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Volume 8, Issue 3 March 2009

Sierra Casas Delivers

Sierra Casas Kicking soccer ball against opponent, she means business.

Gold River resident Sierra Casas recently signed a National Letter of Intent on February 4th to play Women’s Soccer at CSU Stanislaus for Coach Gabe Bolton. Sierra attended GRDC and Barrett Middle School before openenrolling at Del Campo High School in 2005.  She was Varsity Team Captain and 1st Team allconference in the Capital Athletic League her Sophomore and Junior years and has been playing competitive soccer since she was 9 years old.  She currently plays for the Capital Athletic Soccer Academy BOCA Jr.s U-18 team which in a recent tournament in Orlando , FL defeated the #4 ranked team in the nation. In the little amount of time when she’s not playing soccer, she enjoys reading, snowboarding, skim boarding, traveling and

Under the Sea 3D splashes into Esquire IMAX®

Narrated by Jim Carrey Under the Sea 3D, a new IMAX® 3D adventure, transports moviegoers to some of the most exotic and isolated undersea locations on Earth, including South Australia, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Coral Triangle islands of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, allowing them to experience face-to-face encounters with some of the most mysterious and stunning creatures of the sea. It offers a uniquely inspirational and entertaining way to explore the beauty and natural wonder of the oceans, as well as the impact of global climate change upon them.  In IMAX 3D, the images will literally leap off the screen and float around the theatre, putting the audience in the movie. “Part of what our IMAX films are designed to do is create a sense of value for the animals and for the environment,” confides director Howard Hall. “We hope people will come to know and love these animals when they experience their world through the extraordinary image quality of IMAX 3D. Most people will not have heard of these creatures. But once people get to know them and then learn that global warming and ocean acidification may be damaging their environment, we think they’ll start to care. Making people care is our mission.” I saw this film it’s a must see.

Award Winner

La Ronda Bowen, columnist for Gold River Community News, ended 2008 with two writing awards. In October, she won honorable mention in the Magazine Feature Article category of the 77th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. The contest attracted over 17,000 entries. Honorable mention means that Bowen was among the top 100 winners in her category. Her article, entitled, “Kryptonite,” revealed the deadly consequences that can occur when physicians fail to inform patients and their families about bedsores. In August, Bowen learned that she and the Itron, Inc. team for which she served as Technical Writer and a Principal Consultant, won the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Prime Mover’s Committee

Award for the paper, “Air Pollution and Climate Change: Hard Choices.” The publication grew out of research into the barriers and opportunities associated with turning dairy waste into electrical power. George Simons, the project manager, lives in Davis. Sacramento Municipal Utility District was the client. Bowen conducts research and facilitates strategic communications on public policy issues—specifically, energy, environment, health, small business, and foster care. She writes frequently on these subjects and is currently working on a book about public engagement in the generation of electrical power. La Ronda Bowen has written the Home Based Entrepreneur column for this paper since 2004.

LaRonda Bowen

Sierra Casas Del Campo High School

going to the movies. During Spring Break, she travels to Mexico for a Missions Trip with Bayside Church working with needy families and communities.  While she has yet to determine what she’ll major in, she’s interested in Physical Therapy, Teaching or Global Mission work.

Page 2 – Community Newspaper –March 2009

rememberance of our beloved teddy january 22, 1994 – january 23, 2009 teddy bear burton, age valley area. he was the

15, was well known in the sacramento “emcee in training” with the bow-wow

beauties, a fashion show fundraiser group that helps the sspca and other rescue groups. teddy is the original havanese in the sacramento valley where his beauty, along with his happy, sunny and loving disposition, ignited an interest in the havanese breed and inspired many to obtain this beautiful, non-shedding breed. teddy will be terribly missed by his family, kay, brian, sisters bebe and daisy and many, many dear friends he has made over the years. loved by all… teddy will not be forgotten

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Events Photographer: Tia Gemmell

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Kayce is looking for a caring home. This loving female English Setter Mix, approximately 2 years old is looking for a caring home. Kayce was rescued in Gold River on February 8, 2009, underweight, starving, and quite frightened.  All attempts to reunite her with her former owner were Friendly loving Kayce made, without success.  She’s been cared for by a vet and has been administered all shots.  *********** Kayce is quite the loving dog and has so much to offer.  She Kay Burton is a longtime columnist is super gentle, affectionate, and friendly with children and and supporter of the SSPCA and other other dogs.  She enjoys going for walks, playing fetch and rescue groups. To share your family has great leash manners.  Kayce is a very well-mannered pet story with our readers, email: girl who will make a wonderful companion. Please call Hannah at 851-9597.


Page 3 – Community Newspaper – March 2009

Legal Ease

by Michael L. Hanks

Client Control

    A good attorney knows how and when to control his client. While the big decisions in a case are the client’s to make (settle or not?), the attorney needs to make the client face reality and make logical decisions divorced from emotion.  Candor is critical, as is honesty, respect for the attorney’s judgment and competent evaluation of the law and facts, and how they inter-relate in the particular case.  Moreover, certainty in your decision is key to decision making, and an attorney needs to provide the client the confidence to move forward.  If the client didn’t need such direction, he wouldn’t have hired the attorney in the first place.

Pre-Foreclosure COACHING



Many homeowners come to me distressed about their current mortgage situation and have many questions and concerns about what to do and the possible consequences of their decisions. Pre-Foreclosure Coaching is a great way to get answers to these issues and ideas about how to deal with an impending foreclosure. What you can expect from our meeting. I will be explaining your OPTIONS. This will give you a good idea as to what course you would like to take. Next, we’ll go over the FORECLOSURE TIME LINE and the process to auctioning of a home. I find this is very important to understand and will help you to determine what is in the best interests of your family. With the above information, we can then go over STRATEGIES that have worked for others and may be possible solutions for you too. There is no charge for this initial consultation. Call Gary Stalick 224-6624 Broker PRO Real Estate

Energy Internet  By Geof Lambert

SMUD Energy & Tech Center If you have not made a trip to visit Geof Lambert the SMUD Energy & Technology Center (E&TC) do yourself a favor and hop on the Light Rail and jump off at the 65th Street Station. From there the E&TC is just a short walk away. It is located just off the lobby area of the main new SMUD office building. I recently was given a tour by Jim Parks who is Manager, Energy Efficiency & Customer Research & Development at SMUD. They have a wide range of various energy efficiency technologies on display at the center. Lighting, heating, and cooling are some of the many topics covered in the center. Parks pointed out one of the more interesting displays on exhibit which was a section of different light bulbs illuminating the same subjects. It was amazing to see all the difference in the colors between the different light bulb types. The center hosts various activities and workshops. Educators are welcome to bring classes to the center. There is a current calendar of activities from January to *********** June available at the center. Geof Lambert is an executive The E&TC’s mission is search consultant and an active to be Northern California’s member of the Internet Society premier information source working to increase use and on energy and technology understanding of the New Internet. applications that can help He is the founder of their business customers perform better and their *********** residential customers live better. For more information visit “The environment you fashion out of your thoughts, your beliefs, your ideals, your philosophy is the only climate you will ever live in.” Dr. Stephen Covey: Personal development author, speaker, consultant

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Annie Ansaldo 916 607-8600

Page 4 – Community Newspaper –March 2009

What’s Cook’n With Mom Asian Garlic Toast Ingredients:

Thai Style Coconut Milk Soup Ingredients:

Thai Style Coconut Milk Soup

The are delicious little Asian garlic crostinis. 1 baguette 1 large clove garlic 1 tbs spicy Asian chili sauce 1 tbs sweet Asian chili sauce 2 tbs chives 1 stick butter, softened Step 1: Chop your chives. Step 2: Chop your garlic. Mmm. Garlic. Step 3: Put all ingredients together in a resealable container. Step 4: Whisk with a fork to thoroughly incorporate everything. Step 5: Give it a chill. This would optimally sit overnight. Step 6: Cut your bread on diagonal to make little crostinis. Step 7: Spread your garlic spread on them. Step 8: Put them under the broiler on high. Step 9: Plate your Asian garlic toast.

Blue Cheese and Carmelized Shallot Dip Ingredients: For the dip, you’ll need: 1.5 cups shallots, thinly sliced or small dice 4 oz crumbled blue cheese (I used gorgonzola) 3/4 cup mayo (I used reduced fat) 3/4 cup sour cream (again, I used reduced fat) Squeeze of lemon (not pictured) Salt & pepper to taste Step 1: Finely slice your shallots . Actually, you should probably do a small dice right now. You can either chop them now, or chop them later. Step 2: Heat a little oil in a saucepan over low heat. Let the onions cook, stirring only occasionally, until a lovely golden brown. Step 3: If you only sliced them, let them cool and chop them fairly fine. Mix all ingredients together, incorporating a squeeze of lemon at the end. I found this dip to be incredibly rich, so the lemon helped. I really can’t imagine making it with fullfat sour cream and mayo. In fact, I may even use fat-free sour cream next time. It may not look like much, but it’s really very tasty and super easy. Serve with crudit’s (bite-sized veggies), bagel chips, pita chips, low-salt pretzel sticks, rye crisps, etc

1 small shallot, chopped 1 stalk lemongrass, trimmed, cut, and smashed 3 1/8” ginger rounds 2 TB cilantro, stems and leaves, coarsely chopped 2 lime leaves, rough cut 1/2 tsp red curry paste 1 1/4 cup chicken stock 1/2 cup coconut milk 1/4 tsp fish sauce or to taste 1 tsp lime juice, or to taste cilantro leaves for garnish Step 1: In a small saucepan over medium heat, sweat shallots in a little canola oil until soft. Add the ginger, lemongrass, curry paste and lime leaves until fragrant and starting to brown. Step 2: Add the cilantro and chicken stock, bring to boil, reduce heat and let simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and strain. Add coconut milk and heat over very low heat until just warmed through. Add fish sauce and lime juice to taste. Step 3: Makes about 2 cups. Enough for several amuse bouches, or 1 large bowl.

GRDC News Registration is ongoing for all grades Kindergarten through 8th. You must be a resident of Gold River.  Call 867-2109 for information about what to bring to register. Yearbooks on sale now! $20 until March11th.   After March 11 the price will increase to $25. March 3, 4 and 5 are Conference Minimum days.  All students dismiss at 11:40 am

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Sacramento Kings Retire

“Legendary” Chris Webber’s #4 Jersey celebration at Chris Webbers well known place of business, “The Center Court” resturant where Mr. Webber, and General Manager Hassan Stevenson have both provided their “unique venue” as a elite podium to support various community projects, and events such as Youth Leadership Development, Education, and High Fashion connections

to engage a diverse group of peers, and young adults. Chris Webber, has taken on an exciting new role as a sports commentator; thus providing his expertise as a reviewer, and analyst for the game he loves so much. Over the years of his career; Mr. Webber has proven him self to be a true

philanthropist by giving a percentage of his time, talent, and expertise in the community. Mr. Webbers, humanitarian efforts will all ways be remembered as the jewel of the community. Happy Retirement Chris!  We all wish you well!  By Artelias Guyton 

Photo by Derek Adelman

Photo by Jonathan Sanchez

On February 6, 2009 the prominent Basketball Star Mr. Chris Webber celebrated his triumphant accomplishments, and career as a Center, and Power Forward for the Sacramento Kings with family, friends, and the community. Following the Kings vs. Jazz game at the Arco Arena, was a special

Chris Webber, Former basketball Star of the Kings; Artelias Guyton, International Fashion Show Leader; Gary Stalick, Publisher. These three were at the entrance to Center Court Restaurant for the celebration of Chris Webbers jersey being retired.

Gary Stalick, Publisher; Vladi Divac, Former Star Center of the Kings; Artelias Guyton, International Fashion Show Leader; J.R. Guyton, Marketing Advisor. All four were celebrating until late at night inside the Center Court Restaurant in Natomas. Life’s short have fun with good people.

Page 5 – Community Newspaper – March 2009

Business Community

Home Based Entrepreneurs Any ideas to improve my cash flow? By: La Ronda Bowen

Minutes from Gold River~ Feels Worlds Away!

Upcoming Public Events

Q. What thoughts do you have for easing cash flow woes?

March 5 – Winemaker dinner featuring David Girard Wines in Granite Bay: For reservations Contact Toast at 916-772-3900


La Ronda Bowen is R. Assuming you have already reevaluated your business in an award-winning light of the new market realities, discuss these ideas with your writer, speaker, and management accountant. 1) Factoring – a financial transaction in which you consultant with over sell your accounts receivable for less than face value in exchange 20 years experience. for getting the money faster. The factor will check the credit She has served at the worthiness of your customer before purchasing the debt and pay executive level in both you the agreed upon amount (usually 70-90% of value). Fees public and private apply and vary widely. Works best when you have a few large enterprises. receivable accounts with a good history of payment. 2) Small *********** Business Investment Company’s (SBICS)/SBA – Privately owned and managed for profit investment companies that make capital available to small businesses through investments (equity in your business) or loans and also provide management assistance. 3) Obtain a line of credit from your bank. Also, according to the Small Business Administration, new standard operating procedures {SOP 50 10(5A)} make it easier for lenders to use the 7a loan guaranty to refinance existing lines of credit after March 1, 2009.

March 7- Chef John Sanders of Old Town Grill one of David Girard Vineyards caterers providing tasty samples. between 12:30-5PM and enjoy! Free March 8 – Wedding Workshop! 12:30-4PM Visit with the top vendors at DGV and then sit down for planning tips. Enjoy wine ,food and cake samplings. Reservations are required. March 28 & 29 – Passport Weekend! 11-5PM Both Days! Visit participating El Dorado wineries for the 18th annual passport event. For details and to purchase, contact

Reservations & Details at 530-295-1833 741 Cold Springs Rd Placerville, CA 95667

How Did Kinko’s Get It’s Name?

Do you have a question you would like answered here? Just e-mail it to:

The Association of California Nurse Leaders recently held their 31 Annual Program st

(The Treasures of Nursing Leadership) in Monterey, CA with Donna Kistler RN MS presiding as 2008 President. A resident of Gold River, Donna was fortunate to have Lt. Governor John Garamendi as the keynote speaker. Over 400 nurse leaders attended this event

Kent Wong, President case; Paul Orfalea, Founder of Kinko’s; Gary Stalick, Publisher gathered for pictures after Paul’s talk.

Photo by C. Goullette

La Ronda Bowen...writer and consultant, 20 years in business, management, and public policy. You can book her to speak at your next event. Send your questions to:

Dottie Linden, President Sacramento Republican Women, Federated and Gov. Mitt Romney, Past Gov. of Mass.

You would have heard it from the founders mouth had you gone to Sac State on Friday the 20th of February. Paul Orfalea, the founder, shared his experience of business and his insights for new directions with a large audience in the Alumni Center. Kent Wong, President of “sace” Sacramento Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs, invited me to attend. I was happy to be able to listen to a business starter. Paul was a horrible reader, and says he’s still a horrible reader. He told the crowd forget about cramming for that test to get an A grade. JUST LEARN. If you cram for an exam, you’ll probably forget the information next week. So learn. He said it like it is. “It’s not easy when you can’t sleep at night knowing your competition is beating at your door.” You know your employees are depending on you. You have to be a step ahead at all times. He shared with the enthusiastic audience; to find your one thing you’re good at, (your dream). Then work towards that dream. Paul use to be called Kinko, because of his hair. He’s a nice guy and a straight shooter. You can buy his book “Copy This” and learn more. By Gary Stalick

Let Small Business lead our nation out of the so called recession (depression). Please support the small businesses around your community, support your region. They aren’t getting big stimulus program. They care about giving you good service, and good products. Their proud to own a business, support them. Do you have a better idea? Then send in your thoughts. Let us share what you think. It’s time to stand up and say something. I’ll publish what you send in. Let’s really be transparent. Email

Photo By Kate Love

“Would the Government Please Get Out of the Way”

Kent Wong, President case; Paul Orfalea, Founder of Kinko’s; Gary Stalick, Publisher gathered for pictures after Paul’s talk.


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We came to The Lodge for my wife. We stayed for both of us. Eskaton Lodge Gold River Assisted Living & Memory Care 11390 Coloma Road Gold River, CA 95670 916-852-7900

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Page 6 – Community Newspaper –March 2009

Investment Real Estate Group Real Estate Multi-Millionaire… in the Next 24 Months NORCALREIA presents Bruce Norris March 19th 2009. In the last few months, The Norris Group has purchased 30 lender owned properties. On these 30 properties, the lenders were owed $10,141,900. We snatched them for $2,921.717. The lenders took a 71% hit! What’s going on here?

David Granzella


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The fantastic thing about buying properties so far below market is that they cash flow. That same group of properties that would produce $450,000 of profit will create a multi-millionaire for anyone who decides to hold them. Actually, thirty isn’t even necessary; ten properties will get you there very nicely! In other words… You Are Only Ten Cash Flow Properties Away From Becoming A Future Multi-Millionaire!For more detailed information visit our website

Where: Holiday Inn, 5321 Date Ave. (off I-80 at Madison Ave.) When: March 19, 2009 3rd (Thursday Monthly) 6pm Networking; 7pm meeting Cost: $20 at the door or $170 Annually Contact: David Granzella (916) 791-8322 (916) 791-8322

Teen Thoughts 

Bruce Norris Investor/Trainer

By Jackie Barr

A Little Courtesy Please? By Jackie Barr

Jackie Barr

The doors of the Vancouver, Canada public *********** transit bus opens. An elderly woman walks into Jackie Barr is a sophomore in the packed bus. Almost instantaneously, a man High School.You can respond pops out of his seat and offers it to the woman. to her column through this At the next stop, an elderly man with a cane newspaper: slowly walks in. A woman quickly stands and offers her seat to the man. At the next stop, *********** a man with a wheelchair boards the bus. His motorized wheelchair propels him up the ramp where the bus driver asks him where he would like to go. He then rolls forward and everyone makes space for the man to get through and park his chair. This is not a hypothetic situation. This really happened. The question is, would this happen in California. I think not. Although, there are select few who would stand up for someone else in the bus, our society as a whole is becoming more narcissistic. At school, fellow classmates cut in the lunch line. It has gotten to the point that if you don’t cut, then you end up standing in line for the majority of your brunch or lunch. People halt in the middle of the stairs and right outside doorways to talk thus blocking the flow of traffic. I would say that overall the student body of our school is polite to their friends but are not willing to over extend themselves for others that they do not know. Even when someone tries to do something nice, it is not always rewarded. I am sure many of you have held open the door for a crowd to simply brush past with out a smile or any type of acknowledgement. Perhaps we should follow our northern neighbors example and exhibit some common courtesy. So next time someone holds the door open for you, even a simple thanks will suffice.

Photo Center Send us your photos!

Email to

Please include the photographer’s name, captions for photos, and event location.

KARLA K. WILLIAMS CRAB FEED: February 6, 2009 we held our 2nd annual crab feed at the Elks lodge No. 6 in Sacramento. This was no ordinary crab feed, we had crab from Have CrabsWill Travel. They bring the crab in live and cook it on the spot. It was fresh , hot and delicious! We had a live band; Howlin’ Alan. All proceeds go to the Karla J. Williams Foundation- matching women’s health cancer patients with clinical trials across America. Wine donated by Wente Vineyards. Photos by: Tia Gemmell

Liquidity Event On January 15, 2009, 300 attendees gathered for the first Liquidity Event at the Hyatt. Emceed by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, the event highlighted two companies that had had recent liquidity events, Lipomics and MaxPreps, and honored two Social Entrepreneurs, businessmen Ron Mittlestaedt with Waste Connections and John Finegan with Beck Ag. Keynote Speaker Steve Young, former quarterback with the 49ers and director of Huntsman & Gay Capital Partners, entertained the audience with football stories and equity investment words of wisdom. Over $15,000 was raised for SARTA, Entrepreneur’s Organization and Entrepreneur’s Foundation. Photos by: Tia Gemmell

Photo Center 2 – March 2009

Sacramento Tweet Up 3-4-09 Twitter Meetup Pictures Improve your social networking skills and meet some wonderful energy filled people. See who you know in the pictures. We want photos sent to us with a caption and name of photographer. I'm even learning twitter. gs

Photo Center 3 – March 2009

Sacramento Tweet Up 3-4-09 Twitter Meetup Pictures (cont) Photos by: Robert Velarde

Photo Center 4 – March 2009

House of Mercy Blessing Mercy Foundation and Mercy General Hospital announce the re-opening of the House of Mercy on 3941 J Street to provide a home away from home for patients and families in need. For more than 20 years, the House of Mercy has been providing a home for families, who otherwise cannot afford hotel accommodations, while their loved one is receiving care at Mercy General Hospital. It also provides a place of respite for out-of-area patients who are recovering or receiving ongoing treatment at the hospital. Mercy Foundation received $120,000, in contributions and in-kind services, from local construction partners, donors and volunteers to fully renovate the House of Mercy. Photos by: Tia Gemmell

Sacramento Metro Chamber Annual Dinner and Business Awards January 30, 2009 Hyatt Regency Ballroom GenCorp’s Linda Cutler to lead Metro Chamber Board. Calls for region’s stakeholders to work collaboratively to strengthen the economy. With more than 900 people in attendance Jan. 30 at the 114th Annual Dinner & Business Awards, the Sacramento Metro Chamber welcomed 2009 Board Chair Linda Cutler and the 2009 Executive Committee. The Metro Chamber also honored the top business people of Sacramento, including Former River City Bank CEO Jeanne Reaves as Sacramentan of the Year. Congresswoman Doris Matsui addressed the guests, and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson helped make award presentations. In her inaugural remarks, Board Chair Cutler, who is vice president, corporate communications for GenCorp Inc., outlined the Metro Chamber’s plans for 2009, which will include developing partnerships so the region can emerge stronger and more competitive when the economy recovers

Photos by: Tia Gemmell

Page 7 – Community Newspaper – March 2009

Tired of Clea ning YYour ou r Gutters ? Cleaning Gutters? We Can Restriction Clause

QUESTION: What is meant by a restriction? ANSWER: It is a clause in a deed restriction the use of the property. It might be looked upon as zoning on a very personal basis. For example, a house in a commercially zoned area may have a restriction against use for any commercial purpose. This could create future financing problems because banks may refuse to loan money for other than commercial use. From the point of view of the buyer, it is preferable that Deeds should be checked the agreement enumerate any and all restrictions. carefully for restrictions. Bring them out in the open and get professional advice before going any further. It’s for your own protection.

Simple Pleasures Teen Column

By Morgan Lambert


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NEW VILLAGE SIGNS FOR GOLD RIVER Some of you may have heard by now the villages of Gold River are all getting new village signs. The new signs will be more resistant Morgan Lambert to wear and tear since they will be made out of granite. Also, the islands the signs typically sit in for most villages will be converted over from being covered *********** by green grass to a natural river rock Student at Rio Americano motif. This change will save the High School, Gold River association from having to pay to keep Resident. Send any responses to the grass green and mowed, which will also end up saving money and energy *********** over the long term. A sample of how the new signs will look can be seen over at the Home Owners Association office on Gold Country Blvd. All things considered residents should be pleased with this change when it is all completed.

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” —Jim Rohn: Author and motivational speaker Lic#763169


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Gold River roofing materials

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Page 8 – Community Newspaper –March 2009

Events By Tia

Political & Event Photographer Tia Gemmell 920-2903

Gold River Villagers Valentine Tea A delightful Valentine Tea honoring new members was held by the Gold River Villagers on Friday, February 13, 2003. The annual event was held at the North Ridge Country Club in Fair Oaks. The Big Tea served by the country club was excellent. The tables decorated by the Gold River committee were in pinks and reds with fresh camellias and festive balloons. The Entertainment Team, featuring Bill Pence and Jack Bowdoin, a musical group that plays and sing songs in remembrance of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & others, were outstanding. Kay Burton, Special Events Chair, was told the event was one of the best ever.

Joan Wolfgang & Kay Iannucci

Betty Burns & Jean Bodine

Zori Lozno Friedrich, Luana Hamilton, Lorna Sheveland and Virginia Van Koll.

Jack Bowdoin & Bill Pence

Margie DeRow & Debby Lopez

Brita Carlsson,Margaret Maynard & Ruth Fraccola

Mix Downtown And Devere’s Irish Pub Present “A Grand Opening For A Grand Cause” Benefiting Uc Davis Cancer Center January 12, 2009

Dick Azevedo, UC Davis Cancer Center Steering Committee member Betty Azevedo, wife of Dick Azevedo Ray Yamasaki, supporter of Auburn Community Cancer Endowment Fund Irene Yamasaki, wife of Ray Yamasaki and supporter of Auburn Community Cancer Endowment Fund

Starr Hurley, UC Davis Health System’s Leadership CouncilSandy Smoley - president and CEO, The Sandy Smoley Group, and chair, UC Davis Health System’s Leadership CouncilKathryn Rees, Public Policy Advocates and UC Davis Health System’s Leadership CouncilBarbara Fingerut, UC Davis Cancer Center Steering Committee member

Ralph deVere White, M.D., director, UC Davis Cancer CenterAntoinette deVere White, wife of Dr. deVere WhiteHenry deVere White owner, deVere’s Irish Pub Simon deVere White - owner, deVere’s Irish Pub

Gary Little, president, Little Investment Company, UC Davis Cancer Center Steering Committee member, and Amador Cancer Research Foundation board memberJaimie Little, wife of Gary Little and supporter of the Amador Cancer Research Foundation Robin Little, president, Union Vacations

Kathryn Rees, Public Policy Advocates and UC Davis Health System’s Leadership Council Virgil Traynor, D.V.M., UC Davis Cancer Center Steering Committee member and Auburn Community Cancer Endowment Fund board memberJacqueline Traynor, wife of Dr. Virgil Traynor and supporter of the Auburn Community Cancer Endowment Fund

Developer, Mason Wong, owner, Mix Downtown and Mason’s Restaurant

Page 9 – Community Newspaper – March 2009

Events By Tia Continued

Political & Event Photographer Tia Gemmell 920-2903

WEAVE hosted a back to session reception for state

Stan Atkinson, WEAVE Board Member Phyllis Marshall, Manatt, Phelps, & Phillips, LLC, Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher

legislators, local elected officials, and supporters on February 10th. More than 120 guests attended to talk with policymakers, learn about the progress of WEAVE’s new Safehouse construction, and to talk about the impact of the economy on victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The event was hosted by WEAVE’s newly formed Government Affairs Committee.

Berman Obaldia, Lobbyist Tom Johnson, Law Offices of Thomas Johnson

Jon Westphal, Architect, and Milly Westphal

Donne Brownsey, Sacramento Advocates, Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, Beth Hassett, WEAVE Executive Director.

Erin Kauffman-SKS Consulting, Elizabeth Gavric, California Association of Realtors, Natalie Cardenas, Blue Shield of California

Anne-Marie Petrie, Business Development Director, CBS Radio, Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, representing assembly district 12, Beth Hassett, Executive Director of WEAVE, Nathan Fletcher-California State Assembly, Seventy-Firth District

Carolyn Veal-Hunter, Sloat, Higgins, Jenson, and Associates, Assemblymember Isadore Hall, California’s 52nd District, and Phyllis Marshall, Manat, Phelps and Phillips LLP.

California Lectures

presented Daniel Handler, author of the wildly entertaining Lemony Snicket series, at the Crest Theatre on February 5 at the Crest Theatre. Patrons and friends gathered at Gallagher’s for an reception with the author beforehand. California Lectures presents a series of speaking engagements by internationally acclaimed writers and cultural figures.

Michelle Gordon, Michelle Gordon Design Bob Slobe, North Sacramento Land Company Mary Rotelli, Teichert

Phil Stohr, Retired Partner, Downey Brand Suzette Riddle, California Lectures Daniel Handler, author

Carlin Naify, Commissioner, SMAC Susan McClatchy Tom Rotelli Julie Maxwell-Jolly, UC Davis

Internet & Technology The USB Beverage Chiller It’s a gadget, It’s Cool!

The USB Beverage Chiller just what we need another USB gadget. I think I can use this USB chiller gadget. This is an okay USB Chiller gadget. I always have a cool drink with me as I work on my Pc. Will I buy one? no, but if someone gave me one as a gift I would use it. The chill factor is of the USB gadget is 45% and uses 500mA of USB juice.

Desktop Air Conditioner Take control of your own space with our Desktop Air Conditioner Staying cool and comfortable has never been easier, thanks to this desktop air conditioner! Designed for ease of use, this little desktop air conditioner utilizes frozen water to create a personal climate-control system anyone can use. Fill the supplied bottle with water, freeze it, place it back inside the chamber and turn the power switch on and enjoy.

Page 10 – Community Newspaper –March 2009

Hot Flash 

By Cindy Sample

Mid Life Reflections in the Snow

Age is only a state of mind. How often have you said that to yourself? My twenty eight- year old state of mind and fifty eight year old body frequently clash, but I refuse to let my osteoporotic spine and bum knees stop me from enjoying life. When I woke up to blue skies and reports of fresh powder, I decided it was time to brave the slopes. My start was delayed when I couldn’t find my ski gloves, last worn as oven mitts by my son when removing the Christmas turkey from the deep fryer. I drove up Highway 50, filled with excitement and trepidation. At a pit stop, my apprehension increased when I slipped on a patch Cindy Sample, Local Author of ice. Gasoline pumping onlookers cheered as arms and legs flailing, I landed on my feet. Negative thoughts pursued me. If I couldn’t navigate an icy sidewalk, was I ready for the perilous snowboarder-laden slopes? Past encounters have led me to believe that snowboarders are taught the best way to stop is to plow into a middle-aged woman.

bring in this ad for

7 days of free fitness and a

free personal training session!

My first lift whisked me up the hill in seconds. Before I knew it, I was off the chair, wobbly but still vertical. I gazed at the panorama of tiny skiers and teenage snowboarders littering the beginner hill. This aging snow bunny needed safer terrain. I skied over to another chair and climbed aboard what felt like the longest, slowest and scariest lift ever. The lift halted and a drop of water plunked in my eye. I looked up. A polar bear shaped mound of snow hung directly above me, its dripping paws ready to land on my head. The chair lurched forward. Disaster was averted as the mound of snow thudded behind me. Eventually my hands released their death grip and I began to enjoy the ride and the feel of the sun kissing my cheeks. The rest of the afternoon was pure enjoyment as I flew down several runs. “Flew” might be overstating my efforts, but by the end of the day I felt exhilarated and hopeful that I’d burned off thousands of calories. The afternoon of schussing through snow and engaging strangers in conversation was a success. While I had hoped to meet a dashing silver haired single skier, I now have a new ski buddy named Susan. I sit at home warm and comfortable, hot chocolate in hand, frozen peas on my sore knees, reflecting on the fact that I didn’t let my age or fears hold me back. While I may not have conquered a mountain, I know that the mountain didn’t conquer me.

sunrise sport 2280 sunrise blvd. 916.859.3400

Offer good with this ad only. Limit one per person. Limit one free personal training session per guest. First time guests and local residents only. Must use same club for entire term. Days must be used consecutively, and between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. only. No other discounts with this offer. Must be at least 18 years old (19 in NE) or 12 with parent. Incentives offered for other memberships. Additional Personal Training and Kids’ Club available for an additional fee. Facilities and amenities vary. Not all clubs open 24 hours. Participating locations only. Not for re-sale. No cash value. Offer valid only for non-members at all Sacramento locations. Offer may expire without prior notice. See club for complete details. ©2008 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc. Source Code: Guest Pass

AT Coupon Book 256516 MI200 0305 1-2 mb - Page 1 - Composite



2259 Sunrise 11840 AtwoodBlvd. Rd. Rancho CA Cordova, Auburn, 95603CA 95670 916-635-6203 530-885-2055




M IDAS Sunrise OF AUBURN Midas Blvd



TRUST MIDAS FOR TOTAL CAR CARE Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30am to 5:30pm • Sat. 7:30am to 4pm

• Brakes • Exhaust • Tires • Oil Changes • Factory Scheduled Maintenance • Alignments • Alternators • Shocks & Struts • Starters & Charging

• Engine Diagnostics • Inspections • Timing Belts • Radiators • Emissions • Belts & Hoses • Bulbs & More


Use the check above for a $30 Discount on any service over $100

Proof must be returned as is or with clearly OK’d PROOF marked changes no later than time indicated on Deadline to Creative Services this proof or the ad is deemed correct. AT MARCH Please be sure to double check all spelling, phone numbers, addresses, websites, etc. While we make every effort to COUPON BOOK ensure that the ad is correct, we ask you to please proofread these items for accuracy.

Return or FAX your proof to your Advertising Consultant

______________________ Customer’s Signature


Account Rep. Signature





ST proof

P OK as is OK with changes

“You become what you think about.” —Earl Nightingale: Author, The Strangest Secret, Lead the Field Five minutes. That’s all it takes to turn these inspirational quotes into a better life for you. Seriously. You’ve probably been receiving these motivational quotes in your inbox for a while. And perhaps you’re waiting for your life to magically take off because you’ve been reading them. But as Earl Nightingale knew, it doesn’t work like that. Rather, you must spend a little time digesting each quote, thinking about what these great philosophers mean and how you can apply their message to your own life. Only then will you discover what others have — that these simple quotes can make a monumental impact on your life. Read. Think. Take the right action. Then become.

Page 11 – Community Newspaper – March 2009

Rancho Cordova, Condo 11150 Trinity River Drive #1, 2 bdrms, 2 bths, 1006 sq ft, first floor. Totally remodeled. Every room. Better than any house you may see. You must see the quality of work. He changed the electrical, plumbing, floors, fixtures, lighting. It’s like moving into a brand new home. Close to the freeway, and great shopping. Public transportation at entry to condo complex. $219,950 PRO Real Estate, call 224-6624.

Selling Your House

2343 Pez Gallo Place $285,000


Seller Saved $9665

$ave $11,000 to $19,000 in Commissions

“You’ll find I’m easy to talk with and very approachable” Call 224-6624 (If I am in a meeting with you or other client I don’t answer my cell phone)

Full Service Professional Company: • • • • • • • • • •

Excellent Negotiator for you Multiple listing by Realtor Short Sale knowledge (how to buy or sell) Foreclosure knowledge (possible solutions) Discussing how each offer will affect YOU Assist you in coordination of home inspector, pest inspector, engineers, appraisers, and other professionals Straight talk on your property (THE TRUTH) Manage your transaction until you get your money or you move in Market Trends Knowledge Call for a FREE Report 224-6624

with newer roof. Room for RV parking. Painted April 2007. Garage painted also. Newer carpet, newer hot water tank, Big master bedroom, newer tile floor in master bath. Mirrored closet doors. Ceiling fans with lights in four rooms. Four fruit trees: peach, navel orange, cherry, pear. 2 birch trees. Storage shed at the side yard. Newer back yard fence. 11216 Bold River Ct. Sunriver $329,000 Call Gary 224-6624.

Sold Gary Stalick Real Estate Agent since 1976 Broker since 1979 Gold River Resident since 1988

SELLSMART PRO Real Estate (916) 224-6624 Free Consumer Classified Ads

Via Email

FREE Classified ad for people not working and looking for work

Email only. Right now we can offer 165 character spaces. Use Times New Roman, and 10 point size. It’s best to give your what you want then your experience. Send no later than the 22nd of the month. Gold River Community newspaper has the right to deny any advertisement.

Help Wanted Advertising sales promoter for this newspaper--great PR position. Pay is high percentage commission. Call 916-224-6624.

Income Opportunity Business Opportunity Start your own business at home buy a carpet cleaning truck that made me $10,000 to $15,000 a month. Easy to get started. $4,900. call 224-6624 Make a high Commission doing Public Relations Marketing call 916-224-6624

Services MOBILE HOME WANTED CASH BUYER Single 12’-14’ wide, loc in MHP, available in 30-60 days, in good condition. Call Dennis 916-567-1155.

Rancho Cordova, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Corner Home

Classified Ads We Can Buy Your House Save your credit, I’ll work with you and your lenders. Stop potential foreclosure. Call Gary now at 224-6624, If I’m not available please leave a message, or email Gary c/o

Wanted Rehabber to buy low cost fixer upper houses then repair and either keep or re-sell. Call Gary at 224-6624. Looking for good webmaster to work with this newspaper. Call 916-224-6624 Want to buy house with great terms. 3 bedroom 2 bath one level in good to great location. NO commissions paid. Call 224-6624

House Wanted I have a buyer for a 3 bedroom 2 bath single level home in excellent condition, and another buyer for a 3 bedroom 2 bath condominium, If you’re looking to sell your house call Gary 224-6624

Health & Beauty MASSAGE MAGIC For Body Mind and Spirit, unsurpassed massage techniques, to relax and re-energize, Call Inge CMT 638-3345

Services Wanted in Gold River We need petsitters call this newspaper at 916-224-6624 We need good plumbers call this Community Newspaper at 916-224-6624 Selene sure can tutor!! Spanish, especially, Also English, History & American Gov’t. Reasonable rates, well-known in the community.  Call (916)858-8683 or (916)

Passive Real Estate Investments Do you want to know how you can use your IRA, or 401k, or Roth Self Directed IRA to get a 7% return secured as a 1st mortgage on a house. I know of one home you could have a 7%

Seller Saved $11,587

11486 Green Bluffs Ct., Gold River Sold $388,200 with $7,000 credit to buyer. Seller saved $11,587 through Gary Stalick, RE Broker

Small Fee for Business or Real Estate Classifieds return with 1st mortgage security at about 50% of the houses value. The house has been owned by me for 30 years and the tenant has lived in the house for about 10 years. The houses value is approx. $310,000 to $319,000. If you’re interested in knowing more you can call Gary a Gold River resident since 1988 at 2246624 (cell). If you’d be interested in a different home or a lower dollar amount I could refer you to another Gold River resident that is a very strong real estate investor. You can call me, I’m Gary 224-6624 (cell).

Room to Rent Gold River home, room available for non smoker, clean person, good character, with integrity, bedrooms on 2nd floor $600 per month, 20 year resident/owner, Available October 224-6624.

Pet Sitting Brendan Donahue a sophomore at Jesuit, will do any type of house sitting or pet sitting, flexible hours. I can be contacted by my email or my phone 916638-1291

Employment Wanted Executive Assistant:Top meeting, project and travel coordinator with marketing research experience. Organized, and detail oriented.

Employment in Beauty Industry: Knowledge of spa services, doing calculations and reports, maintained good vendor relationships. Ordered products and took care of store front displays, handled phone calls scheduling appointments. Helped suggest products for clients. or 916-505-5860 296-1662. I tutor ALL ages.

Rentals Available

RENTALS AVAILABLE..CALL NANCY....362-5484 3 br gold run/1700 sf 11585 pyrites ct/new cpt Lg yard$1450.00 2 br half-plx/off zinfandel @2964 gwendolyn/adorable only$875.00 3 br 2440 moraine cir/Nr cor High/2 carLg yard$995.00 3 br/3car-2821 canterbury/ElDorado hills/CUSTOM $1399.00

Page 12 – Community Newspaper –March 2009

• Authorized shoe care center • Excellent craftsmanship • Repair of all leather products

• Emergency same day service • Reasonable prices • Next day service • Convenient location

• General Dentistry • Orthodontics • Cosmetic Dentistry, Bonding - Veneering • Established 22 years in practice

Call for appointment...635-2100 WEEKDAYS 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. • SATURDAY 9 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Sunrise at Gold Country Blvd.



Sizzling Fajitas! Great Margaritas!

Italian Restaurant, Bar & Wine Shop

MEXICAN RESTAURANT A family restaurant since 1997

Patios & Private Parties Wine Tastings - Thursday, 6-9pm

Holiday Banquets - Holiday gift cards – Party Platters to-go

Call 858-0651 or visit us online at:


Buy 1 entrée & receive 2nd entrée of equal or lesser value at…


Dine in only, valid Mon-Thurs.

2180 Golden Centre Lane #10 (Formerly Mision Rogelio)


Outstanding service, selection, and convenience! You’ll love shopping at Gold River Town Centre. Anchored by Bel Air Market, GOLD RIVER TOWN CENTRE provides an inviting shopping atmosphere with lush landscaping, shade trees, and a fountain. Located in a magnificent river setting in historic Gold River, the popular center creates excitement for neighborhood shopping with the variety you want.

Applebee’s Bank of America Bel Air Market Bellissima Nail Spa Big Valley Federal Credit Union Blockbuster Video Brockway Hair Design Casa Ramos General Nutrition Center Gold River ReMax Gold River Shoe Repair

635-1234 851-6934 858-0494 635-6672 638-8238 858-0551 631-4311 631-9690 638-4838 638-1177 635-3999

Hallmark Gold Crown Creations Il Forno Classico Jamba Juice Mi Bo’s Elegant Jewelers Outback Steakhouse Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza Paul E. Cripe, D.D.S. Rite Aid Starbucks Coffee Swansons Cleaners Trumpette Wells Fargo Bank

Big Valley Services... Consumer Loans Autos Boats Student Loans

Home Loans

638-4906 858-0651 858-8212 852-7273 635-3603 853-7272 635-2100 858-0491 853-9728 631-4116 631-0555 852-1033

Mortgage Loans Pools & Spas


Located between Casa Ramos & Applebee’s 638-8238 Never a fee at our ATM machines

High-Yield Savings Vacation Clubs Checking Accounts

Convenient Services Discounts to Disneyland Free Travelers Checks

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