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To celebrate its anniversary, Cruiser has come out with two limited edition boats that it describes as Black Diamond Models: the 328 Super Sport Bow Rider and Cantius 45. These limited edition models highlight both the tradition and innovation of this small-town boatbuilder.

WHERE BOATERS GO FOR NEWS Publisher & Editor in Chief F. Ned Dikmen Managing Editor Karen Malonis Associate Editor Jerome A. Koncel

This issue features the arrival of a newcomer to the Great Lakes, celebrates an old-timer’s 60th anniversary, discusses what makes outstanding marinas, and presents a tried and true approach to boating safety. Our newcomer featured in words and pictures is Vicem Yachts, one of Turkey’s largest and most respected boatbuilders. The company that made its mark in Europe as a manufacturer of smooth sailing, luxuriously appointed, and detailoriented vessels, is now coming to the Great Lakes and offering its yachts and cruisers to the Great Lakes marketplace. Vicem’s vessels are known for their total customization, timeless looks, and unmatched craftsmanship. Take a look at the exterior and interior pictures of the Vicem boats on the pages of this issue and you’ll see each of these characteristics. These boats aren’t just made for cruising the Great Lakes, they’re also exquisite places for entertaining family and friends. If this year is a significant one for Vicem Yachts, it’s a momentous one for Cruiser Yachts, Oconto, Wis., as the company commemorates 60 years of boat building. When Cruiser Yachts entered the boating industry, television was in its infancy, a gallon of gas sold for less than 25 cents, and computers were unknown. From these humble beginnings, Cruiser Yachts has grown and developed, adapted to the changing times, and solidified its position in boating history as one of the nation’s premier boatbuilders.

And once you buy your boat, stop and take a second look at the marina where you’ll dock that vessel. The selection of a marina is as important to your overall boating experience as the boat you purchase. While location is an important factor, rest assured that it is hardly the most important one. The key to an outstanding marina is great customer service. As far as boaters’ expectations of customer service are concerned, the stakes have been raised. Running water, electrical hookups, WiFi, and cable TV, luxuries of just a few years ago, are now staples of most marinas. More importantly, the smiles on the faces of the dockhands, the cheerful greetings from the ship’s store clerk, and the cheerful “Hello” from the marina manager as he/she walks the docks on weekend mornings rate A’s on every marina report card. And our USCG article provides these words of wisdom: Rescue at sea depends more on planning, preparation, and prevention than it does on luck. Instead of entrusting your rescue to good luck, embrace the three P’s, that is, preparation, planning and prevention.

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965 Gals.


305 Gals.

If there is one word that describes the Vicem 58, it is flexibility. With a beam of 17 feet, 5 inches, this classic Down-East model offers ample interior space to choose between spacious two- and three- cabin designs, galleyup or galley-down preferences, or the option of a convertible office or a dinette below. With a cruising speed of 23 knots or top speed of about 28 knots, the Vicem 58 delivers whatever you can dream.




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Mahogany woodwork and stainless steel fixtures highlight the ship’s interior. The salon/wheelhouse opens with sliding doors to the cockpit. Vicem employs a cold-molded process to construct its vessels. Based on engineered wood construction, coldmolding uses laminated mahogany from managed forests and an epoxy resin to create the hull, decks and principal superstructures. This results in a stronger and quieter vessel with a smoother ride and with natural insulation from humidity and noise.

Vicem Yachts 2019 S.W. 20th Street, Ste. 108 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 954-462-8828


Statistics Or Lies As the immortal Mark Twain once remarked, “There are

which the survey defi nes as including the five Great

three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.” It seems

Lakes, tributaries, connecting rivers, and even part of

that everyone has statistics to back up their viewpoints, but

the St. Lawrence River.

how reliable are they? Are they statistics or lies? Take the recreational boating industry for example.

Despite their relatively small number, Great Lakes anglers posted some very impressive numbers when it came to

On June 11, the National Marine Manufacturers Association

spending money on fishing, accessories, and associated

(NMMA) announced that recreational boating in the U.S.

activities. On average, these sportfi shermen spent 12 days

had an annual economic value of $121 billion. The industry

fi shing in 2011, had trip-related expenditures that averaged

supports 964,000 American jobs and 34,833 businesses,

$655 per angler, and 69 percent of all the fi shermen on the

generates $40 billion in annual labor income, and drives $83

Great Lakes fi shed from boats.

billion in annual spending. NMMA released these fi ndings as part of its annual U.S. Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract, a collection of data and analysis on the U.S. recreational boating industry.

A review of the more than 1.6 million anglers on the Great Lakes showed that nearly 40 percent of them (c. 665,000 fi shermen) fi shed Lake Erie. The percentages for the other Great Lakes were: Lake Michigan, 25 percent; Lake Huron,

Of the estimated 232.3 million adults in the U.S. in 2012,

10 percent; Lake Superior, 9 percent; and Lake Ontario,

NMMA said that 88 million or 37.8 percent participated in

9 percent.

recreational boating at least once during the year. Th is is a six percent increase from 2011 and is the largest number of U.S. adults participating in boating since NMMA began collecting the data in 1990. Recreational boating participation has steadily increased since 2006. Earlier in the year, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) issued its “2011 Recreational Boating Survey” and said that 73.6 million people boated in 2011. Of the 116.7 million total households in the U.S, 34.2 million had at least one person participate in recreational boating, according to USCG. It said there were 12.75 million registered boats, 9.5 million unregistered, and 85 percent of all boats were less than 26 feet long. Less than 1 percent of all boats were 40 feet and longer. The USCG concluded that recreational boating is one of the nation’s most popular outdoor recreational activities and an important generator of income and employment.

Compare these statistics to those of the American Sportfi shing Association (ASA), which said there are 60 million anglers in the U.S., of which 46 million are fi shing in any given year. The number of anglers has increased about 11 percent over the last five years. Nationwide, ASA estimates that sportfi shing has an economic impact of $115 billion. National Hunting and Fishing Day put these fi shing facts on its website: More than 44 million Americans six years of age and older enjoy fi shing every year. The average angler spends $1,046 every year on the sport. Americans fi sh 557 million days per year. Recreational anglers spend a staggering $41.5 billion a year to fi sh. So, what’s the bigger fi sh tale: Are there 46 million, 44 million or 33.1 million sportfi shermen? Which one of these statistics do you believe?

But is 88 million or 73 million the correct number of boating participants?

The VOICE CE E off 44.3 .33 M Million illi il l on li o Boaters Boate

In December 2012, the fi nal report on the 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation was released. It said that 33.1 million people enjoyed fi shing in 2011. Of this number, the vast majority, 27.5 million, were freshwater fishermen. Among the freshwater fi shermen, 1,665,000 fi shed on the Great Lakes,

08 GLB | Sept/Oct 13 greatlake ake kesbo e sbo sb s b o ati ating a tii ngf ngfede f ede de e rat r rati i

Changing Boating’s Unsustainable Path Over the last few years, the boating industry has gone through

participating in boating activities and making boating-related

a difficult recovery. Many dealers have reported disappointing

purchases. Further, the NMMA reports that the boating

sales figures, and marinas are seeing an unusually large number

industry as a whole now has a $121 billion annual economic

of vacant slips. The good news is that while the recovery has

impact, an all-time high. These trends indicate that people are

been slow going, it has been happening. The National Marine

still boating and still buying boats.

Manufacturers Association reports that powerboat sales increased by 10 percent in 2012, and that sales this summer show continuing improvement. However, any increased sales are coming from increasingly older boaters, while sales among younger people have fallen. If this trend continues and interest among new boaters cannot be revitalized, the boating industry may be on an unsustainable path. In a startling illustration of this phenomenon, recent statistics from Info-Link, a company that tracks boating industry statistics, indicate an almost complete reversal of the age of consumers in the boating industry over the last 15 years. In 1997, over 60 percent of boats were purchased by people under the age of 50, and 14 percent were purchased by 35 to 39 yearolds alone. By 2012, the tables had turned, with more than 60 percent of boats being purchased by those over 50, and those 35 to 39 only purchasing 6 percent of them. With such a steep decline in boat purchases by young people, the boating industry stands on tenuous ground. If the trend continues and interest in boating further declines among young people, there may be litt le market remaining in another 15 years. Even if older consumers temporarily boost sales overall, these older demographics won’t be buying boats forever. While it’s understandable for boat-builders to target “baby boomers” for sales, as they are an extremely large group with the means to purchase boats, failing to maintain interest among younger consumers could be a crippling mistake.

Nevertheless, purchase statistics indicate that the core market is growing old. Fifteen years ago, the largest portions of new boat buyers were 35 to 50 years old, a majority that was sustained for a long time. Recently, purchases have shifted suddenly to those who are 50 to 65 years old. The fact that a 15-year shift in the largest age group occurred over 15 years proposes an unsett ling inference: the people buying boats now are the same people who were buying boats 15 years ago. Further, not enough is being done to stem the tide of aging boat buyers. The NMMA does manage Discover Boating, an effort to bring in new boaters, and reported that this year’s campaign was more successful than ever, bringing much more popularity to its Internet presence. While this is an admirable effort, it clearly is not enough, as boat sales among young people continue to decline despite its presence. Th is kind of shift may seem acceptable for now, as boat purchases have risen significantly in the last two years. However, the industry cannot survive forever with the same people buying new boats, as those very people cannot survive forever. The boating industry may have given itself a temporary boost by appealing to its core market, but it needs to put a lot more time, money, and attention into appealing to new, younger buyers in order to achieve long-term success. If boat sales continue to focus only on older demographics, the entire industry may be on an unsustainable path, and the need to change that path has become more urgent than ever.

However, not all news is bad for the boating industry, as overall participation is up along with sales. Overall, more people are

Agree? Disagree? Want to Comment? Email your thoughts to | 09

V i ce mya c ht. co m Vicem 107


he Vicem 107 is the flagship of the Turkish builder’s cruiser line. Designed for long distance trips, this megayacht combines generous interior space with abundant exterior entertainment areas to provide a cruiser whose offerings

match those of much larger vessels. While following the blueprint of its sister megayacht, the 115, Vicem’s 107 has undergone a significant makeover that results in a large midship, full-beam master cabin, and a 260 sq. ft. flybridge.

10 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13

The 107 is a great place to bring family and friends. In addition

Vicem powers its 107 with two Caterpillar C32 1,550 hp

to a full-beam master cabin and two VIP accommodations, it

marine diesel engines that easily reach a cruising speed of

also has room for two other couples in separate staterooms.

17 knots, while going up to 21 knots at maximum power. The well-organized and appointed engine room will appeal to U.S.

Moreover, the megayacht has a handcrafted interior,

boaters who view this area as a good indicator of the vessel’s

exemplified in its mahogany toe-rail and chromed brass or

functionality, accessibility, and reliability.

stainless steel hardware. For the gourmet chefs on board, there’s a U-shaped galley.

Vicem uses its patented cold-molded construction in the 107. In simple terms, cold-molded construction uses

The megayacht has a draft of only 6’3”, which results in

laminated mahogany and a specially formulated epoxy

smooth cruising in rough seas. Designed with a large, but

resin in constructing hulls, decks, and the principal

low cockpit, and a very high bow, the Vicem 107 offers a

superstructures. The advantages of this are a quieter,

comfortable cruise in any weather. The semi-displacement

stronger vessel with a smooth ride, while offering natural

hull has a deadrise angle on transom of 17 degrees.

insulation from om m heat h at he a and nd d humidity. humid humid mi iity ty y. LOA:...........................................106’7” Beam: ........................................23’11” Draft: .........................................6’3” Fuel:...........................................3,831 Gals. Fresh Water: .............................512 Gals. | 11

Vicem Yachts 58


he 58 Classic “lobster boat” is one of Vicem’s most popular models. If there is one word that describes this 58 footer, it has to be flexibility. It has a cruising speed of 23 knots or top speed of about 28 knots.

With a beam of 17’5”, the 58 Classic has enough interior

The fully equipped galley features a full size refrigerator, sub

space so that boaters can choose between spacious two-

zero freezers, electric cooktop, convection oven, stainless

and three-cabin designs, select luxurious galley-up or galley-

steel sink, and a multitude of storage compartments.

down options, and/or add a convertible office or a dinette below.

The master cabin has a queen-size bed, an en suite head with shower, sitting area, 20-inch LED TV, DVD/stereo, and more

The large, teak swim platform is large enough to also house

than 14 storage compartments all handcrafted in the same

a small tender. The spacious cockpit with teak flooring has

beautiful mahogany design throughout the rest of the boat.

seating for eight and an adjustable table. There’s also an outside refrigerator located underneath the electric grill/

Vicem’s cold-molded construction method coats all wood on

sink station. Looking forward to the sliding salon doors,

the hull, along with the keel, chine, sheer, frames, and beams,

boaters will discover mahogany wood with a high gloss finish

with an epoxy resin that serves as an effective moisture

(finishes are also available in matte and satin) that is further

barrier. In addition, the builder coats the exterior of the hull

accented by the mahogany trim and teak decks running from

and interior of the entire bilge and engine room with a layer

the side decks to the bow.

of E-glass cloth and epoxy resin that is finished with epoxy fairing compounds, epoxy primers, and polyurethane paint.

The salon features more than eight windows to create a 360° view, a Bose sound system, a 32-inch TV with DVD/stereo combination, two sofas, and a desk station on the port side.

LOA:...........................................64’ Beam: ........................................17’5” Draft: .........................................4’9” Fuel:...........................................965 Gals. Fresh Water: .............................305 Gals.

12 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13

54 Bahama Bay


he Vicem 54 Bahama Bay merges Vicem classic Down East styling with the latest cutting edge technologies offered by Volvo Penta’s IPS engines. Designers on two continents have worked closely together to produce a unique and

harmonious marriage of both form and function.

On a functional level, Vicem Yachts has seamlessly

master cabin that very few three-cabin, 54-foot yachts offer.

integrated Volvo Penta’s engineering into its ocean-tested

The 54 Bahama Bay features a king-sized walk-around

hull form to provide safe and predictable maneuvering,

bed and still leaves ample room for an en suite head and

whether at harbor speed or 30 knots. In addition, the IPS

separate shower.

joystick controls, combined with the 54’s full-height helm door, make docking an easy task.

Whether inside or out, the Vicem Yachts 54 Bahama Bay exhibits a graceful merger of form and function. The result is

The interior design is remarkable for all that it provides.

a vessel Great Lakes boaters will enjoy for a long time.

Vicem’s creative use of IPS space saving provides an unmatched layout, at the center of which is a mid-ship LOA:...........................................59’ Beam: ........................................16’7” Draft: .........................................4’3” Fuel:...........................................635 Gals. Fresh Water: .............................265 Gals. | 13

Windsor Craft 40 Enclosed


ecause practicality and comfort are always on a boater’s mind, the layout of the Windsor 40 Enclosed from Vicem Yachts is a model of multifunctional design and engineering.

The forward cabin features stainless steel portholes, a top

Venture out to the teak aft deck and relax on the L-shaped

hatch with sunshade, a mahogany interior and a double

leather settee that seats six or take a dip from the swim

bed. There’s plenty of space and headroom to walk about

platform. Gear can be kept in the storage compartment next

and store all trip necessities in 12 built-in, handcrafted

to the outside electric grill and refrigerator.

compartments. The interior layout also features a port side head with granite top and a completely separate full-size shower with teak flooring on the starboard.

The helm station’s rosewood dash panel includes a Raymarine autopilot/depthfinder/chartplotter, Ritchie compass, bow and stern thrusters, throttle controls and much

The upper salon has a 14-inch flat screen TV/radio/DVD

more. Power comes from twin Yanmar 440 hp engines.

combo and full A/C just like the cabin. The Windsor Craft 40 Enclosed is the largest vessel in the The boat’s large, mahogany-trimmed windows and sunroof

Windsor Craft family and exhibits a timeless elegance.

provide a panoramic view of the water and sky. The galley is equipped with a granite countertop, refrigerator, stainless steel sink, electric cooktop, wine cooler and microwave.

LOA:...........................................42’ Beam: ........................................12’ Draft: .........................................4’ Fuel:...........................................225 Gals. Fresh Water: .............................74 Gals.

14 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13

Windsor Craft 36 Hard Top Step on board Vicem’s Windsor 36 Hardtop and savor the classic golden age of boating. Carefully laid teak floors, a custommade rosewood dash panel, and stunning details of mahogany cabinetry, panels, and tables are just some of this vessel’s luxurious features.

Looking toward the rear, there’s a u-shaped mahogany

view of the sea. The clear sunroof, leather cushioned

settee that seats six with storage underneath and a

seats, and helm air-conditioning provide a comfortable

hydraulic, expandable table made of mahogany with a

environment for navigation.

compass rose inlay. Step down to the air-conditioned cabin with its convertible Just steps away from the aft seating are a day grill,

seating, and raise the hatch to find a concealed sky-screen

concealed wine cooler, icemaker/refrigerator, and stainless

and flat-screen TV/DVD. The head is equipped with a granite

steel sink. Galley features include a granite countertop,

countertop, stainless steel sink, beveled mirrors, and

microwave, stainless steel sink, coffee maker, a large

mahogany cabinetry.

cooktop and refrigerator. The Windsor Craft 36 Hardtop is a practical vessel that one Navigating the waters with a Windsor 36 is a breeze

can truly enjoy.

with the power of twin Volvo 360 hp engines and a full instrumentation panel that includes autopilot, bow thrusters, chartplotter and much more. The vessel’s hardtop offers


protection from the elements, while affording a panoramic

Beam: ........................................11’10” Draft: .........................................3’ Fuel:...........................................180 Gals. Fresh Water: .............................60 Gals. | 15

CELEBRATES 60 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE This year marks the 60th Anniversary of Cruisers Yachts, Oconto, Wis. Through the decades, Cruisers has solidified its place in history as one of America’s premier boatbuilders. To celebrate its anniversary, Cruisers Yachts announced the introduction of two limited edition models: the 45 Cantius and 328 CSS Black Diamond.

16 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13

LOA: .......................................................32’11” Beam:..................................................... 10’6” Deadrise: ...............................................22° Fuel Capacity: ........................................ 154 Gals. Bridge Clearance: .................................. 75.0”

328 Sport Series Bow Rider The 328 Sport Series Bow Rider has a fixed swim

An exceptional element of the 328 SS is the walkway

platform that extends 10’6” feet across the stern

that runs along the portside of the boat rather than

allowing for ample walk-around space. The recessed

down the center aisle. As a result, boaters entering

utility garage on the port side houses a shore power

the cabin on the centerline will find a giant living area

cord, city water hook up, TV cable hookup and 30A

that stretches from starboard to port side with six feet

breakers that can be hooked up directly to the unit.

of headroom. The U-shaped seating arrangement

A 5’ wide by 6’4” lounging area with four separate back positions is found on the transom seating, which can be

has a specially designed bed with a disappearing center cushion that easily converts into a berth.

folded out to create an aft-facing sun lounge with a stereo

The bow of the boat features U-shaped forward seating

remote and two speakers. The cockpit features L-shaped

with a table that can be used upright or dropped

seating that runs portside all the way to the helm seat.

down into a secondary position. It also serves as an

The cockpit has two double-wide seats facing forward with flip up bolsters and armrests. Swivel seats can

entertaining area with its own private stereo system and stereo head units on the back of seating.

be added to both helm seats and the port seat for

Below deck amenities include a full bathroom

a 360-degree turn radius. An optional wet bar that

with 5’5’’ of headroom, a mirrored vanity with

houses a sink, refrigerator, and added storage space

storage space above and below the vanity,

can be mounted directly behind the helm seat.

and a fully curtained off shower area. | 17

45 Cantius The 45 Cantius smoothly integrates its interior spaces

The cockpit features wrap-around seating that

with the great outdoors, offering a seamless flow

converts to a sun lounge with fore/aft bolsters. It

featuring spacious entertaining areas, a full glass

also provides ample aft seating and two removable

enclosure, and unprecedented sight lines.

cockpit tables. Standard equipment is an ice chest on the starboard side and a hot/cold cockpit shower,

The open-concept design of the upper salon provides easy

while a grill and refrigerator are available options.

access to the helm, galley, and dinette seating. The immense 114-inch opening created from the swing up stainless

New on the 45 Cantius is its actuated sunshade

steel rear salon window and the large swinging stainless

system. With the push of a button, the shade

steel cabin door further enhances the spacious feeling.

automatically extends six feet from the hardtop to provide cover for the entire cockpit lounge area.

The integrated galley has ample storage space, a two-burner electric stove, microwave/convection oven, refrigerator/freezer, sink with spray faucet, and a 32-inch flat screen TV and DVD player. An island counter separates it from the cockpit. The helm is equipped with a double seat with foreto-aft adjustment, a stereo remote, and a 40,000

The master suite features a comfortable queen berth, cedar-lined closets, an iPod port with remote, and a well-appointed private head with tile accents, euro-style fixtures and 6’4” of headroom in the shower stall. Boaters will also appreciate the state-of-the-art washer/dryer located mid-ship.

BTU air conditioner/heater. All helm switches and

Cruisers Yachts only built a few of these

buttons, such as the joystick IPS command of the

limited edition models, so get one soon!

twin Volvo diesel engines, are within easy reach.

LOA w/swim platform : ................................45’0” Beam:..................................................... 14’6” Cabin Headroom: .................................... 6’6” Fuel Capacity: ........................................ 362 Gals. Bridge Clearance w/Hardtop :....................13’6”

18 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13



by Jerome A. Koncel

eople who purchase boats don’t take this decision lightly. No matter if it’s a 16-ft. fishing boat or a 64-ft. yacht, individuals will spend a great deal of time and effort to make a good decision. At the minimum, they’ll attend boat shows, visit websites, and ask other boaters about their experiences.

They’ll compare costs, ask about packages, and look at the aesthetics. They’ll ask: What’s negotiable? How much power does one need? How long does one plan to own the boat? What is it being used for, e.g., cruising, fishing, tubing, etc.? And don’t forget, what type of financing is available?

Although boat buying is a time-consuming and reflective decision, it seems that choosing a marina is often an


impulsive one. Most boaters choose a marina based on

What do boaters expect from their marinas? Safety,

location. How close is the marina to where you live? When

security, and cleanliness are the top three factors.

it comes to berthing their vessels in a marina, most boaters

People go boating to relax, be free from stress, so they

don’t spend a great deal of time and effort on this choice,

want to feel safe and comfortable at the marina.

but this needs to change. Why? Because the marina where you choose to dock your boat is as just as important to an enjoyable boating experience as the boat you buy.

Electricity, running water, WiFi, and TV are essentials for a docked vessel. The electrical demands of today’s boats are far greater than their sister ships of even five

Marinas come in all shapes and sizes, along with a myriad

or 10 years ago. Marinas should offer enough power to

of configurations. So what should boaters look for when

accommodate the demands of these larger, more powerful

choosing a marina? Here’s a list of services and amenities.

vessels. And in today’s world, successful businessmen

Some are essential, some are amenities, but they all

and entrepreneurs need to be “connected,” hence WiFi

comprise the marina. See how your marina grades out.

is no longer an optional luxury, but rather a necessity.

20 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13

A ship’s store with ice, food, and beverages is a marina

marinas embrace the motto: good employees make good

must-have. On the other hand, whether this store should

marinas. If the dock hands, maintenance staff, and marina

also offer sandwiches, T-shirts, sunscreen, etc. is another

manager all have smiles on their faces, a positive attitude

question. What about a fuel dock? There are actually two

in their voices and demeanor, and an energy to their

parts to this question because it’s one thing to offer fuel,

steps, then your first impression will be very positive.

but another to have to wait in line to get the boat filled up. Although this is to say that a fuel dock is a convenience to boaters, but only if it doesn’t involve long waits.

Good customer service is a trusting relationship. The marina manager trusts the tenants to obey the rules, keep their docks clean and safe, and not disturb

Barbecue grills, beaches, swimming pools, and tennis

others. In return, boating customers should expect

courts are a real plus for marinas. Then again, these are

to receive outstanding customer service in terms

NOT essential to a good marina, but are rather amenities

of a well maintained, secure, and clean facility.

boaters will appreciate. Adding these amenities may be useful, but they’ll also add costs to the boaters’ rental rate, and most boaters simply want to boat and/or fish.

If the marina manager walks the docks on weekend mornings and chats with boaters, odds are this will be the marina for you. And when problems occur, which

Anything else? You bet. Boaters should ask themselves

they inevitably will, and they are resolved quickly

if their marina is a “Clean Marina?” Does it follow “green

and efficiently, then this is the right marina.

practices?” Does it have a pumpout station? A “Clean Marina” is one that doesn’t just meet state laws and regulations, but rather it goes beyond them to protect the waters of the rivers and the Great Lakes.

Because marinas are businesses, both parties will sign a lease agreement that details rights and responsibilities. Boaters don’t need to be lawyers to understand the lease, but they should have the major points clearly explained, any questions answered to their satisfaction, and any areas of concern clarified. For example, are the utilities included in the slippage rate? If you are accustomed to regularly taking your pet(s) on your cruises or on the boat at the marina, make sure “the pet friendly” feature is part of the agreement. What about having visitors/

When selecting a marina, the issue of on-site repair services can be a critical one. In the time-limited boating seasons of the Great Lakes, any time not spent on the boat or on the water feels like a big loss. For this reason, a marina that does

guests? Some marinas have transient slips, others don’t. If you’re accustomed to inviting others to your boat, make sure there’s adequate parking and visitors know marina rules and regulations.

not offer boat repair services can be a deal-breaker, but then

How about subleasing your dock space? If you intend to

there are the Mr. Fix-its who prefer making their own repairs.

be away for months at a time, and the marina rents your vacated space to transient boaters, do you get any refunds?


These items should be included in the lease agreement.

When choosing a marina, boaters tend to talk about its

Two frequently overlooked areas when choosing a marina

location, with plenty of parking, easy navigation into

are its signage and lighting and its fairways and channels.

and out of the harbor, and endless amenities such as

This latter aspect has become a “hot topic” these days

swimming pools and barbecue grills. A closer, more

with low water levels becoming a major problem on the

in-depth look reveals that the KEY factor is customer

Great Lakes. Are the channels leading from the harbor

service, which manifests itself in many ways.

to the lake well-maintained and dredged so that there are no problems getting in or out? And if you’re planning

The first person a boater encounters when visiting a

to cruise at night, find out if the markers are well lit.

marina either in person or on a boat is not the dockmaster or harbor manager, it’s the dockhand. Customer service

While it is important to determine the essential requirements

begins here because first impressions count. Successful

for the marina and its amenities, it’s equally important | 21

to know the marina’s social climate. Some marinas are

leave them at the dock, while dockhands wash down the

known for their dock parties, so if you have a family, make

boats, clean them, and then call the forklift driver to lift

sure you’re either at the family dock and away from the

the boats and return them to their proper storage slot.

partiers, or better yet, at the marina where most of the fellow occupants partake of the same social activities. It’s not intrusive to ask the marina manager if the marina hosts events that would infringe on your privacy.

This model works fine until the major holidays—Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day—when everyone wants to be out on the water. Make sure the marina has the resources needed for these extra busy days, and be sure

In recent years, the role of marinas has changed. The marina

there’s adequate staff hired for the busy boating season.

is no longer the place for renting boat spaces. It has evolved

The other problem boaters might encounter is working

into the social gathering place. Individual docks will host

on their boats during the off-season. Insurance policies

parties and cookouts. It’s not unusual for some marinas to

prohibit work onsite, so boaters will have to either haul

host potluck dinners every Friday evening during the summer,

their boats out themselves or get the boatyard to do it.

while others stage musical concerts. Even the marina itself has changed in the way it communicates with customers (via email and phone calls) and the activities it sponsors


(in-water boat shows, boating safety classes, musical

Why not make the boat your home and your marina your

performances, National Marina Day celebrations, and so

local address? It’s tempting to walk away from the stresses

forth). Check out all these activities before selecting a marina.

of home or condo ownership and think about getting up to waves lapping at the hull. Instead of an hour-long rush hour

DRY STORAGE The previous paragraphs have been talking about wet slip marinas, but dry storage is another option. Although not very common in the Great Lakes, dry storage marinas offer both pros and cons.

commute, think of taking a 20-minute taxi ride or even a leisurely stroll from the boat to the office. Living aboard your boat in the marina sounds great, but there is another side to it. Not every marina welcomes liveaboards, and even those that do have a separate lease agreement apart from the regular lease agreements. A liveaboard is more than just a person or

In dry storage marinas, boats are kept inside a storage

family that spends their weekends on their boats. Liveaboards

shed when not in use. An advantage here is that boats

will be at the marina 365 days a year, and the idea of living

are protected from the elements, i.e., heat, wind, rain,

a life without a care in the world is far from reality. There’s the question of responsibilities ranging from costs for extra electricity, water, and pumpouts to security, safety, and insurance. Depending on your liveaboard arrangement, there will be either a few or many neighbors, and like in a neighborhood, some are desirable and some aren’t. A word to the wise: know your liveaboard neighbors.

sun, etc. Boaters bring their vessels to the marina in the


spring, leave them there throughout the boating season, and can even leave them in dry storage during the winter.

Ultimately, choosing a marina is as important a factor in your total boating experience as buying a boat. Write

When dry storage customers want to spend a day or afternoon

a list of factors important to your marina lifestyle, and

on the water, they simply call the marina beforehand, tell the

after each boating season, review how your marina

operator when they want their vessels ready, and then drive

stacks up, and don’t be afraid to move if the report

to the marina where they will find their boats fueled and filled

grades are failing. On the other hand, marinas are not

with ice, food and beverages, depending on their wants.

perfect places, so weigh the positives and the negatives,

When boaters return from their time on the water, they don’t have to worry about docking their boats. They simply

22 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13

make a conscious decision, not an impulsive choice, and be sure your marina is making the grade.

A LIVEABOARD LIFE By Patricia Jorgensen

pon retirement, some people become “snowbirds” heading


The harbor is quiet weekdays. We spend the less active

off at the first sign of cold weather to Florida or Arizona. My

times of our day doing chores, reading, listening to music, or

husband Dave and I weren’t ready to do that just yet because

watching our favorite TV shows. In the evenings, the only sound

we have a young grandchild and an aging parent who keep

is waves breaking on the beach, and we sit on the back deck

us around home. So, instead, of becoming “snowbirds,”

watching the stars and contemplating the mysteries of life.

we became “liveaboards,” moving north and spending our summer days aboard our boat on beautiful Lake Michigan.

Comes the weekend, however, and the neighborhood changes. Everything becomes more active. We spend

It’s only an hour and a half drive from our town home to

these days visiting with friends on the dock and

North Point Marina, Winthrop Harbor, Ill., where we dock our

dining out at any one of several local venues.

boat. It’s far enough away so that we feel special, yet close enough for T-ball games and family obligations. We’re called “liveaboards,” and our boat Ink or Swim is our summer home.

The environment While we enjoy actual boating, visiting the many harbors

One lovely benefit of living on a boat is that we’re always available to take an impromptu boat ride on other people’s boats. We have crewed on sailboats and helped many people take their boat over to pump out, usually followed by a ride on the lake. It’s a great way to enjoy our favorite pastime without using our fuel!

on the lake, we find that we’re quite content to stay put and

We often joke that we were better prepared to own a boat

appreciate the pleasures of our own harbor, which is located

than we were to have children! Here’s why. We have taken

at the north end of Illinois Beach State Park. It’s here that

many classes on boating safety and maintenance. Changing

we bike and hike the miles of trails, walk the picturesque

oil and filters is a joint venture and neither one of us is afraid

boardwalk around the marina, or take dinghy rides through

to get our hands dirty doing the necessary work to keep

the harbor. Coyotes, foxes, white-tailed deer, and a large

our boat and its various components running well. We are

variety of waterfowl are common sights around the area.

members of the United Sates Power Squadron and support

Because the myriad types of boats that are available always

mandatory boating education to keep our waterways safe.

fascinate us, we explore our on-site boatyard and neighbor SkipperBud’s. The dealer always has new and used boats on sale for touring, and we’re constantly learning more about our hobby by examining the hulls and running gear on the various vessels stored “on the hard.” On the same property is our favorite watering hole, “Tropics,” where we can go for lunch or dinner or maybe just a few tasty drinks. While our living quarters are quite small by comparison to our townhome, it suits us just fine. The galley is small, but serviceable, and we cook most of our meals on our grill or prepare them in our crockpot. Best of all, it only takes four hours a week to keep the boat clean inside and out.

Reflections When friends come to visit, we always say, “Wait until you see our front yard!” We know how lucky we are to be living like this and try to never take it for granted. Having spent some time as liveaboards, we’re acutely aware of the weather, the fluctuating water levels, and the cleanliness of our surroundings. Our time at the marina has made us more aware than ever before that the Great Lakes are truly an asset that must be preserved for the future. We want our children to have the opportunity to do what we are doing; we wish everyone could! | 23





By Michael Baron, U.S. Coast Guard Division of Boating Safety


s in any emergency, prevention, preparation, and presence of mind are the keys to survival, including boat emergencies. Although boating accidents and emergencies occur on every type of waterway, off shore trips call for extra planning and preparation.

Here are some key preventive activities:

Be an educated boater by completing boating safety and operation courses, understanding boating rules of the road, and knowing your craft, including how to complete routine repairs.

Complete pre-trip inspections of the boat, its equipment, and safety and communications apparatus. Take advantage


of a free vessel safety check at the beginning of each

Mechanical failures, groundings, swamping, and capsizing

boating season. Avoid simple oversights like a missing drain plug or cooling system leaks.

are boating emergencies that can leave you adrift or worse. Although there are many causes for these mishaps and not

Monitor weather conditions and take prompt action to

every situation is avoidable, there are many common factors

cancel a trip, find a safe harbor, or ride out the storm as the

in boating accidents that are preventable.

conditions dictate.

24 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13

ASSEMBLING A DITCH BAG The contents of a ditch bag will vary with the weather conditions, the area in which you are boating, and other trip-specific factors. No matter whether its fresh water or salt water, here’s what’s involved in assembling a ditch bag. Choose a bag or other container that has positive flotation, is water resistant, and is highly visible, e.g., yellow or international orange with reflective tape. Make sure it’s clearly labeled, accessible, and big enough to carry essentials, but small enough to carry off the boat. Load it with all your selected safety equipment and supplies and then test its buoyancy. The following items can be particularly valuable for survival, and all equipment should be floatable when possible and have lanyards or other means of attachment. • Marine handheld VHF radio, extra batteries in a waterproof container • EPIRB, preferably with a built-in GPS receiver. The EPIRB must be registered with NOAA, and the registration must be updated at least every two years or whenever contact information changes. A personal locator beacon is an excellent safety tool for individuals, but not a substitute for an EPIRB. • An assortment of signaling devices, such as a whistle, horn, mirror, flares, smoke signals, dye packet, and signal flag. • Waterproof strobe light and/or flashlight combination is ideal), along with extra batteries, in a watertight container. • Water, e.g., individually sealed emergency water packets

• Emergency food rations specially formulated to decrease thirst Have the tools and skills to navigate safely if GPS fails. Learn the skills by completing a basic navigation

course, and always carry a compass and current

• Solar blankets

charts for the area.

• Sunscreen

Make sure the captain and crew are in good sailing form. Fatigue, illness, medications, and alcohol

• Bailer

use can all severely impact coordination, attention,

• Small binoculars

judgment, and reaction time. If the boat operator is

• Basic first-aid kit with seasickness medication and any essential prescription medicines.

feeling under the weather, stay ashore.

• Knife (rounded tip if in a raft)

Distribute your gear and passengers evenly to avoid making an unstable boat.

• Length of heavy cord or line. Having a “ditch bag” with these items will increase your chances of survival. | 25

Invest in optional safety equipment particularly communications equipment, because relying on a cell phone offshore can be very risky. At a minimum, have a VHF-FM marine radio. Buying an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) and/or Personal Locater Beacon (PLB) are smart investments for any boaters who frequent large bodies of water.




When emergencies occur, staying calm and focused are essential. Here are some other factors to ease your peace


of mind:

There are several things boaters can do to prepare for

Be aware that the biggest threats in any water emergency

emergencies. Here are the main ones:

are drowning, hypothermia, and dehydration, so focus on

your will to survive.

File a detailed float plan with friends or family and make sure they understand what to do and who to contact if you are late returning.

• •

emergency channel, and continue to communicate as long

about the area and your route. Talk to local authorities or

as possible to help rescuers establish your exact location.

boaters about hazards and boating challenges.

Activate your EPIRB, if you have one.

Assemble a ditch bag or abandon ship bag (see sidebar), its contents before every trip to make sure everything is

• •

Prepare passengers by giving them basic emergency

part of one’s body out of the water to help slow heat loss.

use the radio for emergency communications.

swimming ability, particularly in cold and/or rough water.

an emergency.

Make sure all boaters are dressed for water temperature rather than air temperature, such as with a wet suit or dry suit for frigid waters, non-cotton clothing, and layers.

Stay together because a group is more visible than an individual, and huddling can help retain body heat.

knife to passengers’ life jackets.

Once you’re in the water, don’t strike out for shore because it is easy to underestimate distance and overestimate

They may not be able to put them on fast enough in

Attach a whistle, waterproof flashlight, signal mirror, and

If you don’t have a lifeboat or life raft, stay on the boat as body heat 20 times faster than air, it’s critical to keep every

to use safety equipment, where the ditch bag is, and how to

Stay in the boat as long as possible, even if it is taking on

long as possible, even if capsized. Because water conducts

information/instructions. Ensure that all aboard know how

Have everyone aboard wear life jackets throughout the trip.

Get the ditch bag and keep it handy.

water, and even if you have a lifeboat or raft.

present and in good operating condition.

Radio for help with your exact location, stay tuned to the

If traveling in unfamiliar waters, learn as much as you can

label it clearly, keep it readily accessible, and inspect

Make sure everyone is wearing their life jackets.

Be strategic in signaling, i.e., use flares and other signaling devices when they are most likely to be seen and when there is most likely to be boat traffic.

Remember that wool offers good insulation, even when

If boaters follow these preparation, prevention, and peace

it’s wet.

of mind tips, it should help them increase their chances of survival at sea.

26 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13


REPLACE Using a prop with an interchangeable hub (left) simplifies changing a damaged prop, instead of sacrificing performance by running one in poor condition (right).

your PROP

By Ron Bailey


oating propellers, known affectionately as “props,” can take a beating even in the best of conditions. However, when boaters motor through churning sand, mud, floating debris, logs and rocks, prop blades can bend, chip, or crack. Even minor nicks, dings, or scratches that accumulate from normal wear-and-tear can rapidly degrade a boat’s performance.

REGULAR INSPECTION Propellers should be regularly inspected for damage. Spring commissioning and fall layup are two opportune times for such close inspections. Those individuals who trailer their boats can easily examine the props prior to each trip. The easiest things to spot are signs of severe wear, such as chipping or cracks on the blade tips or cracks along the blade joints. Another important, but less obvious item to inspect, is the propeller’s pitch, as the blade angles can become bent or

While individuals running boats with a damaged or bent

offset over time. If propeller blades seem out of alignment, it’s

propeller may ask themselves, “Why not?” there are plenty of

best to have them inspected by a local prop specialist.

good reasons not to operate these boats. These boaters will feel the same effect as drivers operating an automobile on

Apart from these prop inspections, boaters should take note

worn or poorly inflated tires—they’ll have less control, and

if they hit something or get tangled up in thick weeds while

the boat’s performance and efficiency will suffer.

they’re operating their boats. If they heard or felt something, prop damage is highly likely. Therefore, they should examine

Boaters continuing to use a bent or cracked prop can also

the prop as soon as possible. This is also why a spare prop

damage the engine’s gearcase. A compromised propeller

should be an essential onboard piece of equipment.

will not spin true, creating excessive vibration that can have devastating results. Boaters must know when to replace their props or face


the consequences.

When prop damage occurs, the question that always comes up is: repair or replace? Repair may seem to be the obvious choice, but propeller repair can be expensive, especially

28 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13

on hard-to-weld stainless steel. Moreover, blades that are ground down to remove bent or chipped edges create subtle changes in prop pitch and diameter that can degrade performance. And, few prop shops can guarantee sameday service, especially in the heart of boating season. This leaves you off the water in a time-limited season. If the damaged prop has a removable hub, however, the housing can be replaced for about the price of a repair. There’s no reason for boaters to repair a prop and contend with performance issues when they can have a new one installed for a comparable price, and they can be back on the water the same day. So, how long should boaters keep their props? There’s no industry standard here, and there are some good reasons to replace an older propeller even if it’s still in good condition. Changes in hull design and the introduction of high horsepower outboards have led to radical new approaches to propeller design and manufacturing. In addition, computer modeling has resulted in a better understanding of fluid dynamics and high-velocity water flow. Advances such as variable rake and pitch blades, multiple geometries, and new barrel designs have rendered older propellers obsolete in terms of hydrodynamic efficiency. Choosing the appropriate propeller for a particular boat and motor is fairly simple. The most important equation to use in making this decision is that less pitch means more rpm and more pitch means less rpm. For peak performance, an engine should run at the upper end of the manufacturer’s recommended rpm range or wide open throttle (WOT). If the boater desires more speed, handling and lift, particular prop styles come into play. The normal load on the boat, as well as whether the craft is primarily used for fishing, watersports or cruising, are also factors in prop selection. Turning Point offers its online Prop Wizard tool to help boaters select the best prop for their boat/engine set-up (visit

TIP: To save yourself hundreds of dollars over the years, purchase a propeller that has an interchangeable hub system. Replacing such a propeller is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Any damaged blade requires only that the housing be replaced, not the entire prop.

About the author: Ron Bailey is vice president of sales and marketing for Turning Point Propellers / 847-437-6800 /sales@ | 29

Electronics TALK and LISTEN


oday’s marine electronics are built for interfacing and/

between electronics, boaters will also hear various ‘trade

or networking, and this is a good thing. The ability of

names’ used by manufacturers to promote their networking

products to “talk” with each other and share information

systems. This can often lead to even more confusion, but

makes for a better navigation experience. Two examples

being able to talk with a certified dealer who represents all

of this are when radar targets or AIS data are overlaid onto

brands can help boaters navigate this maze,” added Rock.

chartplotter displays and when GPS data help to keep a boat’s autopilot steering to a waypoint.


These same capabilities also provide boaters, especially

There are several standards boaters will face when

those who aren’t particularly “techie,” with a seemingly

researching marine electronics and how they might interface

endless and confusing array of technologies, standards,

new and existing systems together.

and terms to decipher, such as NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, Ethernet, CANbus, SeaTalk, SimNet and more. A boater looking to purchase new electronics, no matter if it’s a single item or an entire new helm, can have a difficult time figuring out what it all means.

NMEA 0183—This NMEA standard for instrument serial data exchange has been around more than two decades and will continue to be used even though a newer, faster version (NMEA 0183HS) was introduced to handle data from increasingly popular AIS receivers. NMEA 0183 specifies

To help de-mystify this process, the experts at The GPS

data that can be transmitted by a single device (like a GPS,

Store, Inc., have provided the following guide to basic marine

echosounder, electronic compass) that is the “talker,” to

electronics communications and networking. “Probably the

multiple pieces of equipment (chartplotter, radar, etc.) that

best thing a consumer can do is to speak with and work

are the “listeners.” It allows one device to send information

with a reputable dealer,” said The GPS Store’s Brian Rock, a

to many other devices, but it isn’t really a network, as it’s a

recent graduate of National Marine Electronics Association’s

limited, one-way street.

(NMEA) installation and networking courses. “In addition to official NMEA standards for networking and communications

30 GLB | Sept/Oc t 13

NMEA 2000—This is a true network, a digital “backbone” that is able to connect as many as 50 devices, through which any

of networking technology, cabling, and connectors, manufacturers are primarily concerned with how their products connect and work with one another—and not necessarily those of their competitors. The reality is that boaters will be dealing with a “hodgepodge” of communications technology and networking solutions for some time to come. Today, it’s not uncommon to see MultiFunction Displays (MFDs) that provide several different data inputs to accommodate different networking technologies. connected device can transmit or receive data. This standard prioritizes information based on its type to ensure that critical information is delivered first. It was developed, in part, to standardize wire, cables, and connectors to ensure easy integration of units from different manufacturers. NMEA 2000 is 50 times faster than NMEA 0183, but it is still too slow for video images (such as radar) and cartography.

“If you are shopping for a new electronics package for your boat, there are some compelling reasons to go all onebrand,” said Rock. “Among them is that networking of major components like radars, plotters, and sounders will be easier. That said, some boaters prefer to select specific systems from different manufacturers either to save money or to take advantage of the best features. If networking is a priority, these boaters should definitely consult a trained dealer to

Ethernet—Consumers are familiar with Ethernet through their

discuss what will be involved in rigging, networking and

high-bandwidth home and office computer networks, and

operating their equipment.”

at about 40 times faster than NMEA 2000, it has important applications for marine electronics. Ethernet networks allow connected devices to share large volumes of complex data, such as radar images, video feeds, and cartography, but it cannot prioritize data. Another important point to remember about Ethernet connections on marine electronics is that they are designed to connect components of the same brand—not to network machines of different manufacturers. Trade Names—Manufacturers often give “trade names” to their networking technologies and/or use differing connectors that can make true brand-to-brand networking more difficult. Here are a few examples of trade names and standards: Furuno NavNet (Ethernet), Furuno CANbus (NMEA 2000),


Garmin Marine Network (NMEA 2000), Raymarine SeaTalk

A frequently asked question at The GPS Store is whether

HS (Ethernet), Raymarine SeaTalk NG (NMEA 2000), Simrad

NMEA 0183 devices can be networked with NMEA 2000

SimNet (NMEA 2000).

devices? The answer is a qualified “yes”—if you install a

NMEA OneNet—The NMEA describes this upcoming protocol as “NMEA 2000 on steroids,” because it’s designed to transport NMEA 2000 messages over the Ethernet. Some manufacturers are already using the Ethernet for video, along with proprietary messaging to add NMEA 2000 messages.

NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 Gateway device like the one offered by Actisense. This product is very useful for boaters who want to keep existing NMEA 0183 components, while at the same time incorporating new pieces of NMEA 2000 equipment into their helms.

Lack of standardization, however, leads to problems with

“The best advice I can give consumers is to do your

interconnectivity. OneNet is still a future solution for this and

homework, and work with an NMEA certified dealer you

is slated for release sometime in late 2014.

trust,” said Rock.

If you’re getting the idea that marine electronics networking

The NMEA has a free booklet, “A Guide to Boating

is a moving target, you’re right. While the NMEA is constantly

Electronics,” that covers topics, including standards for

working with manufacturers to develop p standardization

connecting and networking. It is available for download from the NMEA at To learn more about marine electronics networking from the experts at The GPS Store, call 800-477-2611 or visit

32 GLB | Sept/Oc t 13

Great Lakes


that have never gotten off the ground. Local officials scuttled others, such as a resort proposed by North Fond Du Lac for the western shores of Lake Winnebago. Developers say that if cities want to redevelop their waterfronts, they need to offer financial incentives, handle all or most of the required environmental cleanups, and sell the land cheaply. All these things make mayors and local politicians very uneasy. Waterfronts by their very nature are too important to communities’ futures to let them just decay. To compete Eight years after dozens of Wisconsin officials approved a report calling for the revitalization of its waterfronts, the state has fallen short in making this happen, according to an article

against suburban lands that don’t have pollution and ownership squabbles, cities need to go that extra mile in offering financial incentives to developers.

written by Kathleen Foody in the June 7 issue of the Appleton

Ultimately, cities need a blueprint to help them develop their


waterfronts. They need the name of person who they can

While Milwaukee’s downtown riverfront is a model for taking industrial waterfront from eyesore to attraction, not much else has happened throughout the state. Foody wrote that there have been many proposals for Wisconsin’s waterfront

contact to guide them through the efforts of revitalizing these important assets. At the present time, however, it appears that talk is as far as the state is willing to go to help cities redevelop their waterfronts.

DENISON YACHT SALES OPEN GREAT LAKES OFFICE stocking three boats at its Holland office, and will also be offering brokerage assistance and yacht marketing solutions. The Holland office represents a return of the Denison family to its Michigan roots. Frank and Gertrude Denison, the founders of Broward Marine in 1948, expanded their operations from South Florida to Saugatuck, Mich., where they opened a construction facility in 1978 to build their aluminum yachts. “I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in Michigan as a kid. It’s an easy place to fall in love with, and it’s a part of our country loaded with yachting tradition,” Bob Denison, Denison Yacht Sales has opened a new Great Lakes office

the company’s CEO, said. “Not only were Browards built in

in Holland, Mich. The new office is located at the Eldean

Western Michigan, but the Tiara and Chris Craft factories

Shipyard, a full-service shipyard on the south shore of Lake

provided local families with thousands of jobs in the area.”

Macatawa, just 85 nautical miles from Chicago.

Denison has appointed brokers Fred Schmitt and Jeff Phillips

Denison will offer their full-service brokerage and new

to operate the new location. Both of the individuals are well

boat sales to the boaters of lakes Michigan and Macatawa.

versed in all aspects of the yachting industry and are very

Denison will be the exclusive representative of Monte Carlo

familiar with the local traditions of Michigan.

Yachts, Austin Parker, Contender fishing boats, and Pirelli yacht tenders in the Great Lakes region. Denison is currently

34 GLB | Sept/Oct 13 // 954-763-3971

EFFORTS TO CREATE BIOFUELS FROM ALGAE Funded by a $30,000 Rochester Institute of Technology

and phosphorus. The excess nutrients typically come

grant, David Blersch, Ph.D., an environmental engineer at the

from fertilizer, manure and sewage that rains wash into

University at Buffalo, and his students are working to create

the watershed.

biofuel from Great Lakes algae.

Of the many species of algae in the Great Lakes, most are

Blersch and his students have built a system that pumps

not harmful. But some algae, such as the blue-green variety,

water ashore down two, 40-foot-long flumes. The water is

can release toxins and other noxious chemicals that can

then recycled into the lake, but it leaves behind microscopic

sicken people and kill pets and wildlife. That’s why they

cells that form miniature algae blooms.

are considered a serious threat to the Great Lakes and its

Blersch vacuums the algae and bottles the samples to study.

tourism industry.

He is creating a database that will help scientists, government,

Blersch hopes to build other, perhaps larger systems and

industry and others gauge the algae’s potential uses.

deploy them elsewhere in Buffalo. Potential spots include

Algae blooms are the result of warm temperatures, lots of light and an abundance of nutrients such as nitrogen

Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park, the Buffalo River, and other waterways with excessive algae and low amounts of oxygen.

NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION SUES EPA The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is suing the U.S.

Clean Water Act. The ensuing permit, however, fails to protect

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to force the agency

U.S. waters from ballast water invaders.

to adopt measures that will stop vessels discharging ballast water from introducing and spreading harmful aquatic invasive species. Ballast water invaders such as zebra

Marc Smith, senior policy manager for NWF, said, “The EPA’s permit will not adequately protect the Great Lakes and other U.S waters from ballast water

mussels, quagga mussels, spiny water fleas and round

invaders. This weak permit leaves

gobies are altering the Great Lakes food web and threatening

the door open for future harm to

the health of native fish and wildlife. Non-native ballast water

our environment and economy.

invaders cost Great Lakes citizens, cities, and businesses at

We can do better—and need to do

least $200 million annually in damages and costs.

better—if we are to protect our fish

The EPA issued a permit to regulate ballast water discharges

and wildlife and their habitat for

in late April, the result of a long legal battle in which

future generations.”

conservation groups forced the agency to comply with the

ILLINOIS LAWS MAKE WATERWAYS SAFER Gov. Pat Quinn (Ill.) signed into law on July 21 Senate bills

The new law, which takes effect immediately, clarifies that a

1479 and 1310, which are designed to crack down on boating

person being towed by a watercraft, such as a skier, tuber

under the influence and strengthen other provisions of Illinois’

or parasailer, is considered part of the total number of

boating safety laws.

passengers for purposes of a boat’s carrying capacity. The

Senate Bill 1479 ensures that anyone operating a motorboat involved in an accident involving serious injury or death must consent to the chemical testing of their blood, breath, or

clarification is expected to curb boat overcrowding by closing a loophole for boat operators claiming that a passenger being towed is not part of the watercraft’s overall capacity.

urine to determine blood alcohol or drug content. Operators

The new law also adds flashing blue lights to the list of

who refuse testing, test positive for drugs or exceed the legal

colored lights necessary for a watercraft to be designated

blood alcohol content limit, face suspension of their Illinois

an authorized emergency watercraft. This will enable Illinois

driver’s license. This law takes effect on Jan. 1, 2014.

Conservation Police, whose boats use flashing blue lights, to

Gov. Quinn also signed Senate Bill 1310, which strengthens the state’s Boat Registration and Safety Act regarding a boat’s carrying capacity, redefines “authorized emergency

better enforce the law. Finally, the legislation boosts penalties on boat rental operators who fail to properly equip a rental craft with life jackets, a fire extinguisher or lighting.

watercraft” and hikes penalties on boat rental operators who fail to equip their crafts. | 35

Great Lakes


The Shedd Aquarium

The new exhibit allows visitors to interact with the various fish

in Chicago opened

that populate the exhibit tank, including putting their hands

a new exhibit, “At

into the tank and feeling the fish. The biggest fish in the tank

Home on the Great

is the Great Lakes sturgeon, which has been around since

Lakes,” in early

the time of the dinosaur and is making a comeback thanks

June. This exhibit

to unrelenting efforts by marine biologists and others in the

showcases more

Upper Great Lakes.

than 60 species of fish, offers interactive information on various species of fish in the Great Lakes, and includes a “storage booth” that allows visitors to self-record their personal impressions of the Great Lakes.

Visitors can stand eye-to-eye with the fish or they can actually put their hands into the fish tank to pet the fish. Those who want to put their hands into the 63-degree water must thoroughly rinse their hands up to their elbows before being allowed to interact with the fish.

GREAT LAKES PLASTIC POLLUTION STUDY On Aug. 3, a team from The 5 Gyres Institute launched an

Last year, a startling discovery was made in samples

expedition to quantify and report on the extent of plastic

taken from lakes Superior, Huron and Erie. In Lake Erie,

pollution in Lake Michigan. Despite volumes of anecdotal

more than 450,000 micro polyethylene beads per square

evidence, to this date no validated attempt has been made to

kilometer were found. These are the same beads used in

study the severity of this problem in the lake.

personal care products as an exfoliant. These micro-beads

In August of 2012, the team from The 5 Gyres Institute sailed lakes Superior, Huron and Erie, completing the first ever plastic pollution survey in the Great Lakes, discovering

are washed down the drain as they are rinsed from the face and body, and are too small to be adequately captured by waste-water treatment.

some of the highest concentrations of plastic particles ever

These findings led the Institute to launch a campaign asking

recorded in any aquatic environment, fresh or salt water.

the producers of these products to eliminate plastic micro-

This year, the Institute, with researchers from SUNY, Fredonia, spent August accumulating detailed samples from Lake Michigan in order to determine the surface density of plastic pollution, the type of plastics found, and the chemical uptake of persistent organic pollutants absorbed by plastic.

beads in favor of natural alternatives. Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, The Body Shop and Colgate-Palmolive have all pledged to remove these synthetic beads from their products by 2015. Proctor & Gamble has pledged to phase out these beads by 2017.


regions that contribute the most phosphorus into the lake.

Ohio’s most

Identifying the source of phosphorus into Lake Erie has

recent two-

become a priority for the state since 2011, when heavy spring

year budget

rains dumped enough phosphorus into the lake to cause a


nearly 2,000 sq. mile bloom of toxic algae.

$600,000 for monitors to detect farm fertilizers that flow into Lake Erie and cause toxic algae blooms, which produce liver and nerve toxins that can sicken people and kill pets and wildlife. The state will install seven monitors along the Maumee River water basin, which feeds into Lake Erie, to identify those

36 GLB | Sept/Oct 13

There currently are two monitors on the river to monitor phosphorus. The International Joint Commission and other experts have said that while phosphorus can come from many sources, farm runoff is the most common source when it comes to Lake Erie. IJC has made the question of phosphorus runoff and its impact on the Lake Erie ecosystem one of its top priorities during its most recent two-year plan. The U.S Geological Survey will operate the monitors in partnership with the state. The organizations should begin taking measurements by October.

OHIO GOVERNOR SIGNS BOATER FREEDOM ACT Responding to the pleas of boaters on Lake Erie who claimed

the vessel, its equipment, or its operator is in violation of

they were being needlessly harassed by state and local

watercraft or local law; or the boat is being inspected as part

law enforcement officials, the Ohio legislature passed and

of an authorized checkpoint.

Gov. John R. Kasich signed into law House Bill 29, known as the “Boater Freedom Act.” This law establishes criteria for watercraft safety inspections on Ohio’s waters, and the legislation should help decrease the multiple safety inspections that recreational boaters experience on Lake Erie and all of Ohio’s waterways. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Rex Damschroder (Fremont), establishes that a state or local law enforcement officer will no longer have the authority to stop or board a vessel to conduct a safety inspection unless the owner or operator voluntarily requests such an inspection; there is reasonable suspicion

In addition, the bill exempts charter boat captains and others holding certain U.S. Coast Guard credentials and endorsements from completing Ohio’s boater education course. When testifying in support of the bill, ODNR Division of Watercraft Chief Rodger Norcross said those individuals are already educated in boater safety through the process of obtaining their license. House Bill 29 only directs the activities of state and local law enforcement agencies; it does not change the policies, procedures or actions of the U.S. Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security or other federal agencies.

GREAT LAKES WEEK PLANNED FOR SEPTEMBER Great Lakes Week 2013, a collaborative effort to foster

Joint Commission, Great Lakes Areas of Concern Annual

discussion about cutting-edge Great Lakes issues and

Conference, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and

elevating them amongst diverse stakeholders, including

Environment Canada.

public officials, media and citizens, will take place in Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 9 to 12.

Some of the meetings are open to the public, others are for members only, some require registration fees, and others are

The gathering is expected to attract thousands of people

free. For more information on the various meetings taking

from around the eight-state region of Illinois, Indiana,

place in Milwaukee and related to the Great Lakes, their

Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and

locations, and costs, visit

Wisconsin, as well as across the United States and Canada. Attendees will participate in the annual meetings and conferences of organizations from both countries. Great Lakes Week is hosted by the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition, Great Lakes Commission, International

EXPLORERS FIND 1839 SHIPWRECK IN LAKE ONTARIO The remains of a vessel believed to be the oldest confirmed

storm in May 1839 while taking a cargo of limestone from

commercial schooner shipwreck in the Great Lakes have

Jefferson County to Oswego. None of the five crew members

been found in Lake Ontario, where it went down during a

on board survived.

fierce storm in 1839, according to a team of New York-based underwater explorers.

Video images of the shipwreck indicate that the schooner hit the lake’s bottom hard, toppling the masts and causing the

Jim Kennard, Roger Pawlowski, and Roland Stevens located

deck to collapse on itself, Kennard said. He added that the

the wreck of the Atlas in June while searching for sunken

ship’s wheel, heavily encrusted with mussels, remains intact.

ships in the eastern shores of Lake Ontario. The ship’s sonar system found the ship wreck in 200 feet of water about two miles north of Oswego, N.Y., Kennard said. The 52-foot Atlas was built in 1838 specifically for hauling

Kennard said the Atlas was the only ship of its size to have sunk near Oswego while carrying cut stone. The team’s video shows some of the stone cargo still in the ship’s hold. Atlas will be left where it lies.

building stone from local quarries. It sank during a violent | 37


NEW EFFORTS TO STOP ASIAN CARP Dan O’Keefe, Michigan Sea Grant

The Obama

The latest strategies call for a new electronic control barrier


to be installed on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal


south of Chicago. It will be constructed near a similar type

on July 23 the

barrier that began operating in 2002. The canal is linked to

2013 Asian Carp

the Chicago River and is a direct pathway to Lake Michigan.

Control Strategy Framework, its latest control effort to keep

Asian carp out of the Great Lakes.

In addition, the bill calls for a berm-like physical barrier to be constructed in the wetlands near Fort Wayne, Ind. This area has been previously identifi ed as a high-risk pathway for Asian carp to make their way into Lake Erie via the Wabash and Maumee River systems.

The framework includes testing and deployment of new physical and chemical control tools, strengthening the electric barrier system in the Chicago Area Waterway System, and constructing a new project that would physically separate the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basin at Eagle Marsh near Fort Wayne, Ind.

Augmenting the electronic barrier, the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources will oversee the design and construction a mobile electric dispersal barrier that can be deployed in the Chicago Area Waterway System or other waterways to move or clear fi sh and act as a temporary barrier for experimental or emergency situations.

ADIRONDACK FISHING GUIDE The Adirondack Regional Tourism Council has published

What separates this guide from others is that the

“Adirondack Fishing” to help those people interested in

publication provides an up-to-date assessment of fi sh in

catching fi sh in the hundreds of ponds, lakes, rivers, and

various waters. For example, if a particular body of water

creeks in the area.

holds smallmouths, and the fi shing for them is only spotty,

The publication contains information about the area’s rivers

the guide prints this information.

and lakes, nearly two dozen detailed maps, and complete

To obtain a guide, visit to download

information on marinas, charter and guide services, and

the latest version of this information guide in PDF format.

boat launch sites.


The Michigan

abdomen. They may vary in length between 2 to 5 inches.


This species of crayfi sh is highly invasive, eats a range of

of Natural

food items, and adapts to many habitat types.

Resources (DNR) has recently discovered that anglers are purchasing red swamp crayfish from food

“Since there is a strong commercial market to import these crayfi sh for human consumption, the DNR is asking anglers and residents to be on the lookout for this species in bait stores,” said Jim Dexter, DNR Fisheries Division Chief. “We need your assistance to help prevent this species from becoming established in Michigan.”

markets and using them as live bait. It is illegal to import any

The State of Michigan recently updated its Aquatic Invasive

live species of crayfish into Michigan for commercial bait.

Species Management Plan, which seeks to develop new

The DNR reminds anglers to not purchase red swamp crayfi sh for bait. The crayfi sh are dark red in color with raised, bright red spots covering the body and claws. They also have a black, wedge-shaped stripe on the top of the

38 GLB | Sept/Oct 13

actions to enhance existing efforts to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. The use and trade of live organisms, such as the red swamp crayfi sh, must be monitored as specifi ed in this plan.

BARRIE FISHING FESTIVAL SET FOR SEPTEMBER The 3rd Annual Barrie (Ontario, Canada) Fall Fishing Festival

and represents a $1.5 million commitment to the regional

is set to run from Sept. 27 to Oct. 6. It encourages people

cancer care centre in Barrie.

of all ages to enjoy fishing, the beautiful fall weather and the spectacular fall colors of Kempenfelt Bay.

Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Barrie-Huronia, the event is anticipated to grow to the largest of its kind on Lake Simcoe.

The highlight of this year’s event is a catch and release

Offering a prize pool of more than $50,000, the fishing

perch fishing tournament. This fundraising event benefits

tournament is expected to attract thousands of anglers during

environmental projects related to improving the health and

the 10-day period.

well-being of Lake Simcoe, in addition to many other local community projects, including Rotary House, which is a lodging facility for cancer treatment patients and their families

For the first time in its history, the festival will award a first prize of $10,000 for the largest tagged fish and a grand prize of $5,000 from among all participants.


The most recent

five years to control the lampreys and keep native fish

efforts to combat

populations viable.

sea lampreys have focused on their spawning areas, specifically in Michigan and New York. In Michigan, the

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service poisoned the larvae of sea lamprey in a stream feeding Lake Michigan. Workers treated the Mitchell Creek stream bottom, which flows through Traverse City State Park before flowing into Grand Traverse Bay, to stop sea lampreys from spawning. State and federal officials estimate that the treatments are between 95 to 99 percent effective in killing sea lampreys at this stage. Treatments must be done every three to

In New York, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC) announced in mid-June that it had built a sea lamprey barrier and trap on Orwell Brook, a tributary that feeds into Lake Ontario’s Salmon River. The barrier is the latest of more than 70 barriers put in place around the Great Lakes to reduce the sea lampreys’ population. The barrier itself is designed to allow other migratory fish to spawn in the brook and be on their way, while its aluminum logs will stop the sea lampreys from spawning and will be removed outside of the invasive species’ migratory period. GLFC estimates that efforts to totally prevent the invasion of sea lampreys into the Great Lakes are “unrealistic.” Therefore, it has worked with state authorities to establish target levels for each of the Great Lakes.

LAKE SUPERIOR CLIMATE CHANGES ARE GOOD AND BAD Water temperature changes in Lake Superior over the past

walleye. They used a three-dimensional hydrodynamic

27 years have made conditions more favorable for Chinook

computer model to map changes in Lake Superior water

salmon, walleye and lean lake trout and less favorable for

temperatures and match that model to the temperatures

siscowet lake trout, which prefer colder water, according to

preferred by the four fish species.

Wisconsin Sea Grant researchers.

Between 1979 and 2006, the number of days with available

In an article published in PLOS One, a Journal of the Public

preferred temperatures increased lakewide at a mean rate

Library of Science, Sea-Grant researchers found that Lake

of seven days per decade for salmon, six days per decade

Superior is warming at a relatively fast rate. Surface water

for lean lake trout, and fi ve days per decade for walleye.

temperatures increased 2.5 degrees Celsius between 1979

Siscowet lake trout lost three days per decade. Along with

and 2006, one of the fastest rates among all lakes on the

a longer growing season, the extent of preferred habitat for

planet. The researchers also found that the eastern side of

lean lake trout and salmon increased by more than 30,000

the lake is warming faster than the western side. To determine how this climate change affected fish, the researchers studied lake trout and siscowet trout (Salvelinus namaycush), salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) and

km2, nearly doubling over the study period. Walleye habitat increased by more than 50,000 km2, a fi ve-fold change from historical conditions. The cold-loving siscowet lost 10,000 km2, or about 20 percent of its historical habitat. | 39



place to dock his firm’s boats, but mainly as a harbor for small fishing-style boats that only require a shallow draft. Plans call for a 40-slip marina that will cater to small fishing boats under 35-feet long and with drafts less than four feet. Work on the new marina has begun and Scott expects to complete it sometime in the spring of 2014. He added that this would be just the first phase of a two-phase project planned for the site. In phase one, the developer plans to build the docks as they are leased out. Connor’s Point Cove Marina will have 40 slips and accommodate boats with a four-foot or shallower draft. The second and more costly phase of the marina project would involve building docks that would be able to Superior, Wis., will have a new marina in place by the start of

accommodate sailboats.

the 2014 boating season, according to Chad Scott, president of AMI Consulting Engineers, a marine engineering firm

Once the first phase is completed, Scott plans to expand the

whose property development arm, C&C Holdings, plans to

marina. Because of the costs involved with this phase, Scott

design and build the marina next to the firm’s corporate office

said it will take much longer to complete the project.

in Superior.

“We will pick away at it for the next few years and hopefully

Scott said that he received permits from the Wisconsin Dept.

we’ll see completion in about five years,” said Scott.

of Natural Resources (DNR) to build a new marina partly as a

CLEVELAND’S LAKEFRONT TO GET NEW MARINA Coast Harbor. It is expected to be completed in time for the opening of the 2014 boating season. Plans call for the new marina to be built just north of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. It is seen as the first part of a major development of the city’s lakefront, announced in 2012, and scheduled for completion some time in the near future. Most of the funding for the project ($1.9 million) will come from a Boating Infrastructure Grant administered by the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources for the U.S. Dept of Fish & Wildlife Services. The Cleveland Dept. of Port Control will pay the remainder ($400,000). The city of Cleveland announced in June that is it ready to build a new marina on its lakefront. The new marina for

Cleveland architect Paul Volpe displayed images of the

transient boaters would be built at North Coast Harbor, house

floating amenities building to the city’s Design Review

53 wet slips, and include a floating building with showers,

Committee in mid-June. The 20-foot by 40-foot building will

laundry room, and restrooms.

have a skin of durable Ipe woods from South America over an impermeable “rain skin” with a saltbox roof and metal signal

Work on the $2.3 million project is expected to begin this fall, which marks the 25th anniversary of the opening of North

40 GLB | Sept/Oct 13

flags spelling out “Cleveland,” according to a Cleveland PlainDealer article.

WINDSOR MAYOR PROPOSES NEW MARINA The Mayor of Windsor, Ontario (Canada) promised to bring

the city and allow them to stop over. I also think it will be a

a new marina to the city without raising taxes, increasing

transformative project that will serve as a catalyst for other

municipal debt, or raiding the city’s pocketbook.

businesses to follow, spurring investment,”said Francis.

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis said he can deliver a new

The proposed marina would be located along the waterfront,

marina to the city’s downtown waterfront, and he noted that a

almost in front of the aquatic centre and just west of the art

new marina would be a good thing for the city.

gallery. The mayor believes the majority of people living in

“It would add value to the city, to our community. It would certainly generate tourism. It would bring more people to

Windsor are behind the proposed plan for the new marina, especially if it doesn’t raise taxes or increase debt.

ROCHESTER ANNOUNCES MARINA PROJECT The Port of Rochester (N.Y.) announced preliminary plans

The city said the first phase of the redevelopment project,

to redevelop its waterfront in two phases, with the first

including the marina, would cost about $16.5 million. The

phase including a new public marina facility that would have

city has secured nearly all of the money for this phase of

between 75 to 80 slips, along with a promenade for people

the project, except for $2 million. Mark Gregor, Manager of

to walk near the water. In addition, there would be space for

Port Redevelopment, said the marina would enhance the

retail stores, shops, restaurants, and cafes.

recreational nature of the port and Rochester’s reputation

In a meeting with residents of the area on May 7, Mayor Tom

as a Great Lakes destination.

Richards said the new marina would be the linchpin of the

News reports quoted the Mayor as saying the city plans to

area redevelopment project, which would also include a

begin construction of the marina sometime this fall and hopes

residential housing development with about 430 apartments.

to have construction completed by the end of 2014. | 41



An unusual on-the-water

at waterfront venues throughout Islamorada. Boats will be

golf tournament will enable

docked and golfers will come ashore to tee off.

boaters in the Florida Keys to raise money for charity one shot at a time. The Conch Scramble is set for Saturday, Sept. 28. A kick-off party and team registration is scheduled from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 27, at the

Holes consist of two floating rings whose distances from shore range from 30 to 120 yards off the venues’ dock or beach—and only irons and putters will be allowed. Golfers are awarded points for their shots, depending on whether they land inside or outside the rings. Golfers will use environmentally friendly biodegradable golf balls that become fish food after 96 hours in the water. Up to 45 teams can participate and entry fee is $500 per

Alligator Reef, a private

team. Proceeds from the golfing challenge benefit the Upper

oceanfront compound located at mile marker (MM) 87.4.

Keys Foundation that funds athletic programs and facilities

The next day, teams of four players will travel by boat from

in the Keys.

tee to tee, and have two shots at each of nine “holes” located

FISHING TOPS U.S. LIGHTNING DEATHS The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s

John Jensenius, a lightning safety specialist with NWS, said

National Weather Service (NWS) announced on June 24 that

the large number of fishing and boating deaths may occur

64 percent of all lightning deaths since 2006 had occurred

because these activities require extra time to get to safe

when people were involved in outdoor leisure activities, and

places. “People often wait far too long to head to safety when

fishing was at the top of this list with 26 deaths.

a storm is approaching and that puts them in a dangerous

Of the 152 deaths associated with outdoor leisure activities

and potentially deadly situation,” he added.

between 2006 and 2012, fishing was followed by camping

NWS said the best way for people to protect themselves

(15 deaths), boating (14 deaths), soccer (12 deaths), and golf

against lightning injury or death is to monitor the weather

(8 deaths). The remaining 77 people killed by lightning were

and either postpone or cancel outdoor activities when

engaged in other leisure activities such as swimming, riding

thunderstorms are in the forecast.

their bicycles, or picnicking in their yards.

SUPER BOATS EVENT & SEAFOOD FESTIVAL The ‘fastest show on water’ will be returning to Clearwater,

the boats on display, meet the drivers and participate in a

Florida’s coast with the Bright House Clearwater Super Boats

variety of activities, followed by a special Blast Friday and

National Championship & Seafood Festival, Sept. 27 to 29,

boat parade. The Seafood Festival will take place Saturday

2013. The three-day event is full of family friendly activities, a

from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., in downtown Clearwater’s Coachman

seafood festival, fi reworks display and some of the world’s

Park, with specialties from local restaurants available for

fastest and largest powerboats.

purchase. Sunday is race day with the first heat at noon and

Traveling at speeds approaching 180 miles per hour, the super boats, most equipped with F-16 canopies, will compete for the title of national champion in 10 classes. The 2.5-mile race course is located just off-shore from Clearwater’s awardwinning beaches and spectators can view the action from the beach, Pier 60, various VIP viewing parties or from a boat viewing area in the middle of the track. The weekend kicks off Friday, Sept. 27, at the Baystar Race Village in downtown Clearwater, where spectators will see

42 GLB | Sept/Oct 13

second heat at 2 p.m. There are a number of viewing parties throughout the day and the weekend comes to a close with the Miss Clearwater Super Boat Corona Girl Pageant, and the official after race beach party from 4 p.m. onwards at Shephard’s Beach Resort.

NAUTICAL GLOBAL GROUP REVITALIZES OWNER’S CLUBS Nautic Global Group, a boatbuilder based in Elkhart, Ind., is

“Boat owners, especially first-time owners, are put in a

employing the latest technologies, engagement strategies

position of learning an entirely new vocabulary, and they can

and communication tools to revitalize the existing Owner’s

face challenges they might never have thought about,” said

Club programs for its Rinker, Hurricane, Polar Kraft, Sanpan,

Steve Tadd, Marketing Director. “We want to help make that

Aqua Patio, Sweetwater, and Parti Kraft brands.

process as easy as possible. For every call or email we get

The new Owner’s Clubs are designed to significantly improve the overall customer experience by improving product development through owner feedback. In addition to the

from new owners, you can bet there are still other questions that don’t get resolved, simply because [customers] don’t know go.” o where e e to o go. go

latest in easy-to-use forum technology that promotes sharing across a variety of social mediums, the engagement strategy includes a comprehensive archive of basic boat-handling tips and product-specific documentation, as well as targeted photo and video contents.

BOATING SAFETY CHECKLIST APP The American Boating and Yacht Council (ABYC) recently

• add boating contacts

released its newest iPhone app, “Boat Essentials-USCG

• receive maintenance guideline alerts

Safety Gear.” It’s a free, simple checklist perfect for the new or experienced boater to help them identify the safety items

• access supplies list • be reminded of important dates.

they’re required to have onboard. Ken Cook Co., based in Milwaukee, Wis., developed the app as a result of a U.S. Coast Guard Recreational Boating Safety Nonprofit Grant. In addition to providing a checklist of required items boaters should have onboard their vessels, the app includes suggestions on other items that will make the

“We get so many calls asking, ‘What do I need on my boat?’ Since nearly everyone carries their cell phone with them everywhere they go, including out on the boat, an app is a great tool to get safety information into the hands of the boater,” said Vann Burgess, Senior RBS Specialist with the USCG.

boat safer and more comfortable. ABYC says the app can be used on powered and non-powered boats that operate in the waters of the United States to: • store information on up to three boats

The app is available for free by contacting: https:// id646883799?mt=8.

• file and save float plans


ethanol in gasoline, but it displaces water and keeps ethanol

Co. has developed

for gumming up the gasoline engine, said Scott Wesenberg,

an alternative for the

manager of the company’s fuel systems group.

ethanol that appears in most of the gasolines being put into small engines, boats, lawnmowers, and others.

The Milwaukee, Wis.-based company said that there are numerous additives in the marketplace that displace water and keep the gasoline fresh while in storage, however Briggs & Stratton is the first engine manufacturer to develop its own

To comply with the federal government’s Renewable Fuel

formula. The product is now available at retail stores, such

Standards, petroleum companies have been adding 10

as Walmart and Home Depot. A $7 bottle will treat up to 40

percent ethanol to their gasolines, which attracts moisture

gallons of gas.

and results in negative side effects.

This new product was designed to treat some of the

Briggs & Stratton’s Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment &

problems created by the use of 10 percent ethanol in

Stabilizer counteracts moisture buildup in gasoline-ethanol

gasoline, but was not meant to work on the new E15

blends in small engines. The additive doesn’t eliminate the

mixture entering the marketplace. | 43


MARION BERMUDA SETS DATE FOR 2015 Fran Grenon Spectrum Photo

In setting the date, the trustees decided that the start should return to the traditional third weekend in June to avoid this year’s conflict with the New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta held in nearby Newport, R.I. on the second weekend. This will allow more cruising yachts that enter the Annapolis Newport Race or the NYYC event to participate in Marion to Bermuda. Trustees confirmed that at a minimum, the race will have the same divisions as 2013 — Founders for boats 32 to 80 feet, Celestial navigation for star gazers, Big Boats for boats 65 to 100 feet with relaxed sail restrictions, and a division for Classic Sail Training Vessels.

The Board of Trustees of the Marion to Bermuda Cruising

The boats in the 2013 race ranged from 34 feet to 118 feet. All

Yacht Race Association has scheduled June 19, 2015 as the

but two of the entries were factory production boats designed

date for the 20th biennial Marion Bermuda Race.

mainly for family cruising.

ST. CROIX YACHT CLUB INTERNATIONAL REGATTA This year’s St. Croix Yacht Club International Regatta, which

Additionally, any class with seven or more boats racing

will be held from Nov. 15 to 17, promises to be even better

Saturday and Sunday will compete for the ultimate prize

than last year.

of the winning skipper’s weight in rum. All awards will be

After considering the feedback from last year’s International

presented on Sunday afternoon.

Regatta, the regatta committee decided to change its format

There will be lots of entertainment, good food and drink, and

for 2013 and accommodate the requirements of all entrants.

Crucian hospitality.

There will be three days of racing – Friday, Nov. 15, will be // 340-773-9531

a one-day event with plenty of racing and awards. Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 16 and 17, a second regatta will be held.

US SAILING PARTNERS WITH CLEVER PIG US Sailing, the national governing body of the sport, and

Clever Pig provides the necessary guidance and direction for

Clever Pig, a website designed for aspiring youth and young

sailors at every step of the campaign process.

adult sailors who want to take their competitive sailing careers to the next level, have formed a new partnership to reinforce their outreach to the youth sailing community by combining resources and sharing expertise.

US Sailing, along with the Southport Sailing Foundation, Chicago Match Race Center, Sailing Foundation of New York, Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound, and California International Sailing Association (CISA), has pulled

In 2007, The Southport Sailing Foundation developed the

together an effective listing of services and programs to

original Clever Pig website to provide youth sailors with

enhance the website for users from around the country.

the information required to manage a successful campaign. The Foundation invested in a practical online program that would empower sailors to organize their own campaigns, and provide Clever Pig’s resources to all sailors at no cost.

44 GLB | Sept/Oct 13

The development of youth sailing in the United States is paramount at US Sailing. Young sailors in search of great competition, quality coaching instruction, and a fun time on and off the water have been participating at US Sailing youth racing events for years. The USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festival and the US Sailing Championships series collectively organize a combined 27 regattas for youth sailors.

ROLEX BIG BOAT SERIES Rolex/Daniel Forster

St. Francis Yacht

as the West Coast IRC Championship, the HPR National

Club of San

Championship, and the Melges 24 Pre-Worlds.

Francisco, Calif., will once again welcome racers from around the globe to participate in the West Coast’s premier regatta, the Rolex Big Boat

Series, from Sept. 26 to 29. The event will host four days of

Every year, six awards are given for best performances in specific classes at the regatta and are accompanied by Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner watches, which are presented to the skippers. The trophies remain on display at St. Francis Yacht Club and are as follows: the St. Francis Perpetual Trophy, City of San Francisco Trophy, Richard Rheem Perpetual Trophy, Keefe-Kilborn Perpetual Trophy, Atlantic Perpetual, and the Commodore’s Cup.

racing for monohull and multihull classes and serve

TORONTO I14 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Some of the world’s top sailors are gearing up to showcase

sailors. Strategically maneuvered by its crew, the I14 reaches

their skill and athleticism at the International 14 (I14) World

speeds of up to 25 knots or 50 kilometers per hour.

Championships, to be hosted by the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) in Toronto, from Sept. 7 through Sept. 22.

The Worlds will welcome competitors from countries such as Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy,

Competitors in the I14 fleet converge at the World

Japan, and the United States, as well as Canadian

Championships every 18 to 24 months to compete and see

competitors. Additionally, several hundred spectators per

who has the fastest boat and the best crew.

day plus sponsors are expected to head out onto the water to

The I14, as it is commonly referred to among the sailing

watch the racing.

crew, is a 14-foot racing dinghy, and one of the oldest dinghy classes racing today. It traces its origin back to the late nineteenth century. Over the past 100 years, the I14 has evolved, now boasting a fierce look and high-tech design that”i14.caworlds // Follow @i14Worlds2013

continues to fascinate spectators and humble even the fittest


There was nothing quick

Windquest, a Max Z86 owned by Dick and Doug DeVos of

about getting to the finish

Macatawa Bay Yacht Club, was first to finish in the racing

line in the extreme light wind

divisions and the winner of the Royono Trophy.

conditions sailors faced in the 105th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, presented by Veuve Clicquot. RESULTS: Winner of the Chicago-Mackinac Trophy Division was Sufficient Reason, a J122 owned by Mitchell Padnos and Tracy Brand, representing Macatawa Bay Yacht Club. Winning the Mackinac Cup Division was Providence, an Ericson 35 owned by Jerry and Greg Miarecki of the Chicago Yacht Club.

Infinite Diversion, a Hanse 630e owned by Joseph Haas of the Chicago Yacht Club, was first to finish and first overall in the Cruising Division. Infinite Diversion won the Vanenna Cup for the division win and also won a new trophy - the Ile Aux Galets Cup - for first to finish in the cruising division. For the multihull division, first to finish and winner of the Manitou Passage Trophy was Lucky Strike, a Newick 50 owned by Fred Ball of Little Traverse Yacht Club. Lucky Strike also won the Martin D. Rieck Trophy for line honors in the multihull division. Safir III, owned by Robert E. Radway of the Chicago Yacht Club, won the double-handed division and the Harold L. Ashton Trophy. | 45


OUTBOARD EXTENSION HANDLE By locking into one of six different lengths, the lightweight Handi-Mate® outboard extension handle extends anywhere from 30 to 47 inches. Changing its length requires only the press of a button and a turn of the locking knob. The extension permits full steering and throttle capability on any twist-grip outboard motor, without changing throttle tension adjustment. The polycarbonate head clamps over the outboard’s existing handle grip, while leaving access to the kill button. Durable anodized aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware protect against rust and corrosion. $46.99 // 510 -732-9229 // w w

POWERFUL PA/HAILER SPEAKER The HS-40 PA/Hailer Horn Speaker is a multifunction device that supports a true loudhailer's hail, foghorn or listen-back functions. For marine VHF radios, it provides extra volume for noisy environments, or can pull double-duty for VHF units that have a built-in PA or loudhailer function. Constructed of high-impact white plastic, the unit comes with a tilt mount bracket for deck or bulkhead mounting. It can also be flush mounted. The speaker measures 7” W x 13” D, has a frequency response of 250 Hz to 8 KHz, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40º to 176º F. $109.95 // 803-227-1590 //

TROLLING MOTOR LOCK The Bow Mount Trolling Motor Lock offers reliable, affordable theft protection and eliminates the hassle of having to remove the motor when a boat is left unattended. The unique, lightweight lock fits most MotorGuide® bowmounted trolling motors. It replaces the factory knob and still allows height adjustments to be made. With the turn of a key, the mount is locked and the motor is secured inside. $19.95 // 262-544-5615 //

46 GLB | Sept /Oc t 13

WASHER/DRYER IN ONE UNIT The new energy and water-saving Pinnacle Super Combo™ has a spin speed of 1,000 RPMs and a capacity for 13 pounds of laundry. It also features high-tech electronic controls with a VFD-lit panel, a delayed start option, child safety lock, adjustable leveling legs, coin trap, add-a-sock option, and a wrinkle guard setting. An optional booster fan can be ordered to allow dryer venting for as far as 50 feet. All units are selfcleaning and are available in white or silver. The units measure 24 inches wide and 22 inches deep. $1,499 to $1,599 // 866 -218-6902 //

USER-GENERATED CHARTS Anglers now have the ability to chart private, public, and hard-to-reach waters (lakes, reservoirs, farm ponds, and ever-changing rivers) with the LakeMaster® AutoChart™ and AutoChart PRO™. Once the custom map is created, it can be enhanced with LakeMaster’s Shallow Water Highlight, Depth Highlight, and Water Level Offset features. Combine the map with the Minn Kota® iPilot ® Link® to set a trolling motor to follow the custom contours. Available for a one-time purchase price, with no subscription or pay-by-the-lake fees. AutoChart: $199.99; AutoChart PRO: $249.99 // 320 -632-6300 //

SECURITY/MONITORING SYSTEM The NT-Evolution 2.0 Security and Monitoring package includes the GOST NT-Evolution 2.0 system and comes with wireless dual optical infrared beam sensors, a mini siren, a high intensity strobe, a high water sensor, and a pull sensor. This marine grade, water resistant, wireless security, monitoring, and tracking system provides global arm/disarm and relay control over satellite from anywhere in the world. Five wireless relays allow control of any AC or DC function on board and can be set to activate other devices such as external sirens, strobes, and deck or cockpit lights when the system goes into alarm. $99.99 // 800 -226 -9868 // | 47


PROPELLER ANTIFOULANT LanoProtect Marine Bio Anti-Foul and Underwater Lubricant is a long lasting, environmentally friendly anti-foul for propellers. It is also a very effective underwater lubricant suitable for running gear applications. The lubricant has been specially formulated with an Anti-Microbial Marine Growth Inhibitor designed to give a strangling or suffocating effect to as many as 650 living organisms. The product prevents corrosion and can help increase fuel efficiency. It can be applied above and below water surfaces. $7.99, 32-oz. bottle //

MARINE EXTENSION CORD Conntek’s Shore Power Extension Cord features a locking plug and connector with LED power indicators that signal when electricity is flowing through the ends. This orange PVC wrapped and braided cable also has a threaded ring and provides a common NEMA L5-30P to NEMA L5-30R marine configuration. The connector also comes with a threaded collar to help keep out moisture when attaching multiple extension cords. The 30A cord comes with STOW jacketing, is UL- and C-UL approved, and has a limited five-year warranty. From $69.95 // 414-482-0800 //

MARINE-GRADE FLOORING PADS OceanGrip’s new line of easy-to-install, fully customizable flooring pads are durable and shock absorbent. Suitable for any vessel surface from luxury yachts to personal watercraft and surfboards, the flooring adds both style and functionality to improve comfort, reduces fatigue, dampen noise and vibration, and safeguard decks from scuffs, chips and dents. Pads can be ordered and easily installed using an OceanGrip template kit. The company will also provide customized pads that are pre-cut to specifications from user-provided templates or CAD drawings. Call for pricing // 941-379-4455 //

48 GLB | Sept/Oc t 13

NON-SKID DECKS AND DOCKS Scorpion Marine Coatings provide a durable, colorfast, non-skid surface for boat decks, dock ramps, storage compartments, and platforms. They adhere to virtually any material including wood, metal, and fiberglass, and are not affected by moisture. An available air texture gun allows users to vary coating thickness and customize texture from glass smooth to extremely coarse. Coatings come in black, grey or tan, and can also be customized with vehicle paint pigments. $$133 // 765-653-1736 //

RAPID USB CHARGER Hubbell’s USB Charger Receptacle has two USB and electrical power outlets. It’s compatible with any USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 electronic devices, including mobile phones, smart phones, digital readers, MP3 players, GPS units and tablet computers. It provides 3 amps of USB power, while the twin 15-amp, 125V AC outlets accept traditional electrical plugs The receptacle installs in a standard electrical box deeper than 1.5 inches with internal AC/MC clamps. The units are available in black, gray, ivory, light almond, and white. $49.99 // 475-882-4838 //

SAIL WASHING SYSTEM The VACU-WASH® system virtually eliminates mildew from sails by penetrating the multiple layers of film, effectively removing mildew from deep in the fibers. The VACU-WASH® process involves placing the sails in a


vacuum chamber, removing the air and water from the voids between the sail’s layers, slowly introducing a cleaning agent that penetrates every layer and subsequently rinsing the sail. Sails are cleaned in 3 to 4 days. Once a cleaning order is placed, a “shipping kit” is sent with step-by-step instructions for either FedExGround pickup ($10) or the package can be dropped off at a FedEx location. Call for pricing // 603-373-6836 //

after | 49













South Florida Fairgrounds West Palm Beach

Eagle Creek Reservoir Indianapolis

The Duluth Depot Duluth


S OUTH FLORIDA FALL B OAT S HOW South Florida Fairgrounds West Palm Beach







NSHOF Docks Annapolis

DAYTONA B OAT S HOW Daytona Beach Ocean Center Daytona Beach


O RLANDO B OAT S HOW Orange County Convention Center Orlando






U NITED S TATES POWERBOAT S HOW Annapolis City Dock & Harbor Annapolis




Annapolis City Dock & Harbor Annapolis



SEPTEMBER 14 Vilas County Lakes Presque Isle

Clearwater Beach Clearwater Beach






Williams Bay, Lake Geneva Lake Geneva



Little River Casino Resort Manistee





Lake St. Clair Metropark Harrison Twp.

Multiple venues Fort Myers

Old Port of Montreal Montreal, Quebec





Big Portage Lake Pinckney

Kempenfelt Bay Barrie, Ontario









G REAT CARDBOARD B OAT R EGATTA Lake Storey Beach Galesburg 309-345-3683

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31 IBC

19’ 1956 Chris Craft Continental: Solid mahogany, wooden hull in excellent condition. All metal trim rechromed, on custom 4-wheel trailer, needs seats and motor box. Garaged in Indianapolis. Call 317-440-6255. $8,200/obo. 20’ 1978 Vintage Slickcraft SS 200 Bowrider: Closed bow, 305 V-8 Chevy (5.0 liter), Mercruiser 228 I/O—engine does not run. One owner, interior reconditioned. Overall good condition. Muskegon, Mich. Call 616-453-5513; email: davefi $1,800/obo.

52’ Watercraft Houseboat: 3/16 aluminum hull, twin 225 hp, runs great, needs cosmetic work. Boat is documented. Call Capt. Sip: 304-639-8045. $25,000/obo. 1991 56’ Ocean: 3 stateroom w/full baths, lg salon and flybridge living areas. Excellent live aboard/entertaining yacht. Many recent upgrades. Great Lakes vessel, Ontario. Call 416-571-8147; email $249,900.

FOR SALE: Turn-key business, Marina & Yacht Club, Ideal Downtown Chicago Illinois Location, 780 Foot Long x 8 Foot Wide Galvanized Floating Dock, Assignable Leases, Water and Power Pedestals, 780 Feet of Frontage on the Chicago River. Seller: Centrum Partners LLC / Broker Arthur Slaven / Inquires to 312-925-2727



LOOKING TO BUY OR SELL A MARINA? CONTACT: Eddy A. Dingman, CNS Lic: Marina Realestate/Business Broker


1981 Chris Craft Catalina 281: Great Condition, Sleeps 6. Light airy cabin with 6.4’ headroom. Marine Power 305s with 900 hours. Camper top, full beam bench seat, Fox Lake, Ill. Call 815-578-0605.

1989 280 Baja Sport: Good entry level performance boat. Twin 454s, trailer included. Located Southeast Michigan. Call Chuck at 419-356-4522. Asking $21,900 OBO.

Financing available to qualified buyers. Visit:

MARINASANDTRANSPORT.COM NEW- AND PRE-OWNED MARINA EQUIPMENT Looking to buy or if you have equipment to sell. We also transport boats and offer overseas shipping. CONTACT: Rob Lee Maritime 508-758-9409

$13,000. (see photo below)

VISIT NOW! 1987 Phoenix 29 Flybridge: Twin 350 Crusaders, 2004 Raymarine package, downriggers, 2 owners, well built, well maintained, on Lake Michigan. Call Phil: 989-727-2561. $19,900/obo. (see photo below)

MISCELLANEOUS Boat Handyman/Assistant: A friendly, fun, hard working and honest young man is looking for a summer job as boat handyman/captain assistant. Can take professional photos, help with boat party or pre-sail organization, etc. Call Alex at 312-459-9761 or email




For complete specs & photos of these boats visit:

B7008 B10956 B10853 B10981 B9322 B10398 B11954 B11953 B9973 B11364 B11442 B11899 B11973 B11611 B12040 B9576 B11764 B12070 B11181 B10350 B11126 B11941 B9330 B12128 B11551 B8780 B11398 B11115 S0721A B10545 B12119 B10924 B5978 B11266 B11985 B9757 B9381 B11416 B11335 B10303 B7707

54 GLB| Sept/Oct 13

2001 2002 2000 1997 1996 1998 1999 1999 2000 2003 2008 2007 1997 1998 1999 1999 2001 2003 2004 2008 2008 2012 2002 2004 2009 2004 2006 2004 2000 2007 2004 1999 2004 2004 2006 2000 2004 2001 2007 1996 1996

70’ 42’ 36’ 47’ 38’ 35’ 38’ 35’ 35’ 36’ 36’ 43’ 42’ 38’ 42’ 50’ 36’ 54’ 40’ 39’ 56’ 39’ 37’ 37’ 45’ 37’ 37’ 41’ 43’ 35’ 59’ 41’ 41’ 38’ 36’ 54’ 62’ 38’ 35’ 50’ 37’


$1,099,000 $249,900 $66,500 $265,000 $59,900 $79,900 $95,400 $79,900 $74,900 $155,900 $193,750 $415,000 $136,500 $99,500 $159,500 $349,000 $114,900 $399,900 $174,900 $235,000 $599,000 $339,900 $179,900 $138,000 $525,000 $139,900 $149,995 $149,900 $109,900 $129,000 $689,000 $135,000 $279,900 $169,900 $169,000 $350,000 $1,000,000 $145,900 $165,000 $189,000 $95,000

B11145 B7606 B6970 B12055 B11971 B6465 B12084 B11796 B11919 B12093 B11755 B12110 B7931 B11588 B12039 B11986 B12058 B10442 B8280 B11916 B3560 B11591 B11576 B11890 B11893 B11837 B9473 B11401 B11617 B12118 B12101 B7169 B8085 B10882 B10736 B10470 B11258 B11901 B9937 B11606 B11995

1997 1997 1998 1998 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2001 2001 2001 2002 2002 2002 2003 2003 2003 2004 2004 2005 2005 2005 2006 2007 2008 2008 1995 1999 2003 2003

37’ 40’ 48’ 37’ 46’ 40’ 46’ 50’ 55’6 48’ 40’ 41’ 38’ 40’ 46’ 48’ 38’ 38’ 38’ 38’ 38’ 38’ 38’ 38’ 55’ 36’ 42’ 48’ 42’ 39’ 42’ 39’ 46’ 40’ 60’ 55’ 35’ 36’ 35’ 39’ 41’


$99,000 $139,900 $299,995 $99,500 $209,900 $169,900 $195,000 $245,000 $369,000 $239,900 $169,900 $179,900 $159,995 $199,000 $179,900 $309,000 $119,000 $149,900 $139,995 $114,900 $139,900 $124,900 $149,900 $144,000 $424,500 $145,000 $249,000 $329,000 $259,000 $179,999 $299,900 $385,000 $375,000 $259,900 $724,900 $1,099,000 $199,000 $54,900 $79,900 $184,900 $169,000

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