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Trolleys amount to 70% of the production at Diethelm Keller Aviation

The half-sized trolley from Diethelm Keller Aviation weighs in at 10 kilograms

sories for the FleX that will be unveiled at the company’s stand A60 in Hall 7. Shortly before this year’s AIX, Norduyn announced that it would be working with RMT Global Partners to advance the company’s sales in the United States. RMT, with main offices in Atlanta sells a range of comfort and food service products to the airlines, and has branch offices in Munich and Shanghai.

Light weight and flying high It was two years ago in Hamburg, that Diethelm Keller Aviation launched

the EcoLite® GEN2 cart. Now, the company will be showing visitors a lightweight model in a 16-kilogram design in the full size configuration and 10-kilogram half size. So far, the EcoLite® GEN2 products have been sold to more than 10 airline customers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, which will have put nearly 20,000 trolleys in their cabins this year. The EcoLite and EcoLite GEN2 trolleys account for more than 70% of the company’s production. Diethelm Keller Aviation has made the EcoLite® GEN2 24% lighter than its earlier models through what it said is smart design. New materials were selected with an emphasis on light weight and strength. The company has also innovated its manufacturing processes to allow lighter and exceptionally strong parts for the EcoLite® GEN2 carts and standard containers. “Instead of taking the classical approach of working within the weightstrength boundary, we made leaps in all areas and pushed the boundary much further,” said a spokesperson at Diethelm Keller Aviation. “The result is an exceptionally strong and light EcoLite® GEN2 range of products.” At this year’s AIX, Diethelm Keller Aviation will also be bringing a new duty free sales cart with an electronic seal and lock that deter pilferage. Another company that has listened to the call of airlines for a lightweight trolley is Spain-based Industrial Neotex. Not only is the company’s trolley line

competitive in the weight, it is also 100% recyclable at the end of its lifetime. It is made in a sturdy design meant to maintain temperature of 8 degrees Celsius for four hours in the composite configuration. Other unique features of the trolley line is a trolley brake system that is operating with a push-button as opposed to a foot pedal, most common among trolley manufacturers. Industrial Neotex specializes in a number of areas in cabin service, most notably carpets, draperies, seat cushions and leather material. To enter into the trolley supply segment, Industrial Neotex is offering its products in a way that reduces risk, and costly maintenance: leasing. “We are offering serviceable trolleys to the airlines by monthly rate and they do not have to worry about maintenance of spare parts,” said Angel Hernanz Arbeloa, Vice President Commercial at Industrial Neotex. “They will always have a stipulated number of trolleys in their system.”

Style under wraps Trolleys may be made lighter and more maneuverable in the 21st Century but they still have aesthetic that has changed little over the years due to requirements for standardized size and galley design. One newcomer to the market, with a famous name, says that needs to change. Maria Rosaria Iacobucci will be showing visitors a trolley line called HIGHLINER at this year’s WTCE that she said would break the mold with a lightweight product that is cost effective and stylish.   Few in the industry would not recognize the name Iacobucci. The The line of trolleys from Industrial Neotex is available for risk free leasing  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  41

PAX International AIX March/April 2017  
PAX International AIX March/April 2017