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Familiar focus


ravelers, and the airlines and companies that supply them, have spent the last two years dealing with a patchwork of changing regulations that sometimes sprang up on short notice. But as one crisis wanes (as all of us hope), a familiar priority is coming back into focus for airlines, which will affect many of the suppliers in this digital issue of PAX International. Cabin waste, single-use plastics and biodegradable materials will be seen much more often in the airline cabin. On a recent domestic flight on Delta Air Lines, I received cutlery made from bamboo. They were a bit unwieldy to operate at the beginning, but I eventually got the hang of it. In the move toward bamboo and other sustainable materials, Delta claims it will be able to save nearly five million pounds of plastic per year. The airline’s goals are in line with those of the Brussels-based Airline Catering Association. The ACA’s goals for the year ahead have cabin products on the radar. “Our objective is to have ACA and members fully respect, and actually anticipate as much as possible, the sometimes-conflicting national legislations regarding such things as the banning of single-use plastics, the obligation to use rotable material, and the sustainable treatment of cabin waste,” the group’s Managing Director, Fabio Gamba, recently told PAX International. Keep following along with us as the industry clears away the dust and steps into 2022 with a fresh and more sustainable eye on the future. Rick Lundstrom Editor-in-Chief PAX International

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SHIFTING INTERESTS Q&A: RMT Global Partners answers questions on the state of sustainability in the industry now and in the future HOLISTIC HORIZONS FORMIA has supported a partnership between Delta Air Lines and Someone Somewhere to introduce amenity kits for the airline’s Delta One cabin, featuring FORMIA-curated skincare products from Grown Alchemist GREEN GOALS Buzz shares its sustainability projects, plus a look at new sleepsuits for American Airlines



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SNACKS ON TREND Mindful munchies are both health-centric and kind to the environment. Snackbox To-Go, Beemster and Heineken are finding ways to fulfill passenger demands in both ways


published a total of 10 times a year by PAX International, Mississauga, Ontario,


Netherlands-based Snackbox To-Go is keeping up with demands to offer inflight snacks that check all the boxes – from vegan and vegetarian to Halal. Read more about snacks trends on page 8. Image copyright: Snackbox To-Go

AMENITY KITS: THE SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGE Alison Wells, Co-Founder and Director at Plane Talking Products, discusses challenges and things to consider when developing sustainable amenity kits



A SUMMER TO CELEBRATE WTCE returns to Hamburg in June, just in time to celebrate its 10-year anniversary





Bayart Innovations unveils eco-comfort kits for Air Caraïbes Bayart Innovations has developed a collection of eco-comfort kits for French airline Air Caraïbes. The kit, designed as a postcard, is inspired by the landscape of the West Indies. The kits are part of an ecofriendly approach of eliminating the plastic and offering a recyclable paper envelope and vegetable inks. The kits include accessories to ensure a comfortable flight, with eye-mask and socks in bright colors, as well as earphones.

The postcard kit by Bayart Innovations


Happy K introduces amenity kit Happy K Solutions has launched a new travel safe amenity kit. Designed with double function postflight, the K-Trustkit has space for a cell phone, passport, travel documents, wallet and more. Available in two designs, a purse or a pouch, it includes two pairs of disposable gloves, reusable three-layer face mask with adjustable ear line, refillable sanitizer and surface spray bottles and antigen COVID test kit. It also has a removable clear inner plastic bag that holds all contents for security checks. “With the current new world, safety products are more important than a razor or moisturizing cream, so we went with what we think is really important to travelers these days,” says Keerthi “Happy” Hapugasdeniya, Founder of Happy K Solutions. The kit is ideal for airline passengers and hotel guests alike. Currently, it is distributed to VIP hotel guests. Happy K Solutions plans to produce more luxury amenity kits in the future that offer value to the passenger with high-end products. “The high-quality, elegant K-Trustkit is designed to enjoy the harmony of luxury The Happy and safety when on the K Solutions amenity line go,” says Hapugasdeniya.


Select Harvest highlights Almond Snacks lineup California-based Select Harvest is highlighting its almond snacks lineup as the industry moves closer to recovery. The snacks are an ideal option for eaters who are keto, plant-based, heart healthy and on-the-go. The classic snack collection includes oven-roasted almonds in a variety of flavors: sea salt, honey glazed, cinnamon honey glazed, sesame glazed, hickory smoked, Chile con limon and more. The Monk Crunch lineup features lightly glazed, sweet almond snacks with zero added sugar. In three flavors vanilla, cinnamon and maple, the snack is made with a Monk Fruit sweetener blend (a sugar alcohol common in everyday fruits) to offer a keto-friendly option. This sweetener blend is 100 percent derived from plants, contains no sugar and contributes zero extra carbohydrates. Since 1982, Select Harvest has been a grower of California almonds. The company has partnered with more than 100 independent growers and are vertically integrated to bring California grown almonds directly from the farm to consumer tables. Nearly 80 percent of the facility’s electric-

ity is generated through solar power. It currently has two operating solar projects with a third under construction. For more information, please contact DFMi.

Select Harvest

4  APRIL 2022

ck a p e l g in s d r a o onb m u s i n m o e i t Pr u l o snack s

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Kaelis celebrates a quarter-century Kaelis is celebrating an important anniversary this year, a quarter-century. “As we continue to grow both in experience and expertise, this anniversary is an opportunity for us to take a moment and look back at our journey. We feel proud to stand where we are today, with the same enthusiasm and energy as one of the leading onboard product suppliers,” Frederico Heitz, Kaelis CEO, tells PAX International. The journey began in a basement office and has evolved in 25 years. Kaelis has worked with airlines on many projects to improve the passenger experience, a number of which have received PAX International Readership Awards which fills the company with joy, Heitz says. Heitz says the company’s success stems from the ability to be adaptable and agile while maintaining clear objectives – and getting to know its customers very well.

The pandemic posed the greatest challenge for the company in the history of the industry, giving it a new perspective for the future, he continued. “We truly enjoy what we do and even if a grey hair or two appears, we believe that a company is about the passion of the team, the vision for the world, and the responsibility to our industry,” Heitz says, adding that Kaelis is now working to make the airline and railway industries more sustainable by developing “greener” options. “This is a core strategy for us; it is not about greenwashing our industry, but about making a genuine difference by educating travelers on the importance of sustainability and building strong relationships with airlines and railways as a supplier,” he says.

The Kaelis team celebrates 25 years of success in 2022


Cuisine Solutions San Antonio facility gets LEED certification Cuisine Solutions’ sous vide processing facility in San Antonio, Texas has received LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The award-winning facility is the largest in the world with nearly US$200 million in investment and measuring 311,000 square feet. The plant features the largest community solar installation in San Antonio, stormwater management, a water recycling program, and uses compressed earth

6  APRIL 2022

blocks (CEB), that allow for future expansion without disruption to the surrounding environment. “We are honored to receive our LEED certification, further proving our unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibility,” said Cuisine Solutions Chairman Stanislas Vilgrain. “It’s of the utmost importance that we look towards making sustainability and real social impact decisions key components in development plans for all manufacturing facilities worldwide.”










Snacks on trend Mindful munchies are both healthcentric and kind to the environment. Snackbox To-Go, Beemster and Heineken are finding ways to fulfill passenger demands in both ways by JANE HOBSON


he inflight passenger experience is largely linked to the food and beverage options available. Having options that meet dietary, cultural and personal expectations is major, and this means having tasty, healthy, safe and sustainable choices. LSG Group’s trend report entitled Upcoming Culinary, Consumer and Industry Trends, published in January 2020 and reviewed in October of that year to predict the effects of COVID-19 on the findings, highlights mindfulness in food choices and sourcing of food as two of the trends accelerated by the crisis. “Being able to identify the ingredients is now more important due to health reasons and sustainability; transparency is a growing topic,” the report reads. “There is growing interest in products that are rich in vitamins, nutrients, probiotics or other ingredients to boost the immune system.” The report addresses consumers’ growing awareness of what they eat and how it impacts the planet. They are also seeking more information on the origins of their food and its production, increasing the demand for socially and environmentally conscious options.

8  APRIL 2022

The sausage roll from Snackbox To-Go is Halal and suitable for both vegetarian and vegan diets, providing a hot, comforting inflight snack for passengers

“Consumers are increasingly opting for regional produce and meats. In most regions around the world, people are also going organic,” it reads. It also mentions that during lockdowns people find solace in treating themselves to comfort food. The trend is expected to remain steady (as in, the same as pre-COVID), with consumers choosing snacks that are rewarding and comforting. As people return to travel, these topics are a major focus for three Netherlands-based suppliers.

Best fries in the sky

Known for the ‘best fries in the sky,’ Snackbox To-Go, introduced its Halal, gluten free, lactose free, vegan crispy fries to the industry 25 years ago. The company went on to create fries specifically for preparation in airline ovens in a special snack box, and now offers snack boxes of cakes, pancakes, hot snacks, paninis, burritos and more for buy-on-board programs as well as second service.

“We think that people who travel will treat themselves onboard. However, the healthier choices, such as veggie and Halal, are also in our portfolio, and this trend is growing rapidly,” Kees Verschuure, Sales Director for Snackbox To-Go, tells PAX International. The new vegan sausage roll is expected to be popular among customers, Verschuure says. It “ticks all the boxes of current expectations,” he explains. It is Halal and suitable for both vegetarian and vegan diets. It combines the desires of a hot, comforting snack while maintaining health and safety in its individual snack box. “Inflight experiences created by Snackbox To-Go are designed to be perfect for inflight catering because they are convenient,” he explains. “They are freezable, ovenable and can be presented to the customer straight after preparation. This no-handling process is fast and hygienic.” The ovenable packaging includes a box and foil that allows products to remain separate from each other but evenlyheated through the cooking process. The packaging includes Snackbox’s easy-open, tamper-proof features. To match the company’s “fun and playful” corporate identity, the food packaging features the same chalkboard-with-doodles style graphics and facts about the products, Verschuure explains. Snackbox’s Cashew Nuts product is the result of a project with Mozambique-based Sunshine Nut Co. Ninety percent of the profit goes back to the community where the cashews are harvested. Immediately after harvest, the nuts are roasted and packed into airtight bags to preserve freshness

and taste. The product has a shelf life of three years and is available in 15-gram and 30-gram bags. It will be introduced at WTCE 2022 in Hamburg. Snackbox To-Go is the master distributor for the cashews out of its Netherlands-based headquarters which ships all of its products globally.

Snackbox To-Go is known for its crispy fries and offers snack boxes of cakes, pancakes, hot snacks, paninis and burritos




Never touched before

Inflight food and beverage service is significant to the passenger experience because it creates the biggest opportunity for connection with the crew, says Patrick Den Drijver, Sales Manager Airlines for Dutch cheesemaker Beemster. And this is true ten-fold at the front of the cabin, he adds. “Minimal crew contact equals minimal experience,” he says, looking back on how many airlines temporarily reduced or fully halted cabin service earlier in the pandemic. That led to Beemster’s introduction of its Never Touched Before cheese platter concept. The platters were developed to promote less handling between caterer, crew and passenger. Den Drijver follows this reflection with a positive observation. “Generally speaking, airlines are shifting back to more traditional ways of serving products, with crew members speaking to you. The focus is on the premium experience, so passengers expect that connection.” Sustainability is certainly back on the agenda, especially for suppliers, he says. And while this is a huge consideration, cheese packaging is a bit different than crisp or static snack packaging. “It is difficult with a fresh, refrigerated product. It needs to remain fresh for days without mold – there is a big health and safety focus,” Den Drijver says, adding that if the product expires before it can be consumed, there is a different environmental impact happening due to food waste. “The final product, in this case cheese, is just a small aspect of the entire footprint. It is just a step ahead of the real problem which is the environmental and economic effect of the whole production process, where the products come from and how they are handled,” he says. The company plans to share more about its sustainable farming program in the coming months. And, Den Drijver says, the company is looking at ways to further decrease the plastic in its packaging. Beemster has successfully reduced the amount of plastic while maintaining food safety by using a degradable plastic that breaks down easily when incinerated. Next, the company hopes to shift to using a mono-plastic that can be recycled, he says. The goal is to introduce new packaging by the end of this year. Den Drijver says he is confident that at some point in the future, there will be a zero-plastic solution available. Until then, he says suppliers and airlines should work together to educate passengers on food safety, food waste and production processes – perhaps by sharing information on the product packaging itself.

10  APRIL 2022

Beemster is looking at ways to reduce plastic in its packaging while keeping cheese fresh


In February Heineken and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced a commitment that Heineken and Heineken 0.0 beer, served inflight and in lounges, is now brewed with 100 percent green energy. Heineken has committed to operate climate-neutral in its own production by 2030. The relationship between the airline and brewer spans more than 20 years. “By sharing this commitment to serving Heineken brewed with green energy to KLM passengers, we contribute to Heineken’s sustainability commitments. We are proud to be partnering with KLM in this initiative,” said Alexander de Nerée tot Babberich, Global Account Manager Airlines, Global Duty Free Heineken, at the time of the announcement. Heineken has been making “green” moves in the Dutch market for more than a decade, and last summer, Heineken announced that all beer for the region would be brewed with 100 percent green energy. Since 2010, the company’s breweries in the Netherlands have been working to reduce CO2 emissions. The company has added wind turbines and solar panels and the supply of biogas (a mixture of gases that is a renewable energy source) from its nearby wastewater treatment plants at the breweries in Zoeterwoude and Den Bosch. Heineken said that the amount of sustainably generated energy is at least equal to the energy required to brew and package Heineken beer. This is known as a mass-balance approach and is common in the green energy market.

Egg-cellent taste

... natural ingredients.

Gut Springenheide GmbH • Weiner 152 • 48607 Ochtrup • Germany Tel. +49 (0) 25 53/10 22 • Fax 10 25 • E-Mail:


Shifting interests

The supplier has introduced a range of eco-friendly bagasse meal items, including entrée dishes

Q&A: RMT Global Partners answers questions on the state of sustainability in the industry now and in the future by JANE HOBSON


rom food waste and packaging to operations, discussions of sustainability are a huge focus for the aviation industry right now. In this Q&A, PAX International speaks with Roland Standaert, Account Executive at Texas-based RMT Global Partners, about what is moving in sustainability. PAX INTERNATIONAL: What is trending in sustainability? STANDAERT: In the beginning we felt that some sustainability efforts from airlines were more marketing driven. Airlines promoted eco-friendly passenger comfort products to promote their green credentials and generate positive PR. Recycling and recycled materials such as RPET featured prominently in those campaigns even though the products may not always have been as sustainable as intended. However, now that new legislation and regulations have come into force, we have noticed a distinct trend where the sustainable responsibility has moved to procurement, which has given the operational side of the business a bigger voice in sustainability efforts. This shift toward different products and processes not only makes the inflight products more eco-friendly but also helps improve sustainability in operations. For example, rotable items not only help reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste that is sent to landfill, but also reduces some of the carbon footprint since less product is shipped around the world.

12  APRIL 2022

PAX INTERNATIONAL: How does RMT Global Partners incorporate sustainability into its partnerships to redefine modern travel? STANDAERT: We have started partnerships with manufacturers nearer to our main US customer base. One of those partnerships has resulted in our recent development of products manufactured locally at a factory in Mexico. This is for a new range of cutlery and barware, such as stirrers and straws, which are made of a new bio-plastic material derived from agave fiber, a byproduct from the production of tequila. It is a brand-new, exclusive product which we are bringing to the market. It will allow our customers to offer single-use items which are completely biodegradable in regular waste streams and don’t require specialized or industrial composting facilities. We have also found that one product doesn’t fit every customer’s requirements, which is why we are offering a variety of sustainable options to suit different needs. We give our customers a range of options to mix and match to fit with their inflight service.

For instance, we now offer our single-use cutlery items made of PLA, wood, paper, or agave which allows our customers to pick the item that best matches their sustainability goals and budget constraints. PAX INTERNATIONAL: We’ve discussed the current trends, but what is the future of sustainability? STANDAERT: We see a continued drive to more sustainable sourcing, not just for products, but also the way our customers manage their operations. For several customers we are looking at alternative sourcing routes and finding locally manufactured products to help them reduce their logistics carbon footprint and reduce costs. Local manufacturing has not always been economically viable for cost-sensitive passenger comfort items. However, the dramatic increase in costs of shipping we have seen in the last 18 months and the delays at ports have made some of our customers evaluate the risks to their supply chain. We believe that the demand for more sustainable, local manufacturing will only increase in the years to come.

A world of inspiration to enhance the onboard experience Taste, feel, touch and try new products and services from

250+ global suppliers.

14 -16 JUNE 2022


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The Someone Somewhere kit for passengers in Delta’s premium Delta One cabin


horizons P assenger wellness in the cabin is a major focus for Delta Air Lines. The airline has recently announced the introduction of plant-based menu options onboard, brought relaxation videos by Peloton to inflight entertainment and rolled out a product refresh focused on the holistic passenger experience. FORMIA joined forces with Delta Air Lines and Mexican apparel brand Someone Somewhere to create amenity kits for passengers in Delta’s premium Delta One cabin and in Sky Club Lounges around the world, featuring products from natural skincare brand Grown Alchemist.

It’s what’s on the inside and out that counts

As a Certified B Corporation, Someone Somewhere is a for-profit company that strives to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. The company combines traditional Mexican handcrafts with innovative products, working with 180 artisans across five of the country’s “poorest states,” according to the website: Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Hidalgo and Estado de Mexico. Ninety-nine percent of the artisans at Someone Somewhere are women. The production processes eliminate waste and use regenerated cotton.

14  APRIL 2022

FORMIA has supported a partnership between Delta Air Lines and Someone Somewhere to introduce amenity kits for the airline’s Delta One cabin, featuring FORMIA-curated skincare products from Grown Alchemist by JANE HOBSON

“Forming trusted and meaningful partnerships with airline customers, brand partners and suppliers is a key pillar of FORMIA’s ongoing sustainability strategy,” FORMIA’s CCO & Managing Director Americas, Niklas Sandor tells PAX International. “Through collaboration with purposeful partners who share social and environmental commitments, we create a platform and raise awareness for millions of passengers globally to drive lasting, positive impact.” The Delta One kits launched in February in five designs created by the artisans. Passengers can learn about the artisan who created the kit by scanning a QR code on the label. “Many of these artisans have been honing their skill for years without recognition,” said Antonio Nuño, CEO and Co-Founder of Someone Somewhere, in the airline’s January 25 press release. “Through this project, they have seen the impact and the value of their work – and are being paid fairly for it. It is our privilege to do everything we can to make sure Delta customers know the story behind the kits in their hands.” The kits include sustainable wellnessfocused products such as a Someone Somewhere eye mask, Humble Co. bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste, and products from Grown Alchemist’s advanced holistic beauty system, including soothing hand cream and lip

balm with vanilla and watermelon. “We’re challenging ourselves to put ever more thought and care into how and from where we source our products,” said Sam Sibble, Director of Supply Chain at Delta, in the release. “Partnerships like this align with our vision of providing a premium and unique onboard experience while also driving social, economic and environmental impact.”

Holistic approach to beauty

In the Delta Sky Club Lounges, passengers can choose from a selection of hand-picked skincare solutions from Grown Alchemist, including a sensuous aromatic body cleanser with Chamomile, Bergamot and Rose, and a gentle nutrient-rich shampoo and conditioner with Damask Rose. In Delta One cabin lavatories, passengers will find hand wash infused with Sweet Orange, Cedarwood and Sage, and hand cream with moisturizing botanical extracts. “Grown Alchemist is thrilled to partner with Delta and FORMIA to introduce products from our trademark skincare system. We have developed an exclusive range created to hydrate and revitalize, so Delta One passengers arrive at their destinations feeling refreshed and energized,” said Grown Alchemist Co-Founder Jeremy Muijs.

Green goals by JANE HOBSON


Buzz shares its sustainability projects, plus a look at new sleepsuits for American Airlines

he environmental impact of travel is in focus, and for Buzz, the IATA target of a 50 percent reduction in aviation CO2 emissions by 2050 was the perfect incentive for a new project. The Buzz Sustainability team set out to design a plastic-free and zero-waste amenity kit. By replacing plastic with renewable and recyclable materials, the All Good Things amenity kit is designed to help travelers feel good knowing that their onboard comfort items are designed with the environmental footprint considered. The kit features renewable materials including tin, cotton canvas, aluminum, bamboo, FSC paper, and wood. Also included are ToothChews, an innovative, environmentally friendly alternative to toothpaste, that eliminates the tube and saves water.

Through its Join the Movement program, Buzz has worked with airline partners to remove 13 million polybags from circulation. The company is also the team behind airline sustainability program, ecothread™ which has diverted over 100 million plastic bottles from landfill. “We are on a journey to zero waste and we are committed to


using our design innovation to help protect our planet,” said Leonard Hamersfeld, Director at Buzz. The company has recently introduced sleepwear for American Airlines. Created in collaboration with New York-based RECLINER, the sleepsuits are made from recycled plastic bottles and blended with cotton, making them soft and breathable. Each sleep suit is made using 12 400 milliliter-sized bottles rescued from landfills, adding up to 4,821 bottles per day being reused for an annual saving of 33 tons. Passengers receive the sleepsuit in 100 percent biodegradable packaging.

The All Good Things amenity kit features renewable materials such as tin, cotton canvas, aluminum, bamboo, FSC paper and wood

PREMIUM CHEESE FOR PREMIUM AIRLINES A range of innovative new travel and airline products from the world's best Cheesemaker. Flavours that put a smile on your face. Visit us in at WTCE in Hamburg and see the new Breakfast Burrito, Hot Snacks and ready-to-serve cheese solutions from the only Cheesemaker that owns the entire supply chain from Field to Fork.




Plane Talking Products is working closely with natural, vegan, plastic-free cosmetic brand Scence to create sustainable personal care options for amenity kits

Amenity kits:

The sustainability challenge

Alison Wells, Co-Founder and Director at Plane Talking Products, discusses challenges and things to consider when developing sustainable amenity kits


ou can’t talk about any inflight product today without considering its afterlife. Will it be thrown away? If so, how and where? Can it be tamper-proofed and reused? Is data available to show what products are most popular to inform future product selection? There is no question that amenity kits are going green. The days of bags full of stuff that’s neither wanted nor used are over. Passengers expect more care and attention: in what they get, how they can use it and – crucially – in what happens to it afterwards. I see pockets of good ideas but nobody has sorted the truly sustainable amenity kit – yet. Plane Talking recently carried out a detailed review of the ‘classic’ kit, analyzing every aspect of materials, usage, and disposal. We wanted to ensure we didn’t lose sight of the real meaning of sustainable in this context, so we took it back to basics. • Rotable versus disposable? It’s far better to be given a useful reusable bag made from a durable material with a clear secondary use. A handy smartphone pouch

16  APRIL 2022

or lunch bag that encourages the passenger to take it and reuse ticks a lot of boxes: it takes the airline brand into the home, results in less waste on board, and is a product with a post-flight afterlife. •

Is it truly sustainable? Many airlines have already switched to bamboo or wheat straw contents. But it’s important not to forget ancillary items: nylon bristles, plastic tubes, zippers, hygiene wraps. To be properly sustainable, all aspects have to be considered. What’s new? The latest innovations in personal care can take time to become standard in our daily lives. Shampoo bars are one example. It takes a while to get used to the idea but once you do, there’s no going back. How about toothpaste or mouthwash tablets instead of brushes, tubes and bottles? Plane Talking is working closely with natural, vegan, plastic-free cosmetic brand Scence that is really at the forefront of the revolution in personal care. In addition, innova-

Alison Wells, Co-Founder and Director, Plane Talking Products

tion in materials such as seaweed and coffee grounds are rapidly developing into usable materials we can apply to amenity kits. Of course, cost remains a factor, as well as a deep understanding of what’s “good” and what’s “bad.” But we need to find a way forward. One answer to this is Plane Talking’s work with the Aviation Sustainability Forum. Its collaborative research projects delve deep into products, supply chains and waste management to help airlines and suppliers establish a database of materials that are both sustainable and cost-effective. This work in progress is a major step in the right direction. One thing is clear: a focus on sustainability means a great opportunity to breathe new life into the amenity kit.


13 JUNE 2022



JUNE 2022

o attend Als



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A summer to celebrate

The industry will gather for WTCE at the Hamburg Messe for the first time since the pandemic began

WTCE returns to Hamburg in June, just in time to celebrate its 10-year anniversary by JANE HOBSON


fter a three-year hiatus, the WTCE (World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo) is returning to the Hamburg Messe this summer to celebrate 10 years since its inception. The event for inflight catering, onboard services and passenger comfort will take place June 14 to 16. At the time of publication, event organizers RX told PAX International they are expecting more than 1,750 attendees from the airline industry, rail companies and international caterers including dnata, Newrest, SATS and LSG. More than 250 exhibitors – including approximately 60 who have exhibited every year since the event started and 70 first-timers – will be present, showcasing solutions to push travel closer to full recovery. The 10th anniversary will be a big part of this year’s event, RX says. The organizers will be running a host of initiatives to mark the milestone including Onboard Icons which recognizes 10 of the most influential people in the sector – as voted by the industry. There will also be a showcase of 10 of the 50-plus companies

18  APRIL 2022

that have exhibited at WTCE since 2012 and have successfully developed in the onboard services industry. All visitors and exhibitors are invited to the free-to-attend Drinks Reception that will prompt introductions, networking and other opportunities – sponsored by Heineken.

New at the event

WTCE Connect is launching ahead of the show. The online tool will enable visitors and exhibitors to arrange the meetings ahead of time. Using data supplied by visitors and suppliers during the registration process, WTCE Connect will match businesses based on their interests and offerings as well as enable them to search for who they would like to meet and schedule a meeting at the Expo.

Familiar favorites return

Many catering programs return to the Hamburg Messe as in previous years, as well as the co-located Passenger Experience Conference which takes place on June 13. The sessions cover a range of issues and challenges,

Polly Magraw, Event Director for WTCE

and will provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about the future of the passenger experience, and onboard environments and services. “There is a huge amount of excitement building around the exhibition; people have really missed the opportunity to network, learn and share ideas during this period,” says Polly Magraw, Event Director for WTCE. Entry to the event will be in accordance with the German 2G rule which requires either proof of triple vaccination or proof of negative COVID test or proof of recovery. “We are expecting that the use of masks will be advised regardless of the restrictions at the time, but social distancing will probably not be necessary. While we will be encouraging all our visitors and exhibitors to follow local restrictions, these will also be enforced by the venue as part of the hosting agreement. We can’t wait to reunite the industry for WTCE in Hamburg in June,” Magraw says. As a proud Media Partner for the event, PAX International will be in attendance and distributing editions of the WTCE issue during the show.

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