences. “Our new store will serve as the showcase for all of Deckers’ brands and our expression of next generation retail. With the launch of this ‘innovation lab,’ we’re better able to listen to customers’ feedback, make product and service adjustments more efficiently, and heighten the overall customer experience,” explained Dave Powers, President of Omni-Channel for Deckers. “Shop in store using iPads, customize your product, order online, ship direct to your home or hotel room free of charge or pick up in store. Whatever the preference, our goal is to align our capabilities to customer demand and help drive customer loyalty.” On track to be certified as LEED Silver for the store’s sustainable design elements, the 8,000+ square foot location incorporates a blend of unique, varied materials, including walnut, hot rolled steel, exposed concrete, and gloss white laminate. The interior and exterior material reflects the diverse range of footwear and related products that Deckers offers. Situated in the heart of Goleta, the Brand Showcase store is set to become a major destination for residents and visitors.



The South Coast’s Premier Business Park A RARE COMBINATION of high-quality, efficient buildings and a generous outdoor

campus, Cabrillo Business Park has no equal between Los Angeles and San Jose. Designed as a sustainable, master-planned project, with walking trails, mini parks, sports courts, and bike paths—all built around restored and enhanced natural wetlands—Cabrillo Business Park provides an environment conducive to the greatest employee creativity and productivity. A convenient, accessible location supports retail space, while a variety of buildings allows tenant flexibility and growth. To learn more, visit





Marmalade Cafe® has added a private dining room for your special event or business meeting needs! IDEAL FOR: Birthdays Showers Rehearsal Dinners Business Meetings Any Special Occasion!


at La Cumbre Plaza 3825 State Street l Santa Barbara l CA






IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD B Y G I N A P OT T H O F F, N O OZ H AW K .CO M “And there’s more that’s coming through the pipeline,” he added, noting two other projects going through proper approval channels.

Ocean Views One housing project finally coming to fruition is the Hideaway Bungalows, a development of 101 condos for sale at 7900 Hollister Ave. that the Goleta City Council approved back in 2009. Right around that time, Goleta home sales leveled off at 256 — 100 fewer homes sold than the 356 bought in 2004 before the economic downturn, according to Gary Woods, a statistician for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors.


With a recent recession seemingly in the rearview mirror, those traveling around Goleta have begun to see several construction projects that no longer lie in wait on the horizon. Developers are making way for young families, 20-something singles and seniors on fixed incomes to live within the city limits by building affordable residential complexes, especially along or near the Hollister Avenue corridor. From the Hideaway Bungalows to Hollister Village to Willow Springs, city officials say it’s an exciting time to be looking for more modern housing designed with a contemporary population in mind — whether you aim to buy or rent. “The housing that’s being approved and built today is not only consistent with the vision of our General Plan, but works to round out the community’s housing stock,” Goleta City Manager Dan Singer said. “The economics of the recent recession prevented a lot of projects from being built.

Fast-forward to today, when home buying has once again returned to pre-recession levels, with 364 homes sold in Goleta in 2013, Woods said. More residential buyers means lower inventory, however. As of early 2014, 26 single-family homes were available for purchase in the Goleta area, with a median list price of $936,500 and average sticker price of $1,692,098, according to Woods. Enter the Hideaway Bungalows, a Chadmar Group development that had nearly 60 percent of its luxury home units sold out in February 2013 — when just five homes were completely constructed, sales director Lorie Bartron said. “It’s shaping up to be a great community,” she said. “People are just really happy to see the quality and the amount of home that you get for the price. We had so much activity, and people really wanting to choose their home and their home site. “Santa Barbara is realizing (Goleta is) not that far out from the city. I think that people are very, very excited to see new construction.”

Urban Living Development is well under way at Hollister Village, a 23-acre parcel at 7000 Hollister Ave. slated to house a mixed-use project containing 266 apartments for rent and a neighborhood shopping center called the Hollister Village Plaza. continued on page 18



LIVE Willow Springs New apartments minutes from Goleta beach and everything your lifestyle demands!

WORK Castilian Technical Center Office space with great proximity to Highway 101, UCSB, and the Santa Barbara Airport!

ENJOY Calle Real Shopping Center Shops, Restaurants, and more in the heart of Goleta!

Find out more about all of our award-winning projects at: (805)962-2121 Real Estate | Investment | Development | Construction | Property Management



real estate

Right in the heart of Goleta, this affordable, multifamily residential project is close to jobs, Camino Real Marketplace and within walking distance of Girsh Park, the Bluffs Overlook Trail and Santa Barbara Shores County Park. It’s the first mixed-use development coming to Goleta, and will incorporate a host of amenities and sustainable design components.

Heart of Goleta Just off Hollister, the Willow Springs community at 60 Willow Springs Lane plans to add 100 more one- to three-bedroom apartments to its 10-year-old complex, which typically has 1 percent vacancy, said Craig Zimmerman, president of The Towbes Group, the developer. “We’re really passionate about workforce housing,” Zimmerman said. “We think it’s a critical need, and it’s critically undersupplied. It’s really solving the community’s needs. Their employees have trouble finding places to live.” Featured on page 16, an aerial view of one of the model homes at the Hideaway Bungalows.

DEMOGR APHICS Description Goleta

2019 Projection

2014 Estimate

32,563 31,133

2010 Census


2000 Census


2014 Est. Population by Sex






2014 Est. Pop. Age 25+ by Edu. Attainment 20,861

Less than 9th grade

Some High School, no diploma


High School Graduate (or GED)


Some College, no degree


Associate Degree


Bachelor’s Degree


Master’s Degree


Professional School Degree

Doctorate Degree

2014 Est. HHs by HH Income

470 1,147 11,238

Income less than $15,000


Income $15,000 - $24,999


Income $25,000 - $34,999


Income $35,000 - $49,999


Income $50,000 - $74,999


Income $75,000 - $99,999


Income $100,000 - $124,999


Income $125,000 - $149,999


Income $150,000 - $199,999


Income $200,000 - $249,999


Income $250,000 - $499,999


Income $500,000+


Source: UCSB Economic Forecast Project / SiteReports






health care

New Health Options in the Good Land Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital is rebuilding

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics opens new doors

Construction is in full swing at Goleta’s local hospital, with plans to open their doors to the community late this year. To comply with state-mandated seismic requirements, the 45-year-old hospital on Patterson Avenue was forced to undergo a complete renovation.

Longstanding community staple, Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, have opened a new location in Goleta. Through a Health Resource and Service Administration grant, the clinic was able to open a new medical and dental facility in the Patterson Medical Building complex.

The new, two-story hospital will total 152,000 square feet. Plans include more than doubling the size of the Emergency Department and expanding both the Surgical Services Department and the Center for Wound Management. The new facility will include 52 beds and will improve patient comfort by providing all private rooms. After four decades of providing quality, highly personalized care to Goleta and surrounding areas, we now have the opportunity to completely rebuild Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital. The new hospital will provide enlarged emergency care and surgical capabilities, an expanded Center for Wound Management, and a more efficient, patient-centered design to ensure medical excellence close to home for generations to come. Importantly, the new GVCH features a flexible design to accommodate future growth. Upon completion, the new Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital will meet California’s requirements to withstand a major earthquake and be capable of continuing to provide services to the community.



The Clinics’ mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive, affordable care to all people, regardless of their ability to pay, in an environment which fosters respect, compassion and dignity. The clinics’ origins stem from Isla Vista when a group of physicians from the UCSB Student Health Center started a “free clinic” in 1970, dedicated to caring for the uninsured and disadvantaged in the surrounding area. SBNC’s other two medical clinics began shortly after on lower Santa Barbara Street in 1971. In 2003, it moved to its present location on Milpas. The Westside Clinic was founded in 1973 in its present location on Micheltorena by two physicians for the purpose of providing care to low income people on the west side. In July of 1998, the Isla Vista Neighborhood Clinic merged with the two Santa Barbara clinics to form Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics.

Rendering of the future Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital


110 Castilian Drive 805.685.9525

The Club at Bacara

8301 Hollister Avenue 805.968.0100

Complete Nutrition

5782 Calle Real 805.845.7225

Core Chiropractic Center of Santa Barbara 5370 Hollister Ave Suite K 805.964.2044

Crossfit Innate

Goleta Neighborhood Clinics

360 S. Hope Avenue Suite C105 805.698.4057

334 South Patterson Suite #203

Crystal Chiropractic

Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital

310 Pine Avenue 805.687.8900

Devereux Santa Barbara P.O. Box 6784 805.968.2525

Dr. Carastro

122 S. Patterson Avenue Suite 214 805.964.4786

Massage with Shanti Rose

5290 Overpass Road Suite 131 805.448.0413

Sama Ayurveda

351 S. Patterson Avenue 805.967.3411

5276 Hollister Avenue Studio 456 805.570.2692

Johnson Dental

Sansum Clinic

3906 State Street Suite 102 805.687.6767

Massage Envy

5748 Calle Real 805.683.5700

122 S. Patterson Avenue Suite 131 805.898.3311

Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic

360 S. Hope Avenue Suite C100   805.682.4620

Sara’s Mobile Massage


Santa Barbara Krav Maga 325 Magnolia Avenue 805.280.9101

Santa Barbara Women’s Self Defense 339 N. Kellogg Avenue 805.252.9099

Spectrum Club Goleta

6144 Calle Real 805.964.0556

Upward Living Chiropractic Wellness 5370 Hollister Avenue 805.636.9729

your local it support solution

• World-Class Customer Service • End-to-end Computer Support • Hardware and Software Sales Let us manage the technoLogy, so you can manage your business. (805) 275-2386

5880 Hollister Ave., Suite B Goleta, California 93117




Commercial Market Rebound


he commercial real estate market on the south coast saw continued growth this last year. More than 1 million sq ft of office space was leased or renewed in 2013, a record. Goleta’s square footage absorbed by new leases increased 40% compared to 2012. Landlords welcomed the change in stride, and asking rates climbed 9% compared to 2012, while achieved rates nudged 2% upward. In addition, an important milestone was reached at year end as the office vacancy rate dipped below 10% for the first time since 2007. Goleta enjoyed a rebounding year for office leasing, driven by a bevy of large lease renewals. In fact, renewals represented 78% of the total square footage leased. The six largest leases of the year were renewals, including deals by Raytheon, Allergan and Medtronic. It is always a good sign to see major companies reinvesting in Goleta as a place to do business. The average asking rate per sq ft of office space in Goleta was $1.64 compared to $2.54 In Santa Barbara. Industrial rates were relatively similar at $1.37 per sq ft in Goleta and $1.39 per sq ft Santa Barbara. Sales prices per sq ft are still approximately 15% below pre-recession highs. There were notable transactions of assets in prime locations. In the highest value commercial sale of the year on the South Coast, Citrix Systems bought three buildings in Hollister Business Park at 7414-7418 Hollister Ave. for $19.7M. Industrial space is scarce as vacancy rates are at historic lows in all three cities. South Coast retail vacancy dipped below 2% for the first time since 2008. The decrease in available space in Goleta came despite some notable downsizing. Union Bank vacated 63,042 sf at 1 S. Los Carneros Rd. and 64,800 sf at 500 S. Fairview Ave. The latter building is owned by Yardi Systems, who will occupy the space and thus re-absorb the large vacancy without it coming to market. In addition, Conmed vacated approximately 49,000 sq ft as it left the area. Significant new leases included Northrop Grumman Systems taking 15,995 sq ft at 30 S. La Patera Ln.; ALG, Inc. leasing 14,167 sq ft at 6144 Calle Real; and Texas Instruments leasing 12,976 sq ft at 6755 Hollister Ave. Overall, 2014 will continue to be a seller’s market with higher PPUs and lower cap rates than 2013. Although the predominance of sales will be small and medium-sized properties, we will see some sales of larger and more prominent apartments, such as were prevalent in 2012.

Data and information is compiled by Hayes Commercial Group

* Since 1/1/2013. Average rate totals are weighted by square footage.







County of Santa Barbara






Sansum Clinic



Tecolote Research



Goleta Union School District



Citrix Online






Yardi Systems



Bacara Resort and Spa



FLIR Commercial Vision Systems



Karl Storz



Deckers Outdoor



Marborg Industries



Network Hardware Resale






Goleta Cottage Hospital









Mentor Corp


* data compiled by the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce


GoLETa 22


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Are Over


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FLIR Systems: The World Leader in Thermal Imaging Innovation, and the Creators of the FLIR One, are proud to support local causes and the Goleta community. For more information, please visit:

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ATK wins Game Changing  Technology Contract from  NASA for future extreme  high‐power Explora�on  and Science Missions  

Proud to be a member of the Goleta community  2014 EDITION


education B Y G I A N A M AG N O L I , N O OZ H AW K .CO M


tudent journalists at Dos Pueblos High School are covering campus news from a whole new perspective with a quad-copter drone. The DPNews class has used the remotecontrolled aircraft to get aerial shots for a promotional school video and plans to use it for future media projects. Teacher John Dent is always exploring new technologies for his classes — he introduced the school’s interactive year book in 2013 — and believes drone videography could be an important skill for the future. “It’s not just because it’s cool, it’s because it really adds variety and a wow factor to your videos,” Dent said. With a GoPro camera attached to the helicopter-style aircraft, the students can get sky-high shots of campus events. They can control the camera wirelessly by smart phone, too, so they can switch from video to photos midair. Dos Pueblos senior Brett Williams is the go-to pilot of the drone and has tried it out at a football game and flew it inside the gym at a school open house. The students can also stream the video during the flight.


News Coverage Dos Pueblos High student journalists deploy drone

Williams has learned from the drone’s two crashes, and now makes sure to pilot it from a high point so he doesn’t lose sight of it. It has been taken by the wind and went out of control another time, when it barrel rolled and crashed into a neighbor’s yard—all caught on video. The quad-copter can fly 1,000 feet into the air, providing a good view of the entire campus from any spot. “I’ve taken it into the clouds,” Williams said. Dent, who teaches DPNews, yearbook and computer graphics, wants to make drone journalism a unit for the television class. There’s a lot of talk about how drones could be used in the future— Amazon even said it would use them for deliveries—and he wants to give students experience with this technology. “If they can walk into film school and know how to use a drone for some shots, they’re in better shape,” he said. “It’s all about giving them a leg up.”

Dos Pueblos High School senior Brett Williams and DPNews teacher John Dent show off the student news organization’s drone before sending it flying above the campus on another aerial assignment. PHOTOS BY GIANA MAGNOLI/NOOZHAWK PHOTO



Education Guide PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Brandon School

195 Brandon Drive 805.571.3770

El Camino Elementary School

5020 San Simeon Drive 805.692.5574

Ellwood Elementary School 7686 Hollister Avenue 805.571.3774

Foothill Elementary School 711 Ribera Drive 805.681.1268

Goleta Family School

711 Ribera Drive 805.681.1268

Hollister School

4950 Anita Lane 805.681.1271

Isla Vista School

6875 El Colegio Road 805.685.4418

La Patera School

555 N. La Patera Lane 805.681.1280

Mountain View School 5465 Queen Ann Lane 805.681.1284

Santa Barbara Charter School 6100 Stow Canyon Road 805.967.6522

PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS Dos Pueblos High School 7266 Alameda Avenue 805.968.2541

La Colina Junior High School 4025 Foothill Road 805.967.4506

Goleta Valley Junior High 6100 Stow Canyon Road 805.967.3486

San Marcos High School 4750 Hollister Avenue 805.967.4581


Olivia, 4th grade, puts her creativity to work in art class at Kellogg School

Bishop Garcia Diego High School 4000 La Colina Road 805.967.1266


Coastline Christian Academy 5950 Cathedral Oaks Road 805.967.5834 coastlinechristian

Antioch University Santa Barbara 602 Anacapa Street 805.962.8179

St. Raphael Elementary School

California State University Channel Islands

160 Saint Josephs Street 805.967.2115

1 University Drive 805.437.8400

Laguna Blanca School

Fielding Graduate University

4125 Paloma Drive 805.687.2461

2020 De La Vina Street Santa Barbara, CA 93105 800.340.1099

Montessori Center School 401 N. Fairview Avenue, # 1 805.683.9383

Pepperdine MBA at UCSB

Mosher Alumni House 805.496.8798 programs/mba/santa-barbara/

The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara

401 North Fairview Avenue 805.967.6656

Santa Barbara City College 721 Cliff Drive 805.965.0581

UC Santa Barbara

552 University Road 805.893.8000

Kellogg School

475 N. Cambridge Drive 805.681.1277

Westmont College 955 La Paz Road 805.565.6000

U n i v e r s i t y o f C a l i f o r n i a , s a n ta Ba r Ba r a

Immense intellectual vitality combined with innovative spirit — that’s UC Santa Barbara. Home to 5 Nobel Laureates and 11 national research centers. Rated number 11 among all public universities by U.S. News & World Report.

For the latest information on news and events at UC Santa Barbara, visit



uc santa barbara


Medical Research Breakthroughs Without a Medical School Goleta campus puts its bioengineering research to work to create real life outcomes in the community.



Imagine an instrument that can visualize your potential for developing multiple sclerosis or other neuropathies of the nervous system long before the outward symptoms occur. Or, a device that can take the guesswork and human error out of delivering insulin dosages to individuals with diabetes. How about nanoparticles designed to stop internal bleeding or deliver chemotherapy selectively to tumor sites? Those feats of next-generation medicine are becoming realities at UC Santa Barbara, thanks to the growing momentum of bioengineering research and a unique research partnership between the university and clinical partners in the community and from around the world. A SYSTEMS APPROACH TO PERSONALIZED MEDICINE It’s a novel approach that takes away the obstacles found in traditional, teaching hospital-bound modes of medical research and treatment. Called the Translational Medicine Research Laboratories, this unique initiative brings together the university’s research prowess with the experience and expertise of clinicians at the local Cottage Hospital system and beyond. Their unique collaboration, which allows researchers and clinicians to work together as though they are a unified entity, is the only one of its kind in the country. “For us, the definition of translational medicine is understanding the entire disease process and all of the information and subjective and objective data, and using that to benefit healthcare,” said Dr. Scott Hammond, executive director of TMRL.



“Traditional medicine is reductionist,” he said, “which means that you look for the most obvious relationship between things you can understand, and then reduce down until you understand the disease or person from the deconstructed parts.” It’s an approach that doesn’t allow much room to account for indirect factors and effects, he explained. “Reductionism depends on simple answers and does not account for the relationship between factors. Complex disease states don’t have simple solutions.” “The partnership between UCSB and Cottage creates a unique opportunity for physicians, scientists and engineers to interact and collaborate in order to continue this tradition in an era where the community physician may not have access to the vast resources, physical and human, afforded by TMRL,” said Dr. Lisa Ferrigno, associate director of the trauma center at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. “My role as director of clinical research at TMRL and active involvement with academic faculty validates one of the tenets of the TMRL: to actively involve community based medicine into cutting-edge medical research.” The systems approach of translational medicine could shift the way medicine is practiced in the near future, with a new emphasis on prediction and understanding of all causal factors. The use and development of technology is essential to the discipline for detection, prediction, monitoring, research and treatment of disease states. One of the great benefits of TMRL, said Hammond, is the bridge that it creates between engineering, the sciences,


Imagine…a device that can take the guesswork and human error out of delivering insulin dosages to individuals with diabetes.”

technology developers and clinical practice. It’s a conduit that accelerates research findings into concrete outcomes, and opens the door for emerging technologies to be put to use where they are needed, unfettered by the administrative obligations and the necessary bureaucracy of a teaching hospital. One such example is a UCSB project in materials professor Jacob Israelachvili’s lab to create a user-friendly bench-top device that can demonstrate, at the molecular level, structural pathologies that could be precursors to debilitating membranerelated diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Had it not been for the research partnership’s ability to gather more data locally, the project would likely have had to go to institutions north or south of the community to continue development, said Hammond, a problem that occurs for many technology companies that grow out of “bench phase” on the Central Coast. “In essence, and in the past, local funding did not necessarily and directly benefit the local community,” said Hammond. TMRL’s ability to speak the vernacular of both engineering and medicine opens the door not only to UCSB spinoffs, but also to potential industry partners — both new and well-established — by providing an efficient path for developing, testing, validating and ultimately getting technology into clinical trials and in the marketplace. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg as TMRL looks to forge more clinical partnerships in the future. One ongoing project involves a team effort between the university, UK-based company Acuitas Medical, local radiology group Pueblo Radiology and international medical technology giant Siemens. This effort intends to look at details in bone that have previously been unavailable and could enable doctors to predict changes to bone tissue that may be early signs of nefarious bone diseases. On the UCSB campus, TMRL’s other major endeavor is to examine existing research on campus for ways to capitalize on discoveries, breakthroughs and inventions to advance their clinical applications and maximize their impact on

medicine. Because of its ability to translate ideas and research between bench and bedside, students and researchers from related disciplines will have opportunities to enhance their exposure to the world of medicine, according to Hammond. TODAY’S RESEARCH, TOMORROW’S TREATMENT Bioengineering as a whole has grown by leaps and bounds at UCSB, as researchers continue to take engineering approaches to biological problems and vice versa. In Frank Doyle’s lab, the professor of chemical engineering and his team are developing an artificial pancreas, a fully automated closed-loop system that analyzes blood sugar and delivers the appropriate amount of insulin at the right time. The project, a joint collaboration between UCSB and local Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, would revolutionize diabetes treatment by allowing therapy to adapt to changing lifestyles and habits while minimizing the effect of fluctuating blood sugar levels in people with type I diabetes. The university is poised to take advantage of the critical mass of bioengineering research on campus with the upcoming construction of a building dedicated to bioengineering, as well as advanced academic offerings in the field. “Hubs, such as the laboratories in this building, truly enable the multi-disciplinary interactions that are the hallmark of UCSB’s research,” said Doyle, who is also UCSB’s associate dean of research and director of the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, an organization that will find its home in the state-of-the-art facility. Planned to begin construction this summer, the bioengineering building has been a project in progress for years. The new facility will also give the university a vantage point from which to expand its bioengineering offerings from an undergraduate concentration and a Ph.D. emphasis to an undergrad major and an independent Ph.D. program. This path will enable the university to attract highly qualified faculty and students while continuing to perform cutting-edge research in the growing field.

Clockwise from opposite left: A rendering of the new Bio-Engineering building. An artificial Pancreas being created to analyze blood sugar and deliver adequate insulin. Students engage in research and analysis through bio-medical programs. UCSB’s associate dean of research, Frank Doyle and Dr. Esal Dassau hold an artificial pancreas.



dining guide

GOOD EATS Places to tempt your appetite and please your palate


MIRÓ AT BACARA RESORT 8301 Hollister Avenue 805.571.3018 Miró offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, an artistic interior and extraordinary New American cuisine.

7018 Marketplace Drive 805.968.5590 Full-service bakery featuring decorated cakes, pastries, cookies and doughnuts. Espresso, Peets coffee, soft drinks and sandwiches also available.



8301 Hollister Avenue 805.571.3018 The Bistro offers sweeping ocean views with both indoor and al fresco dining on a seaside terrace. Only the purest and freshest ingredients are selected for The Bistro’s richly flavored Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on regionally and locally grown produce and herbs.


5905 Sandspit Road 805.964.7881 A casual fine-dining restaurant specializing in fresh seafood located on the beach at Goleta Beach Park, the Beachside provides a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean and pier. Located right next to the UCSB campus and SB airport, it serves lunch and dinner and offers a full service bar.


405 Glen Annie Road 805.968.0664 Frog Bar & Grill, at Glen Annie Golf Club, is one of Goleta’s most popular lunch venues. This first class American restaurant & bar features spacious patios with spectacular views.




231 South Magnolia Avenue 805.845.4300 A grab-and-go eatery in Old Town Goleta, specializing in delicious, locally-sourced, and affordable meals. Food is prepared in small batches, and utilizes produce from local farmers to provide an exceptional culinary experience.


6980 Marketplace Drive 805.968.2810 An exciting brew pub in Goleta featuring hand-crafted beers made on the premises, an innovative, fresh menu with appetizers, salads, pizzas, burgers, fish tacos, paninis, daily specials, and more. Full bar, wine list and seven TV’s to catch up on sports.


7034 Marketplace Drive 805.685.1122 Fresh sliced, authentic Northeast Style Sub Sandwiches on fresh baked bread. The authentic taste is served Mike’s Way ™ —with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, oil, vinegar and spices.


3825 State Street Santa Barbara 805.682.5246 Marmalade Café is a true neighborhood gem dedicated to great food and friendly, attentive service. It is unique and features an eclectic menu of American fare.


5690 Calle Real 805.964.0599 Features award winning steaks and prime rib in an Aussie atmosphere. In addition, this quality restaurant offers a variety of “tucker” (food) including chicken, shrimp, pork chops and fresh catch of the day.

254 Orange Avenue 805.967.0313 Stop in to this local Mexican restaurant and try the amazing Chili Relleno or a classic taco and burrito. Found in the heart of Old Town, Pepe’s ambience is perfect for families and large parties.


5764 Calle Real 805.681.0766 Paloma Restaurant & Tequila Bar is rich in family traditions and offers a fresh seasonal menu with creative dishes that pay homage to some of Mexico’s finest regional flavors.


5599 Hollister Avenue 805.845.4134 It’s fine dining in a sandwich! Each menu item has been thoughtfully created using a classic, fine dining approach to food pairing. Our meats are slow-roasted in house, our produce is hand selected from Santa Barbara’s local farms and most everything (down to the sauces & spreads) is homemade.


6920 Marketplace Drive 805.685.7300 One of the newest restaurants in town where you can enjoy Southern barbeque food. Come for happy hour, offered every day, and enjoy discounted appetizers, draft beers, and cocktails.


901 Embarcadero del Mar Isla Vista, CA 93117 805.324.4567 Sorriso Italiano brings real Italian cuisine in its simplicity and authenticity to California, while sharing the discovery of real Italian flavors through an imaginary journey across Italy.


928 Embarcadero Del Norte Isla Vista 805.968.6969 Winning numerous awards for its pizzas, Woodstock’s has made its mark by offering freshly made, hand-tossed pizzas that are loaded with high-quality toppings, and even offers gluten-free pizza.


5599 Hollister Avenue 805.451.9971 Enjoy gourmet coffee and espresso drinks, fabulous breakfast burritos and pastries in this warm and comfortable atmosphere. Order in and take out available.


5925 Calle Real 805.967.0128 Come visit us for one of our two happy hours each day, 4–7 pm or 10 pm until midnight where we offer great discounts on domestic and select draught beers and appetizers.


370 Storke Road 805.571.8888 Local, family-owned store with top quality espresso drinks and food. Offering “Grab and Go” sandwiches and salads, to delicious breakfast foods and pastries, to healthy alternatives. A cheerful, dedicated staff.

The Goodland Kitchen & Market The Goodland Market is a grab-and-go eatery in Old Town Goleta, specializing in delicious, locallysourced, and affordable meals. They prepare food in small batches, and utilize produce from local farmers to provide an exceptional culinary experience. Goodland Market supports local farmers by creating a menu with seasonal items. The Goodland Kitchen is the only commercial kitchen in Santa Barbara County designed specifically for the small-batch food producer who wants to rent commercial kitchen space on an hourly basis. Their tenants specialize in preparing and repackaging locally grown food and products. The Kitchen offers educational and learning opportunities including internships and cooking classes.   For hours and more information, visit

Sage & Onion Café

Please call or go online for individual restaurant hours.

Steven Giles has taken his Mom & Pop café dream to the next level by opening a gourmet sandwich shop in Old Town Goleta. Each menu item has been thoughtfully created and inspired by his family’s favorite ingredients. With a mantra to feed the community with the same values that they feed their own family and the belief that local and seasonal produce make the best ingredients, Sage & Onion has created a unique and fresh menu for breakfast, lunch and take out dinners. For hours and more information, visit



eat. sip. indulge.

Fresh, Unique and Local Fare ON THE GOLETA COAST

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Foley Food & Wine Society Wine Tasting Room

It doesn’t get more local than Firestone Walker Brewing Company. With an array of craft brews, including their signature 805 Blonde, they have something to please every palate. Firestone brewed its first beer in 1996 in a small facility. Today, they brew from a large facility in Paso Robles. Firestone Walker’s ales are selectively fermented in the Firestone Union oak barrel brewing system. The Firestone Union incorporates 65-gallon, medium and heavy toast American oak barrels. The company continues to grow, you can find Firestone Ale at restaurants and markets around town.

The Foley Food & Wine Society Wine Tasting Room at Bacara Resort & Spa brings to life the unparalleled hospitality and values of The Foley Food and Wine Society. Located by the front entrance of Bacara, the wine bar offers tastings of Foley Family Wines, including Kuleto Estate, Chalk Hill Estate, Sebastiani and Lancaster Estate, in the most luxurious setting. Enjoy flights, reserve tastings and other rare treasures at Bacara’s onsite tasting room and the only tasting room in Goleta! Guests staying at the hotel along with residents and visitors are invited to taste and purchase wine, bringing the California wine country to Goleta.

To visit their brewery or to learn more check out

Georgia’s Smokehouse Georgia’s is a Gourmet Food Truck that specializes in Southern Smokehouse BBQ. Creators Brian and Alissa love comfort food and love to share it with the community. The menu has a variety of mouthwatering meats from brisket and pulled pork to burgers and chicken. Don’t forget to top it off with their ever popular honey-apple coleslaw. The trucks make daily lunch and dinner stops, participate in local events around the Central Coast and even have Family Style packages to-go; perfect for office meetings and parties of any size. Also, available at local eateries are their delicious sauces. Traveling throughout the south coast from business parks to breweries, check out for locations and hours.

For more information on good eats in the Good Land:



Tasting hours: noon – 7:00 pm daily. For questions, contact: or 805-968-1614

Surf Brewery Minutes from Surfer’s Point in beautiful Ventura, Surf Brewery is riding the wave of California’s vibrant beer history and tradition of making craft beers. Located in an industrial park on Market Street in Ventura, it has a large Tasting Room with seating for 70, for tasting their fresh brew. Samplers and pints are available on site, with kegs, bottles and growlers available for take-away. For the young groms, they have sodas. Patrons are invited to bring their own food into the Tasting Room and Tuesday through Sunday, they have local gourmet food trucks at the brewery. Surf Brewery also offers classes for those interested in making home-made ale. For hours and more information, visit

Bragg is Proud to be based here in the beautiful Goleta Valley ®


Long Line of Pioneer Health Products

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wine country

Explore WINE COUNTRY Goleta is the gateway to Wine Country in Santa Barbara County


6 11

12 2

7 38



17 15 16 13 10 1

7 3





AREA 5.1 WINES 137 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.770.7251 Secret blends and out of this world varietals have come together to create an intriguing portfolio. Join us as we boldly go where no winery has gone before!


414 N. Salsipuedes Street Santa Barbara, CA 93103 Established in 1999, Carr Vineyards & Winery specializes in ultra-premium, limited production wines from Santa Barbara County. Visit our location in the heart of Downtown Santa Barbara.


4777 California 246 Lompoc, CA 93436 805.735.2196 Clos Pepe is a family-owned vineyard and winery set in the heart of the Santa Rita Hills of Santa Barbara County, California. Pinot Noir is our passion.

CONSILENCE & TRE ANELLI 2923 Grand Avenue Lompoc, CA 93441 805.691.1020 Our goal is to make beautiful and expressive wines and to share them with an unsurpassed level of customer service.


6701 Foxen Canyon Road Los Olivos, CA 93441 805.686.2345 Established in 2005, Demetria Estate is a family owned winery. We believe that low yields, sustainable and biodynamic farming practices, and gentle winemaking produce wines of exceptional quality.


8301 Hollister Avenue Goleta, CA 93117 805.968.1614 Open your senses to the possibilities within the Foley Food and Wine Society. Meet kindred spirits during a Wine Tour or a Private Reserve Tasting or take a cooking class to learn about fine cuisine.


813 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.897.3366 At Grassini Family Vineyards and Winery, our extended family’s passion for beauty, the commitment to hard work and a special place all come together to make the wine something special.


212 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.965.8606 Kalyra has two tasting room options that are sure to be the most talked about destination of your trip.

For tasting room hours, please contact individual winery. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Foley Wine Society Clos Pepe Estate Consilence & Tre Anelli Melville Vineyards Sanford Winery Demetria Estates Saarloos and Sons Tercero Wines Zaca Mesa Vineyard and Winery

10 Area 5.1 Wines 11 Carr Vineyards and Winery 12 Grassini Family Vineyard 13 Kalyra Winery 14 Kunin Wines 15 Oreana Winery 16 Riverbench Vineyards 17 Stagecoach Wine Tours


28 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.963.9633 Established in 1998, owner and winemaker Seth Kunin’s philosophy is simple: when you open a bottle of Kunin Wine, you can be assured from vineyard to glass, very little has been done to alter the purity of the fruit or its natural terroir.


5185 East Hwy 246 Lompoc, CA 93436 805.735.7030 Join us in our Mediterraneanstyle estate winery where we exclusively produce wines with wine grapes harvested from our own vineyards.


205 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.962.5857 Oreana Winery is located in the heart of the downtown Funk Zone and Urban Wine Trail and features a fullyfunctioning winery and tasting room.


137 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.324.4100 Come visit our brand new tasting room located in the Funk Zone! Enjoy wines by the glass, bottle, or do a fun tasting.


2971 Grand Ave   Los Olivos, CA 93441 805.688.1200 Saarloos and sons is a Family Farming Operation that happens to make wine. No pretense, just a good time with great wine.


5010 Santa Rosa Road Lompoc, CA 93436 800.426-9463 Recognizing a magical combination of climate and soil conditions much like those in France’s famed Burgundy province, Sanford planted the area’s first Pinot Noir in its Sanford & Benedict vineyard.

STAGECOACH WINE TOURS 1482 Aalborg Way Santa Ynez, CA 93460 805.686.8347 We offer fun and educational daily tours. Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself, we will pick you up & whisk you away for a memorable getaway to the beautiful Wine Country.


2445 Alamo Pintado Ave., Ste 104 (entrance on San Marcos) Los Olivos, CA 93441 805.245.9584 Experience the best kept secret in Los Olivos by visiting the upbeat tercero wines tasting room today! Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Viognier, Grenache Blanc, and more—oh my!


6905 Foxen Canyon Road Los Olivos, CA 93441 805.688.9339 We hand craft our wines with integrity using traditional methods from grapes sustainably grown in our Santa Barbara County vineyard.



things to do

Experience Goleta Hike it. Bike it. Beach it.




HIKING: For those who love outdoor adventure, Goleta has some of the best hiking anywhere, and lots of it! You can find hiking trails with maps, topographical information, and directions to the trailheads at Their map of the Front Country and Beach Hikes is a great place to start, or you can learn more about hiking on Camino Cielo, in the back country, in the San Rafael Wilderness, or with the Sierra Club in other areas of their website. BIKING: What’s better than a bike ride through some of the most glorious scenery imaginable? The Goleta bike path extends from Hope Ranch to Isla Vista and wends along oak and eucalyptus lined paths, over bridges, past creeks, through tunnels, under highways and has branches reaching out to almost every part of Goleta. The bike path is Ellwood Mesa the perfect place for families to safely ride together, for professional bikers to get in a workout, or for pedestrians to take an afternoon stroll.

GOLF IN THE GOOD LAND: Enjoy a game of golf in the beautiful California weather. Test your skills and golf with the pros at the beautiful Glen Annie Golf Course. This championship golf course is situated in the scenic foothills above the Goleta Valley. Its challenging layout is enhanced by breathtaking panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez mountains. Or take in a round at the Sandpiper Golf Club. This championship golf course has been rated by Golf Digest in the top twenty-five public golf courses in the country. It was designed by William F. Bell and opened in 1972 featuring beautiful rolling



fairways and challenging greens in a seaside links style layout. Sandpiper’s dynamic design attracts players of all skill levels. If your golf capabilities aren’t up to championship levels, you can take everyone out for a less stressful round of Evergreen Disc Golf. The 18 Innova Disc Catcher baskets have been installed since September 27, 1995 and were upgraded with double chains in 2001. The course is a par 54, and is approximately 4500 feet long from the standard tees. GOLETA BEACH: It’s known for

its long fishing pier and sunbathing beaches, but the 29 acres of Goleta Beach are often a destination for bicyclists on the area’s paved trail system. Between the lively restaurant and BBQ picnic areas are volleyball, horseshoes and children’s playgrounds. Plan to spend the day as park features include BBQ grills, beach access, swimming, benches or picnic tables, bike trails, bird watching, boating, fishing, group picnic areas, horseshoes, and a fun playground. CAMPUS POINT is a favorite boogie boarding and surf

spot for both local residents and UCSB students alike. During low tides you can find starfish, sea anemones and other fascinating sealife along the shoreline tide pools. For more information visit; Goleta’s premier travel guide. Our goal is to help the residents of Goleta enjoy all of the activities and attractions we have here, as well as to welcome visitors to our beautiful town.

Goleta Beach Pier

Finding a starfish at Goleta Beach

A scenic bike ride along the Goleta bluffs

Rancho La Patera & Stow House

Rich Schroeder paddling off of Goleta Beach

Goleta’s beautiful weather, sunny beaches, hiking, biking, kid-friendly activities, and tons of great restaurants offer something to meet everyone’s idea of fun.







Each fall, the western monarch butterfly population migrates southeast from the west side of the Rocky Mountains to various sites along the California coast. Goleta is fortunate to be home to multiple monarch overwintering sites, the largest of which is the Ellwood Main Monarch Aggregation Site, located along Devereux Creek on the city-owned Ellwood Mesa Sperling Preserve. The Monarch population typically peaks the first week in January, and it is an amazing experience to see these beauties In the morning and on cool days, the monarchs hang in large clusters on the eucalyptus trees, and can be seen basking in the sun and flying throughout the grove on warm afternoons. The monarchs are most active during their mating season in late January before they begin their migration northeast to the western Rockies. In decades past, the Ellwood population peaked at 100,000. As recent as 2005, the monarch population at Ellwood Main was more than 54,000. The exact reason for this change in population is unknown—theories include habitat destruction, exotic parasite predation and the loss of milkweed (the only food source for monarch caterpillars) because of drought. The Ellwood monarch overwintering habitat is designated an Environmentally

Sensitive Habitat Area (ESHA), and is protected by both the California Coastal Commission and the City of Goleta, which owns and maintains the grove. In 2007, Goleta developed a docent program to provide Ellwood visitors with on-site educational opportunities. The docents enhance the visitors’ experience by sparking

curiosity, helping visitors build observational skills, and providing information about butterfly biology, behaviors and migration. These community volunteers are present at the grove each Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and lead field trips for school and community groups during the week.

getting there Look for these signs:

The Ellwood grove is accessible through the Sperling Preserve at Ellwood Mesa Parking Lot. Follow the trail to the left which is marked by butterfly signs. If you’re traveling northbound on the 101, take the Storke Road/ Glen Annie Road exit and turn left toward the ocean. Turn right on Hollister Avenue. After approximately 1.25 miles, you’ll see the Ellwood Mesa Parking Lot on the left.  If you’re traveling southbound on the 101, exit at Hollister Avenue and continue straight on Hollister for approximately ½ mile. Turn right into the Ellwood Mesa Parking Lot. Additional parking is available on the weekends at Ellwood School.



The Club at Bacara

Endless Member Benefits. One Exclusive Lifestyle.

The Club at Bacara caters to those seeking an unparalleled, active lifestyle and a strong sense of community. Members enjoy access to the resort’s clay tennis courts, wellness classes and oceanfront pools in addition to preferred rates, social events and charging privileges.

For more information, please call 855.547.5544 or visit

Located at 5599 Hollister Ave. in the Kellogg Square XO open daily 6-4pm Sage & Onion open 8-5pm Cafe closed on Sundays

Independent & Assisted Living and Memory Care 5486 Calle Real, Goleta, CA

(805) 576-7407

Coffee & Tea Breakfast & Lunch Dinners to go!

RCFE# 425801038

Your ticket to the Good Land!

LAX Shuttle Service Daytrips | Charters

(805) 964-7759 (800) 423-1618




community awards

GOLETA’S FINEST These Honorees exemplify the best of the City Woman of the Year Longtime Goleta resident Patricia Bragg, was recognized for building the legacy of the Bragg Health Institute. Patricia serves as a Health Crusader and Health Educator. She plays a leading role in shaping public attitudes about health and longevity and serves as a valuable role model for future healthier generations. The Bragg Institute works with local schools to donate fresh organic produce. Patricia continues to make a positive impact representing the Goleta Valley around the world.

Following a 64-year tradition, the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2013 Goleta’s Finest awards at Bacara Resort & Spa celebrating the contributions of community members and businesses. Several community members and businesses were honored for contributions that have helped enrich the Goleta community. Many past honorees were in attendance as well. Emceed by Tony Vallejo, the Goleta Valley Chamber’s Board Chairman, and Chamber President and CEO Kristen Miller, the formal awards presentation and celebration followed hors d’oeuvres and a wine and cocktail hour.

Higher Education Educator of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

Mike Panesis, UC Santa Barbara Technology Management Program

Large Business of the Year

Small Business of the Year Glenn Avolio, The Frame Up

Entrepreneur of the Year Anne Pazier, Santa Barbara Gift Baskets

Student of the Year Alexis Flores, San Marcos High School

Joan Rakowski Montecito Bank & Trust

Non-profit of the Year Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Foundation

K-12 Educator of the Year Liz Barnitz, El Camino Elementary School

Man of the Year Peter Jordano was honored for his civic leadership and as president and CEO of Jordano’s Inc. for more than 30 years. Jordano also expressed his gratitude for the community’s longtime support of his company and its employees, and singled out the Goleta Valley Chamber for particular praise, calling it “without a doubt, the strongest business organization in the three counties that we do business in.” Mr. Jordano, above right, is pictured with Eloy Ortega, Bank of Santa Barbara.

Montecito Bank and Trust was honored as Large Business of the Year due to their continued support of their community, local non-profits and small business. Bank employees and Board Members showed their love for the bank by wearing their matching shirts.



community events ON- GOING

Goleta boasts a number of exciting events year-round for the entire family!

Farmer’s Market T H U R S D AY S , 3 – 6 P M S U N D AY S , 10 –2 P M

Camino Real Marketplace at Storke and Hollister Avenue




Music at The Ranch

Goleta Railroad Days

J U LY 15 , 2 2 , 2 9 , A U G U S T 5 , 12 , 19

A U G U S T 9 -1 0

A Free Concert Series: Summer evenings are made sweeter by the sound of music in the gardens. Friends and neighbors gather to picnic and listen to some of the best bands in our area.

There is something for every rail fan and train enthusiast of any age. Families can enjoy free miniature-train and handcar rides and other railroad-theme activities.

All Gaucho Reunion A PRIL 24 -27

Hosted by the UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association. Current UCSB students, alumni, faculty, staff and general Goleta/ Santa Barbara community are invited to participate in a fun-filled eventful weekend.


Featuring a panel of local and regional officials speaking to business issues, the local economy, and jobs.

MAY Santa Barbara Public Gardens Month

A collaboration with Old Spanish Days of Santa Barbara, this fun event is a unique opportunity to experience the gardens. Celebrate Fiesta in Goleta with performances and dancing under the stars.

State of the City M AY 2 9

An event for local officials, business leaders, and community members to discuss the budget, economic development and priorities for the City of Goleta.

JUNE Fiesta Ranchera J U N E 19

A collaboration with Old Spanish Days of Santa Barbara, this fun event is a unique opportunity to experience the gardens under the stars! Guests stroll to sample appetizers and sweets from local restaurants, wineries and breweries.

Dam Dinner AUGUST 23

40th Annual Old Fashioned 4th of July J U LY 4

A free event for our community to enjoy dinner at the Lake Los Carneros Dam. Bring a picnic or purchase it from a local food truck.

An Independence Day celebration tradition since 1974: Our hometown festival featuring live music, entertainment, hayrides, delicious BBQ, games, local artists, classic cars, old engine show and plenty of family-friendly fun.


Goleta Fireworks Festival


J U LY 4

An evening of fun-filled entertainment for all ages, capped by a spectacular fireworks display. Family friendly and alcohol-free, the event takes place 4 - 9:30 pm at Girsh Park, located on the south side of the Camino Real Marketplace.

Elks Lodge 4th of July Family Fun Fair J U LY 4

Celebrating the American family with an allday family fun fair. Enjoy BBQ food, music, bingo, pull-tabs, raffles, pony rides, and a children’s crafts area. Local arts & crafts will be on sale. Call for more information: 805.964.6858 ALL PHOTOS BY ROB HOFFMAN

Legislative Summit

Goleta Beach Triathlon

Goleta Lemon Festival SEPTEMBER 20 & 21

Now in September! For more information see page 41, or visit the website.

Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention O C T O B E R 12

The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise brings you the absolute finest in traditional music, American Old-Time, acoustic traditional music of North America, Ireland, and the British Isles.

NOVEMBER Goleta’s Finest NOVEMBER 20

Goleta’s Finest celebrates the contributions from extraordinary community members and businesses in Goleta.


J U LY 2 7

Swim, Bike & Run! The Goleta Beach Triathlon will be held this July. If you are interested in participating or volunteering, please visit their website.

Holiday at the Ranch

A Stow House Tradition: Find your holiday spirit. Kids of all ages love our open house featuring Santa Claus and his “rein-goats,” Christmas music and caroling, craft-making, tours of the festive Stow House.









lemon festival

Reason 2

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Goleta Lemon Festival

SEPT. 20 & 21, 2014 1: Free Admission Friends & family can enjoy the Goleta Lemon Festival for free! 2: Cool Cars From classics to hot rods, the Goleta Fall Classic displays beautiful classic cars on Saturday of the festival. In the afternoon, stay and find out who is best in its class! 3: Live Entertainment Dance performers and music groups are sure to get you and your friends on the dance floor.

6: Lemon Pies and Bars It’s the only time of year where you can overload on lemons. Make sure to grab a slice of Anna’s Bakery’s delicious lemon meringue pie and bars. 7: Lemon Frozen Treats McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream serves the local favorite lemon ice cream. Or, choose Italian ice cream or shaved ice that is sure to cool you down in sunny Goleta.

4: Activities for All Ages Whether you’re seeking a thrill or a relaxing pony ride, there is an activity for everyone.

8: Fun Community Service Volunteers have fun while getting community service hours serving slices of pies, selling lemon t-shirts and lemons, and collecting tickets at all of the rides and activities. All volunteers are provided lunch and a free Lemon Festival t-shirt.   

5: Pie-eating Contest Have some fun by participating in our pie-eating contest! (The pie is free.)

9: The Lemon Guy Find our Lemon Guy throughout the festival and snag a photo!

5 Reason

Reason 9

...and 10: Lemon Refreshments Enjoy the Lemon Festival with a mug of lemon beer freshly brewed by Hollister Brewing Company or Rotary Club of Goleta’s lemonade.  

Reason 10

For more information, visit the event website: or call 805.967.2500 2014 EDITION


getting here + staying here


etting to Goleta is easy by air, road or rail. Highway 101 runs directly through the valley and serves as the primary transportation artery. The Santa Barbara Airport is located in the Goleta Valley and is minutes away from all local hotels.

TR ANSPORTATION Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (SBA) 500 Fowler Road Santa Barbara, 93117 805.683.4011

Santa Barbara Station 209 State Street Santa Barbara, 93101

Santa Barbara Airbus 750 Technology Drive Goleta, 93117 805.964.7759

Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District 1020 Chapala Street Santa Barbara, 93101 805.963.3366

LODGING Bacara Resort & Spa

Fess Parker’s Double Tree Resort

633 E. Cabrillo Boulevard Santa Barbara, 93103 805.564.4333 / 1.800.879.2989

Hampton Inn

5665 Hollister Avenue Goleta, 93117 805.681.9800

Hotel Goleta 5650 Calle Real Goleta, 93117 805.964.6241

Hyatt Santa Barbara

8301 Hollister Avenue Goleta, 93117 805.968.0100

1111 E. Cabrillo Boulevard Santa Barbara, 93103 805.882.1234

By Air

Alaska Air

Best Western PLUS Pepper Tree Inn

Inn of the Spanish Garden


American Airlines / American Eagle

3850 State Street Santa Barbara, 93105 805.687.5511 / 1.800.338.0030

Best Western South Coast Inn






5620 Calle Real Goleta, CA 93117 805.967.3200

Canary Hotel

US Airways

31 W. Carrillo Street Santa Barbara, 93110 805.884.0300

Circle Bar B Ranch


By Rail Amtrak 1800 Refugio Road Goleta, 93117 805.968.1113

1.800.USA.RAIL (800.872.7245)

Goleta Station

Courtyard Marriott Goleta Santa Barbara

25 S. La Patera Lane Goleta, 93117

401 Storke Road Goleta, 93117 805.968.0500



915 Garden Street Santa Barbara, 93101 805.564.4700

Motel 6

5897 Calle Real Goleta, 93117 805.964.3596

Pacifica Suites

5490 Hollister Avenue Santa Barbara, 93111 805.683.6722 / 1.800.338.6722

Ramada Limited

4770 Calle Real Santa Barbara, 93110 805.964.3511

Santa Barbara Hotspots / Hotel Reservations 36 State Street Santa Barbara, 93101 805.564.1637 800.793.7666

Super 8 Motel

6021 Hollister Avenue Goleta, 93117 805.967.5591

PARK S AND BE ACHES Gaviota State Park 10 Refugio Beach Road Goleta, 93117 805.968.1033

Girsh Park

7050 Phelps Road Goleta, 93117 805.968.2773

Goleta Beach Park 5986 Sandspit Road Goleta, 93117 805.967.1300

Sperling Preserve / Ellwood Mesa End of Hollister Avenue Goleta, 93117 805.961.7500

Stow Grove Park

580 N. La Patera Lane Goleta, 93117 805.961.7500

Tucker’s Grove

805 San Antonio Creek Road Santa Barbara, 93111 805.568.2465

For a complete listing of local parks visit the City of Goleta www.cityofgoleta. org, the Santa Barbara County Parks Dept. www. or the Isla Vista Recreation & Park District at




golfing in goleta


Get Away. Relax. Play.

The Goleta Coast is one of the nation’s top golf destinations. Golf Digest and Golf Magazine both rank the courses in the area as some of the best in the country, and the avid golfers who play here agree. There is an array of challenging and beautiful courses designed by leading industry architects who have skillfully integrated the natural beauty of Goleta into amazing golf experiences.

sandpiper golf club


stablished in 1972, Sandpiper Golf Club offers an array of excellent golf holes in a setting of rarely matched beauty. Designed by William F. Bell, Sandpiper is nestled beneath the majestic Santa Ynez Mountains. Named by Golf Digest as one of the top 25 public courses in the country, Sandpiper features beautiful rolling fairways and challenging greens in a seaside links–style layout, with views of the Pacific Ocean from almost every hole.

805/968-1541 •



glen annie golf club


hampionship golf situated in the picturesque foothills of Goleta. This challenging layout is enhanced by breathtaking panoramic ocean and mountain views and is always maintained with the highest standards. After your round, retire to the Frog Bar & Grill for a drink on one of the county’s most scenic patios. Tee shots from the 16th seem to carry forever with the Pacific as a backdrop, eventually landing softly 150 feet below on a manicured landscape adjacent to a cascading lake (18-hole green fees with cart $50-$85).

805/968-6400 •

rancho san marcos


ancho San Marcos is considered by many to be the premier golf experience in Southern California. Nestled in the mountains, 15 miles from Goleta, Rancho San Marcos was built on the site of the historic Rancho San Marcos, circa 1804. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., this gem provides views of the Santa Ynez River Valley and gracefully meanders through the ancient oaks and preserved traces of 19th-century adobe structures, as well as the rugged San Marcos Stagecoach trail.

805/683-6334 •



Trust. Integrity. Responsiveness.

Since 1983, Goleta’s business professionals have partnered with Montecito Bank & Trust because we take the time to understand their personal and professional needs and provide a comprehensive financial solution that accomplishes their goals.

Member FDIC Stop by or call for more information (805) 963-7511 Goleta Branch: Justin Mendoza, VP/Branch Manager • 5658 Calle Real, Goleta, CA Hollister Branch: Javier Quezada, VP/Branch Manager • 6900 Hollister Ave., Goleta, CA





Reflections of the oodland A

ncestry! Architecture! Agriculture! The Goleta Valley Historical Society invites you to experience their 2014 exhibit, Reflections: Memories of the Goodland. Created from the collective memory of the community, the revolving display of images was made possible by the many people who donated photographs during the Society’s Heritage Project in 2002 and through the continuos collection of images from “pioneer” families. From the faces of farm workers to beach parties on “Hope’s Ranch” to blissful wedding celebrations, the photos tell of Farms, Fun and Families in our Goleta Valley. Maureen Belle, the Society’s Education Coordinator, looks forward to introducing many of the Ranch’s young visitors to the exhibit. “This is a chance to chat with school children about why it is important to document their own history as well as highlight the agricultural and pioneering families of the Goleta Valley.” Over 1,000 school children visit Rancho La Patera & Stow House every year.

Drugstore Soda Fountain, 1949 Pictured: Joe Mastagni, Mary Pagliotti, and Tony Pagliotti.


“That was a hangout! You’d order a coke and Chili said, ‘Double or nothing…’” Annie Pagliotti Kunellis

The Goleta Valley Historical Society, steward of Rancho La Patera & Stow House (1873), preserves, interprets and fosters research of the history of the Goleta Valley and the Stow family. Its purpose is to share this treasured landmark from the golden era of California ranching and provide a unique and historic gathering place for the community. The Society was named “Non-profit of the Year” by Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce in 2012. Rancho La Patera hosts tours and educational programs as well as various public events.

Goleta Lemon Packers, 1947 In 1947, 16-year old Delia Raun (center) had been in the United States for less than a year when this photograph was taken of her packing lemons. She had come to Goleta from Durango, Mexico earlier that year with her sister. “I’m in a book somewhere on industry in the United States. I didn’t understand [the photographers]. They complained to my boss that I wouldn’t do what they wanted. I was all shaking. When I see this picture, I remember not being able to communicate. I promised myself then that I would learn the language, no matter what.” -Delia Raun Campos

July 4th Wedding of Frances Cavaletto and Angelo Bosio, 1928

LE AV E YOUR M A R K ON GOLE TA’ S HI S TORY A ND HELP US BUILD OUR COLLEC TION Send your pre-1960 scan image(s) to Owners should also submit any known info such as title, location, and names.

Visit Rancho La Patera Saturdays and Sundays, 1 - 4 pm. For more information call (805) 681-7216 or visit




St. Athanasius Orthodox Christian Church


First Church built in Goleta in more than 25 Years


St. Athanasius Orthodox Church opened the doors of their new building early this year. Orthodoxy is the oldest Faith in Christendom. St. Athanasius Church is part of the ancient Orthodox Church that traces her history in unbroken continuity all the way back to the establishment of the first Christian Church by Christ and His Apostles. Yet, the Orthodox Church is new to most people in North America, even though it’s the second largest body in Christendom with 225 million people worldwide. With Orthodox Church dating back to the 5th century A.D., it is the newest Church to be built in the Santa Barbara and Goleta area in over 25 years. Upon entering this new Church building, one feels like they have left the busy world outside and entered into another realm. St. Athanasius Church recently received a Goleta Beautiful Award for their landscaping. They have the first “green” parking lot in Goleta, with special water and drainage conservation systems. The entire property was designed and graded to catch all the rain water from the roof and the land, drain it into a detention basin, then slowly release it into a 2000 linear foot swale with special plants that assist with water retention and prevent runoff. The back 15 acres of the Church property remain productive organic farmland with many different crops supplying local produce to the community. The newly constructed facility features large space for local community gatherings. For more information visit



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© 2014 Raytheon Company. All rights reserved. “Customer Success Is Our Mission” is a registered trademark of Raytheon Company. Raytheon is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and welcomes a wide diversity of applicants.




Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce: Your Ambassadors The Ambassadors are an active group of 29 volunteers for the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce. Thank you to the Ambassadors for your time, energy and dedication to the Goleta Community. Alissa ParksÂ

Cassidy Brewer

Janie Arnold

Matt Logsdon

Sloane Reali

Amy Clemens

Christine Le Bon

Judy Rattray

Melanie Maxfield

Taylor Talkington

Andrew Araza

Dan Skidmore

Kate Schwab

Michele Talkington

Teri McDuffie

Anne Pazier

Del Hegland

Kim Clark

Michelle Engelbach

Travis Hawley

Austin Lampson

Emily Atkins

Lucas Chesser

Peter LymanÂ

Will Nelson

Brittany Manzer

Hallie Avolio

Madeleine Vite

Seth Stanley



city information

CITY OF G Goleta’s Commitment to Green


oleta is a family-friendly community which incorporated in February 2002 and has a population of just under 30,000 people. Our residents value the environment, recreation, open space, and agriculture These values, along with the desire for housing and business opportunities, drive the City’s plan of work. A key focus of the Goleta City Council has been its commitment to creating a sustainable community through the establishment of a Green Building Program. Goleta was honored with the 2012 Public Policy Leadership Award from the Central California Coast Chapter (C4) of the U.S. Green Building Council for its efforts in the areas of green building and sustainable living on the Central Coast. This new program, which took effect January 1, 2013 includes access to free resources such as information about green building best practices, utility rebates, and financing options.


Goleta is a beautiful and safe community with family-friendly neighborhoods that values the environment, agriculture, and open space while encouraging housing, recreation and business opportunities.” — City of Goleta Mission Statement 50


The Green Building Program was developed over two years through a community stakeholder process that included the City’s advisory group, the Green Ribbon Committee. The Green Ribbon Committee included representatives from the design, construction and development communities. Leading by example, the Council committed to a higher standard for its own government facilities when it adopted a policy requiring LEED Silver certification for most new City buildings. Information on Goleta’s Green Building Program can be found at www. or by contacting Cindy Moore, Sustainability Coordinator, at or 805-961-7547.

SUBSCRIBE TODAY! REGISTER for email and text updates from the City on topics such as Old Town, Public Works, News and much more! Sign up for the free Monarch Press eNewsletter, too! SIGN UP: • Go to or • Visit our website at (click on STAY CONNECTED on the left side) or • Call 805-961-7500 *If you prefer to have a print copy of the eNewsletter mailed to your home or office, please call us.

OLETA Are You in the Neighborhood? Butterfly Grove Visitor Information City Newsletter Emergency Preparedness Zoning Code Project Los Carneros Bridge Project

nextdoor ALL RESIDENTS of Goleta have access to a free, online, social network specifically

for their neighborhood. This private network fosters communication between neighbors which leads to stronger neighborhoods and a safer community. Nextdoor sites are an easy way for residents to get to know their neighbors, exchange information and advice, and ask questions. Topics of discussion range from local events and school activities to contractor recommendations, disaster preparedness, recent crime activity and lost pets. 1. HOW DOES NEXTDOOR WORK?

Each neighborhood in the City of Goleta has a private Nextdoor website that is accessible only to the residents of that neighborhood. Once neighbors verify their addresses and join their neighborhood website, they can find other neighbors in the resident directory, view a neighborhood map, ask for advice, exchange local recommendations, and share neighborhood information with each other. Neighbors can choose to see and respond to updates via email, or only on the website. Capital Improvement Projects

CONTACT CITY HALL 805.961.7500 130 Cremona Drive, Suite B Goleta, CA 93117 BUILDING INSPECTION REQUESTS











People in Goleta are already using their Nextdoor networks to find a great babysitter, alert fellow neighbors to recent break-ins, learn more about upcoming City construction projects and share an abundance of fruit from their own trees. 3. HOW IS NEXTDOOR DIFFERENT FROM MY NEIGHBORHOOD MAILING LIST?

Unlike mailing lists and groups, Nextdoor makes it easy to stay informed without overwhelming people with too many emails. Members can choose to receive emails about each new post, see everything in a single daily digest, or turn off emails and check the website for new posts from neighbors. In addition, Nextdoor archives and organizes all recommendations for easy use across the neighborhood. 4. HOW DO I GET STARTED?

Go to If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Valerie Kushnerov, Public Information Officer, City of Goleta, at 961-7507 or


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Venoco, Inc. is a local oil and


natural gas producer. Natural resources from the Santa Barbara Channel and onshore fields result in millions of dollars in annual royalties paid to the State of California. In 2013, California received more than $32.7 million in royalties from Venoco operations alone. The State and local jurisdictions also receive revenue through taxes. In 2013, more than $4.8 million in property taxes were paid to the County of Santa Barbara, and nearly $6 million paid to California. At Venoco, safety is our top priority. The hard-working and experienced employees are frequently recognized by regulators for their continued commitment to safety and environmental protection.

We are proud to be a part of the Goleta Valley!



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Regional Office 6267 Carpinteria Ave., Suite 100 Carpinteria, CA 93013 (805) 745-2100

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