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Lighten Up

Suspenders LED system by Sonneman—A Way of Light

Showcase your casino and hospitality areas with subtle but effective lighting By Dave Bontempo


et there be light. Or, LED there be light. Throughout gaming properties, sharp illumination upgrades the blueprint. Bright lights reflect a grand branding image in the lobby or enhances the pizazz of gaming tables, carpets and chandeliers. This dynamic also impacts signage, water displays, marketing walls and dance-floor theme changes. Guest rooms unveil the subtlety of illumination, with periodic light changes presenting the constant feel of new quarters. In the security realm, lighting improves multiple closed-circuit video cameras, giving color rendering benefits to help catch cheaters and improve facial recognition software. Bright walkways, parking lots and garages also address safety concerns. Finances share the glow. Replacing several thousand incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps with LED lighting can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. That makes bean counters beam. The application and necessity of excellent lighting appear limitless. That’s why architects and designers blend these principles into their planning, while vendors target operators with specific products.

Tailor Lights to the Audience HBG Design, based in Memphis and San Diego, has a rich history accommodating casinos of all sizes. Dike Bacon, principal, has a multi-faceted perspective of how his company “sees the light.” “We’re working with a lot of clients today who are seeking to attract a younger demographic, and that calls for a completely different approach to lighting design,” he indicates. “In many of our projects, we’re designing more integrated lighting as an architectural feature—in other words, the lighting becomes an intrinsic part of the overall design, not a separate feature. When we do use lighting features, there’s more variety and individuality in the selections, which helps to emanate a more residential feel.” The who is just as important as the what. Emily Marshall, design leader at HBG, says baby boomers attract the lighting element of a warm, ambient glow and higher lighting level. These clients like the focal point of high-quality light fixtures. Custom light fixtures can be a spectacular touch point for a luxury brand, Marshall says. 58

Global Gaming Business JANUARY 2018

The ideology can be expressed in many ways. “Restaurant venues are using lighting more and more as an integrated design element and less as a decorative element,” Marshall says. “In general, there are less of the large ‘statement’ fixtures in these spaces. The trend now is toward a mix of functional architectural and decorative lighting that becomes a design element integrated into the interior architecture.” The design of the WD Steakhouse at Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino, for instance, creates a rich, layering effect through the lighting design. The lighting highlights an architectural detail and pattern of the wood walls, while repetition of decorative fixtures creates interest in the ceiling element, according to Marshall. The restaurant’s booths are designed to be a more intimate and residential feeling with a warmth from individual pendant lights. Rooms offer another venue. “We’re creating style variety through multiple room packages at the same property,” Marshall adds. “Designing three or four distinct variations in the light fixtures—in addition to the carpet design, fabric selections and furnishings—gives guests an experience that differs each time they visit a property. They never feel like they’re staying in the same place twice. “Focal art lighting is showing up in four- and five-star guestrooms, along with a mixture of decorative lighting that generates an eclectic feel, like a decorative pendant at one side of the bed and a portable lamp at the other,” Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino