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Geven’s new Essenza Economy Class seat seeks to offer style, innovation, technology, robustness, in-service life, comfort and flexibility of modularity options

Titanium Seat NEO (five kilograms per passenger), made in partnership with Peugeot, building on the operational benefits and unique technology of the Titanium Seat, originally introduced in 2013 and described by the French manufacturer as the lightest aircraft seat in the world. The Titanium Seat’s main features include its exceptional feather weight and a very resistant structure made of titanium and composite which has 1,000 times better durability performance (no corrosion, better fatigue resistance) compared with standard seat aluminum. Also, the Titanium Seat structure is made of very few parts (less than 40 parts versus 300 for competitors), which offers many benefits to the airlines in terms of manhours and maintenance cost. The Titanium Seat NEO adds several new features, such as: three separate seats, ergonomics conceived for flights up to seven hours, and an elegant trim and finish at the highest standard in the aerospace industry. The pitch of the Titanium Seat is between 27 and 34 inches. In 2015, the Titanium Seat for regional aircraft was introduced (five kilograms per passenger), and a linefit catalog agreement was signed in April 2016 with Air Tahiti as its launch customer. Expliseat’s customers are located in the U.S., Asia, Pacific and Latin America. More than 40 shipsets have been sold in the past six months, with 100% on-time delivery. A recent customer is Cebu Pacific Air. “The market for aircraft seats is following the growth of the overall aerospace market and is in constant growth,” says Expliseat’s CEO Benjamin Saada. “Nowadays airlines are always in search of more comfort for their passengers but they are also extremely careful about the aircraft weight as the price of fuel is going up again.”

The Titanium Seat NEO has three separate seats, ergonomics conceived for flights up to seven hours, and an impeccable trim and finish


Also, the Titanium Seat is designed to provide very fast and easy maintenance. Geven Spa has recently focused on its new Economy and Premium Economy product developments, as airlines increasingly demand a higher seating density in the cabin. The Italian company is closely involved with the main airframe manufacturers to assist in developing even more challenging new configurations for both the Economy and Premium Economy sections of certain widebody aircraft, according to Doria De Chiara, Geven’s Business Development Manager. Geven has created Economy Class seats capable of including more passengers in the cabin, with more living space and greater comfort, but with a tighter pitch and less spacious aisles, all at a 28-inch pitch. “Pitches for Premium Economy Class have fortunately remained pretty much fixed on the 38 inch range – we’re only having to add more passengers abreast – that is all,” says De Chiara. Geven’s new Essenza seat is flying on two large European carriers and one large Asian airline and the Premium Economy version is being supplied to Italian flag carrier Alitalia and an Eastern European customer. The design of Economy Class seats has changed over the past few years, with the list of requirements growing ever longer. “They must be lighter, more ergonomic, more comfortable, with greater living space, essential (like our Essenza), must never, ever break and be almost maintenance-free. They must also be fresh and young in look, and very appealing,” she says. De Chiara said he believes the outlook for both Economy and Premium Economy seating is looking “very promising” for 2017 and in the near future. “The ‘more abreast’ projects we are working on with airframe manufacturers are very challenging as well as interesting. We are working closely with airframe innovation groups and the future looks very, very mobile, both inside and outside the aircraft,” she concludes. HAECO Americas’ Cabin Solutions division continues to evolve its Vector product line, and now has a full array of selectable features as well as IFE integraHAECO Cabin Solutions’ new Vector tion for the platform. Premium narrowbody Business Class seat, pictured with the new Arc Headrest, will be launched at the AIX show in Hamburg

PAX International AIX March/April 2017  
PAX International AIX March/April 2017