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How podcaster

MANIFESTATION BABE went from broke to bountiful

ELENA C A R D O N E Building an empire never looked this good . . . !

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34 Baby Liberty Update



Keeping Up With Baby Liberty is no easy task. In fact, this pint-size jet setter has visited more countries and states than most retirees have in their entire lives!


The Millionaire Maven building her empire while being a mom, public speaker, author, tactical training master, and wife to a larger than life, high flying businessman

44 Sewing Their Oats


52 The Lucrative Latina

Hats off to this group of gifted GoGrandmas who helped to release the third collection of in-demand, by-hand knitwear for female-owned, NYC-based beanie business WOOLN.

This Canadian-based student turned arts and crafts connoisseur learned to make the most of her passion while leveraging all her social media platforms to catapult her online presence

The ultimate goal-digger, this fearless, hardworking woman had a passion for the human condition, while helping others achieve their own dreams of success. And, it paid off.

58 Night Witches



This Stealth Squadron of Fearless, FemaleFighter Pilots Got the Nazis to Surrender to the Soviets During WWII

From couch surfing to motivational coaching, Ukranian-born Kathrin Zenkina went from being broke to making bank in just three short years. Here’s how she learned to master her mindset to make her dreams come true and how you can, too.

66 Warrior Woman

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Wounded warrior Kirstie Ennis is not taking her life-changing war injury sitting down, that’s for sure. She continues making huge strides in advocacy for the health, happiness, and healing of humanity — one step at a time.

78 Lemonade Baby

How This Sweet, Petite Entrepreneur is Taking a Stand Against Domestic Violence

FASHION 26 The Bag Lady

Celeb Designer Rebecca Minkoff Has Got a Handle on Paying it Forward



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70 58







Hi All My GoGirls and GoGuys Too!

From that moment on I always admired Mother Teresa, and saw her as a hero. I learned more about her story and how this tiny little woman built an army of love, devoting her life to helping the poorest of the poor, and the sickest of the sick. She gave love to the unwanted, and taught compassion and kindness everywhere she went. I was always in awe of what an incredible person she was, and I read her books and watched her speak whenever I could. My favorite book of hers was called “The Joy in Loving”. My Grandma Murphy, who introduced me to Mother Teresa, is also one of my heroes, and I wanted to be like her. She would skip, dance and sing all the time, and she had a cute and contagious laugh. She would do anything for any one, and had the biggest heart. She loved dressing up, and would always wear hats and accessories. On of my favorite treats was staying the night with my Grandparents, dressing up in my Grandmother’s things and wearing her high heels, hats and jewelry. Both of these amazing women had a deep impact on my life. I often think of them and try and channel their energy into my projects. If I ever get down or feel overwhelmed I think of them and even say a prayer asking for strength and extra GoGirl power. I know my Grandma and Mother Teresa are excited to see the GoGirl Worldwide movement growing and taking shape. And I hope they also get a kick out of my funny YouTube videos and are laughing up in Heaven at my crazy antics and creative methods of spreading smiles and GoGirl power. Deep down I know they are proud of me and are sending love and support my way, as well as to all the women who are making a difference in the world. Last week I launched a video called “Birthday GoGirl”. I filmed it in March on the week of my birthday and am so excited that I finally had a chance to get it edited and uploaded to YouTube. Earlier this year when my birthday was approaching, I thought “What do I want for my birthday?”. And when I thought about how blessed I am and everything I already have, I had an idea that just hit me. “I don’t want to GET gifts, I want to GIVE gifts! This year, I am Birthday GoGirl!” And with the help of my sister Julianna Murphy, we created a song, gathered gifts of all kinds and spent over a week going all around and surprising people of all walks of life with gifts of all kinds. It wasn’t easy, but it was so much fun and incredibly rewarding! Everyone was excited and thankful for their unexpected gifts, and it was heartwarming to see their smiles and laughter as I took off, clicking my heels and doing a cartwheel in my superhero sneakers and pink tutu.



Photo: April Bennett

When I was a little girl, about seven years old, I had the amazing experience of meeting Mother Teresa. It was outside of a Cathedral in San Francisco. My Grandmother actually knew her and brought me over to her. She said “Mother, I want you to meet my granddaughter, Jennifer”. Mother Teresa, who was almost as small as I, looked in my eyes, smiled, and said, “You are beautiful, and you have the love of God inside of you. You can bring joy and love to many people.” Then the tiny little woman hugged me tightly. I knew it was a very special moment in my life.

Jennifer Murphy

Birthday GoGirl VIDEO “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness, in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” — Mother Teresa I hope you all love our magazine, and please share it with those you know who would also gain inspiration from reading our pages. Love you all,

Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl”

Founder/CEO - GoGirl Worldwide Magazine

Jen’s GoGirl Questions and Tips: Who were heroes in your life when you were growing up? How did they inspire you and make an impact in your life? What are some of the ways you spread love, joy and happiness to others? Sometimes a simple compliment or a smile can brighten someone’s day. What can you do to be a hero or mentor for those in your life? You may have more impact than you ever realized. ;) Follow Jen on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. She makes funny and empowering videos every Wednesday! @JenniferMurphyGoGirl

Founders Jennifer Murphy | Rachel Medina



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This month was off to an exciting start! Not only did we get to look back at the amazing buzz created by the Rachel Hollis issue, but we got to work with Elena Cardone as our GoGirl cover girl for this month.! Elena is a powerhouse of a GoGirl. She has managed to stand tall in support of her larger than life, mega achiever husband Grant Cardone, (aka Uncle G) while shining a bright inspirational light on forward moving women looking to build an empire like Elena has crafted for herself and her family. The term Super Woman comes to mind as we follow this multifaceted GoGirl that is, Elena Cardone. Like Elena, so many of the women we are introducing to our readers this month are ordinary women who were able to tap into the extraordinary side of themselves and accomplish things beyond what their dreams and vision boards have imagined.

Rachel Medina Rachel Medina is a 20-year media and publishing veteran, GoGirl Worldwide Magazine Co-Founder, Public Speaker, and a serial Entrepreneur. She is also the host of a new Podcast and YouTube show launching this year called Rachel Unpacked “Unpacking Life’s Baggage Together” where she shares the life lessons and tools for success that she has learned as a parent, wife, business owner, and woman... along the way.

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From a girl next door making the forbes list, to a baby girl hosting a virtual lemonade stand to help support orphanages, GoGirl Worldwide Magazine is serving up an array of females leading the charge in kind compassionate and motivational ways. Whether you are wanting to start a business, or change the world, in each issue, we have a GoGirl that can show you the way. Welcome to the September issue of GoGirl Worldwide Magazine. SOCIAL MEDIA: @rachelmedina101 Online: RachelMedina.com


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Th wh

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he Millionaire Maven building her empire hile being a mom, public speaker, author, tactical training master, and wife to a larger than life, high flying businessman . . . uncle G (Grant Cardone)


staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, professionally trained, tactical MMA fighter, and lifelong sports shooter, the gun-toting, fierce female counterpart of the Cardone tycoon twosome that’s taking on the world, Elena Cardone professes her primary gig is that of Chief Family Officer. Devoted mother of two teenage daughters and loyal wife to mega entrepreneur, real estate mogul, and businessman Grant Cardone, Elena dishes on her biggest fears, early setbacks, how keeping a tightly-knit circle of friends is crucial to staying on track and laser-focused, and how she learned to ultimately “let go” and finally depend on a man — all on HER

terms. With charming wit and no-nonsense commentary we’ve come to enamor and adore, Elena tells how training as a mixed martial artist played a pivotal role in helping her reach her personal, business, and brandbuilding goals. With the bestselling author of “Building an Empire” and fearless mastermind behind BOTH her and her husband’s businesses (and he’s “okay” with that!), nothing is off the table.

GG: At what point in your life did you know exactly who you were and embraced it? We ask this because it seems that women of all ages struggle with knowing who they are.

who you are. You just have to know YOU and be real about it.

EC: There are several times in my life when I knew who I was and it wasn’t always good. In my twenties, I had to confront that I was not living up to my potential. I had to get real and straight with myself with all of my flaws and make a decision to change. There is power in owning who you are, not pretending to be something you’re not but working relentlessly to improve your condition. Therefore, you don’t have to “make it” or already be successful to know 14


Later in my thirties, I went “all in” on my husband and decided to support him and build OUR empire despite all the voices in my head telling me otherwise. I was afraid to “depend” on a man and scared to quit my career. There are times in life where you are forced to make a decision. The decision to listen to the masses or take a look at who you are and what you are made of. If you have the courage to stand by your decision whether you fail or if you succeed and not care what others think, you will have reached a higher level of confidence in yourself.

GG: What are 3 life lessons you would tell your 20-year-old self? And would you change them if you had the chance? EC: I would tell my 20-year-old self to stop using drugs and alcohol. I would be further ahead had I not wasted all those years with that stupidity. The bad decisions I made back then set me back FOR SURE. Work on yourself. Become an asset. Invest in your self-growth and fight to become the best you can be. Stop hanging out with people who feed your weaknesses and starve your strengths. Wake up and get to work! The world awaits your greatness. Stop being selfish by only thinking about yourself and your little feelings. Be your own best friend who then one day you can rely on to be your own best hero. Treat yourself as good as you treat your friends. Hold yourself accountable. When you make a mistake, confront it, forgive yourself and get stronger without beating yourself up. You KNOW what YOU need to do. Stop looking to others to guide you or placing more value in them than your own self. Wear the crown with dignity. You are a Queen. Now act like it! GG: What was one of the most defining moments in your life and why? EC: The most defining moment in my life has to be when I went all-in on Grant. Describing

that moment as hard is an understatement. I was used to being independent — remember, I’m the girl who left home at the age of 17 to pursue a career in acting in Los Angeles (another defining moment). It was a bold move, defined by courage and... I committed, went full steam ahead and it was the official moment Grant and I got on the same page. GG: If you could keep only five possessions, what would they be?

EC: Courage, Honor, Creativity, Determination and Ability to do Whatever It Takes (ethically) to execute the mission. These are possessions that no one can ever take. You keep these once you’ve earned them. You can steal my purse or even kill my body, but you can never kill me. No one can take away “me” and the “possessions” I’ve earned. That comes with me to the next adventure and my mission will continue. The other material possessions are trinkets and trophies to be enjoyed and used while visiting this place called Earth. GG: What are you most afraid of and why? EC: I’m most afraid of letting myself down, playing too small, and not making a difference or an impact on the world. Letting my avid craving to want to “fit in” and be “normal” make me weak and want to settle or trick myself into thinking I’ve done enough. GG: Where did your love for Martial Arts and Tactical Training come from and how do you apply what you know to your day to day life? EC: I grew up shooting guns with my father so the love and respect for the sport are in my blood. One day, I decided to take a tactical gun class. I was the only female there training with police and military guys that day. 16


There was a combat fighting section on the course which I was not privy to before I’d enrolled. It was extremely intimidating as I have never been in a fight in my life and did not even know the basics of throwing a punch. I fought as hard as I could and I ended up stress fracturing my left hand attempting to hurt the instructor! He didn’t even feel it and to make matters worse, was giggling at my efforts!!! I felt as if I was in an awful game of cat and mouse. I decided that day even if I’ll never become a lion, I would never be the mouse again! It is a hard reality to confront there are evil people out there who seek to harm women but I’ve witnessed bad things happen to good people, therefore, I decided to train MMA (mixed martial arts) to stand a fighting

chance to protect myself and my family. From the first time I stepped foot in a gym with boxing rings and an octagon, I felt right at home. The men there have treated me with the utmost respect. They have never judged me for being a girl or not knowing anything about what I was doing. They took me seriously and trained me as hard as the other men there with the only difference being they don’t hit me as hard... and I’m perfectly OK with that. If any woman is interested in the martial arts world, reveres the sport, dresses appropriately (not half-naked looking for a boyfriend), I guarantee you will be respected and welcomed. What I have gained from being in this world is so much more than just a few self-defense lessons. I learned life skills that transition over into my business world far more than I’ll ever use physical fight training. I learned discipline. I wake up every morning at 5 to train at 6 am. I wake up even when I don’t want to. This makes it easier for me to do the difficult things in life. I no longer care what I feel like. I’ve gotten in the habit of doing what needs to be done regardless because I am dedicated to getting better in every area of my life. I have had to confront these guys (the instructors) who look like what I perceived as the scariest looking guys in the world

and fight. I’ve learned to not panic and get overwhelmed but use techniques to either block, counter or escape. I use this all the time as a chess game of life on how to deal with people or situations. As brutal as this sport appears to the outsider, at least there are rules and a bell that rings signaling to cease with a referee to ensure your safety. Unfortunately, in the outside world of business, it isn’t so nice. I use what I’ve learned in martial arts to metaphorically be tough enough to take a hit and strong enough to deliver a blow. After training with these beasts, I have a strength and confidence in the “real world” as it now just seems like peanuts after being around these guys. I’m smarter in the way I react to unwanted circumstances. I respect others as I never know who has more “knowledge” and I understand I have to train and earn my position in life. Black belts aren’t just given out because someone thinks they are entitled! 17

I feel better in my body now that I’m more fit and I’m more competent at work. I have selfsecurity that I can learn new things, become better, and prepare for whatever comes next. I train intensely with professional warriors who don’t go easy on me. I have been covered from head to toe in bruises including receiving an accidental black eye in training. None of that bothers me because of what the martial arts world has provided for me, The choices and “moves” I’ve made in business as a direct result of its influence are immeasurable in every aspect of my life.

aid off and reveal my truth if I planned on helping anyone with the content of the book. GG: With the fast-paced lives you and Grant live, how do you show up even on the days you don’t want to? EC: It's simply down to this: My Purpose. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to encourage all of those people out there who are enormous beings but were made to believe they were small to unleash their true potential and build an empire.

God knows, I never want to actually have to fight anyone but I now know at least I stand a fighting chance of escape and survival. GG: When writing your book “Build an Empire” what did you struggle with the most and did that surprise you? EC: When I wrote this book, there were two things I struggled with: One was getting it done and the other was having to be completely vulnerable. I never liked school and hated writing reports. I’ve always been an outdoors “hyper” type, so to have to sit still in front of a computer for hours at a time was extremely difficult for me. Secondly, as public as I am on social media I’m actually a private person. I’ve never been a person to discuss my problems, feel so sorry for myself or expose the inner workings of my mind, but felt I had to rip that band18


I know who I am and what I have to achieve in order to deliver. I’m committed to doing that no matter what mood or unwanted feeling I may be experiencing. My goal of helping 7 billion people in the world build empires is so big, even when

I’m sick, injured, or seriously questioning my commitment to continue, it gives me the inner strength to blow past all of that. GG: What does your relationship with Grant look like? And How did you know he was the one? EC: Our relationship is one that runs like a well-oiled machine. There is no question about who is doing what and who makes the final call - we each run our division and we know our roles. Grant and I know what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are just like we know his. GG: How do you and Grant keep your momentum for your business going? And what are the tools, techniques, or mindset you two use to balance work, life, and marriage? EC: We keep the momentum for our business and in our marriage because we have a clear vision and we’re on the same page. Grant and I have truly joined forces to make significant gains in our lives and in our businesses. We have found out each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we divide and conquer accordingly. Thus, we have truly become Team Cardone. We are bonded as a couple. Our business is a large component as to who we are as a couple. We are in the business of helping people and that’s a purpose that we never need motivation for. It is what keeps our flame fully lit for our enterprise. It’s not something we have to “work up to;" it’s just something we need to remind ourselves

from time to time when times get extremely difficult. Hearing successes from around the world makes everything we sacrifice worth it and encourages us to continue. Many ask about work, life balance in all of this. All I can say is we don’t focus on balance. We focus on the big picture, our goals, possibilities, and the future. We aren’t looking for balance, but we also pay attention to an area or department if it seems to be dropping in stats. We will take the necessary actions to improve that division just like we would in a business organization.

GG: How do you and Grant handle finances as a couple? Then and now. EC: One thing we don’t fight about is money. In our relationship, we both respect and appreciate the value of money. Grant trusts me to be responsible with the finances and I am. I earned that trust by adhering to our financial agreements at the beginning of our relationship and I continue to this day. From the start, Grant has understood, for whatever reason, that I wanted all of my money to be my money. He has never fought me on that. (It is yet another reason I love him so much.) He actually goes a step further and says, “What’s hers is hers and what’s mine is hers.” He’s half-joking, but our money is our money and we trust each other to spend accordingly. Grant’s role is the financial provider for our family. He funds all of our family affairs and does not require a financial obligation from me on any of it. He treats me with the utmost respect for what it is that I do in the family and business dynamic.

relate to and rely on? EC: I consider the greatest assets in my empire to be people. The people who stay are the warriors. People who can be trusted and courageous enough to fight for you. They would never hear ill will of you without metaphorically punching that

That’s just the way we operate. It works for us. Our minds are in sync, therefore handling finances is no longer an issue. We are a team with the same mission who trusts each other.

person in the nose! They have honor and

GG: You and Grant have an extremely tightknit circle when it comes to friends. How do you decide who stays and who goes? And how do you find female friends who you can

and want to help you sometimes more than



integrity. They aren’t gossiping behind your back after you have gone out of your way to help them. Instead, they return the favor you feel you even helped them! They are the Royal Court who delivers EVERY time and never let you down.

We treat those near us like family and they know we will do anything for them. They have our loyalty and allegiance. If you lie, cheat, abuse drugs or alcohol, don’t honor your commitments, half-ass everything, are not committed, gossip, are financially irresponsible, think you are entitled, super lazy, treat others with disrespect, hateful, resentful, have continual drama and are not willing to do whatever it takes to get to the next level, you need not apply. You will not be let in. I have learned to become my own best friend and don’t have the time, frankly, to have a lot of girlfriends in my life. I rarely go out or have time to cultivate meaningful relationships with women. Furthermore, I don’t go to my girlfriends for advice on what I should do in business or in my marriage.

we’ve become and we would do anything to protect our own. They can be trusted because they have been there from the beginning, have seen the worst and never betrayed the trust. When I’m around my girlfriends, everything in my life gets better including my marriage. My girls support me, my mission, and my marriage. If they didn’t support these three things, I wouldn’t have them in my life. They know I’m the same for them.

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With that being said, I love and appreciate the women friends in my life. Women are good for each other. We understand each other on levels perhaps men might not fully grasp at times. Knowing I have my core group of girls that I can always depend on for love and support (not sympathy) is one of the best feelings in the world. I have four life long friendships that are unshakable for each other. We are great allies for one another. We understand where we were, who 21

GG: You and Grant look like you have this thing called "love" down. What would be your best love advice be to all our female readers?

GG: What is your top beauty tip? EC: I try to drink a gallon of alkaline water a day, get good sleep, and workout pretty intensely. GG: What is your never fail business tip? EC: Follow the money. GG: How do you keep daughters Sabrina and Scarlett grounded with your fast-paced life? EC: Sabrina and Scarlett are contributing members of the team who are treated with respect. When kids are given a purpose, allowed to contribute and are also respected, they will be grounded. GG: Who’s better at finances, you or Grant and why? EC: Grant is better at the finances. He understands money and math. He has taught me everything I know in this arena. GG: How do you and Grant like to give back? EC: We have several charities that we donate to. We recently set up the Grant Cardone Foundation to help kids without fathers. GG: How is Grant your "GoGuy?" EC: Grant can be depended upon to deliver more than was promised. He never lets us down. He has a lot of integrity and love for his family and he always gets the job done. GG: What is most important to you when it comes to your health? EC: My overall general health is the most important. I live an extremely active life. I have to produce large amounts of energy, be alert, clear-headed, and competent. Therefore, I am on the 10X Health System, which is custom made for me according to my bloodwork.



EC: fulfill yourself and don’t look for a man to make you happy. You make yourself happy by becoming an asset to yourself and accomplishing your goals. Bring that happy, best version of yourself to the relationship, and give 100%. You can learn more about this modern-day, indomitable Superwoman, her public speaking calendar, products, and more by visiting her website at ElenaCardone.com and following her motivational, fun-filled Instagram account @elenacardone. Be sure to tune in to her weekly podcast, “The Elena Cardone Podcast,” where she conducts candid, one-on-one interviews with some of the world’s most-talked-about, up-and-coming powerhouses, while tackling hot-button issues and providing her personal take on social topics and pop culture. Elena currently hosts her own solo show “Women in Power” and teams up with husband Grant to co-host “The G&E Show.” Together, the dedicated, dynamic duo has built a real estate portfolio nearing $1 billion and continues to climb. Happily married since July 4th, 2004, they reside in Miami Beach with their two daughters, Sabrina and Scarlett.








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ou know her as founder and edgy designer of her eponymous handbag, clothing, and accessories line, but veteran entrepreneur and female advocate Rebecca Minkoff is learning to lead by letting go – and empowering women in the process. Before launching her latest initiative “The Female Founder Collective” last September, an organization that seeks to empower women entrepreneurs by creating awareness around female-owned businesses so that consumers and investors may support them, Minkoff was already well-immersed in the female-forward movement. In August 2017, she was commissioned as a member of the first-ever New York State Council on Women and Girls, alongside notable female industry leaders, such as Refinery29 founder Christene Barberich, SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan, and Deloitte CEO Cathy Englebert. 28


side for her fellow female entrepreneurs. Acquiring celeb-status as a top designer in the ever-discerning and highly-competitive fashion industry since her bestselling line’s launch in 2001, starting “The Female Founder Collective” was a complete career pivot for the beloved designer of statement-making handbags, edgy apparel, on-fleek footwear, cool, chic accessories, and jewelry. And, in doing so, she inadvertently learned to overcome her own debilitating bouts of self-doubt and “limiting” feelings, as well as finally procuring a competent staff that she could entrust to take care of the dayto-day operations of her famous fashion brand, while freeing up her time to take on the other demanding responsibilities of her life like launching new endeavors. Rebecca proves that leading with your values and empowering others is a win-win situation. “The Female Founder Collective” is a network

of women-led businesses that invests in women’s financial power across the entire socio-economic spectrum through enabling and empowering female-owned brands and businesses. In a nutshell, it’s “women working for women who are helping other women.” The Collective helps women to connect with other like-minded ladies in business in order to give vetted resources the proper capital, growing their business and operating it more efficiently. The Collective also provides an indispensable community for aspiring female entrepreneurs to converge and share advice, resources, and much-needed support.


Famous for her signature “studded” designs that can be seen on luxury handbags, totes, backpacks, shoes, accessories, and apparel, Minkoff developed an unrelenting propensity for fashion design while working in her high school’s costume department. After graduation, she moved to New York City at just 18 to pursue her dreams of designing. In 2001, after designing her own version of the iconic “I Love New York” tee shirt as part of a 5-piece collection, the eye-catching tee appeared on The Tonight Show, becoming an overnight sensation and catapulting Minkoff to designer stardom. In 2005, Rebecca expanded her designing talents to handbags, creating her first bag,


“The Morning After Bag,” a.k.a. “M. A. B.,” igniting her career as a celeb-favorite handbag artiste extraordinaire. Her fun, flirty, feminine creations would grace countless catwalks, red carpets, magazine covers, and the arms of girls and women everywhere for years to come. With his savvy social media prowess, her brother Uri is an integral asset to the company’s pioneering social media efforts, solidifying Minkoff’s fashion icon status. After four years of crafting star-studded handbags, accessories, and rocker chic leathers, Rebecca further expanded her design repertoire, launching a ready-to-wear collection in 2009. Today, her industry-leading line encompasses apparel, shoes, accessories, tech, handbags, jewelry, and even a men’s accessory line aptly labeled under her brother, Uri Minkoff. Dedicated to manifesting personal and professional creativity, as well as affecting positive change by bringing women together, Rebecca also savors her family time as a devoted wife and mother. She is married to actor and director Gavin Bellour. They reside in Brooklyn with their three children.




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What’s On Your Bucket List? We’ve been traveling the world together for over a decade, now. Together, we’ve explored 160 countries and counting. Journey with us, here, on the adventure of a life time. Learn how you, too, can become a travel junkie. Discover the best places to see and grab inspiration from our Insider Guides regarding amazingly cool things to do.



Start making your own bucket list. Here we go. . .

Keeping Up With

Baby Liberty

Keeping Up With Baby Liberty is no easy task. In fact, this pint-size jet setter has visited more countries and states than most retirees have in their entire lives. She is our youngest GoGirl ever, and she is breaking records by land, air, and sea. So where in the world has Liberty been since we introduced her to our readers in the August Issue? (Click Here to Get the August ISSUE of Liberty's story!!) Stop number one; she was saving the world, of course! At the end of July Baby Liberty was hosting a virtual lemonade stand to raise money to help support orphaned children around the globe. We visited Liberty's Instagram page, where she said, "I've visited several orphanages and really like the kids I've met." @liberty.weeks Baby Liberty is even more on the move, as she's taken her first steps! Not too shappy for a 10-month old, jet-setting tot! Plus, she got to test out her dad's new plane by visiting both sets of grandparents in Colorado and Iowa. By August, Liberty was in Iowa gardening with Grandma. But the exciting part, aside from the delicious organic veggies she harvested from Grandma's garden, was that Liberty began to take her first steps! She can travel by plane, 34


train, boat, and automobile, but now she's testing out the "heel-toe express." Just when we wondered if this little GoGirl ever takes a break, we found her in the city that never sleeps...that's right, Baby Liberty was in New York City visiting The Lady Liberty. She has her entire life to rest. In the meantime, she enjoyed the sights and sounds of the bustling Big Apple. Then, she headed to the U.K. to help make an impact on keeping the planet clean and made a special appearance at The Explorers Club, a band of adventure-seeking individuals who have reached the highest summits of mountains, the lowest depths of the seas, and stepped upon the Moon's surface! Liberty was then extended a special invitation to be an official member of The Young Explorers Club, and we think she definitely has what it takes! This week, she slowed it down a bit to reconnect with nature during her first camping trip in Utah. From fun on the lake to the sparkle of the stars above the campfire, Baby Liberty reminded us that it's essential to slow down a little and enjoy the peace and joy that nature has to offer. Liberty rounded out the month with a visit to a hot air balloon festival, visiting friends in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Hamptons in New York. She awaits as her dad prepares their family aircraft for its first trip to Europe! To Be Continued...Follow the heel-toe travels of Baby Liberty as she sets out to visit 100 countries by the age of one. On Instagram @liberty.weeks or in the next issue of @GoGirl_Mgz


From couch surfing to motivational coaching, Ukranian-born Kathrin Zenkina went from being broke to making bank in just three short years. Here’s how she learned to master her mindset to make her dreams come true and how you can, too. manifestationbabe.com


ho doesn’t dream of living a life of luxury, unlimited abundance, and prosperity? One filled with financial freedom, being the boss of a booming business, emotional vitality, personal empowerment, and living life on one’s own terms? Most everyone. However, why does it seem only a lucky few get to reap such seemingly unattainable achievements, while others seem to “settle” for, well, whatever? Unfortunately, few ever really achieve the level of success that warrants endless stints of spontaneous globetrotting, fast and fancy cars, homes all over the world, celeb status, or a spot on Forbes’ covetous 30 Under 30. How about manifesting millions in just a few years? Kathrin Zenkina is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. Everyone has the power within themselves to manifest their deepest desires. Everyone. The CEO of multimillion-dollar brand Manifestation Babe, number one Amazon 38


bestselling author, host of a top 100 podcast in the Health and Self-Help category, and a voracious leader to a dedicated online community of over 200,000 hungry, millennial women, is here to tell you that YOU can achieve all your wildest dreams. You just need to learn how to shift your mindset and watch the magic happen. The 26-yearold Ukranian immigrant has already attained selfmade, multimillion-dollar status, after barely being able to make ends meet working minimum wage-paying gigs just three years ago.

The Cinderella Syndrome The daughter of a hardworking, traditional family who fled the Ukranian mafia in the middle of the night with only $900 dollars to their name, leaving behind their highincome, posh lifestyle, to seek refuge in Los Angeles, Zenkina was raised with the expectation to get good grades, work hard, and eventually become a doctor. This was the plan. Deeply wanting to make her

family’s unceremonious escape to America worth the trouble, Zenkina acquiesced and followed the dreams of her family. Following her parents’ unamicable split when she was still very young, Zenkina withdrew both mentally and socially, gaining 30 pounds and enduring years of merciless bullying. Unbeknownst to her at the time, it was her coping mechanism of incessantly escaping into daily, “happy place” reveries that would soon become the portal to her life of success.

An Overdue Rude Awakening After attending a live Tony Robbins event following her college graduation at the behest of her best friend, a spark ignited in her soul, completely knocking Zenkina out of her comfort zone and into the Zen zone. And, it relentlessly begged the question, “Who are you living for, Kathrin?” Realizing that every decision she’d ever made up until this moment was based on someone else’s needs and desires, Zenkina began the soulsearching journey of living life for herself on HER terms. Gone were the days of seeking approval and people-pleasing. What followed was a long-overdue break-up with a long-term, stagnant relationship and finally telling her parents she was not going to pursue their dreams of her becoming a doctor. Instead, she maxed out credit cards and invested fifteen thousand dollars in private life coaching and attending even

more inspirational and motivational events like the one she attended with Tony Robbins earlier that summer. It was now or never and she was all in. But, as with the best-laid plans, things got way worse before getting any better. Crashing on her grandmother’s couch because she couldn’t afford the exorbitant Los Angeles rents, Zenkina reluctantly picked up a nine-to-five receptionist gig for a meager $15 bucks an hour. Feeling more and more disenchanted with each passing day, despite experiencing her life-changing epiphany a few months back, was an understatement, to say the very least.



A Brush with Greatness. Again. While mindlessly scrolling through her Instagram feed one night following a long day at her desk jockey job, Zenkina came across a brush with greatness - a second time. Her thumb suddenly became stuck on Tony Robbins’ post, “Live as though your prayers have already been answered,” instantly illuminating her mind all over again and sending a rush of clarity straight through her veins. It was right then and there Zenkina made the commitment to turn the “I live on my Grandma’s couch” story to one of the best comeback tales ever told. Reminding herself to continually keep on the path of positivity, personal empowerment, and living as if you’ve already achieved all your goals, inevitably led to the birth of Manifestation Babe, Zenkina’s multimillion-dollar brand that seeks to empower and embolden women to trust their worth, creating their own, unique visualization of personal success, and procuring all the tools needed to manifest their dreams and deepest desires – both personally and professionally.

From Broke to Bank in Under a Year

powerful positivity, personal empowerment, and productivity, whether it be in the form of podcasts, audiobooks, social media, YouTube videos, etc. No exceptions. No detours. No excuses. Zenkina spent a least two hours daily engrossed in the timeless, enduring works of inspirational leaders, such as Napolean Hill, Oprah, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and other manifestation mentors. These legendary thought leaders taught her that re-wiring her brain is crucial to attaining any level of life-changing success. What soon followed was the creation of a website, an official Instagram account, and private Facebook group “Manifestation Babe” where Zenkina shared free content to all her fans and diehard followers seeking a more purpose-driven, meaningful, mindful life. By mid-2017, Zenkina surpassed 25,000 followers and within three years, 200,000. Offering both private and group coaching packages, self-published workbooks on Amazon, and innovative, digital courses, the Manifestation Babe brand grew to incorporate 10 different, success-seeking services, leading to an income of $600K that following year.

Zenkina went from a paltry $9K to a hefty $600K net worth in less than a year’s time. What was her secret to such stealth wealth in such a short amount of time? She stayed the course of committing to mastering her mindset. “The actions you take on a daily basis are driven by the beliefs and attitudes you hold about your business.” - Kathrin Zenkina Her mindful trajectory included continuously consuming content that generated only 40



Now, You Try It! Let the power of positivity create a path to a life well-lived and attain the brand of success you desire with these quick tips from the Manifestation Babe:

• ONLY Consume Content Conducive to a Purposeful and Fulfilling Life Whether it be through audiobooks, podcasts, Instagram scrolling, make sure the content you consume is positive, empowering, and uplifting. This will set the tone for every decision you make in life and in business, so make sure you’re setting a positive foundation for your impending empire. • Live Life As if “You’ve Already ‘Made’ It” and Repeat After Me… Tap into positive affirmations to combat negative thoughts that will always try to find a way to pop up in your head. When these “negative Nancy’s” make an appearance, literally shut them down!

power to trick your brain into manifesting the seemingly unattainable. Try creating a mental movie in your mind every day and/ or night - even for just 10 minutes! This mindful, purposeful practice resets the neural connections in the brain, mapping a fresh blueprint to success. Consider it wishful thinking, hardwired. Bear in mind, this will all take time. After all, many of us were not raised with this powerful way of believing in oneself. Most of us were taught that hard work and graduating from college are the only keys to long-term success and that financial freedom is completely indiscriminate and the luck of the draw. Believe that you ARE worth it, that anything you want to achieve is possible, and that it all lies in the power of your mindset. When you work in shifting your mindset more than anything else, you’ll discover your mindset will return the favor. Thanks, Babe!

Listen To The


• Visualize Your Life and Business EVERY DAY as if It Already IS

Picture the “end result” as if it’s already yours for the keeping, because the subconscious mind cannot discern between what’s real and what’s imagined. Dr. Richard Suinn, who observed that Olympic athletes’ brains lit up whether they were actually skiing or just visualizing skiing, you, too, have the 41

Hats off to this group of gifted GoGrandmas who helped to release the third collection of in-demand, by-hand knitwear for femaleowned, NYC-based beanie business WOOLN.


These Nine, NYC Knitting Nanas are Taking the Beanie Biz by Storm




“For the first time in years, I can say that I am working!” — Gloria, Senior Knitter for WOOLN

Founded by two French millennial besties, Margaux and Faustine, who immigrated to New York City, WOOLN holds the philosophy that seniors have so much to contribute to the community postretirement and are (still) invaluable assets to the workforce. Historically, European culture values and exalts their elderly, and so Margaux and Faustine wanted to bring that same reverence to retirees to the States. With Faustine’s innumerable creative talents and Margaux’s experience in knitting, the dynamic duo knew they could really make a social impact 47

Women of WOOLN Started in 2015, the unconventional e-commerce beanie brand just launched its highly anticipated third collection for both men and women. Each beanie, blankie, turban, and scarf from the grandmaengineered start-up is personally hand-knit by a New York senior knitter – and all using proprietary-grade, luxurious fabrics from Peru. No two pieces are alike, as each one is personalized and unique and represents a backstory of its knitter. The knitters of WOOLN earn 1/3 of the wholesale price of each item they hand-knit and the lucky buyer of the beanie, blankie, hat, turban, or scarf they purchase is personally biographed and signed by the piece’s maker. You can put a face to the hardworking hands who created your special, authentic piece by visiting the WOOLN website at WOOLN-ny.com. The resourceful Frenchwomen procured their talented team of retirees by scouring senior centers all over the New York City area, including neighboring communities. WOOLN began with just four fervent knitters, and as

the company began enjoying exposure and brand awareness in local newspapers and online articles, more and more eager grannies inquired about possible employment opportunities. Currently, WOOLN employees nine senior knitters – all retirees, all women, all from New York City. Their beautiful, oneof-a-kind pieces tell a timeless tale and come replete with the ultimate finishing touch - a little tag tucked inside with the inscription of knitter’s bio and signature. “For the first time in years, I can say that I am working!” — Gloria, Senior Knitter for WOOLN

Mindful Materials The WOOLN women obtain their premiumgrade yarns from Peru, which include Alpaca, cashmere, mohair, and merino. Margaux and Faustine find that Peru offers the highest quality materials and consistently engages in sound social, eco, and shearing practices while dedicating energy and resources to support rural families who rely on Alpaca harvesting practices for a living.




Give the gift of MAGIC with FAO Schwarz® .

The “Coolest Person in Tech” Wants to Mind Your Business


From wiping out your student debt, sticking to a budget, growing your banking account, and building your business, serial entrepreneur, small business advocate, and one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Tanya Menendez shares her smoothest money moves. snowballwealth.com

Co-founder and CEO of Snowball Wealth — an easy-to-use, online platform specifically created to help young people eliminate their mounting student debt while offering tools to help save and invest through personal budgeting — Tanya Menendez is re-inventing the elusive American Dream, one business at a time. Named Most Powerful Latina in Espanol People, routinely referred to as “The Coolest Person in Tech” by Business Insider, and listed as one of Popular Mechanics’ 25 Makers Who Are Re-Inventing the American Dream, San Francisco-based Menendez studied technology and its socioeconomic impacts on rural economies at University of California, San Diego. Her resounding, culturally conscious ethnography, “The Economics of Migration” was published by the University of California. 54


A Money-Maker in the Making Before the Snowball effect ever took place, Menendez worked at high-powered companies, like global banking firm Goldman Sachs and tech giant Google. Catching the business bug, she eventually left Goldman Sachs to co-own a leather goods line produced exclusively in New York City, where its products were distributed to swank boutiques and high-end department stores, like Nordstrom and Henri Bendel. It was while co-operating the leather goods line that Menendez experienced firsthand the frustrations of an antiquated sourcing process. That’s when she came up with a brilliant way to disrupt the industry, co-creating an indispensable platform where entrepreneurs and small business owners could easily connect with American manufacturers sans the setbacks and roadblocks. And, Maker’s

Row was born. Since 2013, Maker’s Row has been helping entrepreneurs and designers get their concepts produced by democratizing American manufacturing for small businesses. With nearly 200,00 participating businesses and growing, the online marketplace has helped entrepreneurs to produce over 3 million products in the U.S. alone. Maker’s Row boasts a bevy of esteemed, leading industry investors, including Johanne Wilson, Comcast Ventures, Index Ventures, Kapor Capital, and Expansion Capital. Maker’s Row has successfully raised over $2.5 million in venture capital.

The Snowball Effect Menendez’ latest venture, Snowball Wealth, was built to take the intimidation and boredom out of personal budgeting while providing free, customized financial planning and affordable investment coaching for effectively building a solid investment portfolio and retirement funding trajectory. Through the site’s widely-read blog, Menendez herself also offers users unconventional, witty, offhand tips and tricks, sprinkled with anecdotal stories of personal experience, to help build long-term financial success. As she shared in one of her most popular blog posts, budgeting allowed her to leave a job – and a boyfriend – that wasn’t the right fit for her while giving her the crucial resources to start yet another company with a meaningful mission. When she’s not helping young people to stay on-budget and in the black with her innovative budgeting techniques, Menendez manages a Women of Color Tech group and enjoys running half-marathons.

It looks like budgeting is the new black.



Your City, ST www.pedego.com

The Untold, True Tale of the



Virtually unrecognized until recently, these small-town, gallant gals are finally being hailed as heroines. Meet the bold, badass legion of ladies who bravely besieged the merciless Nazi party, ultimately winning the war for the Soviets — and all by flying through the ominous darkness in plywood planes!


it’s not an urban legend. These war-winning women, dubbed “The Night Witches,” were so hated by the Nazi army that if any German soldier successfully downed any one of their plywood bi-planes, they were dutifully awarded the coveted Iron Cross medal. The pioneering pack of formidable females – the 588th Night Bomber Regiment – reportedly dropped more than 23,000 tons of bombs on Nazi

targets, becoming a revered Soviet asset in winning World War II. Nicknamed Nachthexan, “Night Witches” by the Germans because of the “whooshing” noise that emanated from their clandestine wooden planes that eerily resembled a wicked witch’s broom, these indomitable dames courageously dodged bullets in the air and battled unbidden, sexual harassment on the ground. With the planes too tiny to be detected by radar, the distinct sound was the German’s only warning of the encroaching women – the foreboding Boogey-women of the deep, dark, nighttime skies! Unsurprisingly, an all-women squadron was not the first choice of the Soviets. But, with the Nazis perilously advancing, the Soviet leaders re-visited their war relations policy. Becoming increasingly desperate, especially with Hitler’s launch of Operation Barbarossa on the Soviet territory and the Red Army under siege, the Soviets had no other choice. And, so the 588th first mission on June 28th, 1942 successfully took aim at the headquarters of the invading Nazi forces.

A Leading Lady




The surreptitious squadron was the brainchild of Marina Raskova, the Amelia Earhart of the Soviets,

who was not only the first female navigator in the Soviet Air Force but a decorated, longdistance flyer. At the behest of fellow females wanting to join the war efforts as flyers and gunners, especially after losing their husbands, sweethearts, and brothers and witnessing the devastation of their villages and homes by the ruthless Nazis, Raskova petitioned Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin to let her form the all-female fighting battalion. On October 8th, 1941, Stalin acquiesced, ordering the deployment of three, all-women air force units. Not only would the women fly the planes and launch bomb attacks on the Nazi targets, they would RETURN fire – an unprecedented achievement for the Soviets and the first nation to allow women to engage in combat. Selecting 400 women from over 20,000 applications, Raskova was able to fill each of the three allotted units. Mostly students ranging from 17-26 years of age, the women swiftly re-located to Engels, a small town north of Stalingrad, where they would rigorously train to become pilots, navigators, and maintenance and


ground crew all in a few short months. Historically, male soldiers trained for several years to comprehend what these eager women did in a fraction of the time. And, naturally, their male counterparts were intimidated, often sexually harassing the women or belittling their expertise.

Second-hand Sundries and Other Stuff Unprepared for the first-ever, female-fighting crew, the women were forced to makedo with not-so-female-friendly relics and resources, i.e, oversized uniforms, too-big boots, rudimentary supplies, and antiquated aircraft. Constructed of flimsy plywood of canvas, the lightweight, 2-seater, open cockpit bi-planes were never intended allthatsinteresting.com for combat or bullets. Offering virtually zero protection from the elements while in flight, the ladies valiantly risked their lives with every mission they “wo-manned.� If their plane happened to be hit by a tracer bullet, which, incidentally, carried a pyrotechnic 61


charge, the plane would instantly burst into an inferno, lighting up the nighttime sky. However, there was an upside to these seemingly precarious planes. Due to the planes’ lightweight, they were able to reach maximum speeds that could exceed those of their more sophisticated aircraft counterparts, making them hard-to-target for the unsuspecting enemy. Fun facts: during their downtime, the ladies often partook in needlework, dancing, dining, and employing their navigation pencils as smoky eyeliner. Talk about double-duty beauty! These inventive, revolutionary women were definitely ahead of their time. Today’s barrage of Instagram influencers have nothing on these brawny beauties!

artillery spotlights and providing muchneeded illumination for the Night Witches. The partnered plane would then go in for the kill, creating the chilling, signature “witch’s broom” sound. The Night Witches’ final mission took place on May 4th, 1945 after flying within 37 miles of Berlin, Germany. The Germans officially surrendered three days later. These uninhibited heroines flew more than 30,000 missions in total, losing a total of 30 pilots. Twenty-four of the pilots were awarded Hero of the Soviet Union. Leader of the pack, Raskova, unfortunately, perished January 4th, 1943 when she was finally sent into the front lines. Her plane never made it. Respectfully, she was given the very first state funeral during the war and her ashes are buried in the Kremlin. The Germans deduced the Night Witches’ success to either one of two, inane theories:

The Nazis’ Nocturnal Nemesis With the substantial weight of the bombs, the planes were only able to fly the Night Witches at lower altitudes, hence the nighttime-only missions. Flying in packs of two, the first plane would enter enemy territory as “bait,” alerting the Germans’ 62




they were crafty criminals who mastered the art of thievery and were being forced into fighting a war as atonement for their misdemeanors OR they endured a series of innovative injections that bestowed upon them magical powers to see in the night!


Though their unrelenting feat was highlyrevered by the Soviet Air Force, the Night Witches battalion was disbanded six months following the end of World War II. Regrettably, the Night Witches were excluded from partaking in the victory parade in Moscow because their little wooden planes were deemed “too slow.� We commend you, gallant GoGirls. May you forever fly amongst the stars.




714-581-5931 | pavescapesinc.com

Former Marine Kirstie Ennis is Taking a Stand for Healing Humanity Wounded warrior Kirstie Ennis is not taking her lifechanging war injury sitting down, that’s for sure. She continues making huge strides in advocacy for the health, happiness, and healing of humanity — one step at a time.


When Kirstie Ennis enlisted in the United States Marines Corps at the age of 17, she fearlessly implored her recruiter to place her in the aircraft mechanics division because she knew zero about redbull.com airplanes. She demanded the Marines make her training physically challenging and intellectually arduous. She had no idea what she was in for. And, that was exactly what she had wished for. The recipient of not one, not two, but THREE master’s degrees - one in Human Behavior, another in Business Administration, and yet another in Public Administration – referring to Ennis as an overachiever would be an understatement. The blonde and buff, yet petite, former Marine lost her leg below the knee after her helicopter went down during a tour in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, after 40 surgeries and life-threatening infection, doctors were forced to amputate her leg above the knee, which was all captured by cameras for a short film produced by Cosmopolitan magazine.

photographed embracing Prince Harry after successfully completing the 1,000-mile walk across England, Wales, and Scotland for British non-profit Walking for the Wounded. The photogenic philanthropist, activist, and humanitarian was named People magazine’s 2016 Hero in their annual Body Image issue.

Climbing Kirstie Disabled she is not, as her impressive mountain climbing resume suggests. Ennis has successfully achieved some arguably physically-demanding exploits most would never dare. She competed in Boardercross and banded a slalom as a Paralympic

Baring it All Now 28, Ennis has accomplished more in her young life than most have in their entire lives. Cover model for ESPN’s highlyanticipated The Body Issue last year, she boldly graced the glossy fully showcasing her prosthetic, a back full of artful ink, and not much else. Shortly after, she was redbull.com



snowboarder, then took to mountain scaling by reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in South Africa to support the non-profit The Waterboys. That onerous accomplishment led her to then successfully climb Carstensz the highest point in Oceania – for the Heroes Project. Ennis then completed Iliniza Norte’s 16,818-foot peak in Ecuador and stepped foot on Mount Everest’s south side. Her next scheduled conquest will be to complete the Seven Summits by reaching the highest point on every continent by 2021.

organizations committed to assisting individuals and families through education, resources, opportunity, and healing in the great outdoors. We stand with you, Kirstie! You GoGIRL!

Showbiz to Businesswoman The blonde beauty also got a little taste of big-screen stardom when she performed as a stuntwoman beside Mark Wahlberg in 2016’s “Patriot’s Day.” A motivational speaker, she also graced the stage at NYC’s Madison Square Garden in 2015 for Bob Woodruff’s 9th Annual Stand Up for Heroes event. And, if that wasn’t enough, the busy ex-servicewoman recently launched a t-shirt company called Headcase and opened her first brick-and-mortar business One Hair and Body Lab in Oceanside, California. She also earned her real estate license in Aspen, Colorado. The daughter of two former Marines, all Kirstie ever wanted was to make her parents proud, to serve her country, and help those who cannot protect themselves. “I’m extremely proud of everything I did in the military and would do it all over again if I could,” she tells Cosmopolitan magazine. “That’s what I signed up for.” Her 501 (c) 3 non-profit The Kirstie Ennis Foundation was founded to economically support deserving



This Famous YouTuber Amassed a Huge Online Following and Built a Booming Brand


If you’ve ever wondered how social media’s most-followed influencers and content curators gained their online fame and attractive bank accounts, you’re not alone. Acquiring social media stardom isn’t a mystery, but challenging, nonetheless. If you’re a beauty buff, fitness fanatic, fearless foodie, adrenaline junkie, or DIY guru who has managed to amass massive followership, companies and big-name brands are more than willing to shell out big bucks for sponsored content, collaborations, and affiliate marketing partnerships. Here’s how this young YouTuber mastered the art of social media marketing to build her brand.


ith the advent of immersive, interactive, and digital technology, specifically snap-

Take this Canadian-based student turned arts and crafts connoisseur who learned to make the most of her passion while leveraging all

sharing app Instagram and social media

her social media platforms simultaneously to

giant Facebook, would-be brand innovators,

catapult her online presence, build a massive

aspiring entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives

audience, promote her brand, become a top

have inadvertently stumbled upon a goldmine. As social media has irrefutably provided an unconventional — and free — tool to those seeking to build a business, now

influencer, and sell her merchandise. She’s Lauren Riihimaki, better known as LaurDIY, and she reigns supreme as the social media queen. Insta-famous for her colorful, crafty, and innovative DIY videos on her YouTube

has never been a better time to get online

channel, LaurDIY, this former Ryerson student

and channel your inner social media maven

discovered her love for all-things-DIY, which

and make megabucks in the process.

led to creating copious amounts of cool,



fun-to-watch, informative videos. In the past seven years, her followership grew to just over 7.5 million subscribers, propelling her to the top tier of social media influencers. With the success of her YouTube series, Lauren was able to successfully transfer her YouTube audience to other platforms, like the equally popular Instagram and Twitter.

Consistency is Key Lauren attests most of her YouTube stardom to finding a specific “niche,” as well as dedicating her time to branding and staying

the game and adding her crafty touch. Her DIY slime video was a smashing success, to say the least, garnering even more YouTube subscribers.

Create Cool, Click-worthy Content Not only is Lauren taking YouTube by storm, as did her predecessor and original YouTuber queen Michelle Phan, but she’s also a top influencer on the ‘Gram and Twitter, boasting over 4 million followers on Insta and a whopping 6 million on Twitter. A social media superstar, Lauren is killing

uber-consistent to the channel. LaurDIY continues to dominate the YouTube space because of consistent, well-timed uploading, as Lauren faithfully uploads a new DIY video every Sunday and a vlog every Wednesday — no exceptions. Even creating hashtag #SunDIY to promote her scheduled uploads has helped with reminding her fans, followers, and subscribers to tune in. Another way Lauren grew such an impressive base is by collaborating with other highprofile YouTubers since cross-promoting is a win-win for everyone involved. Lauren also further increased her social media audience by posting “trendy” videos. For example, when those slew of “slime” videos suddenly “plopped” up all over the Internet, Lauren took advantage of the idea and made a DIY slime video to stay relevant, while changing pinterest.com




it. With curated content bursting with eye-catching backgrounds, superstylish settings, vibrant hues, and cool, fashion-forward outfits, her Instagram feed is a candy box-colored treat for the eyes! All her artful, aestheticallyappealing posts accompany positive affirmations, mindful messages, and quirky anecdotes, making her content relatable, poignant, and share-worthy. Lauren posts daily and goes “live” every so often, utilizing Instagram’s indispensable, fan-growing features. On Twitter, she posts throughout the day, all day, giving her attentive followers updates from catching up with friends over coffee to shopping hauls to her latest projects-in-the-making. But, mainly, she uses the far-reaching power of Twitter to promote the uploading of her YouTube videos, like a digital memo sent to her legions of fans right from her fingertips. With all her hard work spent online, Lauren has undeniably managed to leverage her large following on social media to make money. And, a lot of it. She engages in brand deals — affiliate marketing — with different companies, such as Fanta, Ardene, MUDD, and others. Additionally, Lauren has used social 74



media to build her very own brand of merchandise, creating multiple lines that include t-shirts, hats, knick-knacks, and other fun stuff. Originally developed as a unique, groundbreaking way to reconnect with friends and family, social media now offers effective, far-reaching marketing tools to those willing to work it and stick with it. Lauren has effectively honed her social media savviness to build her brand and promote her products, but she dedicated all her time to doing so while implementing consistency and on-going engagement with her followers. Social media is an ingenious, free marketing tool, which Lauren has learned to master, becoming one of the most sought-after influencers and content creators. Hail to the queen.


A social media superstar, Lauren is killing it. entrepreneur.com



How This Sweet, Petite Entrepreneur is Taking a Stand Against Domestic Violence nypost.com

She may only be three-yearsold and barely three feet tall, but this little GoGirl is already making a big impact in her community with her selfless act of charity for local women and babies in need. Meet mini lemonade-making mogul, Ava Lewis. She’s this month’s pint-sized GoGirl who’s apparently the big squeeze in her hometown of Durham, North Carolina with her super-cute, lucrative lemonade stand that helped fund much-needed supplies for her local women’s rescue mission. With the help of her mom, Maggie, Ava specializes in making and selling ice-cold, tangy-sweet gallons of freshly-squeezed lemonade on the sidewalk in front of her mom’s busy salon.

The Start of Something Sweet Back in July, during the hazy, hot afternoons akin to the summers in the South, Ava asked her mom if she could set up shop with a makeshift, miniature lemonade stand. But, instead of vying to buy a bike, doll, or some other special, dream toy with her hardearned beverage bucks like most of her other kiddie entrepreneur counterparts, Ava instead wanted to raise money for a more caring cause. With all the money she set out to earn selling summer’s beloved beverage, the altruistic tot would purchase diapers, baby wipes, bottles, and other necessities for 80


The Good Samaritan Inn, a transitional facility run by non-profit Durham Rescue Mission, a refuge for women and children fleeing domestic violence.

A Tasty Turnout After the local news station heard of Ava’s magnanimous mission, the citizens of Durham decided to pay Ava’s lemonade stand a visit (or two…or three) to help her meet her goal. And, what started out as selling her homemade lemonade is mini plastic cups soon morphed into selling the sweet stuff by the gallons! In no time, Ava had reached her goal and headed to the local store with her mom to buy boxes of baby supplies, personally delivering the goods to The Good Samaritan Inn. “It just means the world to us to see a young person…that is thinking of others…it is just heartwarming,” said Gail Mills, director of The Good Samaritan Inn.


With the success of her locally famous and generous goal, the “Lemonade Baby” is just beginning. Due to the overwhelming demand from her community and staunch supporters, Ava and her mother Maggie have set up a business Facebook page – Ava’s Lemonade - where you can follow and support Ava and her future philanthropic endeavors. Currently, Ava is taking orders by phone, email, and social media and has recently begun offering other fun flavors, so get your straws ready! It’s beyond inspiring

to see such a young person – a baby herself – getting creative, giving back, and thinking about others. We’ll certainly sip to that! You go, little GoGirl!