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Free financial information seminars in November

Are you retired or close to retirement? Would you like to know more information about the age pension and or income choices for your retirement? The Australian Government Department of Human Services are holding free financial information service seminars in Caloundra during the month of November. The seminars come under the broader title ‘Getting ready for retirement’ and feature two different but related areas of discussion – ‘Age pension and your choices’ and ‘Retirement income streams’. Age pension and your choices will cover the following topics; your choices at pension age, income and assets tests, planning for retirement as well as deeming investments, concession and tax issues. This free seminar will be held on Tuesday, November 18 from 5.30pm - 7.30pm. ‘Retirement income streams’ will assist attendees in understanding how account based pensions and income streams work, investment options, tax and Centrelink assessment, changes from January 1 next year and the consequences of your choices. This seminar will be held on Monday, November 10 and repeated on Monday, November 17, with both information sessions running from 10.30am until 12.30pm. If you are considering your retirement options then why not get informed and take control of your financial future today? For bookings for these free information sessions please call 136 357 or email your interest to attend at fis.seminar.bookings@ All seminars in Caloundra are held at the venue ‘1 on Bulcock’, 1 Bulcock Street Caloundra.

Tips to help older drivers keep their keys

RACQ has released tips for Queensland’s older drivers, as part of a new campaign, to help them feel safe and confident when behind the wheel. The motoring body has released a YouTube video identifying warning signs to look out for and advice for older drivers and their families. RACQ Education Officer David Terry said motorists must be aware of their physical capabilities and how they can affect their driving, particularly if driving is considered the key to their independence. “Some older motorists in particular can feel a little unsure when driving and may avoid certain routes or travelling at certain times of day as their vision and flexibility decrease,” Mr Terry said. “If you’re an older driver and you are concerned about your ability to drive, we recommend visiting your GP. “Many age-related and medical conditions do not mean older drivers have to stop driving altogether, quite often it may be a case of not driving at certain hours, or wearing appropriate eyewear.” In Queensland, drivers over the age of 75, as well as drivers with medical conditions affecting their ability to drive, are required to carry a medical certificate when driving. “RACQ is committed to seeing every Queenslander survive their drive and have developed a number of tools to help older drivers feel more confident,” Mr Terry said. “These include post-licence practical driver assessments, a selfassessment questionnaire and the Years Ahead program to assist older motorists to drive safely for longer. “Fortunately, should an older driver decide to hang up the keys, there are a number of alternative transport options available such as taxis, community shuttle buses and public transport.” Families are encouraged to check in with their loved ones, start the conversation, and if they have any concerns urge them to see their GP. RACQ’s YouTube video ‘When is it time to stop driving?’ can be viewed at http://goo.

Fixed Fee Intitial Consultation Available King Tobin Lawyers are your Lawyers for Life. We have been serving Beerwah for over 30 years and offer services tailored for seniors including general legal advice, entry and exit into Retirement Villages, conveyancing, mortgages (including reverse mortgages) and family law. We specifically cater for the following needs -

Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney Having a current Will means that you decide what happens to your

estate when you die. Reviewing your Will regularly is important to ensure that it accurately reflects your wishes and that it deals with all of your property. Having a current Enduring Power of Attorney allows someone you know and trust to make decisions for you in relation to your health and financial affairs if you lose capacity and are unable to do so yourself. Failure to have either of these important documents can cause your family great distress, be time consuming and expensive.

Estates King Tobin Lawyers is able to assist executors in the administration of Estates, or if you wish, we can perform the role of executor directly. We are local people and work sensitively and compassionately to administer estates quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Advanced Health Directive

Funerals from $1650.00

Allows you to decide in advance the level and degree of intensity of medical care you wish to receive and gives guidance to medical professionals in relation to very specific circumstances if you are not able to participate in the decision making at the time.

Shop 15, Turner Park Shopping Village 21 Peachester Rd, P O Box 273, Beerwah Q 4519 Ph: (07) 5494 6566

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Taking care of the future Smorgasbord of diet info confusing older Australians Two-thirds (66%) of Australia’s Over 50s say there is too much conflicting health information about diet and lifestyle, according to new research by Apia, the leading national insurer for over 50s. Apia’s research found that roughly one in five (21%) of older Australians are confused about what they should be eating to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. David Skapinker, Apia spokesperson, said that while living in the 24-hour news age with information available at our fingertips has undoubtedly improved the quality of life of many, the flipside is the necessity for people to be more selective in the information they use to help lead a healthy and full life. “The media is a major source of information on health and nutrition and every other day there seems to be a new report about the latest diet for optimal health and superfoods for disease prevention, so it’s not surprising that there’s a lot of confusion regarding diet. Over 50s end up not knowing what to eat or what to avoid for their life stage, and it’s increasingly becoming a problem for many,” he commented. Dr Ross Walker, one of Australia’s best-known and most respected health experts, says: “To maintain good health as we age, the key is to eat less, and as natural as possible.” “While there are many diets promoted through the media that promise weight loss, optimal health and vitality, the best thing you can do to maintain a healthy body weight is simply balance the amount of calories consumed through food and drink with the amount of energy your body uses,” he said. “A problem for many of us is that we often eat more food than we need to, and don’t move enough. This is a major health issue for Australians over 50 because as we grow older, our metabolism begins to slow down, making it easier to gain weight.” Dr Walker suggests some simple ways to help ensure you’re eating a healthy diet: “Try eating

off smaller plates to reduce the size of your meals, take it easy on dessert and remember that grazing is an easy way to lose track of the calories you’re taking in. Most importantly, whole foods and anything fresh will always be better for your weight and cardiovascular health.” Dr Walker added: “There’s a lot of evidence that shows that the Mediterranean lifestyle is one of the healthiest ways of life. It boasts a diet rich in natural fats, carbohydrates and red wine, with the biggest meal consumed at lunchtime, followed by a sleep and then hours of manual labour in the afternoon to burn up energy. This is starkly different from our modern way of life where we consume most of our food in the evening and then sit around watching television, when we should be enjoying a sizeable breakfast and lunch, and having our smallest meal at the end of the day.” “It’s important to remember that our body is not like a car, where we inject it with fuel and it gets burned off. In fact, what happens is quite the opposite; if we don’t get rid of fuel straight away it gets laid down as fat.” “For people over 50 a healthy diet not only prevents the likelihood of obesity, heart disease and many other chronic diseases, it provides more energy to do the things they love doing, such as travelling and playing with the grandkids, so they continue to live at their best,” he continued. Dr Walker recommends that the best diet to reduce the risk of age related diseases and stay healthy after 50 includes: • Eating 2-3 pieces of fresh fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables every day. Anyone eating those amounts will have the lowest risk of cancer and heart disease. • Maximise your intake of fresh whole-foods, as that is the healthiest diet, while incorporating small portions of meat, nuts, olive oil, fish and eggs. • Minimise your intake of processed and white foods including pasta; bread, rice and potatoes.

• Be conscious of your intake of sugary drinks and fruit juice as these are often loaded with sugar and count towards your daily calorie intake. • Combine a nutritious well balanced diet with regular exercise, and most importantly the best drug in the world, happiness! • Your first point of call for advice on diet should be your doctor as everyone’s health is individual so it’s important to get tailored advice. Having the right diet in place can also make a huge difference in the management and treatment of many ailments and diseases. • As we get older it’s vital to have regular preventative checks and stay on top of our health.

Fresh and cooked seafood

Senior Specials

10% discount on fresh fish fillets

Whiting & Chips or Flathead & Chips for $5.00 each Wed 12 November to Sun 16 November

Christmas is only 6 weeks away! We are taking Christmas orders NOW! Local cooked & green King Prawns Sand Crabs Moreton Bay Bugs Pacific Oysters - Shucked in-store daily

Orders of $50 and over placed on or before Wed 17th Dec will go into the draw for a

$50 seafood platter

Drawn by Santa at 4.30pm Christmas Eve Open Wed & Thur 10am - 7pm Fri & Sat 10am - 7.30pm Sun 11am - 7pm

Cnr Peachester Road & Turner Street Beerwah (down from Subway)

rday, Today and Tomorrow e t s e Y r te ng af i k o Lo

What’s your passion? If you love collecting then this is a must to visit – your local recycle market Whatever you are looking for, there’s sure to be a bargain



Operating hours are 8am - 5pm

Corner Roberts Road and Peachester Road, BEERWAH






Recycle Market - Thursday 9am - 2pm - Saturday 9am - 2pm

5494 6798

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Tour Latin America

Carefully planned small group, fully escorted tours to different Latin America destinations are paying off to husband and wife team Horacio Passeggi and Stella Romagnoli, who are joining forces in their pursuit to promote Latin America, the continent of their roots. Latin America Group Tours is focusing on small groups ex Brisbane where the passenger is escorted every day, in every place, until boarding the last flight home. Their classic fully escorted tour to Argentina, Brazil and Peru is scheduled for October 2015. From the hectic capital of Argentina and its magnificent glaciers, the incredible Iguazú Falls, the ‘most beautiful city in the world’ Rio de Janeiro, to the mixture of cultures in Cuzco or the majestic Inca Sacred City of Machu Picchu all is carefully planned and considered. "...having always resisted the temptation to travel with group tours at any level, any such resistance soon proved to be of no concern once we arrived with Stella and her team in South America. They not only speak the languages, they also understand both cultures.” If you are the adventurous and curious type that

dreams about exotic cultures, faraway lands and ancient history, Mexico and Guatemala (with optional to Cuba) is your tour. Your senses will be filled with the sounds, colours and flavours that this unique region has to offer. This tour has been planned to explore the genuine Aztec and Mayan cultures, combined cosmopolitan fascinating cities and local wildlife, in the most authentic Mariachi style with lots of burritos, tequila and amigos! Departure time for this tour is May 2015. More information at www. “Stella and Horacio provided a tour with first class and excellent traditional hotels, comfortable minibuses and entertaining tour guides ensuring a safe, comfortable, well-paced and educational tour.” Register your interest now with any of the contact details listed below. Stella and Horacio love to promote their culture and can be contacted at 5492 5274 or mobile 0400 193 040. Email: Web: Facebook: Latinamericagrouptours

Kamahl - My Music, My Life

Celebrate the Christmas Season and final Sunshine Melodies performance for 2014 with My Music, My Life by Kamahl. He will take to The Events Centre’s stage on Wednesday, December 3 telling the story of the music and the people that created him. Once heard, his voice is unforgettable, it melts across melodies, imbuing them with a grandeur that is intimate rather than remote, because Kamahl has that singular ability to make it seem that he is singing to you, and you alone. It can also rise up when called upon, and push you back in your seat with its force-of-nature power. It seemed more impossible than improbable that Kamahl would become one of the great stars of Australian music – with a reputation reaching around the globe. The show is on at 11.00am with a complimentary morning tea at 10.00am. Tickets are full price: $17.00, and group 10+: $15.50. Bookings, call 5491 4240 or visit

FULLY ESCORTED – SMALL GROUP TOUR Unforgettable 29 days in a small group exploring the authentic South America, in a way as only a local can do. Fully escorted from Brisbane, stress free in a laid back Aussie way. From US$ 12,750 including air fares and twin share departing Brisbane on Friday October 2

WONDERS OF THE SOUTH PERU – ARGENTINA AND BRAZIL Let us guide you through the cosmopolitan cities of Buenos Aires & Lima. Follow the footpath of the Incas visiting Cuzco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca and be marvelled at nature’s best at the amazing Iguazu Falls, Bariloche and the Glaciers and find out why Rio de Janeiro is considered the most beautiful city in the world. Discover the amazing wildlife of Ballestas Islands and the Paracas Reserve Centre.


5492 5274 0400 193 040 E: W: 26 |

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Embracia In Glasshouse Country

CENT AUCTION RESULTS esses and our locals

Yoga for Seniors at Maleny n Glasshouse CountryRSL thanks Beerwah businesses

and join us for yoga with teacher Ralph cals who Come donated prizes and purchased tickets in the Freestun each Monday from 9.30am to10.30am nt Auction. at the Maleny RSL Hall at $5.00 per class. Perhaps you are attracted to the idea of yoga, but

to our Sponsors for this event: are hesitating because you regard yourself as ‘too stiff’ or ‘too old’. Then this is the class for you!

These classes are directed towards people who ulk Haulage $500 would prefer not to be moving up and down from y Photography $500 voucher the floor to standing. Most of the postures are ransport $250 done from sitting in a chair. There are also some arks $200standing voucherpostures, using the chair to steady you. Small Engines Yoga is ideal for improving flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. It is the perfect method

forsupport improvingwas youroverwhelming, overall fitness. making this a community This is an opportunity do something positive essful fundraiser. $4,440 wastocollected in ticket sales about your health and future well-being! The 0 per centMaleny was donated to the Hinterland Relay RSL proudly subsidises this activity. for h the Embracia Angelsisof Care Relay Ralph Freestun a qualified Yoga Team. teacher with experience in Chair Yoga.

k you goes to the Embracia residents, volunteers Forout further information, contact: Chris Brooker phone 0428 504you or Ralph Freestun phone or their support also.712 Thank to not-for-profit 2842.and the team of volunteers who n, Friends5435 of Eden elessly on this event. The fundraising will go towards to enhance the lives of Embracia In Glasshouse

The Plug

When: Monday from 9.30am Cost: $5.00 per class Where: Maleny RSL, 1 Bunya Street, Maleny

in Glasshouse Country thanks Beerwah busin acia winners Cent Auction prize Embr Auction. and purch ed prizesSmith, 1 Monica Stannard, 2 Elizabeth 3 ased tickets in the annual Cent who donat Lillian Wilson, 4 Jamie Beer, 5 Robyn Scott, Thank you to our Sponsors for this event: 6 Robyn Cross, 7 Alexander Marques, 8Prize numbers and winners: 1 Monica Stannard, 2 Elizabeth Smith, 3 Lindsay,  Granite Sharon Bulk Haulage $5009 Barb Mace, 10 Ron Haylock, 11 Dorothy Hatchman, 12 KerryLillian Wilson, 4 Jamie Beer, 5 Robyn  Artography Photography Cavanagh, 13 Sheryl Fage, 14 Bronwyn Scott, 6 Robyn Cross, 7 Alexander $500 voucher Marques, 8 Sharon Lindsay, 9 Barb McNeil, 15 Carey  Armesto’s Transport $250 Cavanagh, 16 Liz Smith, Mace, 10 Ron Haylock, 11 Dorothy 17 Yvonne Welkes, 18 Carolyn Hortig, 19 Pat  Bassett Barks $200 voucher Hatchman, 12 Kerry Cavanagh, 20 Bronwyn McNeil, 21 G McIntyre,  BeerwahPowell, Small Engines 13 Sheryl Fage, 14 Bronwyn McNeil, 22 Beryl Taylor, 23 John Burrows, 24 Carey 15 Carey Cavanagh, 16 Liz Smith, The local Cavanagh, community support was overwhelming, 25 Suzanne Hoey, 26 Kylie 17 Yvonne Welkes, 18 Carolyn Hortig, making this a very27successful fundraiser. $4,440Southern, Jones, Lorna Whittle, 28 Jimmy 19 Pat Powell, 20 Bronwyn McNeil, was collected in ticket sales of was 31 Kay 29 Rhona Brown, 30which Lynn10% Griffith, 21 G McIntyre, 22 Beryl Taylor, 23 John Burrows, 24 Carey Stevans, 32 Beryl Taylor, 33 through Cynthia donated to the Hinterland Relay for Life Cavanagh, 25 Suzanne Hoey, 26 Kylie Jones, 27 Lorna Whittle, Williamson, Julienne Joseph, 35 Jo-anne the Embracia Angels of34 Care Relay Team. 28 Jimmy Southern, 29 Rhona Brown, 30 Lynn Griffith, 31 Kay Skerman, 36 Winsome Van Altena, 37 Van Stevans, 32 Beryl Taylor, 33 Cynthia Williamson, 34 Julienne A big thank you goes out to the Embracia Van Altena, 38 Vicki Colyer, 39 Anne Vanohr, Joseph, 35 Jo-anne Skerman, 36 Winsome Van Altena, 37 Van Van residents,40 volunteers and staff for support Ann Constantin, 41 their Dulcie Ives, 42 G Altena, 38 Vicki Colyer, 39 Anne Vanohr, 40 Ann Constantin, also. Thank you to not-for-profit McIntyre, 43 Dorothy association, Hatchman, 44 Bodie 41 Dulcie Ives, 42 G McIntyre, 43 Dorothy Hatchman, 44 Bodie Friends ofSmith, Eden and the team of volunteers who Isacc, 45 Rod Matherson, 46 Margaret Smith, 45 Rod Matherson, 46 Margaret Isacc, 47 Fiona McDonald, worked tirelessly onMcDonald, this event. The fundraising 47 Fiona 48 Hannah Wilson, 48 49Hannah Wilson, 49 Jody Rossiter, 50 Beryl Taylor, 51 Kevin will go towards equipment enhance the 51 lives Jody Rossiter, 50toBeryl Taylor, Kevin Taylor, 52 Pat Powell, 53 Dee Burrows, 54 Coleen McGowen, of Embracia in Glasshouse residents. 55 Ray Tolcher, 56 Greg Wilson, 57 Jean Bishop, 58 Carolyn Hartig, Taylor, 52 Pat Powell, 53 Dee Burrows, 54 59 G Lehmann, 60 Chris Westwood, 61 Julianne Joseph, 62 Anne Coleen McGowen, 55 Ray Tolcher, 56 Greg Vanohr, 63 A Potter, 64 Julia Cook, 65 George Sidebottom, 66 M Wilson, 57 Jean Bishop, 58 Carolyn Hartig, 59 G Lehmann, 60 Chris Westwood, 61 Higginson, 67 Cath Wyton, 68 Beryl Taylor, 69 Jake and Em. Julianne Joseph, 62 Anne Vanohr, 63 A 70 Rosemary Scott, 71 Viv Anderton, 72 Jake and Em, 73 Cath Wyton, 74 Viv Anderton, 75 Yvonne Giles, 76 Gillian Robinson, 77 Janice Potter, 64 Julia Cook, 65 George Sidebottom, Lehman, 78 Janice Lehman, 79 Edith Stirling, Special Draw Arthur 66 M Higginson, 67 Cath Wyton, 68 Beryl Westwood and the Embracia Promotional Draw was won by A Potter. Taylor, 69 Jake and Em. 70 Rosemary Scott, 71 Viv Anderton, 72 Jake and Em, 73 Cath 96 Peachester Road, Beerwah Wyton, 74 Viv Anderton, 75 Yvonne Giles, 76 Ph 5436 5444 E: W: Gillian Robinson, 77 Janice Lehman, 78 Janice Lehman, 79 Edith Stirling, Special Draw Arthur Westwood and the Embracia Promotional Draw was won by A Potter.

All New Avante Adjustable Beds The Hi-Lo The Avante Hi-Lo Adjustable Bed is the most advanced adjustable bed available to consumers. The Avante Hi-Lo allows ultimate height adjustment from 42cm up to 85cm representing the best value on the market today. It will raise your head to an angle that allows users to read or watch TV in bed without needing pillows or extra supports. Designed to look like an ordinary mattress and base, it has all the features of a Hospital Bed without the Hospital Look! Benefits of the Hi-Lo bed are moving in and out of bed with ease, adjustable level to assist care providers, no stress on legs to get out of bed, relief from back pain, relieves pressure on muscles and joints, helps blood circulation, relief for arthritis sufferers, more flexibility and mobility. Featuring single ergonomic handpiece right at your fingertips for all controls and complete adjustable comfort, detachable remote control, choice of 2 mattresses – Latex and Pocket Spring or Memory Foam, sensor safety systems installed, battery backup and fantastic steel frame design. Available in Long Single $2,499 and King Single $2,699.


Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday

80 Beerburrum Road (Look for the Pink Building)


5495 5155

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Seniors 12th november 2014  
Seniors 12th november 2014