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MOMENTS Taking care of the future

Over 60s PILATES

Fix Fee ed FeIntitial e I nitial Co nsulta tion Av ailable Fixed Consultation Available

Individual & Group Classes 

Ideal exercise for EVERY age & fitness level

Strengthens core muscles & improves posture

Helps to reduce back & neck pain

Ta king ins tructions in mos t a re as of law i ncluding: Beerwah Law are your local solicitors and have been established in • C on ve ya ncing - B uying & S elling of re sidential, Beerwah for over 30 years. We have dedicated staff practising in areas rur al and co mmer cial pr operties relevant to• Seniors including estate planning, estate administration, E st at es, Wi lls, Po we rs of At to rne y, wills, enduring powers of attorney, health directives and entry Ad va nc e H ealth Dir ectiv advance es and exit into are a general practice and • Fretirement ami ly La w •villages. P ro perty We Settlements • therefore we Div cover areas of the law for you. We are ‘Your Lawyers or cemost s & “ Pr e-nups” For Life’. We pr ov ide a p ro fe ss ional and

co st eff ectiv e C on ve ya ncing Servic e Estate Planning

Fr ee perusal yo ur Coasntrpart act ofbyorour For many people some estate of planning, separate to your aff invaluable. bef or e y ouWith signfactors such as blended will making process, canstbe families, vast financial implications of assets and liabilities distribution, 15, Tu rner Pa rk Shopping Vi llage , taxation issuesShop and specific issues such as children with disabilities, 21 Pe aches te r R oad, PO Bo x 2 73 , estate planning regularly saves our clients a great deal of stress, time Beerw ah Q 4 519 Ph: (0 7) 54 94 6566 and expense. F: (0 7) 54 94 094 1 E: inf o@beerw ahla w. co

Increases flexibility

Reduces arthritic pain

Increases energy levels

Estate Administration

A large part of our practice involves assisting executors in the administration of their loved ones estates. We make this process as easy as is possible for you in the circumstances and tailor our service to your needs. We also provide valuable advice in relation to estate administration which can resolve any problems before they become too great. Executors of estates are subject to very onerous obligations and we ensure that these obligations are fulfilled and that there are therefore no adverse implications for you.

Exercise in a safe & supportive environment closely supervised by our accredited exercise physiologists.

Please contact us to discuss your legal needs and make an appointment for these services.

Covered by Health Funds

Shop 15, Turner Park Shopping Village 21 Peachester Rd, P O Box 273, Beerwah Q 4519 Ph: (07) 5494 6566

Beerwah Active Physio

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Taking care of the future

Understanding wills and estate planning

Hi Everyone


elcome to our second Seniors feature for 2016. Trust that you will find our advertising and stories interesting and useful. As we put the final pages together I was chatting to our proof reader about what age we become seniors. Is it when you are entitled to have a Seniors Card or is it just when you feel like a senior? We know that we have quite a lot of readers who are only just seniors and a lot of readers who are clearly much younger, but they might just be reading this section to be able to give advice and suggestions to the much older parents. We always like to talk about shopping locally, and each time we do one of these features it is great to see just how many products and services those are available either in our local townships or not too far away. In a few months time we will be doing another of these features so if you know of an inspiring older member of our community who you think the rest of us would like hearing their story – make sure you let us know. In the past we have featured locals who have sky dived, climbed in the Himalayas or some other crazy extreme activity – but we are just looking for interesting stories so they don’t have to have Regards, participated in extreme sports!

U3A - Variety of local lecture topics University of the third age, or what is commonly known as U3A, is for people who are no longer working full-time, but wish to continue to learn and broaden their horizons. There is a lecture series which operates on a weekly basis during term times and generally there is a new speaker covering a wide variety of topics at each venue, each week. They operate from venues over the coast, Caloundra, Coolum, Maleny, Nambour Visitors are welcome to come once to a lecture, and if they'd like to return, are asked to join U3A in order to do so. The next lecture at Maleny will be part one of a lecture by Dave Abernethy entitled ‘A Journey down the Volga River’. The lectures will explore the blood stained history of some of the most important cities in Russia. The lecture is on Tuesday, June 14, at 9.30am in the Masonic Lodge Hall, Tamarind Street. Phone Yvonne for details 0404 466 372. The topics are varied and can be viewed on the U3A website, under ‘Lectures’ which also shows contact details for each venue.

Described as ‘the most comprehensive, yet easily understood guide to estate planning’, Slater and Gordon Wills Expert Rod Cunich has recently launched his new book that aims to break down the complex barriers of estate planning for the everyday person. ‘Understanding Wills and Estate Planning’ is the essential guide for people looking to ensure their exact wishes are carried out, no matter what the circumstance. Mr Cunich said everyone needs a will, that’s why he wrote his book so it could be understand by anyone. “Estate planning isn’t all about death. It includes things like guardianship or power of attorney, which most people don’t even think about,” Mr Cunich said. “These involve appointing someone to make medical, financial or legal decisions on your behalf, in the event that you can’t, either because of failing mental capacity, or maybe you’re injured and unconscious after an accident. “Good intentions aside, there is no guarantee that your unwritten wishes will be carried out. Either make the decision yourself or it’s out of your hands and will be decided by the courts.” Mr Cunich’s book also explores the highly complex area of estate planning for families with disabled children. “Parents of children with a disability find it hard to plan for their child’s longterm future and often worry about who’ll care for their child when they can’t,” Mr Cunich said. “These families rank amongst those most in need of certainty and clarity around their family’s future, but have to live with a future clouded by insecurity. “Slater and Gordon has proudly collaborated with disability service providers and investment planners to develop an Australian-first service to give these families hope and security. “The service has four key steps, which address: the child’s lifetime needs; the parents’ lifetime needs; development of a financial and succession plan; complemented by ongoing reviews. Mother Anna Booth said the service and Rod’s book have both lifted an enormous weight off her shoulders. “My daughter has an intellectual disability so her future depends upon me having an estate plan that is tailored to her needs,” Ms Booth said. “This book makes sense of the complex interaction between wills and trusts, which has been a great help for me.” The book is available in bookstores (Dymocks, Angus and Robertson, University Bookstores etc) and online as well.

n o i s s a p r u o y d n i F


s t ke r a M e cl y ec R a t it W & h a w er Be the

Images are examples only

BEERWAH RESOURCE RECOVERY CENTRE Roberts Road Recycle Market Tues, Thur & Sat 9am - 2pm

WITTA RESOURCE RECOVERY CENTRE Cnr Cooke & Witta Roads Recycle Market Saturday 9am – 2pm

Beerwah and Witta Recycle Markets




JUNE 8 2016

The hidden risks in snoring Always feeling tired? Crave a daily nap? Find it difficult to concentrate? You could be suffering from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). Obstructive sleep apnea (or apnoea) is a common affliction that affects thousands of people every night causing excessive snoring and sometimes even choking. How serious is sleep apnea? If you’ve ever slept next to someone who snores you will know just how irritating it can be! When we are asleep, our airways relax and start to narrow causing snoring. In people with apnea, the airway can completely close over causing it to become blocked which in turn starves the body of oxygen. Once the brain realises that the body isn’t breathing, it sends a shot of adrenalin to alert the body to wake up. We then take a deep breath (or loud snort) and go back to sleep. The cycle then repeats and can occur several hundred times a night – exhausting!

by Bryce Perron MD CPAP Direct

How do you know if you suffer from it? Some common signs are: • Excessive snoring • A choking sensation or waking with a loud snort • You appear to stop breathing • Frequent night visits to the bathroom • Continual lack of energy • Poor concentration and short term memory Why is it important to do something about it? The quality of your sleep is more important than the quantity. The reason that most people with apnea are always tired is that their body is still fatigued the next morning as a result of poor quality sleep. It’s also important to consider that the health of your partner may also be affected by continually interrupted sleep. Health risks directly linked with apnea include: • Type 2 Diabetes • Heart attack • Stroke • High blood pressure • Dementia

Business feature

How is it treated? The most effective treatment is with a CPAP or APAP machine which delivers pressurised air through a tube and mask to your face. The airways are held open by the higher air pressure providing a much better quality, uninterrupted and restorative sleep. How will the treatment improve my life? You will likely find that you have a completely new lease on life and look forward to waking up each day! At CPAP Direct, we first arrange a free consultation to provide you with information about taking a sleep test and the different kinds of treatment options available to you including equipment rental and interest free terms. Our dedicated team are sleep experts and our therapy incorporates the very latest technology. Choosing a better quality of life has never been easier! To find out more about our life-changing technology visit shop 6/86 Burnett Street, Buderim, contact us on 5476 8328 or email us at Or visit our new store at shop 3/111 William Berry Drive, Morayfield, call us on 5476 8328, or email us at Contact us today to find out about our June special, and you could win a trip to Fiji!

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Don't miss Helen Reddy Show The Events Centre at Caloundra is hosting a series of morning concerts throughout this year as part of their Sunshine Melodies series. The second show for the year is the highly anticipated Nikki Bennett’s Helen Reddy Show on Wednesday, June 29 at 11.00am. As the ‘Queen of 70’s Pop’ Helen Reddy rose to massive international superstardom. With 15 singles in the American top 40 and three #1 hits in the same year, her signature tune, I Am Woman became the feminist anthem of a generation and earned her the honour of becoming the first Australian ever to win a coveted Grammy Award in the USA. During her extraordinary career she starred in Hollywood movies and on the West End, played to sellout houses in Vegas and around the world and was the first Australian to host her very own variety show on an American network television. She helped kick start the careers of both Peter Allan and Olivia Newton John ……. and then she lost it all. In this beautiful one woman show, Nikki Bennett’s performance captures the essence of this amazing artist through her life story, with all of its extraordinary highs and lows. Tickets are $17.00pp with group booking of 10+, $15.50 pp. Complimentary morning tea is available from 10.00am and a post show buffet lunch is available for purchase. Bookings are essential. The Events Centre, 20 Minchinton Street, Caloundra, phone 5491 4240.

Taking care of the future

Good mates at the shed Contributed by Neil Glover Mateship is woven through the fabric of Australian society and cemented in our culture over decades by adversity through wars, droughts and floods. In the last several decades, we have experienced a welcome change of attitude in many areas, resulting in a much more tolerant acceptance of people for whom they are as an individual person. At Glasshouse Country Men’s Shed, we are fortunate to have an eclectic mix of men whose backgrounds cover a diverse range of cultures and experiences. New members are welcomed without prejudice into a group where the individual decides how he would like to participate. Members are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to activities available. Choose from woodturning, metal work, art, welding, leather work and whip making, computer classes, small engine maintenance, or just hangout for a chinwag and a cuppa. With the current expansion of our magnificent Shed, adjacent to our good friends, Glasshouse Country Care on Peachester Road Beerwah, we are building a dedicated games area where the men can enjoy games of Table Tennis, Chess and Bocce or just simply relax with a good book from our library. Any man interested in taking a look at the Shed is welcome to visit on Wednesday mornings. We will be very happy to show him around to see if he would like to become part of our group.

Win Win Win Thanks to the good people at the Event Centre, we have two double passes to be won (worth $34.00). To win, like our Facebook page and share the competition details and comment ‘shared’. Competition will be drawn 4.00pm Monday, June 13 and winners notified via Facebook. Tickets must be collected from the box office at the Events Centre.

Men with Peter Kluver (front row – centre) who was welcomed back after his recent illness

T he J udy h enzell

2016 S unShine M elodieS C onCerT S erieS NIKKI BENNETT’S HELEN REDDY SHOW In this beautiful one woman show, Nikki








amazing Helen Reddy through her life story, with all of its extraordinary highs and lows.

WED 29 JUNE AT 11.00AM

Tickets: $17.00 | Groups 10+ $15.50 Complimentary morning tea is served at 10am Post-show lunch available for purchase THE JUDY HENZELL SUNSHINE MELODIES CONCERT SERIES IS PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY

Funerals from $1660.00

Bookings: 07 5491 4240 or w w w. t h e e v e n t s c e n t r e . c o m . a u 34



JUNE 8 2016

Aged care that focuses on you When you visit Embracia in Woodford for the first time and walk through the front door, you can be assured that you will be welcomed by a friendly staff member, who is more than willing to assist you with your enquiry. This caring approach by the staff is just one of the elements which creates a very warm and

Business feature

happy environment for both the residents and their visitors. It transforms it from a residential aged care facility to somewhere that aged people can live and receive the care they deserve. Great efforts are made to create a familiar and homely environment, such as featuring professional photography of local scenery through the complex. Individual shadow boxes are found outside the resident’s rooms for them to display items that are significant or personal to them. Also included are purpose built facilities such as a library, café, hairdressing salon, theatre, chapel and for the gentleman to get some time out, there is even a ‘Men’s Den’. Residents also have the option of an in-room telephone service with a direct-dial phone number and WiFi internet connection so they can stay connected with their loved ones. A splendid feature is the lovely communal areas where the residents can enjoy spending time

with family and friends who come for a visit. One such area is the well-appointed family dining room, which is perfect for special events and celebrations. However, the best way to appreciate the facilities is to see it for yourself. Phone their friendly staff and book an appointment to have a tour – you will definitely be impressed.

Embracia in Woodford

Daphne Chase, Resident We use to drive around Woodford all the time and I pointed out to my daughters … “This will be my new home!” So now I am here, I feel very lucky I am enjoying all the activities and the food is beautiful – 10/10. All the staff are really great and support me in every way. I am really enjoying life here. There is a freedom … not being frightened of falling nor worrying about my health.

Embracia in Woodford, I am glad to call my new home! Keitha Viney, Wife of resident Richard Viney – Jinabara Memory Support Community I heard that Embracia were building a new home at Woodford which would have a smaller number of residents residing in the Memory Support Community. So I decided there and then that Rick, my husband, should move to Embracia in Woodford. I am really happy with the situation here, it is warm and friendly and the staff are very conscientious. Every time I am here the staff are interacting with all the residents and my husband is contented.

I have also recommended this home to others

Aged Care at its Best We provide excellent, quality aged care for all levels of care, including both emergency and planned respite care and specialised dementia care.

• Stunning spacious single rooms with private ensuites and flat-screen TVs • Extra luxuries such as expansive views of the surrounding countryside, a larger bathroom, or even direct access to a landscape-designed courtyard or private balcony • Spacious living and dining areas • On-site café, theatre, and library • Private dining room for those special occasions Come in to see the Embracia difference – the comfort of home, with a little extra luxury and the quality care you need.

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Taking care of the future

There’s no excuse for elder abuse

A new campaign has recently been launched to target the growing issue of elder abuse. Seniors Minister Coralee O’Rourke said. There’s no excuse for elder abuse’ has been created to generate awareness around this unacceptable behaviour and ways it could be addressed. “Sadly, older people can be vulnerable to abuse, with more than 1,350 new elder abuse notifications in Queensland in 2015 – up from around 1,280 in the previous year. “The increase in reported incidents of abuse shows that more people are coming forward, but we know many cases go unreported. “Research shows many cases have been committed by a family member, with the most common offences being physical or emotional intimidation, financial abuse such as bank skimming, and transfer of assets. “This campaign makes it absolutely clear there is never an excuse for elder abuse, by highlighting the types of excuses perpetrators commonly use and what actions the community can take to prevent it. “It was developed after a key recommendation from the landmark ‘Not Now, Now Ever’ report highlighted the growing need for government to step up the fight against elder abuse,” she said. “Throughout June, this important campaign will be promoted in shopping centres, licensed venues and medical centres, on buses, and via digital and social media advertising – to ensure everyone sees the message.

“Older people are valuable members of our communities, and our government will not tolerate any form of elder abuse.” Seniors services, non-government organisations, councils, libraries, hospitals and more, will receive posters and helpcards to raise awareness of elder abuse among their clients and connect them to the range of supports and services across the state. Police Minister Bill Byrne said he welcomes the appointment of A/Senior Sergeant Kerry McKay, who has been selected as the Elder Abuse Project Officer attached to Queensland Police’s Domestic, Family Violence and Vulnerable Persons Unit. “A/Senior Sergeant McKay will work with partner agencies including the government-funded Elder Abuse Prevention Unit to promote initiatives to address elder abuse in the community. “Through our new campaign, and a dedicated police officer, we will help work together to make sure older people in our communities are less susceptible to elder abuse.” Les Jackson, coordinator of the Queensland Government-funded UnitingCare Community Elder Abuse Prevention Unit said older Queenslanders deserve the right to live without fear of being abused financially, physically, psychologically, sexually or by neglect. “People who are concerned that an elderly person is being abused and in need of assistance, can call the Elder Abuse helpline on 1300 651 192.”


Planning for your future This month the Maleny Library is running a couple of great information sessions for locals who are planning for their future. One workshop Secure Your Future, focuses on the financial planning required, and a second session is all about wills and estate planning. On Saturday, June 11 at the Maleny Library from 10.00am to 11.30am learn about planning for a comfortable retirement. Join Cesar and Kellie from RetireInvest for a better understanding of your funding options and to gain a basic financial education. Determine what retirement means to you and how you can achieve it. Find out what hidden costs are involved and how you can make the most of your savings. Understand the legalities surrounding estates and how to optimise your aged pension. Learn more about the psychology of stopping work and retiring. Then on June 24 you will be able to look at why you need a will? Whether you are reviewing your own will or assisting a family member, this session from 10.00am -11.30am is the first step towards understanding your rights and responsibilities. Also learn about Enduring Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Directives. This session will give you the information you need to start planning ahead. Both sessions are free, however bookings are essential, phone 5475 8989.

CLEARANCE OUTLET Avante Hi Lo Adjustable bed (including mattress)

Head lift Knee break foot lift

My Harmony Mattress Firm - Medium - Plush

Hilo Lift 10 YEAR WARRANTY Regal Latex Full pocket spring Premium quality foam comfort layers 6 turn spring unit 5 YEAR WARRANTY FROM $599

Open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday

80 Beerburrum Road, Caboolture 36



JUNE 8 2016

Full pocket spring Up to 5 zone support system Natural latex comfort layer 6 turn spring unit 15 YEAR WARRANTY

SmartFlex 2 & 3

Head lift Knee break foot lift Vibrating massage - 3 speed levels Modern design Hilo lift (Smart Flex 3 only)

FROM $999 Ultimate Flex

Head lift Knee break foot lift Ensemble style Pocket spring pillowtop mattress 5 YEAR WARRANTY

The Big Pink Building



5495 5155

New dental prosthetist in town Brian Stuart-Nairne is your dental prosthetist at Beerwah. A Hinterland local, he and his family have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 40 years. Highly experienced, Brian has been practising dental prosthetics on the Coast for over 35 years and is a qualified BPS provider which is the most advanced denture system available today. He also brings over 30 years experience in implant dentistry to the practice. Interestingly, people may not be aware that dentures have been made in various forms for many thousands of years. Today’s dentures have evolved into a successful dental device for replacing missing teeth. Dentures are vastly improved from their early cousins and today we have new state of the art techniques for impression taking, new materials for denture construction and recently discovered chewing patterns that, when applied to denture construction, gives better function and comfort for full denture wearers. The Beerwah Denture Clinic provides the latest, most advanced dentures available today. They also provide both metal and plastic partial dentures including hidden clasps, mouthguards, relines and fast repairs. For client convenience, they can offer relines in half a day and one hour repairs if required. Some full dentures, especially full lower dentures, may cause great discomfort and very poor chewing ability due to bone loss over time. This bone loss results in severe denture instability and poor function and increasing discomfort. The solution is to place two implants and retainers and the denture clips to these. The denture can still be removed for cleaning but is reassuringly stable during daily function. This economical implant process is a relatively painless procedure and can be performed in Beerwah to provide vastly improved comfort and function for the denture wearer. For those wanting to say goodbye to removable dentures—fully fixed appliances are available. Brian is part of an experienced team that can

Isobelle Payton and Dental Prosthetist Brian Stuart-Nairne offer fixed implant retained appliances that can do away with dentures completely! This option usually suits those who have suffered advanced bone loss, find wearing a denture difficult to tolerate or just want want to get rid of their dentures forever. An additional advantage is that it also leaves the roof of the mouth uncovered to allow feeling temperature and sensing taste better. Their new clinic at Beerwah is fitted with the latest equipment and an in-house dental laboratory to provide you with the best available dental care in the shortest possible time. They can repair broken dentures in one hour and reline dentures in only half a day. They are a provider to DVA, private health funds and conveniently offer Hicaps for immediate refund on health fund rebates. With easy car parking available in front and behind, the new clinic is located at 74 Simpson Street, Beerwah, next to the Aldi carpark. Appointments can be made with Isobelle on 5439 0388 or just drop in next time you’re in town.

Business feature

CALL NOW ON 07 5439 0388 74 Simpson Street Beerwah

st e r






he eac

Brian Stuart-Nairne


Irwin Steve

K il c o y


h wa

Rd rts be

o y-


r wa

h Rd

Roys Rd 


K il c


n pso Sim et Stre



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Glasshouse Senior Citz need you!

Taking care of the future

Special day for Maleny Seniors

By Sonia Clark

Contributed by Lynda Burgess

Glasshouse Senior Citz club is looking for new members to be part of their social group. The group currently has 40 members from the Glass House, Beerwah and surrounding areas but would love more ‘senior citizens’ to be involved. The group meet on the second Tuesday of every month at the Beerwah Community Hall (next door to the Beerwah Library from 9.00am until 11.00am and membership is open to anyone from the area who is over 60. The next meeting is on Tuesday, June 14 and they would love to encourage others to come along on the day and see what the group can offer. According to one of the original members Dorothy Forster (who joined as a sprightly 60 something year old), the club was started around 32 years ago. Originally meetings were held at the old community hall on Simpson Street with membership around the 100 mark. The majority of current members are aged between their mid 70’s to 80’s, and the club is a great way to meet others in the community and get involved in social activities. The club regularly invites guest speakers to their meetings and past speakers have included talks from the local police and an informative session from the local zoo. Another highlight is that the club organise regular visits to other Senior Citz clubs on the coast which is always an enjoyable day out for members. The monthly meetings are $2.00 to attend and annual membership is only $5.00. As well as an opportunity to meet other seniors in your area, the monthly meetings feature a lucky door prize and informal stalls where the members sell used clothing, cakes and plants. To find out more, please contact Marie on 5496 9260 or Betty on 5438 7951.

Recently the Maleny Seniors group held their annual Cancer Fundraiser. The members chose lung cancer research as their beneficiary this year. Grace Cowan, one of our older Life Members, brought along a small selection of her wonderful teapot collection. Members were excited to see some of Grace’s treasures. Morning tea was a delightful array of homemade goodies provided by the members and following the meeting, everyone sat down to a Sausage Sizzle, with a varied array of sausages kindly donated by Paul Preston of Saintsational Sausages. A total of $1,311.40 was raised throughout the morning and this will be presented to Lung Foundation Australia at our next meeting in June. At the last meeting, there was a raffle for the chance to win one or two hand knitted rugs donated by member Glenda Porter. The lucky winners were Florence Woods of Maleny and Liz Maw of Landsborough. The Maleny Senior Citizens meet weekly on Wednesdays for Indoor Bowls commencing at 9.00am, Friday’s at 9.00am for drop-in for coffee and a chat, and they also enjoy board games. Busy Needles group meet every second Thursday with the next get together on June 16. General Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month with a June guest speaker from Lung Foundation Queensland and the Maleny Hospital’s Navigator Nurse in attendance. All activities of the Seniors are held in the Verandah Room at the Maleny Community Centre.


Is your ad missing from this feature?

Consultation – call today Dental Excel is proud to be a part of the MARLEY DENTAL GROUP

Caring for the Hinterland community for over 19yrs


Your Hinterland Dental Implant Centre

Do your dentures dull your life? Would you like to enjoy life now, denture-free?

We are offering an extensive examination and consultation to show you what implant options are now available. We offer a full and detailed explanation on what we can do to improve your day-to-day living. You receive a written quote and finance options to make it a reality. • Dental Implants • Implant Retained Dentures • All-on-4™ Fixed Dentures • Cosmetic Enhancements • Veneers • Crown and Bridge • Gum Disease Maintenance • Dentures & Veterans Affairs

Senior Moments Are you able to provide help or services to our mature readership? Don’t miss out on being part of our next Senior Moments feature. Be where the locals look. Our next feature will be in the August 10 edition, with booking deadline by 12noon Thursday August 4. To book your spot please call Carol 0488 444 525, Tina 0477 004 977 or Sarah 5438 7445 or email

Open Monday to Saturday Early & Late Appointments

Colonial Court, Beerwah Dental Excel is proud to be a part of the MARLEY DENTAL GROUP

Call 5494 0199

w w w. d e n t a l e x c e l . c o m . a u 38



JUNE 8 2016

Meet your experienced and friendly tour guide As a tour organiser and hostess for over 15years, I have had the pleasure of escorting many people on Australian and international tours. My background is horticulture, having experience in plants growing in VIC, NSW and QLD. During this time I obtained an Advanced Diploma in Horticulture and became an Ambassador for Garden Clubs of Australia. I also owned and operated a very successful nursery specialising in tropical plants. My prize winning garden is also open to the public and I am currently the President of both the Nambour Community Gardens and Sunshine Coast Garden Club. My love of plants and travel has seen me presenting at many clubs all over Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Your tour host, Penny Hegarty


My tours are garden orientated but general sightseeing is a must and I always include the highlights of all areas we visit. My tours have included the UK and Europe with visits to Chelsea Flower Show, Monet’s Garden and Kuekenhop Gardens in Amsterdam. Other international destinations include Taiwan, Mauritius, Norfolk Island, Singapore, China, Ireland, Germany, Venice, New Zealand and New Guinea. Whilst touring within Australia I have hosted tours to Cairns, Lake Eyre, Melbourne Flower Show, Tasmania, Canberra Floriade, Toowoomba, Adelaide and Lord Howe Island. Coming up this year I have organised exciting all inclusive tours to the Melbourne Cup and my ‘Pick Of The Crop Tour’ which includes Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, Sydney / Blue Mountains and Canberra for Floriade in September. I have a limited number of seats available for my tour to Longreach and Winton travelling on the Spirit of the Outback in June. Join me in July for a wonderful tour to Singapore, enquire now as bookings are about to close. All tours include general sightseeing as well as special events, airfares and taxes where applicable, most meals and bus transfers from the Sunshine Coast. Join me on these great value-for-money tours … just pack your bags and I will look after everything else. My International Tours include English speaking guides and travel insurance and money exchange can be organised. Before each tour departs, a get together with morning tea for fellow passengers is arranged.

5 Days / 4 Nights

Discover beautiful Norfolk Island through your camera lens, with Andrew Goodall of Nature’s Image Photography and your Trade Travel host Arcadia Love.


per person twin share ($395 single supplement)

Tour Departs: Nov 1 – Nov 5, 2016

Business Feature

Penny's Garden Call Penny on 5441 2814 or 0416 028 787 or email Register your interest now for Cherry Blossoms in Japan, or trips to Cairns, and Melbourne / Tasmania for 2017.


3 Days / 2 Nights

Accommodation, breakfasts & dinners, Parkview Hotel, St. Kilda City Sights Tour, Yarra River Cruise Airport transfers Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and return Tour Departs: Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2016

Includes taxes - subject to change until full payment.

$1290 per person twin share ($178 single supplement)

Please note that itinerary is subject to change without notice.

Please note that itinerary is subject to change without notice.

Group Travel Specialists

Penny’s Sightseeing

Tours 2016



7 Days / 6 Nights

Penny’s Sightseeing Tour Incorporating the Spectacular ‘2016 Singapore Garden Festival’

$3659 per person twin share ($800 single supplement)

Tour Departs: July 22 - July 28 2016

Includes taxes of approximately $500.00 (subject to change until fully ticketed)

6 Days / 5 Nights

Spectacular Gardens with Penny’s Sightseeing Tours The best of Toowoomba, Sydney, Blue Mountains & Canberra Tour Departs: Sept 21 - Sept 26 2016

$1999 per person twin share ($340 single supplement)

Please note that itinerary is subject to change without notice.

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Seniors feature combined  
Seniors feature combined