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S afet y a n d Secu r i ty Management Plan, and in pursuance of the expected outcome and goal, there is a need for focused action within and across all City departments for effective response. In the interest of advancing and understanding prevalent disaster risks within the City of Johannesburg, funding should be available for scientific risk assessments. It is envisaged that the study will reveal all dimensions of vulnerability, capacity, exposure of persons and assets, hazard characteristics and the environment. Such knowledge will be leveraged for the purpose of pre-disaster risk assessment for prevention and mitigation, and for the development and implementation of appropriate preparedness and effective response for disasters.

Social cohesion The City is experiencing a breakdown in social cohesion and social capital, and will embark on efforts to build a city characterised by social inclusivity and enhanced social cohesion – focusing

on socially excluded groups, promoting active citizenry, diversity awareness and tolerance, and creating a culture where citizens take ownership of their development. Community amenities will be developed and maintained so as to create inclusive public spaces to be shared by all. These include amenities such as childcare facilities, municipal halls, parks, recreation areas, sports grounds and libraries. There will be an emphasis on ensuring that community centres are multipurpose, so as to provide opportunities for childcare services, tutoring, studying, sport and cultural activities. Specific efforts will include developing and expanding services such as libraries, public open spaces and the roll-out of Wi-Fi, in an effort to engage citizens and build social connectedness. Furthermore, the City has launched its first community-based substance abuse treatment centre. In this way, the City is responding to behaviours that residents have said are destructive to their communities.

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Safety first 74% The City has made strides in bylaw compliance. 74% of buildings inspected were compliant, outperforming the target of 68%. In terms of commercial outlets, 78% were compliant against the target of 75%

New fleet Inadequate fleet capacity due to frequent breakdown of aged ambulances and fire engines has resulted in an inadequate response to fire and medical emergencies. The procurement of new fire engines and the planned repairs of old fire engines will go a long way in improving emergency response times

Fighting fires There was a reduction in the yearto-year number of fires attended to. However, more than double the number of incidents were attended to. The average turnout time in urban areas dropped from an 88% response within nine minutes to 53%

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City of Joburg 2018  

The City of Joburg 2019 publication will unpack the steps it is taking to improve the lives of all its people and how it intends to nurture...

City of Joburg 2018  

The City of Joburg 2019 publication will unpack the steps it is taking to improve the lives of all its people and how it intends to nurture...

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