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WTCE & OS Expo Hamburg

UK and Ireland Report

Aer Lingus’ Bia Program Alpha LSG shakes up Heathrow






World’s Best Inflight Caterers Announced p.

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to the newcomers We were still mired in the depths of winter as we assembled this issue of PAX International, working against time to put together coverage for events that were cramming production schedules through much of the spring. Just as we were finishing up this this issue, the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo sent out a short rundown of some the companies that will be exhibiting for the first time in Hamburg. It’s always good to see some new names, because it makes me recall the years when PAX International was among the new names, visiting events for the first time in hopes of making an impression. In the halls and aisles of Hamburg will be a New York Delicatessen-themed company that spells its name “Delhi” to call attention to its British and Indian cuisines, and the “Magic Spices” range of products. The American Muffin Company company will be showing hungry visitors its range of muffins in cups and loaves. All natural chips (or crisps as it’s said in England) will be part of Fairfield Farms’ offerings. Elburgfoods BV will be showing its range of hot snack box solutions including crispy southern fried-style chicken with chips. Falkon Globus Trading Ltd. will travel all the way from Hong Kong to tout its ETZIO amenity kits harmonizing comfort, fashion and eco-friendly design. It appears that competition in the industry is getting more intense. New entrants have been following the changes and see the chance to succeed as the industry ramps up for what all are hoping is a year that can build on the successes of the previous one. If you are one of the more than 50 new exhibitors at this year’s WTCE, we would like to welcome you to the event this year. You’ll find this industry is really one like no other. Enjoyable, friendly, hard to predict and ever changing. One thing we are fairly certain of is that you’ll be hungry for more.

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VOL. 18, NO. 1




Event Coverage

16 Mercury marks year two in Abu Dhabi 18 Industry Q and A

An event organizer with deep marketing experience, Archana Sharma will be in charge of this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo

Regional Report UK and Ireland 20 Familiar Goodness

Aer Lingus recently launched a new selection of pre-order meals for short haul bearing local named and developed by a well-known Irish chef

22 Heathrow Shuffle

A group of competitive caterers vie for business at Heathrow Airport, and the consortium of Alpha/LSG hopes to secure a solid share with its new Premium Kitchen in Heston


Amenities and Comfort

26 First century in the bag

Hayley Ingram of TravelPlus reviews the entries to the 2013 TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards, which will be handed on April 8 in Hamburg

30 Comfort control

on the cover: Scone and muffin breakfast service from the Bia program on Aer Lingus. See related story, page 20. Photo courtesy Aer Lingus.

With more and more airlines seeking to enhance the passenger experience onboard, their focus has turned to amenity kits and suppliers are taking note

Health and Safety Products 37 High-end hygiene

Airlines and catering units have high standards for cleanliness, and over the years, companies from around the world have been developing specific products for every application


44 La Dolce Vita

Departments 3

Editor’s Note








Association News



Sharing the stories of dessert makers from around the globe who strive to make life a bit sweeter

Wine and Spirits Report 54 Wine taking shape

Airlines have been launching new business and first class cabins and wine producers will be coming from far and wide to show them the latest and greatest in Hamburg

57 A match made in Texas

United Airlines is nearing its first year of a service agreement with Tito’s Vodka, and the Austin-based distiller is spreading its wings for international sales

59 South to North

South African wines have had two good years of exports and the region’s growers have been scoring sales in key wine drinking markets and with airlines as well

Your onboard service partner for over 30 years

For over 30 years, WESSCO has specialized in supplying a wide range of products for our airline customers worldwide. From amenities, to passenger comfort, to food & beverage service ware, we design and deliver the items you need to provide an exceptional experience for your passengers. Come visit us at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) 2014 in Hamburg from the 8th to the 10th of April in Stand 2B30. To set up an appointment with us please email us at We look forward to discussing how we can meet your onboard service needs. T: +1(310) 477-4272 F: +1(310) 477-7910


68 Advertiser Index 4inflight International Ltd............................................ p.67 Brand Stand Limited.................................................... p.24 Buzz.............................................................................. p.55 Castello Monte Vibiano.............................................. p.49 Damino GmbH............................................................. p.52 DFMi............................................................................. p.27 DSI................................................................................ p.28 Ebace............................................................................ p.33 En Route International...........................................p.17, 19 Etzio.............................................................................. p.16 F.S.P. GmbH.................................................................. p.46 FORMIA..................................................................p.14, 15 Frankenberg...........................................................p.29, 41 Gem Airsupply Ltd....................................................... p.21 Global Inflight Products............................................... p.45 Green Gourmet............................................................ p.58 Gut Springenheide....................................................... p.71 Harvey Alpert & Company........................................... p.35 Inflight Direct/Mills Textiles........................................ p.65 Korean Air.................................................................. p.4, 5 Lily O’ Brien’s............................................................... p.11 Linstol........................................................................... p.23 LSG Sky Chefs............................................................. p.84 Mallaghan.................................................................... p.81 Marine Hotel Association........................................... p.61 Medina Quality.............................................................. p.9 Meiko........................................................................... p.12 Norduyn Inc.................................................................. p.43 Oakfield Farms Solutions............................................ p.77 Onboard Logistics........................................................ p.69 Ratcliffe & Brown........................................................ p.51 RMT Global.................................................................. p.26 Servair............................................................................ p.2 SPIRIANT..................................................................... p.25 Travel Catering Expo Dubai......................................... p.73 Watermark................................................................... p.76 WESSCO........................................................................ p.7 WK Thomas................................................................. p.63 World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo... p.83 Zibo Rainbow Airline Appliance Co. Ltd..................... p.39


VOL. 18, NO. 1

66 Executive Feature

62 Back in the game

After nine years with a major U.S. retailer, Milt Liu has rejoined airline catering with Flying Food Group and finding similarities with his former job and an industry more demanding

Ancillary Revenue 64 Going mobile

Handheld and handy, and now in use gate to gate, the ubiquitous smartphones and tablets are the keys to travelers’ needs and ancillary revenue for airlines

QSAI 2013

66 A Year of Excellence

Airlines honor top inflight caterers with MQ’s annual QSAI Excellence Awards

Company Profile

68 Happy Birthday Buzz

Buzz celebrates 15 years of innovative design

onboard Advertising

70 Making the message

Inflight advertising is branching out in creative ways, in hopes of leaving an impression on a captive audience

74 PAX Guest Column

Simon de Montfort Walker, President and Managing Director, eGate Solutions writes about the necessary next steps as the industry dips its toe into the sea known as Big Data

Uniforms and Accessories 75 Fashion on the runway

PAX International speaks with airlines and the uniform designers behind their brand new looks


When it comes to food, we have the answers. In food service, there is no shortage of questions. To ensure your food exceeds quality and safety expectations, you need answers. When our clients have questions, our team goes into action offering a large menu of services customized to their goals. From risk analysis, audits and foreign object investigations to a complete food management system, Medina Quality gives you effective solutions all with simple performance reporting. Have questions about improving your quality and safety? Partner with us and we’ll find the answers. Let’s build a quality relationship • 1-514-485-9552 • JOIN THESE VALUED PARTNERS, ALREADY AT THE TABLE.


AMKO opens branch office in Europe Airline tabletop products supplier AMKO this year opened a new office in Amsterdam. “The presence of AMKO in the Netherlands will further expand the company’s presence in EMEA. With the opening of a branch in mainland Europe, AMKO Group International Ltd. seriously enters the European stage in 2014,” said a release from the company. Tom Werkhoven heads the Amsterdam office as Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has worked in the airline industry for many years, from product specification to supply chain management. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to interact with AMKO’s existing customers and developing new business opportunities for the company,” he said. “Being in the Netherlands will be a benefit to existing customers and potential new customers.” “AMKO’s expansion with this new office is absolutely necessary in providing outstanding service to our international customers,“ said AMKO’s Joseph Catarino.

FORMIA plans Trends FORUM365 for WTCE

Not only does kit designer and brand specialist FORMIA keep track of its airline customer needs, the Hong Kong-based company has been keeping a finger on the pulse of street life and trends around the world for years. For the fifth year, FORMIA will be holding its Trends FORUM365 in Hamburg. The company was planning a guest speaker for the event as PAX International went to press. “FORMIA is contributing to change the industry by driving a more dynamic and up-to-date approach, highlighted every year by a trend forum the company organizes,” said Managing Director Roland Grohmann. “The aim is to bring light on trends spotted and on the way they manifest throughout different industries, inspiring the travel business with relevant clues for products, services and communication.” Part of that is seeing to the airline customers’ desires for functionality, particularly when crafting amenity kits for passengers who travel with electronic devices. The company recently developed an iPad case for Turkish Airlines to which it added a collector’s cache by producing the kits with color themes. The RIMOWA amenity kit it supplies to Eva Air and Thai Airways often doubles as a kit for toiletries or computer cables. “FORMIA is working on a range of such goodies to be launched at the WTCE show in Hamburg,” said Grohmann. The company is also renewing concepts with longtime customers. In February, the company was launching a new Alps-themed kit with Austrian Airlines, which is a concept it had been renewing for the past four years. The Austrian Airlines kit will be developed as a felt fabric bag.

The RIMOWA amenity kit FORMIA supplies to Eva Air doubles as a kit for toiletries or computer cables


AMKO products will be marketed throughout Europe in 2014

Recyclable coffee cup now on United United Airlines in February began boarding an eco-friendly coffee cup to its United Club beverage service on all its flights. The insulating InCycle® cup, manufactured by Washington-based technology company MicroGREEN, is fully recyclable and made from up to 50% recycled materials. The InCycle cup will replace the non-recyclable Styrofoam hot beverage cups the airline currently uses. Through MicroGREEN’s technology, 4.5 InCycle® cups are made from a single recycled water bottle in a waterless, additive-free recycling process. The cup is also insulated, which further reduces waste by eliminating the need for a sleeve. “At United, we are constantly working to improve the sustainability of our products and reduce our waste at the same time,” said Angela Foster-Rice, United’s Managing Director of Global Environmental Affairs and Sustainability. “This new cup is not only aligned with our overal Eco-SkiesSM commitment to the environment, it is another way our customers can feel good about flying with us.” The new cup will be added to United’s recycling streams. United is also reviewing its operational recycling efforts to find ways to reduce waste and to increase recycling within its system. This includes a re-design of United’s inflight recycling policy and procedures to simplify the process for flight attendants, generate increased recycling volumes and minimize waste. Over the past six years, United recycled 23.5 million pounds of aluminum cans, paper and plastic from waste generated inflight and in its facilities. A company called MicroGREEN makes the new eco-friendly coffee cup on United Airlines


FORMIA planstable Trends FORUM365 for WTCE KAL launches d’hôte with winter menu

Not only does kit designer and developer FORMIA keep track of its airline customer needs, the Hong Kong-based company has been keeping a finger on the pulse of street life and trends around the world for years. For the fifth year, FORMIA will be holding its Trends FORUM365 in Hamburg. The company was planning a guest speaker for the event as Air PAX International to press. Korean announced thatwent starting this year it would introduce a tradi“FORMIA is contributing to change the the industry more dynamic and up-to-date approach, highlighted every year by a tional Korean ttable d’hôte that will expand choicebyofdriving Koreanafood trend forum the company organizes, ” said Executive Director Yves Alavo. “The aim is to bring light on trends spotted and on the way they served onboard and modify it slightly for non-Korean palates. manifest throughout different industries, inspiring the travel business with relevant clues for products, services and communication.” Korean cuisine is known for its healthy properties. The airline has Part of that is seeing to the airline customer’s desires for functionality, particularly when crafting amenity kits for passengers who travel spent a year developing the Korean table d’hôte with numerous trials with electronic devices. The company recently developed an iPad case for Turkish Airlines to which it added a collector’s cache by producand food tastings. ing the kits with color themes. The RIMOWA amenity kit it supplies to Eva Air often doubles as a kit for toiletries or computer cables. The Korean ttable d’hôte in-flight meal is served as a separate appe“FORMIA is working on a range of such goodies to be launched at the WTCE show in Hamburg, ” said Alavo. tizer, salad, main dish and dessert—the previous way of serving the The company is also renewing concepts with longtime customers. In February, the company was launching a new Alps-themed kit with Korean in-flight meals was for all components to be served together. Austrian Airlines, which is concept it had been renewing for the past four years. The Austrian Airlines kit will be developed as a felt fabric bag. The airline launched the service on its winter season menu. Among the offerings are an appetizer of seafood salad with mulberry yoghurt sauce. Black rice and walnut porridge with salad and plum dressing will be served after the appetizer, followed by a choice of either braised pork and kimchi or wrapped salmon with bean curd as the main course. Finally, cinnamon punch with dried persimmon will be provided as dessert. Korean Air began serving the Korean table d’hôte in-flight meals to its first class passengers on the Americas/Europe/Oceania/Southeast Asia routes on January 1.

Korean Air launched its table d’hôte menu in January

2014  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  11

 



 

But as it turns out, Brayford said many res- rant business in the UAE and Lebanon. Rak“NoCOMPANY one had ever thoughtNEWS of it before, but their answer was very encouraging,” he said. idents of the Emirates might find that an abela is also under a 15-year concession conOnce the two sides agreed to go ahead easier choice than one would think. Com- tract to operate restaurants and coffee shops with the arrangement, RAK began the lengthy muting the busy freeways in a fast growing at the airport. But if plans work out and the process of adapting and testing its computer region has brought increased traffic to the promising tourist industry in the emirate conreservation system to25 adapt to Etihad’s. This opened UAE’s system. Brayford says delays tinues to grow, a new Rakabela airline-caterThe year 2014 marks years since Servair itshighway first African occurred at the time the larger carrier was also on the Emirates’ thoroughfares have ing kitchen has received approvals from the govairline catering unit in Libreville, Gabon and in the years ahead main it changing its own CRS from the SITA system become more frequent. Soon when RAK Air- ernment and could be built in the near future. plans to search the four corners of Africa—an expanding network. to “A Sabre. Work is ways expands the service to daily flights, and In the shadow of the scenic Hajar mounstill continuing, and Etihad fine history which has only just begun,” writes Denis Hasdenlater to flights twice daily, the frequency will tains, Ras Al Khaimah hascan a climate and plans a switchover to Sabre next year. teufel, Servair’s Executive Vice President for Europe, Middle East related. Diversification of the company’s operations range from be a vital selling tool. tourism dynamic different from much of the Brayford and RAK Airways were not the and Africa, in a short history of the caterer’s in involvement in Africa. institutional catering in schools, hospitals and prisons, to offshore “Once rest of the UAE. Its slower pace and unspoiled only ones excited at the new partnership. we have a scheduled morning and Servair units are now operating with local partners, both major and oilrigs. beaches have throughout been beckoning development in “This is the first countries. time Etihad will period evening flight next spring Hasdenteufel that will be a very minor, in 16 African In Airways the 25-year Servair employsays airline travel Africa is growing recent have its EY code on a domestic UAE flight serious alternative to people taking their Among the notable properties years. ment in Africa has approached 4,000. at a rate of approximately 7% per year. Matching that growth and which anInternational exciting milestone said the in cars,” hed’Ivoire, said. Air advising carriers within the thatvarious have located inand the dealing emirate,with Brayford For is the Forumfor forus,” Investments Côte countries rapid airline’s CEO James Hogan, on the October In the early fall, Brayford said many of the listed the Banyan Tree Wadi Hotel and the France operated a special flight to Abidjan by an A380 at the end and unpredictable social and political changes has been among 3 inauguration of the flight. “We look forward passengers in the RKT-AUH routecurves were using Resort Covechallenged Rotana among of January. learning that theHilton company hasorbeen with seven over to welcoming travelers through Abu the flight and its short, one hour connection to eight major properties. In the first quarDhabi and The flight to Côte d’Ivoire was also a major event for Servair. the last quarter century. to the Etihad Airways Servair flight tohas Bangkok. of next year, Brayford Walonto international flights across the Etihad Michel Quissac, Servair’s Corporate Chef,Airwas ontime board serving a la also madeter significant steps movingadded out ofthat thethe French Passengers departing the RAK Airways to dorf Astoria will open “a most amazing lookways network.” carte menus La Première and Business customers. On the Abidjanspeaking nations and opening catering units with NAS in Kenya and AUH have been boarding the Etihad property” will bring clientele that Once Etihad anthe operational Paris return flightcompleted by A380 on evening of January 28, also Servair in the Seychelle In Kenya, thethat catering unit isa called NASflight to RAK Airways is planning to cater to. audit on RAK, the task was then to convince Manila. Abidjan provided for the first time the catering supplies for the super Servair, and has units in Nairobi and Mombasa. are gearing high up for passengers to foregofrom the freeway linking the On such a short flight, asThe RKT-AUH, cabin that, because we jumbo on departure an African station. company prides itself“We on maintaining culinary standards two emirates by about three hours drive and service is limited to a sandwich box with a believe the sort of people who stay at the What started out in 1989 as a unit acquisition every two to three throughout its African system. Servair’s unit in Dakar, Senegal was optinghas for aaccelerated. flight that is scheduled forServair 45 min-has been muffin, juice andone water. the RAKfirst Airways’ caterer Waldorfanwill be V2000 comingcertification in on charter years, Since 2007, acquiring in Africa to be awarded ISOnot 9001 for utes, but is often completed in 25 minutes, said out of RKT is Rakabela, part of the Albert flights, but coming here as premium travelor more units each year. In 2013 Servair took shares with a local food safety and hygiene Brayford. Abela group that operates catering restauers on scheduled service,”Hasdenteufel he said. partner for three units in Moroccan cities of Casablanca, Marrakech What isand ahead for involvement in the region? said

Servair plans continued growth in Africa

and Agadir. What has also grown, said Hasdenteufel is the scope and variety of Servair’s operations. Now, he says, 25% to 30% of the caterer’s business is non-airline

the company is committed to further opportunities and investment. North, central and southern Africa all hold possibilities for future investment, he hinted.

Cleaned for take-off

Take hygiene and safety on board and enjoy a clean flight with MEIKO. MEIKO, your global partner in airline catering and wash-up systems. 12  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2014





People NEWS

Three change executive spots at SATS

SATS in November announced executive changes in several departments of the company. Tan Chuan Lye, the current President and Chief Executive Officer of SATS will be the new Chairman of the company’s Food Solutions business. Yacoob Piperdi, formerly Executive Vice President at Food Solutions has been appointed as Executive Vice President, Gateway Services. Wong Hong, previously Executive Vice President, Gateway Services will be the new Executive Vice President, Food Solutions. “The realignment of responsibilities within the senior management team is part of the company’s organizational renewal and development of our leaders,” said a release from SATS.

Codd new General Manager at Novo IVC Novo IVC has appointed Bill Codd as the company’s General Manager. Codd spent eight years as Head of IT Projects and as a Program Manager at easyJet. He has also worked in IT solutions at Argos Plc and Amazon. UK based Novo IVC provides logistics process automation solutions for the airline and rail sectors. Solutions include on-board retail technology, aircraft inspection and refuelling systems and large-scale warehouse and logistics implemenBill Codd tations.

Hawaiian Airlines names new VP Inflight

Hawaiian Airlines has named Robin Sparling Vice President - Inflight Services. She began work January 13. Sparling is responsible for overseeing inflight operations and training for Hawaiian

Airlines’ more than 1,500 flight attendants, as well as the delivery of the airline’s onboard customer service. “Robin’s background and leadership will help us fulfill our commitRobin Sparling ment to delivering the best in-flight service in the industry as we continue to expand our business,” said Charles Nardello, Hawaiian Airlines’ Senior Vice President – Operations. Before to joining Hawaiian Airlines, Sparling spent more than 20 years at American Airlines holding various management positions in the areas of operations, human resources, inflight service, customer service and training. Sparling started her career as a flight attendant for Eastern Air Lines before moving on to inflight instructor and supervisor roles, where she oversaw the training and management of the airline’s flight attendants.

Alpha LSG picks director for Heathrow Premium Kitchen Alpha LSG has named Marc Warde as director of its Premium Kitchen that opened early this year (see related story, page 24). He will oversee business development, culinary excellence and operations for Alpha LSG’s new Premium Kitchen concept, which is based on a new £10 million facility at Heston that includes a Culinary Academy and a new dedicated Halal premium kitchen to serve London-Heathrow customers. Warde was formerly Managing Director and Business Development Director at Grayson Group where he was responsible for forming a new division servicing the cultural sector, museums and heritage locations. Before that, he spent four years with his own business creation Couture, an independent caterer and retailer specializing in commercial contracts in the arts and leisure sectors as well as boutique food halls on the high street. Marc Warde

Kahlow named VP Europe at AMI Inflight Marcel Kahlow has joined AMI Inflight as Vice President, European Division. “Marcel’s background will aid AMI Inflight’s efforts to build sales with the European airlines as well as to source and develop new products to support the everchanging focus of the industry and needs of our customers,” said a release from the company. Kahlow was most recently in senior management positions with Britvic Ireland Ltd., a manufacturer of soft drinks in Ireland. The company produces leading brands such as Pepsi. Before that, he was with Avaya a world-leading manufacturer of Marcel Kahlow Telecommunication equipment, Ryanair Ltd. where he was in charge of inflight sales, procurement and marketing and LIDL Discount Stores, the largest discount supermarket chain in Europe.

Linstol changes management structure Linstol has announced a new group management structure, to support customer service and sales development. Peter Hough has been appointed Commercial Director for Linstol U.K. Hough worked for British
Airways from 1995 to 2010, and was an independent consultant for the airline industry between 2010 and 2013. He will be responsible for management of the Linstol U.K. company. Mark Russell, Vice President of Sales for Linstol U.S. the past five years, has been appointed Vice President of Linstol U.S., taking responsibility for management in the United States. Kevin Peat, Managing Director of Linstol U.K. for the past five years, has been appointed Group Finance Director taking responsibility for financial management of Linstol U.K. and Linstol U.S. The European sales office is located in London and the U.S. sales office is in Naples, Florida.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  13

Event NEWS – mercury awards

Mercury marks year two in Abu Dhabi by RICK LUNDSTROM

The International Travel Catering Services 2012 Mercury Awards made its second appearance in the UAE capital city of Abu Dhabi November 25 with six awards presented during a gala dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel. The ceremony ended the second day of the annual SIAL Middle East 2013 event where the International ITCA holds an exhibition and networking session. The gala dinner was held on a mild and clear evening waterside at the Shangri-La Hotel. Emcee for the awards ceremony was ITCA President Stephen White. A bone china program from Hainan Airlines that featured Western and Eastern design won this year’s Mercury Award in the Onboard Services Category. The China pattern also had a multi-functional saucer that allowed for sharing and saved weight on the aircraft. DSI Foods Limited won the Food and Beverage Award for a program that shared meal information and nutritional data with passengers and airlines. The program increased productivity and passenger satisfaction for the company’s customers. Two winners claimed awards in the Equipment Category. The first, for light equipment, was an individual sturgeon caviar service called The One by a French company, Sturia. The One is composed of a black cup for crushed ice teamed with pre-portioned 15-grams of caviar. Once ice is added the seal is removed from the caviar cap and a spoon is placed for serving. The second award in the Equipment category was for heavy equipment. The winner was the German company Meiko for its MiQ warewashing system. Among the features of the MiQ are a simple touch display and blue tooth interface, along with color-coded removable parts. The supply chain solutions company DHL won two awards for its environmental initiatives conducted in and around London airports. The company won awards for Systems and Process Management and the Mercury Environmental Award. DHL has added equipment for handling and drying waste for re-use, which saved tons of material that would normally go to landfills, incurring additional cost. The company also won the Environmental award for its equipment to enable British Airways to take control of multiple waste streams and reduce dependency on landfills.

Representatives from winning companies for November’s Mercury Awards presentation gather for a picture. Left to right Ning Zhang, General Manager of Hainan Airlines Abu Dhabi and Dubai; ITCA President Stephen White; Giselle Arieu, of DSI Foods Ltd.; Martin Willmor, Head of Airline Operation Heathrow Flight Assembly Centre of DHL; Dorothy Burton, Business Development Food Manager for the Airline Business Solutions at DHL; Eric Waag Sales Manager Inflight Catering Division Professional Warewashing Technology at Meiko and Sébastien Bourguignon, Sales Director at Sturia


event news – reed Expo interview

Industry Q and A An event organizer with deep marketing experience, Archana Sharma will be in charge of this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo Archana Sharma, the new Event Manager for the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo, was learning the industry and taking in her new role as registration went live earlier this year. Years in marketing and a love for travel dovetailed well for her in her new role. She spoke with PAX International just as organization for the Hamburg event was heating up. PAX International: This is your first year as the Event Manager for the WTCE. What other experience do you have in exhibition/ conference planning? Archana Sharma: I first started as a marketing executive in 2004 working for a shipping company and then in 2006 I moved into exhibitions and worked my way up to marketing manager by 2007. In October 2008 I took a yearlong hiatus where I travelled around Australia, New Zealand and America before picking up where I left off as marketing manager for another exhibition company based in London. I joined Reed Exhibitions in 2010 as marketing manager for its industrial portfolio and was promoted to World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo Event Manager in June 2013. Since 2006 I have worked within a number of sectors including B2B, packaging, home building and renovation, business travel, food and drink, which have all led nicely into the onboard services sector. PAX: As you step into the new role, what are you learning about the industry? Sharma: That it’s fascinating! As I mentioned, I’ve worked for Reed Exhibitions for three and a half years now and the beauty of a company having such a wide portfolio and a great policy towards internal promotion, is the opportunity to move into different sectors. The travel catering and onboard services industry is particularly interesting because everyone has an opinion on it as they (at one time or another) have experienced it as an end user. It’s not every industry you get to have this unique viewpoint, so it’s great to be 18  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2014

in contact with the entire supply chain from grower and designer; to manufacturer and buyer; all the way through to the end user. What I have found encouraging is that although airlines and rail operators obviously work closely with large suppliers, they do still want to search out those niche companies that offer something a little different such as a small producer of truffle oil located within a region of Italy. I also find customer segmentation fascinating and there is clear separation when it comes to First Class and Economy for example. It’s interesting to see the different thought processes when it comes to service onboard as I’ve learnt that travel operators are just as interested in ensuring economy travellers have as good an experience as its first class passengers. From a buyer perspective I’m sure economy class is far more of a challenge. PAX:What are some of the new companies that will be exhibiting at WTCE this year? Sharma: We have 49 first-time exhibitors this year, which we are really pleased with. One really interesting company is Vivace Caviar from Germany, which has developed a sustainable, innovative and patented process for sourcing caviar without killing sturgeon. Food sustainability is a hot topic within the industry, so we are very pleased Vivace decided to exhibit this year having attended the show as a visitor previously. Fairfields Farm Crisps is an award winning British chip manufacturer and will make its debut at WTCE 2014 with a high quality, all-natural snack in a new and attractive package created exclusively with the air travel industry in mind; so I encourage visitors to head over to Hall B4 stand number J36. Demonstrating the international nature of WTCE, Guangxi Nanning Flight Supply Trading Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese supplier of in-flight products. The company will showcase a range of products including: the Rotable tableware set; PSU Reusable high heat-resistant casserole dishes; and a wide range of amenity kits.

Archana Sharma

Other first time exhibitors include, but not limited to: Gebr. Heinemann from Germany; Furlotti & C from Italy; Beepee Enterprise from India; Caire from New Zealand; Stonewall Kitchen from the US; and Vamvalis Food from Greece. PAX: This will be the third year with the two events together. From an organizational standpoint, are there any other integration issues that need to be completed? Sharma: Although WTCE co-locates with Aircraft Interiors Expo, it has and always will be an exhibition in its own right, so no there are no integration issues still to be implemented. Of course we want to continue to increase the visitor crossover rate (i.e. WTCE visitors going into the Aircraft Interiors Expo Halls and vice versa) but I don’t see it as an issue as visitors are already crossing over. Clearly there are synergies between the two shows and Katie Murphy, Aircraft Interiors Expo Event Director, and I work closely together and where appropriate will continue to investigate any avenues where a dual offering—a successful example being the Conference—will benefit the exhibitor and visitor base. PAX: Last question is personal. Do you travel to Hamburg often? If so what are some of your favourite places? Sharma: Throughout each exhibition cycle I am in the fortunate position of heading out to Hamburg two or three times a year outside the exhibition dates. Although I don’t get to see as much of the city as I’d like, I can recommend the Tarantella restaurant, which is located in the Casino Esplanade near Hamburg St. Stephen’s Square. I have heard Fillet of Soul is also wonderful; a renowned riverside restaurant next to Deichtorhallen museum and three U-Bahn stops from the Hamburg Messe. One tip would be to book in advance as Hamburg will be a busy place between 7 – 10 April this year.

regional report – ireland



Caramalized onion and leek quiche with arugula and locally sourced products was part of the Aer Lingus menu in early February

Aer Lingus recently launched a new selection of pre-order meals for short haul bearing local names and developed by a well known Irish chef by RICK LUNDSTROM


simple name and a set of clear goals drives the latest incarnation of the pre-order and buyon-board programs at Aer Lingus. In early February, the airline rolled out its latest addition to pre-order offerings for short haul service in a program called Bia, which is an Irish word for Food. The program joins the already popular Sky Dine meals that the airline offers economy class passengers on its long-haul routes, closing a circle and fulfilling a goal by the carrier to have a range of fresh, nutritious meals with a number of familiar names available at reasonable prices. “We have seen the onset of quite a number of strong competitors in the retail environment of the airport and we need to offer our customers a good quality food experience onboard,” said Caroline Hanly, Director of Retail at Aer Lingus. Bia has several components. The Bia Treat Cupboard has snack packs, and individually priced items from €1.50 to €4.50. Bia Drinks offer hot, cold and alcoholic beverages from

€1 to €5. It also features well-known Irish craft beers, most recently Crean’s Irish Lager. The Bia Pre-Order offering features full meals. With 36 hours notice, passengers can order a meal offering three choices in the Bia line for €5 for a children’s offering and €7.50 for a healthy salad or leek and cheese quiche. For €17.50 The airline’s Sky Dine program can bring one of three selections to an economy class passenger’s seat on the airline’s long haul flights. Current offerings are a fillet of beef, salmon with whiskey crust, or chicken with risotto and an orange base. With the two programs firmly in place, Hanly said that Aer Lingus has fulfilled its goal of being able to guarantee passengers a meal during flight service. Short haul routes on Aer Lingus can be as short 20 to 30 minutes on flights to the United Kingdom and as long as four hours on its flights to vacation destinations such as the Canary Islands. To launch the service, the airline worked with a number of partners. Irish Chef Clodagh McKenna a restaurateur, writer and television personality designed the latest

New additions to Aer Lingus’ Bia Service • The Power Me Salad is priced at €7.50. It is a gluten free, spiced quinoa salad with beetroot, carrot, chickpeas, sunflower seeds and arugula. Award Winning gluten free Multi-seed crackers and an egg-free chocolate biscuit cake developed by The Foods of Athenry accompany the meal with a pineapple and melon fruit pote also included. The meal is served with a choice of tea/coffee • A €7.50 Cheddar, Caramelized Onion & Leek Quiche with Ballymaloe relish and a fresh salad of arugula with an oil/balsamic vinegar dressing. Quiche is served with McCambridge’s Irish brown bread and a Lily O’Brien’s chocolate cluster. The meal is served with a choice of tea/coffee • For €5.00 a Macaroni Cheese Meal made with Irish Cheddar and served with an apple and grape fruit pot, a Lily O’Brien’s cocoa “Uglies” cookie and a kid’s fruit shoot. Designed for children’s service, the meal is served with coloring books and pencils.


meals for the Bia program. The airline’s Head Chef James Keaveney developed the Sky Dine program at the airline’s catering facility in Dublin. Among the key suppliers are Lily O’Brien’s chocolates, Irish brown bread from McCambridge’s, The Foods of Athenry, which is a family run business that makes high-quality baked products, and Ballymaloe for relish, which is part of the cheese and leek quiche meal. To make the ordering process seamless, the airlines IT team worked with their technical partner Datalex, to develop an inventory system that has been integrated with the Aer Lingus website. The system helps the airline manage stock by flight and integrates with the caterer’s technology to keep the aircraft stocked with ordered meals. The system also links with the passenger information list to make sure orders are delivered to the correct seat. “We have a current take rate that we are happy with and we want to continue to improve this by offering quality meals to our Customers,” she said. Breakfast products are the largest seller in the Bia menu and available through the day

regional report – uk Among the many features of the Premium Kitchen is this presentation area




A group of competitive caterers vie for business at Heathrow Airport, and the consortium of Alpha/LSG hopes to secure a solid share with its new Premium Kitchen in Heston


n late January of this year, Alpha LSG threw the switch on a new £10 million (US$16.7 million) catering, logistics and food development facility in Heston that gives the group its first large-scale project since the 50/50 venture was formed in October of 2012. By the time delegates gather in Hamburg this April, organizers of the Alpha LSG Premium Kitchen plan to have the integration completed and the facilities fully operational. However, before that, a flurry of activity had brought aboard partners in the form of London’s foremost catering college, the UK’s most recognized culinary guild and even a personal chef to the Royal Household. “We wanted to increase the service focus in the areas that we believe are key to success in this tough marketplace,” said Alex Forbes, Chief Operating Officer at Alpha LSG who came up through the ranks at Alpha, most recently Regional Business Director for the United Kingdom. “We have achieved increased focus by physically separating food development and production from our logistics operations, but by having both operations adjacent on the same site, we have retained total service flexibility and response capability.” This modular business model enables Alpha LSG to supply one or all of those aspects to airline customers operating out of LHR. Currently, Alpha LSG has more than 40 airline customers at this location. It is a diverse group of airlines drawn from all points of the globe and subsequently the Premium Kitchen will have what it says

is the most comprehensive range of authentic cuisine ever assembled under one roof in the UK market. The Premium Kitchen will have the capacity produce up to 76,500 meals per day and currently services more than 24,500 flights per year. To handle the international demand of carriers at the airport, there is a separate dedicated Halal kitchen in one portion of the complex and a Japanese and Asian kitchen in the Premium Kitchen, which has a 52,000-square-foot production area. In early February, the unit’s 124,000-square-foot Dynamic Logistics Centre began its services, which includes extra washing capacity, additional dispatch and unloading bays. Even as the Heston unit hums with activity, much of the groundwork for its future and its present needs will be taking place behind the scenes through partnerships formed with Westminster Kingsway college in Central London and the Craft Guild of Chefs in the United Kingdom. Overseeing these culinary improvement efforts is Marc Warde, who is the Premium Kitchen’s Director. Chris Barber, a chef who has cooked for members of the UK’s Royal Family has an advisory role in the unit’s operation. Some of the future stars of the London Heathrow Premium Kitchen and other Alpha LSG units operating at 16 airports in the United Kingdom could come from Westminster Kingsway. Starting in September of this year, the college will begin an association that Student chefs from Westminster Kingsway at the opening celebration of the Alpha LSG Premium kitchen

Celebrating the opening of the Premium Kitchen are, left to right, L-R Axel Bilstein, Jochen Müller, Seema Malhotra Member of Parliament, Lance Hayward, Wayne Gandy and Alex Forbes


regional report – uk HM The Queen lookalike joins Alpha LSG’s Alan Hayes (fourth from right) with the Monarch Airlines Award winners

people eating at 35,000 feet. This kitchen gives us the opportunity to show off new techniques including smoking, dehydrating, sous vide, high pressure cooking, real charcoal cooking and much more besides.”

A joint venture for business

involves placing two students in five-week internships under the direction of Paul Mason, Head of Alpha LSG’s Culinary Academy. They will learn the rigors of airline catering on their way to earning their Professional Chef Diploma. Alpha LSG is also working with the college to sponsor a team of chefs to participate in the Global ICCP Chef Competition in Hong Kong. Chefs throughout the Alpha LSG system will be able to earn certification through the Craft Guild of Chefs. Through the agreement with the Guild, up to 120 chefs will have the opportunity to gain accreditation “offering the chance to develop and maintain their knowledge skills and ability,” said a release from Alpha LSG. Warde says Alpha LSG’s new facility at London Heathrow “affords us a huge opportunity to train new chefs in a working World kitchen. “Our Premium Kitchen has some extraordinary and exciting equipment that will make a real difference to the food we create for

Though London Heathrow is the largest site in the partnership’s group of units, Alpha LSG also has a sizeable presence throughout the UK, including other large facilities at London Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow. Outside London, Alpha LSG has picked up Emirates catering at all its regional locations in the UK , as well as providing catering and retail management services for major charter and low cost carriers such as Thomson, Thomas Cook, Monarch and Jet 2. Alpha LSG employs 3,600 people throughout its system and has annual sales of approximately £300 million (US$502 million). It is at Heathrow where Alpha LSG jockeys for position with several players. Among the companies vying for airline business is Gate Gourmet, Do & Co, DHL and food production companies such as DSI. Altogether, the London Heathrow airline catering market is estimated at approximately £300 million. To earn a greater share of the lucrative market Forbes said the Premium Kitchen and the company’s Heathrow operations in a newly consolidated form can offer potential customers flexibility and expertise in several areas. “What we are doing in Heathrow with the Premium Kitchen is very much trying to bring something new and exciting to market. It raises the culinary bar while offering an unprecedented level of choice and value for our customers,” he said.

Alpha LSG develops award program for Monarch Alpha LSG has developed a crew training and awards program in addition to a number of inflight retail sales initiatives for charter carrier Monarch Airlines. On January 28-29 Alpha LSG launched the inaugural OMG! Awards Event for Monarch Airlines’ cabin crew and management team. The two-day event was held at the Welcombe Hotel Spa and Golf Club, Stratford-upon-Avon. Crew received training that will help them get a better understanding of buying signals and help them forge relationships with passengers in the sales environment. Cabin crew can provide vital passenger feedback and the specialist training and motivational incentive schemes will help to increase sales for the airline, said Alex Forbes, Alpha LSG’s Chief Operating Officer. “A critical element of our relationship with Monarch Airlines is


to help to develop a profitable in-flight retail offering by enhancing the experience for passengers with a compelling range of products to buy on board. Engagement with cabin crew is absolutely essential to enable us to drive in-flight sales as they are our front-line sales team,” said Forbes. Crew met with Alpha LSG’s in-flight retail team and key suppliers to find out how brands and products are sourced and selected. Afterwards, more than 100 cabin crew, in-flight retail suppliers, Monarch Airlines and Alpha LSG management attended a gala dinner and OMG! Awards Ceremony. Awards were handed out in four categories: Most Improved Crew member, Product Champion, Team of the Year and Top Sales Person. Monarch Airlines recently entered into an extended agreement with Alpha LSG that covers a full range of catering, logistics, managed services and in-flight retailing.

spiriant goes global Inspiring in-flight equipment solutions now in the Middle East We design, create and deliver smart in-flight equipment concepts while optimizing the entire supply chain through state-of-the-art logistics. With our European heritage in-tow, SPIRIANT is taking its design expertise global – opening a new office in Dubai in 2014.  Discover how we can make your life easier, reduce complexity and inspire your passengers by visiting

Visit us at booth 4C54 (Hall B4) to learn more about SPIRIANT and our award-winning solutions.


First century

in the bag

Hayley Ingram of TravelPlus reviews the entries to the 2013 TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards, which will be handed out April 8 in Hamburg by Hayley Ingram


veryone at TravelPlus is excited for the 2013 Amenity Bag Gala Awards Ceremony April 8 at the Radisson Blu in Hamburg. Not only are there more entries than ever before, but also the industry is celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the first ever commercial flight. TravelPlus feels it is important to remember where air travel came from, and how it developed into the multi-billion dollar industry it has become today. By doing so it allows people to realize how far we have come, how airlines have changed and how the expectations of passenger’s have developed with the advancement of technology. On January 1, 1914 Tony Jannus made aviation history in Florida

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Hayley Ingram

by flying the first aircraft with a paying customer from St. Petersburg to Tampa Bay. Although short-lived, this venture was to change the way the world viewed commercial aviation and made the first steps in the journey towards today’s global, high-speed travel industry. However, the experience was a far cry from the luxury of the modern day airlines. Tony Jannus’ plane, the Benoist XIV was labeled as an ‘airboat’ and was part of the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line. It only had enough space in its open cockpit for one passenger to make the 18.6 mile trip across the bay. The first passenger to make the trip was the former mayor of St. Petersburg, Abram Pheil. He had paid the princely sum of US$400 (over US$5000 in today’s currency) at auction for his ticket aboard the first flight, and a crowd of 3,000 people waving and cheering them on for their experimental journey greeted him and Jannus. The plane hovered at just 50 feet above the water and, even though they had to land in the middle of the bay to repair a broken propeller chain, the journey took only 23 minutes, a stark contrast to the 12 hours that the same journey would have taken by rail.

From Design to Reality

The Tony Jannus Airboat cut travel time from hours to minutes between St. Petersburg and Tampa

We Make it Happen Come see how at the 2014 WTCE. Booth 4D20


Many think that air travel today is an expensive, but necessary luxury if you want to travel easily. One-hundred years ago on those first flights it was no different. Jannus continued to fly his airboat across the bay, twice a day, six days a week. A ticket for the journey cost $5 (which would be about $115 in today’s money) plus $5 for 100 pounds worth

A new look. A new generation of service. As we enter our 27th year, DFMi is launching a new brand that reects the history of our company while elevating for the next generation. Guided by integrity and passion for the industry, we provide innovative solutions to our worldwide customers, building our position as a leading global food & service ware company. DFMi, formerly known as D&F Marketing, Inc., is a premiere specialty sales and marketing company focusing on the travel and transportation industry. DFMi provides a wide range of food, beverages, customer care and amenity products to satisďŹ ed customers around the world.

Learn more at Š 2014 DFMi, Inc. All rights reser ved.


Source Globally... Deliver Locally!

of freight — the idea of charging for excess baggage is not a new one! However, despite the high priced ticket, there was very little luxury on offer with just a hard wooden seat next to the pilot included in the fare. Air travel has changed so much that it is almost unrecognizable from these first attempts. With the advance of international travel, and people wishing to travel the world more quickly and easily than ever before, airlines are constantly looking at ways to improve the services offered on board. This has seen the development of more luxurious amenity kits, drinks offered that can help fight the effects of jet lag, food developed by Michelin-starred chefs and cabin crew that are trained to accommodate a passenger’s every whim in addition to their primary duty, which is safety. However, at the heart of today’s luxury travel lies the same motivation as it had 100 years ago with that first flight across Tampa Bay — ­ to connect people in a more convenient and time efficient way. The luxury amenity kits offered onboard today’s global airlines are celebrated at the annual TravelPlus Awards. Last year’s Gala Evening in Hamburg attracted leading figures, and was described as ‘possibly the best networking opportunity in the industry’ by Wolfgang Bucherl, the Managing Director of Skysupply. Having such positive feedback has encouraged TravelPlus to continue to look at ways to develop and improve, and they are excited about the changes to this year’s awards. There are a wider range of styles, more airlines represented and new categories to be contested.

For the last 10 years, Distribution and Service (DSI) has built a reputation of excellence in the travel catering sector. By helping guide customers through the process of importing and U.S. distribution, DSI can ensure on-time delivery of frozen and dry goods across North America. This know-how means that for DSI’s airline, cruise line and rail customers, sourcing can be done on a global level and brought into the United States, without hassle. A five million cubic foot warehouse on the East Coast and a three million cubic foot warehouse on the West Coast are ready night or day to receive your freight and push it forward quickly and safely. Whether your shipment is a full load or a single pallet, you can rest assure that you have a qualified team of operational experts who will work around the clock to protect, transport and deliver your frozen and dry goods. DSI (Distribution & Service, Inc) 3701 Pender Drive, Suite 115 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 USA Mike Aevermann Phone: (703) 267-9616 x104 Fax: (703) 267-9615


US Airways selected WESSCO International to supply its amenity kit

These developments include splitting the highly contested Business Class category into geographical locations: the Americas, Asia/Oceania, Europe/Africa and the Middle East. TravelPlus feels that this development will allow the judging process to be more thorough, and take advantage of the varying needs of traveler’s across the globe. As the awards are always from the traveler’s perspective, it is imperative to realize that a passenger’s needs and wants differ, and the amenity bag’s contents reflect the expectations of passengers from around the world. The second development TravelPlus has implemented this year is the new judging criteria, to allow each bag to be looked at in depth. This is the TPLUS judging criteria, which stands for Trend, Pleasure, Luxury, Usability and Style. The amenity bag is no longer just designed to provide extra comfort while onboard, but it is increasingly expected to be a product that can be used long after the journey is over. This has seen the development of amenity kits, which are


Comfort and games are part of the offerings on Aeroflot

also iPad and tablet cases, or crystal encrusted ladies’ evening handbags and high-quality leather men’s toiletry bags. Amenity bags are so much more than just the fabric that they are made from, with a wide range of luxury cosmetics contained within them, they are at the pinnacle of luxury travel. By taking both the aesthetics and the contents of the bags into consideration, these awards are fair, balanced and fully explore what is expected from an airline to make their passenger’s journeys more comfortable. Following the announcement of the winners at this year’s gala ceremony on April 8, TravelPlus will produce their Awards Showcase book, which celebrates and provides details. This book has been produced following each of the ceremonies, and gives the opportunity to continue to celebrate the achievements of those airlines and suppliers who have created the bags that are judged to be the best in class and most suited to the passenger’s needs, across the various cabin classes. It also allows those airlines who are shortlisted, to find out more detail about the contents and design of the winning bags. Every year, TravelPlus has seen an increase in the number of bags entered into the competition, and the awards continue to go from strength to strength, seeing leading airlines, such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Etihad, Emirates, Thai Airways and many more entering their amenity kits into the increasingly prestigious awards. This year the standard of the kits is higher than ever before, and together with the changes that have been implemented, TravelPlus believes that these are the most exciting awards yet. Congratulations to all the entries who have been shortlisted across the award’s categories, each one was heavily contested, and TravelPlus would like to take this opportunity to wish each entrant the best of luck at the Awards Ceremony. The support that these awards receive every year is overwhelming, and TravelPlus would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who continues to support the awards and make them the ‘standard bearer for the industry.’ The high standard of entries, and amount of interest in these awards proves that they are something that the industry wanted and needed, and TravelPlus is excited to see what the future of the amenity bag holds. To see the 2013 TravelPlus Awards Short list and secure your ticket for the Awards go to

TASTE & QUALITY EXPERTISE INCLUDED Take off in 2014 with our quality on board. WTCE 2014 – Stand 4 D 30  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  29

comfort and amenities


WESSCO’s amenity kit for Icelandair’s Business Class

controL With more and more airlines seeking to enhance the passenger experience onboard, their focus has turned to amenity kits and suppliers are taking note by Melissa Silva


omfort isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when boarding an aircraft, whether the passenger is about to embark on a long haul flight or not. Considering the elements onboard, such as lighting, sounds and smells among others, it’s no wonder why airlines have become more focused on how to make a passenger’s flight as enjoyable as possible. One way this is achieved is by routinely improving the comfort and amenities offered onboard. The travel experience is being scrutinized in ways seldom seen in the history of the industry. Preferences are being tracked every step of the way on a traveler’s journey. When they finally settle in for a flight, what’s inside an amenity kit has to speak to them. These days that message inside the once-humble overnight pack may speak the language of name recognition, environmental consciousness, or the momentary whims of a tech-savvy traveler. “At one time our concentration was on First Class china, flatware, amenity kits and comfort items,” says Bob Bregman, President, WESSCO International. “WESSCO has now begun in the past few years to concentrate more on name brands, marketing, and ways in which we can feature delight and surprise programs throughout the fleet.” Although brands have significance, Sharon Deherder, Executive Vice President of Business Development for WESSCO feels that when it comes to amenity kits today, airlines want something more than just name brands. “What’s becoming even more important is the reliability of the fact that the amenity kit is going to have secondary usage,” she adds. With this in mind, WESSCO developed an iPad case for first class passengers traveling on American Airlines and kits for Icelandair’s Business Class that can be used after the flight.


Global Inflight Products agrees with the reusability aspect of amenity kits. It has become a key factor when it comes to its design process. “Not only does it have to fulfill its role as an amenity kit on that single flight, but it also must be able to be repurposed by the passenger,” says Paulina White, Marketing and Design Director for Global Inflight Products.

Meeting the demand As WESSCO recognized, airlines are looking for more than just brand names to make up their amenity kits, and airlines are looking for kits that offer passengers more than one use. Racket Group, one of the oldest airline amenity kit designers and suppliers strongly holds to a philosophy that good design goes a long way. “If a bag looks interesting and is well made, a passenger is more likely to take it home and reuse it, which gives airlines more brand exposure,” says Anne Bauer, President,

Racket Group. “Of course we design bags for secondary uses, but a nicely designed bag in a handy size will be reused to hold any number of things, from phone chargers to golf tees.” For industry veterans InflightDirect, providing the airlines with exactly what they want when it comes to amenity kits involves one particular challenge—airlines are unique when it comes to what they deem useful and what their budget will allow. “The initial and simplest approach is to think of those items that people actually want to use during the flight,” says Thomas G. Mockler, President and CEO, InflightDirect. “Over the years, we have packed stress balls, aromatherapy items, inflatable neck pillows, branded fragrances, telephone cases, money wallets, passport holders and even paper undergarments.” In terms of value, AVID Airline Products agrees. A division of AVID—Audio Visual Instructional Devices, established in 1951— AVID Airline Products recognizes that most AVID has created eco-friendly products, such as biodegradable cutlery, bamboo blankets and towels to include in its amenity kits

comfort and amenities airlines are driven by price, but that more and more after-flight amenities are considered to carry the brand long after the passenger has landed. “At the same time, variety, uniqueness and brand alignment are also major selection factors,” says Mike Twist, CEO of AVID. Family-run company Mills Textiles understands the focus airlines place on value, specifically the highest possible return, either literally as a ‘buy-on-board’ for ancillary income, or figuratively with a giveaway or inflight service item. But even more so than value, Mills Textiles also recognizes the InflightDirect feels unisex kits such as those pictured here, are more logical than its gendered counterpart heightened interest in innovation on the airlines’ part. “If an airline has a comfort item that really makes a difference in terms of airline’s amenity kit should first and foremost “At this point, ‘green’ initiatives are not passengers’ well-being—for example allowing reflect the airline’s brand identity, while at the only the future of our industry, but also the them to arrive refreshed after a long-haul same time, provide the necessary comfort future for all industries, so we certainly focus flight—then the passenger could view the items in a memorable way. “One example is on offering as many ‘green’ options as posairline in a very favorable light,” says Tim an amenity kit, which we recently developed sible,” says Bauer. “Our first focus is on reducMorris, Development Director, Mills Textiles. for Edelweiss Air—a Swiss Charter Airline ing waste—not only is it important from a Launched in April 2013 by LSG Sky Chefs, that flies mainly to holiday destinations,” says sustainability perspective, it’s also essential SPIRIANT partners with airlines to co-create Meitzner. Starting this summer, Edelweiss to keeping costs low. That’s a win-win for all and develop in-flight equipment solutions Business Class guests will receive a travel of our clients.” Bauer adds that Racket Group that reduce complexity onboard to better organizer on inbound flights, a maritime toi- continues to focus its design efforts on reusenhance the passenger experience. When letry bag, or a mini beach mat that converts able, renewable and recyclable products, such it comes to amenities, SPIRIANT’s strategy into an accessory bag on outbound flights. as amenity kits made of recycled materials. to meet airline demands is to find a perfect “Economy Plus passengers have the option InflightDirect has long focused on using match between the airline’s brand and the of a transparent cosmetic bag or a sunset materials such as wood for toothbrushes, cosmetic partner. “Both brand identities pouch to carry limited personal belongings razors and combs, and more recently, headhave to be in sync,” says Pinar Meitzner, Vice to the beach,” phones as a means of helping customers demPresident Sales, Design and Engineering, onstrate their green initiatives. In addition to SPIRIANT. “We then combine this with the Seeing green wood, InflightDirect has also started to focus latest trends in the amenity kit market to Once it’s understood what exactly airlines on natural cosmetics, cotton products and ensure not only a comfortable flight, but also are looking for, it’s crucial for comfort and reusable containers. “We currently provide something special that the passenger can take amenity brands to bring something different wood headphones and natural cosmetics in home with them.” to the table, while still meeting the current many of our kits, each of which includes the For SPIRIANT, bringing something spe- demands. One way that this can be achieved cotton eyeshade and cotton slipper socks,” cial home is synonymous with bringing a is by offering “green” or environmentally says Mockler. piece of the airline brand home. Because friendly products, something that Racket Being “green” is one initiative that AVID of this, SPIRIANT’s philosophy is that an Group has been aware of for quite some time. has been steadily investing in over the past

SPIRIANT worked with Moleskine to develop an exclusive notebook for Lufthansa’s Business Class amenity kit

SPIRIANT’s Oktoberfest amenity kits for Lufthansa German Airlines  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  31

comfort and amenities couple of years. “We practice green procurement and demand Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) compliance from our suppliers,” says Twist. We have created eco-friendly product lines for our customers to comply with their strategy, such as biodegradable cutlery, bamboo blankets, towels and products made of post-consumer materials.” “Eco” products are also high on the priority list for Mills Textiles, which has supplied bamboo towels and blankets in the past, and is currently looking at the feasibility of recycled cotton. In doing so, the company has encountered one challenge. “One issue is that a lot of specialist ‘eco’ products carry a cost premium, which is a potential problem for a low value commodity item, such as a hot towel,” explains Morris. “However, the cost can be absorbed on a kit that is generating ancillary revenue or on a First or Business Class product.” Global Inflight Products is equally invested in offering “green” products, evident by the introduction of Green Natura, a line of biodegradable cosmetics. “We have a brush made of wood, common plastic items have been replaced with a corn-based, compostable material, and all of the packaging is made with recycled cardstock,” says White. The new line also includes a biodegradable burlap bag, which can be reused as a tote bag for shopping.

Racket Group favors featuring clean, fresh, unisex designs and fragrances in its kits, such as Thymes Hand & Body Lotion and Lip Balm

standable why several brands have explored incorporating eco-friendly materials into their comfort and amenity products, including SPIRIANT. “The use of ‘green’ materials in comfort items is a growing trend in the industry,” says Meitzner. “We are currently testing new textiles such Evolon®, which has proven to be highly durable, while at the same time flexible to use from blankets to pillow covers.” SPIRIANT has developed a large number of sustainable products that are part of its Enlight range, a range that offers an environmental offset through the use of biodegradable materials, such as sugarcane or weight-saving products that reduce an Staying ahead of the trends airline’s fuel consumption and subsequent Thinking “green” has not only become a CO2 emissions. One such product is SPIRIresponsible initiative many companies and ANT’s SLOT tray. “We will continue to focus on developing brands are embracing, but has also become a lasting trend, one that started to really and sourcing eco-friendly products and gain momentum over the last few years. As materials in the future, as this can positively a growing trend in the industry—as it is in influence many of our customers’ desired almost every industry today—it’s under- brand positioning,” says Meitzner. “As more airlines continue to focus on social responsibility, we will see increased requests for more SPIRIANT’s maritime toiletry eco-friendly ideas.” bag, designed for Edelweiss Business Class guests In other trends Meitzner feels multi-purpose kits will become more popular, which only makes sense, since many airlines today are looking to offer kits that provide more than one use. “Airlines will use the amenity kit as a key differentiator from competitors,” she adds. “At SPIRANT this is our number one strength.” One additional use that in itself has become a trend is the capability of an amenity kit to also serve as a holder for personal electronic devices. With more and more passengers traveling with several of them, it’s no wonder why this trend is growing, something Racket Group has noticed. “Frequent flyers tend to be tech-savvy and 32  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2014

airlines are definitely interested in catering to that,” says Bauer of Racket Group. With this same discovery in mind, Global Inflight Products developed an amenity kit that also doubles as an iPad case. “The popularity of these bags is positively correlated with the increase in tablet usage today,” says White. Promotional co-branding has been a trend for several years and one that seems to be continuing. AVID predicts non-travel related brands will arise in designing traveler-friendly products to incorporate into amenity kits. Aside from multiple uses and branding, it appears that gendered-amenity kits have also become quite a popular trend. Two favorable aspects of this trend are the diversity and personalization it offers passengers, two aspects Racket Group finds valuable. “As a designer and supplier of kits, we enjoy the diversity a program that offers gendered amenity kits provides,” says Bauer. “This level of personalized service does carry a feeling of real luxury.” With that said however, Bauer also feels that the logistic simplicity of a unisex kit serves as a significant benefit to Racket Group’s clients. “As a frequent flyer myself, I personally have never found a unisex kit to be lacking,” she adds. “Clean, fresh, unisex designs and fragrances are universally appreciated.” Regardless of the gendered amenity kit on the horizon, InflightDirect feels unisex kits are more logical than its gendered counterpart. “It makes sense to offer unisex kits, as they allow for production efficiencies,” says Mockler. “Most of the items are generally unisex and in keeping to the concept of bags offering multiple uses—Smartphone cases, tablet cases—they are quite trendy as unisex products.”

201 014

BUSINESS AVIATION: The Fastest Route from B to B

500 Exhibits 60 Aircraft 12,000 Attendees

comfort and amenities Mills Textiles supplies bamboo towels and blankets and is currently looking at the feasibility of supplying recycled cotton

On the other hand, AVID sees great value in offering gender-based kits, but understands putting that theory into motion may be quite challenging. “We would like to see airlines gravitate towards gender-based kits, but realistically, we understand the logistics challenge,” says Twist. As a means of overcoming said challenge, AVID has implemented specific operational solutions to address the specific requirements for a gendered kit. Challenges aside, SPIRIANT feels gendered amenity kits offer a way to appeal to certain demographics that unisex kits may not. “Amenity kits are certainly a way to appeal to certain traveler demographics that are increasingly on the rise, for example, female business travelers or retirees,” says

Meizner. “Even children’s amenity kits have become a big competition onboard, making or breaking an airline’s ‘family-friendly’ status.”

A class act Trends and gender aside, onboard amenity kits will always differentiate when it comes to Business Class and First Class, specifically when it comes to design and presentation. “There are subtle differences in the comfort items and amenities, but our experience is that most flyers are not as concerned with a particular brand name, as they are with a size and range of contents in First Class kits,” says Bauer. “Of course sleep suits in the First Class kits seem to always generate a nod of approval when offered on an overnight flight.”

Green Natura, Global Inflight Product’s line of biodegradable cosmetics


Because both Business and First class are of primary importance to a supplier’s airline customers, InflightDirect feels there often tends to only be a slight difference between the two kits. “The differences may be visually subtle, such as kit size or color, but altogether a similar kit,” says Mockler. “Some airlines may upgrade the contents to include a different brand of cosmetics, or minor product variations.” On the contrary, Mills Textiles believes the distinction between First and Business Class amenity kits can either be quite striking, or not noticeable whatsoever. In some cases, Morris said he feels that some airlines Business Class amenity kits are better than a competitor’s First Class kit. “Those airlines offering a distinct First Class and Business Class have, in my mind, a real challenge keeping a Business Class sufficiently high quality, but making a First Class better, says Morris. “An airline may give away more ‘branded’ or renowned products in the First Class and give the passengers a high quality sleep suit.”

A little goes a long way As with any customer—airline or not— a little goes a long way when it comes to customer satisfaction. Often, offering something special enhances the customer—and ultimately the passenger—experience. For example, Mills Textiles now offers customers a bespoke factory direct design function for textile and comfort product supply. “For direct factory supplies, this is something of a novel approach as ‘factory direct’ usually means low cost and consequently, no margin for design,” says Morris. “We have our own in-house design team for our retail

60 s i nc e 1 9

comfort and amenities business, that designs airline textiles and comfort products; however, the cost of the design team is covered by the retail business.” Morris adds that Mills Textiles has recently assisted a major U.S. carrier with design ideas for duvets, comforters and blankets. Following the same line of thinking, Global Inflight Products is currently working on developing World Cup-themed amenities in time for when the international football tournament commences in Brazil this summer. The amenities will feature icons of Brazil and soccer ball motifs in celebration of the high-profile sporting event. Promotions are another way to provide that extra something that can make a big difference. SPIRIANT sees value in surprising and inspiring passengers, evident by their recent collaboration with premium notebook maker Moleskine. “Ernest Hemmingway is known to have always traveled with a leather-bound book. In honor of this tradition, we worked with Moleskine to develop an exclusive notebook, which is currently part of the Lufthansa Business Class amenity kit,” says Meitzner. The notebook comes in a special bag that provides separate pockets for notebook and pens, with the aim of inspiring aspiring writers across the globe. In addition to its Moleskine collaboration, SPIRIANT recently designed unique Oktoberfest amenity kits for Lufthansa German

Airlines in celebration of the 180th anniversary of the infamous Bavarian bash. “We wanted passengers to take their Lufthansa Oktoberfest experience with them, so we used grey felt material that is traditionally used in men’s hats to create a stylish, yet practical amenity bag that both men and women could carry with them to the festival,” says Meitzner. The unisex bag featured an engraved edelweiss button which is sym-

bolic of the Alpine region, and offered both a shoulder and belt strap for easy carrying. All in all, when it comes to amenity kits, there isn’t one steadfast rule or guiding principal that determines what makes the ideal kit. Trends come and go, but by ensuring the kit is outfitted with quality products and offers the passenger more than one use, it’s safe to say the experience onboard will be that much more comfortable.

Global Inflight Products is developing World Cup-themed amenities in time for the tournament this summer

Buzz braces itself for an exciting 2014 Buzz has become well known for its innovative children’s activities and premium amenities, as well as its partnerships with several top brands, from luggage to skincare. Most recently, Buzz extended its relationship with Jetstar Airways, by creating a new Business amenity kit featuring skincare from European lifestyle brand Zenology. The skincare products along with amenity essentials are enclosed in a versatile tablet case. “Not only is the kit available to Jetstar’s Business Class passengers, but also for purchase in the Economy cabin with the addition of an inflatable neck pillow,” says Leonard Hamersfeld, Director at Buzz. Because it can also be used post-flight to carry cosmetics or personal amenity products, the Jetstar kit is also in-line with the current multi-purpose trend. “Airlines are always looking for amenity kits that have longevity post-flight,” says Hamersfeld. “Creating and developing amenity bags that are unique and desirable, or have multiple functions enhance the customer experience

beyond the journey with the airline.” Hamersfeld said he feels that airlines are also looking for trend-forward, premium collaborations. “The combination of a strong luxury skincare partner and a premium designer brand is the recipe for success,” he adds. Alongside multi-purpose usage, the trend that sees amenity bags doubling as electronic device holders is also something Buzz has taken note of. “Today, more than ever, amenity bags are doubling as electronic device holders as increasingly, passengers travel with more than one device.”

A milestone year (its 15th) for Buzz, 2014 is set to be exciting for the supplier. “We are extending the product offer with the debut of new inflight collaborations as well as continuing to supply onboard amenities and comfort solutions,” says Hamersfeld. This year will also see Buzz expanding into new product categories as a means of continuing its overall goal to deliver innovative product solutions to the world’s leading airlines.

Buzz worked with Jetstar Airways to create a new Business amenity kit featuring skincare from European lifestyle brand Zenology


health and safety

High-end hygiene

Airlines and catering units have high standards for cleanliness, and over the years, companies from around the world have been developing specific products for every application by Rick Lundstrom


o the regular consumer, cleaning products are merely part of a standard week’s purchases for the everyday chores that have grown mundane and require little thought or consideration. But when the task is the regular maintenance of aircraft cabin or an airline catering kitchen, the idea of “cleaning” takes on an entirely different dimension. Year in and year out, products are developed, tested and certified for a seemingly endless number of specific functions. Rigorous testing is needed for the ever-changing industry that calls for new products for specific new tasks constantly. Airlines and caterers purchasing products are well aware of the scrutiny they receive from the public. A thorough review of every product used in the cabin of a multimillion dollar aircraft is a necessity in these days when civil aviation practices and the cabin experience are examined day in and day out. The companies at this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo have worked hard to earn the trust of their customers. In the fast-paced world of air travel, companies that move passengers and food can have no margin for mistakes. In recent years, increasing demands for environmental friendliness have brought companies back to the drawing boards to develop cleaning products that Celeste Industries markets it Interior are safe and sustainable. Cleaner Complete for the aircraft cabin It w o u l d s e e m manufacturers of such

The QuattroSelect system from Diversey Care takes the guesswork out of chemical use and allows four cleaners to be used in a single unit

important and regularly used products would be somewhat immune from the financial fortunes of airlines. However, Dave Heissenbuttel, Director of Sales at Celeste Industries, says the company’s financial success in the airline industry is tied to the number of revenue passenger miles that his airline customers log. The more RPM’s produced, the more passengers are inside the aircraft and the more the company’s products are used. Also, he says airlines have in recent years placed a greater emphasis on clean cabins. This year, the company will be focusing on its line of interior cleaning and odor control products. Celeste got its start in commercial aviation supplying lavatory products, but like others have branched out to products for cabin cleaning. Interior cleaning of the cabin is usually the task of the company’s multi-surface cleaner Interior Cleaner Complete. Interior Cleaner Complete cleans a wide range of aircraft interior soils and surfaces and protects them with a microscopic layer for ease of future cleaning. The product is often among cleaners used by major contract cleaning companies that  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  37

health and safety

MicroGreen from Celeste industries removes adhesives and gum

service airlines. However, Heissenbuttel said airlines often select the product themselves for use due to the regulations around material compatibility. “The airlines use testing protocol to ensure control from a liability and a safety standpoint of what products get put on their aircraft,” Heissenbuttel said. Celeste has recently rolled out a new product for adhesive and chewing gum removal called MicroGreen AGR™. These two materials pose difficulties for the airlines, Heissenbuttel said. Chewing gum can become embedded in carpets, seats and sidewalls. Most commercially available products on the market, while effective, contain high percentages of d-Limonene or strong solvents with low flash points and strong odors. MicroGreen AGR™ is a green solvent that has been developed with less than 10% volatile organic compounds (VOC) “so from a safety standpoint if it much safer for the environment and the user,” said Heissenbuttel. This water-based product is 100% biodegradable and non-damaging to plastic and painted surfaces. Development of products such as MicroGreen is one of the reasons the company has enjoyed a long history with the airlines from the first “blue juice” lavatory products, through to the cabin and on to the aircraft exterior where its “dry washing” chemicals make easier to clean aircraft surfaces in an efficient and environmentally conscious way. “Our philosophy is, we do not just commercialize products for the sake of a new product,” he said, “We commercialize products because we meet an unmet need or help our customers solve a problem.” Over the years, Diversey has made its way into the airline-catering kitchen and the aircraft cabin developing cleaning products and equipment that have become must haves by companies around the world. At this year’s WTCE, visitors to the stand will be able to see its time-tested methods, products and equipment and be filled in on company’s new capabilities since its purchase by Sealed Air. Diversey Care methods, products and services are part of exclusive agreements with gategroup, LSG Sky Chefs and Servair, placing them 38  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2014

in airline kitchens around the world. As a result of the company’s purchase by Sealed Air, it will also be offering to caterer’s line of food packaging products as well. In many of those airline-catering kitchens, crews are working the floors with the company’s line of orange TASKI line of scrubber driers. The battery operated TASKI is available in walk-behind and riding models. The company’s involvement in the industry does not stop at the airline catering units. From the halls of the airport to the nooks and crannies of the aircraft cabin, cleaning solutions for this segment of the industry have been a company specialty. The need to cover large areas under the short time frame, calls for products such as the TASKI used in catering kitchens. The company’s larger versions of the TASKI machines can cover 6,500 square meters with a single filling of the water tank. Chemical systems such as the Diversey QuattroSelect are developed for easy, foolproof usage for large sites, such as cleaning airports for example. The QuattroSelect unit can hold solutions for up to four cleaning products that are stored in 2.5-liter pouches. Inside the aircraft, Diversey has developed a line of microfiber hand wipes for use in the cabin and cockpit. Handheld wipes and towels for various applications have been part of the lineup of products for Coolike-Regnery GmbH. In the 25 years that the company first began selling products to Lufthansa German Airlines, it now has products on approximately 100 national and international airlines and has found new customers in corporate jets and in railroads and cruise ships. “Traditionally, caterers belong to our customer circle as well,” says Biggi Weisser, an Export manager of Coolike-Regnery. “And we have

Coolike-Regnery has found airline customers around the world for its Oshibori wipes

health and safety

Stipac sells towels to Air France and has developed a non-skid traymat

Environmental initiatives The use of chemical cleaning products brings with it public and governmental scrutiny that goes hand in hand with the environmental movement. “The cleaning liquid we offer are filled in bottles with pump-spray heads,” said Weisser at Coolike-Regnery. “They are therefore combustible or harmful to the environment, in comparison to aerosols containing propane/butane gas, which are known to have negative impact on our ozone layer.” In addition to the low VOC makeup of its MicroGreen product,







already realized many nice and successful projects together.” The company is well known for a number of products, among them its Oshibori Wellness towel that is part of cabin service around the world. Weisser said this year, established and new products will be part of the offering at WTCE. The company will be bringing its Cleanlike products designed for use with in-seat screens and tablets (see sidebar story) and its Vibasept hand wipe and disinfectant. The company has developed Vibasept as a pocket-sized solution that can be used without any additional water. For the lavatories, the company has been selling a pump-spray air freshener.

Z bo Ranbow 4th Floor,Tiandu Business Building No.146 of West Gongqingtuan Road, Zhangdian,Zibo,Shandong,China.Post code 255000 Fax: +86 533 6217967 Email:

Tel: +86 533 6217968/6217969  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  39

health and safety Coolike-Regnery has added a backflower-scented wipe to its collection

the vast majority of the products of Celeste Industries are water based and largely biodegradable. Heissenbuttel says it is often the case when cleaning aircraft internally and externally, the problem is not the cleaning products itself, but what the cleaning products wash off the aircraft, such a de-icing fluid and various other solvents, grease and lubricants. To combat the problem of chemical runoff from washing aircraft exteriors, airlines are often going to a “dry wash” method on an aircraft exte-

rior. The company’s Dryelite dry wash product is not petroleum based and is easily diluted with water.

For hygiene and comfort Passenger comfort and airline cleanliness cross paths in the myriad of products designed to clean hands, moisturize skin and provide a little more comfort, whether they are handed out to the passengers by a passing flight attendant, or waiting for use in the lavatories. New Zealand-based Caire will be bringing a full range of its product for lavatories and amenities and passenger use to this year’s WTCE. The company has been in business since 1999 and exclusively supplies products for use in the airline cabin. Caire has developed water-free hand sanitizers and a new lip moisturizer for airline cabin use. The company works through a number of suppliers that market full cabin solutions, like gategroup and LSG Sky Chefs. It is also part of the product offering for high-end amenity supplier FORMIA. Though the company gears all its research toward passenger skin care products for the cabin environment, Caire’s Grant Bittle

Cleaning those grimy screens The latest and greatest high-technology addition to the airline cabin are the touchscreens and IFE systems that passengers may use for hours on end, poking fingers here and there, selecting and deselecting, starting and stopping, while they eat and drink and leave and return from the lavatories or wipe their nose while dealing with a cold. All that activity has to paint a picture of the condition that a touchscreen seatback device can look and feel like after a longhaul flight. They may be high-tech marvels unthought of 30 years ago, but in the course of an eight-hour flight they can no-doubt become a germy stew akin to the bottom of a person’s shoe. Not only are the screens dirty, they carry the possibility of bacteria and disease transmission, something no airline wants to deal with. Thus, common sense dictates that they must be kept clean. Third-party aircraft cleaning companies commonly scrub down the screens and airlines have themselves picked out products to use. At this year’s World Travel Catering Expo companies have developed and are marketing products designed for the

Coolike-Regnery has developed a wet/ dry product for cleaning screens


seatback screen. AEA Networks Inc. will have representatives around the trade floor for a product called Clean2Go which is used on the seatback screens on Southwest Airlines and is being considered by carriers in Europe. Sven Schroeder, President of AEA Networks in in the Florida city of St. Augustine says the all natural product is effective in keeping screens clean of debris for two to three days, giving the product and effectiveness in heavy usage areas, like airline cabins. “The fluid is naturally based, but not organic,” Schroeder said. “It is ideal for Polycarbonate Screens used in inflight entertainment.” It is completely harmless, even if ingested. He added. “As such, Clean2Go is safe for us worldwide and does not require special packaging or warning of any kind.” Coolike-Regnery markets its multi-media cleaning products under the trademark name of Cleanlike, which it will be showing at this year’s WTCE. The company also makes a duo of products called the “Cleaning Smart” wet/dry cloths, which it will be showing in Hamburg this year. Biggi Weisser Export Manager for AEA Networks is marketing Clean2Go for seatback screens Coolike-Regnery said the Cleaning Smart system is perfectly suited for smartphones, tablets and notebooks and e-readers. The company has earned the German Technical Inspection Association certification for the system.

health and safety

Belgium-based Wet-Nap will bring a range of packaged wipes. The company has developed a packaged wipe containing sunscreen

says that the company has found converts outside the air travel world. “Our continuing positive passenger feedback speaks for itself,” he tells PAX International. “Many passengers purchase and use Caire post-flight in their air-conditioned offices—a great testament to their popularity and function.” In the French Pavilion at this year’s WTCE will be Stipac. The company has developed a small multi-purpose non-woven hand towel that is used throughout the Air France system. “This product enables the wiping of hands in optimal hygiene conditions,” said Sarah Basso, Assistant to the Director at Stipac. The wipes are designed for facial care and compliments other airline related products in the Stipac line, including napkins, non-woven and non-skid traymats and napkin rings. “We would like to develop business with airlines that are recognized for their reliability and the quality of their product onboard,” said Basso. Coolike-Regnery has long been known for its Oshibori Wellness towel that it has been marketing to airlines for several years. The product is a hot terrycloth roll moistened with an alcohol-free Aloe Vera treatment and packaged in a zip fastener. Crew can heat up the towels in a microwave oven. This year, Coolike-Regnery is adding a Bachflower towel to the line. “Bachflowers with the natural and holistic sense are known in the world of yoga, wellness and consciousness,” says Weisser. “By having this service article on board, airlines are in the position to listen to and respond to the growing group of people with a nature related attitude.” Wet-Nap, a Belgian company has been supplying its range of refreshing wipes and insect repellant wipes to airlines crews for several years. Wet-Nap Europe was formed 10 years ago created as a division of Mariën Horeca- Laboservice. The company has found customers in both airline catering and by working directly with the airlines. “We are constantly innovating our towels,” said Herwig Mariën of Wet-Nap Europe. “Today we are working on getting registration for our new Sunsafe wipe. A single-packed wipe with sunscreen lotion for skin protection.”

TASTE & QUALITY EXPERTISE INCLUDED Take off in 2014 with our quality on board. WTCE 2014 – Stand 4 D 30  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  41

health and safety


efforts on display at this year’s WTCE Sustainability will be one of the key themes at this year’s World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE). “As the world’s largest travel catering event, there is no doubt that WTCE 2014 will again have its pulse on the latest industry issues such as sustainability,” said Archana Sharma, WTCE Event Manager from organizer, Reed Exhibitions. In an e-mail to the industry at the end of January, organizers cited a number of companies and an airline that stresses sustainability policies and practices. Last year Virgin Atlantic announced its partnership with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). During 2013, the SRA worked with the airline on an assessment of all of its global catering partners against a consistent set of wide ranging sustainability criteria. The two organizations are now collaborating on a set of minimum sustainability standards across the SRA’s three main pillars — sourcing, environment and society. “We are very excited to be working with Virgin Atlantic and together we have now laid the foundations for sustainable in-flight catering across its global operation and, in

Gerard Bertholon, Chief Strategy Officer for Cuisine Solutions


Extracting caviar may be more sustainable with natural harvesting techniques such as those by Vivace

doing so, we believe we have established the tion of 14 tons of natural caviar. The eggs are released using natural environmental model which will help to set the standard for airlines around the world,” said Mark conditions such as light intensity, day length, feeding activity and seasonal changes in Linehan, Managing Director of the SRA. The aim of the partnership is to provide temperature. The belly of the fish can be passengers, whose dining choices are limited massaged in a matter of minutes with no once on the aircraft, with confidence in the resulting harm. With clean eggs, no preservatives and a provenance of the food they are eating and how it was produced, just as they would in long shelf life, Vivace offers a variety of caviar any restaurant that has completed the SRA’s textures from “tender” (smoother texture) to the “perl” (deeper texture — also called the Sustainability Rating. “Value for money and quality of product “Caspian snap”), which can be exclusively are of course hugely important factors,” tailored for customers. Cuisine Solutions prepares is entrées with said Reuben Arnold, Director of Customer Experience at Virgin Atlantic. “But our pas- grass-fed, free-range, all-natural beef and sengers now rightly demand that we look lamb, sustainably harvested wild salmon, allbeyond that, and ensure we are making the natural, antibiotic-free turkey, and organic most sustainable choices. The SRA ratings pimento peppers, amongst many others. For the airline industry, the company has will allow us to understand how we and our global suppliers are performing on this front, partnered with an aquaculture farm that and how to work closely together to drive raises and harvests amazon cod using certified sustainable processes and continues to improvements.” Vivace will be making its debut at WTCE be on the lookout for suppliers that provide 2014 as the first and only producer of pre- sustainably sourced ingredients. “Working with sustainable sources is mium caviar extracted from living sturgeons. The company was founded in February 2010 important to us,” stated Gerard Bertholon, to commercialize an international patent Chief Strategy Officer for Cuisine Solutions. pioneered by marine biologist, Professor Dr. “That’s why we recently traveled to the AmaAngela Köhler, to develop a new method of zon region to visit an aquaculture farm that obtaining natural caviar without killing the raises and harvests the amazon cod under high quality standards and reliability. Not highly-endangered sturgeon species. A key component of Vivace’s approach is only are they able to meet the global health natural harvesting as caviar sourced from and safety requirements, but they do so with aquaculture represents responsible sustain- socially-just and environmentally-conscious ability in the face of decreasing wild sturgeon practices. Ingredients that are sourced with stocks. The fish, which include the Russian the highest respect to both the environment and communities benefit everyone.” and Siberian Sturgeon, are housed in large The company’s sous-vide cooking method pools or outdoor ponds and are fed according to their needs in contrast to conventional naturally increases the sustainability of its aquaculture, which accelerates their weight products by extending their shelf-life due to them being vacuum sealed and fully cooked. for commercial gain. During the last two years, Vivace has It also decreases waste in kitchens with the harvested more than 1,000 sturgeon in a test added benefit that all products are cooked at facility leading to a future yearly produc- precise temperatures to help save energy.

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La Dolce Vita Sharing the stories of dessert makers from around the globe who strive to make life a bit sweeter by Tanya Filippelli


he dessert course is considered one of the highlights of a meal and can often create the overall satisfaction and lasting impression of an entire menu. The anticipation that surrounds the unveiling of the dessert indicates just how savored this final course is, as it is memorable. As the old adage goes: ‘life is short, eat dessert first,’ the following companies aim to satisfy in keeping with that sweet sentiment.

Brothers International Desserts For more than 40 years, Brothers has been making unique ice cream, sorbet and gelato desserts for the foodservice and travel industries. Brothers International Desserts began making its ice cream creations in Westminster, California in 1973. Originally established as Brothers Italian Ices, brothers Gary and Errol Winkler manufactured and distributed their ice cream products from their three retail stores. The brothers soon realized they wanted to emphasize manufacturing and wholesaling of their products, so they sold their small retail stores and moved to a larger industrial facility in Santa Ana, California. The 5,000 square-foot building allowed the company to expand their

Ice cream dessert by Brothers International Desserts


production line and soon they were making a full line of fruit bars, ice creams and ice-cream truffles. A few years later, the company incorporated and changed its name to Brothers International Desserts. When annual sales finally surpassed US$1 million and the company had grown beyond their means, Brothers moved in 1993 to its current 30,000 square foot facility in Irvine, California. The company’s sales continued to grow rapidly and hundreds of its products were being sold to restaurants, restaurant chains, hotels, caterers, hospitals, ballparks, club stores, supermarkets, cruise ships and airlines. Today, the company has more than 135 employees manufacturing more than 500

Mini Ice Cream Truffles by Brothers International Desserts

Brothers Lemon Ice

ASSOCIATION NEWS desserts different products. Brothers’ current portfolio includes sorbet pints and fruit shells sorbets, non-dairy ice cream, spumoni, bon bons and holiday snowballs. Brothers manufactures, distributes and markets its own line of products that includes Crunchy Bon Bons, Absolute Fruit Sorbets, Paletitas, Nutri Freeze, Ice Cream Truffles, The Big Kahuna and many others. “Gary Winkler is our creator and visionary leader. His imagination and experience has developed all of our product lines and brands,” Chris Burgé, Director of Sales at Brothers International Desserts told PAX International. Brothers’ signature items include Jamaican Calypso Pie, Louisiana Watermelon Pie, and Capuccino Truffles. “Unique flavors that depart from the norm are always in demand. Brothers’ mini truffle trios are a great example of a unique item to match this demand,” said Burgé. The company continues to strive to stay on top of the market while introducing new flavors along with new ideas for its customers. Recent demand for smaller portion sizes has had the company recreate its original recipes and adapt to these requests. “We pride ourselves on our quality. Our entire staff is dedicated to ensuring products exceed our customers’ demands,” added Burgé. Brothers International Desserts also offers a combination of mini truffles ranging from cappuccino to crème de menthe covered in one of three chocolate coatings. Another unique and distinct item is the Tortoni Bisque. This rum ice cream inspired dessert features almonds, toasted coconut and maraschino cherries. “We are constantly creating and developing new ideas. One of

Ice cream by Brothers International Desserts

Louisiana Watermelon Pie

Headrest Cover: Our headrest covers are flame retardant and made of non-woven material. They make an excellent alternative to cloth or leather headrest covers and can be produced using Velcro or glued strings for attachment. Prints using up to five different colors are possible.

Napkins: Our absorbent, air-laid napkins can be delivered in white or coloured material in standard sizes. As many as five colours can be combined and custom sizes and foldings are also not a problem – just ask us!

Trolley Covers: Our trolley covers are available in several different weights and materials including absorbent paper, non-woven and air-laid. We can produce a wide of sizes in crisp white or using up to five colours combined.

We are the leading producer of traymats and all kinds of paper products designed specifically for use in aviation, rail, cruise and ground transportation industries.

Hot/Cold Towels: Our hot/cold towels are soft and absorbent and can be made of air-laid or non-woven fabrics. Many types of packaging are available for the napkins, which can be produced scented or unscented, with or without a tongue, and with or without a flyer.

Traymats: Our non-skid traymats possess excellent absorbency and can be designed to fit any shape or size of tray. Paper, non-woven or air-laid, these quality traymats can be made with sharp or rounded corners.

Pillow Cover: Our flame-retardant, polypropylene, pillow covers are welded along the edges and are available with or without a flap. Like many of our products, they can be printed in up to five colours.

Naptainer: This popular new packaging for the fast-food industry has exciting airline applications as well. Coated, air-laid paper is formed into packaging, but can still be used as a napkin!

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desserts Sweet frittata by Gut Springenheide

our core business verticals is working with creative entrepreneurs, developing their ideas and helping them bring it to market,” Burgé explained. Brothers recently purchased a brand of organic, non-dairy ice cream to adapt to industry demands. “We have company owned routes for local distribution and distributor partners that are able to distribute products throughout the country,” said Burgé. “Everyone loves ice cream, and to this we add sorbet, gelato, truffles, pies and novelties that are delicious and loved by all ages.”

Gut Springenheide Gut Springenheide is a family business that has been working in agriculture for generations. In the park landscape of the Münsterland region of Germany, the family has developed creative products based on traditional recipes, combined with a flair for trend and a great deal of painstaking manual work. Gut Springenheide’s signature item is the egg. The base of all of its products is ‘the fresh egg’. Barbara Tusky, sales director of Gut Springenheide, recently spoke with PAX International to share more about the company’s dessert portfolio. “No egg product from Gut Springenheide is made without breaking eggs. We use only whole fresh eggs which are broken and pasteurized just prior to cooking, thus preserving their natural goodness and their good taste,” explained Tusky. “In order to guarantee top quality for our products, we beat the eggs we need fresh each day. This has proven its worth. It is reflected in our customers’ satisfaction, which is the central guiding principle for everything we do,” Tusky added. The company’s extensive product portfolio ranges from omelettes and egg rolls to frittatas and pancakes. The egg creations also include natural eggshell filled with crème brûlée and praline chocolate. Gut Springenheide’s prides itself on its unique display of its homemade appearance and quality taste. The company uses natural ingredients and creative selection by appearance, variety and quality. The apple-mint crepe is the company’s signature item and was created for a ‘fruity taste experience’. Characterized by a combination of carefully selected ingredients, the delicate crepe is filled with fresh apple pieces and finely flavored with mint. “On the subject of good taste, our mouth-watering desserts have natural good taste due to the fact that all of our fillings and sauces are prepared in our own kitchen from natural fresh products,” Tusky added.

Natural eggshell creation by Gut Springenheide


Apple-mint crepe by Gut Springenheide

With the change of industry demands, Gut Springenheide consistently faces up to the trend challenges of the market. “Customers contribute their wishes and ideas and new products are created out of those,” said Tusky. Its product development team creates new products throughout the year and tries new ingredients and flavors to develop new recipes. “We taste, test, change the recipe and optimize continuously,” Tusky stated. For many years, the egg products business line has been continually expanded to include convenience products. “We find again and again, that our products make their way to almost every corner of the world,” said Tusky. “If necessary we can respond very quickly to customer wishes, as we offer a very wide range of ready-to-cook egg products comprising of more than 600 different items. Our company is very flexible, and is always ready to cater to the special wishes of the customer.” In addition to using quality ingredients, Gut Springenheide also places priority on safety. First-class products and safety checks are just as important as taste and variety. “With us, quality and safety come first,” stated Tusky. “Our production is certified to ‘IFS higher level’ and BRC ‘Grade A.’” (Quality certifications and food standards.) From the selection of the raw materials to the completion of the finished products, Gut Springenheide monitors the entire process. “From the packaging to the point of delivery in all our production processes, the primary consideration is always the customer,” Tusky stated. “A great dessert is always the highlight of a good meal for passengers of all ages and denominations. “It is something the customer will remember the longest,” Tusky concluded.

desserts Frances Délices Frances Délices was founded in 1977 to cater to the foodservice hospitality industry. In 1993, it expanded to provide gourmet desserts to the retail market sector through the Quali-Desserts private brand. For more than 35 years, Frances Délices has continued to distinguish itself with innovative products of the finest quality. Today, Frances Délices caters to the foodservice, retail and airline industry throughout North America. Frances Délices offers a complete range of products, from pastries to mouth-watering creations inspired by European and American palettes. “We have a complete R & D (Research and Development) team that consists of world-class pastry and bakery develAWARD opment chefs,” Nathalie Paquin, Major Accounts Manager WINNING recently told PAX International. WINE “Our chefs are entirely dedicated on developing innovain 2013 tive trend setting specialties,” Paquin added. Frances Délices has consistently been sought out for its large industrial capacities while maintaining its artisanal touch and flexibility to accommodate their customer’s specific needs. To meet the challenges of the foodservice industry and more and more airlines that are considering health conscious and clean label products, Frances Délices created and designed a ‘tasty cake loaf ’. The individually wrapped cake has been appreciated by passengers as well as

Cream-filled dessert by Frances Délices

Layered dessert by Frances Délices  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  49


Fruit-topped dessert by Frances Délices

Chocolate dessert by Frances Délices

“We are one of the leading dessert manufacturers for the aviation industry and are a globally recognized retail brand,” Duff told PAX International. With products being supplied worldwide, from Australia and the Middle East, to Europe and North America, Lily O’Brien’s chocolates can also be found in a large number of retail locations. “We have an amazing development team who travel the globe seeking out the latest trends in flavors and recipes,” said Duff. “The team takes inspiration from each location they visit.” Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates started life as the brainchild of Mary Ann O’Brien. Embarking on a journey of discovery, Mary Ann honed her chocolate-making skills among world-class chefs and chocolatiers in both South Africa and Europe before starting her own mini enterprise from her Kildare kitchen in 1992. Over the past two decades, Lily O’Brien’s has become one of Ireland’s most successful international brands. In addition to chocolates, the company also produces a wide selection of desserts designed specifically for the travel and foodservice sectors, producing over 12 million desserts a year. Within a couple of months of launching its desserts business back in 2011, Lily O’Brien’s won a Gold Taste Award for its Passion Fruit Posset, an exotic passion fruit curd topped with white chocolate and vanilla mousse. The accomplishment has driven Lily O’Brien’s to continue developing award-winning desserts. “This year, we’re really excited with the introduction of our brand new premium luxury desserts in new clear pots. We currently have a range of gourmet dessert recipes, which include time-honored Chocolate mousse dessert by Lily O’Brien’s

the flight crew for space efficiency for the limited storage in an aircraft. “Dessert is the last item that the passenger will be eating, therefore the quality and taste are fundamentally important. The dessert will be remembered from their meal experience on board the aircraft,” Laurent Durot, President of Frances Délices stated.

Lily O’Brien’s Established in 1992 with just a saucepan, wooden spoon and a genuine passion for chocolate, Mary Ann O’Brien founded the company from her own kitchen in the heart of County Kildare, Ireland. Named after her first born daughter Lily, Mary Ann remains the driving force behind the company’s ongoing success with its chocolate creations. Today, Lily O’Brien’s has more than 100 full time employees and produces approximately 180 varieties of chocolates at a rate of almost 60 tonnes per week, compared to just two tonnes in 1992. Lily O’Brien’s has its own chocolate factory in its 40,000 square foot facility in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, where caramel sauce is made in-house and fresh Irish cream from the local creamery is used to create the sweet confections. Using the finest quality ingredients, the company’s products do not contain any additives, preservatives, colorants or artificial flavors. Lily O’Brien’s wide selection of chocolates has been designed specifically for the travel and foodservice sectors. The company has since built a reputation for being an internationally recognized brand in the luxury chocolate and desserts market. PAX International spoke with James Duff, National Account Manager, Foodservice at Lily O’Brien’s.


Chocolate pear dessert by Lily O’Brien’s

Ratcliffe & Brown, experts at combining quality wines with your packaging and logistical requirements. | +44 (0)20 8294 0721 |


Chocolate caramel collection by Lily O’Brien’s

favorites and we plan to launch a brand new range of premium desserts and chocolates in March this year,” Duff said. The latest range of desserts introduces a number of new flavors and ingredients to the industry, including seasonal recipes and some of the more popular and traditional desserts, such as the company’s cheesecakes and crumbles. The brand’s signature dessert is the mouthwatering Milk Chocolate Mousse with Caramel Sauce, which is made with fresh Irish cream and topped with chocolate sprinkles. Other dessert selections include Key Lime Pie, Double Chocolate Mousse, Double Chocolate and Sea Salted Caramel Truffle.

Duff said the dessert is a key element to any travel experience offering as it provides a balance by adding a sweet element to the usually more savory main course. As the last course, the dessert also gives passengers something to look forward to and it can leave the passenger with a positive final memory of the meal. A branded dessert, such as Lily O’Brien’s, can also add value to the overall meal experience. It says to the customer that this is a quality product and, for those aware of the brand, it can add a sense of familiarity as well as comfort and reassurance, which helps to increase customer satisfaction. Lily O’Brien’s is continuously developing new products to introduce into the retail and travel markets. The desserts team works with its customers to develop new product ranges as well as, to design new recipes based on the latest trends. However, sweet success can often mean having to meet changing trends in the industry, such as the demand to use greener materials as well as reduce waste in terms of packaging and production. “The major flavor and packaging trends over the past few years across the retail and hospitality industries have continued to influence the travel sector. We also see portion control and health and wellness criss-crossing with our chocolate indulgence treat area and are working on developing new products to meet this need. We’re keen to remain at the forefront of any new development across the many different areas of our business,” explained Duff. These dedicated dessert makers know just how to complete a meal while serving up their finest creations above par for the course. Not only does it leave a satisfying and lasting impression, the decadently, sweet experience is one to be savored to the last bite. Last but certainly not least, there’s always room for dessert.

Experience Extraordinary Textile and Glass Expertise

You are searching for high quality textile or glass products as an equipment for your public transportation vehicles? Your company aims to provide your passengers with a maximum of comfort and luxury that is reflected in the quality of all interior items? Our corporate alliance is geared to provide high quality glass and textile accessories especially tuned to the requirements of public transportation and will help your business to provide a more sophisticated passenger experience. We are looking forward to meeting you on the WTC!

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International Association of Airport Duty Free Stores



of the

Americas March 9 –12, 2014 Orlando World Center Marriott

Orlando, Florida, USA

Join us for the business-to-business show for the duty free industry. The Duty Free Show of the Americas offers everything you need to conduct business, all under one roof. See what attendees are saying:

“ I was pleased that even more people were present this year than the last two years. We will definitely be back next year. ” “ Excellent gathering of the industry in the Americas. ” “ I was so busy with my clients. I saw 100% of my clients and the show was very productive and a great ROI. ” Visit for more information and registration. The Duty Free Show of the Americas is hosted by the International Association of Airport Duty Free Stores, representing the duty free industry for more than 45 years.

cocktails and wine report Wente Vinyard’s Entwine selection of wines will be on Virgin America this spring

wine taking


Airlines have been launching new business and first class cabins and wine producers will be coming from far and wide to show them the latest and greatest in Hamburg by Rick Lundstrom


n recent years, Wente Vineyards has made the short trip from northern California down the West Coast to attend the yearly International Flight Services Association conference and exhibition that has been moving back and forth from SoCal locations to meet with some of its longtime airline customers. This year, representatives from the company will be leave a beautiful, albeit dry, Livermore Valley outside San Francisco to Hamburg for this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo for the first time. The grapes could still be struggling on the vine during a record setting California drought, but that’s all right, says David Parr, Wente’s Vice President of International Sales. Irrigation is still available, though price of water has been going up. The company has an estate with vines that have been growing for 130 years and have deep roots. When the vines struggle, it brings the energy of the plant to the fruit he says. This year, the company itself sees some energy in the airline market that it wants to tap into as well.


“We’re seeing a trend of spending up,” Parr tells PAX International. “Business class and first class are becoming more and more relevant and decision makers are making wines more approachable for consumers, so they are putting better wines out there, and more volume.” Joining an estate wine like Wente will create another group of players, that have been spending years developing and producing wines geared toward a new dynamic in the airline industry. Sustainability and weightsaving practices have been a rallying cry that has been gaining volume for several years. This year promises to be no different. Lightweight bottles in exotic shapes and a collection of different materials will be in abundance at this year’s WTCE. Three years ago, Wente launched a line of

wines called Entwine through a partnership with cable television’s The Food Network. The four varietals—Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc played to the strengths of the Wente Estate in the Livermore Valley and Arroyo Secco appellations. The wine was designed with the help of the Network’s chefs and fifth generation winemaker Karl Wente who sought to create a line of wines that “go fantastic with food,” said Parr. Three years on, the wines will be flying on Virgin America starting this spring. It will not be Wente’s first listing on the airline. In the past, Virgin America has selected the company’s House Red and House White, both in 375ml bottles. Virgin America’s selection currently includes a Bon Voyage Red and White wine, a Hayes Ranch Chardonnay and a La Campana sparkling wine.

InflightWines by the Glass can customize by color and message on the sleeve

cocktails and wine report Wine service-taking shape Wente, being a winery tied to tradition, maintains three bottling lines, all with glass containers. Parr said the company has been considering the possibility of a PET container, but as yet has not yet found the business case to add a fourth bottling line. Elsewhere on the massive trade floor at this year’s WTCE will the product of years of development that are just now ramping up and gaining momentum as the airlines ask, again and again for products that closely match economic and environmental pressures. Robert Kerstens, founder of a company called InflightWines comes from a family of wine traders that that dates back to 1680. For the past three years, Kerstens has been bringing his meticulously crafted wine packaging to WTCE, working with caterers and wine producers. He has also been selling his years of experience as a bulk wine and wine blending in hopes of finding airline customer seeking a combination of customized wine and in a single serve in attractive packaging for inflight sales. Glasses can be produced in a strikingly clear Polypropylene with beveled designs. “I think the most important thing about wines is the atmosphere you drink it in and the glass should be perfect,” he said. Kerstens has developed a wide range of contacts. When an airline wants a Chilean, Australian or South African wine, Kerstens can rely on those contacts he has developed traveling six to seven months a year through the world’s most prominent growing regions. He has said that he has had interest from several airlines now looking at alternative packaging. “Everyone is thinking green,” Kerstens

said. “And the weight gets more and more important.” InflightWines makes products that can be produced close to airline logistics centers. Packaging is lightweight Polypropylene designed to hold 15 servings in an airline trolley tray. The precision of the packaging keeps the product in place and eliminates leaking and sharp edges. The sleeves can be customized in several colors with airline messages and advertising and can be private labeled by the airline. Kerstens is also taking alternative approach to marketing the selling of InflightWines. He is first seeking out legacy carriers interested in weight saving and the ability to recycle all the components of the product. Another company that has spent several years preparing its products for the airline industry is Inova Simple Inspercion SL. This year Simon Robertson will be showing visitors to the WTCE three products at the stand of Le Grands Chais de France. The company has also been showing products at the WTCE since the event first launched three years ago. “Up until this year we have only been in prototype mode,” said Robertson. “We have had samples filled with wine, but we’ve never had the ability to make them in commercial numbers, therefore, we have always been too expensive.” However this year the Mirabella, Spain based company wants to make a splash with its Quart Vin Glass and its Singlz concept glass/bottle package. Both will be available with wines from Les Grands Chais de France through and agreement between the two companies signed in October of last year. Both the Quart Vin and Singlz will be bottled at the Les Grand Chais’ facility in Bordeaux. The Quart Vin glass is a quarter bottle that

Singlz wines are produced at Les Grands Chais de France’s plant in Bordeaux


The La Copita line of Spanish wines in the Quart Vin container

has a peel off lid that can be selected with Spanish and Bordeaux wines. The height of the glass is the same as a trolley drawer and can be stacked upright and inverted, which gives additional capacity to the drawers. The Singlz is an integrated bottle and glass in Spanish and Italian wine. The glass itself doubles as a screw cap. The company will also be bringing its La Copita mid-priced Spanish wine in red, white and rosé that is packaged in miniature container that can be suitable for airline service. “Everything is done in partnership with LGC,” Robertson said. “We buy all the wine and use their expertise and they do the conversions for us.” Like InflightWines, the two concepts are designed for efficiency in the trolley. Beverage trays can hold at least two more units than the standard 187ml bottle. The company has found customers in Dutch Railways, which serves the product in an Italian wine in the economy class section and at railway kiosks. The company has also had some interest from cruise lines for the Quart Vin concept for use around swimming pools. Robertson said he feels that designs like the Quart Vin and Singlz are making wines more convenient and appealing to the consumers. The company’s two choices offer the chance to place a higher quality wine served in something other than a plastic glass. “There is a desperate need in the wine industry in general for innovation,” Robertson said. “I think innovation has been quite stagnant. When you think of innovation … the standard 187ml has not changed in years.”

tito’s vodka


“Tito” Beveridge, the founder of Tito’s Vodka

ne year after the completed integration with a Texas competitor, United Airlines has, over a short period, now become a much bigger player in the air transport


world. At about the same time as the merger was in formation, a feisty Texas business with a colorful founder was just picking up momentum and now stands on the brink of a becoming a major player in its respective industry. The two companies, United Airline’s and Tito’s Vodka are finding common ground 35,000 feet in the air. It was spring of last year, United Airlines, constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance its passenger experience, decided to offer one vodka brand, and one vodka brand only, in its beverage cart. Tito’s now sells for US$7.99 for a 50ml bottle and is complementary in the airline’s premium cabins. Lynda Coffman, United’s Vice President of Food Services, was involved the in the decision. “When we looked at the liquor selections, the new Tito’s just caught our interest,” she said. “not only because it is a really great product, but it has an interesting story behind it as well.” As luck would have it, United’s desire for a new vodka came at a fortuitous time for Tito’s as well, said the company’s founder Tito Beveridge. “Ryan, our National Accounts Director is based in Chicago, and so are the buyers for United Airlines,” Beveridge tells PAX International. “We had begun to produce 50mls and decided to shop around to see if any airlines would be interested in carrying Tito’s Handmade Vodka.” But to get in the trolleys at United, Tito’s had to go through standard tendor and blind tasting. Coffman remembers liking the vodka’s smooth flavor, making it in her estimation a perfect fit for a martini. Airline supply is all about adequate volume. “We are very large right now, and we always have to ensure the volumes are there to support what we need,” Coffman says. Tito’s has purchased new equipment and opened up new lines at its Austin distillery since then. The company says the vodka is still produced the same way as Beveridge—a former groundwater geologist who looked for oil and natural gas—had in mind when he formed the company, building up credit card debt because he couldn’t get financing. With six distillings in its production process Tito’s was immediately aiming for the premium vodka category. The company reached out to a high-end clientele advertising in the New York Times and other places. Since then, Tito’s has earned awards and attention in the crowded spirits category that is seeing upstart craft distillers at one end and high-budget mega spirits sellers at the other. Tito’s is bottled by an Austin-based company called Fifth Generation and in 2011 earned an estimated US$85 million in revenue. Still, the company has been able to maintain a retail price point of about US$20, far below pricier vodkas, such as Grey Goose, which goes for about US$30. Tito’s has also won Double Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and earned a score of 95 by Wine Enthusiast for its purity and clean taste. Since the agreement with United, Tito’s has been doing tastings at United Clubs in a few cities. “It has definitely given us some leverage with our national account base,” Beveridge said. “It has also been a great way to begin getting exposure internationally. I have had quite

A match made in

Texas United Airlines is nearing its first year of a service agreement with Tito’s Vodka, and the Austin-based distiller is spreading its wings for international sales by Rick Lundstrom  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  57

ASSOCIATION tito’s vodkaNEWS a few people tell me they became fans of brand after trying it on United Airlines.” Tito’s is currently not part of the United Airline’s duty free catalog, but both the principles say that could happen in the future. Tito’s isn’t stopping, though. In March, the company will be making its debut at the International Association of Airport Duty Free Shops (IAADFS) yearly event in Orlando. Among the current listings for Tito’s in travel retail are International Shoppes, DFA, Nuance, Dufry, America’s Buckeroo, Fairn, Swanson and AMMEX. It is also listed Pac Can Travel Retail on the U.S./Canada border. Tito’s plans to bring a gluten-free version of its vodka to the event this year. The agreement with United Airlines is not exclusive and Tito’s can also be found in the beverage trolleys on Dallas-based American Airlines as well. It’s also being sold in most of the major airports. Onboard aircraft so far, the product is being consumed in Bloody Mary’s and teamed with a Tito’s brand soda and lime. “We are in discussion to create some inflight cocktails, but nothing there, yet,” says Beveridge.

Vodka still rules Vodka is the number one selling spirit on United Airlines, and as a category accounts for nearly a third of all spirits sales, according to 2012 figures from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. In the United States 2012 vodka volume rose 4% to 65 million cases and revenue increased 5.1% to US$5.5 billion according to the DISCUS. Vodka is also a primary category for new entrants. In 2012 DISCUS says that 171 new vodka products were launched, with 122 of

them flavored in some way. New flavored vodkas accounted for nearly one million cases. Though the exact definition is something of a moving target, craft distillers are growing alongside craft brewers in the United States. DISCUS defines a craft distiller as one that produces fewer than 100,000 gallons of spirits per year. In the past three years, the U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau estimates that the number of craft distillers has doubled in the United States from 90 to almost 180 plants. In the third quarter of 2012, a study by the Tax and Trade Bureau and DISCUS reports that craft distillers produced 1.2 million nine-liter cases of beverage, up from 700,000 in the entire calendar year of 2010. Tito’s vodka is distilled six times for a smooth tasting spirit

A world of flavours Our new product range for 2014

Visit us at WTCE Hamburg, 8-10 April 2014, Hall B2, Stand 2D28 t: +44 (0) 7867 459 550 e: w: GreenGourmetUK



south africa report

south to north

Mediterranean climate and mountain slopes make South Africa’s wine country a key producing region in the world

South African wines have had two good years of exports and the region’s growers have been scoring sales in key wine drinking markets and with airlines as well by Rick Lundstrom


n November of last year, South African Airways announced the winners of its annual wine selection process, which picked a handful of wines bound for inflight service from a record entry of 1,017. While certainly impressive, the year wine growers across the country could celebrate as the calendar turned to 2014, could easily dwarf the record number of entries of the airline. It was the 29th year that South African Airways has held its selection process, which picks the wines for its onboard service and lounges throughout the year. The year 2013 was also the year that the countrys wine industry topped its export record in 2012 with a hefty 26% increase in volume at 525.7 million liters of wine. The country’s wines are spreading out to countries far and wide with the help of better distribution and some favorable press in important wine-consuming nations, but marketers clearly have their eyes on a few specific areas where the world may be open to something new. “South Africa is increasingly perceived as a source of interesting, original and well-made wines, able to appeal to Americans eager to expand their repertoire,” said Siobhan Thompson, the CEO of Wines of South Africa, the trade organization that monitors the industry. “This is a very good position from which to build our base, particularly as we target Millenials, who are especially eager to encounter new taste experiences.” Wines of South Africa is particularly keen with exporting products to the United States. Exports to the U.S. increased by 37% last year. South Africa has improved its distribution network throughout

the country, and has benefited from some positive media attention in Wine Spectator and The Wine Advocate, and among the many bloggers that make up the digital wine community. Exports increases in South African wines were noted in several countries. Volumes to Germany increased 24% and exports to Russia were up 18%. Strong sales gains were noted for packaged sales to Denmark at 21%. The United Kingdom, where 20% of the South African exports are shipped, saw a 21% increase to 111.2 million liters. Wines of South Africa attributed part of the reason for strong year in 2013 to the shortfalls in the European harvests, which were the lowest in 40 years in some cases. The jury is still out on what 2014 holds in store for South African exports, said Andre Morgenthal, Communications Manager at Wines of South Africa. “We will have to wait for the harvest to finish,” he tells PAX International. “We will most likely see a drop in the bulk wine exports which escalated in the last two years. We hope to see packaged exports grow, in both out traditional and emerging markets.” Bulk volumes of South African wines accounted for 65% of the wine exported last year, up from 59% the previous year. Thompson said much of the increase in bulk exports could be attributed to sub-par harvest in Europe. Red wine was clearly the favorite among exports outselling whites by 22% to 18%. Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Pinotage and Merlot saw the largest increase in volumes exported. Grapes in South Africa are grown in a narrow zone with a Mediterranean climate and mountain slopes and valleys. The country  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  59

south africa report In 2012, Aaldering brought in modern equipment for the winemaking process. The company has also embarked on a sustainability program. Last year, Aaldering Vineyards and Winery achieved an important distinction, earning the “Enviro Wines” certification, which is currently held by only seven other wineries in the country.

Onboard SAA “Choosing SAA’s on-board wines is one of the longest traditions in the airline,” said Kim Thipe, Head of Marketing, in the November announcement of this year’s selection. “This is the 29th year that the airline has selected only the finest South African wines.” A dozen judges, including the airline’s own Sommelier and Global Food and Beverage Manager Bongi Sodladla took part in the yearly judging. The winners are announced in November, however the selection process begins in August. Over three days, blind taste testing produces winners in six categories. The most recent tasting symposium was held at the Nederburg Winery in Paarl, Western Cape.

has more than 100,000 hectares of land currently under vine. The number of farms that cultivate grapes approaches 3,600 according to an overview of the industry from Wines of South Africa. Those wines tagged for export must do so with a special export license. Samples of each wine batch are sent to the Wine & Spirit Board in Neitvoobjj, Stellenbosch where they undergo tasting and chemical analysis. Wines depart the country with an official seal from the board, which verifies the claims the winery makes on orgins, vintages and the grape variety that is used. Wines of South Africa works with South African Airways through a promotional video that is shown inflight and the airline also offers discounted fares to fly in consultants and other opinion leaders, said Morgenthal. One of those thousands of farms in the picturesque South African growing region is Aaldering Vineyards and Wines, a family owned 24-hectare boutique winery in Stellenbosch. Many visitors to this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Exhibition in Hamburg may be acquainted with the owners. Fons Aaldering was a pioneer in airline catering, first with Marfo in the Netherlands and later started Delta Dailyfood. He operates the farm with his wife, Marianne and winemaker Dustin Osborne. The winery recently opened a luxury guest lodge with breathtaking views of the Devon Valley. Aaldering currently makes eight wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and a rarely seen Pinotage Blanc. Also on the portfolio is an un-oaked Pinotage, a wooded Pinotage, a Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot blend and an oaked Pinotage Rosé. Visitors to this year’s WTCE will have a chance to sample many of the winery’s offerings at winery’s stand. The company’s star-rated wines have also found new customers with the airlines. Since starting the winery in 2010, Aaldering has had business class and first class listings with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Asiana Airlines. The company has exported wine to restaurants and store sales in more than 18 countries. KLM is boarding the company’s 2013 Pinotage Blanc and Lady M, and Asiana has selected Aaldering’s Sauvignon 2012. 60  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2014

Category winners is SAA Wine Judging November 2013

Méthode Cap Classique of the Year: Villiera Brut Natural Chardonnay 2009 White Wine of the Year: Spier Creative Block #2 2012 Red Wine of the Year: Provenance Rooi Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot/ Malbec / Carb Franc / Petit Verdot 2011 Port of the Year: Boplaas Cape Tawny Show Selection Reserve Tinta Barocca/Touriga Nacional/Souzao CEO’s Award: DGB, wholesaler and distributor of premium wine brands, including Boschendal, Bellingham, Douglas Green, as their wines won the most accolades with more than four of their wines making it onto the 2014 listing The Chairperson’s Award: DGB for the largest volume of wine supplied to SAA per year

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flying food

Back in the


After nine years with a major U.S. retailer, Milt Liu has rejoined airline catering with Flying Food Group and is finding similarities with his former job and a more demanding industry by Rick Lundstrom


n an early morning in Los Angeles, Milt Liu was starting his day with plans to meet an airline customer while his family faced yet another heavy February snowfall putting several inches of white layer on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul that they still call home. It had been one of those winters for the Flying Food Group network of kitchens. Winter storm after winter storm had been battering the northeast, canceling flights and interrupting airline operations in New York, Newark and the Flying Food Group’s home city of Chicago. Not much can be done about the weather, but Liu, who joined the company in September, couldn’t say enough about efforts of the employees. “Our people take such pride in delivering great service under difficult circumstances. This winter, the schedules have been ever changing with numerous irregular operations. I love seeing e-mails from customers thanking us for adjusting to meet their needs. It’s such great recognition for our teams.” Liu said. One of Liu’s favorite jobs is visiting the company’s 18 airlinecatering units in the United States and spending time with employees. In his previous job, as Vice President of Food Operations at Target Corporation, also based in the Twin Cities, Liu said he often visited stores and learned from employees how to improve company operations. Now, as President and Chief Operating Officer at Flying Food, he does the same thing. This exercise of continuous improvement is necessary because competition and the ever-present demands by customers have changed an industry Liu left in 2004 to join the big retailer. And though they may seem very different, he said there are many parallels between retail sales and airline catering. “There is a saying that ‘retail is detail’. Well, that also applies to airline catering. It is the attention to detail that is the basis for great customer service and



superior product quality,” he explained. “And neither happens without great people and teamwork. Whether it is in the kitchen producing food or on the flight interacting with the crew, we are dependent on our people. That is why we need to be focused on developing and training our people.” There is, of course other plans for the year ahead that has also excited the new executive. In the spring, Flying Food Group will open a new unit at Washington Dulles International Airport. The 48,000 square-foot unit at IAD will be FFG’s 19th in the United States. Like the others, the Flying Food Group unit at IAD will be focused on catering for international long-haul carriers. The company’s focus on high-end catering and ethnic cuisines has grown the business to sales of US$435 million in 2013 and has made customers of 70 carriers, mostly overseas airlines operating flights to the major U.S. cities. The demands of these airline customers has been one of the changes that Liu said he’s noticed most since returning to the industry. It has also driven the company to implement innovative process and systems to effectively compete with the two large airline caterers that can offer a larger network and discounts for exclusive agreements. “Whether you are talking about retail consumers or airline catering customers, they are all demanding more from their store or supplier.” he said. “And for FFG, superior customer service and culinary quality is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition. We need to earn our customers’ business every day by meeting and exceeding their expectations.” To help Flying Food Group deliver on a scale approaching that of the world’s two major caterers, the company will rely more heavily on its association with Servair. Since joining the company in September of last year, Liu said he has met regularly with Servair executives. “One thing that is clear is we can better leverage our relationship,” he said.

flying food

Flying Food Group President and Chief Operating Officer Milt Liu

In the months to come, Flying Food Group will be working with its French partner to share operational and financial best practices. In addition, FFG/Servair will market the two company’s capabilities to offer a broader network of stations to potential airline customers. “In Hamburg, we will launch the FFG/Servair brand,” said Liu. “We want customers to see how our combined capabilities and international network can meet their needs. ” But airlines are not Flying Food Group’s only customers. The company’s Fresh Food Solutions group supplies numerous retail customers. The company services more than 3,500 Starbucks locations with fresh products such as sandwiches, salads, and yogurt parfaits. “We think the businesses are very complimentary. They both take advantage of culinary and production skills and we have transferred knowledge from one side to the other, and vice versa,” Liu said. Liu works closely with the company’s Founder and CEO, Sue Gin, who continues to be actively involved in the business. “Sue is the heart and soul of Flying Food Group.” Liu said. “She drives us everyday to be better for the customer and our employees.” “We are thrilled to welcome Milt back to FFG,” said Gin, in the September announcement of his appointment. “He knows us well and brings additional customer focus and leadership experience to the company.” Both the leadership and experience will be important tools that Liu clearly plans to use in the months ahead as he visits the company’s kitchens to stress the importance of that customer service to the 3,500 employees whose numbers swell to 4,000 seasonally. “We can always get better, and it begins and ends with our people,” he said.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  63

inflight purchasing & inventory

Going mobile by Rick Lundstrom

Handheld and handy, and now in use gate to gate, the ubiquitous smartphones and tablets are the keys to travelers’ needs and ancillary revenue for airlines


f there ever was before, there is little doubt now, that one of the keys to greater ancillary revenue by airlines and the companies that supply them is literally in the hands of millions of passengers who are moving through the air transport grid daily. Reaching those uber-connected passengers with meaningful opportunities for purchasing goods and services will take some time, say companies that create the products, but once the pieces start coming together the possibilities have increased greatly with the easy accessibility of mobile devices. Those mobile devices may be in the hands of passengers, but also in the hands of flight attendants and other airline employees that meet passengers at the touch points throughout the travel experience. The subject was part of a extensive look at the trends shaping inflight revenue published by Toronto-based GuestLogix early this year. In the report, titled Ready for Departure: Mobile, Retail and Technology’s Impact on Airline Revenues in 2014, GuestLogix President and CEO Brett Proud predicted that the popularity of smartphones as “digital storefronts” would continue growing; consumers will be asking for self-service options; and business intelligence gleaned from the access to “big data” gathered from smartphones, tablets and smart kiosks and a sea of databases will personalize the onboard storefront experience. But to effectively increase ancillary sales beyond charges like baggage fees into onboard retail and ancillary services, Proud tells PAX International, airlines need the expertise of people who have been moving goods and services as a profession for years. “Probably only 10%, maybe 15% of the airlines have hired retail executives from regular


retail businesses,” he said. “So there’s a long, long way to go to drive those numbers higher.” In other segments of the retail world, the rise of online shopping has had a negative affect, says the GuestLogix report. But for airlines, the change in consumer shopping behavior represents a great opportunity for additional revenue generation. To reach those consumers, who are now seeking diligently to avoid as many airline fees as possible, airlines need to reach out to the passengers in a personal way. Again, the report from GuestLogix says that marketers at the airlines have the access to that ability through the voluminous amount of data collected at every step of the passenger’s journey. “The average flight is booked 45 days in advance,” said the report. “Giving airlines plenty of time to determine who the passengers are and what products and services might interest them.” Airlines are working toward that end, making business intelligence investments

over the next three years. In the future, flight attendants equipped with handheld tablets may hold another one of the keys to inflight sales. One of the other companies involved in this segment of the sales picture is Allegiant Systems, which has developed a “customer relationship management program” called FlyDesk Cabin ePIL that it is rolling out this year. The ePIL (electronic passenger information list) puts a passenger’s story in the hands of cabin crew. With the application, crew can keep track of customer preferences. They can access where a particular passenger may be in tier levels on frequent flyer programs and learn about seat preference and purchasing history. It can even be used to track whether a passenger has any particular allergies. With effective use of the program, airlines can predict passenger demands and maintain better inventory management. Cabin products can be tracked for popularity, thus reducing waste. The program will also allow flight attendants to think on their feet and when reaching out to important passengers. A connected aircraft can give flight attendants the chance to mange operational disruptions. Using the messaging application, crew can contact the ground crew to reschedule passengers and soothe jangled nerves with complimentary cocktails for passengers who may have lost their seats on a previous flight. “With the technology we are providing, [the airline] can do a lot of service recovery,” said Allegiant System’s Ramsey Nuwar.

Wither Wi-Fi? Brett Proud

Though it has been around for years in various incarnations, inflight Internet connectiv-

inflight purchasing & inventory ity is now growing with each new installation and its future is being assessed. Currently about 38% of all flights in the United States are equipped with inflight Wi-Fi. On key routes, such as flights between New York and California, GuestLogix said that 80% of the flights now offer the feature to passengers. Even if inflight telephone calling does not seem part of the airline’s plans for the future on a large scale, text messaging seems to be one of the next offerings on many flights, even connectivity in short haulflights is growing as well. In 2012, purchases of inflight entertainment and connectivity increased 13% to 17% in 2012. One area that GuestLogix’s Brett Proud is completely convinced would sell on inflight entertainment is global live sports programming. From the Olympics, to the English Premier League, to Australian Open tennis, the airline consumer will pay to see their favorite sports. “It is actually global data that we are seeing out there, that (sports) is the most interesting content to global travelers,” he said. Another company that is honing a program to help airlines and companies that wish to market to products to onboard passengers is New York-based Brand Connec-

tions. This year, Brand Connections will roll out modifications to its seatback-advertising product called SkyMedia. United Airlines and American Airlines have used SkyMedia seatback advertising in the past. With new technology, passengers onboard an aircraft equipped with SkyMedia will be able to use their smartphone’s scanning capabilities to read a Quick Response code (a pixilated symbol which is finding its way into common usage) to access messages from the company

that purchased the SkyMedia ad. With more and more aircraft installed with Wi-Fi, Brand Connections CEO Sherry Orel said the combination of wireless Internet and mobile travelers is poised to make air travel the next step in convenience while on the go. “I think it will get to the point that 10 years from now every airline is going to have free Wi-Fi just like every hotel has free Wi-Fi that used to charge for it,” she said.

SkyMedia seatback advertising has been developed by Brand Connections in New York

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Mills Textiles Mills Textiles have been supplying travel textiles to the airline, train & cruise sectors for more than 25 years & our associated supply & joint venture relationships in China extend back more than 90 years. Our key products include: Hot & Cold Towels, Tablelinen (Napkins, Tablecloths, Tray mats), Headrest Covers, Pillows & Pillow Covers, Duvets & Duvet Covers, Sleep Items & Blankets. Mills Textiles offer customers flexible supply solutions ranging from factory direct pricing/supply through to full warehousing & distribution worldwide.


InflightDirect has been partnering with the world’s leading manufacturing facilities for the past 26 years. These facilities have proven to be the most reliable factories that have supplying the airline industry world-wide with IFE headphones, Amenity Kits, Blankets, Pillows, Pillow covers and other inflight products. InflightDirect represents these factories in order to give our valuable airline customers factory direct pricing. We provide all of the production, communication, logistical and warehousing needs while giving our customer the option of being invoiced by InflightDirect or the factory. This ensures the most competitive pricing in the industry for these high volume items.

Mills Textiles PO Box 67, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY111WD, UK tel: + 44 (0)1691 656092 InflightDirect 125 Compton View Drive, Middletown, RI 02842, USA Tel: +1-401-714-4190 Skype: thomas.mockler10  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  65

QSAI 2013

A year of


by Tanya Filippelli

PAX International highlights Medina Quality’s event of the year: QSAI 2013 Excellence Awards


t was another year of fierce competition with top inflight caterers achieving average scores of 100% in the Quality and Safety Alliance In-Flight Services Programme (QSAI). The inflight food safety and quality audit programme developed and managed by Medina Quality had 220 catering facilities in over 50 countries competing again for platinum, gold, silver and bronze. The top-mark award winners, presented by participating airlines worldwide, were recognized for delivering safe, high quality inflight food. A total of nine QSAI Excellence Awards are distributed each year to three geographic regions: Asia, Americas, and Middle East/ Europe/Africa while only one caterer is named as the recipient of the Platinum Worldwide Award. “It was a tight race!” both David Medina, Chief Operating Officer and Kate Richardson, Client Manager at Medina Quality stated in unison. “It was a matter of a difference of .01 percent in the platinum, gold and silver categories,” Richardson added. The announcement of this year’s world’s best airline caterers took place in February at the historic Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida where an exclusive art-deco themed gala was hosted by Medina Quality and QSAI participating airlines. Added suspense surrounded the cocktail and dinner presentation as this year’s nominees were held in anticipation of the category in which they had been awarded. “This is the third official year for the awards,” Medina shared with PAX International. “What the tight race really tells us is that overall, the industry is complying in greater degree than they’ve ever had before. There is a high degree of compliance in the industry.” Kansai Inflight Catering Co. Ltd. (KIX) retained its platinum status as it received the 2013 Platinum Award for its second year win. “2013 was a high performance year in distinguishing who the leaders are in the industry,” Medina added.

2013 QSAI Excellence Awards Winners


Medina Quality has been conducting audits of inflight caterers since 1983. The company developed the QSAI program in 2011 in collaboration with its airline clients. Participating airlines include Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air France, All Nippon Airways, Aeroflot Russian Airways, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines and Japan Airlines. QSAI is the first audit program that provides guidance and allows airlines to monitor and improve inflight caterers’ compliance with internationally recognized standards while sharing program costs.

Mr. Gerhard Marschitz, CEO and Mansour H. Al Othman, Regional Manager – Eastern Province of Saudi Airlines Catering Co. – DMM, Gold Winner for Middle East/Europe/Africa

Air France and Air Tahiti Nui celebrating with Goddard Catering Group

company feature – buzz

Happy Birthday


Buzz celebrates 15 years of innovative design by Tanya Filippelli


rom its widely recognized shipping container exhibition stand to its quirky, innovative products for airlines, Buzz has made a name for itself in the inflight product industry with its design solutions and collaborations. In its 15th year, the global creative product agency has been supplying custom and branded products to the airline sector, receiving a number of achievements and recognition along the way for its creative process. Last year, Buzz was recognized as Australia’s third most innovative company by Australian business publication BRW. The company’s shipping container stand was the driving force behind the third place finish in 2013 (sixth in 2012) across numerous airline categories. Buzz products have been winners in the yearly TravelPlus Airline Amenity Awards that will be held again this year in Hamburg. Buzz was named TravelPlus Most Innovative Supplier of 2011; Buzz’s products are continuously recognized for their style, functionality and great design. Today, Buzz continues to design, develop and produce consumerdirected products to the travel industry and currently supplies to

Collaboration with SpongeBob Squarepants and Qatar Airways


Custom character designed Fly with Me Monsters for Emirates young travellers

more than 20 airlines across the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. Barry Gold and Leonard Hamersfeld are the creative and business forces behind Buzz. “Being great at production and quality is just a given these days, so when our clients visit us at Buzz Headquarters, we take them straight to our design studio,” said Hamersfeld, who holds the title of Director at Buzz. “Buzz’s 30 person design hub holds a mix of expertise in graphics, industrial design and product development. The way the designers work together with our client service and product teams is Buzz’s unique selling point,” he added. Buzz’s innovative design approach along with creative concepts

Exclusive Kate Spade New York and Jack Spade amenity kits for Qantas’ Business Class

company feature – buzz and solutions has resulted in successful inflight amenity products and collaborations. The company focuses on products and collaborations that enhance the inflight experience and strengthen customer loyalty through high quality solutions. Amenities span across designer brands, luxury skincare collaborations, airline blankets and sleepwear, children’s activities, and most recently, inflight audio products. Buzz also mentioned to PAX International that new collaborations are in store for 2014. In 2013, Buzz launched numerous brand collaborations including Delta Air Lines’ partnership with travel accessories brand Tumi, and skincare from New York apothecary (MALIN+GOETZ). Buzz also developed Qantas’ Business amenities featuring designer lifestyle brands, Kate Spade New York and Jack Spade. The inflight debut of luxury skincare brand SK-II in Qantas’ First amenity program was also the work of Buzz, as was the launch of natural Australian skincare brand Jurlique taking to the skies on Cathay Pacific. New collaborations are in store for 2014. Buzz has always been passionate about enriching the travel experience for junior travelers as well. Creating engaging children’s activities, amenities and meal service products, Buzz has achieved great success with the popular children’s license collaboration with SpongeBob Squarepants on board Qatar Airways. Buzz is renowned for partnering airlines with the world’s most popular children’s licenses including Nickelodeon, Disney, Pixar and Crayola. Buzz’s approach in custom character design has also resulted in the successful launch of exclusive product ranges including the plush Emirates Fly With Me Monsters and the memorable Air New Zealand Jet Cadets.

Buzz’s shipping container exhibition stand

“We’re excited to celebrate a very successful 15 years of innovative design with our clients,” said Hamersfeld, Director of Buzz. “What defines us is that we are a design agency specializing in airline product solutions.” With many reasons to celebrate the past 15 years in the airline sector, Buzz continues to develop and produce inflight amenities and demonstrates the right amount of creativity needed to to enhance the passenger experience.

Ladies amenity kit featuring SK-II skin care for Qantas’ First Class

Tumi and (MALIN+GOETZ) products in Delta Air Lines’ BusinessElite amenity kit  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  69

advertising onboard

making the message

A recent project teamed mobile phone producer Nokia and Jet Airways of India

Inflight advertising is branching out in creative ways, in hopes of leaving an impression on a captive audience by Rick Lundstrom


his year, as JetBlue Airways rolls out its new trans-continental service, complete with 100 channels of inflight entertainment and blistering fast Ka-band wireless Internet, passengers onboard will have an array options to occupy their time on the red eye like never before. The at-home experience sought so diligently by the airline will have come as close as possible to actual reality. Nestled into that cocoon of comfort and entertainment will be a passenger who is receptive to messages and interested in products and services that can enhance the travel experience even further. And waiting for that passenger will be advertising that is passive and interactive, and in some cases, a combination of both. Air travel advertising is poised for changes in a number of ways this year. Display advertising on tray tables and aircraft walls shows signs of moving beyond the quirky one-offs that have been part of the world of low-cost carriers. New technology, like that on JetBlue, offers too many opportunities for companies to get their message in front of an affluent group of travelers. With tray tables, seatbacks and the very walls and fuselages now sporting messages from worldwide companies, new partnerships are forming; and airlines that may not have considered such an option before may be willing this year to give the cabin space a second look for its options and revenue potential. The tray table is one of the most common places where the next frontier in inflight messages appear. However, Global Onboard Partners, an Atlanta company has placed advertising on luggage racks, walls and bulkheads. The company claims it is the only one it knows of that has the necessary FAA and FAR safety approvals for the applications. It also has a new customer in Bahrain-based Gulf Air, which announced it would launch an inflight advertising program with Global Onboard. The last eight months have been something of a breakthrough period for the airline, said its CEO Kirk Adams, who spoke by phone with PAX International while he was attending the


low-cost carrier conference in Singapore. In the past, the company has relied heavily on programs from the LCC’s. But with Gulf Air and several other prospective customers, he said he is seeing interest also coming from full-service carriers. In addition to Gulf Air, Global Onboard Partners is now installing advertising on Jet Airways in India, another full service carrier. “Full service carriers are realizing the value and benefit of inflight advertising and it is certainly a benefit to the advertisers and the brands themselves,” he said. Over the next few months, Adams said Global Onboard Partners would have products on four full service carriers that are located in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe. Since the company was formed, Global Onboard Partners have had campaigns as varied and interesting as the airlines they worked with. Looney Tunes cartoon characters have been placed on the walls of Spirit Airlines in the United States. Recently, the company worked with Jet Airways in India on a special promotion where an aircraft was wrapped externally and decorated with ads internally for a two-

Global Onboard Partners worked with Spirit Airlines on a promotion with cable television’s The Cartoon Network

Delicious egg specialities ... made with the finest ingredients free from artificial flavours and additives.

. - 10. 8


April 20

, Stand 2 B l l a H


Gut Springenheide GmbH • Weiner 152 • 48607 Ochtrup • Germany Tel. +49 (0) 25 53/10 22 • fax 10 25 • E-Mail:

advertising onboard be one day, and the company’s latest 30-second spot could be there the next day. As the program rolls out, she said technology would allow passengers to be located geographically, allowing a company to direct a message with even more precision. “When you see a QR code, you should be compelled to see where it brings you,” she said. “And you should be rewarded for your effort.” Though the rate of viewership and participation may be lower than an ad that is showing on a seatback system or overhead single channel, the message can be much more flexible, and reach a percentage of consumers that are open to purchase a product.

The message on JetBlue

Passengers on Wizz Air are always reminded that food and drink are just a flight attendant call away

an-a-half hour party for contest winners. On Wizz Air in London Luton Airport, Global Onboard Partners worked with the airline to create an ad on the flight attendant call button urging passengers to place orders for food and beverage.

Traditional medium a new way The seatback is one of the most logical places for an inflight ad. Wide, and open for what could be hours on end, the message sits in front of passengers for the duration of a flight. New York-based Brand Connections has developed a product called SkyMedia, which is a seatback ad that has been placed various times on American Airlines and United Airlines. Though the product may seem rather static, it has been an effective advertising tool said the company’s CEO, Sherry Orel. “The unaided recall of tray tables [advertising] is second to nothing I have ever seen,” she said. Follow-up surveys of passengers have placed recall of Brand Connections’ tray table ads in the 30% to 40%

The launch of the new Ka-band service high-speed satellite and Fly-Fi Internet product was launched on the first aircraft at the end of December. Fly-Fi promises travelers broadband Internet in the sky comparable to the speed of home Internet service. Soon, a similar product will be on 737s in the old Continental fleet that are now part of United Airlines. Part of the service will be streaming satellite entertainment that will allow passengers to select programming. Advertising has always been a part of the JetBlue inflight TV system. Ads are sold on JetBlue through a company called RMG Airline Media, which sells the ad slots. Ads are sold in three categories. “Roadblock” ads are appearing simultaneously across all the screens in the aircraft. Inflight ads run throughout the flight during regular airline programming. Ads can also appear on the moving map channel. Over the years ad sales have evolved on other Live TV customers. Some airlines such as Frontier and United charge for use of the television service. There, Live TV has sold advertisements still run on the screen throughout the flight. It is the captive audience that advertisers seek, said Mike Moeller,

The first JetBlue aircraft with Fly-Fi Internet and streaming video flew in December

QR codes offer potential advertisers new, flexible ways for reaching potential customers

range, she said. With prompting, passengers recall of the ad is in the 70% to 80% range. Prospective purchasers could run as high as 30% for certain products, she said. But the company is looking to take its SkyMedia product to another level, and this year will launch a program that will allow passengers to use mobile phones or tablets to scan a Quick Response (QR) or matrix barcode printed in a tray table advertisement. Such a feature, Orel says, opens up a range of possible services and messages that can be delivered directly to the user and changed quickly and places the all-important “call to action” in the hands of an interested consumer. In the past, QR codes have been used to direct consumers to Facebook pages or websites. But with the right program in place, the consumer could see a scan of a QR code bring them to any number of special messages or offers. For example, sweepstakes invitation could 72  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2014

Live TV’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. It is a unique medium for advertising. “It’s not a massive number,” he says. “It is a number that needs to be paid attention to. Another opportunity for reaching the passengers will soon be on JetBlue. The airline has contracted with a Minneapolis-based company called Pokeware, which makes use of a touch-pad screen like the one on JetBlue to direct viewers to products they see in the entertainment. In March, Pokeware will be running its product in the first interactive video content. When a passenger touches the on screen, the embedded links directs them to place where they can purchase a product or get more information. Pokeware is installed at no cost to the airlines. However, the carrier can earn ancillary revenue through an agreed percentage for each “poke” on a product.

Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group

11 - 13 May DICEC, Dubai, UAE


Travel Catering Expo is the region’s only dedicated exhibition for the products, services and technologies required for the airport catering industry. • Network with over 1,000 buyers and trade professionals from 20 countries • Meet with ‘Hosted Buyers’ from regional aviation authorities to discuss their catering requirements and purchasing procedures • Join leading global suppliers, caterers and experts at a dedicated platform for your industry • Get your share of the multi-million dollar regional airport catering business

BOOK YOUR STAND TODAY For booking enquiries, please contact: Raed El Forkh at or call at +971 50 653 1941 Co-located events



PAX guest Column Simon de Montfort Walker, President and Managing Director, eGate Solutions writes about the necessary next steps as the industry dips its toe into the sea known as Big Data


e exist in an incredibly competitive industry with changing market dynamics that are driving increased efficiencies, improved service and better customer experiences. These demands continue to pressure airlines to identify business areas where they can improve both operations and performance. The increased focus by many carriers to optimize the design, planning and management of above-the-wing processes is only the first step. An airline operating system is a treasure trove of data specific to how they function and how passengers interact with their services. If collected and analyzed properly, that data can drive efficiencies and reveal business opportunities for both the carrier and supplier, but there are also challenges. As the techno-sphere continues to herald “big-data” and its benefits, many industries are exploring new ways to harness traditional and non-traditional data sets to gain a competitive and financial advantage. One of the airline industry’s first steps toward using the power of data to drive business results was through pricing and yield management. However, many carriers have not taken the model much further than pricing and distribution. The airline industry is not alone in learning how to better use data, but taking the time to put the right building blocks in place will help carriers grow toward a successful big data model.

Adoption Challenges - Building with the Right Data in Mind The airline industry is an ideal environment to reap the benefits of better data analytics. The day-to-day complexity of an airline’s operations is staggering. Yet, if captured, the rich data it creates can drive better business results. Regardless of the benefits, most airlines have only dabbled with big data’s true potential, while others are not using it at all. Implementing a plan and getting on the 74  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2014

path to more advanced use of large data sets can be overwhelming due to the fact that it is actually multiple projects. A true big data plan may also quickly become a second or third priority for a carrier dealing with more pressing issues. However, by focusing on delivering better data processes, carriers will be able to improve management processes and ease core business issues. Simply look to the effect of more complex revenue management models whose use of multiple traditional and non-traditional data sets across multiple channels have changed our industry. As the tools and technologies become more accessible, many industries are aggressively integrating better data management into their businesses. Eventually all business across industries will use big data as the foundation for how they market, sell and deliver their products and services. The evolving consumer will increasingly expect services that are closely tailored to their needs, wants and habits. Further, the instant to nearinstant availability of those offerings will be a big part of delivering successful customer services moving forward. Before music was digitized, people would wait by their stereo with one finger on Play and the other on Record, hoping to catch their favorite song. Today, with one click, consumers can access an endless online catalog of music that they can listen to wherever, whenever and however they like. With online music channels like Pandora, listeners have personalized the kind of music they want to hear. Today’s growing on-demand generation (and even older generations who have warmed to the idea) will drive the way all businesses interact with consumers. Onboard services will be no different.

Making Big Data Work for You It is a challenge to establish a manageable plan that adds value in short measurable ways with scalable investments in infrastructure.

Simon de Montfort Walker

There are organizations that are implementing technology that integrates with airline systems to automate the real-time supply and demand needs. By stress testing related practices, business rules and processes, they are able to validate models and value. Typical benefits of well planned and executed reporting data initiatives include: •B etter supply flights to maximize sales opportunities, while reducing wastage and overage expenses; • Better anticipate buying trends and more effectively control inventory and manage supply chain demand by using the data collected from their everyday activities and passenger behaviour (confirmed orders vs. estimates); • Meet passenger demand close to real time; • Provide higher quality and better selection of food and merchandise items for sale on board; • I mprove product integrity; • Drive a richer ancillary revenue program; and • Open new opportunities due to better planning and stock management In above-the-wing services there is no reason why yield management like modeling cannot begin to better optimize long-range planning on aircraft loadings and stock levels. Using historical data combined with advanced modeling to better manage the supply chain will ultimately drive fundamental value.

Evolving Your Use of Data These are basic building blocks that enable the longer-term push to taking advantage of emerging big-data tools and applications. Without the basics, all the cheap hardware, massive data clusters and analytical engines will not enable increased intelligence in the business. The process of collecting data and transforming and refining it into knowledge is no different in the big-data construct, just at a much larger scale.

uniforms & accessories

fashion on the runway PAX International speaks with airlines and the uniform designers behind their brand new looks by Tanya Filippelli


niforms of the travel industry have a come a long way. As a former flight attendant, I’ve not only worn but have also observed many of the various, changing styles that have departed as quickly as they’ve arrived on the runway. Most recently, the aviation industry has made a remarkable revival in the uniform department, proving that recent collaborations can make quite the entrance, and a significant fashion statement. The arrival of Air Canada rouge during the summer of 2013 offered an opportunity to bring together Canadian designers to assemble a more creative and less formal uniform to match the ‘upbeat spirit’ of Air Canada’s leisure airline. PAX International recently spoke with the team behind the uniforms that have been generating positive reviews since their launch. “Our goal was to create a unique, welcoming and fashion forward look with lasting appeal that would also be practical and comfortable,” said Renee Smith-Valade, Vice President, Customer Experience. The Air Canada rouge crew (flight attendants) sport a ‘stylishly casual look from

The Air Canada rouge crew

head to toe’, from pinstripe hats to custom, funky shoes. “We wanted a casual look that was also professional, clean and engaging,” SmithValade explained. Among the Canadian designers were John Fluevog from Vancouver and Mari C. Design and VF Imagewear Canada, both from Montreal. According to Smith-Valade, since VF Imagewear had provided uniforms to Air Canada, they already had immediate synergies. “The creative process was, above all very quick. We approached trusted partners who we knew would deliver a quality and unique uniform in record time,” SmithValade explained. “We developed our uniform and overall look with our partners in about four months, with close attention to cost, and making every effort to engage with Canadian designers for an end result that reflects our relaxed, fun, holiday atmosphere onboard,” SmithValade added. PAX International had the opportunity to speak with the director of national accounts at VF Imagewear Canada, Milene Vaknin, who led

the uniform project. “Renee and her team had a clear vision of what they were looking for,” Vaknin explained. “After a couple of meetings and exchanges, we emailed Renee an image of how we had interpreted the brand delivery and her response was, ‘love it.’” A division of VF Corporation, VF Imagewear has more than over 100 years of experience in the apparel and brands industry as the largest apparel manufacturer in the world. VF Imagewear manages uniform programs across North America and has uniform boutiques in three Canadian provinces: Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. “Renee was totally engaged since the very start, we met weekly to review samples and options. Canadian content of the uniform was very important to Air Canada rouge and the design had to be unique and true to the Air Canada rouge brand,” Vaknin added. “We wanted to create a collection that employees would be proud to wear; a collection that is consistent with current fashion trends, yet timeless,” added Vaknin. Contributing to the stylish look of the new uniform, the Air Canada rouge accessories feature burgundy scarves with logo

Air Canada rouge accessories collection  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  75

uniforms & accessories

Qantas uniforms designer, Martin Grant

detail and matching ties, both created by Canadian designer, Marilena Cobuzzi of Mari C. Design. Cobuzzi said VF Imagewear recruited her independently owned company through a railway company’s recommendation to create the artwork for both accessories. The pattern Cobuzzi created for Air Canada rouge’s accessories adds to the airline’s signature look. She explained how the team collaborated on the project. “Team work is always important in a creative process and I worked mostly with VF Imagewear as they produced the scarves and ties,” explained Cobuzzi. The collaboration continued from head to toe and being one of Canada’s well-known shoe brands, independent designer and retailer, John Fluevog was approached to design custom footwear for the Air Canada rouge crew. Widely recognized for his forward-thinking accessories, producing shoes in traditional methods while using eco-friendly


materials, the Vancouver designer was recently named one of the world’s most innovative companies in the fashion industry. “We were thrilled to work with the Air Canada rouge management team,” said Stephen Bailey, Marketing Communications Director at John Fluevog Shoes. “It was wonderful and we have made great friends in the process.” John Fluevog Shoes introduced its well-loved comfortable and durable styles, ‘The Liz’ for the female Air Canada rouge crew with its contrast piping and double buckles, and ‘The Grant’ for the males. The distinct look and contemporary uniforms of the Air Canada rouge crew have been recognized as among the top in the airline world. “Our personality, which is fresh and youthful, seems to be the impression that’s coming through,” said Smith-Valade. “The terms being used so far all have a youthful, on-trend context so that’s a success in our books.” The collaboration has proven to be rewarding to the Canadian design team. “Air Canada rouge was a very exciting project for us, and unlike any other uniform program we have worked on in the past. We feel very privileged to have played a part in it,” Vaknin stated. “Air Canada rouge is taking the customer experience very seriously, and focusing on a fresh, comfortable and fun environment,” Bailey added. “I wish that airlines would continue to use the expertise of the designers from their hometown. It’s a fabulous experience,” said Cobuzzi concluded. Across the pond and down under, PAX International also had the opportunity to discuss the collaboration between Australia’s largest domestic and international airline and the designer of its uniforms. Qantas first approached Martin Grant as he had been recommended by a leading fashion stylist and was, most importantly Australian, according to Katya Noble, Uniform Project Manager at Qantas. “After meeting several of the designers, we selected four to submit their vision for our new uniform. The evaluations were conducted using a clear set of criteria and there was a very clear choice: Australian designer, Martin Grant,” Noble told PAX International. Internationally recognized for his bespoke tailoring, simplicity of lines and timeless silhouettes, Grant was chosen as the tenth designer of Qantas’ uniforms since 1938. According to Grant, the designer felt it was a great connection with Qantas and the collaboration presented an opportunity to also return to Australia. Currently living in Paris, the Australia native recognized key symbols that would be considered in his design to represent the premium class carrier. “I was drawn to their iconic logo, the red triangle and, of course the kangaroo. I absolutely love red. I think it’s fantastic,” said Grant from his Paris design studio in a recent telephone interview with PAX International. Classic and contemporary hues of French navy, fuchsia and the signature Qantas red are some of the blends Grant incorporated into the ‘slick, yet relaxed and comfortable’ uniform design, including the bold stripe dress, the designer’s signature piece. The fine merino wool woven into the new uniform was also sourced from over 50 wool-growing properties around Australia.

uniforms & accessories

Qantas crew uniforms

Qantas uniforms and accessories

“Beyond associations of excellence and the spirit of Australia, the Qantas uniform embodies a clear expression of contemporary Australia. This is an unwavering principle in our design philosophy,” said Noble. Grant also shared that much remained the same during the yearlong process as it did in the initial design concept. According to the designer, he was given ‘carte blanche’ by the airline to design the final look, including the comfort and durability of the crew’s uniform. While fashion has gone through

revolutionary changes over the past 90 years, certain criteria have remained: functionality, durability and uniqueness, according to Noble. A critical element was to respond to staff feedback with a range of options to ensure comfort for all body types. “The end measure is that our staff feels that they are proud to wear it, proud to represent Qantas, no matter where they are in the world. To achieve this, Martin has created a design that is unique, tastefully Australian, flattering and comfortable,” Noble stated. “One of the most innovative fabrics used was in the trilby hat worn with the trench coat. This fabric was made from recycled bottle tops which allows the hat to be folded and put in bags and then it pops back into shape when the crew wants to wear it again,” said Noble. “I think the technology of fabrics will continue to evolve as it has done already. It would be great to see fabrics that are environmentally sustainable, cost effective that still meet our requirements for comfort and function.” Grant adds that the travel industry has experienced ‘myriads of changes’ regarding its uniforms being more functional and having access to more technical fabrics that are user-friendly. “Today, travel is moving towards being glamorous again, oldschool, smart, chic and sophisticated,” Grant stated. As Martin Grant now sells to major stores worldwide with his is collections being sold in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Italy and United States, the designer concluded with his observation of the travel industry. The uniforms of the aviation industry today are taking off quite smoothly and combined with both fashion and function, these classics appear to be in it for the long haul. + 44 7850-205-849  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  77

what’s hot!


Limited edition


Company Name: MINIBITE® by Hoppe Company Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands Description: MINIBITE® is introducing limited edition, cheese-flavored nachos in Hamburg. These mini snacks are extremely crunchy and available in 15 gram portions. With over 50 years experience, MINIBITE® will also be showcasing new sweet and savory snacks from its wide product range, including baked snacks and biscuits. Visit MINIBITE® at WTCE: Booth #2C30

True Citrus

Company Name: DFMi Company Location: Tucker, Georgia Description: DFMi is pleased to announce that True Citrus products by True Citrus Co. are now being offered with beverage service on all Frontier Airline flights. Single-serving packets allow passengers to easily add citrus taste to beverages from water and hot/iced tea to sodas and more. True Lemon®, True Lime™, and True Orange™ flavors provide a freshly-squeezed citrus flavor from real fruit and are made from 100% natural ingredients. True Citrus products are created from a unique, patented process that cold-presses and crystallizes the juices and oils of citrus fruits. Visit DFMi at WTCE: Booth #4G20

Savory muffins

Company Name: iFood/Starfood Company Location: Rome, Italy; London, England; Frankfurt, Germany Description: Starfood’s design chefs have developed two new savory muffins: egg and bacon filled with pesto and cheese, and salmon and zucchini filled with bell pepper and cheese. Starfood creates hot snacks, desserts and breads made with the finest of ingredients. Visit iFood/Starfood at WTCE: Booth #4D50

Chardonnay inspired by a summer morning

Company Name: Wente Vineyards Company Location: Livermore, California Description: Inspired by the morning fog that billows in the Livermore Valley on a summer morning, Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay is crisp with aromas and flavors of green apple and tropical fruit. Balanced by subtle oak, cinnamon and vanilla from barrel-aging, this wine delivers balanced acidity and a refreshing finish. Owned and managed by the fourth and fifth generations of the Wente Family, Wente Vineyards was founded in 1883. Visit Wente Vineyards at WTCE: Booth #4K31

Say cheese

Company Name: En Route International Ltd. Company Location: Berkshire, U.K. Description: En Route is pleased to introduce a new range of cheeses, sourced from artisan and specialty cheese-makers across the U.K and Europe. Bespoke cheeseboards feature hard, soft and blue cheeses with a selection of accompaniments from grapes and quince jellies, to bruschetta and herbed biscuits. Deli-style boxes include dips and olives that can be customized with tailor-made packaging. Visit En Route at WTCE: Booth #2B50


what’s hot! Stick-on Cart Panel Cover

Company Name: RMT Global Partners LLC Company Location: Atlanta, Munich, Shanghai Description: RMT Global Partners is proud to introduce its unique Stick-On Cart panel cover that can easily be applied and removed to inflight trolleys and carts. The panel cover can be used for marketing or cart enhancement. RMT Global Partners develops and modifies products that enhance the overall inflight experience. Visit RMT Global Partners at WTCE: Booth #4D20

Special-edition amenity kits

Leading the way

Company Name: WESSCO International Company Location: Los Angeles, California Description: WESSCO introduces special-edition amenity tins available to customers in BusinessFirst on United Airlines. The commemorative amenity tins showcase United Airlines’ hub cities to celebrate their “flyer friendly” campaign. Each tin features distinctive imagery of each hub region and is provided to premium cabin flyers on long-haul international flights. Each tin features friendly travel essentials including Philosophy brand skin care. Visit WESSCO International at WTCE: Booth #2B30

World Cup class

Company Name: ETZIO® Company Location: Hong Kong, China; Barcelona, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey Description: ETZIO® aims to create a new experience combining comfort and design with its amenity bag collection. Specially-designed for the traveler’s journey, each pack includes a different city map from around the world in addition to other accessories such as eye masks and passport holders. With design teams located in Hong Kong, Barcelona and Istanbul, the collection brings together different cultures and are characterized for being personal, energetic, revolutionary, and green. ETZIO® uses eco-friendly materials for all of its products. Visit ETZIO at WTCE: Booth #4B51

Company Name: Global Inflight Products Company Location: Redmond, Washington Description: Global Inflight Products has designed a new amenity kit to celebrate this year’s great international sport event. The World Cup-themed iPad case serves as a long-lasting souvenir for passengers. Featured details of this keepsake kit include Brazil’s hosting cities and their stadiums as well as a soccer ball icon on the zipper. Trendy and functional, the amenity kit is also light and waterproof. Visit Global Inflight Products at WTCE: Booth #3B30

Comfortably fresh

Company Name: Linstol Company Location: Naples, Florida and London, United Kingdom Description: From economy to first class, Linstol’s amenity kits are designed to fit the highest of standards. Along with multiple partnerships, Linstol offers a full line of luxury products and a wide range of essential amenities. Combining comfort and style, the customized and cost-efficient amenity kits are created with innovative packaging to suit different styles and brands with a variety of skincare and cosmetic offerings. Linstol was established in 1993 with the aim to supply airlines with the best possible quality/cost combination for passenger cabin related products. Visit Linstol at WTCE: Booth #4B50

New inflight beverage system

Company Name: SkyTender Systems GmbH Company Location: Isernhagen, Germany Description: SkyTender is a fully automatic beverage system with the ability to dispense a wide variety of hot and cold beverages with individual programming. With the touch of a button, SkyTender delivers fruit juices, soft drinks and more while saving time and space. SkyMax has recently signed an agreement with FCG (Flight Consulting Group) who will act as their exclusive dealer in Eastern Europe. The joint venture between SkyMax and Air-Eltec has resulted in the creation of the independent company, SkyTender Systems GmbH for the intelligent catering trolley system. Visit SkyMax GmbH at WTCE: Booth #2D68, Hall B2  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  79

what’s hot!

Beach holiday-themed kits

Company Name: Skysupply Gmbh Company Location: Munich, Germany Description: Skysupply has created a beach holiday-themed amenity kit for Air Mauritius. Designed for economy class passengers, the themed set includes socks, eye mask, dental kit, comb, earplugs and pen. The pouch can be used to hold a camera or mobile phone on the beach while on holiday, and it also serves as a memento of Mauritius with the colors of its turquoise waters and sandy beaches upon returning home. Visit Skysupply at WTCE: Booth #4C30

New addition

Company Name: Mills Textiles/InflightDirect Company Location: Shropshire, U.K./Middletown, Rhode Island Description: Mills Textiles and InflightDirect have launched a new product line of USB hubs and sticks in the shape of airplanes. Compact and practical, the new additions are a memorable addition to any selection of buy-on-board items. Mills Textiles and InflightDirect have been reliably supplying the airline industry by partnering with the world’s leading manufacturing facilities for decades. Visit Mills Textiles & InflightDirect at WTCE: Booth #2C71

Share the love

Company Name: Brand Stand Limited Company Location: West Sussex, United Kingdom Description: Brand Stand wants to share the love and its Oloves. With new colorful and contemporary branding and three new delicious flavors, each olive has been improved in size and quality. Brand Stand is proud to announce its Oloves are expanding further into the global travel and catering market. Visit Brand Stand at WTCE: Booth #3C40

Raising the bar

Company Name: WESSCO International Company Location: Los Angeles, California Description: WESSCO introduces customized acrylics for onboard, lounges and clubs. Integrating the details of a brand, the acrylics draw attention to the airline and its diverse offerings while conveying a cohesive message. WESSCO also uses this concept working with cruise lines by integrating their programs from ticket jackets to dining room menu holders for a cohesive look. WESSCO works closely with design teams to tie the concept together. Visit WESSCO International at WTCE: Booth #2B30

A world of flavors

Company Name: Green Gourmet Company Location: Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Description: Green Gourmet has created a croque monsieur specifically with inflight caterers in mind. The croques are supplied and packed with pre–sliced ingredients and are presented in unique bake-in-the-oven packaging. Ideal as a ‘buy-on-board’ snack option. Green Gourmet has been offering complete solutions to a variety of foodservice challenges and developing High Street quality brands for over 20 years. Visit Green Gourmet at WTCE: Booth #2D28


what’s hot!

Comfortable and refreshing

Company Name: Buzz Products Company Location: Abbotsford, Australia Description: Buzz Products has facilitated a new amenity partnership between Cathay Pacific and natural Australian skincare brand, Jurlique. The range of amenity kits exclusively designed by French fashion designer Agnès b. offers passengers signature products. Each enclosed pouch includes items such as day cream, citrus hand cream and lip care balm. Visit Buzz Products at WTCE: Booth #4B41

Dual purpose

Company Name: Flight Service Products GmbH Company Location: Emmerich am Rhein, Germany Description: Flight Service Products (F.S.P.) has introduced a new packaging solution to its line of innovative inflight products. SNACK-NAPKINS are made of high-quality, air-laid material and serve as both the napkin and the package. The new product created by F.S.P. is made with a special paper produced without water, consisting of 95% cellulose and 5% binder. Dermatologically safe and soft, SNACK-NAPKINS can be customized with individual printing. Visit F.S.P. GmbH at WTCE: Booth #4D11

Sophisticated cookies

Company Name: Dancing Deer Baking Company Company Location: Boston, Massachusetts Description: Dancing Deer capitalizes on a hot trend with these new Sweet and Savory Shortbread Cookies. Packaged in individual servings, they are available in a variety of flavors including Rosemary and Pink Sea Salt, Espresso Chocolate Chip and Pure Vanilla Bean. Not just for dessert anymore, these sophisticated cookies can also be served with everything from cocktails to coffee to cheese. Conveniently-sized two-packs work nicely inflight as complimentary snacks, full meal inclusions and buy-on-board snack box components.

Airport Ground Support Equipment

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TFWA relocates, retains Cannes as exhibition home The Tax Free World Association moved its headquarters to new premises in Paris at the end of February and announced that its annual event organized for the duty free and travel retail industry, will continue to be staged in the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, France for at least the next three years The new offices at rue de Berri in Paris will accommodate all the executive staff, including commercial, marketing, membership, finance, conference, research, IT and administrative functions. TFWA took up occupancy of its existing office in rue la Boétie in 1996 with a staff of eight. Since then, the Association has grown to a membership of nearly 500 companies, 17 permanent members of staff and a portfolio of exhibition and conference events. The decision to stay in Cannes was made following a vote by the TFWA Management Committee at its meeting in Madrid in December. The choice was based on the results of a survey of exhibitors and TFWA Members in 2013 in which Cannes emerged as the clear favorite. “The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès has all the attributes of a fine venue with good quality exhibition space, a large conference hall, appropriate venues for networking activities — all set within an attractive seaside location with hotels and restaurants nearby,” said Erik Juul-Mortensen, President TFWA. “We have also built excellent relationships with the City of Cannes, the Palais management team and with all our local partners The Tax Free World Association will hold its 30th conference and exhibition in Cannes this year

over the years.” The agreement to stage TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès covers a contract period of three years from 2015 to 2017 with an option on 2018 and 2019. Dates for the event over the next three years are October 19-23, 2015, October 3-7, 2016, and October 2-6, 2017. The 30th TFWA World Exhibition & Conference will take place in the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès from October 26-31, 2014.

CLIA picks Larsen as ports liaison The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) recently announced the establishment of a Global Ports Committee and new regional committees in the Americas, Australasia and Asia. “CLIA is now focusing more on engaging directly with port communities around the world both on operational and strategic issues,” said a release from the group. “Port partners will now have increased opportunities to engage with CLIA member lines through this newly established Committee structure.”
 The Global Ports Committee is chaired by Giora Israel of Carnival Corporation. Other members are Tom Spina of Norwegian Cruise Line, Gianluca Suprani of MSC Cruises, and John Tercek of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. The committee is designed to serve as a forum where cruise lines and ports from around the

world can discuss related issues CLIA also announced that it has named Bo Larsen Director of Port Engagement and Business Development. In this role, Larsen will initially have responsibility as the staff liaison to the regional ports committee in Europe and Executive Partner business development for Northern Europe. Before joining CLIA, Larsen served as director of the Cruise Copenhagen Network and Cruise Baltic, where he oversaw the significant growth of the cruise industry in the region and had responsibility for sales, marketing, business development and branding. Larsen joins CLIA on March 1.

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+44 (0) 208 271 2174 cruise3sixty, April 2-6, Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale. For more information, contact Nicole Dunbar, ndunbar@ or call 949-457-1545 Airline Passenger Experience Association TV Market Conference, April 28-30, Dublin. For more information, contact the Association at 1 212 297 2177 or e-mail Michael Greskiewicz at Marine Hotel Association 29th Annual Conference, April 27-29, 2014
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