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Ready to roll W

elcome to the first edition of PAX International in 2023! We are thrilled to bring you all the latest news and updates for this year’s Amenities & Comfort issue. As air travel is rising to pre-pandemic levels and passengers return to the skies for both business and leisure, it is certainly an exciting time for the industry. Projects that were put on hold during the pandemic are coming to fruition, well-known names are rebranding and in-person events seem to be back for good.

In this issue we cover how the circular economy production and consumption model remains the focus in the inflight amenities and comfort product category. Suppliers are aiming to establish a supply chain that can truly make a difference for the planet. Plane Talking Products Co-Founder and Director Alison Wells gives an update on rPET blankets and FORMIA talks about its global growth.

We also bring you an update on sustainability efforts. From RMT Global Partner’s EcoVadis Gold Status achievement to a call for unity in a guest column by Karen Mackenzie, Head of Membership at the Aviation Sustainability Forum, it is clear that individually and collectively the industry is working toward goals that benefit everyone and the planet.

We close the issue with a preview of the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo — which, according to Event Director Polly Magraw is expected to be the biggest show to date since the pandemic moved events online. “We anticipate more exhibitors and visitors,” she says.

In other news, we are introducing our refreshed vision for the annual PAX Readership Awards, in partnership for the first time this year with TravelPlus. The collaboration will bring together and celebrate the very best in airline amenities, catering and technology.

We are looking forward to the exciting year ahead. Our new Editor Stephanie Philp is energizing our coverage and the PAX team will be present at all major industry events. We anticipate seeing you in person very soon!


Snackbox-To-Go focuses on luxury tastes with new meals

Korean Air unveils amenity pouches made from cabin life vests

Korean Air’s new eco-friendly “life vest” cosmetics pouches are now onboard. A limited number of 4,000 eco-friendly amenity pouches, made out of retired cabin life vests, will be available for purchase on Korean Air’s e-Skyshop. The proceeds from the cosmetic pouch sales will be donated to a global environmental organization.

The upcycled pouches have been produced in collaboration with Korean beauty brand 107, renowned for its natural skin care products and eco-friendly holistic approach to beauty. The upcycled cosmetics pouch will feature six different travel-size skincare essentials: a facial cleanser, a face mist, moisturizing cream, soap, shampoo and a mask pack.

As demand for “free-from” products grows, SnackboxTo-Go has responded with its gluten-free pizza. An ideal special meal, the pizza is both Halal-certified and vegan with the only allergen being a soy allergen.

The two pizza fingers are packed in a convenient pizza box, suitable for all oven types. Weighing just 125g, the snack is easy to handle for the crew. The attractive packaging gives an extra luxury touch to the product.

Snackbox-To-Go’s sweet and savoury duo-concept also continues to be a popular option.

Halal-certified, this concept has endless possibilities. Airlines can customize all components of the product: tomato mozzarella lattice with a Belgian waffle or a cheese & tomato pizza finger with a chocolate cake, customers can choose from a wide range of sweet and savoury options.

Not only have the pouches been made from retired life vests, but the manufacturing processes were carried out to minimize pollution and carbon emissions. The pouches were manufactured at a factory using solar power, and eco-friendly, biodegradable detergents were used to wash the life vests.

As a part of its ESG activities, Korean Air has carried out various upcycling projects such as producing name tags using scraps of retired aircraft and the donation of hot water bottle covers made using inflight blankets to neighbours in need.

Snackbox-To-Go’s gluten-free pizza is both Halal-certified and vegan

4 APRIL 2023
The eco-friendly cosmetic pouches are made out of retired cabin life vests
Snackbox-To-Go’s attractive packaging gives an extra luxury touch to the sweet and savoury duo-concept

TravelPlus and PAX International align awards ceremonies for WTCE Hamburg

TravelPlus and PAX International will align their awards ceremonies this year in Hamburg. Both parties have agreed on a collaboration to bring together and celebrate the very best in onboard passenger amenities, catering and technology in one event.

The TravelPlus Airline Amenity and PAX International Catering Awards will be held on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at the Radisson BLU Hotel, Hamburg alongside the World Travel Catering & Onboard Service EXPO. The Awards will be a component of an early cocktail reception.

The awards voting criteria will not change. TravelPlus will still judge with independent focus groups of airline passengers and PAX International will continue with reader voting.

As part of the new collaboration, Pax International will discontinue their Amenity Awards which in the past included the best Business Class, Premium Economy/Economy and Children’s focusing on food service, catering, airlines and technology.

PAX International Publisher Aijaz Khan (left) with Director of TravelPlus Simon Ward

Plentiful Partnerships

As air travel activity continues to recover, amenities supplier FORMIA is experiencing a rapid uptick in demand from its airline customers globally. The company is further strengthening its presence in the Americas region with a growing team at its New York City office, headed up by Niklas Sandor, Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director of FORMIA Americas. Sandor forms part of the FORMIA senior management team with CEO & Managing Partner Roland Grohmann and Chief Customer Experience Officer Marisa Pitsch. In this Q&A, the team tells PAX International how FORMIA’s on-the-ground presence, purposeful partnershipsw and responsibly produced products fuels its ability to add value to every passenger journey.

PAX INTERNATIONAL: What is FORMIA highlighting right now in terms of products and partnerships?

SANDOR: FORMIA’s recent activities with airlines in the Americas region include the continuation of Delta Air Line’s award-winning amenity kit program in partnership with Mexicobased B-Corp Someone Somewhere, with the launch of the Premium Select kits and a special edition pink kit for October to honour Breast Cancer Awareness month. Production of the kits

generated jobs for more than 250 people across Mexico’s most vulnerable states, providing social and economic support for underprivileged communities, and even enabled a direct connection between the passenger and the artisan who created their kit via a QR code on the bag.

Added to this, FORMIA has recently launched refreshed amenity kit collections for American Airlines in collaboration with luxury design brand, Shinola, featuring a consciously crafted, striking new design for the Flagship kit, developed for passengers to take home and use long beyond the journey.

PAX INTERNATIONAL: How does FORMIA tie sustainability into its efforts to enhance the travel experience of modern travellers while prioritizing purposeful partnerships?

PITSCH: One example is the partnership FORMIA facilitated between China Airlines and iconic performance brand, The North Face, which upgraded the amenity kits for Business Class and Premium Economy by adding functionality and reusability for the modern traveller with the option to take home the amenity bags and incorporate them into their active lifestyles.

Sustainability has long been a focus for FORMIA. During the pandemic

we invested in developing a dedicated in-house team headed up by Sarah Klatt-Walsh, FORMIA’s Sustainability Lead. Bringing onboard REBEL, experts in quantifying environmental impact, in 2020 FORMIA committed to transforming the entire business to be truly sustainable and are well on our way to reaching the target of becoming a net-zero carbon company by 2030.

PAX INTERNATIONAL: How does on-the-ground growth contribute to FORMIA’s success, and what is the link to sustainability?

GROHMANN: With a team which has doubled in size to meet the increase in global activities with customers, FORMIA firmly believes that bringing our own people along the journey is a key part of transformation. We have recently invested in sustainability training for every employee — sharing key trends, innovations in new sustainable materials and how every individual can play a part in driving FORMIA’s sustainability strategy forward.

It doesn’t stop there. We are already able to offer net-zero carbon amenity kits and are incredibly excited to be developing the industry’s first ever net-zero carbon amenities program for an airline, to be launched in the coming months.

6 APRIL 2023
FORMIA is committed to transforming its entire business to be truly sustainable In this Q&A, FORMIA’s CEO & Managing Partner, Roland Grohmann, Niklas Sandor, Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director of FORMIA Americas and Marisa Pitsch, Chief Customer Experience Officer, detail how sustainability and growth are linked PHILP Niklas Sandor Marisa Pitsch
Roland Grohmann

Global GOLD

RMT Global Partners submitted its most recent sustainability questionnaire to EcoVadis, a European company that specializes in developing programs aimed at educating and scoring companies on sustainability policies, in November 2022. RMT received the results shortly after. With an overall score of 71 percent, RMT ranks in the 96th percentile of all companies scored by EcoVadis — marking the company’s first Gold status rating.

“Achieving a Gold rating from a reputable rating firm like EcoVadis is formal confirmation of the work that RMT Global Partners started in 2011 with our Sustainable Dining product line,” Richard Tuttle, President and CEO of RMT Global Partners, tells PAX International. “With this rating, we can show our customer base that RMT is truly a partner in realizing their sustainability goals.”

EcoVadis determines ratings based on existing sustainability standards, like the Global Reporting Initiative and the

United Nations Global Compact. At its core, the EcoVadis assessment asks a company to define its sustainability policies and show how integrated into the business and management systems those policies are. The Sustainability Scorecard rates performance in four categories: environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

For RMT, EcoVadis noted the company’s exceptional policy on ethics issues, its regular assessment (at least once a year) of individual performance and its comprehensive sustainable procurement policies on both social and environmental factors, Tuttle says.

He highlights the key elements of RMT’s policies: “a culture of open and honest communication, respect and dignity for all individuals; a work environment that is safe and healthy with management actions based on diversity and inclusion; compliance with all rules, laws and regulations wherever we operate; and the absolute protection of information and resources.” Moreover, RMT relies on a formal qualification,

assessment and audit process to ensure compliance from its partners.

EcoVadis is becoming recognized as a major player in the corporate sustainability arena. To encourage businesses to meet requirements for supply chain sustainability, EcoVadis shares its results with the clients of a ranked company. In the industry, airlines and groups are outsourcing sustainability compliance to EcoVadis. Some currently in collaboration with EcoVadis are Air France-KLM and Delta Air Lines

When selecting partners within RMT’s supply chain, Tuttle says decisions “place emphasis on the existence of sustainable policies, proof of policy implementation and ongoing monitoring.”

Prioritizing sustainability has two direct benefits for RMT. “By focusing our decision making and actions on business ethics, environmental protection, worker welfare and corporate security, we will ensure that RMT’s future is both profitable and sustainable,” Tuttle says.

8 APRIL 2023
Richard Tuttle, President and CEO of RMT Global Partners, details what RMT’s recent EvoVadis Gold Status means for the company, and the world RMT’s Sustainable Dining product line
Richard Tuttle, President and CEO, RMT Global Partners
Egg-cellent taste ... natural ingredients. Gut Springenheide GmbH • Weiner 152 • 48607 Ochtrup • Germany Tel. +49 (0) 25 53/10 22 • Fax 10 25 • E-Mail:

Blankets with benefits

Inflight product supplier Plane Talking Products (PTP) has been highlighting its sustainability agenda in recent years. Its plastic-free cups, cutlery, air sickness bags and amenity kits are all part of the company’s agenda to put the earth first in product design.

As more travellers get back into the cabin for business and leisure travel — or the intersection of both, which Co-Founder and Director of PTP Alison Wells points out as “bleisure” travel — the company is zeroing in on its contributions to a circular economy.

PTP incorporates eucalyptus and bamboo fibres into its rotable bedding ranges as an alternative to polyester. The range includes duvet covers, pillow cases, blankets and bottom sheets made from the natural fibres, as well as cost-effective disposable bamboo textiles as an alternative to polypropylene. To complete its sustainable range, bamboo socks and eyeshades are also available.

Keeping sustainability at the forefront of products is what passengers want, Wells says.

Along with incorporating sustainable products, PTP is championing a major change in how the inflight sector works.

“We should look first at how we can extend the life of a product to reduce waste,” Wells tells PAX International. “At PTP we have been looking at the sustainable pathways for an rPET (recycled polyester) blanket. The ideal solution is a circular economy whereby the blankets are reused, repurposed or remanufactured into for example bottles or blankets. There is also a linear option where the blankets can be ‘downcycled’ into insulating materials or similar.”

The purity of these products is also top of mind. Blending bamboo or eucalyptus with cotton or other fibres may have some benefits (costs can drop while durability increases), but Wells says it is best to remain cautious.

“Blending can sometimes make the product less recyclable or difficult to dispose of after its useful life,” she explains. In future designs, PTP may incorporate silver or copper

technology in blended fibres for the antimicrobial, anti-odour and anti-allergy benefits. “At Plane Talking Products we always try to stay on top of current trends,” Wells says.

When designing and developing products, PTP aims to “incorporate small details that make a big impact,” Wells explains. “We look at the heritage and local culture and include this in the product design so that passengers know definitively where they are and who they are travelling with.”

PTP uses colours, textures and accent pieces that evoke a sense of “arriving” — either at the destination or home. Choosing these specific details helps keep the products fresh in the passenger’s mind, and can make them much more interesting and memorable. This sense of connection is important to PTP, Wells says, as passengers are seeking comfort on many levels as travel returns to pre-pandemic levels.

“We look holistically at the experience that our customers want to create,” she says. This bespoke approach helps passengers “feel” the local culture while travelling.

10 APRIL 2023
PTP is using eucalyptus and bamboo fibres in its products Alison Wells, Co-Founder and Director of Plane Talking Products, discusses the supplier’s focus on contributing to a circular economy PTP is looking into sustainable pathways to create an rPET (recycled polyester) blanket
Premium onboard single pack snack solutions |

Premium redefined

Buzz Founder and Director Leonard Hamersfeld highlights how Buzz’s latest partnership brings luxury to Air Canada Signature Class passengers

All Air Canada Signature Class passengers on international flights are now experiencing a luxurious range of amenity kits from Acqua di Parma thanks to a partnership created by Buzz

The premium cabin kit is designed with sustainability in mind, with a particular focus on removing single-use plastic. The elongated travel case features Acqua di Parma’s signature yellow colour and the kit contains luxury Acqua di Parma bath and body products including Colonia Hand Cream and Lip Balm for inflight hydration, an oversized eye mask, socks, a dental kit, a glasses cloth, and a set of 3M earplugs.

“At Buzz, we’re proud to continue to work in partnership with a visionary and creative airline like Air Canada to deliver this redesigned and world class amenity kit collection for their passengers,” Leonard Hamersfeld, the Founder and Director of Buzz, tells PAX International.

“The design of this new range was purpose-driven with a specific desire

to significantly minimize single-use plastics, including the elimination of unnecessary plastic wrap,” he says.

Paper packaging has been used wherever possible and the dental kit includes a toothbrush made using a cornstarch blend.

“Removing polybags has contributed to a significant reduction in waste. Through innovative design, external polybags have been replaced with 100 percent FSC paper belly bands. The result is a more sustainable premium amenity kit that is elevated and refined,” Hamersfeld says.

Air Canada said it’s making great efforts to integrate environmental considerations into its business decisions, with the intent of minimizing its environmental footprint. These efforts are driven by a “do more” ethos, centered on delivering best-in-class services to its customers, with every effort made towards finding sustainable, industry-leading products and partners that support this vision.

“The recent introduction of new premium cabin amenity kits presented a unique redesign opportunity to address both environmental impact and customer satisfaction,” Hamersfeld adds.

Air Canada received the PAX International Readership Award for Business Class Kit (Americas) in 2019.

12 APRIL 2023
The elongated travel case features Acqua di Parma’s signature yellow colour
Leonard Hamersfeld, Founder and Director, Buzz

of inflight catering, passenger comfort, onboard services and products

Find out more at:
A World of Inspiration of the onboard experience 350 suppliers 750 VIP onboard buyers 4,900 attendees

Now or never

The Solution

The Problem

Did you know that each year the equivalent of around 250-270 A380’s of international catering waste (ICW) is incinerated around the world? Current legislation dictates that as soon as waste crosses international borders it is hazardous and must be incinerated or sent to a landfill. Globally, the burning and burying of cabin waste are contributing to increased CO2 emissions and creating devastating, long-term impacts on the environment. As passenger numbers continue to rise, this problem will only get worse and increasingly challenging to resolve.

Achieving Net Zero

In aviation we face a tougher journey than most in our effort to hit net zero targets. We see a lot of focus and work, quite rightly, to drive developments in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). However, to achieve net zero in our sector, we also need to focus on cabin waste and look

right across its entire and fragmented supply chain for new solutions. Product suppliers, caterers, airlines, airports, waste management companies — all of us have a key role to play in striving to be more sustainable. To reach net zero we simply cannot act alone.

We can no longer look exclusively at “our piece” — we must look at the whole community. As we are already looking upstream to find more sustainable materials, production processes and waste reduction practices we must also look downstream. If we see incineration or landfills — what was it all for?

This is a complex issue that involves many stakeholders and differing regulatory frameworks around the world. It may seem daunting at times. However, the supply chain can be reorganized to operate in a more sustainable way. The Aviation Sustainability Forum (ASF) is here to facilitate and support that essential change.

The ASF is the alliance focused on working with the industry to transform the way international cabin waste is managed across the supply chain by embracing circularity. The ASF is convening the aviation supply chain and key stakeholders, building a collaborative coalition that is tasked with unlocking the right conditions for change.

We need to come together as an industry to recognise that a) this is a problem shared by all of us in the supply chain and b) the only way to really solve it is to work together.

At the ASF we believe that through the standardization of materials onboard we can standardize waste management practices. We can then set about to prove that these practices result in safe waste that negates regulatory concerns and can be reused, recycled, biodegraded, composted or even used to create SAF — a truly circular economy!

The journey to net zero for ICW will be difficult — but as an industry, we are well-used to dealing with extreme challenges. We are fortunate in our sector to have great problem solvers, huge amounts of experience and expertise and, most importantly of all the will to want to get there. We can and will do that — together.

14 APRIL 2023
Karen Mackenzie, Head of Membership at the Aviation Sustainability Forum and former Head of Global Supply Chain, British Airways, discusses the Forum’s focus on uniting the industry to combat international catering waste Current legislation dictates a lot of ICW be incinerated or sent to landfill
Karen Mackenzie, Head of Membership at the Aviation Sustainability Forum

A time to come together

Following the success of last year’s event, World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) is returning to the Hamburg Messe June 6 to 8, 2023.

The leading global event for inflight catering, onboard services and passenger comfort is expected to attract a total of 5,000 attendees from global, regional and low-cost airlines and rail companies, including over 750 onboard buyers, with around 300 exhibiting companies, including a host of first-time exhibitors. International caterers including Cuisine Solutions, dnata, and SATS Catering will provide insight into how the catering sector is evolving for 2023 and beyond.

According to WTCE Event Director, Polly Magraw: “Our return to Hamburg for WTCE last year was met with resounding success and we’re now looking forward to the 2023 edition of the event being even better. We anticipate more exhibitors and more visitors, including some big names who have already confirmed. Alongside some of the show’s interactive features that we know are always popular, I’m looking forward to seeing visitors experience the new initiatives we are bringing to WTCE 2023.”

The core themes of WTCE 2023 are wellness, sustainability and creating memorable experiences. A range of

innovations, future-focused products and services will be showcased on exhibitor stands. Education at the Taste of Travel Theatre will include an inspiring line-up of expert advisors, chefs and consultants to forecast and promote the latest trends and advances for catering onboard. Rubbing shoulders with more perennial exhibitors are a host of first-time suppliers. These include premixed cocktail company &Stirred Cocktails which will showcase its range that features a mix for every spirit, all served in airline-friendly packaging, as well as French drinks brand Féfé, which will reveal its premium innovations of ready-to-drink cocktails in the mixology cocktail sector. Plus, smoothie pioneers innocent Drinks, who have been creating their products out of fruit, veg and “anything else nature has going spare” since 1999, will be on the show floor for the first time, joined by Crunch Cereals Private Limited with its Elevate range of granola which comes in a variety of different flavours including Apple & Cinnamon, Almond & Seeds and Cocoa & Almonds. The event will also welcome gluten-free bakery Skinny Genie and frozen and fresh special meals provider Air Chef Inc. Elsewhere, pioneering UK healthcare brand, Sonisk will exhibit for the first time, offering

visitors an introduction to The Sonisk Pulse — a portable, affordable and easy-to-use hygienic oral toothbrush, disrupting the oral care industry.

The WTCE Connect tool — which gives visitors a personalized schedule, helps find the products most suited to individual needs and streamlines meeting arrangements with relevant exhibitors at the event — will once again be available to visitors and exhibitors.

For attendees looking to maximize the networking opportunities available at WTCE, the Welcome Party on June 5 will serve as the perfect place to meet new contacts in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Co-located with the industryrenowned Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), WTCE will be found in Halls A1 and A4 of Hamburg Messe.

As a proud media partner for the event PAX International will be in attendance, distributing copies of the WTCE show issue, in addition to hosting the annual PAX Readership Awards — this year in partnership with TravelPlus. The Awards ceremony will be held on June 6 alongside the World as a component of an early cocktail reception.

16 APRIL 2023
Following the success of last year’s event, organizers expect the 2023 edition to exceed expectations
Polly Magraw, Event Director, WTCE




From onboard caterers to connectivity and all the latest in aircraft cabins, the PAX Readership Awards will once again recognize those in the industry that go above and beyond — this year in partnership with TravelPlus for the first time!

The award winners will be announced on June 6, 2023 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Hamburg.

Award winners will be featured in a special spread, as well as in our e-Newsletter.

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