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Beauty Brains Billions

makes a pact to give away billions!


Volume 1 • Issue 2

KATTAN from prom makeup blogger to HudaBeauty makeup mogul

WARRIOR WIVES How the wives of Vietnam POW’s took matters into their own hands


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18 Cosmetics with a Conscience


HUDA KATTAN For the IraqiAmerican makeup mogul who went from managing finances to formulating foundations in just five years, it’s all about her followers – and family.

40 Clothes Call


This 99-Year-old Yogi Spills Her Simple Secrets for Zoning in on Your Zen.

78 GoGirl Worldwide Magazine

Launch Party!

A late-spring shindig in Newport Beach, CA was the Saturday night hot spot for the official kickoff to female-inspired GoGirl Worldwide Magazine.

WARRIOR WIVES How the Wives of Vietnam POWs Took Matters into Their Own Hands

BEAUTY 62 The Biggest, Best, & Brightest in Beauty


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This once broke CBO cleverly took an unknown online fashion brand to billion dollar status.

54 The Top Downward Dog

Soon-to-be-single spouse of online mega marketplace mogul Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Bezos is turning personal heartbreak into global happiness to the tune of $17 billion.


The co-founder of the fashion-forward line of medical apparel, FIGS, attests to the ability to bounce back, being resilient, and staying vigilant in your vision.

46 Dressing for Success


Meet the budding luxury beauty brand behind the #ShareYourBeautiful campaign and learn how beauty is giving back to communities.

| JULY 2019

Some trends come and go, while others prove they’re worthy of the long-haul, forever revolutionizing our demanding routines and exceeding our wildest expectations.

FITNESS/WELLNESS 70 New, Innovative Health Trends

Seven emerging health and wellness trends that will sure to kickstart all your goals for sound mind, body, and soul.




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54 40







Hi All My GoGirls and GoGuys Too! I hope your summer has been off to a fun start, and that you are crushing your goals along the way. For me, launching GoGirl Worldwide Magazine last month was truly a dream come true. And I am blessed and thankful to have an amazing business partner, Rachel Medina, who is a successful publisher and really knows what she’s doing. It’s proof that when GoGirls join forces there is NOTHING we can’t do. After starting GoGirl Worldwide in 2008, I was determined to empower and inspire girls and women everywhere, and I strived to do that in many ways… events and seminars, creating content, videos and social media, you name it. But I was determined to launch a digital magazine and take the GoGirl vision to the next level. It wasn’t until I met Rachel over four years ago that I knew my dream would become a reality. Although I’m driven and creative, there are plenty of things I know are not my strengths. In Rachel I saw a true GoGirl who not only saw my vision and aligned with the mission, but who also had the knowledge and tools to make it GO. That doesn’t mean that we launched the magazine without a few challenges or set-backs. But every time a challenge came our way, we took a step back and asked ourselves “what is the solution to overcome this challenge”. And then we would GO for that solution and make it happen. Our launch party was an absolute success, and people are still buzzing about it. But even that didn’t happen without it’s own challenges. We originally planned on having it at a high end property, but three weeks before the date of the event we were told we could not have photography, take videos or even have a DJ. I freaked out inside my head for about two minutes, and then took a deep breath and thought, ok… what’s plan b. So I threw on some pretty pink heels and a nice suit, jumped in my car and started driving to the most prestigious businesses and properties in the area. I figured it was a numbers game, just like in sales. I gave each decision maker my GoGirl “pitch” and tried to paint the picture of how glamorous and fabulous the GoGirl Pink Carpet launch party would be, left them with my business card and followed up over the coming days. To my delight, I received a call from Winston’s Crown Jewelers, saying they had given it thought and were thrilled to roll out the “Pink Carpet” and host my event. The night of the event I fought back happy tears of gratitude, surrounded by our entire GoGirl Magazine team, friends, family, sponsors and the Verdult family who own Winston’s. I felt like Cinderella, only I knew that this would not vanish at midnight, nor in the weeks to come. I knew that this was only the beginning, and that each and every month we would be putting out uplifting and empowering articles and true stories, and make a positive impact in the lives of many. My dream now has a team, and team-work makes the dream-work.


| JULY 2019

Jennifer Murphy I hope you all love our magazine, and please share it with those you know who would also gain inspiration from reading our pages. Love you all,

Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl” Founder/CEO - GoGirl Worldwide Magazine

Jen’s GoGirl tips: Set goals and have a plan, but be flexible. If something goes wrong, focus on solutions. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was GoGirl. Give yourself time and stay consistent. Know your strengths, but also your weakness. Consider a partner and/or team. Ask yourself “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid”, and then DO THAT. GoGirl! Take time to celebrate your victories. Follow Jen on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. She makes funny and empowering videos every Wednesday! @JenniferMurphyGoGirl

Founders Jennifer Murphy | Rachel Medina



Jennifer Murphy

Rachel Medina



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Office (877) 334-7972 | E-mail ads@GoGirlMgz.com Social Media @GoGirl_Mgz COV E R

Image Courtesy of HudaBeauty.com PHOTO CREDIT:

Cover story images courtesy of HudaBeauty.com

“Women Empowering Women through Events | Magazines | Products | & Giving� The GoGirl Brand is built by women, for women, and specializes in creating content and experiential opportunities for empowered woman, to empower others across the country with their story and GoGirl mission. GoGirl Magazine, LLC. is not affiliated with any other publishing company and is a digital community complimenting the family of GoGirl events, products, services and its foundation. Copy Right GoGirl Magazine, L.L.C., 2019

The team at GoGirl Worldwide Magazine browse the web and social media for ordinary women doing extraordinary things in their lives, communities, and careers. We then spotlight these women each month and bring forward images and content shared by these women online and on their social media accounts. GoGirl Worldwide Magazine takes no credit for images and/or content shared by these women in their public domains and makes every attempt to publish the source of the images used on our website GoGirlMgz.com, our social media accounts and in our monthly magazine. If a photo has been published by GoGirl Worldwide Magazine that has inaccurate photo credits, please contact us immediately with the proper credits at editorial@gogirlmgz.com. If we have shined our bright pink spotlight on you this issue or in a past issue, thank you for being a GoGirl who inspires us all.


Publisher’s Note: Welcome to the 2nd issue of GoGirl Worldwide Magazine. An issue that features empowered women who believed in themselves enough to accomplish far beyond what they had imaged. Their stories share a striking resemblance to our journey here at GoGirl. Over ten years ago Jennifer Murphy was faced with challenges that seemed too big to bare. And from that powerless state, a powerful idea came to her; the idea for a uplifting brand that empowers women and ignites joy in the lives of others. Like the formation of a diamond from darkness and the pressure of coal, so are the blessings and gifts and opportunities that result from our difficulties once the dust has settled. So when I met Jennifer in 2015, and she learned about my 20-year history in the magazine business, she shared her GoGirl story with me, along with the vision she had of one day creating a magazine for GoGirl and soon she was hinting at a partnership.

Rachel Medina

It would take me some time and serious consideration before I was in a place to commit. I was an entrepreneur who was comfortable with where I was in life, and was hesitant to disrupt the balance I had established with my team, my finances, and my family. But I knew one thing... I couldn’t NOT do it! It was too important and it’s potential to change and improve lives was too great. So, with the full support of my team and family, I dove in to the warm and fuzzy, pink and powerful goodness that is GoGirl. May you enjoy the fruits of our labor knowing that it took time, faith, a small village, and an unrelenting belief that the best way to help empower women is to share the true and amazing stories of how regular women are accomplishing extraordinary things every single day. Warmest Regards,

Rachel Medina Publisher | Partner GoGirl Worldwide Magazine Rachel is a successful entrepreneur, mother, Christian, public speaker, and content creator who’s launching a podcast / vlog this summer called Rachel Unpacked. You can follow Rachel on Instagram @rachelmedina101


| JULY 2019

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The Benevolent Billionaire:


BEZOS GIFTS HALF HER FORTUNE Soon-to-be-single spouse of online mega marketplace mogul Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Bezos is turning personal heartbreak into global happiness to the tune of $17 billion. Married since 1993 to Amazon CEO and

anniversary before learning of the

Founder Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Bezos

illicit, lusty liaison between the two-

unceremoniously found her long-

timing twosome, MacKenzie would

term marriage embroiled in a highly

soon become the world’s third richest

publicized cheating scandal earlier this

woman, second to Alice Walton of

year when her husband’s philandering

famed Walmart, worth $47.1 billion.

proclivities were revealed through

Loreal beauty heiress Francoise

a series of steamy text messages,

Bettencourt Meyers leads the pack of

surreptitious, sexy snaps, and saucy

the world’s wealthiest women with an

selfies with television personality

empire estimated at a mind-blowing

veteran Lauren Sanchez. Having

$53.6 billion.

just celebrated their 25th wedding


hough the Bezos’ impending split is reportedly amicable, MacKenzie will return to the single life with roughly $35 billion in-pocket — the largest divorce settlement in Splitsville history after receiving 4% of the steep Amazon stock. Not bad for a girl back on the market and burgeoning on brand-new beginnings! A notable novelist, Mackenzie is the latest billionaire to sign Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffet’s philanthropic project Giving Pledge, donating half of her entire Amazon fortune. In a recent interview published by Giving Pledge,

Bezos humbly acknowledges, “…having a disproportionate amount of money to share” and duly credits “an infinite series of lucky breaks we can never fully understand” for her prodigious wealth. Bezo’s altruistic commitment to the nearly decade-old charitable organization is joined by hedge fund billionaires David Harding and Paul Tudor Jones, as well as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Virgin Atlantic’s Richard Branson, and WhatsApp co-founder Bruce Acton, totaling more than 200 signatories. Founded in August 2010, Giving Pledge launched with 40 of America’s most wealthy individuals dedicated to donating more than half their fortunes. MacKenzie writes, “My approach to philanthropy will continue to be thoughtful. It will take time and effort and care. But, I won’t wait. I will keep at it until the safe is empty.” No stranger to charity and leadership, in 2014, MacKenzie founded


| JULY 2019

anti-bullying non-profit “Bystander Revolution,� an organization which seeks to end bullying and social victimization through benevolence and inclusivity. She is the author psychological thriller The Testing of Luther Albright, an American Book Award winner. MacKenzie met Jeff Bezos while both were employed at hedge fund D. E. Shaw in New York. They married in 1993 and have four children. MacKenzie Bezo proves paying it forward is the best payback. 15

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Cosmetics with a Conscience: M e e t t h e B e a u t y B ra n d Giving Back in a Big, B e a u t i f u l Way

When a tireless, team-driven national tour shares their time, talents, and resources to help their fellow females, it’s cosmetics meets compassion. Meet the budding luxury beauty brand behind the #ShareYourBeautiful campaign and learn how beauty is giving back to communities.


outique, celeb-beloved beauty brand Cirem Cosmetics is finishing up its last leg of their busy 2018 non-profit Cirem Cares nationwide tour, taking to the road to give back to their communities by celebrating, inspiring, and encouraging philanthropy, volunteerism, female empowerment, and, of course, beauty! With customer support, the first annual #ShareYourBeautiful tour will continue online as Cirem Cosmetics pledges to re-stock each participating non-profit on a monthly basis with curated Cirem Care Kits. 20

| JULY 2019

Each purposefullypacked Cirem Care Kit contains a fullsized shampoo, body wash, body mist, rich shave butter, and skin-silkening body lotion – all expertly infused with Cirem’s luxurious, proprietary blend of body-beautifying botanicals and skin-saving trade secret ingredients that Tinseltown’s most discerning stars have come to love – all tightly tucked in a fashionfriendly, pristine white cosmetics bag that bears the beauty brand’s logo. The kits were designed to help women transition out of chronic homelessness and adversity through help, heart, healing, and happiness because Cirem understands all women deserve to feel their most beautifulbest — no matter their past or present circumstances. During the 11-city national sweep, the Los Angeles-based beauty brand’s official Cirem Cares RV rolled with volunteers who handed out the Cirem Care Kits, as well as partaking in at least one beautification project during each planned stop. Cirem believes everyone’s

truest beauty shines through when they share and show compassion and care for others. We couldn’t agree more. Just some of the participating, non-profit organizations included: Good Shepherd Center and Mercy House of Los Angeles, Phoenix Rescue Mission, Viola’s House in Dallas, and San Francisco’s Mercy Housing. Giving and generous GoGirls interested in supporting this unique, female-forward, and meaningful mission are invited to visit Ciremcosmetics.com and purchase the exclusive Cirem Cosmetics beauty bundle – all wrapped up and ready to get you glowing and gorgeous! This Essential Hydration Kit includes the brand’s cult-status HCR 3-In-1 Serum (a triple threat trifecta of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and retinol to wage the war on wrinkles), the caviar extract-imbued YouthBoost Diamond Moisturizer, and massaging Skin Jewel. Simply enter code GIVEBACK at checkout to receive an instant 15% OFF your order as a way of saying “thank you.” Cirem Cosmetics promises to donate 3 Cirem Care Kits for EVERY Essential Hydration Kit purchase to the participating non-profits, re-stocking on a monthly basis.

an unassuming, family-owned pharmacy in the heart of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley for celebrity clients, soon morphed into a fullscale (and growing) signature beauty brand. Hollywood’s best-kept, sexy skin secret is now available to all women with every skincare woe, regardless of type, texture, or tone. With the proprietary, trade secret Rapid Absorption Technology™ and a first-ever manufacturing hybrid of both cosmetic and pharmaceutical processes, Cirem offers a unique approach to scientifically-advanced, high-performance luxury skincare without the pretentious price. With keen attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to overall health and wellness, the Cirem journey continuously strives to exceed the highest of customer expectations and industry standards, alike. Groundbreaking ingredients and revolutionary, game-changing formulations are specifically designed to embolden the most demanding and rigorous of skincare routines. No red carpet required. From big screen sirens to boardroom beauties to soccer moms to students, Cirem helps put your best face forward.

To learn more about this exciting “cosmetics with a cause” and how you can give back to other beauties, be sure to CiremCosmetics. com/ciremcares, or visit their official Facebook and Instagram pages at Cirem Cares #shareyourbeautiful. About Cirem Cosmetics What started out as a simple bottle bursting with a bevy of age-defying botanicals and restorative, rejuvenating retinol concocted in 21

Give the gift of MAGIC with FAO Schwarz® .


She Put the Brains in Beauty:

HUDA KATTAN Founder and CEO of

Day Job to Dream Job

How Huda Kattan is Making y l l Big Bucks in the Beauty Biz a e R For the Iraqi-American makeup mogul who went from managing finances to formulating foundations in just five years, it’s all about her followers – and family.

It may seem like Instagram sensation Huda Kattan went from managing money to making makeup overnight, but this Oklahoma-born beauty who successfully built one of the industry’s biggest beauty brands started from humble beginnings. Thanks to her younger sister Mona’s undying support and relentless encouragement, Kattan took a leap of faith that would land her fame and fortune amidst the world of flawless, shimmer-infused foundations and liquid lipsticks. See how this GoGirl broke free from the shackles of her safe space and made all her most beautiful dreams come true. Born in 1983 to Iraqi parents, Huda would go on to attend the University of MichiganDearborn where she would earn her degree in Finance. For the next several years, she labored within the stable, reticent confines of cubicles, 26

| JULY 2019

pantsuits, and pantyhose. Though she earned a comfortable living much to the approval of her traditional immigrant parents, the nine-tofive life wasn’t where Huda’s heart was at. A former beauty pageant contestant, Huda had bigger dreams — particularly of the creative type - but was clueless as to how to transition from corporations to cosmetics. Disillusioned by the increasingly unfulfilling “day job” life, Huda eventually took her supportive sister’s advice and headed to Los Angeles to embark on her beauty career as a pro makeup artist. After attaining her makeup artistry education, the future entrepreneur would paint the famous faces of Nicole Ritchie, Eva Longoria, and countless others. With a plethora of tips and tricks she acquired from working with the most renowned artists, models, actors, photographers, and other industry leaders, Kattan decided to take her beauty secrets social and started the WordPressbased beauty blog Hudabeauty.com. It was the creation of HudaBeauty.com that would eventually catapult the 35-year-old beauty guru into cult cosmetics star-status.

and suggestions of her dedicated social media family. Huda is big on delivering the best, game-changing products her fans want or need. It is the bedrock of her brand’s philosophy. It’s like having a product development department minus the badly-lit conference room and copious cups of coffee.

In the Works

Followers with Benefits Constantly interacting with her growing base of loyal followership, Huda enjoyed their comments, suggestions, accolades, and demands for product creations. So, in 2013, Huda created a set of false eyelashes, the same faux fringes that would be famously worn by another makeup mogul, Kim Kardashian West. Beauty retail giant Sephora picked up the product and the Huda Beauty brand was born. To this day, her eponymous, bestselling line of trendsetting product picks is created based on the demands 28

| JULY 2019

Huda and her team, which includes her sisters and husband Chris, recently began a reality web series fittingly entitled Huda Boss, a Facebook Watch program that chronicles the day-to-day duties, operations, and challenges of running Huda Beauty, including Huda’s struggles with maintaining a healthy work-life balance. What’s next for the ever-expanding beauty brand? Aside from weekly, requisite social media content creation and PR projects, Huda and Co. are excited to introduce a first to the line – a fabulous fragrance is slated to launch later this year. And, of course, more makeup! The ultimate slaying sisters, Mona continues to be a daily, integral source of inspiration, love, resolve, and creativity for the bombshell beauty businesswoman.

The Journey of a Beauty Brand-Bound GoGirl By 2019, Huda Kattan had impressively amassed more than 3 million Instagram followers, ranking #1 on the 2017 Influencer Instagram Rich List and earning an astounding $18,000 per post for sponsored content. Forbes declared the financier turned makeup magnate one of the “10 most powerful influencers in the world of beauty” and was chosen as one of the “25 Most Influential People on the Internet” by Time magazine in 2017.

Currently based in Dubai, Huda Beauty brings the hottest, most innovative products to legions of beauty buffs everywhere, including an endless smorgasbord of pro makeup artist must-have eye and cheek palettes, liquid lipsticks, liquid eyeshadows, luxe lip liners, highlighters, concealers, foundations, eyelashes, and Insta-famous “baking” powders – the Kim Kardashian-inspired trend that magically conceals dark eye circles. Huda resides in Dubai with her husband and business partner Chris Goncalo and their daughter Nour Gisele. Following daily routines of back-to-back meetings, photo shoots, and content creation, Huda and her husband make it a mission to balance work and family life by setting aside family time every single night. Huda’s much-deserved downtime consists of soaking in long bubble baths while listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and meditative flute music.


For me, makeup has always been so much more than a way to look more beautiful, it’s completely transforming: it effects my mood, my confidence, and the way I feel. Ever since I picked up my first pair of tweezers I was transfixed, and by the time I was 14 I was wearing a full face of makeup – I loved it! I started plucking my sister’s friend’s eyebrows, doing my friend’s makeup, and I took on any opportunity I could to get involved with beauty, from doing makeup at school plays to university fashion shows. After university, I began sending out email blasts to my girlfriends with beauty tips, hacks and DIYs – I was blogging and I didn’t even know it. I consider myself beyond lucky that my love for makeup, after many long years of hard work, has turned into a thriving business and a platform for all of us to share beauty.


How it all began: Working in beauty was not what I grew up expecting to do. I was born and raised in 30

| JULY 2019

the U.S. and I studied Finance at university. After moving to Dubai and starting a job in the industry, the recession hit and I was made redundant from my finance job. At the time, I felt a little lost, but in hindsight it was the best thing that ever happened to me. My sister Mona, knowing me better than I knew myself, encouraged me to pursue my passion for makeup. With resounding enthusiasm from my family, and of course myself, within days I was on a plane half way across the world to Los Angeles to study make-up at the Joe Blasco Makeup Artistry School. Incredible opportunities led me to work with world-class makeup artists, amazing brands, and some remarkable models and celebrities. After learning all the tricks of the trade and garnering a wealth of experience from some of the best experts in the industry, I decided I had to share this with other women who loved makeup the way I did. I started my blog in 2010 to be a place for women to explore and share beauty.

can change the way a woman feels, and an empowered woman is fearless; “Beauty she’s unstoppable…She can take on the world.” Being a beauty blogger: I am so grateful for all the beauty lovers that enjoy reading my blog, and I feel truly responsible for everything I share. Honesty is the one policy that I promised myself I would never compromise on, so every product I review, no matter the brand or the price tag, is 100% what I believe. This is one of the main reasons I believe my blog has become so well read, and that, coupled with the rise of social media has undoubtedly helped to launch it to become a globally recognized blog. The rise of social media and my early entry to Instagram also played a massive role, and with every new innovation, I was ready to embrace what it offered and the viral opportunities that went hand-in-hand with them. This is the digital age, and with every pioneering new platform lies a moment to seize.

Dreams coming true: I’ve always been a creative person (probably one reason finance just didn’t suit me), so when my sister Mona saw me customizing and designing my own false lashes, she convinced me we had to share them. In 2013, I joined forces with my wonderful sisters, Mona and Alya, to launch our brand Huda Beauty. Combining my years of experience testing products, my professional makeup skills, and my very picky eye, I am proud that I can create products that I believe are truly valuable for every makeup lover. Everything Huda Beauty releases are products I use daily, and products that I invest all my time and heart into. I hope you love them as much as I do. I take great pride in being able to share my beauty tips and advice with you, and I hope that everyone can learn something from this blog. 31

Your City, ST www.pedego.com

: s e v i W r o Warri How the Wives of Vietnam POWs Took Matters into Their Own Hands Meet Jane Denton, Sybil Stockdale, Louise Mulligan, Andrea Rander, Phyllis Galanti and Helene Knapp – the band of the boldest, most badass 1960s women who took on the complacency of US diplomacy and brought their men home from the harrowing jungles of communistic Vietnam.

What if your wartime hero husband was shot down and captured by savage Vietnamese fighters and the US government ordered you to just “keep quiet?” That’s exactly what happened to these women during the Vietnam War when their military husbands were captured, mercilessly tortured, and imprisoned in rat-infested camps in Hanoi. Here’s the inspiring tale of leadership, audacity, and triumph in the face of inimitable evil and the perilously unpredictable.

The Visit April 24th, 1967 was the very day that would forever change the life of Helene Knapp. When the iconic blue, US military official car pulled into her driveway and the Air Force colonel rang her doorbell, her stomach sank to its deepest recesses. Helene knew about this stomachsinking scene all too well. For any mother, wife, or sister with a son, husband, or brother serving active duty, this is the most dreaded doorbell ring of all. That afternoon, Helene learned her husband, Air Force pilot Major Herman Knapp, had been shot down over Vietnam while fighting in the American air war against Northern Vietnamese communists. The colonel bearing the bad news conceded the US was unable to confirm her husband’s fate and was classified as MIA (Missing in Action). Helene was then ordered to keep her gut-wrenching situation a secret, save for close family members and absolutely no one else. This supposedly ensured her husband’s safety and survival. How could the government demand – and expect – such blatant nonsense? Knapp was having none of it. Adopted from the template diplomacy implemented during previous wars, Lyndon B. Johnson agreed to uphold this absurd “hush-hush” policy for fear of the unspeakable – the men being viciously treated - or worse – executed. It was 36

| JULY 2019

commonly referred to as “quiet diplomacy” in a far-fetched attempt to reason with the radical Vietnamese. But, the seemingly prudent approach proved futile, as it allowed the Vietnamese to evade an accurate accounting of missing or captured American servicemen.

Defiant Dames


fter months of coding covert letters to their imprisoned husbands and receiving replies depicting their disquieting ordeal, these POW wives willingly turned in their “1960s well-behaved, military wifey” cards and assumed their own operation rescue efforts. STAT. The women intended to use the global media stage to ultimately “shame” Northern Vietnam into compliance and release the men. One must take into consideration, this was prior to the advent of cyber-based technology, so the women had their work cut out for them in terms of reaching a large-scale audience swiftly and effectively. But, they tirelessly forged on. Against government orders, Sybil Stockdale, wife of the highest-ranking naval POW Jim Stockdale, went brazenly public with her husband’s horrific captivity in October 1968. And, the National League of Families of American Prisoners and MIAs in Southeast Asia was incorporated in D.C. on May 28, 1970.

The female-founded organization employed savvy, progressive media initiatives, such as speaking with anti-war activists, creating bumper stickers, employing letter-writing campaigns, conducting public speeches, and television appearances to take their tale to the world. They made noise – and a lot of it. They managed to do what then-Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara couldn’t – put the extremist Northern Vietnamese regime on blast. The ladies brilliantly disseminated awareness on the international stage by exposing the customary, on-going atrocities committed in the Hanoi prison camps as being in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions of War.

In Retrospect

Then, something miraculous happened. The world listened, most notably the US government. Within months, the men were released and came home, unbeknownst their crusaders were their very own wives. Now, that’s a special kind of love story!

You can learn more about the indomitable spirits of these fearless females and their unforgettable story by picking up a copy of The League of Wives: The Untold Story of the Women Who Took on the US Government to Bring Their Husbands Home by Heath Hardage Lee.

In a 2016 Time interview when Arizona state senator John McCain was asked if the POW wives “going public” tactic had made any significantly positive impact on the treatment of wartime POWs, he eloquently noted, “Our treatment changed drastically. It went from bad – in my case, solitary confinement to being with 25 others…It was not gradual…Some of us may not have been alive had it not been for that change in treatment.” Like Eleanor Roosevelt so famously quoted, “Women are like tea bags. You don’t know how strong they are until you put them in hot water.”

When Richard Nixon was elected President of the United States in 1968, the new Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird insisted the US government finally abolish the insufferably inept “keep quiet” policy and allow other POW/MIA families to come forward and tell their stories. Eventually, Nixon came to realize the indispensable, international public relations value the women had provided, prompting an unprecedented unification in America, specifically of the bipartisan variety. This was a movement everyone could get behind. 37

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CLOTHES CALL Learn How One Wardrobe-minded Woman Willingly Liquidated Her 401K to Fund Her Business

SPOILER ALERT: Her ambitious risk yielded quite the lucrative reward, as her growing business is currently raking in $100 million. According to entrepreneur and bold #bosslady, Trina Spear, what seemed like an irreparable blunder in the earliest stages of her budding business partnership proved to be a blessing in disguise. The co-founder of the fashion-forward line of medical apparel, FIGS, attests to the ability to bounce back, being resilient, staying vigilant in your vision, and practicing perseverance and patience as the keys to entrepreneurial success when everything is at stake.


n 2012, Trina Spear was working on Wall Street for a well-known financial firm receiving a “safe,” substantial salary. After a close friend had tipped her off about a woman on the West Coast who had been trying to get a line of “re-imagined” medical apparel, aka scrubs, off the ground, Trina decided to give her a call. Within four hours of that fateful phone conversation with Heather Hassan - her soonto-be partner-in-crime of FIGS - Spear booked the cross-country flight to Los Angeles that would forever change her life. Spear wanted in on Hassan’s brilliant vision for creating the first-ever line of flattering, fashion-friendly scrubs that both men and women in the medical profession would be ecstatic to wear. After all, there had been nothing like it previously offered in the market, and Spear instantly recognized a rare, potentially profitable opportunity to disrupt such a seemingly neglected niche. Apparently, no one had ever really given much thought to the bland, baggy medical garb that’s analogous to those who work in the medical field. So, Spear and Hassan embarked on a two-woman mission to bring the medical pros something more fun and fashion-worthy. After their initial meet-and-greet over a tennis match in sunny SoCal, Spear would find herself flying


| JULY 2019

transnational every few weekends to sell stylish scrubs out of Hassan’s car in front of the emergency room entrances of hospitals in the Los Angeles area. Undoubtedly, it was an unorthodox endeavor, but swiping copious amounts of credit cards on the side of the road is what eventually gave Spear the confidence to say goodbye to her safe haven at Blackstone and head to the West Coast permanently to work on FIGS full-time. It was now or never and Spear was all in. Daringly liquidating her nest egg to help fund her scrubs start-up (committing one of the biggest no-no’s in personal finance) and five, short years later, FIGS was the fourth largest female-founded company in 2017, receiving $100 million in revenue that year.

Snag Spear’s Secrets for Success Trina and Hassan found a way to offer something innovative and better than what was previously being offered. Their line of sophisticated scrubs was meticulously designed, wrinkle-repellent, antimicrobial, super comfortable, and even boasted an athleisure-inspired yoga waistband for form-fitting appeal. Find a flaw in a market and fill/fix it with an idea, product, or service.

When seeking out investors, try not to dwell on the numbers issue. Instead, tell a story as you would to a friend. “Why something should exist that does NOT already exist” is a great place to start. Don’t be intimidated by the painstaking process of asking for money. Finally, keep forging ahead and forget about the mounting “no’s” because there will be plenty before you hear your first long-awaited “yes.” So, keep positive and stay the course. And, the most seemingly dismal disasters of any business-in-the-making make for the best success stories. The moment Spear and Hassan honestly thought their savvy scrubs enterprise had completely unraveled for good, incapable of recovery, was in the very early production stage. Spear tells Entrepreneur Magazine of the heart-stopping moment when she and Hassan learned the inseams of the male and female pants were mistakenly – and embarrassingly - swapped. “…and, that the difference between the top of the pant and… well, you get the rest…” They finally caught onto the in-seam snafu when a series of emails with the subject line reading “My Package” were flooding their inbox. Disheartening and devastating as it was at the time, Spear didn’t think the burgeoning brand could bounce back, as the total in damages exceeded $100K. At the time, the ill-timed, inauspicious loss seemed like a fortune that could never be recovered, especially after leaving a cozy cubicle gig and liquidating one’s entire retirement fund. So, Spear and Hassan decided to donate a bunch of units that fell on the small size of the in-seam spectrum. The manufacturing mishap taught the driven duo a lot about something called quality control and its indispensable role in providing a flawless end-product while ensuring customer satisfaction and increased retention. From fabrication to fulfillment, FIGS fastidiously employ quality assurance at every stage.

Words of Wisdom for Would-be Women Movers and Shakers Don’t get discouraged by the male-dominated game of entrepreneurship. Always take something away from every meeting with a potential investor/buyer that you can use to improve upon. After talking with many male founders while navigating her own entrepreneurial journey, Spear conceded it really is easier for the boys in business. However, she advises that that shouldn’t impede on your ambitions and goals for personal success. Don’t play the victim, feel sorry for yourself, or label someone a sexist because they didn’t want to go forward with your idea, product, or service. This self-sabotaging mindset is a recipe for disaster – not revenue.

What’s Next With its growing success over the past few years, FIGS has ventured into expanding its product base beyond the medical market, providing cool-looking compression socks, versatile vests, fleece jogger pants, and more unconventional, life-solving items. FIGS will be shipping to Canada later this year and hopes to introduce worldwide expansion within the next five years.



714-581-5931 | pavescapesinc.com


| JULY 2019

DRESSING FOR SUCCESS: This Once Broke CBO Cleverly Took an Unknown Online Fashion Brand to Billion Dollar Status

FASHIONISTA.COM_Photo: Courtesy of Revolve

shakers. Raissa Gerona, Revolve’s resident Chief Brand Officer, took the start-up to star-status with her savvy social media skills, keen fashion sense, and the gift of gab with Wall Street power players. But, the journey to IPO prestige was a grueling, ten years-in-the-making for the popular fashion powerhouse.

The Art of the Hustle


For this IPO power player, patience, perseverance, plus a perfect pair of pretty pumps make all the difference.


en years ago, online start-up fashion phenomenon Revolve was virtually unknown, aimlessly floating in cyber shopping space looking to make its mark on the competitive e-commerce circuit. Today, the trendy shopping destination boasts a staggering net worth of roughly $1.2 billion and is also synonymous with one of the biggest concertcarnival festivals of the year. Revolve Fest attracts social media’s most in-demand stars, Hollywood elites, A-listers, and VIP movers and 48

| JULY 2019


Wall Str investor “influen and soc strategi whole o battle fo burgeon CBO. ”

Gerona, a woman (and one of color), determinedly attended years of back-to-back Wall Street meetings donned in designer duds only offered by the stylish site. So, it wasn’t surprising that her 10-year dedication to building the billiondollar brand culminated in one of the most monumental moments in start-up history. Although the company started by founders Mike Karanikolas and Michael Mente had been fully functioning for nearly 16 years, it was only during the past few that put the fashion marketplace on the map. Thanks in part to Gerona’s unique, “out-of-thebox” building and emboldening strategies, the brand’s stagnant social media presence suddenly blew up, becoming the ultimate collab goal for fashion bloggers and beauty influencers.

That was the “easy” part. Explaining to older Wall Street male investors about “influencers” and social media strategies INSTYLE.COM _ MATTHEW EISMAN:GETTY IMAGES

was a whole other uphill battle for the burgeoning, chic CBO. Decidedly, she broke her pitch down in the most digestible way possible – that young people need cute clothes to attend music festivals like Coachella – all while wearing full Revolve regalia to each and every investor meeting. Gerona felt what better way to hook potential investors than to physically “rep” the brand and play the part.

ing to older reet male rs about ncers” cial media ies was a other uphill or the ning, chic

Without a formal marketing or business degree and being borderline broke before coming on board with Revolve, Gerona often had to contend with the unnerving negative Nancy’s that continually plagued her daily thought processes, taking up rent in her head. Constantly questioning herself, her skills, her talents, her capabilities, etc, she eventually came to realize her indispensable worth as being the true expert in the room because it was only she who could so eloquently explain exactly what it was she did for the brand. And, she did so indelibly and effectively.

Broke, but Not Broken Prior to joining Revolve, Gerona ran her own


fashion brand back in 2007 and Revolve was her biggest wholesaler, hence how she came to know Mike and Michael. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, she exhausted her brand’s funding and had to pull the plug for good. But, as cliché as it sounds, when one door closes, another really does open. That’s when she met with Michael and he suggested they begin a brand together. And, Friends + Lovers was born. In just a few years, rising Revolve would purchase the hip, curated fashion site.

The Making of a Brand-Builder Never having imagined she would be engaged in this sort of “businessy” aspect of the billiondollar-plus fashion industry, Gerona just rolled 49


with the punches, went with the flow, and just kept showing up and trying new things. “It’s so important to believe in yourself. Yeah, there are times when you are going to fail, but if it’s something you want to do and accomplish, you continually have to get yourself back up and believe you can do it.” A child of Filipino parents who immigrated to the United States when she was only seven, Gerona was incessantly inspired by her hardworking parents’ unwavering commitment to drive, determination, and unrelenting resolve. Gerona also admires all her innovative and creative social media influencers who really took Revolve from ground zero on up, as they continue to wear many hats for the company – collaborators, content creators, stylists, hair and makeup artists, editorial directors, etc. 50

| JULY 2019

The Secrets to Succeeding in Style Stick to it. Revolve wasn’t an overnight sensation by any means. Nothing was ever “over” for Gerona. She witnessed her parents move their entire family from a very familiar place to a very unfamiliar one and made it work – every day! Mike and Michael started a fashion company with only 50K of their own money and built it to $70-80 million. Confidence and believing in oneself are essential for achieving long-term success and career happiness. Lastly, loving what you do will get you out of bed every morning and fuel your drive and determination. “I love the people I work with. I love what I do. I love what the company stands for, and I’m just so happy to be a part of it.” Not to mention, a closet overflowing with cute, chic outfits sure doesn’t hurt.

51 FASHIONISTA.COM_Photo: Courtesy of Revolve

The Top Downward Dog

This 99-Year-old Yogi Spills Her Simple Secrets for Zoning in on Your Zen

Take it from this soon-to-be centenarian and stop getting “in the way” of your own life. No meditation app required. “Every morning, I wake up and say this is going to be the best day of my life – and it is.”


| JULY 2019


hen one hears her daily affirmation, they cannot help but truly believe it. Meet the mindfulness maven who proudly marched alongside Gandhi at the precocious age of 12 and began an interesting friendship with legendary Hollywood hottie and timeless screen siren Marilyn Monroe (yeah, we’re just a little bit jealous!). A few years back, 99 year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch, fittingly dubbed “the world’s oldest yoga teacher,” spoke at NYC’s Core Club where she was interviewed by Women’s Entrepreneurship Day founder Wendy Davis about her secrets to staying in the zen zone, including her surprisingly “simple” keys to achieving daily happiness, mindfulness, and peace. Here are some words of wisdom from the tinystatured, wonderfully enchanting, long-time yogi who undeniably radiates peace, love, empathy,

and true, unadulterated happiness. Instead of sitting crossed-leg in silence, tirelessly trying to detox your mind of the incessant clutter and failing miserably while doing so, Porchon-Lynch offers this alternative, more effective approaches to achieving your zen: 1. Don’t Dwell on What “Might” Happen Shift your focus to all the great things that CAN happen each day. Every day is a new opportunity. Not-so-great stuff is going to happen regardless. That’s just, well, life. It doesn’t mean you need to let the crappy stuff take up space in your head rent-free. Imagine all the amazing, life-changing things you can be rewarded with every single day. It’s totally possible. Observing WWII fighter pilots live fearlessly influenced Porchon-Lynch’s positive, life-affirming perspective. 57

2. Don’t be Judgmental You never know where someone has come from, what they’re going through, or where they’re headed. It’s easy to cast your eyes downward on someone’s socioeconomic status without knowing all the facts. You can learn a lot – from anyone. She regales with an


| JULY 2019

unforgettable story her uncle once told her about a farmer who was unable to read or write. “He may not know how to read, but he knows more about the earth than you do.” Great point! Everyone has a purpose. Listen and learn.

3. Begin Each Day with Bold Bliss Wake up each morning with a sincere smile on your face. (Okay, okay, but first, a frothy cup of cappuccino!) It may take practice in the beginning, but stay vigilant. Eventually, you won’t have to remind yourself. It’ll just be. Take that, #motivationalmonday!


The Biggest, Best, & Brightest in Beauty 2 01 9 E D I T I O N

From hair, skin, nails, and next-level make-up, here are the lucky ones that made the list. Every year, a new crop of beauty must-have’s and obsession-worthy essentials

breaks out on the industry scene promising to perfect, protect, prettify, plump, firm, fill, sculpt, and smooth. Some trends come and go, while others prove they’re worthy of the long-haul, forever revolutionizing our demanding routines and exceeding our wildest expectations. From beauty editors, bloggers, industry insiders, and self-professed beauty buffs, here is a complete compilation of game-changing trends, buzz-worthy breakthroughs, and top product picks that’ll sure to keep you scrolling through your social feeds way past bedtime. GLOSSY MAKE-UP We’re talking liquid-like lids, lips, and cheeks! Get the glassy, glistening look that was pervasive all over the runways of last year’s fashion shows by dabbing any clear lip gloss or eye gloss over lids, lips, and tops of cheekbones.

DIP POWDER NAILS Available in the salon for years, dip powder nails have recently been becoming more requested. A cross between a regular mani and a fake nail, dip powder nails have been fittingly dubbed “diet acrylics” by celebrity manicurist Erica Marton. They boast longer stay-put power than gel manicures with an easier removal process. We’ll high-five to that! 64

| JULY 2019

FRINGE BENEFITS Baby bangs are back – BIG! The ultrachopped, forehead-framing fringes promise wow-worthy payoff if you can pull it off. And, that, ladies, is the long — and the short — of it.

LASH LIFTS While lash extensions have been trending for a few years now, it’s now time to take your natural lashes to the next level with lush lift-off, or “perming” done by a licensed esthetician. Your curled, doll-like lashes are expected to last a few weeks before another curling session is needed.

WITCH HAZEL We’re going old-school with this tried-and-true toner and pore tightener that also purifies, softens, soothes, and cools complexion. Welcome back this skin-perfecting solution to your medicine cabinet – and make-up bag. Newer formulations also come in spray form for invigorating, revitalizing spritzes throughout the day.

LIP SERVICE Bright, bold pouts never seem to be out-of-season, but women have been particularly gravitating to a statement-making red for their everyday hue. Strike the perfect beauty balance by keeping the rest of your make-up minimal.


LAVENDER/LILAC LOCKS While the once-omnipresent unicorn trend has (thankfully) reached a saturation point, lavender and lilac locks are up a hair-raising 1,077% on Pinterest alone. If you’re lusting after the pastel-pigmented locks, try a smoky, smoldering shade of lilac for a more subtle, yet elevated edge.

MINIMALISTIC MAKE-UP Still haven’t mastered the tricky smoky eye or celeb-coveted contour? No time to “bake” your undereye concealer all in a modest and hopeful attempt to conquer your unsightly undereye woes? No worries. This year, make-up is all about the “less is more” approach. So, alas, you can step away from the sponge and embrace your natural, born-with-it beauty. “Minimum effort, maximum impact. Not the painstaking, laborious umpteen layers of shadow we’ve come so accustomed to seeing on Instagram,” touts pro-makeup artist Hannah Martin. GET-GORGEOUS GADGETRY From hand-held light therapy devices to facial steamers to derma rollers, the beauty tech industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Next, you’ll see the launch of “smart tools” that track the efficacy of products and regimens, while providing real-time analysis and skin solutions – all from your smartphone. Yes, there’s an app for that.

SKIN-HEALING FUSIONS As more scientifically-advanced, innovative skincare emerges, formulations are seeking to “correct” instead of “cover-up” our most pressing complexion concerns.


| JULY 2019

AMPOULES AND CAPSULES Another skincare secret and a by-product of our Seoul sisters of the Far East, ampoules are individually-packaged (and often fully biodegradable) vials containing a power-packed punch of nutrients and active ingredients for the skin. The advantage of ampoules and capsule-form packaging ensures the highest potency and freshness of the product. Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden have already followed suit, so expect to see your favorite formulas arrive in an ampoule form to deliver air-tight freshness at your fingertips. LABEL OF LOVE It’s what’s on the inside that really counts, right? In an effort to further increase awareness about the science, safety, and efficacy behind popular ingredients used in the most sought-after skincare formulations, label transparency will continue to be encouraged, according to the industry’s “skinintellectuals.”

THE CONVERGENCE OF HEALTH AND BEAUTY 2018 proved to be the year of wellness-driven beauty launches and blurring the boundaries between health and beauty are sure to continue into 2019 as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that inner, mental balance and energies have on their external appearances. From ancient Ayurvedic-inspired beauty to “healing” water to collagen-infused nutritional beauty bars, expect to see more handcrafted, holistic offerings that focus on achieving mental balance and emotional well-being. STREAMLINED SKINCARE The rigorous 10-step Korean beauty routine is, admittedly, an exhausting one. So, this year, be prepared for a plethora of hybrid, multi-tasking products that contain high levels of active ingredients, while addressing multiple concerns to streamline your time at the sink. Hydrate and tone in one. Mask and moisturize in another. Think “skip care” - more highly-concentrated products with even more active ingredients. 67

Wellness Trends

2 01 9 E D I T I O N

The wellness warriors and health heroes at Vogue have judiciously compiled the seven emerging health and wellness trends that will sure to kickstart all your New Year’s resolutions for sound mind, body, and soul – all with a holistic and harmonious approach to achieving your healthiest YOU yet.

Check out these new, innovative health trends that just may be worth the hype: IV BOOSTERS Get hooked up – and healthy – with a supercharged boost of revitalizing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants through a safe, fast intravenous shot. These “drips” provide a week’s worth of vitamins in a single, IV dosage and are all the rage amongst medispas and wellness centers. From fighting fatigue to curing a hangover to getting biotin and antioxidantinfused beauty blend to building muscle mass, these “cocktail of nutrient” infusions are your best shot to realizing your health resolutions while supporting your immunity system and putting a pep in your step. According to New Yorkbased integrative medicine specialist and creator of celeb-obsessed Cleanse program Dr. Frank Lipman, IV treatments have been used for over 20 years. Who knew?

CBD CBD, scientifically referred to as cannabidiol, is making major breakthroughs in both the beauty and wellness industries, garnering attention from the most dedicated wellness purveyors. Most recently found in body balms and oils, including oral supplements, CBD focuses on alleviating anxiety, reducing stress, and providing anti-inflammatory properties throughout the body – all without the adverse “stoner” side-effect. “It is clear stress and anxiety are pervasive in our culture and often precursors to other ailments…It’s about balancing, leveling, and smoothing sensation in the body,” according to Gabe Kennedy, founder of U. S. -based Plant People. 72

| JULY 2019

ONE-STOP-SHOP WELLNESS HOT SPOTS Popping up all over NYC and other metro cities worldwide, these boutique-like health and wellness centers provide an all-in-one stop for holistic services, such as acupuncture, yoga, and individual consultations. Get personal, prescribed plans that uniquely combine both Western medicine and ancient, Eastern healing practices and address a multitude of health challenges – with every practitioner in one place. One can have access to hormonal experts, Pilates instructors, and even Instagram-famous Buddha bowls!

MESONUTRIENTS While counting macronutrients (fat, carb, and protein intake) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) have been fads for a few years amongst fitness bloggers and social media stars, the next thing you’re sure to be counting will be mesonutrients. Mesonutrients focus on the compounds of active ingredients found in foods, herbs, teas, and other provisions. For example, curcumin is the super-compound found in the trending turmeric spice, responsible for its yellowish hue and its bevy of body and beauty benefits.

AT-HOME PERSONAL TRAINERS A company called Mirror is currently breaking ground in the fitness space by developing a steelframed “mirror” that live-streams fitness classes and daily, motivational mantras. CEO and founder Brynn Putnam told Business Insider, “Studio classes are great for high-quality, hands-on training, but are often draining on time and budget. We’re creating a personalized experience with the best trainers and classes around the world, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of a workout – whenever and wherever they want.” It’s taking #MotivationalMondays to a whole new level. 73

CRYSTALS Moving into the metaphysical realm, crystals have been making a plethora of appearances in the social feeds of beauty bloggers over the past year with facial rollers that promise to de-puff, plump, pamper, and prettify – all before your first morning mug of macchiato. Now, skincare companies are ingeniously blending semi-precious stones into their proprietary formulations to help balance internal energy and heal the skin from within. A fave of make-up mogul Charlotte Tilbury, rose quartz, amethyst, and malachite-infused skincare synergizes with the formulas’ active ingredients to target aging while boosting self-esteem. Beauty with benefits? We’ll roll with it!

NO-STRESS SWEAT SESHES HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions leaving you more stressed and depleted than before you hit the mat? You’re not alone. Studies have shown that while HIIT workouts release feel-good endorphins and belly-busting results, they also release the stress hormone cortisol, which jumpstarts the body’s innate flight or fight response. This vicious cycle can undo the positive, body-benefitting effects of your sweat session. So, innovative training tools, such as OmegaWave worn around the torso while working out to analyze exact physiological state and Oura Ring worn around your finger to monitor sleep, both provide feedback and analysis to help tailor your training to meet your specific, most optimal physiological needs. You’ll find not every trip to the gym needs to be all-out heart-pounding. Some days, low-to-moderate intensity exercises like Pilates, Barre, or Yoga will do the trick and still help you reach your fitness goals. 74

| JULY 2019


Officially Launches In The OC Amid Cupcakes, RosĂŠ, and Diamonds A late-spring shindig in Newport Beach, CA was the Saturday night hot spot for the official kickoff to female-inspired GoGirl Worldwide Magazine.

A GoGirl’s Dream Comes True! An atmospheric space bursting with bubbly, balloons, and beautiful people dressed-to-impress was the traffic-stopping scene at Winston Crown Jewelers’ exclusive Newport Beach location along scenic Pacific Coast Highway. Those attending the black-tie affair converged to celebrate the highly anticipated launch of social media sensation and reality television star Jennifer Murphy’s latest female-centric, digital destination. Attendees enjoyed a colorful, entertaining night of champagne, cocktails, a pink carpet, a bevy of bubblegum-colored

cupcakes embellished with edible pearls, courtesy of Casey’s Cupcakes, a full bar, deejay, dancing, and take-home swag that included exclusive gifts from sponsors, such as Pedego Electric Bikes, F.A. O. Schwartz, GoGirl Beauty, Babe Rose, Sushi Roku (Newport Beach), Sharper Image, the Gluten-free Goddess Bakery, and Hips Sister Waistbands, and Helix Vodka.

Entrepreneur extraordinaire, award-winning business woman, and original GoGirl, Jennifer Murphy, emerged impeccably donned in a cascading, chiffon blue number, perfectly paired with hot pink heels and her signature baby-pink pout. “The Apprentice” contestant and former Miss Oregon teamed with co-partner Viral Video Media to conduct interviews on the Pink Carpet with her talented GoGirl team and sponsors, including partner and publisher Rachel Medina and investor Mike Roberts. Guests noshed on endless trays of sushi, hummus, seared ahi tuna, spicy chicken, and grilled beef, sipped on cans of Babe Rose, mingled with the industry’s most reputable movers-andshakers, and posed for pics on the one-andonly GoGirl Pink Carpet. Halfway through the on-brand bash, Murphy and her GoGirl gang proudly performed a live-action countdown to the digital magazine’s official launch, followed by decadent dessert, dancing, and dazzling displays of diamonds. A GoGirl’s dream comes true. About GoGirl Worldwide Magazine The brainchild of beauty queen-turned-brand queen, Jennifer Murphy, GoGirl Worldwide Magazine is the latest entity of the female-forward GoGirl Worldwide enterprise. A free monthly digital publication, GoGirl Worldwide Magazine covers hot button issues, while featuring the most talked-about stories in dating, business, politics, fashion, fitness, philanthropy, beauty, and more. GoGirl Worldwide Magazine is the feminine embodiment of positivity, empowerment, purpose, and paying-it-forward, while paying homage to the world’s most inspiring, motivational, and entrepreneurial women. GoGirl Worldwide serves to empower, enrich, and elevate young girls and women everywhere through digital magazines, live events, socially conscious content, and more. Join the movement at GoGirlMgz.com/subscribe.

Contact: Rachel Medina / Publisher Email: rachel@gogirlmgz.com Phone: 877-334-7972 ext 700 | JULY 2019 80 Web: GoGirlMgz.com | Social: @GoGirl_Mgz #GoGirl