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19  GOLD MERCURY INTERNATIONAL Global Governance: Towards a New Ethic

Written by Nicolas De Santis and Ayca Rodop

Gold Mercury International is an independent global think tank founded in 1961. Our Global Governance Model™ is a uniquely flexible framework to organise world complexity within the 8 major global areas. The model combines public and private approaches to generating policy debate and

new thinking in the context of Global Governance and Visionary Leadership. Since our founding in 1961, our commitment to the promotion of peace and dialogue through trade, cooperation and sustainable practices has captured the attention of statesmen, companies, the media and public opinion

worldwide. The prestigious Gold Mercury Awards for Visionary Leadership exemplify ethical, forward-looking and sustainable decision-making.

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Global Governance: Towards A New Ethic  

This paper proposes a holistic return to a dialogue of global ethics, values and morality to change behaviour within global leadership and t...

Global Governance: Towards A New Ethic  

This paper proposes a holistic return to a dialogue of global ethics, values and morality to change behaviour within global leadership and t...