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Portfolio 2014

Glenn Cramer Portfolio 2014



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OTRchitecture Phoenix House Solar Decathlon 2013 Bioloid GT Robotics Darwin Humanoid Robotics Future Blooms Low-Cost High-Impact Localmotion Community Transit Center I M A I F M Artist Studio Material Experimental Studies Brenner Design Internship Render Hand Drawing



OTRchitecture “AERO” Architecture Studio OTRchitecture is an urban infill solution for the socially and economically changing district of Over-the-Rhine, near downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. This mixed use structure started it’s life as a Boeing 747, after service the airliner has met its second life, a colorful and exciting mixed use building for young working professionals. The furniture and interior finishes were inspired by the ultra efficient interior finishes of Boeing aircraft. These interior surfaces have been streamlined to maximize space and storage allowing the new residents to live comfortably using a limited amount of square footage. Featured in The Associated Press and Indianapolis Star on December 13, 2013.



1st Floor Cafe

2nd Floor Office

3rd Floor Home

4th Floor Deck

Phoenix House Solar Decathlon 2013 wall mockup The Phoenix House is a permanent and sustainable post-disaster housing prototype that can be quickly deployed for the families that have lost their homes to disaster. These homes will be producing their own power, and if needed their water can be deployed well before the community infrastructure is restored. When grid connected, the distributed generation of sustainable power will improve the homeowner and community with a much more robust and “green� infrastructure.


table/ base

Bioloid GT Robotics After the most recent natural disasters, where entire communities and their infrastructure are completely wiped out, we as architects begin to create solutions. Self sufficient housing that can quickly be deployed to facilitate new communities without the need for infrastructure, such as roads and power grids, will be essential. This solution utilizes robotics. As a team, we designed, 3-D printed and programed several robots to test our theory.

compatible terrain



team work


settlement patterns

Darwin Humanoid Robotics The Darwin project involved the programing a humanoid robot to track, navigate, and avoid objects in our built environment. As a continuation of the previous robotics project, the goal here was to get the robot to walk through a field of obstacles on its own without falling or hitting anything using an object tracking camera, and a Microsoft Kinect 3-D Scanner.


Future Blooms Low-cost High-impact Future Blooms is a high-impact, strategicallyplaced program aimed at improving the appearance of a community while creating a sense of place, thus helping it become a healthy and viable neighborhood once again. This goal is accomplished by painting doors, windows, awnings, and flower boxes on the barricaded doors and windows of abandoned buildings and by stabilizing, seeding, fencing, and maintaining vacant and blighted lots. As a volunteer I worked with a team to create these high-impact low-cost facade improvements to buildings in the Over the Rhine district of Cincinnati.






Localmotion Community Transit Center This collaborative project incorporated Atlanta’s underground metro line and an inner city neighborhood to create a renewed community focal point. The design calls for community members to participate in urban farming, energy production and local markets, helping to make this community self-sufficient.


I M A I F M Artist Studio This project called for a program that consisted of a making studio and art gallery at the 100 Acre Woods sculpture park near the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana. My solution, was to create a space that sits next to the water allowing visitors to experience the natural changes that take place as the water rises and settles around the site and it’s features. With this, the artist can allow the artwork to be directly impacted by nature, using weather as a medium for creating. This concept was inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy and his ability to create art in nature, using found and natural objects.


Material Experimental Studies Combining different materials like wood, steel, glass and concrete with a property like texture, reflection or pervious allows for new conclusions to be reached. These conclusions can be applied when studying the built environment and how it can be created.


Brenner Design Internship During the summer of 2011, I was an Architecture Intern at Brenner Design. I worked with three licensed architects and two graduate architects on several institutional and commercial projects. I was responsible for producing conceptual designs as well as construction documents. Shown on the right is a concept I created of a restaurant for Greencastle, Indiana. Pages 31, 32, and 33 are concept plans I made for new clients at Brenner Design.

concept rendering


built result

IDOA Health Clinic Indiana Government Center Indianapolis, Indiana

Miller School Housing Option A feasibility study Greencastle, Indiana

Miller School Housing Option B feasibility study Greencastle, Indiana

Render Hand Drawing The first years of study in architecture emphasize hand drafting and hand rendering. Over the most recent years these skills have translated into a very valuable and highly desired ability to quickly sketch my thoughts or what I see.


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