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8 ha plot for residential building at 10 Euro/m2

Poland - Silesia - Municipality of Psary



Municipality of Psary


Municipality of Psary


Katowice 86

S1 A4



Silesian Voivodeship


1. Ideal location The municipality of Psary is a part of the region considered the best place to invest in Poland. Psary is a green suburb of the UpperSilesian conurbation consisting of 19 cities inhabited by 2.2 million people. Only 20 minutes' drive from Katowice, the voivodeship capital, and 15 minutes to the airport in Pyrzowice. Fast access to A1 and A4 motorways and numerous shopping malls...

2. Human resources Silesia is inhabited by 4.6 million people, including more than 3 million of working-age. The region is so attractive because it offers education of the best quality and numerous job opportunities. Nearly 200 thousand students study at 45 universities and colleges. Silesia has been chosen by world-known companies such as Volkswagen, Fiat, Isuzu, Famur and IBM...

3. Very good investment The municipality of Psary is one of the best places for residential building in the voivodeship. The whole area of the municipality is covered with valid area development plans that ensure residential character of the area and maintain value of property in Psary. Quality of life is much higher than in the city but real estate prices much lower...

IDEAL LOCATION PSARY IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK Not many inhabitants of Poland are able to indicate the exact location of the municipality of Psary. Does this mean that we are at the end of the world? Nothing could be further from the truth. Psary on the map The municipality of Psary is a green suburb of the UpperSilesian conurbation. It's located directly by the dual carriage way no. 86 connecting Katowice and nearby cities with Warszawa (Warsaw) and Gdańsk to the north and the Czech Republic to the south. There are also other important transport routes like the motorways A1, A4 and S1 nearby. Thanks to Psary's central location in the voivodeship and numerous main roads it is very easy to get to the most important places in the region, especially to the cities in the Upper-Silesian conurbation: Gliwice, Zabrze, Katowice, Bytom, Świętochłowice Siemianowice Śląskie, Sosnowiec, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Jaworzno, Czeladź, Mysłowice, Będzin, Tychy, Ruda Śląska, Piekary Śląskie, Chorzów, Mikołów, Tarnowskie Góry and Knurów. All these cities form the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia inhabited by more than 2.2 million people. 20 minutes' drive to the capital of Silesia Good road connections enable residents of Psary to get to work quickly in any city of Silesia. Driving from Psary to the Katowice city centre, the voivodeship capital, takes only 20 minutes. At the same time Psary is close to major shopping centers like M1 in Czeladź (9.6 km), Silesia City Center (21.1 km) and IKEA (16.7 km) in Katowice. Four popular discount stores are also located nearby.

By car or by plane Location of the municipality of Psary also encourages further travels. The international airport “Katowice” in Pyrzowice can be reached by car within 15 minutes. The nearest entry to the A1 motorway that leads south is just by the airport and the motorway A4 is just 20 km away Green and safe Even though the municipality of Psary is situated close to major roads, the vast majority of residential areas is located within a safe distance from them. Along with the surrounding meadows and forests it creates a pleasant green corner, isolated from noise and landscape of industrial areas. Forests, parks and nearby lakes provide high quality of life and enable unrestrained contact with nature. They also lend to stress-free life. It is worth adding that the commune is dominated by single-family houses which perfectly integrate with the agricultural landscape. The commune is surrounded on three sides by lakes and forests. To the east there are Pogoria III and IV lakes with beaches and paths for cycling and in-line skating. This area has well developed recreational infrastructure which gets better every year. To the west from Psary there is Rogoźnik lake and a little farther famous Świerklaniec Lake. To the north you can find Przeczycko-Siewierski lake famous for good sailing conditions. The municipality of Psary is a suburb of the 2.2 million conurbation in the fastest growing part of the country. That is why it is one of the best places for housing and housing related enterprises in the south of Poland. Łódź Warszawa


Pyrzowice Airport

Katowice 86

S1 A4



Bytom Gliwice


20 mi n.



Tarnowskie Góry 78

n. mi 15




Silesian Voivodeship The Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia


Dąbrowa Górnicza

KatowiceA4 Bielsko-Biała Cieszyn


INVESTMENT OFFER FOR HOUSING ENTERPRISES 8HA PLOT OF LAND FOR RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF PSARY 2 AREA: The total area comprises of 3 separate plots of land coded as 1183/7 (29708 m ), 1183/8 2 2 2 (30147 m ), 1183/9 (19728 m ). Total area is: 79583 m (7.9583ha) ADDRESS: Gmina Psary, Malinowice, Słoneczna Street. The area is located just opposite the “Malinowice” estate housing PRICE AND PROCEDURE OF Unrestricted public tender in the form of an auction, 3,175,000.00 PLN + 23% VAT (on average 2 PURCHASE: 39.89 PLN per m ) AREA DEVELOPMENT Residential family housing with services (The municipality of Psary has valid area PLAN SPECIFICATIONS development plans of land use for the whole of its area. Housing is the most popular type of FOR LAND USE: zoning). ACCESS TO BASIC Immediate access to the county road with asphalt surface, Wiejska Street and a gravel county INFRASTRUCTURE: road called Słoneczna Street. Easy access can be obtained to networks sourcing electrical energy, water and gas. At the plot border there is also a 100-meter-deep well supplying water to the whole municipality and a electrical power transformer. It is possible to dispose of sewage at the sewage treatment plant, which is currently in service for the “Malinowice” estate housing located across the street. SURROUNDING AREA: There are many public facilities in the plot surrounding, i.e. a health centre, town hall, bank with ATM machine, post office, supermarket, pharmacy, recreational and sports centre and park. Within the distance of 2 km there is also a pre-secondary school with two sports fields that can be used free of charge. There is another modern sports field just a kilometre away to the north as well as a tennis court and a state of the art playground 2 kilometres to the west. COMMUNICATION: In the neighbourhood there are bus stops connecting Psary with the Upper-Silesian conurbation. DK86 expressway junction is just 1.8 km away. Katowice city centre is around 20 minutes' drive, while getting to the nearest airport in Pyrzowice should take only 15 minutes. The closest motorway entry for A1 is 16 km away, and A4 motorway entry is within 20 km.

WHY IS IT WORTH TO BUY A PLOT IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF PSARY? Is it really possible that such a small and quiet place as Psary is one of the best places for housing enterprises and residential building in the Silesian Voivodeship? Of course it is. And it is not a matter of believing in it – just learn the facts.

View from Brzękowicki Wał of Psary and Będzin

New inhabitants arrive annualy Every year the number of people living in the municipality of Psary increases. There were 10 255 people living here in 2000, and by the end of 2012 the number has grown to approximately 11 500. The small town of Malinowice is a part of the municipality which has enjoyed a great deal of interest from new inhabitants. The modern housing estate located there currently consists of nearly 100 houses. It became especially popular with residents who value quiet atmosphere and close contact with nature. Another large single family housing estate that has been built in recent years can be found in Psary at Kolejowa Street and Irysów Street. Another single family housing zone is rapidly growing in Góra Siewierska. A far-sighted investment When you own a plot of land in Psary, you can be sure it will not lose its value. Your investment's worth as well as the residential character of the neighbourhood are protected by area

development plans which are valid for the whole municipality. Any risk of having an abuzz factory unit being built in the neighbourhood is limited. Furthermore, the local authorities continually improve public infrastructure which translates into higher quality of life in Psary and run advertising campaigns to encourage more people to move into Psar. The prices of building plots in Psary, however, are still much lower than in the surrounding cities, and they are about 100 PLN


INVESTMENT OFFER FOR HOUSING ENTERPRISES 1 km to multifunctional sports field

bus stop

Malinowice Estate

ul. Słoneczna (Słoneczna Street)

Existing residential houses consisting of more than 80 buildings

8ha plot for sale

Ul. W i ejsk a (W i ejsk a Str eet )

transformer station water intake

health centre

supersam and services

park Office of Commune of Psary, bank, post office

sports and recreational centre 1,5 km to multifunctional sports field 2 km to tennis court bus stop bus stop

Source: satellite image ©2013 Cnes/Spot Image, DigitalGlobe, MGGP Aero, map data ©2013 Google

gross per m2 for a plot with access to electricity and water supply system. Best place to live in Psary has got modern schools, culture and recreation centres, libraries and state of the art sports fields. All of these make life there really comfortable. Children go to modern kindergartens and schools, where they are under the supervision of competent and qualified teaching staff. All of the buildings have been recently renovated and equipped with modern facilities. Every school has got its own computer lab and at least 3 interactive boards

increasing interest in settlement - new inhabitants arrive every year: +269 people (2010), +331 (2011) number of administrative permits allowing construction of new houses: 229 (2011) valid area development plans with housing as a major type of zoning still low purchase prices of plots in Psary compared to neighbouring cities support of local authorities which for years has encouraged to settle in Psary

Public Kindergarten in Strzyżowice

with Internet access. Great focus has been paid to sports facilities recently. 6 multifunctional sports fields and 13 playgrounds were created for citizens of Psary. Moreover, in June of 2013 the municipality of Psary won first prize in the Silesian Voivodeship and came seventh in Poland in the sports competition of cities and municipalities in the category of 7.5 to 15 thousand inhabitants. We are also very proud of our cultural offer that comprises of 6 culture and recreation centres, 4 libraries



existing single family estate housing projects DK 86 expressway - connects Katowice with Warszawa and Gdańsk and leads to the Czech Republic

DK 86


DW 913 route no. 913 - is a fast connection to the International „Katowice” Airport in Pyrzowice

Malinowice Estate

ul. Wiejska (Wiejska Street)

ul. Słoneczna (Słoneczna Street)

8ha plot for sale

and public computer labs with free Internet access. Invest in the municipality of Psary

Lake Pogoria III in Dąbrowa Górnicza - only 10 minutes drive from the Psary’s centre

The municipality of Psary offers a great deal of building plots for sale. What we especially recommend to investors is an 8ha plot of land in Malinowice located opposite the well-known “Malinowice” estate single family housing project. It is located in the municipality centre by an asphalt county road, and is in very close proximity of several public institutions and facilities, like: a health care centre, town hall, bank, post office, supermarket, pharmacy, recreational and sport centre, and park. Within the distance of 2 km there is also a school, two multifunctional sports fields and a tennis court. This nearly 8ha area is a perfect

place for settlement, especially to those who value tranquillity and close contact with nature. The above mentioned green 2 setting is to be sold for as little as 40 PLN per m . The municipality of Psary is a trusty location and a well-known brand in the housing market. It is worth mentioning that for the last 3 years the commune has run advertising campaigns encouraging people to move into Psary.

more details on the investment offer: One of the multifunctional sports fields in Psary



The Silesian Voivodeship is the most attractive region for investment in Poland. Its main advantages are: workingage population of over 3-million people, 200 thousand students at 45 universities and colleges, excellent transport accessibility and legendary work ethic. Others have already chosen Sislesia For the seventh time in a row the Silesian Voivodeship has been ranked as the most attractive investment location in Poland. Opel, Fiat, Isuzu, Famur and IBM are examples of the companies that have recognized the variety of opportunities the region has to offer including the best social infrastructure and transport accessibility in the country.

Silesia on the list of 20 regions of the world with the largest increase in foreign investment in 2012 4.6 million inhabitants of the Silesian Voivodeship one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country - 11.5% (May 2013) high GDP per capita (3rd place in the country) 184 km of motorways

Potential of human resources

Technological innovation

Traditional silesian work ethic is a characteristic feature of local emplyees. For generations people have worked here in mining and steel industry appreciating hard and dilligent work and cherrishing family life and its values. The urban area near the municipality of Psary has a population of 2.2 million people. It is a human potential comparable with the largest European capitals.

Silesia, once a mining and steel industry centre, is now one of the country's leaders in research and development. The creation of an artificial heart and innovative IT projects are examples of the local potential. Silesian employees are very innovative. They are the cornerstone of success of their companies operating in 18 industrial and technological parks.

Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia

Transport network like no other Transport accessibility complements the investment offer of the Silesian Voivodeship which has the densest network of expressways and motorways in the country. This is where the A1 and A4 motorways intersect. Cities in the conurbation are connected with a dual carriageway and the international “Katowice” Airport in Pyrzowice is the largest regional airport in cargo traffic. Psary - suburb of 2 million conurbation

author: Jan Mehlich, source:Ś_-_WPiA.jpg

The neighbourhood of one of the largest urban areas in this part of Europe makes the green and quiet Psary one of the best places for housing and residential building. For 15 years the population of the municipality has continued to grow and new settlers still arrive every year.

I am very happy that more and more people choose the municipality of Psary as a place for building their new home. Creating favourable conditions for settlement is a priority for local authorities. Valid area development plans for the whole municipality guarantee that the rensidential character of our town will not change and that in the future we will also enjoy friendly and peaceful surroundings. They also ensure the value of property in Psary will not drop with time. We are currently building and renovating many local roads, waterworks as well as creating new sports fields and playgrounds to improve the quality of life in Psary. Only in 2012 six modern sports fields for playing various sports were created. Our schools and kindergartens offer education and care of the highest quality which is showcased by high results our students receive in national tests. I encourage everyone to move into or invest in the municipality of Psary. Tomasz Sadłoń, Mayor of the municipality of Psary

Investor relations at Psary Town Hall phone +48 32 29 44 920, fax +48 32 29 44 901, Townhall of the Municipality of Psary, ul. Malinowicka 4, 42-512 Psary


Investment opportunity - Municipality of Psary  

Simple reasons why you should invest in the Municipality of Psary, Silesia, Poland

Investment opportunity - Municipality of Psary  

Simple reasons why you should invest in the Municipality of Psary, Silesia, Poland