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GlobeMed at Columbia University

Quarterly Report | Jan 2011 Contents

Mission:   GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of the impoverished around the world.


Message from the Co-Presidents


Goals for January – March 2012


GlobeMed HillTop Global Health Conference 2011


Summary of activities




Faces of GlobeMed


QI1 Review of September – November 2011


Financial Summary

Who we are GlobeMed is a network of university students that partner with grassroots organizations around the world to improve the health of people living in poverty. Through their involvement today, students commit to a life of leadership in global health and social justice. Relationships are the heart of GlobeMed's model of engaging students to make an impact in the health of communities around the world. Each of our 46 chapters at universities across the

United States has a partner in a grassroots health organization in the developing world. Together, the chapter and partner organization work to collaborate on specific projects, organize a global health curriculum on campus, and lead trips to work with partners in communities abroad. GlobeMed at Columbia partners with Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization (GWED-G) in Northern Uganda.

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GlobeMed at Columbia University

Quarterly Report | Jan 2011 “Imagine, in thirty years, an entire generation that does not bear the burden of incurable illness, that will not have to take antiretroviral medications, and that will have little to no chance of contracting HIV. Imagine this generation, born not into suffering, but with the good health that every human being deserves.” - Lexa Koenig, speaking at “30 in 30 Out: World AIDS Day Benefit”

Message from the Co-Presidents Greetings, GWED-G friends! We hope all is going well in Uganda! We are excited to present to you the second quarterly report from GlobeMed to GWED-G. As the new co-presidents of GlobeMed for the coming year, we are eager to continue our strong partnership. Vital to this partnership is communication about what we are doing on our end in New York.

You will find in this quarterly report all of our events from the second half the semester. These are the events that helped us surpass our fundraising goal for the entire year. They are the events that generate awareness on our campus about GlobeMed, GWEDG, and global health. With our fundraising goal completed, we hope that this semester will bring with it many

Recent News from the Network The GlobeMed National Office named Pamela Angwech, Executive Director of GWED-G, as one of five founding members of GlobeMed’s Global Advisory Council. She shares this role with other leaders in global health such as Paul Farmer of Partners in Health and Reeta


opportunities for new and old members of our chapter to feel more connected to GWED-G, and for GWED-G staff to feel more connected to our chapter. We hope you enjoy reading about our busy semester, and we look forward to hearing about GWEDG’s last few months. With lots of love, Lillian Jin and Lexa Koenig Roy of The MasterCard Foundation. Pamela will also come to the US to speak at the GlobeMed National Summit in a keynote address with Pamela Barnes of Engender Health, and meet the students of GlobeMed at Columbia! Words cannot express how honored and thrilled we are to host our long-term partner and friend.

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GlobeMed at Columbia University

Quarterly Report | Jan 2011

Goals and vision Summary of our priorities for Jan – Mar 2012 1. Fundraising events 3. Community building a. Host two bar parties a. Work community building b. Collaborate with a fraternity activities like icebreakers and c. Sell beads from Ugandan other games into the beginning women of every meeting d. Collaborate with on-campus b. Plan a Spring bonding retreat and off-campus food c. Pilot a mentorship program organizations to fundraise between old members and new members 2. Education and advocacy a. Host speaker panels and 4. Outreach dinners focused on global a. Appeal to other on-campus health topics groups about co-sponsoring b. Launch at least three Guerilla events Campaigns related to different b. Connect with New York City global health topics non-profits and global health c. Invite teachers to speak about groups their area of expertise and c. Begin search for a local partner how it relates to social justice organization for which we can for World Day of Social Justice volunteer on February 20th


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GlobeMed at Columbia University

Quarterly Report | Jan 2011

GlobeMed HillTop at Columbia Unlocking the power of partnership In November, GlobeMed at Columbia hosted the 2011 GlobeMed HillTop Global Health Conference “From Philosophy to Practice: Partnership as Paradigm for Health Equity.” Over 100 students from GlobeMed chapters across the Northeast gathered at Columbia University and Barnard College’s campuses for a weekend of intimate discussions and lectures examining the ideal of partnership and its importance to the global health movement. Peter Luckow, co-founder of GlobeMed and current Chief Operating Officer of Tiyatien Health, delivered an opening keynote that expounded on the importance of partnership within the global health community, despite the many differences in organizations' background and model. Pamela Barnes, President and CEO of EngenderHealth, delivered a rousing


honorary keynote that urged students to exercise their full potential as advocates for health equity. Throughout the weekend, students heard from global health professionals in a variety of sectors speak about their work’s particular model of partnership and the philosophical ideas that compelled their model. Acumen Fund, Clinton Global Initiative, charity: water, and MedicMobile, were among the many organizations present, and each perspective on partnership helped illustrate the many different, equally effective, manifestations of partnership. Students were allowed the chance to speak with GlobeMed alumni and discuss possibilities in global health beyond their involvement with GlobeMed, as well as engage in intimate discussions with each other about how to improve their GlobeMed partnerships. Several global health and social justice organizations and a

number of academic departments and research institutes at Columbia supported the success of HillTop, yielding partnerships that continue to sustain GlobeMed at

“Being in a room surrounded by so many passionate, capable students made me realize that this student-led organization is not only an organization; it is a movement. It also made me realize the importance of humility.” – Sophia Meyerson, GlobeMed at Amherst Columbia’s partnerships in their community, for as with all things GlobeMed, HillTop's success was founded in community.

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GlobeMed at Columbia University

Summary of activities

Breaking the cycle of poverty and health: globalhealthU This past semester, globalhealthU began a four-week exploration of the connections between poverty and health. We began by examining quantitative definitions and qualifiers of poverty from international institutions such as the World Bank and the Multidimensional Poverty Index. These definitions and data gave the members a greater understanding of the multifaceted nature of poverty and ill health. However, we also discussed how definitions of poverty can limit our perceptions of how poverty is manifested in real lives. Therefore, we explored case studies concerning individuals who experience both poverty and ill health in their daily lives. Through stories and quotations from forums such as Voices of the Poor, we learned about poverty from the perspective of the poor themselves. Finally, by combining our qualitative and quantitative understandings, we created multiple representations of the cycle of poverty and health.

Quarterly Report | Jan 2011 internet, so even more people were able to listen in. Manzi shared insights about the struggles of not having enough staff and the hard decisions between sending doctors to conferences to learn and get funding from aid agencies, and between keeping the doctors in the clinics at all times to directly serve their patients, but not having enough money to buy everything they need. He also taught the audience some energizing stretches and movements. Dr. Mukherjee reminded us that even when this work is discouraging, we are never alone. There are millions of people around the world trying to improve the health of their communities. After speaking, they both answered many questions from the very interested audience. Fall GlobeMed Gala This year's Gala was held with the help of Francie Komer, who was generous enough to let us use her beautiful apartment as a venue for our Gala this past semester. Along with home cooked dinner for around 70 people, our chapter came together around a topic that we all hold near and dear to our hearts, GWED-G. Among many conversations about global health, what was going on uptown in Morningside heights on campus, and the awesome views of the city, we got to let our friends (and some family) learn about what GWEDG does and where their money from the night was going. We raised nearly $1000 from the gala thanks to the donation of the venue and the generosity of everyone that attended. The Gala was such a success that we are hoping to have another one in the spring! World AIDS Week

An Evening with Joia Mukherjee and Manzi Anatole On November 16th, GlobeMed at Columbia collaborated with Partners in Health to host an intimate event with Chief Medical Officer of Partners in Health, Joia Mukherjee, and Director of Clinical Partnership, Manzi Anatole. Approximately fifty people attended to hear about their work on the ground, creating and maintaining health systems in countries like Haiti and Rwanda. GlobeMed also broadcast this event live on the


This World AIDS Week was a great success. GlobeMed at Columbia partnered with another Columbia organization called Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC) which made our awareness-raising efforts much more widespread around campus. Throughout the week leading up to World AIDS Day, GlobeMed members sold tiles to contribute to a public art project. The art project was a mosaic representation of the HIV genome, in which each tile represented a different nucleotide base pair. Three tiles were sold for one dollar to students and passersby, and when they stopped to glue their tile onto the project, we were able to talk to them about GWED-G’s project in Gulu, spreading awareness of our mission. On World AIDS Day, we co-sponsored a benefit with SGAC at which development economist, Jeffrey Sachs, delivered an inspiring speech about the implications of

Global Fund budget cuts and of the new research regarding ending HIV within the next 30 years. We also were privileged to watch two renowned New York City dance ensembles perform original choreography. Our very own Liza Plafsky and Lexa Koenig were able to share a story of change about Adong Molly and her HIV-free baby with the audience and speak about the importance of GWED-G’s work in Uganda. This week was reflective, inspiring, and energizing. We were happy to establish a new type of partnership with SGAC and to have spread awareness about GWED-G and global health. Around the World Trivia On Saturday November 19th, GlobeMed and the brothers in the Sigma Nu Fraternity came together to put on a fun-filled trivia night. The event was held at the Sigma Nu house, with a $5.00 entry fee. All of the proceeds went directly to GlobeMed so that we can reach the fundraising goal determined in conjunction with GWED-G. Trivia night turned out to be a blast, and many people from Columbia University came to support the cause. Not only was there an amazing turn out, but a lot of people also had the chance to learn about GlobeMed and become more aware of global issues through targeted trivia questions. Furthermore, the committee would like to give a huge thank you to the Sigma Nu fraternity because without them, this amazing night would not have been possible. All in all, the trivia night was phenomenal, and we are looking forward to working with Greek Life at Columbia University in the future! Food Sales In partnership with NOM3, GlobeMed at Columbia held a food fundraiser on November 9 that entailed the sale of “NOM boxes.” The boxes were harvest-themed, each containing a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, chocolate-covered pretzels, and an organic apple. The fundraiser was a great success; we sold all 70 boxes and raised $100 for GWED-G, our partner in Gulu, Uganda. This money will go towards helping the organization with their various on-going HIV/AIDS projects in Northern Ugandan communities. These include the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, promotion of family planning, training of community health-workers, community destigmatization, and education, with a special focus on the role of men in combating the virus.

GlobeMed at Columbia University


Quarterly Report | Jan 2011

GlobeMed at Columbia University

Changing the Face of Global Health This year, we decided to focus annual appeal on the members of the Columbia chapter themselves. Titled “Give to GlobeMed,” the campaign included a portrait of each member accompanied with an original quote from the member. Because the quote from each member was not centered on a specific question, everyone was allowed to write about whatever they wanted, from “Why they were in GlobeMed,” to “What they believe in,” and beyond. In the end, the project evolved into a powerful, beautiful collection of thoughts, smiles, that not only made some of us laugh and cry, but reminded us why we are all connected and why we are all a part of the movement towards social justice, equality, and empowerment of those silenced. The pictures and quotes were shared with friends, families, and members of our further networks through Facebook, Twitter (@cuglobemed), Tumblr, and our WordPress blog. All the pictures can be found at  

Quarterly Report | Jan 2011

GlobeMed at Columbia University

Upcoming Events

Quarterly Report | Jan 2011

Quarter II Review Successes and achievements

February 15: Cholera in Haiti: a Discussion with charity: water February 20: World Day of Social Justice February 27: Speaking Event with Sam Njolomole of Partners in Health April 12 – 14: GlobeMed National Summit May – June: GROW Trip to Gulu, Uganda


• • • •

Positive feedback from speakers and participants about the first GlobeMed HillTop 2nd place winner in GlobalGiving Open Challenge, granting us a $2,000 bonus prize Unprecedented fundraising total for one semester Increasing presence on Columbia campus, with the help of cosponsorships with other student organizations and faculty

Challenges • • • •

Need to continue to strengthen community within Columbia chapter Could still improve connection between GWED-G and GlobeMed members Timeliness with regard to financial transactions Internal organization

Suggestions for improvement More frequent communication between Pamela and chapter Open communication between chapter and GlobeMed National Office • More media, stories, and photos from GWED-G could be used to share our work with others • •

Pending activities and next steps • • • • • •

Plan campaigns for the spring semester Launch peer-to-peer mentorship program Plan GROW trip to Gulu Prepare for Pamela’s visit to the United States Begin planning for next year’s HillTop Conference Begin researching potential for a local partnership in New York

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GlobeMed at Columbia University

Quarterly Report | Jan 2011

Financial Summary (Sept 2011 – Jan 2012) Remaining Funds


Welcome Back Party


Pinkberry Fundraiser


NOM Fundraiser


GlobeMed Gala


Around the World Trivia Night


Partners in Health Discussion


Voluntary Donation



To support our work, please visit our project page on GlobalGiving


Global Giving Fundraising




Remaining Budgetary Funds


List of Members Sewa Adekoya Emily Bakaj Tehani Benjamin Karye Caiza Eve Cremers Menaka Dhingra Fatima Diallo Chelbi Dickens Gaby Dressler Nicole Dussault Katelyn Dutton Trip Eggert Sophie Ellman-Golan Isabelle Fisher

Conner Fox Lillian Jin Ben Harris Samantha Henderson Katie Houghton Nicole Klein Lexa Koenig Kathryn Lau Talya Levi Alex Lopez Livy Low Aoife MacMahon Renee Maina Rose Milando

GlobeMed at Columbia University 3009 Broadway New York, NY 10027

Adriana Moore Leila Musavi Jess Northridge Radhe Patel Vir Patel Emily Pisem Liza Plafsky Abby Pucker Lianne Ramos Gavril Rosoklija Sarah Stano Jackie Testani Diane Wang Karina Yu

Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization |

Gulu, Uganda

GlobeMed at Columbia Q2 Report (Nov - Jan 2012)  
GlobeMed at Columbia Q2 Report (Nov - Jan 2012)  

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