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Issue 21 11th December 2008

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Kyogle Bakery celebrates

Damian Everingham, Sharon O'Connor and Max Kassebaum The Kyogle Bakery is celebrating its 1st Birthday this month. On 17th December, Max and Laurel Kassebaum, and their sons, Christopher and Matthew, will mark their first twelve months in the business. During this time, they have worked hard to improve both the quality and variety of the baked products which are made daily in the kitchen directly behind the shop. Max and Laurel are very proud to announce that their meat pies are being sold now from Urbenville to Casino and many points in between. Their range of pies is large; with 11 varieties of savoury and 5 of sweet, all of which are made from scratch. The meat pies are made with beef supplied by Lynn's Butchery, Kyogle. The rabbit meat for the rabbit pies is supplied by Border Ranges Rabbit Farms, Kyogle. Max and Laurel like

to buy locally as much as possible, as many local businesses know. As part of the Kyogle Bakery's new owners' efforts to become an integral part of the community, they've taken up the challenge to enter events with gusto. The best example of this was the way the staff and owners put together a wonderful display of past memorabilia for the Kyogle Show in October. Items such as old photographs, scythes and butter churns were donated for the display by staff and friends of the Bakery and staff and their families put it all together in their own time. These amazing efforts reaped a well deserved reward. The Kyogle Bakery won the Tidy Town's “Best Dressed Show Window Display 2008”. Many of the staff remained when the business changed hands in December last


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exceptional customer service and for being an excellent employee, Gael said, “I'm overwhelmed.” As part of the celebrations, Kyogle Bakery customers can get a Baker's Dozen (that's 13 for the price of 12!) on bread rolls, pies or muffins (wholesale excluded) until 31st December 2008. So next time you're in town, drop by at the Bakery, try some of the tempting items on offer and say hello to Max and Laurel and the friendly staff. Max, Laurel, family and staff say thank you to all of Kyogle for their support over this last 12 months and we wish all of Kyogle a very safe and happy Christmas season and a very prosperous new year to come.






year and additional staff have been employed. Of great interest is the return of Pastrycook and Baker, Damian Everingham. Damian is well known in the Kyogle community and Max and Laurel are pleased that he is now a part of the team. Max and Laurel are also proud to announce that they have recently offered an apprenticeship in the bakery to Kylie Jenkins. It's great to see local employers promoting not just jobs but also careers in our community. Max and Laurel also believe in rewarding their staff for good service and in July this year began an award program for Employee of the Quarter. The inaugural winner for the July to September 2008 quarter was Gael Wallace who received a certificate and a weekend for two to the Gold Coast. When advised that she had won the award for her

Gael Wallace

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From the news desk

From all of us here at the NRTT we would like to say thank you to all of the busineses that have supported us over the year, and especially to those people who have submitted stories and articles to us. We hope that we have been informative to the local area and also that our growing distribution has helped promote the services that this

unique area has to offer. It has been a very busy and interesting year, we have seen a lot of changes around the area and also in the business sector. We wish each and everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year. Editor Rob Cairns

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Dear Editor My letter in the previous issue of Talking Turkey described some of the actions of Kyogle Council and the State Labor Government as 'destructive and predatory' as a consequence I've had some outraged bawlers on the phone; including an elected councillor, and a senior employee of Kyogle Council. No names. My concern is with behaviour, not personalities. But I will respond to a call I received from a Mr Anonymous, who suggested I should keep my f***ing mouth shut, or else! My response is, that in our supposed democracy citizen's have the right and responsibility to speak their beliefs and opinions publicly and truthfully. It's a pity more people don't. A dumb citizenry is, for the predatory businessman, an easy mark. 'Predatory' is, in my opinion, descriptive of some decisions Kyogle Council and the State Labor Government are making. I'll define what I mean by predatory by drawing your attention to the phenomenon of 'mitigation banking' by which a developer may purchase the right to spoil one place by preserving another. The New York Times recently ran an article claiming that "carbon will be the world's biggest commodity market." Another headline reads: 'Carbon credit trading: How To Profit Early!' The reality is that a developer industrialist can build a smokestack factory in Sydney, and trade his pollution for trees planted in Kyogle Shire. The wrong trees. In the wrong places. Destroying good farming land, destroying our country's natural diversity, losing us the livelihoods of our local people, and bringing nothing to our country except desolation. Kyogle Councillor Lindsay Passfield is the only one I know who is actively opposing this 'predatory' activity - it's my opinion, in this regard, the silence and inactivity of Kyogle Council, administration and elected councillors, registers their approval of this predation. If you who belong here won't protect your country, nobody will. Eric Kaiser, in his letter to Talking Turkey, writes about the proposed industrial development in South Kyogle township and notes that the flood study relied upon by Council does not correspond with flood levels reached in January 2008. John



Hession (planning dept) suggests residents are inventing stories about this flood, despite photographic evidence of water flooding residents' properties. Where on this earth was Mr Hession when slime and water inundated peoples' houses and a torrent was washing over Summerland Way? It is obvious Council's flood mapping considerably underestimates the depth of the 2008 flood, and how high future flooding will probably be. This is using ignorance as a standard. Council has no idea what will happen when the land on this flood plain is raised by trucking-in massive quantities of rock and earth fill, as proposed, because no proper scientific examination has been made of where and how the displaced water will flow. This, again, is using ignorance as a standard. This writer is in favour of an industrial park that will grow the town and create jobs for local people: I think Council, foolishly, has chosen the wrong place for it. I don't know how others feel, but I'm sick and tired of the gobbledygook and jargon I get from autocrats, and I'm fed up with the way they hide behind regulations and 'minimum compliance' minimum Compliance means doing as little as possible as often as possible but all the while sticking absolutely to rules that are made elsewhere, in Sydney or Canberra, by functionaries who don't know nor care about our locality. Local people often know more than they can say; it's hard to put some things into words when you are talking about where you live and the country you love. Predatory bureaucrats and developers know this, and they use it for their own selfish advantage. One last thing, take note of how decisions in Council get stacked in favour of moneymen, who send out hundreds of form letters and get their mates all to write in favour of what they want and, of course, Council votes 'yeah yeah yeah' because almost nobody's bothered to speak against what may or may not be destructive to our community. It is happening because the lambs are silent. Michael Brooke 3 Bundock Street Kyogle NSW 2474 (02) 6632 2518

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A lovely Ecumenical Carol Service was held at The Risk hall recently with lots of flowers along the stage. It started at 6.30pm with a “Basket Tea” at the hall and this was enjoyed by everyone. There was lots of Carol singing with piano; mandolin; recorder and flute providing the music. An inspiring Christmas Message was given together with suitable Bible readings. A delightful Christmas play was performed, then the Uniting Church choir rendered four beautiful items. Everyone enjoyed listening to two Helen Steiner Rice Christmas poems which were read out and the evening ended with more Carols being sung. We would like to thank everyone who came along and supported this special event.

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Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

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Dear Editor, The Repco Rally is negative in so many ways. Millions of dollars of taxpayers' money has been given to the rally because apparently it can't function without financial support. Millions of dollars of taxpayers' money is being spent to try to convince us to burn less fossil fuel. But motorsport consumes fossil fuel like there's no tomorrow. How come we pay twice but for two opposing things? If the rally brings us oodles of tourists through TV coverage of the event, Kyogle's ratepayers will pay for the extra wear and tear on our roads, not the rally organisers who will be gone (only to return, unfortunately, two years later and every two years until 2019). But rally organisers' figures show that only 300 extra tourists can be expected to come to Australia as a result of the rally. These tourists are likely to be rally enthusiasts for whom the Gold Coast's casinos and nightclubs are more attractive than ... ummm ... all those thrilling tourist attractions we have in town (can someone remind us what they are). We've already lost enough of our youth to tragic road accidents. How many of our youngsters, in cars not built for rallying, will copy what they see and risk their young lives? The prospect, if this rally goes ahead, is revved-up kids full of testosterone behind the wheel. Out the window goes all the time and energy that's been put into trying to reverse that. Are rally organisers really so naive that they think they can counteract that potent mix with an education programme? Many of us moved to this area to enjoy its beauty and peace and it is our dollars, spent in and around the town every day, that helps keep this town alive, not some fly-in-fly-out circus. I heard only two people speak enthusiastically about this rally at the recent meeting for residents at the Memorial Hall. Far more expressed concerns about the effect of the rally on their environment and their working lives. Western Australia got rid of the event because it just didn't stack up, economically. The rally was supposed to have been held in 2008 but it seems no one wanted it; everyone else did their sums and said, "No thanks!" Why are we the bunnies? And why hasn't Council asked us, yet, IF we want it? Cloud Horseshoe Creek


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Congratulations to local Dr Brian Perry Roxy Gallery presents...

'Walking Backwards for Christmas' The official opening for this years Roxy Gallery Christmas exhibition is Friday December 12 at 6pm. 'Walking Backwards for Christmas' is the title of this years Christmas Exhibition and the Gallery has a Christmas Carol to go with the show. Keeping in good creative character to finish off another successful year of showcasing local talent the title for this years exhibition comes from the highly creative mind of Mr Spike Milligan -




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Walking Backwards for Christmas

Rick Newton NSW Rural Doctors Network Chairman presenting 40yrs Medical Service Award to Dr Brian Perry in Sydney at the dinner held on Saturday 29th November At the NSW Rural Doctors Network Conference dinner held on Saturday 29th November, 21 doctors with at least 40 years of medical practice in rural NSW were recognised for their contributions. Collectively, the doctors have achieved an amazing 983 years of medical service to rural communities - if their non-rural service is included, they have provided over 1,000 years of medical practice. “These rural doctors epitomise active, positive, community minded medical professionals,” RDN CEO Dr Ian Cameron said, “They deserve our respect and gratitude for the vital roles they have filled in NSW rural communities.” Many of the recipients are still working a full week and without their services many communities would be struggling for medical care. At the inaugural NSW Rural Medical Service awards presentation, 8 of the doctors received their award in person and received a standing ovation from their peers from across rural NSW. The Doctors who attended the dinner; Dr Gerald Wong (Kurri Kurri) 40 yrs service, Dr Brian Perry (Kyogle) 41 yrs service, Dr John Robertson (Albury) 42 yrs service, Dr Paul Gan (Macksville) 43 yrs service, Dr Douglas Gillies (Yass) 43 yrs service, Dr John Burgess (Goulburn) 44 yrs service, Dr Graham Pulley (Bathurst) 44 yrs service and Dr Michael Ridley (Coffs Harbour) 48 yrs service. Dr Cameron said, “The lives of these doctors also illustrate the diverse lifestyle opportunities found in rural areas. Almost all have been active in sports, including tennis, golf, cricket, sailing, soccer, rugby,

cycling and more. Their other interests include bird watching, stud cattle and draught horse breeding, greyhound racing, antique tractor restoration and fishing.” “Just as there are currently many great and challenging medical practice opportunities for GPs in rural NSW, there are also great opportunities for doctors and their families to enjoy a vibrant social life and wide variety of sporting and hobby interests.” The Doctors who were unable to attend the dinner; Dr Bruce Dolman (Coffs Harbour) 62 yrs service, Dr Robert Anderson (Narrabri) 55 yrs service, Dr Betty Marks (Murwillumbah) 55 yrs service, Dr Gordon Sanders (Foster) 53 yrs service, Dr George Simpson (Port Macquarie) 52 yrs service, Dr Anthony Joseph (Lithgow) 48 yrs service, Dr Michael Guerin (Molong) 45 yrs service, Dr Phillip Chapman (Broken Hill) 44 yrs service, Dr Gilbert Wallace (Cooma) 42 yrs service, Dr Mostafa Shehab (Leeton) 41 yrs service, Dr Michael Mullany (Young) 41 yrs service and Dr Robert Robertson (Parkes) 40 yrs service. Our local Dr Brian Perry was born in Australia, he studied in Queensland and Sydney Universities and worked in Concord Rehab. He was a country locum and Practiced in Hillston for 9 years and had a family of 3 - David, Helen and Christine. He worked in the psychiatric ward at Morisset Hospital, then saw an ad in Kyogle. He has been living in Kyogle since 1976 (32 yrs) as a GP and has degrees in Pure Maths, Ancient Greek, Philosophy and German. In recent years has farmed stud beef cattle and draught horses and also likes to restore antique farm vehicles.

I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas Across the Irish Sea I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas It's the only thing for me. I've tried walking sideways and walking to the front But people only look and say that it is a publicity stunt. So I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas to prove that I love art. Walking Backwards for Christmas will run from December 9 to January 10 2009. Any pieces of art purchased in full can be taken from the exhibition at that moment as there will be more art to replace it. The Roxy Gallery will not open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. This is the only break our hearty band of volunteers get over the festive season. The Kyogle Council and the Kyogle and District Arts Council would like to take this opportunity in extending Season Greetings to all and we look forward to a prosperous time in the New Year. The first exhibition for the new year will start on 13th January and is an exhibition of work by members of the Kyogle Wonawa Group, who along with the members from RED Inc from Lismore and artists from RealArtWorks Inc have been working on a series of art works in photography, film, puppetry, printmaking, painting and music focusing on stories on our town. 'Kyogle Country-Story Boxes On Our Town' will have an official opening on Friday 16th January 2009. This event, along with the series of performances which will take place each Wednesday at 1.30pm in the Gallery are open to all members of the public to come in and experience. The Roxy Gallery and Kyogle Council are happy to be able to support this exhibition highlighting the creative talents of local people with disabilities. So as one year of art finishes a new year of talent is just beginning at the Roxy Gallery. HO HO HO!!!

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Open Wednesday to Friday & Saturday morning The Kyogle branch of the Royal Far West has closed their branch after 64 years of service to the Kyogle area in helping the children obtain specialist treatment. Our thanks to past members for all their work and time given to this branch also present. Our final remittance to Head Office of $3,091.80 has been forwarded. Thanks to those that donated items for our raffles etc. Our last raffle winners were: 1st May Ford, 2nd Joyce Mazzeracca, 3rd Lorrain Power, 4th Melissa Smith and 5th Barbara Bently. Thanking you President Peg Constable

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Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

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The Wild Side of Town

Bundjulahm Blurb with Patsy Nagas

with Kathryn Kermode

King of the Crickets One critter fills me with terror and relief at the same time, this is the king cricket. The look of it is truly terrifying. The best thing about king crickets is that by human standards, they are relatively small, and if pushed to it, in defence of myself, I am large enough to step on one if it attacked me. What can I tell you about these critters, they are big ugly crickets of a kind; they are not anything like the little black crickets that hide in holes in the lawn and sing at dusk with a pleasant chirping noise. The king cricket is huge for a cricket, they do not hop like other crickets and grass hoppers but they walk around with serious attitude, like they are the major generals of the cricket world. There is a reason that they instil terror into anyone who stumbles upon one and I think this was summed up quite nicely by a forester named Brett, who encountered one,"When disturbed he was very aggressive, raising his body, swinging from side to side and hissing," Brett said. "He then proceeded to charge our group of unsuspecting foresters. This cricket is the only insect I have ever met that would have a go at you and try to eat you." This is from a man who cuts down trees for a living, I can picture him dropping his axe and fleeing with high-pitched cries of terror after a face-to-face encounter with the hissing king of the jungle. King crickets are very common in our area,

Kyogle ACE Teachers Wanted ACE Kyogle is seeking interest from people who would like to apply to teach a class in Kyogle. If you have skills that you are willing to pass on to others we would like to hear from you, whether your skills are jobrelated or are to do with a hobby or leisure activities. Perhaps you are an experienced book-keeper, bee-keeper, potter, poet, aeronautical engineer or bush-walker. Perhaps you can sew, make compost, build a cabinet, raise chooks, landscape a garden or sing a cappella. We know that Kyogle and the surrounding hills abound with talent. Please contact us asap if you are willing to pass some of your skills on to others at our Community College. Certificate Courses - PPP We are currently planning our program for 2009. We would like to offer Certificate courses locally. If you are interested in Certificate III in IT, Certificate III in Community Services ( in Childrens' Services, Aged Care or Community Development), Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management or a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment please contact us now to express your interest. If enough people are interested we will run these courses in Kyogle. These courses are free to participants who qualify for the Productivity Placement Program (PPP). Kyogle Community College - 138 Summerland Way Kyogle Ph 6632 2884 or email

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we find them all over the place, strutting their stuff after dark. They are the kind of insect that over looks their own size. I came across one on my car roof one day and looked at it, it stared back into my eyes without fear, meanwhile I can feel myself begin to tremble as it turned to square up to me and to fully face me, then much to my surprise, it leapt at my face. King crickets have a taste for frogs. They actually ambush the frog from behind, pulling its back legs out from beneath it and leave the frog with no way to escape, they then leisurely munch on the frog head first, Unlike the French, they only eat the head and body, leaving the legs discarded on the ground. Easily identified by their extremely long antennae, their habit of walking rather than hopping and their ferocious mandibles which look like they could tear the leg off a grown man, the king cricket feeds on everything it can, frogs, fungi and unsuspecting foresters. The large mouthed males are thought to use this oversized organ to fight each other during mating season. Unfortunately, for the female, the male is partial to cannibalism of the female cricket. Now I can understand why huge female spiders would benefit from eating the tiny male with whom it has just mated, but I cannot see why nature thinks it is beneficial for the unnecessarily menacing and aggressive male cricket to feed on his female lover.

B Ward meeting The first Ward Meeting for B Ward was held at the Dyraaba Hall on Monday 24th November. B Ward Cr. Lynette Zito facilitated the meeting and Cr. Janet Wilson was in attendance. This meeting followed the same informal conversational style as the A Ward meeting and the residents who came along had a range of topics for discussion. There were concerns voiced over specific road and DAissues. Information on how to obtain Hall Revival grants and application forms was given. There was a general discussion about the possibility of the prime agricultural land at the southern entrance to Kyogle town being turned into an industrial zone. The overall opinion was concern regarding the flood levels, with one older resident remembering that water in the 1954 flood came up to the window sills on the house on the property in question. Residents were told about the submission process and advised that if they had specific issues with any DA, to send a submission to Council. Residents also asked for information about how the Mayor is elected in Kyogle Council. The meeting was well attended and those who attended stated they were happy with the meeting process and looked forward to the next one at their hall. Cr. Zito advised that she would be attending the A Ward meeting to be held on Wednesday 17 December 2008, at the Cawongla Playhouse/Community Centre 6pm - 8pm and invited all interested B Ward residents to this meeting. The next B Ward meeting will be held in late January. The details of the meeting will be advised in the NRTT and on the Kyogle Council web site.

Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

BUNDJULAHM'S BLURB JINGI-WULLU (Greetings) This is my last column for 2008 and I would like to thank all those people who have contributed to its success. I have had wonderful feedback from the community and look forward to contributing to the Northern Rivers Talking Turkey in the new year. I am sure you all learned a lot about the work of the local Aboriginal Land Council from the interview with CEO, Ron Randall, in the last issue of NRTT's Bundjulahm Blurb, Ron Randall, Michael Davis (Chairperson) and Andrew Johnston (Deputy Chairperson and Cultural Officer) do a great job and we are very lucky to have them here in Kyogle at Gugin Gudduba, 53 Ettrick Street. Thank you Ron for your time and effort contributing to this column. Another invaluable organization is the

Kyogle CTC FREE Mobile Phone Training for Seniors CTC is currently running mobile phone training for seniors. More sessions will be run between now and February, both introductory sessions for real beginners, more detailed introductory sessions and specific sessions on topics such as using your camera for photos and videos and sending text messages (SMS). Register now at CTC 138 Summerland Way Kyogle or ring 6632 1833 or email

Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) “Dharah Gibinj” who will continue with their health checks at the Family Support in 2009 and their Bush Tucker days are looked forward to by many. Thank you to the staff of AMS. You all do a great job and we really appreciate your hard work. Finally a big thank you to all those community members who came to see my artwork on exhibition at the Kyogle Roxy Art Gallery. If you want to purchase any more paintings, pottery or a painted earth bed (coffin), please contact me through Ruth Tsitimbinis at the Gallery. You are very welcome to join the Kyogle Local Reconciliation Group. Please call Ruth Haig on 6632 3378 for details. May you and your families all have a very happy and safe holiday period. YUMBA-LERE (Leaving for Now) BUNDJULAHM

Try our soft serve ice cream, hamburgers, fish & chips, cold & hot drinks. Closed December 25 th & 26 th Open as normal from Saturday

Christmas Church services Anglican Parish Kyogle St James Kyogle 11.30pm - Midnight Worship on 24th December 2008 St James Kyogle 8am Christmas Day St Margaret’s Woodenbong 9am Christmas Day Christian Life Church 24th December - Evening 7pm - 8pm, followed by supper Baptist Church Sunday 21st December - Christmas Service 9.30am. All welcome. Gateway Presbyterian Church 21st December - 10am 25th December - 9am

Peter’s Food Hall - 6632 1071 85 Summerland Way, Kyogle



To our Valued Clients we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous New Year Closed - 5pm Tuesday 23/12/2008 Reopen - 9am Monday 5/1/2009 John F Gibson, Solicitor PH 02 6632 3083

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Mother of the Year d by Mamma Chaos




over a hundred of the buggers, they sort of lose their sheen. I can see the next fifty Christmases clearly rolling out thousands and thousands of shortbreads. I can't believe I was stupid enough to volunteer for that job. If I'd just held out a bit longer, my sister might have put her hand up. But nooooo, stupid me had to feel sorry for my poor, doddering grandmother and offer my services. I really love the way Kyogle gets primed for Christmas. I love the lights along the Summerland Way (I think a few need changing, though??), and I love taking the boys for a walk around the houses which have been lit up. The boys love lining up to tell Santa what they'd like for Christmas, and I love it when they don't catch the Chicken Pox. I even love the madness of going from Christmas party to Christmas party, all jammed into the few weekends before Christmas arrives (the last weekend, though, is reserved for baking those bloody shortbreads). So Merry Christmas to you all, and thank you to those who have read this column through the year. Sometimes I think I'm writing to myself the only written response I've had was a piece of hate mail, but I like to think that someone out there is reading. So to you, whoever you are, thank you, and Happy New Year.




One year, after retrieving our ugly, plastic Christmas tree from the shed, I found a couple of surprises inside - the Christmas Mouse (dead), and the Christmas Snakeskin. Sadly, the snakeskin was not in the form of a gorgeous pair of shoes or a new handbag, but from a python which had slithered through the box and thought it looked like a good place to shed its skin. Since then I have double-bagged the tree in a couple of council bin liners, and wrapped it tight with industrial-strength packing tape. I have always loved to put up a Christmas tree and decorate the house, but it's been so much better since Kid A and Kid B joined us. We put up our tree on December 1 (a ritual carried over from my mother. It'll come down in about April, another ritual from my mother) in the stinking heat. Even the tiny amount of heat from the fairy lights felt hot. This was all done after dinner after I'd been at work all day. The boys were very excited, and at bed time, Kid B said, “Is Santa coming tonight?” I think I might have to start putting up the tree a little closer to Christmas…. My grandmother is nearly 90, and about five years ago I took over her role of Chief Shortbread Baker for the family. The first batch is always kind of fun to make. The second batch are OK, but once you've made


From your self care Pharmacy helping you keep up to date

KYOGLE PHARMACY Friendly Staff - Professional Service 111 Summerland Way

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Helping heavy breathers breathe more easily Most of us take breathing very much for granted. It’s something we do without much thought and without much effort, except perhaps on those occasions of strenuous exercise or exertion. But some people struggle to breathe every day, sometimes all day every day. If you or a friend or family member regularly run out of puff you may automatically think of asthma - not surprising really because asthma does affect more than 2 million Australians - about 10% of our population with the prevalence even greater amongst children. However, there is another possible cause of shortness of breath. It has been estimated that more than half a million people in Australia have COPD - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. And as the population ages the number of people with the disease is likely to increase. The Australian Lung Foundation suggests that one in six Australians over the age of 45 is living with COPD, but maybe as many as 75% of these people are unaware they have the condition. In fact, COPD is the third leading cause of disease burden after heart disease and stroke, and the fourth most common cause of death. Cigarette smoking is far and away the most significant cause of COPD (globally, smoking accounts for over 80% of deaths due to COPD); but passive smoking is also a possible risk factor as is exposure to other airborne pollutants such as occupational dusts and chemicals.

Typically the main symptom of COPD is a progressively worsening shortness of breath, initially on exertion, but eventually even when the patient is at rest. Other symptoms include cough, chest tightness and wheezing; so confusion with asthma is understandable. But the two conditions are different - they have different causes and the management is different with different outcomes from treatment. Differentiating between COPD and asthma is important to ensure that most appropriate treatment is given. One of the major differences relates to cough. While with asthma the cough is usually a dry, so-called non-productive cough and occurs most often at night or after exercise; with COPD the cough is productive (that is: with plenty of phlegm and mucus) and usually occurs in the early morning. COPD generally first occurs after the age of 40, whereas asthma is normally first seen before the age of 30 and there is frequently a family history of the condition. In terms of treatment, acute asthma attacks respond well to asthma puffers such as Asmol and Ventolin and can be controlled and effectively managed with the combination puffers like Seretide and Symbicort. COPD responds poorly to these medicines. The first treatments for COPD are usually medicines know as anticholinergic medicines - also given by inhalation. However, whether it’s asthma or COPD there will be no benefit unless the puffers are used properly - and often they are not. Recently the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, in partnership with The Australian Lung Foundation and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) launched a campaign called “Preventing Puffer Problems”. It’s part of a broader compaign to raise awareness of COPD - the causes, treatments and prevention strategies. You can get more advice on how to breathe more easily, and especially how to get the best from your puffer by calling into the Kyogle Pharmacy or by phoning them on 6632 1016. Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year

Kyogle Pharmacy Winners

We would like to thank you for your support in 2008 and Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

* MEV Buttons Dog Food - $19.90 * LEADER NLIS Tags - $3 Bordin Bros

* Economy Cattle Yard Panels - $95 * Poultry Layer Pellets - $10.75 * Horse & Pony Pellets - $11.50 * 20L Amicide - $130

Polaroid Children’s Sunglasses Competition: Joanne Gresham’s son Thomas won a blue motor bike

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Books... the perfect gift, ideal for the hard to buy for humour , sport, science, military Gift vouchers available Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 5pm Sat 8:30am - 2pm Sun 9:30am - 2pm Phone - 6632 3036

Nurofen Competition: Gail Condon’s son Angus won a red bike

Thank you for your support throughout 2008 I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year, Debbie

46 - 52 Fawcett Street, Kyogle NSW 2474

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Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

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New board members Kyogle Library News Yourtutor bring diverse skills to What is it? Yourtutor provides students and parents with FREE access to quality, onNorthern Rivers Tourism



For All Your Hairdressing Needs

Closed Public Holidays Saturday 27/12/08 Leanne and staff would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

See us at ...

Hairport Ph: 6632 1538 89 Summerland Way Kyogle NSW 2474

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demand tutoring. It allows you to connect through YOUR library's website to a free, live, online, study support service Monday to Friday, 4 - 8pm for easy, instant help with maths, english, science, assignment research and study skills from specialist tutors at home or @ YOUR library. It's as easy as 1,2,3!!! 1. Go to YOUR library's website: 2. Click on the green coloured yourtutor button, then follow the prompts to your library link 3. Enter your library card barcode, choose your subject and year level and begin your live session! Atutor is online and waiting to help you. Any questions email technical support at What's on in December @ YOUR library? Yourtutor display - check out this new amazing FREE resource Information display - 16 days of activism to stop violence against women Bookworms - Register your expression of interest in joining Bookworms NOW for 2009. Bookworms is a FREE storytime session with rhymes, songs and craft for pre-schoolers aged 3-5 years. We have lots of fun and look forward to seeing you @ Bookworms!! Holiday reading - YOU can stock up for the Xmas break with library loans right up to 5.30pm Xmas Eve @ YOUR library. Don't get caught with overdue fines, extend your library items instead! It's easy - call into Kyogle library, use the WebOPAC or phone 6632 1134. School Holidays activities - Join the Summer Reading Club 2008-09. Lots of FREE fun for kids!! Collect your kit from 16th December 2008 @ Kyogle library. Christmas closures Kyogle library will be CLOSED from 5.30pm Wednesday 24th December 2008 and will RE-OPEN Monday 5th January 2009. The staff of Kyogle library wish all our members, Kyogle Shire residents, Councillors and Council staff a very merry, spiritual and safe Xmas and a wonderful New Year 2009. See you in the New Year!

Closed public holidays only Largest selection of Tyres in town

48 Summerland Way, Kyogle



26 Bloore St KYOGLE NSW 2474 Fri 12th - Wed 17th Dec Australia (M) (165 min) Fri 12th: 7pm; Sat 13th: 3pm, 6.30pm; Sun 14th: 3pm; Wed 17th: 10am, 6.30pm Twilight (M) (121 min) Fri 12th: 6.20pm; Sat 13th: 2.20pm, 6.40pm; Sun 14th: 4.20pm; Wed 17th: 7pm Burn After Reading (MA) (96 min) Fri 12th: 8.30pm; Sat 13th: 4.40pm; Sun 14th: 4.20pm Space Chimps (G) (81 min) Wed 17th: 10.30am **COMING SOON** * High School Musical 3 Starts Sat 20th * Bolt * Yes Men * Bedtime Stories *Madagascar 2

WEB SITE: Movie Hotline for session times

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KYOGLE MARKETS Kyogle Showground

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every Sat morning 8am-12noon

“Childrens Christmas Party” Giveaways for all the kids

LISMORE CAR BOOT MARKET Lismore Shopping Square

1st & 3rd Sunday


Saturday 8am-12noon

Management and staff wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

MURWILLUMBAH MARKETS Murwillumbah Showground

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Tuesday 8-11am

THE CHANNON CRAFT MARKET Coronation Park, The Channon

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UKI BUTTERY BAZAAR Uki Village Buttery

3rd Sunday

WOODENBONG YOWIE COUNTRY MARKET Woodenbong Public Hall and Grounds

Last Sat of month

Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

hristmas Merry C fe and and a sa ew Year happy N

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Phone (02) 6632 1130 Welcomes Visitors to Turkey Country B

Following an independent selection panel process, Northern Rivers Tourism is pleased to announce its five newly appointed board members for 2009. They are: Cameron Arnold - General Manager of Operations from Domain Resorts at Kingscliff - Casuarina. Cameron brings significant regional tourism experience and senior management expertise to NRT. Jeremy Challacombe - is president of the Grafton Chamber of Commerce and has experience in tourism in other Australian states and in the South Pacific. Jeremy also brings expertise in farm and nature tourism to the Board. Brandon Saul - Founder and Director of MI5, Brandon brings major events management and strategic planning skills to the Board and provides excellent linkages to the creative industries, an important element of this region's destination appeal. Mark Johnston (returning) -As RegionalArea Manager of NSW National Parks, Mark provides invaluable natural asset management experience and corporate governance expertise, as well as providing the important connection to National Parks, a major partner of NRT. Suzie Coulston (returning) - Economic Development Officer with Kyogle Council who has both local government knowledge and a strong understanding of regional tourism issues. NRT Chair Gerd Beurich said the degree of interest in honorary Board positions with NRT was outstanding. “The Selection Panel's independent feedback indicated that there was a high quality of applicants so the new and returning appointees can be notably proud of their selection from such a strong field.” “As outgoing Chair it has been my privilege to have steered the organisation's recent restructure and worked with both the Board and our CEO Russell Mills to get to where we are today. The new Board appointments give me great confidence in the organisation's future success,” added Gerd. Also commenting on the announcement, CEO of Northern Rivers Tourism, Russell Mills said “having the support of a skilled and experienced Board is crucial to NRT's success. I'm delighted with the appointments and believe the mix of skills they bring will provide a very effective platform for policy formulation and strategic direction to achieve our business, development and marketing objectives. 2009 is looking very positive indeed for Northern Rivers Tourism.” Existing Board members are: Gerd Beurich, (outgoing Chair); Colin Woodbry, Treasurer; Cr Jan Barham; Kristina Drapes; Lyn Parche; and John Jenkins (on temporary leave of absence). The newly appointed board members will join the existing board members at their first meeting following NRT's annual general meeting on 12 December. The new Board and industry will have the opportunity to meet the new Board and farewell outgoing Chair Gerd Beurich at an industry Christmas function afterwards.

Singhs Tyre & Mechanical

would like to welcome to their team local friendly bloke Brett Murphy



Friday 19th December 2008

2009 Memberships are now due

Coming Event Thursday 22nd January 2009

“Austen Tayshus” We also cater for Weddings, Parties & Conferences For the information of members and their guests This club practises responsible service of alcohol

The Risk Hall Plans are well in hand for the popular New Year’s Eve family dance which will commence at 8pm. There will be “Lucky Spot” dances, a raffle and a light supper will be served out under the stars.

Eden Country Store Well here we are it is Christmas time again doesn’t time fly when you're having fun. Talking about fun and holidays and going away and leaving the garden it is the perfect time now to fertilise and mulch the garden to retain the lovely moisture that has been falling out of the sky lately. We have several choices when it comes to mulch. Compressed Sugar Cane mulch is a very good product weed free and gives great cover as is T Tree Mulch, these products not only retain precious moisture they enrich your soil. Going away can mean a few deaths in the garden. A good watering system with a timer is great and potted plants can be put under shady trees that have access to the watering system and make your holiday stress free. The season for all the nasty little sucking and munching pest such as army worm, monolipta beetle, grass hoppers just to name a few is just around the corner. We have all the remedies at Eden Country Store so call in and have a chat to our staff that will be only too happy to help you. We have had a lot of enquiry for large shady trees of late there are so many to choose from and we have some excellent nurseries that supply us with our plants. One of the most popular are the Cape Chestnut a beautiful specimen with large bunches of mauve flowers a fabulous shade tree. Pecan also make wonderful shade trees and have something great to eat as well, they provide shade in the summer and allow the light through in winter. Happy Gardening and Happy Christmas

142 Summerland Way Ph 6632 3377 Fax 6632 1033 CRT


Eden Country Store Pty Ltd

Kyogle Uniting Church The members of Ladies Fellowship would like to thank everyone who has supported the “Friday Luncheons” during the year. We look forward to the next luncheon which will be held at the hall on 3rd Friday in February 2009. Best wishes to everyone for Christmas and the New Year.

The first A Ward meeting The first Ward Meeting for A Ward was held at the Roxy Gallery on Wednesday 19th November and residents arrived early for an opportunity to talk about the things that they think are important for our community. Cr. Janet Wilson, A Ward Councillor was in attendance, along with Cr. Lynette Zito. Residents were asked to list their interests and then this list became the topics for discussion within the group. The topics ranged from the World Car Rally proposal to the progress being made on Cities for Climate Protection. The flood study, the trial of the wood chipping business on the old Norply site and the planning issues related to industrial sites also came up for discussion. Residents were encouraged to go to the Council Offices and read the material available and, if relevant, put in a submission. Did you know that you can put in a submission by simply writing your ideas and thoughts in a letter? A submission doesn't have to be a formal document which follows a special format. One resident provided the group with information about the Cittislow movement and the contribution that some adaption of this movement could make to the municipality in promoting economic development. Another resident talked about how an Historical Museum could add to our cultural life and become both an educational and tourist venue. The development of the Cultural Strategy which will soon be put to Council for

HAIR STUDIO Closed Christmas Eve and reopen Tuesday 6th of January j

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

deliberation will be important for this idea to become an integrated part of a cultural precinct. Some residents were also keen to talk about the Local Environment Planning process. In general people felt that they didn't understand the process and were worried that they didn't have enough information about what is happening with the implementation of the new planning instrument. Both Councillors agreed to discuss this matter further with the General Manager. The meeting times of ordinary council meetings and of council public meetings were raised by residents who work during normal business hours. Did you know that this matter has been decided for this year and will not come up again for discussion until next year? If you want more information about meeting times, you can call the Mayor, Cr Ross Brown or the General Manager, Mr Arthur Piggott. Did you know we had a Museum Action group? Did you know that the Gallery Director has a wealth of information about planning for cultural needs and events? Did you know that Council is a signatory to the Cities for Climate Protection Program? At Ward Meetings, you will find the answer to questions such as these or you may meet up with like minded residents. The next A Ward meeting will be held on December 17th at the Cawongla Playhouse/ Community Centre between 6pm and 8pm. There is no formal process, just conversation and information. Please join us.

To all my customers and friends - a happy and holy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. My shop will be closed from 25th December and will reopen on 27th January, 2009

Rex Page


Sorry no haircuts, tobacco & dry cleaning

Proposed rally routes Many people want to know which of Kyogle’s roads Repco Rally want to use. At a meeting on Friday 28th November for selected residents, rally organisers showed a map with proposed routes. The map wasn’t very detailed but the routes on which competitive stages may run are shown below. Organisers stated at a private meeting held earlier that roads will be gazetted closed and gates locked during stages. 21km stage: Eastern end Killaloe Road, Collins Creek Road, Lynchs Creek Road, Wiangarie Forest Road, Symes Road to junction with Grady’s Creek Road (Lions Road) 14km stage: North of Wiangarie on Wiangarie Road, Apple Gum Road, Wyndam Road, Eden Creek Road to junction withAfterlee Road 13km stage: Sargeants Road, from southern end to approximately the junction with Whites Road. 9km stage: Williams Road from near the southern end to approximately the junction with McLelland Road 9km stage: Merrigan’s Road from eastern side of railway, unidentified road to Taverners Road to junction with Kyogle Road (Kyogle Cawongla road) 7km stage: Most of Old Cob o’ Corn Road from approximately the junction with Brown Knob Road to the junction with Ettrick Road 9km stage: Webbs Road east of railway to junction with Hillyards Road, Hillyards Road to junction with Bentley Road (Kyogle Lismore road) near Missingham Two other stages: No clear answer has been given as to whether the rally will run through Toonumbar National Park. The map at the meeting was cut off so the Park wasn’t shown and it’s not possible to say whether this was carelessness on the part of organisers or a deliberate omission.. Two stages were shown running along Iron Pot Creek Road and Ghinni Ghi Road. No distances were shown for either. A blog has been set up with information about the rally at:

ABN 72 004 045 121

REAL ESTATE NATURE BECKONS $215,000 k Elevated Eastern facing 6.6 acre allotment k 5 minutes from Kyogle township k Spectacular rural outlook k Power, phone, small dam and cleared home site k Private block handy to all services k Loads of trees on the property Tony De Re 0428 322 077


k Renovated family home k 3 large bedrooms

with built-ins, main with en-suite k Reverse cycle air-con throughout k Wide verandahs on 2 sides k 14.77 acres divided into 3 main paddocks k 2 bores + rainwater storage k Manicured gardens Tony De Re 0428 322 077


k Located in a tranquil setting 5 minutes to Kyogle k 5 acres with cosy 3 bed -room brick veneer home

k 3 bay colour-bond lockup shed, established gardens, garden shed & hen house k Huge concrete water tank supplies the home Tony De Re 0428 322 077

CONTACT: Carol Olive 90 Summerland Way Kyogle NSW 2474 PO Box 165 Kyogle NSW 2474 Ph: (02) 6632 1066 Fax: (02) 6632 2545

Steve & Caroline

Kyogle 02 6632 2699

Bali meets Kyogle!

Chantik offers stress free shopping right in the heart of Kyogle. So take the hustle & bustle out of Christmas and shop locally for all your unique and unusual gifts!

Also available: a Gift vouchers a Furniture a Household items The staff would like to wish all our customers a safe and happy festive season, and we look forward to your continued support!

Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

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Debra Mackay - Holistic Healer Ph 6632 3854 Mob 0409 489 075

Treating the cause not the symptom Kinesiology, Theta Healing Sound Healing, Massage, Sauna Reiki, Energetic Spinal Release Shell Essences

*Gift Vouchers / Concession Rates TOTAL HEALTH CARE FOR BODY, MIND, SPIRIT

Body Maintenance by Debra Mackay Christmas is nearly upon us and many of us are wondering where the year went. This is common amongst all age groups, not just those of us that fit into the 'older' category so it is not an age thing. Time as we know it, is speeding up, scientists recognise this fact, and so it becomes more important for us to be doing what we really love doing and not trying to squeeze too much into our day. Burn out is common at this time of year, generally because we have expended our energy trying to do too much and a lot of the time doing things we do not enjoy. Yes sometimes it is necessary to do things we don't enjoy such as taking out the garbage, doing the dishes etc but if we recognise the fact these are a necessary part of life we can let go of disliking them and be present in the moment and actually enjoy the timeout from other pressures in our lives, they become a joy to do. There are, of course, many other things we do in our lives that we do not like and are not necessary for us to do, and these are the things we need to rid from our routines as they drain our energy unnecessarily. Taking time out is very necessary, loving ourselves enough to do this is the issue here. Some people say they cannot relax, they need to be 'doing' something all the time, this in reality, is often a case of not caring enough about self to allow time out. We can be of no use to ourselves or others if we are overly stressed and this time of year gives us the perfect opportunity to be kind not only to others, but also to ourselves. Many of the modalities I work with can assist you to release the stresses of the year leaving you in a much better state of mind, body and soul to enjoy your christmas get togethers with family and friends and face the new year that is coming. Why not treat yourself to a lovely relaxing massage, soothing all those tired, sore muscles and calming your mind so that you are more able to enjoy the holiday. Perhaps a RESET balance would be more appropriate. This balance works on the jaw to realign it and at the same time relaxing 90% of the body's muscles. You would be surprised how many of the body's muscles connect to the jaw. Maybe my specialty, an emotional clearing balance, would be more appropriate. These balances are always different for each individual and leave you centered and much clearer and able to be more present in your life. Also available are the wonderful Shell and Coral Essences. These essences work on a vibrational level to shift the emotional issues that may be keeping you from moving on. There are some wonderful sequences for assisting in many different areas of your life such as making your life more abundant, self empowerment, happiness, goal manifestation and much more. Sound is a very important part of our lives and is also a very powerful healer. I work with the chakra chimes and a much higher vibrational chime called the 13 Tones of Creation which take us to a very deep place within ourselves activating every atom of our body to create a deeply relaxed and rejuvenated state of being and assisting energy blockages to be released, thereby realigning our physical and light bodies. All of the work I do is tailored to suit the individual and are very powerful in assisting you to move forward. Gift Vouchers are available for any of the work I do so why not give yourself or a loved one the ultimate gift of caring. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and welcoming in of the New Year and look forward to sharing my knowledge with you all next year, both through this column and workshops where I will be teaching you how to work with your charkas and energy systems so that you can heal yourself. Blessings to all.

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Australia Day January 26 The East of the Range Australia Day Committee are really excited about organising the upcoming Australia Day for 2009, with the theme being “True Colours”. Organisations are asked to provide a representative from each club to attend the celebrations, wearing their Club’s colours. Don’t forget to nominate that special person or organisation for the wonderful things they have achieved and do in our community. Award categories include: Citizen, Young Citizen, Sportsperson, Junior Sportsperson, Community Achievement - Organisation and Community Achievement - Individual. Nominations close 19th December 2008 and forms are available from the Kyogle Council office. The upcoming celebration will be held at the Kyogle Memorial Pool and also the newly opened Kyogle Seniors Centre (Bloore Street, Kyogle) just around the corner and of course all activities, entry and food will be free! For further information contact Lyn Langley on 6632 1185 or Cr Bob Dwyer 6632 3352.

Join John Young “the wild detective” naturalist and photographer in an evening with the birds... Please come along for a free evening at the Espresso Edge Cafe, 109 Summerland Way Kyogle on Wednesday 17th December 2008 at 8pm. There will be refreshments available for purchase.

Plans & Installations Call Rob for info & advice

Glo Tech S E R V I C E S

Phone 6632 1174

Mobile 0428 321 174

Local company providing local employment & technology St Andrews Choir

Annie’s Country Tea Garden & Nursery

Nine lessons and carols King’s College, Cambridge, UK first commenced a service of nine lessons and carols in 1918, when it was decided a more imaginative style of worship was needed. Since then it has become a popular worldwide celebration of Christmas. In the best tradition of King’s College, St Andrew’s Anglican Choir and St Carthage’s Cathedral Choir, from Lismore, join forces each year to present a service of nine lessons and carols, annually alternating services between the Catholic Cathedral and St Andrew’s in Lismore, as well as taking it to areas such as Ballina and Mullumbimby. The service always commences with the carol, ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ and then covers a range of traditional carols as well as some more contemporary works. It involves some congregational involvement in the singing. Since 1982, each year King’s College have commissioned a special new work for inclusion in the service and this has resulted in some delectable new Christmas music. Locally, the music is selected and the choirs prepared by music director and organist, Warren Whitney. In 2008 Nine Lessons and Carols will be presented by the combined choirs:Friday 19 December, 7.30pm St Mary’s Anglican Church, Norton St, Ballina Sunday 21 December, 7.30pm St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Zadoc St, Lismore Tuesday 23 December, 7.30pm St Martin’s Anglican Church, Mullumbimby. Other Christmas services will be performed by StAndrew’s Choir:Wednesday 24 December 8.00pm carol service, Bexhill Church of the Good Shepherd Thursday 25 December 7.30am Christmas service, St Andrew’s Anglican Church Lismore We’d love you to join us at any of these services.

Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

Café - large selection of great food from menu & blackboard specials. Indoor & alfresco dining. Nursery - Huge range of sun-hardened native plants. Non-invasive bamboo, palms & indoor plants. Great assortment of garden statues & ornaments. Catering for those special functions.

Are you waiting for an electrician? CALL....


for fast & efficient service!

Industrial, Domestic, Commercial Rural & Alternative Power Systems Phone: (02) 6636 4141 Mobile: 0415 890 868

Bookings essential. Trading hours: Tuesday - Sunday 8:30am - 5:00pm Ph/Fax: (02) 6689 7369

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year Closed from Thursday 25th till Wednesday 31st December. 4460 Kyogle Road Wadeville

B & B RURAL PRODUCE Aussie Eco Clean “Turbo Broom”

Eliminate Slippery Surfaces... Remove Mould & Grime from... Driveways, Paths, Verandahs Pensioner Discounts

0403 902 639

For all your Stock Feeds, Bird seeds Chaff and Pet Supplies Kayleen and staff wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year 7 Stratheden Street Kyogle NSW 2474 Phone (02) 6632 3216

Family News Kyogle Family Support Service provides free confidential individual and family counselling, referral, advocacy and educational services. To promote healthy sustainable families Kyogle Family Support also runs supported playgroups throughout the school term to four locations in the Kyogle area and offers parenting courses. Kyogle Family Support Service wishes all Kyogle residents a joyous Christmas and a great New Year! Thank you to all the people who worked with us throughout 2008 and a special Merry Christmas to all our clients. We are situated at 102 Summerland Way (between National and Commonwealth Banks) and will close on Tuesday 23rd December 2008 and reopen on Monday 5th January 2009. For any enquires please ring 6632 1044.

Come and join the celebration Take time to remember to put Jesus first in your Christmas. Bring your family, bring your friends, and come along to the annual Kyogle Uniting Church Open-Air Family Service in the Amphitheatre on Christmas Eve. This year members of Gateway Presbyterian Church will also be taking part, with Pastor Ron Allen delivering a brief Christmas message during the evening’s proceedings. Bring a rug, cushion or chair so you can sit on the hill in comfort. There will be a FREE SAUSAGE SIZZLE at 5.30pm, with a fun-filled programme of fellowship, Carol singing, dancing, and a Christmas Skit to follow, beginning at 6pm. Stay on for a while afterwards and partake of Christmas cake and cordial from 8pm on. As in previous years, a collection for the Christmas Bowl Appeal will be taken up; we are hoping for just as wonderful a result as last year, when $830 was forwarded to the appeal.


Gold, Silver and Bronze for Northern Rivers farmer's market in NSW Tourism awards The Northern Rivers region had four of its six finalists win awards in the 2008 NSW TourismAwards, announced recently. A Gold Award went to Clarence River Tourism for its Clarence River and Clarence Coast Visitor Information Centres at South Grafton and MacLean. A Silver Award went to Southern Cross University, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Lismore, in the Education and Training category and another to Big 4 North Star Holiday Park at Hastings Point, in the Tourist and Caravan Parks Category. The Lismore Visitor Centre at Lismore picked up the Bronze Award in the Visitor information and services category. “Congratulations must go to all Award winners from the Northern Rivers, particularly to Clarence River Tourism whose two centres are outstanding. This is great news and comes on the back of a most successful international tourism conference held in the Clarence region recently,” says CEO of Northern Rivers Tourism, Russell Mills. “All finalists exhibit excellence in what they do and the awards not only provide recognition for that, but assist in marketing the tourism products and services of our wonderful Northern Rivers region.” Other finalists from the Northern Rivers were: Cape Byron Headland Reserve at Byron Bay (Heritage and Cultural Tourism); and Hillcrest Mountain View Retreat, Crystal Creek near Murwillumbah (Hosted accommodation).

Tidy Towns Committee & the stall holders invite you to share in the celebrations

Attention!! Attention!!! Mark this date - 20th December on your calendar. Kyogle Tidy Towns Committee are planning a very SPECIAL Farmer's Market to celebrate the fantastic products of our region. As well as the usual stalls which will have wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables and other delectable delights which will make the preparation of Festive meals so much more enjoyable and remember, by buying locally produced products you are decreasing your CARBON FOOTPRINT on the planet, isn't that great? There will also be:Arts and crafts for sale in the memorial hall, you might just be able to buy those stocking fillers you have been searching for or that special gift for that special person in your life. The Town Band will entertain you in Stratheden Street between 9am and 10.30am. Then it is hoped Buskers will take the stage between 10.30am and 12pm. Remember you must register with Council prior to the day. A whisper on the grapevine is that Mrs Clause will be visiting throughout the morning with a special basket of goodies. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE Have you ever wondered how animal sculptures are made from Balloons - well come and see - or have your Face Painted for free if that is more your style. Our Town Crier Sir Geoff will keep you informed of the morning's activities. So please come and join us and support local producers, artists and craftspersons and in doing so, do your bit in saving the planet J Hayman, Secretary Kyogle Tidy Towns phone 6633 9143 for further information.

Saturday 20th December 8:00am till 12noon for a fun family morning. Note: Buskers welcome. Must register (N/C) prior to the event. Forms available at Council Chambers & Laura M.

Happy and Safe Holiday Period From: the Tidy Towns Committee

Kyogle Security t/a

Rod Clark Security Master Licence No 409728005 Locally owned For all your security needs

local security checks and patrols Business and private premises crowd control alarm installation and monitoring Alarm response All Kyogle area

Phone - 6632 1983 Mobile - 0428 479 070 email:

Kyogle Bowling Club 38 Larkin Street, Kyogle Phone: (02) 6632 1108

with a treat to the

New Year’s Eve Chris Cook band from 8:30pm Meals available from 5:30pm

Christmas Eve Meals available from 5:30pm Ham Raffles Closed Christmas Day Open Boxing Day - usual trading hours Meals available from 5:30pm Usual Friday night raffles

Kyogle Bowling Club Friday 19th December from 6pm

Santa arrives 7pm - Xmas Ham Raffles A-la-carte & bistro dining from 5:30pm

Our club is air-conditioned for comfort.

Monday Nights Indoor Bowls - 7pm, $3 (names in by 6:45pm) Twilight Bowls - 6pm, $6 (names in by 5.30pm)

For the information of Members and their guests. This Club practises responsible service of alcohol.

Santa Photos

available on the evening Mandy Creations Photography - only $14.00 Bistro + A-la-Carte dining Fridays from 5:30pm - 8:30pm Saturday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

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'Stories to Light the Dark'

Mullumbimby-based storyteller Jenni Cargill-Strong is well known for her vibrant storytelling, her inspiring workshops and her two children's CD's "The Mermaid’s Shoes” (Winner of Honours, US Storytelling World Awards 2008) and “Wonder Tales of Earth and Sea” (Winner of a Special Award from the National Library ofAustralia, 1999). Recently returned from the Grafton Arts Fest 08 and the Tasmanian International Storytelling Festival, Jenni is releasing her adult album, 'Stories to Light the Dark' in time for the silly season. This CD encompasses original stories and songs, plus traditional ballads and stories, all re-interpreted for a modern audience. Most of the tracks contain plots and themes specific to the adult journey. In The Wife of Bath’s Tale, from Chaucer’s medieval Canterbury Tales, a young knight must answer on pain of death, the question

“What is it that mortal women most desire?” Will the answer he discovers save his neck? A tale of mystery, enchantment and redemption. In the chilling open-ended ballad, Mr Fox, we meet Bluebeard, or is he the devil? or is he an inner devil? Will Mary grasp her hearts desire and escape? Will we? Goldenheart, is an original tale of a man who finds feelings too painful. So, like Davey Jones, he throws his heart in a tin. But Goldenheart’s heart finds its way back to him. It has been the third most listened to track on one of America’s biggest storytelling sites, for years. In King Willy, there are magical girdles and horses manes hung with silver bells offered as exchange for the birth of a beloved baby. In The Fisherman's Baby, a freak storm separates a baby from his young father. But will a seal help? The album has been sumptuously recorded locally at Nomad Digital, with meticulous attention to detail. Jenni’s beautiful vocals have a rich, warm sound and the music and sound effects that accompany the tracks greatly enhance the listener’s experience. Weaving behind and between these stories and ballads are delicate medieval vocal harmonies and drones, renaissance recorders, medieval fiddle, lute, lyre, concertina, flute, harp and bells. To order call Jenni on 6684 6548, email or request any good bookshop to order them in.

Bundjalung Women Coming Home Exhibition 'Coming Home' An exhibition by emerging Indigenous artist Joanne Lapic A Bundjalung woman, Joanne was born in Ballina in 1974. Although she has lived in Sydney, Lismore, Byron Bay and Melbourne, she always comes back to her roots in Ballina. In 2007 Joanne entered the Bundjalung Art award and her work was exhibited at the Grafton Regional Gallery. In 2006 she had a solo exhibition 'Beautiful Creatures' at the Blue Tongue Café in Lismore. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Melbourne, Ballina and Tweed Heads and has been sold to private collections inAustralia. Joanne reflects on her personal experiences of coming home in this exhibition. "There is a strong connection to country in my work. I spent a lot of my childhood in the country. Dad had land at Jiggi and Bexhill so we were always coming back to Ballina. Reconnecting to this land is a big thing for me."

Arts Northern Rivers Indigenous Arts Development Officer, Frances Belle Parker says, "Joanne's talent and appreciation as an artist is something I definitely admire, she's one of those artists that will jump at any opportunity to help her further develop as an artist, she is an emerging artist who knows what she wants." Joanne is one of 26 Northern Rivers Indigenous artists to be featured in Arts Northern Rivers upcoming publication 'A Special Kind of Vision - Contemporary Indigenous Art of the Northern Rivers', she will be featured among leading Indigenous artists of the region including her Uncle, Digby Moran. Coming Home opened on Wednesday 10th December at The Sandbar Restaurant, 23 Compton Drive, East Ballina. The exhibition will run until February 2009. Please phone Alan Spink for more information 0437 592 010.

O&H Holden Far north coast councils urged to invest $300 million funding bonus in shade from skin cancer Cancer Council NSW is urging local councils across the Far North Coast to invest their share of the Federal Government's $300 million infrastructure funding on shade in recreation areas. “One in two Australian's face the prospect of developing skin cancer in their lifetime and about 263 people in Northern Rivers will be diagnosed with melanoma this year,” Diana Fisher from Cancer Council's Far North Coast Office inAlstonville said. “Providing shade in recreation areas is a simple and effective way of preventing sunburn and the associated risk of skin cancer.” “NSW has a sunny climate and we are lucky enough to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. However, research shows that people believe it's difficult to find adequate shade at local parks, playgrounds and sports grounds.” “This funding gives councils in Northern Rivers the funds and opportunity to act upon residents' needs, by providing a safety net against skin cancer - a preventable disease - in our backyard.” Cancer Council's National Sun Survey 20062007 also revealed that adults in wealthier areas more likely to use shade, and less likely to be sunburnt. Ms Coppa added: “This survey shows how public open spaces in wealthier neighbourhoods are more likely to have shade.” “Skin cancer doesn't discriminate against wealth, status or postcode, so while this is great news for people living in such areas, it's not so good for those living in less wealthy neighbourhoods.” “I encourage local council to grasp this chance to invest their bonus funding on shade, to ensure all residents have plentiful and equal access to this important form of sun protection.” “Taking this step would be a great investment for Northern Rivers communities. Not only would it help residents to better enjoy their recreation facilities, it could also help drive down skin cancer rates across the area,” Ms Coppa said.

Kyogle community Christmas lunch When: Thursday 25th December 2008 Where: Kyogle Memorial Hall, Supper Room Time: 12.30pm start Cost: $10Adults, $5 Children under 12 yrs RSVP: Monday 22nd December 2008 as bookings are essential, please phone Russell on 6633 3334. Home Decor & Gifts Quality home & gift wares

• Settler bears, china, linen, variety of teas • Fresh flowers, camphor laurel chopping boards

NOW OPEN Monday & Tuesday till Christmas - Free Gift Wrapping 143 Summerland Way, Kyogle 2474 Ph: 02 6632 3646

Where Service is a Tradition!

Ph: 02 6632 1700

128-132 Summerland Way Kyogle NSW 2474

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John Miller Advertorial

The importance of car servicing While we are moving towards the ''no service car" something most consumers would love, they are still a long way down the track. You can see the trend by ever extending service intervals on certain new cars which in some cases have moved out to 20,000 kms. More evidence can be seen in 'sealed for life' transmissions and differentials, but a sealed for life engine? Perhaps major car components, engines and transmissions, will become disposable like batteries, tyres, mufflers and shock absorbers. We might one day see cars with engines like cassettes where you run it in for a year then take it to a replacement centre which unlocks the old engine and clicks in a new one. In the meantime, we still need to take the car regularly to have its vital fluids checked or changed and other electronic and mechanical functions adjusted. There is much more to servicing a modern car than simply giving it a 'grease and oil change '. The old $35 dollar grease and oil might have passed muster a decade ago but is in most cases insufficient attention for a new car with its many sophisticated systems. Car servicing can involve up to 50 or more component and system checks and adjustments. And despite complaints about the cost from some owners, it's worth the money. A correctly serviced and tuned engine will have a longer, more economical service life than one that is run into the ground with minimal attention. A full service will also among other things pre-warn major problems with the engine and transmission, tell you the condition of the brake pads, battery condition, steering alignment, tyre tread depth, suspension condition, oil leaks of any sort, exhaust leaks, even how well the door locks are working. And the best thing apart from having a fully functional, safe car is that with a complete service history, the car will be worth more when you sell it.

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Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

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Kyogle Tractor Parts & Equipment

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S p orts review Kyogle Pony Club

Kyogle Croquet Club

Kyogle Pony Club held its Christmas party presentation day on Sunday 30th November. The children enjoyed the movie “Australia” followed by lunch and presentations at the Exchange Hotel. Subjunior - Champ Jack Copeland Reserve Olivia O’Reilly Junior - Champ Jordan Miller Reserve Damon Miller Senior - Champ Keely Moore Reserve Jackson Felton All children received a trophy or medallion for participation. Well done to all. A mighty effort for 2008. Sign on Day for 2009 Season is to be held at Kyogle Showground on 1st February 2009 Rally days will start the following Sunday. New members are very welcome. A list of requirements will be available at sign on, please contact Tony Copeland President 6633 5233 or Jo Bulmer Secretary 6633 3231 or email: for more information. Rally days for 2009 are Sunday: 8/2/09 15/2/09 22/2/09 1/3/09 8/3/09

Following popular tradition, Kyogle Croquet Club will celebrate their year of fun and games and of course, an element of competitiveness, at a Christmas Lunch and Presentation of Trophies. Winners were: 2nd Division Singles Winner - B. Birmingham R/U - Y. Morris 3rd Division Singles Winner - W. Walsh R/U - D.Andrews Open Doubles Winners - J. Moore and D.Andrews Open Doubles R/U - B. Birmingham and V. Gibson Hoop Break - 2nd Division B. Birmingham 3rd Division - D.Andrews Armstrong Brooch - W. Walsh. The Croquet members extend their thanks to Kyogle Golf Club, the Commonwealth Bank and especially Tracey and David Simpson for their assistance and donation of trophies. Play will commence in February when new and experienced players will be eager to play. Captain Bev Birmingham will happily answer any queries from interested people, phone 6632 2521.

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Ad Enquiries Ph: 6632 1174 Single classifieds $5 each (one item only, unlimited lines) All ads must be pre written with correct money in an envelope and left at Turning Heads Hair Studio opposite IGA, 120 Summerland Way (Closed Mondays) or Gloprint Services Shed 6/272 Summerland Way (behind Brown & Hurley).

For Sale Unit, Kyogle 2 bedrooms, walk to town, easily maintained, open plan, A/C new carpet $230,000 Phone 6632 3535 or 0429 323 539

Small band saw, good order not needed anymore $125 ono Phone 6632 1615

Wanted Rayburn Combustion Stove old cream coloured cast iron type Phone 6633 1477

Garage Sale Garage Sale - Sat 13th December 8am, 4 Saville Street, Kyogle Fuel Stove ~ Cupboards ~ Beds ~ Tables Aquarium ~ Kitchenware ~ Books ~ Bikes Trailer Mounted Dog Cage Phone 0418 488 213

PEDERSONS Sales & Service of:

* Saw Blades * Router Bits * Planer Blades * Woodworking * Scissors/Secateurs, etc

Mark Pederson 109 Anzac Drive Kyogle 2474

Honda EM 4500 S Inverter Generator 4500 watt, electric or pull start, auto idle, as new, only operated about 200 hrs. Paid $3,300 new, sell $2,200 ono Phone Eric 6633 1441 Diahatsu Charade 94, 12mths rego, manual, 140,000 kms, ex con, reluctant sale, owner going overseas $3,000 ono Phone 6633 1438


Ph: 6632 2438 Mob: 0447 663 218

Floor Sanding Machines FOR HIRE D.I.Y. OR TRADESMAN AVAILABLE Materials also available

Ph: 6632 3342 Mob: 0410 016 694

Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

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Drop in and see us in the KMI hall on the Big Market Day on 20th December Merry Christmas to all our Happy customers e

The Management & Staff of Hogan’s Sawmill P/L would like to wish all their customers & suppliers a Merry Xmas & a Safe, Prosperous New Year.

Christmas Sale

20-50 % off all stock Excluding Dance Shoes & Dance stockings We advise that the mill will be closing on the 19/12/08 for holidays & resuming operations on the 19/1/09.


Enquiries: Barry or Kathy - 6632 1173

This offer made possible with support from the Australian Government’s Australian Broadband Guarantee program.

A’lure Boutique


59 Summerland Way Kyogle NSW 2474

Food & Drinks available from 6pm

with Scotty

Carols from 7pm

Muso's Xmas Party Wednesday 24th Dec from 8.30pm at the Exchange Hotel

Glow Sticks Available

Sale ends 24th Dec


Carols by Candlelight Sunday 14th Dec at the Kyogle Memorial Hall

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Kyogle Lions Club

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Come along and enjoy a night of Entertainment for all the family

COMMERCIAL HOTEL “KYOGLE’S TOP PUB” Phone (02) 6632 1017 97-101 Summerland Way, Kyogle Accommodation Available Hotel & Motel

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Commercial Hotel Family Restaurant To avoid disappointment bookings are essential please Ph: 6632 3598 Dinner Tuesday - Saturday / Lunch Tuesday - Sunday

Fri 12th December

“Cath Simes Band” Sat 13th December

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Management and staff would like to thank their patrons for their support throughout the year and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year

Open Boxing Day 12noon - 10pm

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“Legless Lizards” New Texas Holdem Poker Tournament every Wed from 7pm

Every Wednesday Night 6pm - 8pm

Book your Christmas Party Now! To avoid disappointment. Closed Christmas Day Great list of bands till end of December

Restaurant Dining: All under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

Meal Deals Pizza Night Wednesdays - $10 Receive a FREE Middie or Glass Wine with every meal purchased

Tuesday Nights in Restaurant Purchase 1 Adult Meal and 1 Child eats Free (must be accompanied by an adult) Thursday Nights in Restaurant (members only card must be shown) Buy (2) meals for the price of (1) - Receive 2nd meal for equal or less value.

Air Conditioned Public Bar with Glycol Beer System State of the Art Sound and TV Sound System with DVD, Video and TV Big Screen Pool Room Online TAB

This Hotel practises responsible service of alcohol & conduct of gaming.

Is gambling a problem for you? G-Line is a confidential, anonymous and free counselling service FREECALL 1800 633 635

Noise Emitted from this Hotel is kept within Legal Requirements for the comfort of Kyogle Residents

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Northern Rivers Talking Turkey 11th December 2008

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