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Vol. 3; Issue 5 | Feb. 2019

A two-issue Highlight of Mission Creek Festival for the GoGuide Reader Iowa City | Cedar Rapids | Des Moines

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GoGuide Media Vol. 3; Issue 5

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GoGuide is a news and entertainment magazine serving the LGBTQ community, friends and allies since 2016

Table of Contents February 2019

Life Erik’s World Page 6 News Briefs Page 8 Healthy Living Page 10 GoGuide Election Guide; Page 18

Culture Mission Creek Festival; Page 19 Q-Music Page 20 Inside Corridor Theater; Page 22 Book Review sponsored by Prairie Lights Bookstore; Page 25

Scene Travel Page 26

Live Music Page 29 A picture worth more than 1,000 words Page 30-31

Erik’s World

Love shifts priorities

Once settled into his new life, he often longed to know if his father was proud of him now and if he also regretted calling his eldest son a faggot for so many years. once confused boy endured from his father, that made him use education as a way out. Once upon a time, in a land not so very far Focused and involved, his one goal was away, there lived a very handsome man who clear. One day, he was going to prove his dad wrong and finally get the love, respect, and had just graduated from college and had attention he so desperately longed for. If it accepted his first job at a leading advertisweren’t for his mom, who endured as much; ing agency in Chicago on the Magnificent well, who knows. Once settled into his new Mile in 1997. Young, educated, and somelife, he often longed to know if his father was what relatively talented, but undoubtedly a proud of him now and if he also regretted handsome go-getter, he felt he was ready to take on everything in this new chapter in his calling his eldest son a faggot for so many life. Yup, he was determined to go places and years. To be honest, it was this behavior that decidedly prepared to conquer the world, or taught this young man to play and work best alone. Trust was a complicated order, and he so he thought. would learn that later in life. Feelings and never allowing one to take his voice is the You see, up until that moment, mostly everything had gone his way because he had perfect thing to cling to when it has been forbidden for so long. He never liked feeling been sheltered from the chaos and evils of like the odd man out, the outsider, at home life that surround. Sure his childhood was or at school. Illegal alien. Poor. Gay. Lonely. rougher than most would want, but wasn’t But never a victim. Today, it’s a different stothose circumstances and experiences what ry as he takes pride in his imperfections and allowed him to become the person of the quirks, but I’m beginning to say too much. present? On his own, he was free to do as he pleased without the knowledge or need of consent. “Let them judge. I don’t care” he Always embarrassed about his past and thought. He was ready. He had been prepar- his being, a branding was in order. It was a brave new world out there for him, and he ing for this part of his life since he realized had to find himself fast because It’s hard to he was never going back home to Mexico find self-worth under a rock. Sure college City. Instead, in the summer of 1980, he helped, but who has time to look within found out he would now be living with his when you are busy catching up to a social mother, two brothers, and a man who his mother had introduced to him as his “Papa” game you were never allowed to develop. But, things were going to be different. And, at the age of 5. they were for a while. About 10 to be exact. From the outside, how could anyone seem His world was turned upside down. A new to think something was wrong? But he will place to call home. A different language. now tell you, that is hard to build an empire, But, it was the rage and abuse that this or anything substantial for that matter when Page 6 | GoGuide Magazine | February 2019 A column by Erik Sosa

your own foundation has cracks and leaks that you now understand need fixing. Unfortunately, and in due time, he would eventually learn that he never really had the right tools or skills needed to be that “somebody” in the world. Well, not at that moment in time. Oh, now, don’t get me wrong, because this person eventually wised up and realized that all was not lost because when you have wit, charisma, generosity, a zest for life and a tenacity to be seen and heard, people, in time, will eventually come around to see what all the noise is about. So let’s do some real time for now because I want you to get to know me. I’ve said much in the past but going forward, I think that substance in words is vital. Nobody likes filler unless they are going into cheekbones. Listen, as I say, I don’t judge, I just have sarcastic opinions. Anyway, life is full of ebbs and flows, and I get that. However, as of late, I seem to be entering a phase like no other in my adulthood. Why? Because it deals with my always maturing skills in parenthood. Recently, I have been mentally growing by leaps and bounds because I am often being tested by my children in the strength of my patience (short and long), understanding, forgiveness, and a sense of unconditional love that seems never to stop. And by that, I mean forever growing, because if it didn’t, I think I would be in jail. For example, is it illegal to literally wash someone’s mouth with soap?!? People say that love makes you blind, and I’ve come to understand that what they mean by blind, is that the vision you once held as priority has ceased. Love shifts priorities. Long gone are the days of wanting to be seen and heard by the world. The communication to find a closer relationship with my dad, GOD Rest In Peace, was soon lost after I adopted Cole and Parker. I have learned to love through them! But, until recently, I have been asking myself if I would have done the

adoption again knowing the challenges that lay ahead? I guess the jury will be out until I die. But I will say that; lately, I have been noticing and feeling things I had never contemplated would affect me so much. As a parent to two twelve-year-old boys, I can now see the responsibility and effort one must make not to become unhinged and respond in a fashion in which driving fear is not primary. This past year, I feel as though I’ve matured more than I really wanted. Don’t get me wrong, growing on my own is one thing, but maturing due to the actions of your children is another. This summer was kind of an eye-opener, and it still continues. Listen, this story is about to get very involved, so grab some popcorn and your favorite wine because I promise to not only bring this full circle, but I’ll let you in on some teen angst and drama that I have been dealing with since the summer started. Until, then, be safe, LOL less and hug others more, especially if they are children

One Iowa’s 10th Annual Gala Celebration


Friday, April 12 - Iowa Events Center Visit oneiowa.org/gala2019 for tickets and more information


GG News Briefs “Person of the Year”

initial planning and organization of this first annual event. PrideFest Iowa City will be held in and around Coralville Press-Cit- Center for the Performing Arts. The celebration is scheduled for Septemizen ber 1, 2019. Look for more news and named Universi- announcements at facebook.com/ ty of Iowa CoralvillePride/. More volunteers Vice Pres- are needed. ident for Student Rep. Steve King Rebuked, Life and Photo courtesy UI interim Again Chief Diversity officer Dr. Melissa Shivers “person of the Year.” The Press-Citizen identifies her work with UI’s fraternities and sororities as the primary reason for the honor. The article states it’s “A pivotal time for Fraternities.” GoGuide Magazine first reported in 2018 the University of Iowa had earned a four out five star ranking from the organization Campus Pride for its commitment to a welcoming campus environment for LGBTQ students. This was the highest ranking in the state. Add this to the list of her accomplishments.

Coralville PrideFest Scheduled As the magazine went to print, the organizing committee scheduled its first meeting for January 30. This first meeting, it was described, will begin the

How long can he last? On January 14 Republicans removed Representative King from all committee assignments including the influential Agriculture Committee. On January 15 the U.S. House of Representatives voted 424-1 in favor of a resolution rebuking his white supremacist comments made to the New York Times. King, himself, voted in favor of the decision. Representative King is not a favorite of the LGBTQ committee as well. His Democratic opponent in the 2018 election actively courted the LGBTQ vote in the typically very conservative Northwest Iowa district. Activists are hopeful the 2020 election will ultimately bring change to Iowa’s fourth district.

GG News Briefs Transgender Oral History Project Receives $7,000 Grant The Office of Outreach and Engagement awarded three Community Impact Grants for the Spring 2019 semester. Aiden M. Bettine, a graduate student in History and Library and Information Science, received $7,000 for his Transgender Oral History Project of Iowa. Lucas Photo by Tim Nedoba J. Carr, faculty in the Department of Health and Human Physiology, received $8,000 for the development of a Service-Learning Program to Increase Physical Activity in Iowans. Jennifer Sherer, of the Labor Center, received $10,000 for the Iowa Worker Rights Project. More information is available at www. /outreach.uiowa. edu.

non-traditional students, and single parents. More information can be found at www.dso.iastate.edu.

University of Iowa Student Government 2018 Demographics Survey Report

According to the executive statement, “The University of Iowa Student Government exists to represent, serve, and empower all University of Iowa undergraduate students.” Full results are available at https:// uisg.uiowa.edu/assets/e84e254759/ UISG-Demographics-Report-Fall-2018. pdf.

Gender & Sexuality Equity Awards at Iowa State University Each year, the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center and the Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success at Iowa State University present awards and scholarships to recognize individuals and groups that have advanced gender and sexuality equity for women and LGBTQIA+ people. These awards support the leadership and academic success of women, LGBTQIA+ students, adult and

Page 9 | GoGuide Magazine | February 2019

Undectable = Untransmittable or Treatment as Prevention

By Tim Nedoba

People with HIV should take medicine to treat HIV as soon as possible. HIV medicine is called antiretroviral therapy, or ART. If taken as prescribed, HIV medicine reduces the amount of HIV in the body (viral load) to a very low level, which keeps the immune system working and prevents illness. This is called viral suppression—defined as having less than 200 copies of HIV per milliliter of blood. HIV medicine can even make the viral load so low that a test can’t detect it. This is called an undetectable viral load. Getting and keeping an undetectable viral load* is the best thing people with HIV can do to stay healthy. Another benefit of reducing the amount of virus in the body is that it helps prevent transmission to others through sex or syringe sharing, and from mother to child during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. This is sometimes referred to as treatment as prevention. There is strong evidence about treatment as prevention for some of the ways HIV can be transmitted, but more research is needed for other ways. CDC has increased its communication about TasP since the first studies were reported Page 10 | GoGuide Magazine | February 2019

in 2011.11,12 In 2017, as additional studies emerged, CDC joined other federal agencies in an effort led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to help ensure that each agency communicates the new findings consistently and accurately. This process included reviewing the latest evidence and developing, testing, and finalizing a core message that would communicate effectiveness in a clear, concise, and accurate manner.The HHS workgroup agreed on the following core prevention message: People with HIV who take HIV medicine as prescribed and get and keep an undetectable viral load (or stayvirally suppressed) have effectively no risk of transmitting HIV to their HIV-negative sexual partners. The term “effectively no risk” was selected to reflect that while it is not possible to statistically rule out a non-zerorisk, all evidence to date suggests that it is not realistically possible to sexually transmit HIV while the person with HIV remains undetectable or virally suppressed.

U=U Continued on page 13

Special to GoGuide Magazine

Healthy Mind

I grew up in Wake-

intensified. I thought of myself as bisexual because it was the only way I could justify field, Nebraska, population 1030, with that I was behaving as a heterosexual but having same-sex desires. five Catholic families, one Jew. No one My religion taught me that lusting for admitted to being gay. Almost everyone someone outside of marriage was a sin; the else belonged to one Bible doesn’t make distinctions between attractions and behaviors. I believed the steof the five Lutheran reotypes that gay and bisexual people were churches within incapable of restraining any aspects of their a ten-mile radius. Everyone looked alike, sexuality. I felt lonely and isolated. With thought alike and believed alike. Right and wrong were clearly defined, including living whom can you speak about something that feels so shameful? a traditional masculine, hetero-normative life. No nuance, no ambiguity. I adopted Guilt is the feeling we’ve done something those values without question. I find a wife bad; shame means we feel we are bad. I and have a family to whom I would teach was filled with shame. What I wanted was those same values. wrong, but that I was incapable of doing I became confused and anxious as I began to anything right. No nuance, no ambiguity. I saw a therapist who thought I was having experience sexual attractions that didn’t fit a mid-life crisis. I didn’t find help in the into that mold, but I didn’t stray from those values that were handed to me. I didn’t want medical literature. I went to see a Lutheran minister who told me they didn’t want me to displease God and disappoint my family, because “We’re a family church.” but fitting in and acceptance are not equivalent.

I worked hard, another of those values I grew up with, a way to be admired and respected. Being busy is always a legitimate excuse. Relationships were more complex. I developed part-time, long-distance relationships with suitable women, so I could give the appearance of being “normal” and be freed from my self-doubt about being a good, heterosexual partner. I married a woman from another small town in Nebraska where they looked alike, thought alike and believed alike. We were so suited to each other that if had marriages been arranged in America, our parents would have put us together. After we had two daughters, the same-sex attractions

Because I didn’t know anyone gay, my misconceptions remained unchallenged. I joined a gay fathers’ support group, a diverse group of men, and it immediately shattered my stereotypes of what it means to be gay. I found acceptance I had never known.

Book signing at Prairie Lights Books Store in Iowa City

Growing older has its challenges but also opportunities. Seeking approval had put other people in charge of my life; maturity allowed me no longer to seek approval from others I deconstructed those old values and reconstructed a value consistent with who I am. I discovered that lust and action were not equivalent and that being gay and commitment was not mutually exclusive. I discovered I could be loved despite who I am rather than because of who I am. Letting go of shame allowed me to feel worthy of being loved. Loren A Olson MD is the author of the award-winning book, Finally Out: Letting Go of Living Straight. Since its publication, he has been on a speaking and book tour throughout the United States and Canada. He lives with his husband in Des Moines and has shared his life with him for 32 years.

U=U Continued from page 10

www.facebook.com/PreventionAC Message testing revealed that information about the preventionbenefits of viral suppression was new and difficult to believe for many consumers, underscoring the need to deliver clear communications about this prevention strategy for consumers. The full message testing results will soon be published to help inform additional research and communication efforts moving forward, including how to address challenges in comprehension and message acceptance. The success of the TasP strategy depends on achieving and maintaining an undetectable viral load. While the majority of people with HIV taking ART are virally suppressed, some people with HIV are currently not virally suppressed or do not maintain viral suppression over time. CDC’s national surveillance data estimate that 60% of all persons living with diagnosed HIV in the United States in 2015 were virally supressed, defined as less than 200 copies of HIV RNA per mL of blood. Among HIV-positive persons in the United States in HIV clinical care (defined as either receiving HIV medical care or having a CD4 or viral load test within the past year), about 80 percent were virally suppressed. Also, slightly more than two-thirds of HIVpositive persons in care achieved and maintained viral suppression over 12 months. Source: https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/pdf/risk/art/ cdc-hiv-art-viral-suppression.pdf

Get Tested

Free HIV and Hep. C testing available in Johnson County Special to GoGuide Magazine

Johnson County Public Health

(JCPH), located at 855 South Dubuque Street in Iowa City, provides free and confidential walk-in HIV and Hepatitis C testing services. Both tests take 20 minutes to interpret results and require a finger stick. JCPH’s testing services are provided, in part, by the Iowa Department of Public Health. JCPH collaborates with several non-profits throughout the Iowa City community to provide testing services to the general public. These organizations include Iowa City Free Medical Clinic, Shelter House, and Johnson County’s Winter Shelter. Also, JCPH offers testing at Senior Center the second Wednesday of each month from 1pm-3pm and Crisis Center of Johnson County the third Wednesday of each month from 1pm-3pm.

JCPH checks in about knowledge pertaining transmission, protection, and other health concerns. JCPH strongly believes that all providers must work to normalize the HIV testing process, making it a part of routine health care checkups. JCPH encourages everyone to receive an HIV test, regardless of the risk factor.

For more information regarding JCPH’s testing services, please conDuring the testing process, clients tact Health Educator, Kathryn Edel are asked a series of yes or no questions about sexual behavior and drug at kedel@co.johnson.ia.us. use. Clients are not expected to answer any question that makes them feel uncomfortable. JCPH’s testing services do not require proof of identification or insurance. In addition to asking about individual risk, Page 14 | GoGuide Magazine | February 2019

UAY PrideCon 2019

Registration for PrideCon is FREE. The link for registration for BOTH youth and parents is www.unitedactionforyouth.org/pridecon. The coordinator of the Parent PrideCon is UAY therapist, Tim Grady. Tim Grady has been working with adolescents and the LGBTQ+ population for over five years, including serving transgender people, people living with HIV, and those who have experienced sexual exploitation. Tim is a licensed mental health counselor working in community-based settings.

Cedar Rapids LGBTQ youth now have a place to call home by Julia Freeman

For Lori Ampey, the Tanager Place LGBTQ

Program Coordinator, the mission of The Center is personal. Although it’s officially the LGBTQ Youth Center, The Center has become a place more welcoming than home for many Cedar Rapids and Corridor youth. The Center is equipped with space for zen, games, manicures, forthcoming music and media studio, art and creativity, computers and technology, lounge, and the most popular kitchen, there is space to spend time connecting with others for youth aged 11 to 18 at Tanager Place’s Estle Center.

tunity to give back to the present generation of youth and share about the history of what they have to offer in the name of inclusion. Consistent and reliable transportation for many of the youth, since many are not yet of legal driving age, has been an issue for attendance and participation in many activities according to Ampey.

There are plans to have other local area groups such as PFLAG (Parents, Families, and friends of Lesbians and Gays), 4-H specialty groups, and Transformations meet within the space as well. Of course, many area schools are represented among the youth currently frequently the Center thus their respective GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), and QSA (Questioning Straight Alliance) chapters are pivotal in many of the murals that decorate the walls of The Center. With events such as a Pre-New Years celebra- Freedom of expression and creating a place tion, mentor/mentee mixers, forums/panels, of safety and security are at the forefront of and a weekly Pride Cafe family style meal, what Ampey seeks to accomplish. there are opportunities to engage. There is a memorial to Orlando, Florida’s Pulse nightThe Center is seeking positive LGBTQ idenclub attack represented such as a reminder tifying role models from across the Corridor to never forget. A sense of community where that can maintain a monthly commitment all youth can learn, grow, and be themto mentor youth on an individual and selves is the central purpose and mission collective basis. Corporate sponsors such behind expanding from the Southside Boys as Toyota, Rockwell Collins, Tanager Place, and Girls Club to the First Congregational ASAC (Area Substance Abuse Council), and United Church of Christ into their current Transamerica have made a tremendous imlocation. pact already with their support and pledges to help with aspects of the center from menAt The Center’s core is about family and torships to career development needs. community as a place where families can confidentially come together to join forthIndividual donors and volunteers have also coming support groups such as for youth played a significant role. Donations have of same-sex parents, for parents of LGBTQ also been signs that equip the suite from youth, and ultimately explore answers to snacks to quilts to computers to help make many questions. For many, this space is fillwhat Ampey sees as the most meaningful ing a void those past generations sought and surprise of community support and accepdid not find in the area so now is the oppor- tance for The Center. Page 16 | GoGuide Magazine | February 2019

Spring 2019 Youth Panel topics at Tanager Place LGBTQ Youth Center Dates and the topics presented in panel type setting are: January 22: Pronouns- What they are and how to use them January 29: How to make schools more LGBTQ friendly February 26: LGBTQ Definitions every good ally should know March 26: What to expect when coming out April 30: What is Transgender? Living Transgender

Panel discussions are from5:30-7 pm in their Center at 1030 5th Ave SE, Suite 1400, Cedar Rapids. Questions should be directed to Lori Ampey at 319-286-4559 or lampey@ tanagerplace.org.

Our Guide to Iowa’s 2020 Presidential Caucus presented by GoGuide Media GoGuide Magazine goes one-onone with 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang By Tim Nedoba GoGuide: In a recent Iowa poll, you did not receive very much support in the poll. Are you concerned about the low name recognition? Andrew Yang: We were thrilled to be included in CNN’s first poll of Iowa Caucus voters a few weeks ago, which showed that I had the same rate of top-level support as Kirsten Gillibrand, Eric Holder, and Tom Steyer. Seventeen percent of likely caucus voters knew who I was enough to have developed a strong opinion. Our message is working. We have a long way to go, but to have reached this point in 2018 is remarkable. We are achieving awareness levels far beyond our resources. Don’t get me wrong though - we certainly need your and the entire LGBTQ community’s help to build on this success. We opened up our first office in Iowa last month. I am heading there for the 9th time at the end of January. On January 30th, we are having a Townhall with the LGBTQ community at the Iowa City Public Library at 5:30 pm, followed by an event at Prairie Lights at 7pm. Local press will be there. We are punching way above our weight class. We can change the course of history as long as we fight together. Editors note: Mr. Yang has attended or hosted almost 150 events in Iowa to date. By far the most of any of the candidates. GG: Why should the LGBTQ community support you? AY: Many folks in the LGBTQ community tell me I’m running on the most pro-LGBTQ presidential platform they’ve ever seen. My Iowa Campaign Coordinator dropped out of law school to work for me in part because he knows personally how transformative Universal Basic Income would be for the LGBTQ community.

As he put it, the promise of “It Gets Better” is hollow without the promise of financial security in the case your family or community rejects you for who you are. The LGBTQ community is tragically overrepresented among foster children, the homeless, the poor, and the food-insecure. LGBTQ kids are kicked out by their parents at a higher rate than the general population. Fifteen percent of transgender people, and more than 30 percent of trans people of color, are living in severe poverty. The Freedom Dividend (which is how I’ve rebranded Universal Basic Income because it tests better with our conservative friends) would disproportionately benefit LGBTQ youth, especially LGBTQ kids of color, and give them the freedom to live full, authentic lives. The most direct and concrete way for the government to improve the lives of the LGBTQ community is to send you a check for $1,000 every month and let you spend it in whatever manner will benefit you the most. The government is not capable of a lot of things, but it is capable of sending large numbers of checks to large numbers of people promptly and reliably. We have plenty of resources, they’re just not being distributed to enough people right now. We need to build a new kind of economy – one that puts people first. If there’s one policy that would transform the lives of LGBTQ Americans for the better, it is Universal Basic Income. I would of course also fight to extend legal non-discrimination protections for the LGBTQ community. Sexual orientation and gender identity should be protected classes under the law, receiving all the federal protections afforded under the Constitution and civil rights law. An important issue for the LGBTQ community is health care. How is your health care plan better than the other Democratic proposals? Healthcare should be a basic right for all Americans. I am for a Medicare for All, single-payer system. Right now, if you get sick you have two things to worry about

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Jay Som

Hurray for the Riff Raff

Jenn Lewis

Q-Music: Queer group therapy By Gregg Shapiro

It’s interesting that Boy George and Culture

Club, as they are now known, would call its new studio album -- its first such release in almost 20 years -- Life (BMG) as that’s the one thing it could use more of. For a group that was so influential and groundbreaking in its early 1980s heyday, Culture Club sounds surprisingly out of touch. You have to wonder what it is they’ve been listening to all these years. At a time when electronic dance music is having a strong resurgence, Life would have benefited from some of the house music energy that Boy George incorporated in his 1991 Martyr Mantras album. Instead we get some recycled takes on the band’s longtime flirtation with reggae on “Let Somebody Love You” and “What Does Sorry Mean?”. The dated “Bad Blood” (not a cover of the Neil Sedaka/Elton John duet) and “Human Zoo” sound like late 1980s leftovers. However, it’s not a total loss. The brassy, sassy and soulful “Resting Bitch Face” deserves to be a hit. “Different Man” is the closest thing to a dance number and it has a powerful (if somewhat repetitive) message. “Oil & Water” is a moving ballad about difference. One of the things that Laura Jane Grace un-

Page 20 | GoGuide Magazine | February 2019

derstands about rock bombast is that variety breaks up the monotony. That’s something Honolulu-based Kings of Spade, led by out, mohawked front-woman KC, will have to learn (Editors Note: Gregg’s column about Laura Jane Grace appears on page 31). As it is, some of the songs on Kings of Spade’s new self-titled album (on Soundly), which owes a massive debt to Southern blues rock, tend to blur in the bluster. Queer anthem “Strange Bird” (about rocking to the beat of your own drum) is worth checking out, but you might find it somewhat sonically indistinguishable from say “Way She Goes”, “San Antone” and “This Child”. The rap-metal (remember that?) of “Bottoms Up” changes things up a bit, but Kings of Spade would profit from playing some of the other cards in its deck. Addie Sartino, the queer front-woman of young (19-21 years old) Kansas City-based (!) band The Greeting Committee is at the opposite end of the spectrum from Laura Jane and KC on the debut disc This Is It (Harvest). No howling, no screaming, just pleasing singing. That’s one of The Greeting Committee’s trademarks. Whether Sartino’s singing about when she was “just a kid” and wondering whether this is all there is on “Is This It?” or settling down after spinning out

Kings of Spade

on “Pull It Together”, The Greeting Committee sounds older and wiser than you might think. Additionally, the band’s wonderful use of piano and horns gives them a sophisticated sheen. When the band rocks out, as it does on “Flint”, it’s a welcome distraction. Make a point of saying hello to The Greeting Committee. Named for their “aged arch top guitars”, Roscoe & Etta is a duo featuring out singer/

Roscoe & Etta

songwriter Maia Sharp and Anna Schulze. Sharp is one of those artists who is comfortable sharing the spotlight (she recorded an album with Art Garfunkel and Buddy Mondlock), so it’s not surprising to hear that she has teamed with another singer/ songwriter to form a duo. The outstanding eponymous 11-song Roscoe & Etta debut album (on Crooked Crown Records) showcases both artists’ songwriting and performance chops, with “Broken Headlights”, “Chocolate Sauce” and “Somebody” among the highlights. Bay Area duo Book of J (Jewlia Eisenberg of Charming Hostess and Jeremiah Lockwood of The Sway Machinery) combines their specific talents on its self-titled debut (on 3rdGeneration Records). The baker’s dozen “bible-haunted”, queerly political tunes that cross-breed Americana with Jewish folk music, might make some listeners proclaim, “Funny, you don’t look blues-ish!” If you

have daring taste in music then Book of J just might be your cup of kasha varnishkes. For a different kind of “group” effort, check out Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: Original West End Cast Recording (Broadway). Dan Gillespie Sells, the gay front-man of the band The Feeling and the latest indie musician to turn his attention to the stage, wrote the music for the musical. The book and lyrics are by Tom MacRae. Everybody’s Talking About Jamieis based on the BBC documentary Jamie: Drag Queen at 16 and stars John McRea as the titular character Jamie New. The songs on the cast recording alternate between contemporary musical theater fare, such as “Over The Top”, and dance-oriented numbers such as “Work of Art”.

One Iowa’s 10th Annual Gala Celebration


Friday, April 12 - Iowa Events Center Visit oneiowa.org/gala2019 for tickets and more information


Inside Corridor Theater By Matthew Brewbaker

Here we are in a new year; at least when I

wrote this, it was a very mild winter. Apologies if I jinxed us. So, there are only a few shows I want to talk about that are coming up in February/early March, and I will admit upfront one of them is a show I am directing so I might be a bit more excited about that one. Let’s start with the most personal of them…I will be directing Federico Garcia Lorca’s Blood Wedding for Iowa City Community Theater. The show will run the last weekend of February and the first weekend of March at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. We’re working with a really great group of actors most of whom I’ve not had the pleasure to work with before. What I think excites me most about this play is that it is rarely done in community theater settings and I’m so honored that ICCT trusts us to do this beautiful and haunting classic justice. Another exciting show coming up in February is TCR’s Shakespeare In Love, a play based on the screenplay for the 1998 film. This production features some very recognizable names to corridor theatergoers such as Matthew James, Rip Russell, and Kevin Burford, who are among my favorite actors to work with and see on stage. This play is being directed by TCR’s Artistic Director

Angie Toomsen, so that alone would be a great reason to see this one. This show goes up in March, but I’m encouraging everyone to clear some room on their schedules ahead of time. Check their website for details. Really by Jackie Sibblies Drury is a wonderfully written and moving play that I feel needs to be produced more. Thankfully, Dreamwell Theatre in Iowa City will be doing just that in February. Director Bries Vannon knows how to create intimate moving theatre experiences and will bring his talent to this show, featuring some amazing actors including Chris Walbert (who was amazing as the titular character in last year’s The Elephant Man at ICCT), Linda Merritt, and Dreamwell newcomer Rachel Sullivan. Lastly, we are approaching that time of year when many theatres in the area start announcing their next seasons. I will look at some of those upcoming seasons in my next column but I encourage you to search the websites as there are so many beautiful theatres in the area like Revival, Old Creamery, Riverside Theater, RHCR, Starlighters in Anamosa and more that I would never have time to go through all their amazing artistic opportunities. I also hope to start highlighting some of the great theatre offerings at the University of Iowa and other academic theatres! As always feel free to reach me via email at DreamwellAD@mchsi.com or through Facebook if I’ve missed something significant and hopefully I can mention your organization next time.

by Tim Nedoba

Theater around Iowa


Jersey Boys, February 8-10 at Hancher Auditorium on the campus of the University of Iowa. They were just four guys from Jersey, until they sang their very first note. They had a sound nobody had ever heard... and the radio just couldn’t get enough of. But while their harmonies were perfect on stage, off stage it was a very different story—a story that has made them an international sensation all over again. Go behind the music and inside the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons in the Tony Award®-winning true-life musical phenomenon, JERSEY BOYS. From the streets of New Jersey to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this is the musical that’s just too good to be true. For more information visit www. hancher.uiowa.edu.

Sex Tips for Straight Women by a Gay Man now playing in Des Moines.

Des Moines Performing Arts Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man performing now through February 9 at Temple Theater. It is located at 1011 Locust Street, Des Moines. The Temple Theater is one of Des Moines most intimate performance venues. Voted Best Comedy for Couples, Sex Tips

for Straight Women from a Gay Man has been sharing its upbeat brand of humor with theater audiences all across America for over five years! Hailed by critics as an evening of “big laughs and naughty fun,” this romantic comedy takes the audience on a hilarious and wild ride where no topic is taboo and the insider ‘tips’ come straight from the source: a gay man. The play is set at a local university auditorium where the English department holds its monthly meet the authors event. Robyn is the shy and studious moderator of the event and this month’s featured author is Dan Anderson of Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man. With the help of a hunky stage assistant named Stefan, Dan aims to turn this meet the authors event upside down with a highly theatrical, audience interactive sex tip seminar. Theatermania calls Sex Tips “one of the best date-night shows you’ll see this year!” and The Des Moines Register raves, “it’s a slick show that delivers exactly what it promises!” Page 23 | GoGuide Magazine | February 2019

Prairie Lights Iowa City’s iconic, independent bookstore since 1978

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BOOKSTORE HOURS: Mon–Fri 1O am – 9 pm, Saturday 9 am – 9 pm, Sunday 1O am – 6 pm, CAFÉ: opens 9 am daily & closes w/bookstore.

Book Review Sponsored by Prairie Lights Bookstore & Cafe and Prairie Lights.com 15 South Dubuque Street, Iowa City

Your cat has something important to say to you Book review by Terri Schlichenmeyer

“Something Worth Saving”

He didn’t say much these days. He hadn’t, really, since Mom asked Dad to move out. Lil wasn’t sure what that was all about; Dad was her second-favorite human, but the situation might’ve had something to do with the strong water he drank and the way it made his eyes red.

by Sandi Ward

The whole family was upset about Dad moving out. Kevin, the oldest son, had to become “the c.2018, Kensington Books; 304 pages man of the house,” and Lily was surprised at how aggressive he’d gotten and how he hated Charlie’s Sadly, you’re not as fluent time spent with his friend, Reynaldo. Victoria was taking risks with her boyfriend, Aidan, and in Cat as you wish you were. She meows, and she though Lil knew it was some kind of human mating thing, she didn’t entirely trust Aiden. And could want many things then there was Mark, who was supposed to be or nothing. You might remodeling a room for Mom but he was really think you know but, as remodeling her heart. Almost everybody liked in the new book “Somehim – but not Dad. Lil understood that Dad saw thing Worth Saving” by Mark as a threat. Sandi Ward, she knows her meows are something The immediate concern, however, wasn’t the big worth saying. people in the house; Lil worried most about her Charlie. He couldn’t go on being hurt, and she More than anyone in the could only do just so much to help him. world, Lily loved her Charlie. Even if you tend to roll your eyes at first-“person” pet stories, it’s hard not to be charmed by the narrator inside “Something Worth Saving.” It was Charlie who noticed her alone in a kitten-kennel in the shelter. He was undeterred by her broken leg and the limp it caused, and he held her all the way home, all those years ago. He was her favorite human, and she knew when he was hurting. Like now, when she saw bruises on his ribs and his arm. Lil knew what bruises were – the man who broke her leg gave her first-hand knowledge of them – but she didn’t know who’d given fourteen-year-old Charlie his. Charlie wouldn’t say.

Author Sandi Ward doesn’t let Lily become a caricature, though; this is no cartoon cat with cutesy commentary, and she’s not a forced-funny wisecracker. Instead, Lil’s dogged determination to understand what’s going on is happily, believably cat-like, and reading about it is like peeking between the ears of a beloved and very Zen family pet. Cat lovers, of course, shouldn’t wait one extra second to get their paws on this book. Neither should anyone who wants a light, almost-profanity-free story they can suggest to their book club. If that’s you, “Something Worth Saving” is something worth reading. Page 25| GoGuide Magazine | February 2019



Richard & Matt Do Portugal – Our Travel Diary With An LGBTQ Flair Between Christmas and New Year’s is always a great time to get away, but for most folks, it’s to a warm, sunny beach in the Caribbean. Not us! We decided we would spend New Year’s Eve in Lisbon and then rent a car and tour the countryside for a few days.

Castelo de Sao Jorge, which overlooks the city. The winding hike up the hillside takes you through such a wide variety of iconic tile-faced homes, with a beautiful yet rustic look. Street art is quite plentiful in Lisbon, as well as on the various meandering streets as we hiked up. Working our way back down the hill, we passed a variety of bakeries offering Pao de Natal, a culinary favorite from Portugal that is basically a creamy Creme Brule in a small pastry cup. They were everywhere this time of year, as were the street cars taking people up and down the various hills in Lisbon, reminiscent of San Francisco.

The next day was New Year’s Eve, so we decided to walk through the various small streets of Bairro Altos, where we found a restaurant (Tapa Bucho Gastrobar) serving a We began our trip in Lisbon, flying in and special New Year’s Eve menu that was to die easily taking the subway to our hotel. From for! After dinner, we found our way to one of there, we began exploring the city, which several small gay bars in the area. Between was easy as it’s easily navigable, but also a bit this area and some surrounding neighborhilly. From the city center, there were several hoods, one can find a wide variety of gay directions we could take… one of my favorbars, including bear bars and more. ites was meandering up the hillside to the

We then found our way down to the waterfront, with thousands of other Lisbon revelers, as we positioned ourselves for the New Year’s Eve firework show on the water!

The next day we arrived in Porto, Portugal’s 2nd largest city and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Porto is such a throwback to an earlier time, and its wealth from those centuries is depicted in the gorgeous Gothic buildings The next day, we found ourselves back down and fortifications found on the walk down to in the center of Lisbon, where we took a the waterfront. different direction to the Time Out Marketplace, full of a wide variety of food stands From here, we decided to road trip south, offering culinary delights from all corners first stopping in the town of Aveiro, reminisof Portugal. It’s tough to decide on what to cent of the Venice canals, for some coffee. choose, but we settled on a few breaded cod That evening, we were in the Algarve region dishes, as well as some pork, and washed it in the south and decided to stay at the Casa all down with one of the wide variety of Por- Risa gay guest house tucked away near the tuguese wines found all throughout Lisbon. small town of Lagos. This turned out to be a great way to wind down our trip, as the After lunch, we walked along the hills to owner made us not only feel right at home find a few vantage points in the western part during the entire stay… he even invited us of the city, so out with some locals for a special Kings Day that we could (Dia de Reis) dinner at Restaurant A Curva take some stun- just down the street. Between this dinner ning photos of and the rest of our stay, there were no port the sun setting, wine bottles left in our stash! with its long shadows hitting the eastern Lisbon hillside just right! The next day started our road trip, and just outside of Lisbon is the fairytale town of Sintra, set in mountains and hills just west of the city and overlooking the ocean. Sintra is a truly magical place, holding on to its original medieval architecture and small, winding streets. Above Sintra is an old Moorish fortification one can see from miles away, and just above that is the Pena Palace, which is the only castle we’ve ever personally been through that makes you feel like you’re strolling the castle walkways the way they did hundreds of years ago. The castle, having been restored after earthquakes in years past, is a photographic icon of Portugal, with its orange and red-painted walls and Moorish flair, including artistic tile work, all along the way.

As a side note, for our next trip to Lisbon, the folks at Casa Risa recommended we stay at Villa 3 Caparica, just south of the city. From what we found online, it looked like a perfect urban complement to the Casa Risa. (continued on next page)

We did enjoy a few outdoor cafe meals in the Algarve, as well as our drive down to some of the beautiful local beaches, with some being known as “gay beaches” and some nude. It was too chilly in January for too many people to be down there, but there were a few. We continued on to check out the Fortaleza de Sagres and the dramatic Portuguese coastline, alongside fisherman fishing from the cliff tops and dropping their line over a hundred feet below. I never did see anyone catch a fish! This wrapped up our trip this time around… we drove back to Lisbon for our flight home. Road tripping, by the way, is incredibly easy, as the drive from Porto to the south was about 5 hours. Of course, the train is very convenient throughout the country as well. Anyway, until our next trip to the Iberian peninsula!

About the Authors:

Matt Skallerud and Richard Brower enjoy eating well and traveling more! They met while they were both an active part of the IGLTA team, and are married and now live in New York City. Richard’s talents are finding incredible flight deals from JFK to points all over the world, as well as locating the best eateries along the way. Matt is part of Pink Banana Media, Pink Banana World, and the #ILoveGay network, and enjoys merging his personal and professional worlds along the way on these trips.

Andrew Yang continued from page 18 – how to get better and how to pay for it. Too many Americans, especially in the LGBTQ community, are making terrible, impossible choices between paying for healthcare and other needs. We need to provide high-quality healthcare to all Americans and a single-payer system is the most efficient way to accomplish that. It will be a massive boost to our economy as people will be able to start businesses and change jobs without fear of losing their health insurance. A big but underserved part of healthcare is mental health. Americans, especially LGBTQ Americans, are not doing well and we need to change that. A recent survey of thousands of LGBTQ youth showed heartbreaking levels of stress, anxiety, rejection, and feeling unsafe in school. My brother is a psychology professor and I believe strongly in the power of counseling and treatment to improve people’s mental and emotional well-being. One major priority is to integrate mental health with our greater health care system – if someone comes to the hospital suffering from diabetes, obesity or substance abuse, there is often a link to their holistic mental health. Too many Americans don’t seek treatment, don’t have the resources, or resort to self-medication. A healthy population is a productive one. We will do all we can to establish a sense of well-being for millions who are currently suffering and remove the stigma from depression in particular. So, from transitioning to Medicare for All, to investing in mental health and passing inclusive paid family and medical leave, I am proud to be fighting for a healthier and happier future, especially for the LGBTQ community. GG: Another important issue is gender identity. Is someone’s birth gender identity their permanent legal gender in your opinion? AY: There are more than 700,000 transgender people in the United States. We know that gender variance has persisted across cultures for millennia, and our laws should reflect that reality. You can visit www.yang2020.com/ to learn more about Mr. Yang.

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By Gregg Shapiro

Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers is the latest musical incarnation of Against Me! front-person and trans icon Laura Jane Grace. The biggest challenge for Grace since the release of Against Me!’s 2014 masterpiece Transgender Dysphoria Blues, is creating something as good (or better). Bought to Rot (Bloodshot) definitely has moments of divine inspiration. The divorce song “I Hate Chicago”, for example, is as humorous as it is serious. “The Airplane Song”, which may qualify as Grace’s poppiest and most accessible number, is utterly irresistible. The cowpunk of “Apocalypse Now (& Later)”and “The Apology Song” are a nice fit for an album on a legendary alt-country record label and “The Friendship Song” is sincere without being cloying.

Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers Promo Photo by Katie Hovland

[Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers perform on April 9 in Davenport at The Stardust.] Page 29 | GoGuide Magazine | February 2019

A picture that’s worth more than a thousand words. This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the beginning of the modern gay rights movement. This picture is circa 1969 of the Stonewall Inn in NYC. The Stonewall National Monument is the first U.S. National Monument dedicated to LGBT rights and history. It received its National Monument designation on June 24, 2016.

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Healthy Living Issue. Also, included is part 1 of Mission Creek Festival. GoGuide is a news and entertainment magazine proudly serving the...

Feb 2019 GoGuide  

Healthy Living Issue. Also, included is part 1 of Mission Creek Festival. GoGuide is a news and entertainment magazine proudly serving the...