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Old Mutual’s debt consolidation Old Mutual Finance has developed a unique plan to help clients who are battling to survive financially to consolidate their debt and save thousands of rands on initiation fees and administration charges – helping clients to manage their finances in a smart way.

What makes our lending business different? At Old Mutual Finance, we have a deep rooted respect for our customers, for their circumstances, needs and culture. It drives us to treat customers with dignity, provide outstanding service and to do our utmost to provide the best financial solutions. Old Mutual is known as the savings and assurance powerhouse of South Africa. We also recognise that lending is a reality for most people. Generally lending and savings are seen as conflicting needs and offerings. Old Mutual Finance therefore takes an holistic view of customers’ savings, risk and lending needs by providing a balanced basket of products that meet these needs.

Old Mutual Finance has opened more than 250 new retail branches conveniently located in shopping centres, CBD’s and near transport nodes, offering lending, transactional banking, insurance Buyisile Keli, sales and client servicing. Each client receives a Senior Provincial free copy of their Experian Manager at Old credit bureau profile as Mutual Finance part of our consultation, along with guidance on what to do if certain of their bureau information is incorrect. As part of our ongoing commitment to financial education, clients are also informed about what kinds of behaviour can improve their credit records. Do the smart thing and contact your nearest Old Mutual Finance Branch, and get your plan to financial freedom.

What are our lending principles? • Affordability is the cornerstone of our lending. Debt is often seen as bad. However, if used responsibly and prudently, debt can open many doors and opportunities for customers – think about loans for education, home extensions etc. It is therefore vital that customers understand their repayment obligation and be able to afford the loan instalments over the period of the loan. • Financial education. The financial services industry is complex and financial terms can be equally confusing. During the loan application process our Financial Consultants provide basic financial education to this end. • Spending time. We prefer spending more time with customers to ensure that they understand the loan process and take their obligations under the agreements seriously. Applying for a loan shouldn’t be as easy as “buying a loaf of bread”. WESTERN CAPE BUSINESS 2017

Visit to find your nearest branch or call us on 086 000 0886


Western Cape Business 2017  
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