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Talking TRAVEL RETAIL’S language Ferrero Travel Market is rolling out travel-exclusive products, displays and promotions that aim to add value to the confectionery category – and travel retail as a whole by HIBAH NOOR

The Tyrannosaurus dinosaur pack from the new Kinder Surprise T3 Jurassic World collection


errero Travel Market, the travel retail arm of Italian manufacturer Ferrero, is introducing a pipeline of innovations to the trade, based on the global success of its power brands Ferrero Rocher, Kinder, Nutella and Tic Tac. The company is keen to offer something for everyone while engaging different travel groups, explains Davide Barresi, Head of Marketing, Ferrero Travel Market. For premium chocolate gifting, there’s Ferrero Rocher; Kinder – the preferred choice for kids gifting; Tic Tac with fresh brand new concept appealing to millennials, and not forgetting Nutella, - the world’s favorite hazelnut spread. 34 JUNE 2019

Among the highlights of this fresh focus on product development is a new visibility concept for gifting brand Ferrero Rocher. Taglined Golden Celebration, the concept centers on gold-themed packaging and activations. Ferrero Rocher pralines are focused on uniqueness, luxury and the premium packaging. It’s all highly relevant to travel retail, where gift-buying is a core driver of sales. Meanwhile, top-selling sugar brand Tic Tac also gets new packaging and a fresh marketing concept. Presented to buyers at the 2018 TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes, Tic Tac is rolling out its first-ever storytelling packaging with iconic pill-

characters endorsing the brand vision. The new multi-flavour pack with four new fruity flavors (Lime, Strawberry, Banana and Red Apple) features a classic moment at the passenger arrivals presented in a humorous Tic Tac way. The travel-themed Tic Tac range is targeted at the younger generation of millennials. “We are trying to find the language to engage them in the travel market. The design is cool, fresh and modern and designed for youth appeal,” enthuses Barresi. Meanwhile, with Kinder, the focus is on kids and traveling parents seeking gifts for their children. On show for the first time at the TFWA Asia Pacific show in

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Duty Free Magazine's Confectionery & Fine Food Special Issue 2019  

Duty Free Magazine's Confectionery & Fine Food Special Issue 2019