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10 Yolanda Halson

26 Hot Docs

Spring Fever!

These Heartwarming and Heartstopping-ly Handsome Doctors are Sure to Get Your Pulse Racing

20 Victoria Salcedo

34 Jen Joins Jeunesse!

In a brand-building partnership of Beauty, Business, Girl Power, and Giving Back, Jeunesse joins Jennifer Murphy and GoGirl

Spring clean your beauty routine and get your skin ready for summer

If you’re feeling blue over your wellness woes, you’ll love these GoGirl-worthy wellness tips.

Look sizzling on a Sunday brunch date with this exclusive cabana and beach club-inspired couture collection Photo by Michael Munson


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GoGirl CEO Jennifer Murphy Honors Lifetime Humanitarian and Entertainment Industry Pioneer at “Once Upon a Runway — A Toy Story” Charity Gala in NYC

72 The Sky's The Limit

104 GoGirl Fashion

This Innovative Aussie Instagrammer Made BANK with Just $24 Bucks

64 In the Land of Lucia

78 GoGirl Wellness

Here’s How this Mexican-born Fashionista Turned Cake Connoisseur Built Her Celeb-Crazed Bakery Empire From Scratch

56 Keeping it Riel

42 GoGirl Beauty

Meet the Brains Behind One of The Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs of All Time

| SUMMER 2020

Meet the GoGirl Who’s Soaring to New Heights Despite a History of Health and Personal Challenges

92 An Unforeseen Future

How This Once-Abandoned Baby Boy Who Was Left Out with the Garbage Grew Up to Become One VERY Wealthy Entrepreneur

98 Madame Marine

Meet this 98-year-old Former Marine Who Will Melt Your Heart

















Hi All My GoGirls and GoGuys Too! Over the past decade I’ve had the honor and pleasure of building GoGirl Worldwide, a multimedia brand and organization to empower girls and women on a global scale. I’ve been truly blessed to partner with countless individuals, businesses and brands to create inspirational and educational content, and produce live and online events. It has been a labor of love, my passion and my life-purpose… to IGNITE JOY, SPREAD SMILES and EMPOWER! As you well know, our world has been through an intense journey over the course of the past six months, and we have all been challenged to dig deep and stay strong. This is a time when we need to come together more than ever, support one another, remain positive and strive for unity and peace. Collectively, we have the ability and tenacity to solve the greatest issues our world faces. I am more determined than ever to use GoGirl as a vehicle to empower, educate and provide a “pay-it-forward” platform for women everywhere. Stay tuned as we launch GoGirl University, GoGirl City and other empowering GoGirl sites in the upcoming months. When I first launched GoGirl Worldwide, I started building a multimedia enterprise with the end in mind. My office was full of white board, graphs and charts. Some people thought I was nuts. However, I’m thankful and excited that after many years it’s coming to fruition. Hard work and dedication pays off! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was GoGirl! I have many people to thank for believing in my vision and sometime crazy ideas and antics. I’m thankful to our GoGirl Magazine team for helping bring the Summer 2020 issue to your fingertips. Linda, Nicole, Denny, Michael, Patrick…you have been dedicated and wonderful. To our readers, we know you’ll LOVE our pages! We’ve added a few new sections, including GoGirl Beauty, GoGirl Wellness and GoGirl Fashion. We also took extra care to appreciate some of our amazing GoGuys. After all, we love our wonderful, empowering men who inspire us! And of course, you’ll enjoy our numerous, incredible GoGirls we showcase in this issue. Additionally, we are over-the-moon excited for our new partnership with Jeunesse Global, a billion dollar company that was founded by a brilliant, heartwarming couple and helps poverty stricken children and women in third world countries. All of this, and more, will be found in the pages ahead. Happy reading! As we move forward in 2020 let’s celebrate our resilience and strength, learn from the journey, start a new chapter and… GoGirl! Love you all, Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl” CEO / Founder / Editor in Chief GoGirl Worldwide GoGirlWW.com jennifer@gogirllmgz.com

Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl”

Jen’s GoGirl tips: Remember to let your inner kid come out. Remember to play. Ask yourself, what would I do if I had more time? And then evaluate the items on your plate that might not be necessary, and make room for a hobby or passion that you love and miss, or have always wanted to do! Put the GoGirl Pledge on your fridge or on your car’s dash!

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From the Editorial Content Manager

Jennifer Murphy and Nicole Gratson Hey GoGirls! After a long (and rather curious) winter, the flowers have begun to bloom and the unmistakable scent of the sand-and-sea season is in the air. Summer is here. While many declare Christmas their favorite time of year, mine has always been the long and lazy dog days of summer. Spending as much of my free time as possible soaking up the tepid temps along sun-drenched shores with a tall, sweating glass of iced tea in hand, while knowing the sun won’t set until nearly bedtime has always left me in a perpetual state of seasonal bliss this time of year. Forget the fuss of fall fashions, like fuzzy sweaters and ankle booties and customary, autumnal activities, like sipping on morning mugs of piping hot PSLs. Summer is more my jam. Slipping my pedi-perfect tootsies (bubblegum pink-hued of course) into strappy sandals paired with cute cut-offs, a flowy top, tousled tresses, and a sun-kissed spray tan is my idea of fashion-forward. More than that, springtime represents a re-awakening and a time for personal renewal. Maybe that’s due in part to spending an entire childhood on the east coast, enduring years of temperamental winters. Nevertheless, I digress. For me, the warmer months signal a time to reflect, rejuvenate, and clear out the clutter — and not just from your closet or cabinets. Getting your body and mind in sync with renewed beauty and wellness routines is a great way to kickstart the summer season. And, that’s what makes this unique edition of GoGirl Worldwide Magazine so special to me and hopefully for you, too.


As Lead Staff Writer and Editorial Content Manager for GoGirl Worldwide Magazine, I’ve seen the GoGirl brand grow from its humble beginnings into a blossoming, beautiful brand that’s ready to take on the world – one inspirational GoGirl at a time. And, that first inspiring, goal-getting GoGirl is our very own CEO and Founder, Jennifer Murphy, who started it all back in 2009 with a dream and desire to empower women and girls everywhere. Having worked with Jennifer on her other empowerment-packed, GoGirl brand ventures before GoGirl Worldwide Magazine’s official launch last year, to say I am smitten with the GoGirl mission, brand philosophy, dedicated, growing team, and collaborative culture is an understatement. Writing, ideating, and creating content for GoGirl has not only been a dream-come-true opportunity, it’s offered the therapeutic edge I didn’t know I needed. I gratefully get to write about fearless women leading the charge, making a difference, breaking barriers, overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, busting their butts in business, and smashing through the proverbial glass ceilings every day. I bring these amazing lady leaders’ inspirational stories to all our loyal readers in the quest of cultivating personal enrichment and infinite empowerment. Penning for GoGirl and conveying these powerful, positive messages of motivation, encouragement, hope, happiness, fortitude, forgiveness, and philanthropy continue to have a deeply profound, soul-satisfying effect for me. Being at the helm of GoGirl’s tireless editorial team has brought a welcoming surplus of positivity, purpose, and enthusiasm to my own personal and professional endeavors. Above all, delivering regular doses of girl power to your inbox has made me want to be a better woman — for my community, my family, my friends, and myself. These fierce females from diverse walks of life, ethnicities, goals, and life situations are all equally admirable, evocative, and unforgettable. Their stories will stay with you long after the last word is read.

| SUMMER 2020

With the launch of our brand-new, seasonal publication model, on behalf of the GoGirl squad, we’re excited to be doing something extra special for all our GoGirls. We’ll be adding cool beauty, fashion, and wellness tips, tricks, and up-to-the-minute trends to each issue for a well-rounded reading experience. It’s only fitting for every GoGirl to have the insider “know-how” to crushing her contour technique, plus the makeup bag must-have’s to get her glowing on-thego. Elevating your #OOTD with effortless style tips, cool accessories, and other helpful hacks, is our way of helping you nail your next big business meeting. As a treat for our GoGirls, we’re sprinkling in some testosterone too! Check out our scorching Spring Fever spread featuring the hottest doctors sure to warm your heart and get your pulse racing. Take it from yours truly, these humanitarian hunks will leave you swooning. And, with our latest co-branding, power partnership with another female-founded brand, Jeunesse, we’re rolling out an entire Pink Carpet filled with beauty, wellness, and lifestyle content that will leave you tickled pink. With the addition of a few high-profile women to our marketing and operational efforts, get ready for a truly innovative, immersive, multimedia experience packed with girl power, education, enrichment, fun, and more. Here at GoGirl Worldwide Magazine, we’re just heating up! We look forward to you joining us on this timely, 2.0 journey. And, with the rising temps (and hemlines), let’s not forget to stop and smell the roses. Here’s to a sizzling summer! Warmest, Nicole Gratson Lead Staff Writer and Editorial Content Manager GoGirl Worldwide Magazine

Got a great GoGirl story you’d love to share or know of a GoGirl you’d love to shine the bright pink spotlight on? Be sure to drop me a line at Nicole@gogirlmgz.com.



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MEET THE BRAINS Behind One of The Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs of All Time

Yolanda Halston

Before joining leading beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brand Jeunesse Global as an exclusive celebrity cosmetics collaborator and co-creator of the bestselling, celeb-coveted NV airbrush-inspired makeup line, beauty innovator and badass businesswoman Yolanda Halston was living the life in “La La” land, otherwise known as Los Angeles, as one of the entertainment industry’s most sought-after makeup artists to the sexiest stars in town. | After an unfortunate turn of events led her to make a major, life-changing move, Halston — once again — found fame, fortune, and beauty bliss amidst the rumble. | Learn how this brilliant cosmetics creator and makeup maven made it her mission to turn a devastating loss into a financial victory.


nown on (and off) the red carpet, as well as on-set and behind-thescenes, for her signature, fabulously flawless-looking makeup masterpieces spotted on some of the most memorable, famous faces, and the former roomie of 80s big-screen queen Daryl Hannah, Yolanda Halston’s illustrious career in beauty and fashion spans three decades. A selfprofessed, lifelong beauty product junkie, along with a resume of over 300 films and television shows as a professionally-trained, theatrical makeup artist, Halston acquired an extensive knowledge of the skin’s powerful functionality, including the “do’s and don’ts” of making makeup magic for every complexion. She also gained a sixth sense of the billion-dollar beauty market’s unrealistic promises and product limitations, ultimately finding a cutting-edge way to disrupt the system with her entrepreneurial prowess and beauty product ingenuity. 12

| SUMMER 2020

A Beauty Innovation that Blew Everyone Away Years of working on high-fashion and editorial shoots for all the fabled, high-gloss publications, such as In Style, Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and others, afforded Yolanda indispensable exposure to many opportunities and high-profile figures. After a close friend and A-lister underwent harsh laser skin treatments, Halston sought to help the actress heal and conceal her inflamed, blistered complexion so she could get back on-set sooner rather than later. Laser treatments in the 90s were just getting underway and hadn’t yet reached the “lunchtime facial” status of today. Recovery was time-consuming, often leaving justtreated skin in what seemed a perpetual state of distress. In order to help her friend and starlet get back to work, Halston visited with renowned Beverly Hills plastic

surgeons, along with digging deep in her makeup bag of tricks and tools to try and find a synergistic healing and concealing skin solution. However, to no avail. It was then that Halston accepted the challenge to create her own skin-saving makeup solution that not only effectively offered undetectable, long-lasting, camera-ready coverage, but transformative healing powers. With the help of superstar skincare chemists and beauty experts, Halston founded the original “airbrushin-a-can” innovation in 2002. Her “aerobrushing” makeup plus skincare hybrid, Era Beauty, included travel-friendly, convenient cans of “spray-on” foundation that effortlessly delivered pro-grade, airbrush effects at your fingertips. It truly was a beauty no-brainer! The new, no-

mess makeup was a long-awaited miracle from makeup artists to models to soccer moms. Halston quickly found herself a famous following that included A-listers, like Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Demi Moore, as well as fellow makeup artists Pat McGrath, Dick Page, and Jeanine Lobell. Her pioneering products’ fussfree, unique application and camera-ready results made her aerobrushing technology instantly addictive and obsession-worthy amongst beauty buffs everywhere, as the spray-on airbrush makeup in the recognizable “tall silver can” was spotted on countless film and television sets and in makeup bags everywhere. Whether prepping for a photo shoot, hi-def television, or cinematic film, posing on the red carpet, or running errands, Halston



| SUMMER 2020

knows exactly what a product needs to have — and do — to “pull it off.” In 2009, Halston launched the AeroMinerale line as a follow-up to her prestigious, star-status Era Beauty aerobrushing essentials.

unceremoniously homeless when she lost her home in one of Malibu’s fires. It was at this time, the makeup pioneer packed whatever she was able to salvage and took a leap of faith. All the way to Florida.

With an unmistakable talent for spotting trends in beauty, fashion, and business, Halston’s revolutionary aerobrushing technology was featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and just about every major fashion and beautybased publication on the planet. Halston even had the distinguished honor of her game-changing, complexion-perfecting products being named one of eleven products “that have changed our lives in the last 80 years” in the 80th anniversary issue of Good Housekeeping. Her groundbreaking beauty line shares that very accolade with beauty icons Chanel No5, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, and Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion (in the pink bottle!).

A Sunshine State of Mind

Unfortunately, Yolanda learned the beauty brand-building process wasn’t always pretty. Despite her dedication to honing her craft in cosmetics artistry, naturally beautifying the skin, and handson expertise on the visages of countless celebs and supermodels, Halston soon learned the beauty biz could be an ugly place. She ran into patenting issues with other, more established brands who sought to capitalize on her aerobrushing concept. Then, Halston found herself

A few years prior to re-locating to the Sunshine State, Halston’s entrepreneurial savvy and aerobrushing sensation caught the attention of another beauty entrepreneur — Wendy Lewis, co-founder of health, beauty, and wellness giant Jeunesse Global. Smitten with the makeup maestro’s captivating work, Wendy extended Halston an exclusive invitation to join the Jeunesse team as a licensed cosmetics creator, collaborator, and business partner. Halston took Wendy up on the once-in-a-lifetime offer and began working closely with the Jeunesse doc himself — Dr. Newman — to formulate a truly unique, cuttingedge cosmetics plus skincare hybrid. The aerobrushing product line would seamlessly blend beautifying botanicals, vitamins, minerals, anti-aging antioxidants, stem cells, and a proprietary polypeptide complex with high-performance cosmetic ingredients for the ultimate, one-stop-shop makeup PLUS skincare must-have. And, Jeunesse NV was born. Officially leaving Los Angeles after the inauspicious loss of her home proved to be a blessing in disguise, as Halston is now able to work more closely with the Jeunesse family and resides mere minutes from the sprawling Jeunesse headquarters. 15

Today, the award-winning, water-based NV aerobrushing line consists of:

• A “pore-fecting” primer to smooth, fill, and blur; foundation (in nine, made-to-match shades) to cover, conceal, and correct;

• Bronzer to sculpt, contour, and color; and a luminous shimmer to highlight and enhance, giving the complexion the perfecting finishing touch. The exquisite body bronzer spray features a sun-kissed bronzer PLUS body-perfecting foundation in one beach-ready bottle. Customers can choose from two “just-back-from-Bora-Bora” shades.

All Jeunesse NV products, aside from the body products, are ingeniously infused with the brand’s proprietary, skin-perfecting APT-200 polypeptide complex, so you can heal as you conceal!

The Jeunesse Journey Continues Not only the co-creator of the cult-fave NV line, Halston continues to serve as the brains behind her airbrushinspired, indie face product line’s day-to-day business operations, as she works closely with distributors, influencers, media personalities, affiliates, and the Jeunesse family of consultants. Currently, Halston is strategically working on increasing North American exposure for the NV line with the help of another beauty product-obsessed GoGirl – GoGirl Worldwide Magazine Founder and CEO, Jennifer Murphy. With the recent co-branding partnership between GoGirl Worldwide Magazine and Jeunesse Global this past winter, the NV line is sure to enjoy much-deserved American star-studded recognition and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for both female-forward brands.


| SUMMER 2020

advanced stem cell technology, transform the skin over time for a more youthful-looking, ageless effect. Be sure to check out our exclusive Jen’s Jeunesse Gems editorial in this edition for all in-depth, beauty insider deets, including full product descriptions, how-to’s, tips, tricks, and fun, fast facts about each NV makeup essential. From magazine cover to the red carpet to the cubicle to class, get the complexion-perfection you crave with a boost of anti-aging benefits to boot!

Get to Know Jeunesse NV Named 2017 Best New Product of the Year by The International Business Awards, the entire Jeunesse NV line is loved for its innovative, aerobrushing technology that delivers long-lasting, pro-grade results – FAST! With a single spray, you’re seconds away from supermodel-sexy skin. From the catwalk to the boardwalk, Jeunesse NV provides all the makeup bag essentials to get you gorgeous and glowing on-the-go. Oilfree, fuss-free, and water-resistant, NV will never budge or smudge under pressure. The beauty and wellness giant’s trade secret ATP200 polypeptide complex plus scientifically

“Her pioneering products’ fuss-free, unique application and cameraready results made her aerobrushing technology instantly addictive and obsession-worthy amongst beauty buffs everywhere.”


Rapid Fire Q&A

GoGirl: For a woman who knows a thing or two about the beautification of the skin, can you please share your morning and evening skincare routines with our GoGirl readers?

We sat down with the extremely busy beauty innovator and businesswoman for a one-onone chat about building a beauty business, her tried-and-true tips and tricks for getting flawless on-the-fly, and more. Take a look:

YH: Consistency is key. I prefer a 3-step routine: cleanse with a foaming wash using a makeup removing-mitten; treat with a stem cell serum; and moisturize with a hydrating moisturizer. I’ve found that if I keep my skincare regimen simple, I never skip a step. Since I travel so often for Jeunesse, I always pack my six go-to products that I know I will use: Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser, Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenating Serum, Luminesce SPF 30 Daily Moisturizing Complex, Luminesce Advanced Night Repair, NV Makeup Removing Mitten, and, of course, all my NV products. Since my NV products are skincare-infused, I consider them more like skincare products than makeup.

GoGirl: Not every would-be entrepreneur possesses a degree in business or marketing. So, what are some of your goto tips for a GoGirl/GoGuy aspiring to start hers/his own beauty line – whether makeup, skincare, haircare, body care, or wellness/ lifestyle products? What are the top three things one should do to get started on launching their business? YH: Offer something unique. The beauty industry is so saturated with amazing products and buyers are continuously seeking something “different” and disruptive in product, design, and branding that they’ve never seen before. Also, be an expert. People want to learn from someone who offers solutions and demonstrates innovative techniques. Keep in mind, if it can be imagined, it can be done. Don’t take “no” for an answer. GoGirl: If you weren’t a celebrated makeup artist-to-the-stars and Jeunesse cosmetics creator connoisseur, what would you be doing instead? In another life, what would Yolanda be doing? YH: Definitely something creative! I am equally passionate about cooking as I am about beauty, so I would be a chef. 18

| SUMMER 2020

GoGirl: For GoGirls on-the-go or who are short on time, what are the Jeunesse NV essentials that every GoGirl should have in their makeup bag to get them flawless in a flash? YH: I always have my NV Primer, three shades of NV BB Perfecting Mist (one that matches my skin tone, a lighter shade for concealing, and a darker hue for shading), NV Bronzer, and my NV Shimmer. My new fave thing is the NV Body Bronzing Mist in the stunning Maui shade and applying it with the NV Body Brush for that flawless, allover airbrush effect. And, I have two brushes – one for my face and one for my body – to seamlessly blend everything together.

GoGirl: Which Jeunesse NV product is your most prized creation and why? The one product you’re most proud of? YH: I’m obsessed with the new NV Body Bronzing Mist and the NV Brush! The NV Brush is made of premium Faux Blue Point Squirrel and is strategically tapered to all the makeup to melt into the skin for an undetectable, flawless finish. GoGirl: What do you love most about creating and collaborating with Wendy and the Jeunesse team? Is there anything about the development process you particularly love? Or don’t love? YH: I love the sense of family at Jeunesse. I knew from the first moment I met Wendy, Randy, and Scott that Jeunesse was where I belonged. The process of developing products is my favorite. I love chemistry and the problem-solving aspect of the entire process.

YH: Be true to yourself. Believe in your dream. No one is going to do it for you. You’ve got to just do the work. I’m reminded of a movie where I was on set as the Key Makeup Artist for the Addams Family Reunion. I was 26 years old. It was pouring rain all day, every day for the first two weeks. And, it was an OUTDOORS shoot, no less! I was so overwhelmed just thinking about how much work had to be done. I had 6 hours of makeup before my day even begun. My inner mantra repeated, “just DO the work.” It was one of the greatest lessons of my professional life. To learn more about Yolanda, her gift for getting gals (and guys) gorgeous, and to steal her beauty secrets, tips, and tricks, be sure to follow her on the ‘Gram @ YolandaHalston. Find her profile and all her NV indie face products at Jeunesseglobal. com/NV. Be the ENVY™.

GoGirl: Throughout your journey, which is arguably impressive, is there anything you would have done differently? YH: There are things I would have done differently. That said, I love where I am TODAY. GoGirl: Launching a brand or bestselling line with a legendary beauty, lifestyle, and wellness empire can seem intimidating. Can you offer any advice to help nix nerves or quiet those “negative Nancy’s” that just love to take up free rent in our heads? How about overcoming setbacks and unforeseen obstacles? 19

Meet the International Instagram Influencer Who’s Redefining Inspiration, Empowerment, and Resilience One Step at a Time


Victoria Salcedo of Ecuador is much like any other vivacious, life-loving twentysomething. She likes to hang out with friends, dance, attend parties, go to the movies, shop, experiment with different makeup looks using the hottest product picks and coolest trends, swim in her backyard pool, and play with her dog. Except, she does it all with a single limb.


fter losing both her arms and her left leg in a home electrocution accident when she was just five years-old, the now 23 year-old independent and incandescent beauty can’t remember what her life was like before that fateful Sunday in 2011. With a gleaming smile, glowing personality, and incredibly positive outlook, the social media stunner and famous fashion model recalls having to re-learn every single basic task most of us unwittingly take for granted – like eating, brushing her teeth, brushing her long, lustrous jet-black locks, getting dressed in the morning, bathing, walking, and, yes, swimming. Today, she texts with her toes faster than a two-handed individual, effortlessly applies a flawless, full-face of makeup with her right foot that would make even the most sought-after celeb makeup artist blush, attends classes at University, and has recently taught herself to free dive, gracefully gliding underwater like a magical mermaid! Her next endeavor — to be an accomplished news journalist. As she was growing up, she realized she was “different” from her classmates and sometimes wondered what she could accomplish if she had the use of her arms, but would quickly dismiss PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM


| SUMMER 2020

her accident and way of life. She finds deep pleasure in empowering other women — and even men. And, like most beautiful, young women with a massive following on the Internet, she has her share of persistent, would-be suitors to contend with. Because Victoria was so young when she lost three of her limbs, she was (fortunately) able to very quickly adapt to her situation. She relinquished her upper prosthetics a few years after the life-changing accident, relying on only a lower prosthetic limb to aid in her active, on-the-go lifestyle. And, there’s no stopping this GoGirl! Unequivocally the “life of the party,” this unencumbered influencer can often be found soaking up the rays on the sun-drenched beaches of Ecuador,

the fleeting reveries aware of the sheer impossibility of it all. Instead, Victoria learned to focus on the things that were very much POSSIBLE. So, she began to document her life via the popular social site Instagram in hopes of bringing inspiration, motivation, and meaning to her followers. “I use what I’ve lived through and what I’ve learned, and I share that part of myself with others – for me, inspiring others is an opportunity to change people’s minds,” she tells YouTube channel Shake Beauty. She relishes in interacting with her 100,000 fans and followers and loves answering their quirky, inquisitive questions about 23

Heartwarmingly enamored by her daughter’s endless drive, courage, and unwavering resolve, Cella insists there is nothing her daughter cannot do – she’s limitless and proud of the woman she has become. “It’s a privilege to be her mother,” says Cella.


The most challenging part of growing up with a single limb? “Effectively killing mosquitoes,” says the fearless free diver. Today, the toughest part about being a triple amputee is changing people’s perception regarding her disability and ostensible body image. Personally, whenever she undertakes any obstacle, she deliberately pushes herself

hiking in the hills, posing for fashion shoots, granting interviews, and strutting down the catwalks of South America showing off the latest styles of some of the most famous fashion designers. According to her supportive, nurturing mother Cella, the accident occurred on a Sunday. By Monday, Victoria was asking permission to go in the family pool. At such a young, impressionable age, Victoria was instinctively determined to not allow her disability to hold her back from living life to the absolute fullest. 24

| SUMMER 2020

straight out of her comfort zone. For the irrepressible over-achiever, it’s all about challenging herself. As her Instagram profile fittingly states, “What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you.” That’s her personal rule for herself, every day. To learn more about the virtuous Victoria and her unorthodox, unforgettable journey, to peek at her pics from her fashion shoots, free diving, and fun times with friends and family, or if you’re simply looking for a much-needed dose of inspiration with a side of motivation, be sure to follow her on the ‘Gram @Vicco_salcedo. 25

Dr. Hunter

Dr. Evan

Dr. Mike

for 2020

These Heartwarming and Heartstopping-ly Handsome Doctors are Sure to Get Your Pulse Racing Meet our gorgeous, GoGirl-approved doctor dudes who are making a difference in the medical field and beyond. More than just hot bodies with killer smiles, these sexy specialists will leave you enamored in seconds.


ith an unprecedented, global pandemic that has swept across the entire planet, immobilizing everything and everyone in its destructive path, including countless casualties, overwhelmed hospital staff, unforeseen economic catastrophes, strict, “stay-at-home” orders, and a fury of insurmountable fear, the recent Covid-19 health crisis left us all feeling uncertain about the future and pensive about the present. With so much time to think in the midst of chaos and confusion, it becomes clear what really matters in life and who our real heroes and heroines are. We remain firm in our belief that where there is darkness, there comes light. A super special treat to our GoGirl readers, we’re introducing three of this year’s dreamiest doctors who’ve dedicated their lives to healing, humanity, and animals. Let’s just say, these GoGuys are really testing our patients!

Dr. Hunter Finn @dr.hunterfinn

An ardent animal lover at heart, Dr. Hunter is a staunch advocate for what he deems a winning combination of people and pooches and how they represent the perfect partnership. An Arlington, Texas-based veterinarian, hot doc Hunter Finn has uniquely integrated human preventative healthcare with the benefits of pet ownership through both his veterinary practice and massive social media reach. Doctor Hunter explains how women and their pups can equally derive the benefits of more fulfilling, healthy, stress-free lives. Think more licks, long walks, and happy times to share. His 48K Instagram following showcasing shirtless snaps with his furry friends will melt any GoGirl’s heart. In February, when the height 28

| SUMMER 2020

of the pandemic began debilitating our everyday lives, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific Magazine interviewed the allAmerican, red-blooded vet on why he thinks entrepreneurs should consider becoming pet people. He cites pets, specifically of the canine variety, have PHOTO: instagram been shown to reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol, the stress hormone, commonly skyrockets in those with high-risk professions, such as entrepreneurial work. Your doting doggie can also help you stay physically fit with the activity and exercise required by our fun-loving, frisky canines, including long walks and beach time. A seemingly short ten-minute walk around the block twice daily can boost metabolism, mood, and immunity. Lastly, Dr. Hunter explains pet owners enjoy reduced blood pressure and heartrates, which are blessings for the busy businesswoman or businessman.

PHOTO: instagram

Not to mention, your loving pooch will shower you with an abundance of unconditional love, licks, and companionship for many years to come. Why not grab a leash and get a new lease on life with a pooch that’ll endlessly pamper and protect you? Those are the doc’s orders!

PHOTO: instagram

PHOTO: instagram

Dr. Mike Varshavski, aka “Dr. Mike” @doctor.mike/YouTube: Doctor Mike

Ladies, if you love a GoGuy who’s tall (he stands at a sexy 6-foot-three), dark, and handsome, Mr. Mike is your man. Based in NYC, this board-certified, family practice M. D. boasts 3.6 million

PHOTO: instagram

PHOTO: instagram

Instagram followers and 5.4 YouTube subscribers. And, it’s easy to see why. Besides the obvious – gorgeous, gleaming smile, and GLASSES – this heart-melting medic is a self-described voracious explorer of life and a devoted 29

PHOTO: instagram

dog dad. Featured in Buzzfeed and named People magazine’s Sexiest Doctor Alive in 2015, the Russian-born, 30-year-old hosts the weekly YouTube show Wednesday Check-up, a professionally-produced video series where the handsome heartstopper breaks down your most pressing health concerns in a fun, informative, and animated manner. Besides being a sight for sore eyes, Dr. Mike receives our GoGirl seal of approval for his PHOTO: instagram clever ability to balance a demanding medical career and harnessing newfound social media stardom. With only a business agent and his skilled, savvy photographer/videographer, Dan, to produce and manage his twice-weekly 30

| SUMMER 2020

YouTube show, Dr. Mike states his unexpected PHOTO: instagram internet fame is a direct result of his consistent, highquality video uploads. With spirited women attempting to contact him at the hospital and curious colleagues questioning all those photos taken with fans, Dr. Mike insists that his power to reach millions of people a week regarding important health-related issues has an exponential impact. “The first half of my week, I’m making YouTube videos…the second half of my week, I’m in the hospital doing the things I’m talking about,” he tells Business Insider. He adds, “I took this controversial, superficial angle and allowed myself the platform to talk about things I’m passionate about…If you do something you’re good at and passionate about, money will come in time.”

PHOTO: instagram

Dr. Evan Antin @dr.evanantin

Los Angeles-based, sexy, and single, Dr. Evan Antin is a virile vet on a mission to preserve our most majestic wildlife members. Named People Magazine’s official Pet Vet, Dr. Antin was also featured in the publication’s popular Sexiest Man Alive issue for 2014, 2016, and 2017, respectively. Frequently snapped shirtless PHOTO: instagram while cuddling up to an exotic creature on his massively followed Instagram profile, the 33-year-old Kansas native is actually more interested in animal advocacy than social media stardom. The dreamy doc currently works at Southern California’s Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital, while also traveling the world to treat wild, exotic animals. He is renowned for diagnosing and healing wildlife in the most remote areas of the world where animal doctors are scarce or unavailable. “My PHOTO: forbes.com personal goal

is to spread awareness about orphaned rhinos, and that’s where I can do the most good. I also like to help with the veterinary work, which is what I live for and that is a passion of mine,” Dr. Antin recently told Forbes Magazine. From traveling with gorillas in Rwanda to researching hippo aggression in Tanzania to a frighteningly close encounter with a wild male orangutan in Indonesia, this virtuous vet is fearless both in the field and at the office. His upcoming pet wellness line, Happy Pet, features holistic, healthy pet products that are creative and, of course, crueltyfree. Even though Dr. Antin is busy providing dental work to monkeys or operating on cheetahs, this wildlife-loving lady killer has dreams of hosting his own television show where he treks the planet, saving one exotic PHOTO: instagram creature at a time.

31 PHOTO: forbes.com


Your City, ST www.pedego.com

Jeunesse Joins Jennifer Murphy and GoGirl in a Brand-Building Partnership of Beauty, Business, Girl Power, and Giving Back

Earlier this year, CEO/Founder of GoGirl Worldwide Magazine, Jennifer Murphy parked her Barbie jeep, hopped on a plane, and flew to Florida to meet up with the founder and executive team at the helm of one of the most successful female-founded beauty, wellness, and lifestyle international enterprises on the planet. Welcome aboard the journey of the season.


ike GoGirl Worldwide, Jeunesse (meaning “youth” in French) was founded in 2009 with the purpose of not only bringing the most sought-after, innovative collection of beauty and health products to market, but empowerment, entrepreneurial opportunity, and financial independence to spirited women everywhere. Specializing in creating a bestselling line of luxury, groundbreaking, proprietary skincare and makeup essentials, as well as gamechanging health supplements for the entire family, Jeunesse impressively averages approximately $1.4 billion in sales annually in 150 countries. Their unique business model also offers an innovative, unique, and easy way for independent, business-

minded women to earn a limitless income as an exclusive Jeunesse consultant — on their terms and their time! “And, the reason I focus on women is because I feel like women don't always get a fair chance, even today. So, I’d like to see it more equal. In our company, we’re 80-90% women!” says co-founder Wendy Lewis. Co-founded by Wendy Lewis and her business partner-turned-life partner Randy Ray, Lewis is a retired mathematician who naturally possesses a knack for numbers and a brain for business. Previously having endured an abusive relationship where she felt stuck and financially “trapped,” Lewis made it her life’s mission to create a lucrative outlet for women where they’d never have to feel beholden to someone else financially or emotionally. So, years later, she and Ray launched Jeunesse and employed their young, blended family as the company’s toplevel execs and built a billion-dollar brand in the process. Wendy and Randy always sought to create a leading legacy within the global, direct


| SUMMER 2020

selling industry. Not only does Jeunesse create the most singular skincare, makeup, and wellness products available, they offer rewarding compensation packages and cutting-edge, global platforms to share and sell products — all fully-equipped with training and support for their thousands of Jeunesse independent consultants. Spanning more than 150 international markets with more than 34 sprawling, corporate offices across 6 economicallyrich continents, Jeunesse is ready to finally break ground in the United States and start helping women make bank. Who better to partner and co-brand with than GoGirl Worldwide? It’s sure to be a milliondollar match made in brand-building bliss. Imperative to their phenomenal success abroad, Jeunesse’ unwavering commitment to giving back to their community and assisting Scott Lewis those in need has led to the inception of their key charitable cause, Jeunesse Kids. This philanthropic Nonprofit’s three-fold goal focuses on relinquishing children from poverty, bringing education and quality healthcare, and ending childhood exploitation. Chief Visionary Officer of Jeunesse and son of

Wendy, Scott Lewis, oversees the company’s strategic vision and business trajectory, while staying true to the benevolent brand’s core belief of implementing a positive impact on the lives of others. Scott will continue to work closely with Jennifer and the GoGirl squad in creating entertaining, informative, and fun multimedia content sponsored by Jeunesse that will catapult both brands to the next level. Expect to see collabs presented through the GoGirl University, GoGirl TV, and GoGirl Magazine platforms, respectively.

From Mathematics to Stem Cells: The Science Behind Building a Billion-Dollar Business A debt-free, billion-dollar business that continues to boom, Jeunesse is comprised of over 90% female employees. Before Wendy and her husband became a couple and married, they partook in many other profitable business endeavors. When Randy’s knee began to bother him and he was experiencing unbearable pain due to the commerce couple’s incessant workload, the two flew to Beverly Hills to visit a renowned doctor specializing in stem cell research. It was during this pivotal appointment that everything changed. Wendy fortuitously happened to notice a bottle of serum in one of the doctor’s cabinets. A woman in the waiting room 37

with a visibly enviable and nutritional supplements impeccable complexion using proprietary blends, shared with Wendy her trade secret formulations, transformative before and and beautifying botanicals after pictures since using the coupled with advanced, surreptitious serum. Wendy scientific technology has tried the serum, and she too, made Jeunesse legendary experienced the similar, jawin the beauty and wellness dropping results. So, it was spaces. So much more back to Tinseltown to talk than coveted, celebritynumbers, formulations, and created cosmetics, Jeunesse business with Dr. Newman. expanded to include The doctor’s original formula the luxurious Luminesce for the serum remained skincare line and their the same, save for some unparalleled collection of ingredients that allowed for wellness products, such as more efficacious delivery the NEVO energy drink, Zen and absorption into the Bodi, and more. skin. It was truly the And, it’s GoGirl-approved! beginning of something Jennifer Murphy big — The Y. E. S. (Youth “I’ve been using the antiEnhancement System) aging stem cell-infused line, which seeks to rejuvenate, defend, Luminesce skincare line for over 2 months now restore, revitalize, enhance, and energize and am astonished by how much it has reduced the skin. And, that’s how Jeunesse was the wrinkles around my eyes and has given me a born and joined the business of beauty. Its youthful glow. I absolutely love the NV Airbrush revolutionary approach to skincare and Foundation and primer that also contains the

brilliant! I’m excited “It’tosstand confidently

and recommend this as a viable and smart opportunity for people to make money from home and on-the-go. And, the J mobile app developed by Jeunesse allows you to run your business 100% from your smartphone. It’s the perfect business solution for today’s social media and mobile era!

same proprietary blend of botanicals and beautyboosting stem cells that actually improve my skin every day. It’s the perfect makeup for myself or for any GoGirl on-the-go who wants to look fresh, flawless and fabulous!” — Jennifer Murphy, CEO/Founder of GoGirl Worldwide Magazine. 38

| SUMMER 2020

We call our collection of products the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System. Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System was carefully developed to combine powerful benefits into a synergistic system of skincare and supplements you won't find elsewhere.

Ladies Leading the Way: The Business of Beauty, Empowerment, Paying-it-Forward, and Powerful Partnerships Inspired by GoGirl Worldwide Magazine’s tireless, female-forward mission to empower, encourage, educate,

beyond, Lewis and her team reached out to our GoGirl #girlboss to discuss embarking on a possible powerful, cobranding partnership that would seek to equally benefit both lady-lifting brands in countless, exponential ways. Lewis was

and unify women and young girls across

also intrigued with GoGirl’s multimedia-

the globe, including celebrating those

rich, diverse, and relevant content, as well

women who’ve made significant, notable

as the former “The Apprentice '' star's

differences in their communities and

social media savviness for creating viral 39

videos that have garnered legions of fans, followers, clicks, and shares all over the Internet. Jennifer’s illustrious background in successfully reaching the top of some of corporate America’s steepest ladders, serial entrepreneurship, brand-building, and prowess for cultivating positivity and empowerment, has piqued the interest of Lewis and her team as they seek to bring the Jeunesse brand success stateside. So, Jennifer packed her bags for a two-day trip to the Sunshine State to talk girl power and business making. Suffice it to say, the trip was a glowing (literally) success and it deservingly received the GoGirl pink seal of approval. Jennifer and the GoGirl team are thrilled to introduce this co-branding launch and powerful partnership to GoGirl Worldwide Magazine readers this summer. GoGirls who aspire to begin their own health/wellness, lifestyle, or consulting biz, but are unsure of how or where to start, will be invited to download the 40

| SUMMER 2020

exclusive Jeunesse “J” mobile app right to their smartphone so they can start consulting and begin making money — anytime, anywhere! Beauty, health/wellness, and lifestyle consulting with Jeunesse has the far-reaching potential to become a life-changing opportunity that empowers and inspires with health, wellness, and cutting-edge beauty products, while also providing GoGirls (and GoGuys, too!) a unique, flexible business platform that requires no start-up capital or inventory. “It’s brilliant! I am excited to stand confidently and recommend this as a viable and smart opportunity for people to make money from home and on-the-go. And, the J mobile app developed by Jeunesse allows you to run your business 100% from your smartphone. It’s the perfect business solution for today’s social media and mobile era,” declares GoGirl’s Jennifer Murphy. We’re looking forward to this new and unique journey with Jeunesse and trust it will bring our devoted, driven, goal-digging GoGirls much happiness, health, wellness, beauty, and businessbuilding! Together, we will make 2020 the year of the Jeunesse GoGirl. To learn more about joining the GoGirl-Jeunesse movement, please watch the Getting Started video" https://youtu.be/rqhknlksxt0 , and click here — www.gogirl.jeunesseglobal.com to view the information on our website.

Left to Right: Lucy West, Shannon Gronich, Stefania Lo Gatto, Jennifer Murphy, Sheri Sharman


Beauty Photography by Michael Munson

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine Get Your Skin Sexy and Summer-Ready with



GoGirl Founder/CEO, social media sensation, and former Miss Oregon opens up her beauty bag and dishes the deets on the latest, next-level, lust-worthy product picks that have given her skincare and makeup regimens a much-needed makeover. After battling your winter beauty woes, let’s spring ahead with these Jeunesse skin superstars that are all beauty queen-approved and sure to get you glowing all summer long.

“I’ve always loved makeup – ever since I was a little girl. My Grandma Murphy would let me try on her jewelry, shoes, and accessories when I stayed the night at her place. But, my favorite thing to do was to play with her lipstick and color palettes! I loved to sneak in a chance to ‘glam up,’ even when I was as young as 7 years-old and could envision what it would be like to be a ‘lady’ someday.” — Jennifer Murphy CEO/Founder of GoGirl Worldwide

Photography by April Bennett

Finally after convincing her uber-conservative parents to allow her to begin competing in local beauty pageants at the recommendation of a friend, Jennifer was able to unzip her makeup bag, whip out those color palettes, brushes, and lipsticks, and get creative by having loads of fun with makeup. Just like her Grandma Murphy, Jennifer unapologetically dipped her cosmetic brushes into palettes bursting with colorful, blushworthy hues and swiped her pout with bold, pretty pigments. We’re guessing all-things pink was the go-to hue for the future GoGirl! 43


Photography by April Bennett



Decidedly, it was her time to begin experimenting with different looks and learning

to express herself without pause. Growing up, Jennifer would spend her spare time painting with whimsical watercolors and so, naturally, her face became another “canvas” to beautify. Though forbidden to wear makeup until she reached her teenage years and ending her countless clandestine lipstick applications before heading out with friends, Jennifer’s mother “instilled” in her impressionable daughter that true beauty is what’s on the “inside.” While Jennifer believes this motherly sentiment to be 100%, unequivocally true, she also feels it doesn’t hurt to have fun with makeup, while enhancing and accentuating your best beauty assets! And, why not, right? It’s possible to still live a purposefuldriven, fulfilled life of love, happiness, and harmony — all with a little lipstick! Just ask Grandma Murphy. She unabashedly spent her days singing, dancing, and sending joy to everyone she met, while emanating positivity, Photography by Marcus Kolodjski empowerment, femininity, and yes, beauty. A daily flush of blush didn’t change that. When we feel beautiful, we feel happier. The happier we feel, the more effortless it is to feel empowered and pay it forward to the next fabulously fierce female we meet. Whether it was experimenting with makeup when competing for the coveted teen title of Miss Josephine County or building an award-winning sales team for a Fortune 500 company in her early 20s or being a contestant on the hit reality television series “The Apprentice” with now U. S. President Donald Trump or prepping for a first date with a potential Mr. Right, Jennifer believes every woman deserves to look and feel her beauty best. She asserts that we nonchalantly make appointments to get our cars detailed down to the carpet, so why not give that same beautifying commitment to our self-care routines using nothing but the best antiaging, game-changing products the billion-dollar beauty biz has to offer? While our cars are smoking hot, so should we be. 45


Photography by Michael Munson

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine Get Your Skin Sexy and Summer-Ready with



The beauty industry is BIG business – billions of dollars big. And, all one has to do is stroll along any strip mall and they’ll inevitably spot a Sephora or ULTA; or scroll their social media feeds only to be accosted with a conveyor belt of click-worthy advertisements and eye-catching imagery featuring the “next big thing” in beauty. And, if you’re a GoGirl of the 80s, you’ll undoubtedly agree the decade was arguably lauded for its music and movies, but not makeup. It was Maybelline, Max Factor, and Cover Girl. GoGirls who came of age pre-Internet were offered slim pickings when it came to beauty products. But, we digress. Fast forward to the current state of cosmetics. It seems there are a gazillion products to treat every beauty woe imaginable. Every day, there seems to be a new, must-have (or 2 or 3 or 4 or more) to rid of those unwanted wrinkles, under eye bags, or sun spots, promising to salvage your skin from the ravages of time. With an ever-evolving, ever-growing, oversaturated industry of dream creams, lotions, and potions promising to pamper, perfect, and prettify, it’s no wonder most women are left overwhelmed and bemused by the bounty of beauty. When it comes to deciding which products to pick and which to pass, your best beauty bet is to leave it up to a beauty queen. Last February, Jennifer was invited to fly to Florida to formally meet who would become the official GoGirl power partner — global beauty empire Jeunesse. Having religiously enveloped her skin head-to-tippy toe with some of the brand’s beloved, cult-status skincare and makeup products these past few months, she’s sharing some of her go-to Jeunesse gems with GoGirl fans and followers. “In all my years in business, beauty pageants, the entertainment industry, and shooting YouTube videos, I have never come across cosmetics and skincare of this caliber. Drumroll please…”

Sheri Sharman, Jennifer Murphy



AirbrushFoundation&SkinCare Jeunesse NV Their exclusive makeup line, these skincare-infused bestsellers fly off the virtual shelves and it’s easy to see why. The effect of high-definition, pictureperfect makeup with the beauty of advanced, proprietary skincare ingredients and formulations, the Jeunesse NV line has all your bases covered. Developed by celebrity makeup artist Yolanda Halston, each innovative NV makeup product is Yolanda Halston exclusively imbued with the Jeunesse APT-200 NV Developer proprietary blend of powerful polypeptides (read: complexion-plumping collagen!) plus plant-based stem cell technology (hello regeneration on a cellular level).


All products in this coveted line are free of oil, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and talc. The luxurious, weightless formulas provide long-lasting hydration without caking, crinkling, or crumbling. No more midday makeup meltdowns. And, their quick, spray-on formulas mean no more messy makeup!

NV Foundation With nine, made-to-match, sexy shades, this spray-on makeup mist is a breeze to apply. A dream-come-true for magazine CEOs and GoGirls on-the-go, this lightweight NV foundation hides, heals, corrects, and protects the complexion leaving you looking flawless in a flash. Because it’s an actual “spray foundation,” you get that instant, airbrushed, photo-friendly finish minus all the blemish-causing bacteria, contamination, and color oxidation that the bottled versions are guilty of. If you’re a traditionalist and prefer to apply your foundation the original way, this NV foundation formula can also be lightly sprayed on a foundation brush or Beautyblender®-like sponge and applied to the skin. It’s totally up to you.


Jen also loves to give her finished base an extra spray to “set” her look. Using a makeup sponge, one of her GoGirl makeup brushes, or the super-soft NV pad, she simply buffs and blends her entire look for seamless perfection. This buildable NV foundation is a makeup must for any GoGirl who loves to play and experiment with makeup to find her personal preference. So, spray and slay away! #Nofilterneeded

NV Primer Next, Jen is jamming on the NV primer. A first-ever spray-on primer that instantly fills pores and smooths fine lines for a soft-focus finish, this oil-free NV primer evenly covers your entire complexion with a one-second spritz! No buffing, blending, rubbing, or tugging. Bursting with beautifying botanicals and the Jeunesse proprietary APT-200 technology, this is a great way to get your “canvas” ready for all your cosmetics with the benefits of supercharged skincare. 49

Beauty BeautyBar.com


NV Shimmer

Every GoGirl knows her makeup masterpiece isn’t complete without the ultimate finishing touch – shimmer! The NV shimmer is also a spray-on formula that is best applied by spraying on your palm, then dipping one of your GoGirl makeup brushes into the product and applying to the high planes of your face — brow bone, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, tops of cheekbones — for a dewy, dimensional, gorgeous glow. Jens’s go-to glow tip: Spray evenly across décolletage, shoulders, or down fronts of legs for an optically-slimming effect. Look like you’re ready to strut across the stage of a beauty pageant with shimmering stems! This exquisite, versatile shimmer also effortlessly highlights and enhances a spray tan or beachy strands for top-to-bottom body bling! The beauty possibilities are endless with this Jeunesse gem.

NV Bronzer

Photo: Michael Munson

For sexy, sun-kissed color sans the damaging rays of the sun, Jen reaches for her NV bronzer that beautifully contours and sculpts her complexion ala Kim K. Jen likes to use her professional-grade GoGirl makeup brushes to perfect the buildable, blendable formula once applied. You can choose from a variety of premium makeup brush sets by visiting https://www.gogirlbeauty.com/collections/gogirl-beautybrushes. All sets come complete with a cute, travel-friendly, portable pouch for clean, safe storage.

NV Body Bronzer The bronzing action need not stop at your neck. Like most glamorous girls-on-the-go, Jen likes to give her beauty queen physique a beachready glow — or when she’s overdue for a spray tan appointment! The Photo: Michael Munson Jeunesse NV body bronzer offers two body-perfecting products in one bottle — foundation PLUS bronzer. Blur imperfections while getting a beach-beautiful bronze that easily washes off in the shower. The perfect one-night tan, this sprayon body bronzer is perfect for commitment phobes who shy away from the 10-day self-tanner commitment or who simply just crave a little color here or there without having to bronze their entire body. Plus, you can also use this body bronzer on your face since it’s ingeniously infused with foundation and all the Jeunesse proprietary skincare benefits. This GoGirl-approved formula is waterproof, swim-proof, kiss-proof, sex-proof and won’t budge or smudge! The Maui shade is designed for light to medium skin tones, while the Bora Bora shade will deliver a just-back-fromthe-beach bronze. Buildable, believable, beautiful! A must-have for any makeup or beach bag. 51


AntiAging&SkinCare Luminesce Line Luminesce is Jeunesse’ signature skincare line and is also infused with their proprietary APT-200 plant-based stem cell and polypeptide blend, plus a bevy of beautifying botanicals and anti-aging extracts. While Jen will always be a makeup maven at heart, she knows taking care of her skin is the foundation of aesthetic beauty. If your complexion is congested or suffering from redness or inflammation, no amount of makeup is going to mitigate the madness. It’s all about correcting before concealing. These are the products from the Luminesce line that keep Jen’s complexion glowing and gorgeous from coffee to cocktails . . .

Youth Restoring Cleanser Jen likes to clean up her act morning and night with this gentle, yet effective, cleanser that leaves her skin clean, hydrated, and baby soft. She especially loves the pure scent and the feeling of the silky-soft suds that swathe her skin when she’s at the sink. The lightweight formula is the perfect way to summer-ize your skincare regimen. NO more dirty little secrets (like sleeping in your makeup)!

Cellular Rejuvenation Serum Jen applies this Jeunesse super serum morning and night to her entire face, paying close attention to age-prone areas, like expression lines, neck, chest, and tops of hands. After using this Jeunesse gem for a little over a month, she’s noticed a visible reduction in the fine lines around her eyes and a more even-toned complexion thanks to the formula’s infusion of anti-aging coconut and sweet potato root extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. See spot run.

Advanced Night Repair


As every GoGirl should know, beauty sleep is one of the best (and free) ways to score sexy, ageless skin. After all, they don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing, right? While you sleep snugly between your comfy sheets, remember your skin is hard at work doing the night shift. Jen knows her complexion is getting a much-deserved restorative and rejuvenating bedtime boost with this bestselling beauty pick that’s a dream-come-true for her complexion. Each dewy dollop drenches her tired skin with long-lasting, succulent moisture, while the powerhouse antioxidants undo the day’s damage. GoGirl Glow Tip: Slumber on satin or silk pillowcases so you awake without those telltale creases and crinkles etched across your complexion. Plus, the silk/satin material won’t absorb all your fabulous Jeunesse gems. Sweet dreams!

AntiAging&SkinCare products at BeautyBar.com 53

Beauty BeautyBar.com

AntiAging&SkinCare Naara Drink yourself gorgeous with this Jeunesse drinkable collagen. Jen likes to sip on this naturally, slightly sweet-tasting, delicious elixir infused with the Jeunesse proprietary TruMarine, skin-supporting collagen. Collagen is the substance that naturally keeps skin elastic, firm, lifted, luminous, and youthfullooking. Naara has been clinically proven to boost your skin’s natural collagen synthesis and is your wrinkle warrior in a glass. The purse-perfect packets are great to take on-the-go or when you’re in a pinch.

Instantly Ageless If you’ve been chronically burning the midnight oil, feel super stressed, or look puffy from allergies, Jen’s got a quick face fix to share. These magical little vials of micro-cream deliver instant depuffing action to under eye baggage, while ironing out deep wrinkles within seconds! Forget your lines and watch your baggage go bye-bye right before your eyes with results that last up to 9 hours! A YouTube tutorial hit, Jeunesse has unsurprisingly sold more than 50 million applications of this mind-blowing miracle worker. These are best for when your skin really needs a pick-me-up and sleep isn’t an option.

PLAY VIDEO!! So, there you have it, GoGirls! If you want to spring clean your beauty routine and get your skin summer-sexy with these GoGirl + Jeunesse game-changers that combine cutting-edge cosmetics with innovative, advanced skincare formulations, be sure to visit GoGirlBeautyBar.com. Don’t forget to share and show YOUR favorite finds with the GoGirl glam fam! 55


The OG Instagram influencer, Melbourne’s Gretta Rose van Riel, is easily one of Australia’s most influential marketers and successful, young, female serial entrepreneurs. | Having founded her first start-up SkinnyMe Tea (SMT) at the age of twenty-two with just $24 dollars in her personal bank account, the reigning e-commerce queen went on to successfully start and build four additional multimillion-dollar online businesses, pioneering one of today’s trendiest social media marketing tools — selling products on Instagram. | See how the brainy blonde behind some of the biggest brands leveraged the power of the gratuitous ‘Gram to make a fortune and how you can, too. So, stop scrolling and start strategizing! Back in 2012, before the now massively popular pic-sharing app was just breaking onto the social scene following the global Facebook phenomenon and prior to its money-making prowess, van Riel turned her mindless scrolling sessions into a savvy start-up tool. “At the time, Instagram didn’t have any features for businesses. So, making a business account was just as simple as changing an account name to SkinnyMe Tea. And, we started to grow that account quite quickly,” van Riel tells Yahoo Finance. By the end of that same year, SkinnyMe Tea had amassed 200K followers on Instagram. At the same time, legendary athletic brand Nike had only 10K. Before the ubiquitous branding/business buzzword “influencer” was yet to be uttered, van Riel began building brands off Instagram alone, forever revolutionizing traditional advertising strategies and brand messaging for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses alike. Making small, microtargeted endorsement deals with the app’s like-minded “influencers,” as well as limiting stock while boosting “buzz” before an official 58

| SUMMER 2020

launch, are some audacious marketing tactics that would keep any conventional CEO up at night. Yet, it was these unprecedented, risktaking tactics that took van Riel’s businesses from seeds to successes – virtually overnight. SkinnyMe Tea accumulated up to $600K in

monthly sales in its first six months!

The Disruptor from Down Under Rising social media marketing star van Riel would go on to start other social mediabased brands within six short years, like The 5th — a luxury watch company that only offers sales on the 5th day of each and every

Finance. “On our first birthday, we did over a million Australian dollars in sales in a single day — on the 5th of December in 2015.” Does van Riel simply possess the auspicious Midas Touch gene for making millions? Maybe so. But, it’s more likely she’s discovered her goldmine by tapping into the power of online influencers to generate pre-launch buzz and product demand, while disrupting the entire online advertising landscape in the process. Today, van Riel’s unbridled, tycoon-like track record for successful start-ups has since influenced her to move into the tech sector of her entrepreneurial inclinations. Now, would-be brand innovators (as well as established corporations) can learn all her social media marketing success secrets, including how to leverage the infinite power of influencers to market and sell their prod ucts/services, through regular training courses, webinars, videos she’s created with Foundr and Shopify. “Hey Influencers” is van Riel’s latest capital-generating venture that seeks to play “matchmaker” between brands and social media influencers who best align with the ethos of said brands. The goal is for these budding brands to reach the most appropriate target demographic, while the

month, and for only 5 days. “We sold over a thousand watches on our FIRST day, which was over $100K in sales. So, that company grew even faster than SMT, which I didn’t think was possible at the time,” van Riel tells Sarah O’Carroll, editor-in-chief at Yahoo 59

solves a problem. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

influencers are compensated through payfor-posts, sponsored content, and other attractive, affiliate marketing techniques.

Think Outside the Brand-Building Box: Gretta van Riel’s Top Tips and Tricks to Build Your Brand

1. Gretta’s advice to burgeoning brands and start-ups with modest capital is to research the market for your idea/product/service and build buzz BEFORE you plan on launching. Sounds counterintuitive, right? But, wait. “If you are building an audience before you launch a product, you’re mitigating a risk of launching to crickets.”

2. Another trendy tool is to create a unique, simplistic product/service that


| SUMMER 2020

3. Build an email database to help convert social media followers/fans to buying customers with retention potential.

4. Finally, start small. Launch your new biz with an MVP — “minimum viable product” — and without shelling out much capital. “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” — Reid Hoffman.

Now 30, van Riel has since founded Drop Bottle, Hey Influencers, SkinTox Tea, and is set to launch Hey Engage — a platform that helps strategize and facilitate collaborations and partnerships between like-minded brands that aren’t in competition with one other, but who could boost each other’s bottom line. She unsurprisingly snagged a slot in Forbes’ coveted 30 Under 30 class for Retail and e-Commerce in 2018 and won the breakout Shopify Build-a-Business competition in 2013. Between her personal and business accounts, the ingenious brandbuilder boasts a collective 16 million followers on Instagram. Fun fact: She once grew a fresh-faced Instagram account from zero to 48K followers in less than twenty-four hours. To learn more about the Gretta Rose van Riel and steal her start-up success secrets, be sure to follow her @gretta, @heyinfluencers, @smtofficial, @dropbottle, and @the5th. You GoGirl! PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM



Say hello to clean, better-for-you vodka-crafted cocktails ma


ade simple. Our cocktails taste like you are sipping sunshine.

GoGirl CEO Jennifer Murphy Honors Lifetime Humanitarian and Entertainment Industry Pioneer at “Once Upon a Runway — A Toy Story” Charity Gala in NYC

At just 14 years-old, mover-and-shaker-inthe-making, Lucia Kaiser curiously acquired a fake ID to land a gig as a gyrating gogo dancer on the hit Hullabaloo television show. While dancing in a cage on set, she was eventually introduced to crooner superstar Sammy Davis, Jr, fostering a lifelong mentorship and friendship with the legendary entertainer. Lucia never looked back. | Meet one of the hardest working women in the entertainment industry and how she has dedicated her blessed life to helping others.


icking off the new year celebrating fashion – and fierce, philanthropic females – iconic NYC-based toy company F. A. O. Schwartz hosted charity gala “Once Upon a Runway – a Toy Story” to raise money and awareness for St. Jude’s Research Hospital. All the glitz, glamour, clothes, and compassion were presented by the Kiss the Monkeys and Kiss the Mermaids organizations, including the Heritage Indian Fashions. Hosted by Prince MarioMax Schaumburg and MC’d by GoGirl’s very own CEO/ Founder Jennifer Murphy, the highly anticipated, eye-catching event was a spectacular success, to say the least. 66

| SUMMER 2020

Presented by silent auctioneer Prashant Goyal, heroic humanitarian and entertainment industry emissary, Lucia Kaiser was cordially honored with the coveted Evolutionist Award for Lifetime Achievement for Philanthropy and Leadership in Pioneering Women in the Entertainment Industry. The star-studded evening was beautifully captured in stunning images by veteran celebrity photographer, founder of Reflections NYC, and longtime friend of Ms. Kaiser, Mr. Jeff Smith, Lucia humbly accepted the welldeserved honor with a compelling, tearful speech recounting her own narrow escape from sex trafficking while living in Cairo, Egypt

as a young woman. She proceeded to offer the gala’s guests a few words of cautionary advice and the urgency to act against one of the most duplicitous and defiling ills against women, children, and humanity in the modern world.

Showgirl to Show Businesswoman The daughter of Italian immigrants and the two-time Emmy Award winning producer, philanthropist and keynote speaker, launched her illustrious career at just 18 years old when she became an intern for the late-night television hit, The Johnny Carson Show. By 19, she became the iconic show’s first female talent booker. After a successful run with NBC, Lucia developed her entrepreneurial muscles and founded the first-ever, all-female operated Venus Advertising Agency. The

start-up ala “Mad Men” with a feminine flair, represented some of the biggest household names in the biz, like Pepsi Cola, owned by legendary star Joan Crawford and her husband. Lucia walked away after a year due to sexual harassment from the male investor. Soon after, she was offered the role of President of Studio Film Exchange — an organization that purchased and marketed award-winning documentaries. While vacationing in Hong Kong, she was approached by legendary Kung Fu fighter and screen star Bruce Lee, to be the first and only female president of his film company, Concord Productions. She was overseeing the production and distribution of some of the most memorable martial arts motion pictures, including negotiating a historic distribution deal with Warner Brothers for the worldwide box office hit “Enter the Dragon”.


Not long after their imminent escape to paradise, Lucia found herself at the helm of many entertainment industryrelated endeavors in Television. A fearless, unrelenting risk-taker, she boldly accepted a position as the only woman ever General Manager at Hawaii’s renowned KGU radio station. To increase their ratings, Lucia created the very first live remote broadcast of the Larry King show in Honolulu, broadcast throughout the U.S. and Canada. She was awarded her two Emmy’s and many other accolades including “The Points of Light Award” from President George W. Bush in Washington, D.C for producing two amazing documentaries, “Hawaii Files:Journey While globetrotting across Europe on vacation, she met the love of her life, Steffan Kaiser and decided to live with him in Munich. Three years later, their best friend, Donna Summer, threw them a wedding party and they decided to move to Honolulu. Hawaii. Lucia first fell in love with the gorgeous chain of Pacific Islands after she graduated high school at the age of 15. She was extremely smart and skipped a few years. From a young age, she had dreamed of going to Honolulu, Hawaii and running away from the Bronx in New York, upon graduation from high school. She saved the money from dancing on the NBC Show, purchased a ticket and followed her dreams to Hawaii. Shortly after arriving, she met some surfing champions who taught her how to surf. In the ten months she lived in Hawaii, she won two female only surfing competitions. 68

| SUMMER 2020

From Homelessness” and “Battered Men”. She became known as “The Documentary Producer” that Made a difference.

Brawn, Brains, and Giving Back Besides having led a fun, fulfilling life of glass ceiling-breaking, behind-the-scenes

work within entertainment, media, and radio, Lucia’s real love has been tirelessly working for the world’s underrepresented, disenfranchised, and victimized by being a voice for the voiceless. She was an active organizer/fundraiser for the Partnership for the Homeless, Hawaii Symphony, Girl Scouts of America, Diabetes and Heart Association, Hawaii Theater and School of Ballet to name a few. Her early humanitarian efforts led her to the esteemed position of Democratic Chairperson during both terms under former President Bill Clinton. She has spoken at the United Nations and the Venice Film Festival, respectively and continues to lead the charge in engaging audiences in the socio-political sphere. She is involved with the New York Theater Works, a resourceful organization that seeks to introduce the crafts of actors, writers, directors and producers to the industry’s top, influential professionals. Lucia also regularly supports Destiny Rescue — a deeply humanitarian initiative that is dear to her heart. Destiny Rescue is an impactful non-profit dedicated to saving the thousands upon thousands of children enslaved in sex trafficking all over the world. So, it is no surprise this lady leader has an ever-growing resume of prestigious awards, accolades, and other reputed recognitions. Here are just a handful of the distinguished deets: The Davos Honoree of Davos 100 Most Influential

Women in America; Lifetime Achievement Humanitarian Award from GEM (Global Empowerment Movement Organization) presented at the United Nations in 2019; HBO Legacy Award for her role as President of Bruce Lee’s Film Co. 2018, The Human Spirit and Cultural Harmony Award on Wall Street, 2017, the Lifetime Achievement — Pay it Forward Award at the Yale Club in 2016; and Lifetime Achievement Award — Project Pay It Forward Award presented on Wall Street in 2015, just to name a few.

Movie Making Before #MeToo Most recently, Lucia was featured as the exclusive January 2020 cover story for Womenz Straight Talk Magazine, which was dedicated to the loving memory of her late husband, physicist Steffan Kaiser. The article was an untethered commemoration of her revolutionary career, as well as her lifelong devotion to philanthropy and propagating awareness to charitable causes. When asked how her decades-long career inspired her own approach to seeking relevancy and validation in a historically male-dominated industry, Lucia says, “I was born with self-confidence, brains, and drive, realizing from a very early age that if I wanted to do something, I could eventually find a way to make things happen. My approach to life is this: ‘I never let anyone tell me I can’t do something I want to do. EVER. 69

I always tell people, women especially, don’t ever let anyone stop you from doing what you need to do. And, never give up.” When asked how she managed to dodge show biz’ infamous bullet — the casting couch — and navigated the precarious misogynistic culture before the benefits of the #Metoo movement, she candidly comments, “Of course, there were times I had to fight off horny studio execs or producers trying to get into my pants. Sexual advances and the possibility of rape were commonplace. It was almost an expected part of doing business and it was scary as shit, but to be honest, I wasn’t about to have sex with anyone to get a job”. Her advice to any female hopeful of leveraging a career in entertainment without the risk of getting caught with their pants down (literally)? “Being prepared for any situation with the right tools, especially confidence. Confidence comes with knowledge and knowledge is power. I made it


| SUMMER 2020

my business to learn everything I could about every project I was hired on, so I could prove myself.”

Second Act Lucia has been fervently working on producing a major feature film, “Framed”, based on a bestselling book. It will be the “Wolf on Wall Street” of the artworld. Also, Lucia continues to loom large as a formidable force in the fight against child sex trafficking worldwide. She is scheduled to produce a television series entitled, “Caged Obsession”, a semi-biographical adaptation of her own life, which depicts her courageous escape from the vile underbelly of sex trafficking in Cairo. The fight against the multimillion-dollar enterprise of selling children into the sex slave trade, has been one of Lucia’s lifelong, humanitarian passions. An ardent enthusiast of the arts, Lucia also loves salsa dancing and enjoys listening to an eclectic array of music. While living in Hawaii, she became a professional surfer and reigned champion of Slalom water skiing; she also raced motorcycles when living in Bangkok and skydived as well. A true virtuoso of many talents.

To learn more about this indomitable dame with the arguably uncompromising fortitude for fighting — and giving back, be sure to visit her website at www. luciakaiser.com. You can read her full featured write up in Womenz Straight Talk on Lucia’s website in the PHOTO: Luciana Pampalone

media section. Nothing is off-limits with Lucia!


Meet the GoGirl Who’s Soaring to New Heights Despite a History of Health and Personal Challenges

Aqua Katina Heavener, aka PilotAqua, is an up-and-coming recording artist, former model, entrepreneur, philanthropist, pilot, and cancer survivor. A young woman who is clearly a force to be reckoned with, PilotAqua is living proof that having heart, hope, and family in the face of adversity is what matters most of all. Her rather unique tale will be sure to ignite the power of positivity in all of us.


espite an unstable and unfortunate upbringing rife with unimaginable and deplorable circumstances, as well as aging out of foster care in Manassas, Virginia, PilotAqua would find a way westward to TinselTown by working as a professional model, while staying at a women’s shelter until she was able to afford her own apartment. And, this was just the beginning for this unlikely success story. PilotAqua, now 26, graduated in 2013 from Stonewall Jackson High School and is currently working on attaining her veterinarian technician license with a concentration on wildlife rescue and 74

| SUMMER 2020

rehabilitation. The sky seems to be the limit for this goal-digging GoGirl! Having worked as a fashion model while obtaining her undergrad degree, the overachieving PilotAqua is currently in the midst of launching her own line of aviation attire and independently runs a non-profit aptly entitled Aqua Confident, a unique organization that instructs young, underprivileged girls how to be a mermaid for fashion shoots, birthdays bashes, and other fun events. A frequent red-carpet guest and hired awards seat filler, PilotAqua has graced the crimson covering countless times, including the Emmy and MTV Awards shows, respectively, and the premiere of the cult thriller Stranger Things 3. But, beneath the beautiful visage, gleaming grin, beaming persona, and the glitz and glamour of aspiring stardom, lies a young woman privately and fearlessly fighting battles beyond her control. Diagnosed with a number of health challenges a few years back, including a congenital vascular condition known as Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome and a

with our Founder and CEO, Jennifer Murphy. MTV Awards and the iHeartRadio music festival featured PilotAqua as a top influencer on their social media billboard.

Family Matters

malformation of her small intestine, which prevents adequate and healthy blood flow to the majority of her vital organs, PilotAqua has resolved to not let her health challenges overcome her right to thrive. A competitive equestrian, PilotAqua volunteers at the Rancho Verde Riding Club where she teaches younger girls to ride in exchange for horse show competition preparation. Additionally, she is in remission after battling colon cancer. “Currently, I plan to engage in private piloting for fun under a restrictive license. I’m a striving private pilot with a notable rising in the female aviation community, with restrictions due to my health. My goal is to have my own ranch and flying rescue business one day in the future,” PilotAqua tells GoGirl Worldwide Magazine. Still, quite an ambitious endeavor for any young man or woman, irrespective of medical obstacles. Her recently released song “Kiss the Night Sky” will be featured on her upcoming album in 2021. And, GoGirl readers can stay tuned for the official GoGirl theme song, which PilotAqua personally wrote in collaboration

But, above chasing and grabbing hold of her wildest dreams in aviation and soaring the sunny (and starry skies), PilotAqua is on another quest — one a lot closer to her heart. She is fighting against the needless and cruel practice of sibling separation within the social structure. “We could have seen each other growing up,” she recounts. “I had restraining orders put on certain family members, but siblings should be the exception. It has negatively affected all our lives for the time we lost and can never get back.” Due to the irresponsible actions of her parents, PilotAqua asserts she and her siblings were the ones who ultimately paid the painfully unfair price. She hopes the courts will soon eradicate these emotionally destructive laws that aspire to do more harm than good.

A Patient with a Penchant for… Posting? As if her resume of impressive accomplishments couldn’t possibly get any longer, PilotAqua can add another item to that already extensive list. Late last year, she became a deserving recipient of the lauded Social Media Patient Experience Project at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for her adept social media posting 75



| SUMMER 2020

prowess. Founded in 2017, the forwardthinking project delivers personalized gifts to randomly selected patients who “tag” Cedars-Sinai in their social posts across the biggest platforms — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. PilotAqua tells Cedar-Sinai’s Bridge newsletter, “They’re seeing who I am as a person…It makes me feel like when I go home, I still have support.” Like most social media savvy millennials, PilotAqua admits she’s quite the ardent poster across her social channels. “Social media provides a unique opportunity to interact with our patients and community outside a clinical setting,” comments Carrie Yutzy, associate director of Digital Strategy at Cedars-Sinai. “When a

patient tags us in a post, they’re including us in their experience and giving us a chance to see things from their perspective.” Once the recipients have been chosen, a team of Cedar-Sinai volunteers distribute the gifts, replete with a custom-crafted greeting card. PilotAqua is one of more than 40 patients to have received a personalized gift as part of this on-going initiative. All the gifts are provided by volunteer-run charity Helping Hand Gift Shop and the entirety of the proceeds go to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cedars. PilotAqua, we are immeasurably enamored with you and your inspiring story of heart, hope, and resilience, including your unwavering commitment to your life goals and the restitution and reform of harmful societal constructs. We trust that your personal journey touches each and every GoGirl who is currently facing inconceivable challenges, adversity, and the toughest of times. You got this, GoGirl! Since the writing of this article, PilotAqua received the great news that her cancer is in remission as she continues on her personal journey crushing her goals. Her final bout of chemotherapy has been scheduled for April 1st and we’re sending lots of pink-powered prayers her way! Be sure to visit PilotAqua at www.PilotAqua. com or on the ‘Gram @PilotAqua or @ AquaHeavener to learn more about this indomitable entrepreneur and how she’s defying all the odds. 77


GoGirl Healthy Living Routine: Wellness 101 Edition GoGirl Worldwide CEO/Founder Jennifer Murphy spills her secrets for summertime health, wellness, and mindfulness, while spotlighting her personal product picks from legendary beauty and lifestyle giant and GoGirl power partner Jeunesse. If you’re feeling blue over your wellness woes, you’ll love these GoGirl-worthy wellness tips.


Photo: Michael Munson

Check out Jen’s eight essential tips for getting your mind and body back on track for the warmer months ahead! Bikini, sandals, and suntan lotion not included. 1. Feed Your Inner Foodie Summertime is the best season to indulge in nutrient-dense dishes, like colorful, scrumptious salads, light soups, and the freshest fare on the market. Be sure to fill your plate with all the colors of the rainbow to reap the best body benefits. When you consume colorful carotenoids, your body instinctively transforms them into vitamin A, boosting immune function and guarding against illness and infection. Reach for pigment-rich fruits and veggies, like vitamin A-packed sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, spirulina, carrots, eggplant, beets, squash, cantaloupe, and energizing, sweet-tasting berries. Slather some all-natural, creamy nut butter and a sliced banana on top of whole grain bread slices for a midday snack sure to put a pep in your step. Serve up some fatty fish, like sardines or salmon, with a side of grilled asparagus sprinkled with a touch of tangy lemon and drizzled with olive oil. Add some avocado for heart-healthy fats, too. Jen recommends filling up on other superfoods, such as lean protein (skinless chicken and grass-fed beef) and probiotics (yogurt and other fermented foods) to aid in healthy digestion and optimal immunity support. Sip on hot or iced green tea throughout the day and sprinkle some anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and microbial turmeric on your morning mug of matcha green tea.

79 PHOTO: Trang Doan

Wellness GoGirl Wellness approved by


Jen’s go-to Jeunesse Gems:

ZEN BODI — Put your overall well-being into a Zen zone state with this Jeunesse bestseller. A proprietary system of curated premium-grade products designed to help you achieve your fitness, weight loss, and lifestyle goals, ZEN BODI offers tasty, protein-packed shakes to amino acid-infused fruit drinks to detoxifying daily capsules. The ZEN BODI mix-and-match, customizable approach provides a solution for every body.


Wellness GoGirl Wellness approved by


Supplements 2. Savor Your Supplements Supplements are just that — they supplement your diet and fill the “gaps” where your diet may be lacking certain key nutrients. Sometimes, we just can’t eat five servings of veggies a day or we miss our morning glass of milk for bone-fortifying calcium. Life happens, so that’s what supplements are for. These lifesavers come in the form of vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, fiber, amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen, and nootropics. The best immune-supporting vitamins and minerals are B, C, D, E, folic acid, iron, selenium, and zinc. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all supplement that fills in Photo: Michael Munson all the gaps, you’ll love the GoGirl-approved Reserve drinkable supplement from Jeunesse. The rich, dark color says it all! This delicious daily supplement is a proprietary, immunity-boosting blend of 5 superfruits, resveratrol, aloe vera, and green tea extracts. Not only will you strengthen your immunity and boost your overall wellness, you’ll save your skin, too! So, get gulping. MX20 — This unique, drinkable dietary supplement provides 70 trace minerals plus black, organic fulvic and humic acids to effectively energize, hydrate, and ignite the body’s purification process.


3. Soak up Some Sunshine! Contrary to conventional wisdom, the best way to get your daily dose of the “D” is to safely soak up some body-boosting rays. Just 15-20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure daily will strengthen your immune function, bones, joints, and eyes, while uplifting your mood and revving up that metabolism for a beach-ready bod in no time. That’s the skinny on the sunshine vitamin. 83


Jen’s Jeunesse jewel for staying healthy and hydrated on-the-go: Revita BLU — Nutrient-rich blue-green algae, ancient sea buckthorn berry, and hydrating aloe vera perfectly synergize within a coconut water-based powder to instantly hydrate, revitalize, and strengthen all your body’s systems. Convenient, take-anywhere stick packets quickly dissolve in your bottled water for a refreshing reboot anytime, anywhere.


4. Clock Some Zzzz’s and Get into Your Zen Zone It turns out if you snooze, you really do lose – body fat/excess weight, sallow-looking skin, blemishes, irritability, and a poor immune system. Aiming for 7-9 hours of quality, restorative sleep per night improves your immune system’s natural ability to fight off infection. Here is how your amazing, hardworking immune system functions: its infection-fighting supply of “T” cells are responsible for fending off intracellular pathogens that can lead to debilitating diseases and opportunistic infections. So, say Goodnight to Netflix and start snoozing STAT.

PHOTO: Andrea Piacquadio

PHOTO: The Lazy Artist Gallery

5. Guzzle 8-10 Glasses of Hydrating, Healthy H2O Daily If you haven’t already noticed, water is the antidote for just about any wellness woe. From congested complexions to fatigue to illness to parched palates, water works wonders. Drinking at least 8-10 8 oz. of naturally alkaline H2O (pH 9.5-8) glasses daily will recalibrate your body’s processes, while infusing much-needed hydration, electrolytes, and minerals into all your body’s cells. Plus, habitual water intake flushes the body’s tissues, muscles, and organs of harmful toxins that can wreak havoc on your skin, hair, and overall health. H2O also delivers oxygen to cells so they can perform at their best, while also producing lymph, a substance that assists in transporting your white blood cells and nutrients to tissues and organs. Plus, gulping down 8-10 glasses of water daily, promotes proper digestion. Start sipping and say bye-bye belly bloat and hello skinny jeans! 85


Jen and the GoGirl squad’s ultimate Jeunesse workout warrior: MONAVIE — An innovative, body-boosting blend of botanicals, 19 fruits (including naturally sweet-tasting Brazilian acai berry), glucosamine, and free radical-fighting antioxidants, this powerfully synergized sip supports your active lifestyle. From the barre to the bar and everywhere in between, this bottle of supercharged bio actives has got your back.


6. Bust a Move Just like you “pencil in” work appointments with colleagues and pizza dates with friends and family, so should you make it your business to battle the bulge. Besides aiming for those elusive 10K steps daily, there are countless other (and way more fun) ways to crush your fitness goals. Here are just a few to try: cardio (running, walking, cycling, swimming), weights/strength training, stretching/yoga, Pilates, CrossFit (high intensity interval training), playing sports, hiking, gardening, indoor mountain climbing, and so much more. For fitness on the fly, try planks in the park, burpees in your living room and lunchtime lunges. Jen suggests switching things up a bit to prevent fitness plateaus as well as boredom. Mix up your go-to fitness faves and put some serious muscle into them. Not only does a heart-pumping sweat session 3-4 times a week lower your resting heart rate, but it optimizes your lungs’ oxygen power, properly dispersing it out to the rest of your body’s vital organs. Regular exercise will boost immunity, help you sleep more soundly, and make your skin glow — naturally.

PHOTO: Retha Ferguson

PHOTO: Pixabay

87 PHOTO: Burst


7. Turn Up the Heat Stepping into an infrared sauna is the body-benefiting and growing self-care trend you’ll love indulging in every week. Infrared technology stimulates white blood cell production and skinsupporting collagen synthesis, while purging the body’s pores of harmful toxins, metals and impurities. The relaxation-inducing effects improves mood, sleep, hygiene, alleviates anxiety, nix nerves and brings a welcoming sense of serenity and inner peace. Infrared technology heats your body from the inside-out and is capable of deeply penetrating the soft tissues, pushing trapped toxins out of the body through perspiration. Consider a weekly visit to the infrared sauna as both a cleansing — and relaxing — ritual.



8. Laugh, Love, Smile, and Be Kind to Yourself and Others This may seem like a joke, but it’s certainly real! When you laugh, your body naturally releases a burst of feel-good endorphins — the same kind you get after a two-mile run along sundrenched shores sans all the sweaty, extraneous effort! Endorphins are also your body’s natural painkillers, so the next time you sense a painful bout of PMS coming your way, just bust a gut — literally. Endorphins also reduce the cancercausing stress hormone, cortisol, which can also help whittle your middle. Also, did you know an exhilarating LOL sesh with your friends expands your lungs, stretches your muscles, stimulates homeostasis (the state of equilibrium or “balancing” of the body’s interdependent physiological processes), and tones the tummy? Ever wonder why your belly is so sore the day after a gut-busting laugh? A good laugh or sharing a simple smile also proves to be an effective way to release pent-up emotions. And, when we strive to make others laugh, smile, and generally feel good, we, ourselves, become happier — naturally.

Is there a wellness tip or trick you swear by? Be sure to share your springtime and summer wellness secrets with the rest of the GoGirl family. Be sure to check out the GoGirl site for more info on Jen’s Jeunesse product picks.

Shop at


Unforeseen Future

How This Once-Abandoned Baby Boy Who Was Left Out with the Garbage Grew Up to Become One VERY Wealthy Entrepreneur

GoGirl Worldwide Magazine is proud to introduce our long-awaited GoGuy Spotlight Series. With each issue, we’re (virtually) rolling out the Pink Carpet and shining our famous pink spotlight on a super special, go-getting GoGuy who is making remarkable strides in business, while profoundly making a difference in the lives of others. We want the world to know these amazing men are worthy of some VIP, GoGirl style attention. This month, we’re “head-over-high-heels” honored to showcase the unforgettable, untold story of Freddie Figgers, also known as “Dumpster Baby.” Read on to find out how this technology-tinkering teen with a fate seemingly stacked against him, grew up to become one of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs and innovative inventors — all with a heart of pure gold.

In 1989, only days old, a beautiful newborn baby boy was left alone alongside a dirty dumpster in a rural, desolate area of Florida’s panhandle. Spotted by a passerby — and good Samaritan — the abandoned infant was thankfully taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and later placed in foster care. After two days, Nathan and Betty Figgers of Quincy, Florida took the recovering child into their loving home and adopted him as their own. They named him Freddie.

Getting Past the Past Teased, bullied, and ridiculed as a little boy, Freddie was ruthlessly taunted with the nickname “Dumpster Boy” given to him by his cruel classmates. Unsure why he was being dubbed with such a mean-spirited moniker, Freddie’s adoptive parents found themselves forced to come clean and finally reveal his “story.” Embarrassed, and 94

| SUMMER 2020

understandably so, Freddie would eventually learn to quell the pain of his past and look forward to the future. When he was nine years old, his father came home from work and surprised little Freddie with a used Macintosh computer he had purchased for a paltry twenty-five dollars. Freddie would spend all his free time tinkering and tampering with the elusive machine, taking it apart and putting it back together again piece by piece, while also learning how to install ports and drives and all stuff-techie. He still has the antiquated Apple apparatus to this day and sees it as a symbol of inspiration that “started it all,” sparking his life-long, insatiable interest in technology. By age 12, when most pubescent boys were

delivering newspapers on very early Saturday mornings, Freddie was toiling away as a working professional computer technician, repairing machines, building and re-building devices and boasted an impressive roster of computer-owning clients. At age 15, Freddie began a groundbreaking cloud-computing company — before anyone knew what a “cloud” was besides the white fluffy stuff we see when we look up into the sky.

Left by the Trash to Teen Tycoon Who had time for college? Certainly not Freddie, as the young entrepreneur decided to forego the four years of secondary schooling to attend to his burgeoning businesses. And, the trade-off paid off. It was around this time that his

father Nathan was unexpectedly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Freddie ingeniously figured out a clever way to keep track of his father’s increasingly meandering episodes by building a shoe with a built-in GPS tracker and two-way connector. “I could pick up the phone and say, ‘Hey Dad, where are you at?’ and he doesn’t’ have to do ANYTHING but lean down and talk directly into his shoe and I can track his location,” Figgers told the media. “That program was very successful, and I had a company reach out to me out of Kansas and they bought the program from me for $2.2 million dollars.” A year later, Freddie used the money he made from that sale to start Figgers Communication. By 24, he had successfully built and designed 80 custom software programs. Now 30, Freddie is at the helm of a $62 million-dollar tech company, Figgers Communication, that he founded when he was still a teen tinkering with neighbors’ 95

computers. The self-starting mogul is also a brilliant innovator who holds four patents worldwide. Although Figgers’ technologically-based enterprises mostly conduct business by selling his sophisticated smartphones and consumer-friendly data plans, Figgers’ goal is to eventually fully integrate tech with healthcare and safety. In a step toward making his ambitious aspiration a reality, he recently developed

A GoGuy Gives Back BIG From “Dumpster Baby” to Million Dollar Dude, the unlikely multi-millionaire is forever inspired by his devoted, selfless parents and is an active role model in his community. Under the Figgers Foundation, Freddie sponsors a myriad of youth programs, offers college scholarships to promising university hopefuls in their senior year of high school, pays the bills of many senior citizens, saves homes facing foreclosure, and regularly contributes to natural disaster relief efforts around the globe. “I believe turning caring into action, and if I see a problem, I find a solution to deliver an impact to change

a wireless blood glucose monitor for diabetics that allows patients to effortlessly download and share their blood sugar information through Bluetooth technology. Figgers is currently creating a game-changing service similar to his “smart shoe” technology that would help families stay in touch with loved ones experiencing

someone’s life,” says Figgers. “I’m going to

homelessness and other adversities. “That

impact this world and change today for a

could be me on the streets — I could have

better tomorrow because money is nothing

been homeless or dead if I hadn’t been found by the dumpster after I was born,” he tells The Washington Post. 96

| SUMMER 2020

but a tool, but with that tool, we can impact and change everyday people’s lives with opportunities.” PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM

When Freddie entered adulthood, he learned his biological mother was a drug-addicted prostitute. He has never met her and states he has no desire to. While he holds no animus or resentment toward his natural mother or his unfortunate first days, Figgers admits he is content with the endless showering of love and support his adoptive parents bestowed upon him from “day two.” Today, Freddie resides in Parkland, Florida and is the founder and CEO of privately held telecommunications company Figgers Wireless.

He’s married to attorney Natalie Figgers, with whom he shares raising their child, Rose, 2. In the indelible words of esteemed author Brian Tracy, “It doesn’t matter where you came from; all that matters is where you’re heading.”


Meet this 98-year-old Former Marine Who Will Melt Your Heart

Proudly donning her decorated dress blues adorned with pins, badges, and other Marine regalia, 98-years-young, former Marine June Fremont of Woodbury, Minnesota garnered some serious — and much-deserved — star power at last summer’s annual Marine Corps birthday bash just outside of Washington, D. C. The self-professed patriot and voting advocate was celebrated for being one of the original female enlistees of the United States’ largest military branch. Find out why she did it and why she encourages women — and men — to sign up and serve.

Fun fact:

Women were (finally) legally permitted to join the U. S. Marine Corps over seventy years ago. Being one of the very first females who had the honor of signing up to duly defend and fight for America, we’re saluting this brave, selfless woman who was definitely ahead of her time. “Because of my military service, I have done so many things that I never thought possible,” Fremont tells Minnesota’s Star Tribune. Inspired by her staunch patriotism and burning desire to help her country post wartime, Fremont decided to enlist when she was only 21 years-old and living in Chicago. “I picked it because it was the hardest for a woman to get into,” she continues. “The military taught 100

| SUMMER 2020

me to be persistent…And, I became much more aware of the world.” A few years prior, the U. S. had passed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, giving women a permanent place in the Marine Corps. By this time, it was 1945 and WWII had just ended. More than 18,000 female Marines had served, including 820 officers. These progressive women had served in primarily non-combat, clerical-type positions.

Musings of a Marine At the time of her enrollment, Fremont hadn’t a clue what to expect, other than the recollection of stories her father had regaled her with detailing his experiences of serving in WWII. Vividly remembering learning how to judiciously navigate her first obstacle course during boot camp at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina with her first bunkmate — a flashy, high-heeled, fur coatdonning debutante from New York City — Fremont recalls the camp’s unrelenting austerity and the colorful bruises her dainty shoulders sustained for weeks after shooting the formidable Browning Automatic Rifle. The last of the U. S. military branches

to open its ranks to willing women, Fremont recounts having to “play it cool” around her lower-ranked male counterparts, so as not to offend them with her higher-ranking Marines status and was often assumed to be a nurse. When sent to Hawaii, she and her fellow female Marines were photographed playfully frolicking in the Pacific and bowling coconuts on the sandy, white beaches while scantily-clad in figure-flaunting swimsuits, “designed” as a PR campaign to attract more women to enlist. However, it was pure PR propaganda. Behind the “endlessly fun, light-hearted” shots depicted in recruitment ads for the Marines, Fremont spent her days entering data in mammoth IBM computers and driving Jeeps around the island for her generals. While stationed at the Pentagon, 101

her duties were relegated to writing up Missing-in-Action reports and Killed-inAction presidential citations. Fremont says her personal goal was to always learn the specific, individual details of the fallen heroes she wrote about, so she could incorporate these into these generalized form letters in the hopes of personalizing them for the bereaved families.

A Life-loving Lady The former Marines sweetheart credits many of her life’s biggest and best achievements to the lessons she learned while serving as an impressionable, young woman. It’s also how she met her late husband, Lee Fremont, an Army officer who managed entertainment for the paratroops at Fort Bragg. After the young couple formally left the military, they relocated to St. Paul and started a family. When the youngest of their six children gained some pubescent independence, Fremont starting job hunting. At 50, she was hired to work in the marketing department at 3M and held her position for forty-three years until she retired at the age of 93. Her husband Lee passed in 1988. Between attending military balls, honor flights, and other military service celebrations, Fremont remains resolutely independent and busy by playing cards with her bridge club, attending family reunions, keeping up with the news, voting, and speaking to middle schoolers about her time in the military and what she learned. 102

| SUMMER 2020

“I just love America,” gushes Fremont. “I recommend [the military] to anyone…It meant being a part of the United States. It meant being acknowledged that we women could do more than just sit there like bumps on a pickle.” You GoGirl! According to the Women Marines Association, nearly 60 of its 3,000 members are 98 years of age or older, including a 102-year-old former female Marine currently residing in Hastings.

PHOTOS Courtesy of National Women Veterans United http://nwvu.org






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