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21. INDRA’S GREEN WORLD IN RIG VEDA: Sukta 3.30.2: --- Indra. Chhanda Trishtup.

“Indra arrives on green horses” [because all kinds of radiations including far U.V. radiations in Antariksh (because of Trishtup Chhand) act as filters and mirroring living horse in Antariksh.Horses are the “Intelligent Design” called Trilok (where head represents the Surya/sun, the body represents Antariksh and feet represents the feet)]. When Agni shines on ignition. Pashaan /core of the Surya/Sun is held in the hands to crush green Soma [cosmic Background radiations]” Given below Sukta 3.44. The green color corresponds color of the comets.The green color is attributed is attributed to the cynogens and diatomic carbon (in Antariksh.) ********* The comet Lulin also known as “Green Comet”/Pashaan streaked past our Earth within 38 million miles- 160 times further than the Moon- of the Earth. The comet gains green color from poisonous cyanogens and diatomic carbon (end product of a green tree as on our Earth projected in Antariksh) present in the atmosphere ******* Below, we can see the whole star at the time of the prominence, in the extreme ultraviolet part of the  spectrum.  Reds  map  to  relatively  cool  temperatures  of  around  100,000  degrees  Fahrenheit  (60,000  kelvins), while blues and greens represent hotter regions of more than 1.8 million degrees Fahrenheit  (1,000,000 kelvins).

SDO sees the Sun's whole disc but can then zoom in to view fine detail

Sukta 1.103: ---.


Chhand: Trishtup.

1) “The famous form of Indra as Surya/sun is situated in Aakash. The Agni form of Agni is adopted by by Rishies for Yagna. Both these forms appear as flags. 2)“Indra expanded the Prathivi and drinks Soma to expand his stomach (Antariksh)”and caused rains by destroying Vratra/clouds/Event Horizon

Hence like Surya, Indra and his horses look green when observed through the filters. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sun Gets in the Loop Image courtesy NASA A huge loop of material shooting up from the sun's surface in March was one of the first events witnessed by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Known as a prominence eruption, the loop was born from a relatively cold cloud of plasma, or charged gas, tenuously tethered to the sun's surface by magnetic forces. Such clouds can erupt dramatically when they break free of the sun's unstable hold This glittering turquoise image reveals our sun in a dramatic and utterly unexpected way. Taken by the newly launched NASA probe, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the photograph shows superheated material swirling across the sun's surface in unprecedented detail. At the top left of the image there is a solar prominence, a huge loop of plasma, that is being blasted into space. Scientists estimate its temperature at around 60,000 celsius. This is relatively cool, it transpires. The rest of the sun's surface depicted here, which has been given false coloring in blues and greens, is made up of plasma that is around one million degrees celsius.

Scientists unlock the secrets of exploding plasma clouds on the sun November 8, 2010

Enlarge An erupting "prominence" is observed using photons at wavelength 304 Ĺ. A prominence typically outlines the trailing part of a larger CME flux rope structure. The striated plasma filaments are organized by magnetic fields into strands of a "rope." In this snapshot, the apex is at about 300,000 km above the solar surface, a distance equal to about 24 Earths placed side by side. Image obtained at 07:19 UT, Sept. 14, 1999, by the EIT instrument on the SOHO spacecraft. Both SOHO and STEREO are cooperative missions between the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA. Credit: European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA

[Surya in the womb of darkness bears the entire weight of the universe at Creation.[1.152.3] The elaborate path of Surya is tied up like a rope of rules. The place Mitra Varuna and Aryma and Varuna are extremely bright.] The striated plasma filaments organized by magnetic fields into strands of "ropes" of lines erupt from the Sun and tangle with the Earth's magnetic field. [The following Sukta [R.V. 6.75; 8.72] is relevant for the CME flux rope structure and strings: Sukta 6.75:---- Varma, Dhanu, Saarathi, Rath Prabhrati. Chhand: Trishtup, Jagati, Anushtup, Ushnik, Panti. 1) “At the time of wars, when the king wears best quality of Kavach/armor, he looks like a cloud. The king is expected to win the battle without involving himself in killing. Majestic armor itself is his protector. 2) “He wick acquire the cows because of the effect of the Dhanush/bow. The desire of the enemies (opposing forces/darkness) will be repelled. We will remove the enemies situated in all directions with the help of this bow. 3) “In the battle, the Pratyancha/string produces sweet words when it reaches the ears and along with the arrows it produces sound. 4) “The Kotiyan/ends of the bow protects the king like the Dwara-putra protects the mother at the time of assault and destroys the enemies. 5) “The Tunir/quiver/sheath for keeping the arrows is like a father of the arrows that are like the sons. When the arrow comes out of the quiver, it produces sound and wins the entire army. 6) “The expert charioteer drives the horses yoked in the front of the chariot as per his will. The ropes (the striated plasma filaments organized by magnetic fields into strands of "ropes" of lines

erupt from the Sun) reaching the neck of the horses move forward and backwards. The glory of the ropes needs to be appreciated. 7) “The horses racing speedily with the chariot produce sound of the flying dust. And crush the enemies without going backwards. 8) “Just as the offerings made to Agni helps it to grow, the chariot carrying the wealth bring glory for the king. Let us move towards the chariot carrying the weapons with joy. 9) “The protectors of the chariot destroy the Anna/food of their enemies and distribute Anna/food it to their people because their help in taken for winning the enemies at times of distress. 10) “The Brahmanas and Pitars are requested to protect us. May the Aakash and Prathivi be favorable to us and Pusha save us from committing any sin. 11) “The tooth of the beautiful arrow with wings is the horns (Agni/thermal energy) of the deer (corona). The string is tightened with gut. The arrow falls when dispatched reached the target. The arrow provides us safe place when the leaders move around. 12) “The arrow is requested to make our body sturdy like Paashan/rock/core of Surya/sun. Soma should take our side and Aditi (the mother of the Devatas) give us prosperity. 13) “O Chabuka/whip/coronal flares! The charioteer drives the horsed in Antariksh of Surya/sun. You take the horses to the battlefield. 14) “Avoiding the bounce of the Pratyancha/the string of the bow and the hands moves towards the sides of the body like a serpent. 15) The arrow that is poisonous, magnetic like iron and murderous mouth is born from Parjanya/magnetic clouds (storehouse of waters for rain). 16) “The sharp arrows should be solemnized by Mantra/hymn are clever and fall on the enemies with disastrous effect leaving no one alive. 17) “May the Devata Brahmanspati/Ganesh and Devi Aditi give happiness in that battle where the arrows fall. 18) “O King! I cover your delicate parts by the Kavacha/armor. Soma envelops you with Amrit/elixir for immortality. The Devatas rejoice in his victory. 19) “The relatives who are angry like Rudra wish to kill us may be killed. This Mantra/hymn itself is like a Kavacha/armor.] ************ Sukta 8.72: --Anirhveeti. Chhand: Gaayatri.

1) “ Hey Adhvaryu (priest who recites Mantras in Yagna)! You bring Agni/ thermal energy associated with material offered as Havi in Yagna and reveal it. Adhvaryu knows how the Havi is offered in Yagna. 2) “Yajamaan is a friend of Agni because he sits near the Agni that exhibits has sharp flares. 3) “Adhvaryu establishes Agni in front for proving the desires of Yajamaan and accepts Agni by praising it. 4) “Agni that gives Anna/particulate plasma flows over all. They transgress Antariksh and kill the clouds. The also sit on Jal/waters/plasma. 5) “Agni is brilliant/transparent and active like a child. They do not invite animosity. When praised they desire to come near. 6) “ Agni /thermal energy as in solar flares is a rope (the striated plasma filaments organized by magnetic fields into strands of "ropes" of lines erupt from the Sun) that is a in glorious chariot having a horse. Seven Ritwaja on the banks of River Sindhu milk the resources and out of them two Prasthata accept the other five. Indra worshipped with the ten fingers /solar loop by Yajamaan caused rains of Jal/waters from the clouds by three rays. 9) “Agni moving fast with Shikha/flames having three colors moves in Yagna. Adhvaryu worship it with honey. 10) “ Adhvaryu leaning forward sprinkle this indestructible Agni that is associated with light and associated with a Chakra/wheel (of time).” ----************ PREMORDIAL GALAXIEES AND RIVERS NASA’s STEREO (Ahead) spacecraft watched as an eruptive prominence rose up and arched out in a horseshoe shape far above the Sun’s surface (Aug. 25, 2010). The image and movie show the action in an extreme UV wavelength as an eruptive prominence churns, then rises up, arches out, and finally breaks apart and dissipates above the solar surface. Prominences are clouds of relatively cool gases suspended in the Sun's hot corona by magnetic fields that sometimes break loose to create these dramatic eruptions. The video clip covers about 30 hours of activity. This is one of the largest eruptive prominences we have seen in several years.

A magnetic filament erupts on April 19th. The black "hair-like object" is a speck of dust on the CCD camera. Credit: SDO/AIA. 25 MB Quicktime movies: zoomed in or full disk.

Sukta 3.44: --Indra. Chhand: Brahati. 1) “ Hey Indra! This Soma (cosmic Background Radiations) has proved to be refined by Paashaan/rock/core of Surya (sun in Antariksh of Trilok in the “Intelligent Design”. This increases the power of Rati/virility/friction and magnifies Soma for your sake. You ride and come before me on the chariot yoked by your horses. 2) “Hey Indra! You being desirous of Soma illuminate the Surya. Hey Indra associated with horses! You are brilliant and give us fruitful desires and increase our Dhana/wealth of positive particles (protons plus). 3) “ Indra envelopes Surya Loka with its green rays and Prathivi/ core of Surya rendered green colored by Aushadhis/medicines. In the center of green Aakash Prathivi (in Antariksh) collects the feed for his horses and moves about in the center of this Aakash Prathivi 4) “The giver of the fruitful results Indra illuminates all the Lokas soon after his birth. Indra having green horses holds green weapons and lifts the thunderbolt that is capable of destroying the enemies. 5) “ Hey Indra! This Soma (C.B.R.) refined by Paashan /Core of the Surya/sun and mixed with milk/white plasma and other ingredients. He took the horses and took out the cows stolen by the Panis.” ****** Sukta 6.29.6:---“--The nose of Indra is green [Indra. Chhand: Trishtup] Sukta 10.96:---


Chhand: Trishtup.

1) “Hey Indra! You are the destroyer of the enemies. In this great Yagna I (Rishi Sarva Harishchandra) have given the hymns of praise for your two horses. Hey Indra! I request you to cause the best rains like Grata/clarifies butter when you are joyous. You come on your green horses. Let my eulogies reach you. 2) “ Hey eulogizers! You have inspired Indra for your Yagna and brought his two horses here. Hence praise the power of Indra along with his horses. Just as the cows get the satisfaction after delivering the milk, in the same way you satisfy Indra while looking at the green and sweet Soma. 3) “Indra grasps with both his hands the green Vajru/thunderbolt that destroyes enemies. Indra has majestic chin and filled with intense anger strikes his enemies with his weapon. We sprinkle this Indra with green and sweet Soma.

4) “The Vajra/(lightening of the) thunderbolt having radiant Tej/radiant energy fills all the places like Surya that illuminates all directions with light. Indra with majestic chin obtained undescribable Shaki/powers from this Vajra/thunderbolt after drinking Soma. 5) “Hey Indra! Your hair are green in color. You came for Yagna when the ancient Rishis eulogized you. Hey Indra ! Your weapons are uncomparable because it is the best and praiseworthy in all ways. 6) “Indra holding the Vajra/thunderbolt is worthy of being praised.When he is on the move with exileration inspired by Soma at that time his chariot with best horses get yolked for carrying him.In the Yagnas for Indra, Soma is extracted many times. 7) “Soma flows abundantly in accordance with the desire of Indra.The same Soma Rasa inspires the horses of Indra for going to the Yagna. The chariot that halts in this Soma Yaga is the same that was driven by the green horses for carrying Soma Rasa in the battle field. 8) “The mustach and beard of Indra is green. His body is strong like iron. He makes his body extensive soon after drinking Soma hastily. Yagna is his wealth.His green horses take him to the place of Yagna. He rides the both the horses to remove all the calamities befalling the Yajamaan. 9) “Two eyes of Indra which are brilliant like Sruva are engaged in the performance of Yagna. When he takes Anna/particulate food, both of his jaws shake. The Soma Rasa is kept in Chamasa/wooden laddle. He drinks this Soma Rasa and encourages his two horses. 10) “ Indra remains on Aakash Prathivi He rides the chariot yoked with horse and reaches the battle field speedily.He I praised with the best eulogies. Indra delivers the food abundantly with his powers. 11) “Hey Indra! You complete the Aakash Prathivi with his magnanimity. Every time fresh hymns are offered to you. Create the best cowshed of the cows near Surya who evaporates the waters/plasma in [Antariksh = Trishtup Chhand= ocean (R.V. 10.98.5)]. 12) “ Hey Indra! Your chin is bright.Your horses yoked to the chariot bring you in our Yagna. Then you drink the Soma Rasa that has been extracted and purified with the help of ten fingers. Drink this Soma which is the wealth of this Yagna as your desired one in the battle. 13) “Hey Indra! You drank the Soma extracted in the first Savan (morning). The Soma extracted in the second Savan (noon) if also for your favour. Taste and drench you throat with the sweet Soma Rasa.” ********* The chariot of Indra is made from light. [R.V. 10.44.2] Indra is the creator of the universe.[R.V. 10.144.1]


. Solar Horns Image courtesy . NASAThe Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the full evolution of the March prominence eruption, from its explosive growth to its apparent retraction back into the sun. Above, an image shows the eruption dying down, breaking the loop into a set of "horns."

Or Mustaches! It depends on the angle of vision and imagination [Indra arrives on green horse (10.96.1) where the head of the horse represents the Surya/Sun, his body represents Antariksh and the legs rest on Prathivi (in Trilok of Vishnu that is the “Intelligent Design”. Indra hold a green thunderbolt. He is given a shower of green Soma/Cosmic Background Radiations (R.V. 10.96.3). Green mustache, green hair (R.V. 10.96.5) and green beard of Indra: (R.V. 10.96.8). Further according to Sukta 3.44.3“ Indra envelopes Surya Loka with its green rays and Prathivi/ core of Surya/Sun rendered green colored by Aushadhis/medicines. In the center of green Aakash Prathivi (in Antariksh/space) collects the feed for his horses and moves about in the center of this Aakash Prathivi. And 4) “The giver of the fruitful results Indra illuminates all the Lokas soon after his birth. Indra having green horses holds green weapons and lifts the thunderbolt that is capable of destroying the enemies”.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ And how about the green nose of Indra in the form of a loop arching out like a horse shoe in Antariksh/ space? (R.V. 6.29.6). Detailed Suktas given separately for solar horns. Check in Horns of Bulls/thermal energy Agni and Cows given separately.

Launched on 11 February on an Atlas rocket from Cape Canaveral, the Observatory is the most advanced spacecraft ever designed to study the sun and will operate for the next five years, leading to a new understanding of the role that the sun plays in earth's atmospheric chemistry and climate, say space scientists Compared with the billions of other stars in the universe, the sun is unremarkable. But for Earth and the other planets that revolve around it, the sun is a powerful center of attention. It holds the solar system together; pours life-giving light, heat, and energy on Earth; and generates space weather. The sun is a big star. At about 864,000 miles (1.4 million kilometers) wide, it could hold 109 planet Earths across its surface. If the sun were a hollow ball, more than a million Earths could stuff inside it. But the sun isn't hollow. It's filled with scorching hot gases that account for more than 99.8 percent of the total mass in the solar system. How hot? The temperature is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit (5,500 degrees Celsius) on the surface and more than 28 million degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 million Celsius) at the core. Deep in the sun's core, nuclear fusion reactions convert hydrogen to helium, which generates energy. Particles of light called photons carry this energy through the sun's spherical shell, called the radiative zone, to the top layer of the solar interior, the convection zone. There, boiling motions of gases (like in a lava lamp) transfer the energy to the surface. This journey takes more than a million years. The sun's surface, or atmosphere, is divided into three regions: the photosphere, the chromosphere, and the solar corona. The photosphere is the visible surface of the sun and the lowest layer of the atmosphere. Just above the photosphere are the chromosphere and the corona, which also emit visible light but are only seen during a solar eclipse, when the moon passes between the Earth and sun. Solar Wind and Flares In addition to light, the sun radiates heat and a steady stream of charged particles known as the solar wind. The wind blows about 280 miles (450 kilometers) a second throughout the solar system. Every so often, a patch of particles will burst from the sun in a solar flare, which can disrupt satellite communications and knock out power on Earth. Flares usually stem from the activity of sunspots, cool regions of the photosphere related to a shifting magnetic field inside the sun. Like many energy sources, the sun is not forever. It is already about 4.5 billion years old and has used up nearly half of the hydrogen in its core. The sun will continue to burn through the hydrogen for another five billion years or so, and then helium will become its primary fuel. The sun will expand to about a hundred times its current size, swallowing Earth and other planets. It will burn as a red giant for another billion years and then collapse into a white dwarf about the size of planet Earth. This is prominence finery at its best," says photographer Pete Lawrence of Selsey, UK. "Small bright points within the prominence that were seen on the capture screen have been recorded as blurs due to the rapid motion of material in just a few seconds!" Prominences are clouds of hydrogen held above the surface of the sun by magnetic fields. While this particular cloud appears to be raining like a summer shower on Earth, the true situation is more complicated. Look carefully: Some of the plasma raindrops are falling "up." That's because the motions are controlled by not only gravity but also magnetism, a force of little importance in terrestrial rainstorms.

The solar magnetic field is rooted below the sun's visible surface; roiling motions in the body of the sun itself cause magnetic fields high overhead to shift, wriggle, and "rain" in all directions. No wonder prominences are so much fun to watch.

This is the rivers of plasma emerging from Surya/sun



The green color corresponds color of the comets.The green color is attributed is attributed to the cynogens and diatomic carbon (in Antariks...