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ndela Way Some 100 members of staff who would have been sent to other depots on the closure of Mandela Way can now remain in the garage. “I’m very, very pleased. It is very good news for the company,” added Colin.

Staff at Mandela Way celebrate the good news.

Helping to keep London on the move

COUNTLESS Go-Ahead London employees went above and beyond the call of duty during the week of civil unrest during August. On the night of August 9 and on subsequent nights, the capital was hit by rioting and looting, which spread throughout the country. Go-Ahead London staff showed the highest levels of bravery and professionalism and the majority of bus services remained in operation despite the troubles. The main priority for the company was the safety of its drivers and passengers and many people worked extra hours and performed acts of heroism to ensure this. Just a few to be commended are Camberwell driver Kevin Salter, who was injured after his bus came under attack and a corner of a flagstone smashed his window and hit him in the face. After being treated in hospital, he offered to continue with his duty. Bexleyheath driver Colin Bruce got all his passengers to safety after his bus was attacked by youths wielding hammers and other weapons.

Ayse is relishing her new role AYSE Hodgkinson has joined Go-Ahead London as the new service operations manager. Ayse said: “It’s great to be here. Everyone has been so welcoming. I am enjoying getting stuck into the job and excited about the opportunities ahead.” Ayse previously worked as business liaison manager for Transport for London where she was instrumental in the development of the electronic mileage system – MTV as well as iBus.

Ayse joined Go-Ahead London on August 1 and reports directly to Gill Tynan general manager for service performance. Gill said: “Ayse has a wealth of transport experience as well as a real grasp on how technology can improve our performance. I am delighted to welcome her to our team. “Initially, Ayse will be reviewing the company’s use of technology to ensure that it is at the forefront of service delivery Ayse Hodgkinson. to passengers.”

Correct iBus login is vitally important IBUS iBus data is extremely important in measuring the performance of a bus route, which is why it is vital that the driver’s iBus MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) is logged in correctly.  Data collected from iBus is now being used to verify what mileage has been operated and as a collection method for QSI observations.  If drivers do not log on to the iBus system correctly then vehicle data will not be collected or maybe collected incorrectly.  To ensure that the iBus data is correct and that a bus is recorded as operated drivers must ensure that at the start of a trip, after they have logged their RTM/MDT in correctly, they must open and close the bus doors at the start of

each trip. If this process is not followed the bus data will be missing and it will impact on the results of the route. There have been instances where there is a problem with the link between the ticket machine and MDT and login has failed. If this happens drivers must log into the MDT mobile data terminal manually and should always check their mobile data terminal before the start of any trip. If unsure of how to login manually, drivers should refer to the iBus quick reference guide or alternatively ask at the garage for instructions.  Manual logins must always be reported to the appropriate iBus controller as well.

Tender news

from across London

• First London West has won the contract to operate Route 206. The company will take over the route from Metroline on April 28, 2012. New single deck buses (10 PVR) will run from Kilburn Park Station to St. Raphael’s. • First London West will take over the running of Route 266 (Brent Cross – Hammersmith) from Metroline on May 19, 2012. New double deck buses (25 PVR) will run on the service. • Quality Line is gaining Route 465 from Metrobus from June 30, 2012. The service runs between Kingston and Dorking. New buses will run on this service (6 PVR). • From April 28, 2012 Abellio will take over the running of Route C2 from Metroline. This route goes from Victoria to Parliament Hill Fields and will use new double deck buses (18 PVR). • Abellio has also won a contract from Metrobus to take over the running of Route T33 (West Croydon – Addington Village) from May 19, 2012. New single deck buses (10 PVR) will run on the service. • Quality Line has also gained Route X26, running from East Croydon to Heathrow Airport, from Metrobus. The company will take over the route from April 14, 2012. New single deck buses (9 PVR) will run on the service. • Metroline has lost the contract for Route 70 to First London West. The contract changes hands on 23 June, 2012 and runs between South Kensington and Acton. • Route 120 (Hounslow – Northolt) has been retained by London United who will use a mix of 16 new and existing double decks for the new contract which starts on June 23, 2012. • Route 211 (Waterloo – Hammersmith) has been retained by Abellio, which will introduce a mix of 19 new diesel and hybrid buses on the route from June 30, 2012. • School route 613, which runs in the Sutton area, has been retained by London United for five years from July 28, 2012 using an existing double deck bus. BusTalk l October 2011


BUS TALK 12 October 2011  


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