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THINK-MISSIONVISION-DO Tea Vujnovac, Martina Đuras, Vida Vertuš, Dora Kolar AISEC Project, Elementary Schools, 2014. Varaždin, Croatia

The Meaning Behind the Logo and the Name ď ˝

The left side of the logo represents the current situation and the right how it will be

Think- thinking about solutions Mission- accomplish them Vision- see it in the future Do- make it happen Also, the first letters reprisent us (Tea, Martina,Vida, Dora)

The Problem 

As the world is advancing in technology, many people replace their old computers or other technology equipment with new, more modern one

Although some parts are still functional, people are throwing all the parts out, functional or unfunctional

This results in massive landfills and causes big environmental pollutions

The Solution of the Problem 

 

The idea is to make various objects or decorations out of old, used computers This can be also done with old TV monitors and other parts of it The parts that are still functional (The inner parts) we would sell to make profit for the needed material to do these objects or decorations

This is how it looks: A terrarium for all kind of creatures

A cute lamps for kids

... Or a cheap and simple aquarium

Our Mission   

Changing the modern world as we know it The usage of computers is increasing, but what about their disposal? We will make sure that used and old technology gets disposed properly (even if it is still functional)

Our Vision ď ˝

ď ˝

When the project reaches its goal, we will start making projects including other used electronic devices as the technology starts to modernize The vision is to make sure that our planet gets a lot less polution, starting with just computers

Opening New Jobs One of the biggest problems here in Croatia is the high unemployment rate, with this project we are going to open a lot of jobs, for example, jobs for the people who will sell the products, the ones who will make them, electricians, designers and many others... ď ˝ In the beginning the workers will be volunteers and environmentally responsible people ď ˝

Locations ď ˝

ď ˝

Starting with the local area and then expanding it on the other parts of the country When the project gets successful we will expand it to the whole of Europe and then even overseas

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