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natural light. Property Spotlight From council house to Spanish mansions.
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& Renovating Embracing
The Royal Windsor Flower Show In
Harmony with Alan Titchmarsh and The King.


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National gardening treasure Alan Titchmarsh chats exclusively with Angela Sara West, on behalf of Improve Magazine, about his horticultural heroes, milestone celebrations, ‘must-visit’ gardens, and working with Nelson Mandela, our late Queen and King Charles. He also talks TV shows with Twiggy and Dame Judi, eco projects with Sir David Attenborough, while as Honorary President of the prestigious event, he unearths what he’s looking forward to most about the prestigious and “perfect” Royal Windsor Flower Show this June.


16 Why should we stop killing weeds in lawns? The Lawn Association advise us to embrace a more natural approach to our lawns.

A new balcony favourite from markilux - The Filigree wedge-in awnings brings joie de vivre to an outdoor space.

4 Summer 2024

20 Embrace the power of natural light this Summer! We explore how windows and doors illuminate your home’s potential.

Now might be the time to update your bathroom, give your home office a face lift or make that utility room easier to clean. Explore the benefit of stylish panelling to transform your home.

Integral blinds can provide the ideal solution for the UK’s growing number of holiday homes, maximising comfort and protecting properties during unoccupied periods, we look into the latest industry data for the holiday rental market.


50 From council house to Spanish mansions! You can make it in property too. Hugely successful entrepreneur, investor and mentor, Liam Ryan, talks to Improve Magazine about his prolific property empire and how he has achieved his success.


56 Looking for particular products to help renovate or extend your home? You’ll find all of these products in our Showcase section: skylights, roof lanterns, windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries, balustrades & balconies and gardening products.

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Welcome to the Summer Edition of Improve Magazine!

Summer is the perfect season for home improvements. With longer days and warmer weather, homeowners have ample opportunity to tackle projects that enhance the beauty, functionality, and value of their homes.

Whether you're considering a major renovation or a few minor updates, summer offers the ideal conditions to get things done. From refreshing your outdoor spaces to upgrading your interior, there are some inspiring ideas and practical tips, within this Edition of Improve Magazine, to make the most of your summer home improvement projects. Let's dive in and discover how you can transform your home into a more comfortable, stylish, and enjoyable space this season.

Our Celebrity Feature this month focuses on the incredible Alan Titchmarsh and we cover just some of his lifetime achievements, delve into The Royal Windsor Flower Show and, of course, we share some of Alan’s fantastic gardening tips to get the most out of your outdoor space, this summer.

Enjoy this Edition, as always.



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5 Summer 2024
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The Royal Windsor FLOWER SHOW

In Harmony with Alan Titchmarsh & The King

National gardening treasure Alan Titchmarsh chats exclusively with Angela Sara West about his horticultural heroes, milestone celebrations, ‘must-visit’ gardens, and working with Nelson Mandela, our late Queen and King Charles.

He also talks TV shows with Twiggy and Dame Judi, eco projects with Sir David Attenborough, while as Honorary President of the prestigious event, he unearths what he’s looking forward to most about the prestigious and “perfect” Royal Windsor Flower Show this June.

Quintessentially English gardener and broadcaster Alan Titchmarsh boasts a diverse career, spanning gardening, writing and TV. A lifelong gardener, he tells me he first caught the gardening bug as a very young lad.

“I started gardening at home in Yorkshire when I was 9 or 10 and have loved it ever since!” he explains. “I feel connected to the earth and most comfortable when I am outdoors.”

His horticultural heroes growing up? “Percy Thrower, the television gardener back in the 1950s, was my hero,” he reveals. “I was lucky enough to get to know him and, for a few years, I edited his books. More recently, Beth Chatto and Christopher Lloyd were a great inspiration.”

Inspiring a multitude of others in spades in return, Alan himself has been honoured with an MBE, awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's Victoria Medal of Honour - the highest award the RHS can bestow - for outstanding services to horticulture, and also named ‘Yorkshire Man of the Year’, among countless other awards and achievements.


Born and brought up on the edge of Yorkshire’s Ilkley Moor, Alan left school at 15 and began his glorious green career as an apprentice gardener, later studying horticulture at Hertfordshire College of Agriculture before gaining a Diploma in Horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew.

His passion for gardening, coupled with his engaging television presence, subsequently made him a beloved and authoritative figure in the gardening world.

6 Summer 2024
Photo: Jason Ingram


‘Love Your Weekend’, ‘Love Your Garden’, ‘Love Your Home and Garden’… The legendary TV gardener has brought a whole lot of love onto our small screens.

Alan’s also presented BBC Two’s ‘How To Be A Gardener’, Channel Five’s ‘Secrets of the National Trust’, as well as landmark BBC nature documentaries ‘British Isles - A Natural History’ and follow-up series ‘The Nature of Britain’, both focusing on British plant and animal species in a host of different habitats, from fields, meadows and woodlands, to rivers, streams and coasts.

‘The Great British Village Show’, meanwhile, saw the muchloved presenter showcase gardeners and cooks from all over Britain competing to be Britain’s best at growing pumpkins, runner beans and tomatoes, as well as at knitting, baking cakes and making jam.

Celebrating all that is best about village life, the Grand Final was filmed at Highgrove where the then Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall presented the prizes to the worthy winners.


As Britain's most-watched gardening TV show, ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden’ must be SO rewarding and emotional to make and film, creating a gorgeous garden out of nothing in just a couple of days for someone truly deserving and in need.

“The ability of a garden to change lives cannot be underestimated, and I think 'Love Your Garden' proves that,” explains the philanthropic horticulturalist. “The gardens are not grand, but they are individually tailored to suit a person's needs and sensibilities, and in so doing they open up another world.”


There has also been a monumental ‘Britain’s Best’ series on UKTV History, where Alan led and launched a nationwide campaign to discover Britain’s best historic sites, encouraging the Great British public to get out and discover (or rediscover) the history on their doorsteps and visit places they may not have been to before, unveiling the best historic hotspots when it comes to great days out in Blighty.


A few favourite guests for this gardening great on his captivating ‘Love Your Weekend' show, meanwhile, include: “Twiggy, who is always a bundle of fun, Dame Shelia Hancock for her honesty, Dame Judi Dench because she's wonderfully sparky, and Anne Reid who is just delightful company. There’s Tom Davis, too, who is a great livestock expert, Ben Miller who is something of a regular, and Sir Derek Jacobi who is charming and modest.”

As for ‘Love Your Weekend’ royalty, “And I was pleased that Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, chose to give us an exclusive 60th birthday interview!” adds Alan.


Having created a good few imaginative and ambitious garden makeovers over the years, which have been among Alan’s faves? “Every garden design is different, but the moment I have created them I move on! They are all favourites the moment they are finished, provided they suit the place and the people they are made for.”

Former South African president Nelson Mandela presented BBC One's Ground Force team with one of their greatest challenges when they gave Mr Mandela's garden a makeover for the show's millennium special.

Alan, Tommy Walsh and Charlie Dimmock travelled to the now late ex-President’s home in Qunu, in the country's Eastern Cape province, for the tricky task, requested by Mr Mandela's wife Winnie and one of his closest friends.

Alan said it was an ambition come true for the Ground Force team. "This is one garden I would never have dreamt I'd find myself making," he said at the time, citing Mandela as “one of the world's most inspirational figures”.

The hard-working trio surprised the former South African President when he returned from a short trip away and was led back into his home by his wife, who had kept the project secret from her “thrilled” husband.

The main makeover man tells me this secret project is up there among his career highlights.

“Creating a garden for Nelson Mandela remains one of my happiest memories,” Alan divulges. He was so generous of spirit and such good company. I remember our meeting as though it were yesterday… From him, I learned the importance of compromise and the ability to move forward without bitterness. I wish more politicians would share his wisdom.”

7 Summer 2024
Photo: Jason Ingram


The celebrity gardening guru says his latest TV series has also been well received. “'Alan Titchmarsh's Gardening Club' has gone down surprisingly well!”

The insightful show sees a diverse team of experts highlight the latest horticultural trends and innovative gardens across the UK, providing a wealth of practical gardening tips for both aspiring and experienced gardeners alike.

Alongside Alan, the expert team includes another of my past green-fingered cover interviewees for ‘Improve’David Domoney - along with horticulturist Camilla BassettSmith, community gardener Tayshan Hayden-Smith, eco-friendly gardener Anna Greenland and houseplant expert Sarah Gerrard-Jones.

“I love the fact that we have lots of young passionate gardeners as well as experts, and the fact that everyone can get something out of it,” says veteran gardener Alan.

The pro grower and his top Gardening Club team share invaluable tips’n’tricks on the show for both new and seasoned gardeners, revealing practical gardening wisdom, how to attract more birds into your outdoor space, grow-your-own advice, inner-city community garden projects, plus the secrets to crafting a sought-after indoor oasis. Working with the widest range of backgrounds around the whole of the UK, from rural settings right through to suburban back gardens to tiny urban plots, old-hand Alan and his team teach the expertise to allow you to make the most of ANY garden or green space, whatever its size.


Suffice to say that Alan’s longstanding love affair with the Great Outdoors has seen him tend and create many a green space, with this year seeing Alan mark a few amazing milestones and achievements.

“Yes, 60 years in gardening, 45 years in broadcasting and 75 years on the planet! I'm celebrating simply by still enjoying the journey!”


A few of his favourite ‘must-visit’ gardens? “Chatsworth in Derbyshire for grandeur of setting and a glorious Capability Brown landscape, Highgrove in Gloucestershire to share The King's passion and his care for the landscape, and the garden at Minack Theatre, Porthcurno in Cornwall, which is a vibrant feast of tender beauties on a Cornish cliff.”


With his musical roots, from meticulous gardens to the wildest of wild, melodic Alan’s all about making our gardens sing by bringing butterflies, bees and other wildlife into the mix.

As the President of Perennial – a beneficiary of the National Garden Scheme, which encourages people to open up their gardens to raise funds for nursing and health charities – he says, “Every Spring is a new beginning – a chance for gardeners to start again and realise anew just how important the garden is as a way of expressing ourselves artistically and keeping in touch with nature – the one constant in an ever-changing world.”

“Our gardens are, I think, the ultimate reality. Created by man with the help of nature, they offer us an anchor in times of turmoil.”


With homes in Hampshire (where he was made a Deputy Lieutenant of the county in 2001) and also on the Isle of Wight (where he served as High Sheriff in 2008), he loves the differing delights and challenges of his own two gardens.

Alan grows topiary, roses, wildflowers and more at his Grade II-listed Georgian Hampshire farmhouse boasting a four-acre garden, where his planting differs to that at his coastal Isle of Wight holiday home near Cowes, where hardy species work well and are more prevalent. Although amazing Agapanthus also abound here too, now older than his grandkids, he says, but still blooming well in the writer’s salty seaside garden.

“These priceless flowers I planted before my grandchildren were born — and they’re still going strong! I enjoy the contrast between gardening on the chalky soil of Hampshire, next to the South Downs, and the milder coastal climate on the Isle of Wight, which allows me to grow a completely different range of plants. My island garden is a kind of jungle!”

8 Summer 2024


Unsurprisingly, Alan was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to horticulture and broadcasting in the 2000 New Year Honours List, when he was also immortalised by Madame Tussauds.

In 2004, he received the Victoria Medal of Honour - the highest accolade in the British gardening world - and in 2009 was made a Vice President of the Royal Horticultural Society. Attaining such top honours and accolades, along with countless other awards and achievements, are all among the highlights of Alan’s illustrious career.

“I've never expected any awards for what I do,” he humbly reveals to me.

“I'm simply a gardener, broadcaster and writer who is passionate about what he does and enjoys sharing it. But I'm chuffed to bits at all three!”


Alan and his wife Alison enjoy nothing more than watching their grandchildren play in their gorgeous gardens. Maybe they’ll follow in their talented grandfather’s greenfingered footsteps…

How can we get young kids into gardening and harvesting its benefits at a young age? “To sow a seed and watch it grow, you discover you understand how life works, real life. And it’s important that we don’t lose touch with the thing that sustains us, and that’s the land. It needs looking after,” he stresses. “And I want the reality of getting your hands mucky, getting stuck in and learning how this planet functions.”


Royal programmes presented by this humble horticulturist have taken us on a fascinating tour through the history of Britain's royal gardens, from medieval times to the present day.

ITV’s ‘Elizabeth: Queen, Wife, Mother’ and ‘The Queen's Garden’ saw Alan explore the now late Queen’s incredible garden at Buckingham Palace through time-lapse, thermal imaging and aerial photography, filming the garden over a year-long period.

Buckingham Palace’s beautiful surrounding gardens were often the location for The Queen’s annual summer garden party and offer a vast home to an "oasis of wildlife", said the gardening expert in the series, as he was struck by the garden’s “sheer scale”, describing them as a “hidden royal treasure” where every plant has a “royal story to tell”.

Famous for The Rose Garden and its stunning herbaceous border, her Majesty made her gardens a place where nature cheerfully thrives. “During the Queen’s reign, the garden become a haven for wildlife,” Alan relayed at the time. “Many of the woodland’s trees were planted by kings and queens, princes and princesses. Each plant has a link with the past, not just with natural history but with our nation’s history.”

Also among a few of Alan’s fondest memories of his time spent with our great late Queen were his experiences of compering the Windsor pageants for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee and 90th birthday celebrations.

“Meeting the late Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh was a delight,” TV’s gardening King divulges to me. “I hugely enjoyed compering the Pageants at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. I also interviewed Prince Philip to celebrate his 90th birthday. It was challenging, but the moment we had finished he took me through to show me what changes he had made at Windsor Castle after the fire. He wrote to me afterwards and said, 'As you probably realise, being interviewed is not my favourite occupation.' I admired him a lot.”

9 Summer 2024
Photo: Jason Ingram


In the mid-70s, green-thumbed Alan transitioned to gardening journalism and began writing bounteous gardening books, including ‘How To Garden’ and ‘Trowel & Error’ – penning over 50, along with a Christmas anthology, nine novels, four volumes of memoirs, plus a miscellany celebrating Englishness and England. Followed by his first TV appearance as a horticulture expert on the BBC show ‘Nationwide’, he fast became a household name, honoured with hosting the BBC’s annual ‘Chelsea Flower Show’ coverage from 1983-2013.

In 1991, Alan hosted the corporation’s popular talk show ‘Pebble Mill’, plus a series following in the footsteps of pilgrims around Britain and Ireland, while 1988 saw him host BBC Radio 2 show ‘House in a Garden’.

Having acclimatised to fame, green-fingered guru Alan took over the reins as the host of hugely successful ‘Gardeners’ World’ in 1996, filming the show in his own garden where he unearthed his gardening secrets and served up whole harvests of horticultural acumen and advice, and also co-hosted highly popular ‘Ground Force’ alongside Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh, digging up and dishing out further green-fingered expertise.


A positively buzzing hive of activity based around the main central garden, designed and built by Alan William of multi-award-winning Landform Consultants, the sensational show’s theme this year is ‘Harmony’, with its fascinating story told all around the showground.

‘Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World’ was a book written by HM The King in 2010, focusing on living in balance with nature and looking at sustainable solutions to the way we live. A blueprint for a more balanced, sustainable world, this theme of Nature’s principles of Harmony provides the focus for the Royal Windsor Flower Show in 2024 - with content winding and weaving its way right across the show.

What’s more, the central show garden, designed around the show theme and called 'What Do You See?', will for the first time be relocated to a local school which is developing its curriculum to engage its young people in gardening, nature and the environment, adding to the exciting event’s programme of supporting 12 local schools each year to get into gardening, and a further 10 schools in its crafting programme.

The show’s focal point and beating heart centrepiece will display a number of elements for visitors to enjoy, including community orchards, pollinators, bees, wildflower planting and growing your own, championing all things horticultural.


As the Honorary President of The Royal Windsor Flower Show, Alan will open the highly anticipated annual event as it returns on Saturday 8th June 2024.

Set in the heart of the beautiful historic grounds of the Windsor Great Park, this year in its hospitable new home in the stunning grounds of The York Club, the exciting one-day event offers a fun-filled, fascinating day out for all the family, featuring gardens, plants, nature, food, traditional crafts and more!

As the Honorary President of the high-profile event, what is Alan looking forward to most about the 117th Royal Windsor Flower Show this June? “It's held in a gloriously Arcadian part of the Great Park and is filled with passionate amateurs and learned professionals who are so generous with their time and experience. The fact that the Duchess of Edinburgh takes the trouble to go around and talk to everyone makes it extra special. She's a real gem.”

“I love the atmosphere of the Royal Windsor Flower Show, Alan tells me. “It’s exactly what a British flower show should be – it is perfect!”

10 Summer 2024


This fabulous one-day event, open from 10am - 6pm, not only celebrates gardening and nature, but also cookery, traditional crafts plus a whole wheelbarrow full of good old-fashioned fun.

The show’s Talks Theatre will feature inspiring talks from gardening great Alan Titchmarsh, dynamic floral designer Yan Skates, and top chefs Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi, among many others, while the traditional Competition Marquees will house the incredible roses, sweetpeas, cakes and crafts made by local people.

Making for a memorable summer day out not to be missed, there’s heaps to enjoy, including stunning showcase gardens, great British plant nurseries, artisan producers, along with a dedicated children’s area. All this accompanied by great food, music and entertainment and so much more – no stone is left unturned at THIS all-encompassing show!

Look no further than this top day out for all the top trends in gardening, the latest ‘must-have’ summer garden features that should be on our radars right now, while those potty for patio planting, or with little or no green space, can learn how to bring the outdoors in and also bring in natural light to create an interior green oasis, allowing us to connect with nature inside, too.

After the ‘wow’ factor for your outdoor space? Or tips for wise garden spends on a tight budget?

This prodigious boutique-style event presents products and advice a-go-go, along with what’s currently cutting it in the style stakes, proffering the perfect way to get your green space blossoming, alongside simply spending time with friends and family enjoying the delights of life’s simple pleasures.


The stunning event raises funds for the Royal Windsor Rose & Horticultural Society (RWRHS) whose purpose is to create, deliver and support charitable projects in the local community.

With the urgent need for eco practices to help save our precious planet, Alan is a huge advocate for the show’s focus on sustainability this year.

“The show is quite rightly focusing on sustainability and the need for us all to work in harmony with nature - something The King has been encouraging us to do all his adult life,” says the organic horticulturist who wears TV’s gardening crown.

“It's a passion I share and something that is an integral part of responsible gardening.”

What easy swaps should we all be making? “It's up to all of us to work with Nature, not against her. That way the planet benefits and so do we,” he tells me. “Simply worrying about global warming and climate change is not enough. We all need to do our bit and that really can make a difference!”


The main walk-through central garden offers an invitation for all visitors, especially the young, to look more closely at the intricacies and wonders of Nature. Planting a seed of thought that we are part of Nature and that caring and working for Nature will enable us to be healthier and live a more sustainable life.

The circular design signifies the idea of everything coming full circle and the harmony it brings. Using the extraordinary geometry found in the natural world and also seen in space, the unique garden layout has been designed around the orbit pattern of Earth and Venus, which creates a five-petal flower shape every eight years.

Featuring a magnificent specimen tree at its centre, radiating out from the tree are five petal-shaped beds created from woven hazel hurdles, planted with a range of ornamental and edible plants. The outer ring of the garden layout will house the community orchard, providing shelter and food for humans and wildlife alike.


As we gear up for some longoverdue sunshine, you’ll find inspo galore for getting garden ready to make the most of your time spent in outdoor spaces this summer season.

From fragrant summer flowers and top tips for growing herbs and fruit in garden kitchens, to how we can easily create feature walls with strawberries, everything’s earthed up here!


you’re a novice or experienced gardener, the show welcomes all levels of horticultural knowledge and beyond, brimming with inspiration, showcasing everything from the tasty crops that are good to grow at home and ideas for the perfect patio, to great summer garden design, all topped off with great gastronomy and entertainment, too."

11 Summer 2024


Hard-working Alan is a man with a passion, and is patron/ president of, or trustee/ambassador for, no fewer than 50plus charities!

Gardens for Schools helps fund gardens and green spaces in and around schools, while Seeds for Africa encourages sustainable vegetable gardening.

Passionate about playing his part in helping to save our precious planet, the top TV gardener has participated in numerous tree-planting ceremonies, promoting urban greening and more, including an Elm tree planting ceremony to promote urban greening in London, returning to the Marylebone and Fitzrovia area to plant a project's 1000th new tree in 2022.

“I continue to plant trees,” Alan tells me. “The right one in the right place at the right time!”


He also teamed up with another national treasure, Sir David Attenborough, for BBC’s animal conservation programme ‘Saving Planet Earth’, a wide-reaching series supporting animal conservation.

“I am a huge fan of Sir David,” Alan reveals to me. “He was on the box when I was a nipper and to have shared the screen with him has been both a privilege and a pleasure. We owe him so much and have learned so much from him. He's also a very nice man!”

Myleene Klass, Will Young, Graham Norton, Nick Knowles and Edith Bowman were among a host of stars joining Sir David and Alan for the wide-reaching series supporting animal conservation.


With gardening and the power of plants and water in gardens not only good for the soul and lowering stress levels, but also giving a great workout and uplift of community spirit, Alan also chatted with me about the main mental and physical health benefits for improving our wellbeing.

“Anyone who has made a garden, or worked with plants and nature, understands the mental and physical benefits,” says revered Alan. “It's not rocket science. It's what we were all born to do, it's just that society has become besotted with technology, and it has turned our heads. They need to be turned back again, for the good of us all, as well as the planet.”

Time to bury the tech for a while then and get planting, rediscovering all the free fun to be had in our outdoor spaces!

My green-fingered mum has always been an advocate of this. An avid gardener - and ardent Alan Titchmarsh fan - as a young girl she made it her mission to learn ALL the Latin names for flowers and plants.

Her favourite is Primula Auricula. What’s Alan’s? “Metasequoia glyptostroboides, the dawn redwood. Such a lovely tongue twister!”

12 Summer 2024
Photo: Carole West Photo: Carole West


We’re almost halfway through the year - what should we be planting right now? “It's almost time to plant out summer bedding,” says the man who champions gardening throughout the seasons and continuing to tend our garden and use our green spaces once summer is over, to keep our gardens looking glorious throughout the autumn and winter months, too.

“But wait until danger of frost is pastsometime after the middle of May. Then plant things fairly close together so there is no room for weeds. Water them in well over the first few weeks, then take time to admire them and smell the roses!”

The TV star also has top tips aplenty for getting kids and grandkids into gardening, so they start to reap the rewards of life in the Great Outdoors at an early age.

“Above all, learn to enjoy being out there, encourage children to feel at home in the garden, awaken their curiosity to the beauties and intricacies of nature and tear them away from their screens. That way we will all be able to preside over a world that is loved, appreciated and set on a course to survive and thrive.”

The Royal Windsor Flower Show showcases gardens galore but it’s not just for the horticulturally inclined - the diverse event will serve up a vast smorgasbord of delicious delights, including:

• Show Gardens & Planting Displays.

• The traditional Competitions Marquee at the heart of the Flower Show will showcase categories including gardening, floristry, cooking, photography, arts and crafts, with 2024 seeing the launch of a new design competition in partnership with Creepers Nursery. The GARDEN MAKERS’ competition will showcase the work of five talented undergraduate or recent post graduate designers, providing a brilliant platform to hone their exhibiting and planting skills.

• A Question Time for Gardeners with Keeper of the Gardens John Anderson and Perennials Queen Rosy Hardy from Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants.

• Inspiration in spades from a spectacular central feature garden designed by Alan Williams of Landform Consultants. Including wildflower meadows and beehives, beds will contain ‘grow-your-own veg’, perennials and structural planting for yearround interest and sustenance for humans and wildlife alike. All about the cycle of life, inspired by HM The King’s 2010 book “Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World.”

• An ‘In Tune with Nature’ demo by dynamic floral designer Yan Skates, with seasonal, scented, locally grown cut flowers.

• The benefits of eating well with chefs Giancarlo & Katie Caldesi.

• Dr David Hamilton on mindfulness, discussing how to harness your mind to improve your mental and physical health in his talk ‘How the Mind Heals the Body’.

• The Master Gardeners’ competition features stunning exhibits from a handful of carefully chosen gardeners at the top of their game, including those from Coworth, Eythrope Gardens, The Serge Hill Project and the Royal Gardens at Sandringham, Windsor Castle and Savill & Valley Gardens.

• PLUS plants for purchase aplenty, with an amazing array from a diverse range of brilliant Great British Plant Nurseries, featuring 10 top-flight nurseries from across the country, including Hardys Cottage Garden Plants, Harkness Roses, Kitchen Garden Plant Centre, Royal Gardens, Savill Gardens and Tynings Climbers, along with regular talks, demonstrations and chances to chat with the expert growers throughout the day.

13 Summer 2024
Photo: Jason Ingram Photo: Carole West


The famous flower event also offers a foodie fest, with TV presenter and fresh produce importer Chris Bavin a brand-new ambassador this year.

Chris has co-presented ‘Aldi’s Next Big Thing’, ‘Britain’s Best Home Cook’, along with ‘Eat Well for Less?’, ‘Britain in Bloom’ and ‘Food: Truth or Scare’. He’s also among the presenters on ‘Tomorrow’s Food’ and a multitude of consumer affairs programmes, all shown on BBC One.

With a background in the fresh produce industry, Chris started out importing and selling fresh-cut flowers, before moving into the fresh produce industry, importing and selling to wholesale markets across the UK. He is also the author of two cookbooks – ‘Good Food Sorted’ and ‘Fakeaway’.


Chris tells me he has cooked up a storm with a few famous faces during his culinary career. “In a professional capacity I have cooked for/with Mary Berry, Gregg Wallace, Angela Hartnett and many others.”

At the Royal Windsor Flower Show, Chris will be telling us about all the benefits of growing our own, showcasing what we should be sowing and growing right now.

“I love lots of things about the show,” he tells me. “It has so many different aspects; from the competitions to the gardens, the activities, talks and demos. But I think the nicest thing is the atmosphere. It’s a truly wonderful day out for all the family!”

Chris is all about the copious eco components this year, too. “Sustainability is one of the key elements of the show. “Looking at pollinators, teaching kids about gardening, reusing the gardens, and giving them a legacy in their new homes.”


What easy swaps should we be making when it comes food? “I think we should go back to eating more seasonally, looking at getting our food from as close to where we live as possible. I also love growing your own. It does so many things, but possibly the greatest thing about growing your own food is it gives you a sense of appreciation of the food we buy and, hopefully, helps us be less wasteful.”


· Meal planning is key! Write a list of the ingredients you need to make those meals and try not to buy too much that isn’t on the list

· Look at your food waste; It’s estimated that we throw around £15-worth of food away per week - that’s £780 a year!

Cook from scratch as much as possible and try not to buy convenience foods

I’m yet to meet a child that doesn’t enjoy growing fruits or vegetables … they love it!


What makes his fave summer flowers so special? “Having started my career selling flowers I have a love for all of them, but I love wildflowers, poppies, and I really love peonies and dahlias – they have that wow factor and keep giving you blooms for ages, although scented roses are really impactful, as well.”

14 Summer 2024


His top tips for getting garden ready to make the most of our time spent in our outdoor spaces this summer season? “I think you need to accept that it will never be done and try to enjoy the process. Don’t look forward to the end result or perfect garden - it’s about enjoying it whenever possible.

And advice for creating and zoning dedicated outdoor living areas to get set for our summer socials? “Think about how you use your space, think about the sun, heat and light when will you be using your outdoor dining area, and whether you want shade or full sun. Then you can, with very little effort, create clear, defined spaces.


As for his own kitchen garden, he has top tips aplenty for growing herbs, fruit and fragrant summer flowers. “I have a very small growing area and I keep it to mainly pots. Herbs are one of the best things to grow. They are expensive to buy but you only ever need a tiny amount. The ones you buy in shops are normally in plastic and easy to grow on a windowsill in a pot or in the ground. Look at planting some flowers in amongst your fruits and vegetables and even some sacrificial plants.”

Chris’ top tips for great summer garden design and the perfect patio? What are the most common garden design mistakes people make when it comes to planting?

“Don’t overcrowd your beds of pots, make sure you give them some space to grow and lots of tlc!”


How can we best encourage butterflies, bees and other wildlife i nto our gardens? “Don’t be too precious or precise. I think really formal gardens are moving over for more relaxed, natural gardens… Don’t worry about the odd weed and try to have a really diverse range of plants. Also, bird tables and bug hotels will help encourage lots of visitors.”


What trends has he been seeing coming through for summer gardens this year? “We are cooking outside more, and we are seeing outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens. There is nothing better than using stuff you have grown to cook with. A small growing space for fruits and vegetables and herbs is the must have. I think a garden should be both beautiful and functional.”

How can we bring the ‘wow’ factor to our gardens on a tight budget? “There are loads of ways to create a great garden on a budget – like growing from seeds or cuttings, but that takes time.”

For those with little or no green space, how can we bring the outdoors in and also bring in natural light to create an interior green oasis and connect with nature inside? “Houseplants have never been more popular,” says Chris. “They can be very inexpensive. I love a houseplant!”


The Royal Windsor Flower Show offers a truly wonderful way to spend memorable time with loved ones, with delectable drinks, food, entertainment and activities for all the family.

Show ambassador Angellica Bell will also be on hand, proving that this is THE event for all - not only the place to be for gardens and flowers, but also for art, crafts and fun for all the family!

For kids, with entertainment on tap there will be a wide range of amusements a-go-goeverything from traditional crafts, a dedicated children’s area featuring a well-being tipi and fascinating talks to fun-filled craft activities, gardening projects plus a circus training camp!

© Angela Sara West 2024 Insta: @angela_sara_west

Saturday 8th June 2024

• Windsor Great Park SL4 2BS

15 Summer 2024 To find out more, visit: Tickets are available at:




A former scallop-diver has launched the UK’s first ever peat-free, organic seaweed compost that is sold in 100% compostable or ‘naked’ packaging. His mission is to eradicate the 100 million singleuse compost bags that are sold to UK gardeners each year.

True to his roots, Guy Grieve’s Atlantic Garden compost is seaweed-enriched, making it a premium product that will help gardeners’ investments go further, but at a competitive price.

Enriched with organic seaweed gathered from the nutrientrich waters of the Scottish coastline, the Atlantic Garden compost is bursting with nutrients and minerals proven to deliver a range of benefits to gardeners:

• Deeper and stronger root growth

• Faster-growing, healthier and hardier plants that can better withstand adverse weather conditions and disease

• Tastier and fresher fruit and vegetables with a longer shelflife

• Improved water retention enabling less frequent watering


Atlantic Garden’s commendable ethos is to promote and encourage home composting first and foremost and invite people to purchase its sustainable seaweed-enriched compost to top-up or give that extra special treat to a prize vegetable patch or flourishing flower bed.


The 100% organic compost is free from any nasties and contains only two ingredients. 80% is leaves, stems, grass cuttings and sticks from the Scottish Lowlands and 20% is seaweed collected from the Scottish coastline.

The team shreds these two natural ingredients before forming composting windrows, which are turned periodically to aerate for a period of 180 days.


There is no peat, but more importantly, there is no plastic in any aspect of the product packaging. Everything from the cornstarch liners through to the tape used on the boxes - it can all be composted at home within 180 days.

A world’s first. Even more to celebrate - delivery is included in the £13.99 per 40 litre price. Visit the Atlantic Garden shop.


Every delivery of Atlantic Garden triggers a 20p donation to the Scottish Coastal Clean-up Charity, helping to play a small part in repaying our great debt to the sea. This incredible charity removes tonnes of plastic from Scotland’s beaches. Guy works closely with the incredibly important charity.


The term ‘naked gardening’ was first used by Atlantic Garden’s founder, Guy Grieve, during a meeting with his fellow allotment owners at his plot in Edinburgh. He comments: “Introducing seaweed to the soil was a big step, but as soon as I presented my fellow gardeners with a fully ‘naked compost’ - no plastic bag - the naked gardening movement truly took off.

Guy has created a #nakedgardening Facebook Group to help gardeners ‘start stripping’ here: https://www.facebook. com/groups/nakedgardening .

Gardeners can now buy a 40-litre pack of Atlantic Garden compost for £13.99 here:

16 Summer 2024
Wild man Guy Grieve floats in a kelp forest off the Scottish coast as he launches the world’s first ‘naked compost’ in important environmental drive (image rights: Atlantic Garden).

Why we should stop killing weeds in lawns

David Hedges-Gower, Chairman of the Lawn Association discusses why we should stop killing weeds in lawns.

When we delve into the history of lawns, we uncover a lot about the values of past societies. However, beneath the surface often lies a hidden truth. In our busy lives, we often accept things without questioning their origins and significance. What's considered a 'weed' is essentially a plant that happens to grow where we don't want it to.

But really, isn't that just a subjective description? Before the widespread use of herbicides became common place, did we really fret over weeds in lawns? No, we didn't. We treated all plants equally, unless they posed a significant threat, like Japanese Knotweed, for example.

After World War II, with the rise of commercial interests, herbicides

became the go-to solution for achieving the 'perfect' lawn. But who decides what's perfect anyway? The push for monoculture lawns devoid of any unwanted plants deemed undesirable was driven not by lawn experts or environmentalists, but by profit-driven commercialism. And where has it led us? To a cycle of endless pursuit of an unattainable perfection, at great cost to both us and the environment.

In farming, weed control is a different story driven by economic factors and is a whole separate argument, but we're focusing on lawns here. We're not talking about pristine showcase lawns or lawns in international competitions; we're talking about the lawns that form

part of our social lives, our property values, and the ecosystem around us.

Why are weeds such a nuisance in lawns anyway? Our native grasses naturally compete with and almost stop the growth of these so-called weeds. So why do we feel the need to intervene with herbicides, especially when they're often applied incorrectly and cause more harm than good?

The truth is weeds or plants have a place in a healthy lawn. But the harmful chemicals used to eradicate them, do not. It's time to embrace a more natural approach that respects the balance of nature and eliminates unnecessary damage to both our lawns and the environment. As Derek Trotter would say, “You know it makes sense.”

17 Summer 2024
Go to the @LawnAssociation Facebook page to join the Lawn Enthusiasts Group, and get free association membership via the website, .


Filigree wedge-in awning brings joie de vivre to an outdoor space

This new, smart folding-arm awning, the “markilux 900”, will give you a clearer view from your balcony – as it provides complete shade even when only slightly pitched, saves space, has a filigree design and can be installed and removed again by an expert in next to no time. And this means you can enjoy the summer to the full despite the heat.

18 Summer 2024
Year on year, spring and summer temperatures are rising. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a balcony where, with a little luck, there is a slight breeze and plenty of shade? To ensure that’s even more fun, markilux now has a new, graceful wedge-in awning in its portfolio.


The special thing about the model: it is a top-quality folding-arm awning in an inconspicuous design. In no time, it can be fitted between balcony floor and ceiling by way of two adjustable wedge-in posts that require very few fixing points, and can be removed again just as quickly.

It can also be attached even more securely, when fitted to floors higher up in the building. Moving house is a piece of cake with this awning. This makes the space-saving solar protection system attractive to both tenants and apartment owners.

Its cover, which can be chosen from more than 200 modern patterns, disappears once retracted into a slim-line, easily cared for full cassette and is thus perfectly protected from both soiling and moisture.


To date, this shade provider is unique in its combination of wedge-in system, folding arms and housing. And the good thing is that, even when the balcony is completely shaded, the view outside remains unobstructed. Because to ensure this, the new model only has to be inclined a maximum five degrees. Otherwise customary drop-arm awnings, on the other hand, need a good 45 degrees. Together with their lateral drop arms, this certainly impedes the view. But for those who are looking for more privacy, a specialist dealer can adjust the pitch of the new awning to an angle of up to 70 degrees. The extended cover then acts as protection from prying eyes.


With its lightweight design, a width of up to four metres and a maximum fixture height of 265 centimetres, the “markilux 900” is suited to any balcony that can structurally take a wedge-in system. Alternatively, it can be attached to the underside of a balcony as a graceful variant of a classic awning. And the model is not just stylish but also very stable. Both the wedge-in posts and the housing are powder-coated and thus resistant to the weather.

Most screws and seals are invisible, and durable high-tech fibres extend and retract the awning quietly. It comes in three standard frame colours and can be operated by means of a winding handle but is also available in a convenient motor-driven version.

19 Summer 2024 For further information, please visit:


How windows and doors illuminate your home's potential

Windows and doors are the gateways to natural light, offering more than just a view—they're portals that infuse your living space with vitality, warmth, and a sense of connection to the world outside. In the realm of interior design, harnessing the benefits of windows and doors goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's about transforming your home into a luminous sanctuary that nourishes both body and spirit. Let's explore how these architectural elements can enhance your home and elevate your living experience.


Windows and doors serve as conduits for natural light, channeling sunshine into your home, maximising daylight, minimising the need for artificial lighting during the day and reducing energy consumption. Whether it's expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that flood your living room with sunlight or a well-placed skylight that bathes your kitchen in warmth, embracing natural light can transform your home into a bright and inviting oasis.

20 Summer 2024


The strategic placement of windows and doors can visually expand your living space, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors and creating a sense of continuity and flow. Large picture windows offer unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape, making rooms feel more spacious and open. Sliding glass doors provide seamless access to outdoor patios and gardens, extending your living area and inviting the beauty of nature inside. By embracing this seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, you can enhance the overall sense of harmony and tranquility in your home.


Windows and doors play a pivotal role in defining the architectural character of your home, adding personality, charm, and visual interest to both the interior and exterior. From arched casement windows to rustic barn doors, these architectural elements can imbue your home with character and charm, reflecting your unique sense of style and identity. By selecting windows and doors that complement the architectural features of your home, you can enhance its curb appeal and create a lasting impression.

21 Summer 2024


In addition to their aesthetic appeal, windows and doors can also contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings. Energy-efficient windows, such as doubleglazed or low-emissivity (low-e) glass, offer superior thermal insulation, minimising heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Similarly, well-insulated doors with weather-stripping and proper sealing can prevent air leakage and enhance overall energy performance. By investing in high-quality windows and doors, you can create a more comfortable and sustainable living environment while reducing your carbon footprint.


The benefits of natural light extend beyond mere illumination; they have a profound impact on our mood, health, and overall well-being. Exposure to sunlight has been shown to boost serotonin levels, improve sleep quality, and enhance cognitive function.

In conclusion, windows and doors are more than just functional elements of architecture—they're gateways to natural light and conduits of beauty, warmth, and inspiration. By embracing the benefits of these architectural features, you can transform your home into a sanctuary that uplifts mood, and celebrates natural beauty.

At The Bifold Network, we offer a wealth of choice when it comes to your new windows and doors. Building from scratch? Renovating? New extension? We have all of the products you need, no matter your project.

22 Summer 2024 Contact us today to find a local installer or call us for a friendly, no obligation chat. Email us to find your local installer: If you would like further help please call our friendly staff on 0114 231 3133

• Bifold Doors

• Windows

• Entrance Doors

• Lantern Roofs

• Heritage Windows & Doors

• Patios Doors

• Sliding Doors

• Conservatories

• Orangeries

• Garden Rooms

23 Summer 2024
Unlock Your Home’s Potential Tel: 0114 231 3133 | Email: Whether its a new build project, a new conservatory or extension or a new front door – we have the products to meet your needs. Free, no obligation consultation and quote service! Installation service also available, so we can complete your project from start to finish.

Create overall well being and elevate the aesthetics of your interior decorwith Mercury Glazing

If you’re seeking ideas for a home renovation or a new build project, here are some suggestions that can help you achieve your goal.

Bringing more natural light into your home is a top priority for many homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces.

Not only does abundant natural light contribute to a sense of relaxation and overall wellbeing, but it also elevates the aesthetics of your interior décor. Moreover, if you’re considering selling your home in the future, studies have shown that bright, airy homes tend to be more appealing to potential buyers.

24 Summer 2024
GET STARTED WITH MERCURY TODAY WHY ALUMINIUM PRODUCTS FROM MERCURY GLAZING? Opting doors, doors, from ensures and With options can to look. As manufacturer with of guarantees level, ideal improvement



Opting for sleek and stylish aluminium sliding patio doors can dramatically enhance the natural light in your home.


For a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, consider installing aluminium bifold doors. When closed, these doors provide a stunning glazed wall with minimal frame visibility. When opened, they seamlessly merge the interior and exterior areas into one cohesive space, offering a sophisticated touch to your home design. With customisable configurations and a smooth folding mechanism, aluminium bifold doors are ideal for new build extensions and conservatories.

For a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, consider installing aluminium bifold doors. When closed, these doors provide a stunning glazed wall with minimal frame visibility. When opened, they seamlessly merge the interior and exterior areas into one cohesive space, offering a sophisticated touch to your home design. With customisable configurations and a smooth folding mechanism, aluminium bifold doors are ideal for new build extensions and conservatories.

These doors feature slim and elegant frames that allow the glass to take centre stage, creating a contemporary look that complements any home design. With various configurations available, including fixed pane options and flexible sliding panels, you can customise the doors to suit your indooroutdoor living needs while maximising airflow.




Opting for aluminium bifold doors, aluminium sliding doors, or internal screening from Mercury Glazing ensures durability, security, and aesthetic appeal.

With a wide range of colour options to choose from, you can customise the frames to complement your desired look.

As a specialist manufacturer and installer with over two decades of experience, Mercury guarantees quality at every level, making them the ideal choice for your home improvement projects.


Kick start your home renovation or new build project by contacting the expert team at Mercury Glazing.

With a reputation for quality craftsmanship and exceptional service, Mercury is your trusted partner for bringing more natural light and sophistication into your home.

26 Summer 2024
01452 383344

Beautiful Windows start with Mercury

• Security tested to PAS24:2016.

• Direct replacement for steel ‘Crittall’ windows.

• Fixed windows, tilt & turns or casement window options available.

• Single or dual colour options with marine quality powder coating as standards.

To kick start your replacement window journey contact the Mercury team today

Our Alitherm Heritage 47 Aluminium Windows deliver energy-efficient technology to your project without compromising on the aesthetics of your original windows.

Engineered specifically to replace existing steel and Crittall windows, our Heritage aluminium windows offer a durable and visually appealing refurbishment solution.

• Options in Heritage and Art Deco styles.

• Polyamide thermal break provides enhanced thermal performance.

• Traditional heritage styling for sensitive refurbishment projects.

T: 01452 383 344


27 Summer 2024 Mercury Glazing Supplies Ltd Unit E1, Goodridge Business Park, Goodridge Avenue, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL2 5EB


to transform your home

Now might be the time to update your bathroom, give your home office a face lift or make that utility room easier to clean.

PVC Geo-panel is the ideal product. A clean and modern design option, the Geo-panel® panelling system can be fitted to any interior wall to quickly and easily refurbish and restyle bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms – and even home offices!


The tongue-and-groove PVC panels are quick and easy to handle and fit, designed to slot together in moments. They can be applied over practically any surface including existing tiles with almost no preparationproviding a hygienic and fully waterproof finish, with no grouting required.


The Geo-panel surface is wipeclean, requiring little-to-no maintenance – and guaranteed for 5 years.


For a perfect finish, choose from our ceiling panels and our collection of high-quality PVC and aluminium trims.

28 Summer 2024


Complete a shower enclosure with just 2 panels

Our Premium Wide panels are an impressive 10mm thick - and at 1000mm wide and 2400mm long can complete a shower enclosure with just 2 panels.

Ideal for large projects

Meanwhile, our Classic Slim panels are 250mm wide and 2700mm long, with a 4000mm option in traditional white gloss – ideal for larger scale home projects or ceilings.


The Geo-panel® range includes a wide variety of colours and textures, from classic marble and traditional white gloss tiles through to contemporary quartz and matt concretes.

for large projects!


A well designed new look bathroom can provide a little space to give you peace and quiet in those more private moments. And typically, a refurbished bathroom has the potential to add between 4-5% onto your home’s value. So it’s an investment that can benefit you when you come to sell.

One of the quickest ways to give your bathroom a refresh is to use PVC Geo-panel by Freefoam. Use the beautiful tile effect designs to instantly refresh your bathroom.

29 Summer 2024
White Gloss Tile White Marble White Silver Strip Panel Storm Grey Diamond White Diamond White Gloss
Metallic Matt Light Grey Gloss Tile Light Grey Marble Pergamon Marble Arctic Sparkle Azure Gloss Tile Azure Matt Concrete Beige Matt Concrete Grey Matt Grey Quartz White Gloss Silver Edge Ideal


As more of us are working from home a clean and inviting space is essential. Why not use Geo-panel to update your home office area, to create an easy to clean fresh look. Make a statement with a smart Grey Azure or Quartz Gloss.


Utility room’s are often the most hard working spaces in our homes and need to have hard wearing wall surfaces that are easy to maintain. Use Geo-panel wall panelling to make your utility area ultra practical. Choose from much loved White or Matt Concrete Grey.

30 Summer 2024
31 Summer 2024 VISUALISE YOUR DESIGN Use our online Visualiser to experiment and play with different styles, finishes and colours of Geo-panels! Choose one option for your shower unit, and contrast with another for your bathroom walls. Find the design that works for you at bathrooms kitchens utility rooms | home offices Stylish panelling that will transform your home GE7LGGTC Light Grey Gloss Tile

A stunning renovation 10 years in the making!

Living in a historic Grade II listed Windmill from the 1800s requires courage and determination, something Kriss and David can attest to after spending a decade on renovations. However, the end result is a truly exceptional and unique property that makes all the hard work worthwhile!

32 Summer 2024



West Chiltington, West Sussex

No. of Bereco windows & doors

18 Casements, 2 Bullseye

Windows and 1 French Door

Window styles

Heritage Flush Casements with 16mm Lambs Tongue Glazing


Door styles

Heritage Flush French Door with 16mm Lambs Tongue Glazing



RAL 9016 Traffic White

33 Summer 2024

Previously known as Meeten’s Mill, the Windmill is an eighteenth-century octagonal smock mill that is thought to date back to 1840s. Located in the charming village of West Chiltington, West Sussex, this Windmill holds a significant presence, with its distinct outline featured on many road signs within the village. Operating as a functioning mill until the 1920’s when it was converted into a residential property.

Kriss and David purchased the windmill back in 2010. After working closely with their architect during the design process, they embarked on their first major renovation in 2013. This involved creating an open-plan kitchen/diner within the ground floor annexe and improving the insulation of the annexe, alongside the first installation of the Bereco Flush casement windows in Traffic White RAL 9016 in 2014.

During 2020, the next stage of renovations took place, this time focusing on updating the plumbing, electrics, and staircases within the windmill itself. Kriss oversaw this phase closely, navigating through challenges of lockdown restrictions. As part of this stage, the ground and first floor new windows were installed as there was no need for any scaffolding.

Rolling forward to 2023, the scaffolding was erected, and the impressive sails were temporarily removed for decoration. During this time, the third phase of Bereco windows were installed to the second and third floor windows.

Kriss and David were recommended to Bereco in 2012 by their architect, who had specified us on a few previous projects. They worked closely with their architect to follow the strict guidelines from the Horsham planning office regarding renovations to the Windmill.

Bereco Heritage Slimline Flush Casements were selected as the perfect solution to keep the tradition of the Windmill alive. Their slim frames and options for both 16mm Slimline Double Glazing or Single Glazing make them ideal for Conservation areas and listed buildings. A 16mm lambs tongue bar is used on each casement window and Flush French Doors, complemented by an elegant Monkey Tail handle, and stay bar in Antique Black as an homage to the original Crittal windows.

During the 10-year renovation, Kriss and David encountered a number of challenges. One particularly daunting task was the replacement of the two circular bullseye windows, which was initially perceived by them both as a major hurdle. However, their dedicated project manager at Bereco provided invaluable assistance in the form of CAD drawings and guidance to help them to accurately measure the existing window and bring their vision for the replacements to life.

Testimonial from Kriss and David Harrold:

“We’re very happy that we selected Bereco Heritage windows for our Grade II listed windmill. We wanted to improve insulation and draught proofing, while preserving the period styles. And the windows had to look great within Stone, Brick and Wood surrounds. Bereco windows delivered on all 3. The team were so helpful getting the sizes just right, and the windows themselves are of the highest quality. We are delighted with the finished look and would recommend them to anyone renovating a unique or unusual building.”

34 Summer 2024 Book your own free online virtual consultation with Bereco to discuss your home renovation Tel: 01709 838188 | Email:
Book your design consultation | 01709 838188 Beautifully Bespoke Timber Windows & Doors Expertly Designed, Manufactured & Installed

Kolorseal provides the perfect colour for new build project

Market leading, colour-coating specialist, Kolorseal Ltd, was asked to create a stunning finishing touch to a new build project in Yorkshire.

The building company wished to offer a stand out solution in an area of beautiful countryside, where external colours needed to be sympathetic to the surroundings. A number of homes were created using coloured windows, doors and roofline products, all colour sprayed by the award winning company.

Frames were colour matched to Farrow and Ball’s ‘Elephant’s Breath’, which provided an extremely elegant look, making a stylish statement against the traditional brickwork of the homes in the Yorkshire village of Denby Dale.

To accentuate the design and overall impression, attention was paid to the minutest detail, including colourcoating guttering, fascias and even end caps.

For Kolorseal’s managing director, Deborah Hendry, when homeowners and builders want ‘something different’, it is always best to consider things carefully.

Deborah comments: “The latest colour trend may not always suit the design of the property, particularly when it comes to a new build home.

Windows are a focal point of any home however colour is crucial in respect of blending with other exterior tones such as brickwork, natural lighting and design style of a property. Whether it is windows, bifolds or front doors, all of

these will look very different depending on local surroundings and weather.”

Windows and matching ancillaries are fixtures that need to stand the test of

time but perhaps most importantly they need to add value.

Deborah continues, “Being stuck with the wrong colour decision could be disastrous and quite literally could cost the homeowner in many ways. Personalising a home in the right way, however, has the potential to add thousands of £s.”

For this Denby Dale project the choice of colours for the developer needed to ensure that the windows and doors would reflect the quality incorporated into the build, and maintaining that across the exterior of the house.

36 Summer 2024


Windows are a dominant feature of any room and do provide a link to natural light and the outside world. In many ways whatever style windows are installed they are important as they give us, as occupants of a property, the opportunity to use them when we drift into thought. From the start of the day they allow the sunlight in and also can soothe us on rainy days - they are a feature so the interior colour is important too.

Deborah continues, “For a premium home such as this, the builder considered the impact wanted both externally and internally. The property connects well to its surroundings.

Being clear about the overall appearance is imperative - some homeowners want their property to stand out with bold, bright colours - others prefer to have a more subtle look with more muted tones in grey, green, blue or lilac.

Understanding the bigger picture and overall vision will help people to make the right colour combination that will last for years.”


Each property leaves a different impression with curb appeal now relying on colour to help add the difference and a real Return On Investment.

Any window replacement project, particularly for the whole property, is a substantial investment for any consumer, so it needs to be right. Bring coloured frames into the design and this offers another unique aspect to the finished project that adds true value.

Deborah concludes, “Choosing the right style of window will affect the colour concept and to gain the best finish it could be prudent to consider dual colours - one for the exterior and one that blends well with the theme of the interior design.

Budgets my vary when it comes to design and finish, so discussions with fabricators and architects on what will best suit the property is always advisable. It could be a costly mistake to install the wrong colour and then have to live with it. Advice is best and some homeowners could find what they think will work in one colour is better suited in a completely different shade.”

Anyone wishing to discuss colour concepts, do get in touch with the Kolorseal team who will happily point people in the direction of a manufacturer who works with the company’s broad colour range.

37 Summer 2024 Kolorseal is an award winning, colour coating specialist, providing bespoke services to the fenestration and construction sectors. For advi ce or more information on colour options for traditional or contemporary p rojects call the team on 01924 454 856 or visit the website .


Liniar windows seal the deal

When Toby Clamp and his partner Maria were looking for their ideal new build home, the property’s energy performance was an important consideration.

They wanted year-round comfort and warmth without excessive heating and cooling costs and felt a home with a reduced carbon footprint would best suit their lifestyle choices.

Having narrowed the search down to two potential purchases, it was the Liniar windows featured on one that sealed the deal and led to the couple making an offer.

Toby explains, “One house had almost everything we wanted, but was fitted with standard casement windows.

The other had Liniar’s EnergyPlus window system, which the developer assured us made a significant contribution to improving the energy efficiency rating of the property.

“This was confirmed by the Energy performance certificate (EPC) which gives the property a B rating with the windows and high-performance glazing achieving the highest possible rating of ‘very good (most efficient).’ The house also has potential to achieve an A rating by upgrading to solar water heating and photovoltaic panels.”

38 Summer 2024


The windows were installed by fabricatorinstaller Rooms & Views (R&V), one of the UK’s largest installers of windows and doors into new build properties, and a Liniar Approved fabricator. The latter accreditation means they use 100% Liniar components and adhere to Liniar’s stringent fabrication guidelines, which ensures their windows and doors are manufactured to an exacting standard and perform precisely as they were designed to.

Commenting on the Liniar system, R&V’s Installations Director Carl Cheney says, “We take advantage of innovation at every opportunity and Liniar has a highly developed, thermally efficient PVCu profile.”

With the offer accepted the couple moved into their new four-bedroomed Derbyshire home in October 2022 and were immediately impressed by the ease of maintaining a cosy ambient temperature.

39 Summer 2024


Maria describes how, “October was a mild month, but the temperature dropped considerably towards the end of November. However, we are finding the house really easy to heat, as it gets warm quickly and retains heat very well. Also, we could see that condensation was forming on the outside of the windows, but we’ve learned this shows the windows are doing their job properly and is a good sign.

“The living room and master bedroom each have bay windows, which open up the rooms and make them feel very spacious with plenty of natural light flooding into the house on sunny days as well.”

Toby adds, “The back of the property features French doors which give us seamless access to the garden and we’re really looking forward to the coming warmer weather.

“The back of the house is south facing and gets a lot of direct sun throughout the day and given that extreme heat is becoming more common in the summer we asked the developer if this was likely to mean the house will get uncomfortably hot.

“However, he explained the insulation delivered by the Liniar EnergyPlus windows and doors not only retains heat when its cold, but also helps keep out excessive heat during hot weather, so we’re confident we won’t be hit with needlessly expensive energy bills in either winter or summer.”

With the couple settled into their new home, Toby concludes by saying, “We’re extremely happy here and more than satisfied we made the right decision when choosing our ideal new build home. If you want to come back in the summer and see how we’re coping with the seasonal weather you’re more than welcome.”

40 Summer 2024
To find out more about the full range visit

Improve the energy efficiency of your home. Liniar EnergyPlus windows and doors help to maintain year-round comfort, whilst minimising energy costs.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN State-of-the-art system, offering superior style and performance

SUPERB THERMAL EFFICIENCY For comfortable room temperatures, helps reduce energy costs


Foiled components for a stylish finish, large choice of colour combinations

PART OF WIDE PRODUCT RANGE Perfectly colourmatched, single point of guarantee


Energy efficient products, committed to a net zero target

BRITISH MADE And covered by Liniar’s 10-year guarantee

Stunning ADVANCE 70 Flush Sash Windows

for Your Home

Over the last few years, the advancements in modern PVCu windows and doors have seen the levels of security, thermal performance and durability increase significantly.

42 Summer 2024

However, there has been another major innovation in windows, which for the homeowner is a huge shift from your standard casement window styles.

The introduction of flush sash windows has provided a PVCu window solution that encompasses the aesthetics of an authentic and traditional styled timber window. So not only do they provide you with a window of stunning appearance, but you also have the added benefit of modern-day performance and practicality that you expect from PVCu.

ADVANCE 70 flush sash windows have been designed to not only replicate a more traditional styled window, but also provide you with a modern take on a classic style. For instance, for your heritage and traditional styled properties you can pair up the flush sash windows with an array of colour options to compliment the properties style.

As we’ve all seen, coloured PVCu windows have become extremely popular, as homeowners look to add that distinctiveness to their homes. With a standard palette of 17 colours, which can be on the outside, inside or both sides of a window or door, the ADVANCE 70 flush sash windows provide you with a range of traditional colour options.

Gleaming white windows will always be popular fit for many property styles, but colours like Chartwell Green, Agate Grey and Cream really do add that extra bit of character to a traditional styled home. Alternatively, Irish Oak, Mountain Oak and Golden Oak give you a more traditional wood grained effect to truly replicate their timber

alternatives. Adding Georgian bar or lead can also add to the stunning appearance of flush sash windows. The amazing thing about ADVANCE 70 flush sash windows is that they work just as well with your modern homes. When you combine them with the more contemporary colour options like UltiMatt Black, Slate Grey, Hazy Grey and the ever-popular Anthracite Grey, you can really add a distinctive and modern look to your home. The traditional style and contemporary colour mix work so well in adding to the design and appearance of a modern home.

Quite simply, when it comes to the configuration and style of your new windows, ADVANCE 70 flush sash windows provide you with a number of options all designed to suit your home, whatever the style, period or location. The smooth lines and stunning finish ensure that flush sash windows create a stylish, value-adding feature to your home, whilst the modern-day technological advancements of PVCu also ensures hassle-free operation and maintenance. You can view our latest video of the ADVANCE 70 flush sash windows here:

So, will flush sash windows suit your home? We’re sure they will, but you’re still unsure? Well over at www. we have the technology that enables you to simply design your own flush sash windows, upload images of your home and drop your newly created windows on to your property! Amazing… keep on reading to find out more!

43 Summer 2024


We appreciate that it can be very difficult to envisage how new windows may look in your home. As the homeowner, how do you know if a particular design or colour will complement the style of your home?

Well, if you head on over to www. our website provides you with a wealth of information and guidance regarding ADVANCE 70 flush sash windows. Upon the website you’ll also find two fantastic features that provide you, as a homeowner, with the tools to not only find your approved local installer, but also provide you with the facility to design your own flush sash windows.

The whole design and enquiry process is purposely kept simple. You can select a number of flush sash window

configurations and styles, choose the internal and external colour, the hardware colour and other glazing options like Georgian bar or leaded glass. The beauty of the designer is that you can take photos of your home, upload them in to the home visualiser and drop your newly designed flush sash windows on to your home to envisage how they would look!

You can submit your design as an enquiry with a copy of your design emailed to yourself. Your design enquiry will then be assigned to your local approved ADVANCE 70 installer. With well over 250 approved installers located across the UK, your enquiry will only be shared with one local supply partner. They will contact you to either quote and / or arrange a more detailed

survey to determine your more specific requirements and options available to you.

You can in-turn utilise the Find an Installer feature upon the ADVANCE 70 website to locate as many approved installers as you wish, contacting at your will, using your PDF design as a template for your enquiry. This provides you with total control over the number of quotes you wish to receive to further your enquiry.


If you’re looking to make your home more secure, thermally efficient and elegant with ADVANCE 70 flush sash windows, then head over to now and start designing!

Follow us on our social media channels for more inspirational installs and guidance:




YouTube Video of Window and Door Designer / Home Visualiser

YouTube Video of ADVANCE 70 flush sash windows

44 Summer 2024
45 Summer 2024

Integral blinds offer a perfect fit for holiday homes

Integral blinds can provide the ideal solution for the UK’s growing number of holiday homes due to the way they can help to maximise comfort and protect properties during unoccupied periods, according to Morley Glass.

The latest industry data from 2023 showed that the holiday rental market in the UK reached a new peak in August with 346,000 listings, of which 280,000 were ‘entire properties’ such as houses, cottages and apartments. It is an increasingly competitive marketplace, which means owners have to work harder than ever to make

their holiday let stand out from the crowd and gain those all-important five star ratings.

But even where a holiday home is not let out to anyone, the last thing many owners want to be doing when they visit for a well-earned break is to have to spend time deep-cleaning or making repairs. Low maintenance, durable

products, therefore, have massive advantages for properties of this type. Interior features that require virtually no cleaning and are not easily damaged will pay dividends in the long term, especially when they help create visually stunning rooms – exactly as integral blinds manufactured using ScreenLine® systems do.

46 Summer 2024
Ideal for bi-fold doors, and French doors, Venetian Uni-Blinds® integral blinds are easy to install and operate.

Ian Short, MD of Morley Glass, said: “Anyone who owns a holiday home or lets a property to holidaymakers ‘Airbnb style’ will know how important it is to create a welcoming environment that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as being durable and easy to clean and maintain.

“Interior décor and furnishings will not stay pristine for long, particularly with holiday lets where a high turnover of guests inevitably results in damage and wear and tear rates far in excess of what we would expect in our permanent homes.

“Well-dressed windows and doors, therefore, make an extremely positive impression in holiday homes. Curtains and traditional blinds may be well-suited to the décor of some properties, but where the goal is to add a wow factor, nothing beats integral blinds – and they can work well in both modern and heritage properties.”

Crucially, because the integral blind is permanently sealed inside an IGU (insulating glass unit), it will never become dirty or attract moisture or dust. The only parts of the blind that will ever need cleaning are the devices used to operate it – that could be a cord winder, a remote control, a switch or a magnetic slider. Even then, these will only require a quick wipe over as part of routine cleaning.

The only way the main integral blind unit can become damaged is if the IGU is smashed in a high impact accident or deliberate attack. The control system is mounted onto the window or door glass and designed to be highly durable, but should it ever become damaged, it is easy to repair using ScreenLine® parts readily available in as little as 24 hours from Morley Glass.

All five control systems offered by Morley Glass as part of the Uni-Blinds® range of integral blinds can be used in holiday homes to great effect. From the simple but elegant corded

integral blind, the C System, to the smart-home compatible motorised MB System and solar powered W Smart, the range includes options to suit virtually every type of window or door and budget.

The control system that provides the optimum solution for holiday homes is perhaps the SV System, the best-selling Uni-Blinds® integral blind. This is a Venetian integral blind that is controlled by a magnetic slider mounted onto the face of the glass – no cords, no requirement for an electrical connection and very easy to raise, lower and tilt the slats.

Pleated Uni-Blinds® are also available, offering a softer appearance and diffusion of light that may be more compatible with certain interior décor. These are also available with a magnetic slider control device, this time positioned on the base rail of the blind, called the S System.

Ian Short added: “Whichever control system is chosen, integral blinds can represent an excellent investment for any holiday home. Not only do they contribute to excellent aesthetics, but they are more durable than other shading and privacy options and need almost no cleaning – all these things have a value to boost letting potential or simply to ensure the home is the perfect place to holiday.”

47 Summer 2024
Find out more about integral blinds for holiday homes at .
Integral blinds are a superb addition to holiday home windows and doors, offering a low maintenance, sleek shading and privacy solution. Most holiday homes will be left unoccupied for long periods, which means integral blinds can play an additional and important privacy and security role.

When to replace WINDOWS?

Few homes today are still single glazed, most have double glazing installed, so why consider changing them? The Council for Aluminium (CAB) has drafted a handy homeowner guide on how to determine when windows need to be replaced.

Windows are important for letting in natural light, keeping out the cold and enhancing the aesthetics of a home. The lifespan of windows can vary depending on different factors, double glazing in windows typically last around ten years, but, with proper installation and maintenance, they can last even longer. The chosen material of the

window frames affects their lifespan. Timber frames can last up to fifty years with regular maintenance, which includes repainting on average every five years. PVC frames are typically replaced after approximately fifteen years, and aluminium frames can last sixty years or more with minimal maintenance.

48 Summer 2024
Typical aluminium fenestration installation Typical aluminium fenestration installation
Nigel HeadfordCAB CEO

Apart from the visual aspect which prompts replacement, there are several other signs to look for when determining if windows need to be replaced. Condensation between glazing panes indicates broken seals, which compromises insulation and soundproofing. It is crucial that glazed units are ventilated around their perimeter, something that is provided by aluminium and PVC systems, but more difficult to determine in timber systems.

Difficulties in opening or closing windows may indicate damaged hinges. Warped frames, noticeable drafts, frame rot, missing weather seals and locking issues are also signs that windows may need to be replaced. Mould on reveals suggest that cold bridging is occurring and this needs to be investigated prior to window replacement. Faded furniture and carpets near windows suggest that the windows do not have more modern UV protection. Excessive noise transmitting through to the inside can also be a sign that windows need to be replaced, as modern windows with double or triple glass panes and seals provide better sound insulation.


Thermal efficiency of window systems has improved significantly over the last few decades, from the older timber or steel-framed single glazed windows, to todays triple glazed systems. Thermal efficiency has taken centre stage and although you may already have double glazing installed, new, more efficient window systems offer better aesthetics, ease of operation, lower maintenance costs and better insulation for the home whilst increasing comfort. Question is, when is the optimal time to replace windows and doors?

Old double glazing is probably not gas filled, particularly windows with narrow air spaces, but, even if they were, gas does escape over time reducing the glazed unit performance. New glazed windows should offer an optimal airspace within the glazing of 16mm and be gas filled with either argon or krypton gas. Argon’s thermal conductivity is roughly 67% that of air and inexpensive, most companies use this gas fill as standard. Krypton gas is best used in glazed units with a narrow air space, since it functions best when there is a thin gap between the panes about 10mm or less. For this reason it is often used in triple-pane glazed units, where there is an additional layer of glass for additional thermal performance.


The thermal performance of current replacement windows and doors are close to what is going to be required for our low-carbon future, where the energy we do use in heating comes from renewable sources. Products do exist which offer even higher levels of insulation and when coupled with an increase in building fabric efficiency takes us to a ‘Passivhaus’ standard which requires a space heating energy demand of not more than 15 kWh per square metre of net living space per year. New buildings and refurbishment properties are increasingly turning to this standard for homes and commercial spaces. Scotland is to introduce its own Passivhaus standard next year for all new homes.

This guide in full is also available on the generic CAB homeowners website at residential-aluminium. and is free to use. Should you wish to learn more about the use of aluminium used in construction, please contact CAB directly, or why not consider joining the Association and be recognised as being involved in supporting your Industry and helping to shape its future. More information on our website at

49 Summer 2024
Typical aluminium fenestration installation

From council house to Spanish mansions, YOU CAN MAKE IT IN PROPERTY TOO!

Hugely successful entrepreneur, investor, mentor and international speaker

Liam Ryan, co-founder of Assets For Life - the UK’s leading property and business training academy - chats with Angela Sara West about his prolific property empire, educating entrepreneurs, his top podcasts with famous property experts, his new dream Marbella retreat for property bootcamps, and reveals his simple secret to elevating your home’s vibe and value.

50 Summer 2024


Affluent Liam is the CEO and co-founder of Assets for Life, a property business training and wealth education company dedicated to helping new and existing property entrepreneurs and developers accelerate their success through world-class training, mentorship, property portfolio strategies, tools and resources.

How does it feel to have the title of the UK’s highest star-rated wealth training and property investment company? “It’s amazing! Our clients are at the heart of everything we do at Assets For Life, so it’s incredibly important that they have a brilliant experience,” he reveals.

“The reason why we started the training side of the business is because I knew the impact of having the right education and support can have on someone’s life after experiencing it first-hand. So, to think that over the last eight-and-a-half years we’ve built what is now the UK’s highest starrated property training company makes me incredibly proud.”

If you’re after some property wealth tips, then Liam Ryan is your man. This prolific property investor and trainer, and joint Guinness World Record holder, has overcome poverty, business failure and bad health, and come out on top on the other side.

Today, Liam co-runs an investment company behind over a whopping £28,000,000-worth of property deals. And this altruistic, highly successful entrepreneur is all about helping other people through property education, making them more money so they, too, can live a happier life.

Featured in Forbes and frequently in the national and international press discussing investing, flipping and developing property, debunking common myths and more, he’s recently starred in top title ‘New York Weekly’ and has relished TV appearances too.

“Yes, there have been a few over the years…” Liam tells me. “I’ve most recently featured on GB News as a panellist.”


His passion for property began at sweet 16. “I was a window salesman, going from house-to house knocking on doors to sell double glazing,” Liam tells me.

The young entrepreneur very much enjoyed working for family-run, Essexbased Zenith Windows, which specialises in a wide range of high-quality home improvement services. “It was a great time! As a door-to-door salesman it involved a lot of cold calling, and at the time, I was very young and pretty inexperienced in the world of business. Doing this job allowed me to learn the basics of business and master the art of selling which, in any business, is a key skill.”

Who in the property and business worlds inspired him? “My drive and inspiration came from a desire to provide a better life for myself and my family. We didn’t have much, so I wanted to be successful in order to change our lives,” he explains. “One key influence was a man called Tim, a local market trader who took me under his wing and taught me key skills that I still use to this day. Gaining that first-hand experience was key.”

And once he had the key, what a property journey it’s been…

51 Summer 2024


Several years later, Liam applied to work at a large multinational marketing company, clinched the job, and just three weeks later jetted off abroad.

“When I was 20, I moved to Spain, and while running other businesses, I also invested a lot in properties and built a significant portfolio. However, I was young and didn’t have the right people around me and, ultimately, the business failed, and I returned to the UK.”


So, how did he turn things around and become the muchrespected multi-millionaire he is now? “My main success has come in the last nine years, after attending a training event in London. I have since completed over £28 million pounds’-worth of property deals.”

Today, Liam is proud to be the CEO of one of the top property investment, business, and wealth training companies in the UK. Assets For Life is involved in multiple property income streams, from small deals through to huge commercial conversions worth millions.


If anyone knows how to rise in real estate, it’s Liam Ryan. His winning formula for success? “Once you master how to find great property deals, how to fund them using NONE of your own money, how to fill or flip them, you will be in a position to never have to worry about money ever again,” he divulges.

“So, it’s the three ‘F’s - Find, Fund, Fill (or Flip). This is definitely a great starting point for how you can become the best version of you and live the life that you truly deserve and desire.”


As a specialist wealth education and property investment company, Assets For Life is dedicated to helping new and existing property investors and entrepreneurs accelerate their success through world-class training, mentorship, strategies, resources and tools.

Liam enjoys empowering others through education, an aspect of his work he finds extremely gratifying. “It really is! And seeing the success of our clients is rewarding, too. There have been so many examples over the years of people who are feeling stuck or dissatisfied in their life, and seeing them be able to change not only their life but their families’ life around, too, is hugely satisfying and something that drives me at every single event”, he explains.

“We are living proof that anyone can build life-changing income and achieve success, given the right education and mindset. Using tried and tested blueprints, our training and property investment company shows you how to thrive in property and business and alter the direction of your life for the better, building a win-win relationship that lasts.”


An authority on all things real estate, Liam and his top team flip and develop property predominantly in the southeast of England. “Chelmsford, Colchester… and we have been working on a huge commercial conversion development in Maidenhead,” he explains.

His biggest challenge? “Our Maidenhead project has a had a lot of ups and downs. We have been converting two buildings into two commercial units and 26 high-quality flats on the high street, and have faced many challenges with this, from bad experiences with contractors, timelines not being met and, of course, the impact of the COVID pandemic. This has led to the project being delayed, but it is now nearing completion.”

52 Summer 2024


Starting life on a council estate, did this wealth entrepreneur and mentor ever think he might one day create an industryleading property business?

“I always felt that I would be successful no matter what, but at the time I did not know which industry that would be in. I always had that entrepreneurial spirit, so I knew that one day I would own my own business. But it wasn’t until later in life that property became the focus.”


With property investment one of the most lucrative investment strategies out there, by applying the right principles, best practices and strategies, Liam says anyone can achieve success as a property investor.

Aiming to positively shape the future of others, Assets for Life offer a variety of expert-led, game-changing bootcamps, including The Property Millionaire, The Money Maker Intensive, The Elite Sales, The Commercial Conversion and more.

Whether you are new to property investments or a seasoned pro, Assets For Life’s mastermind courses will equip you with everything you need to thrive in property, including all the latest strategies plus best practises on how to build a burgeoning property portfolio of your own.

What can we expect from the UK’s No.1 property and Business training academy’s bootcamps?

“We offer clear step-by-step processes in a range of business strategies,” Liam explains. “Not only do we cover the complex business strategies by breaking them down into actionable steps, but we also cover every step along the way for a complete newcomer.”

“This includes mindset sessions, how to build a network, the importance of a power team, setting up a business and so much more! All of our bootcamps are run by a UK leading experts in their field who have years of experience in the relevant industry, as well as being CPD certified.”

Expert education that can be applied in today’s market is key, and Liam’s top-rated property investment courses make it easy to kickstart your journey towards building life-changing income through property.


Demonstrating that with a trusted partner, the right education and a strong power team, anything is possible, Liam’s dedicated industry-leading team show you how to build sustainable property business assets.

“And by asset, we don’t just mean property, we also mean yourself – because fundamentally we believe that YOU are your greatest asset.”

Learn direct from these insightful specialists and you’ll gain access to the latest strategies and blueprints that are working in today’s market so you can start seeing results with ease.


What’s more, Liam also boasts a highly successful podcast, seeing him candidly chat with other property experts about their biggest deal experiences.

Covering The Money Mindset, Diverse Funding Sources, Financial Optimisation, Multiple Funding Streams, Opportunistic Approach, property multi-millionaire and joint World Record holder Liam says if you want to become a master negotiator, close more property deals, become a great salesperson and live a better life, then Liam’s The Deal Maker podcast – at - is for you!

Looking for straight-talking property investment podcasts with real perceptions, case studies and actionable strategies you can replicate, whether you are new to property or a seasoned pro?

Listen as Liam delves into the intriguing world of money mindset and the fear associated with utilising other people's money to achieve remarkable results. The top property specialist shares invaluable insights on raising funds and accessing financial resources effortlessly, exploring various avenues to secure funding, from engaging friends and family members to exploring crowdfunding platforms and leveraging existing assets.

Liam’s also featured familiar faces in property on his popular podcasts. “There have been a few over the years. I recently interviewed Charlie Mullins and Dominic Monkhouse.”

Top Titles

An Amazon best-selling author, too, Liam’s brilliant book, ‘Bricks, Mortar & Other People’s Money’, is focused on raising joint venture finance to build a property portfolio.

“It contains a unique and proven formula that is guaranteed to create a multimillion-pound property portfolio using none of your own money.”

And there’s another title in the works. “I am currently in the process of writing a new book with my close friend and cofounder of Assets For Life, Jay Munoz.”

Columbian-born Jay is also a best-selling author, an eightfigure property business entrepreneur, a mentor, host, and a civil engineer, who has always wanted to be able to improve people’s lives as a ‘modus vivendi’.

53 Summer 2024


In terms of overseas learning and builds, Liam and his top team recently ran a Dream Team Retreat in Thailand, and there’s something very exciting being developed by Liam over in sunny Spain.

“For the most part, I keep to the UK, although we are currently building a luxury 6-bed villa in Marbella, which will host our future business retreats,” he reveals.

“This has always been one of my property dreams – to build a multi-million-pound villa in Marbella, where I can run global retreats for people from all over the world to come to and we can work on their businesses,” says Liam.

“They will learn how to make money, manage money, multiply money. How they can start scaling and grow their property portfolios, how to become investors and how to get themselves in a position where they never have to worry about money again.”


Liam says going on a retreat is “one of the best things you can do for yourself”. “Because you get off the grid and you hang out with other great multi-millionaires. We have gone through extensive work with interior designers, developers to make sure our Marbella retreat is exactly what we visualise.”

AFL Casa Marbella will run the company’s high-level retreats across the nine verticals in Liam’s training company and will also play host to his fun family and friends’ getaways.

And that dream is now fast becoming a reality. “Marbella is the ultimate investment hotspot. There are great things to come!”


As for his own abodes, the award-winning property entrepreneur has a prolific property portfolio, but for Liam, the only way is city life in Essex.

“I have multiple properties in my portfolio,” he explains. “But the main property is where I live with my family - in a modern house in Chelmsford.”

As for home styling, “I leave all of the interior to my wife, Holly, as I personally like to focus elsewhere.”


What practices has he put in place to make his property developments as sustainable as possible?

“We always try to source materials in the most ethical way possible,” says Liam. “And we consider this an important factor when choosing key suppliers and contractors.”


Having worked for Zenith Windows and owned property in sunny Spain, what are Liam’s tips for letting in the light?

“You can’t beat natural light!” Liam advises. “So always try to ensure that the property is south facing (in the UK) to maximise sunlight throughout, it’s also super important that there is nothing obstructing the windows such as trees, bushes, or external structures.”


And how can we easily add the ‘wow factor’ and add value to our homes on a tight budget?

“Transforming your home into a space that makes your heart sing doesn’t have to break the bank,” Liam promises. “Trust me, I’ve been there, flipping through decor magazines with a sigh, wishing for a change… And guess what? It’s MORE than possible.”

He says the secret to ‘superpower’ your pad is much simpler than you might think. “Paint. It’s like a superpower for home makeovers,” Liam spills. “A splash of colour can breathe new life into any corner, making it pop.”


And he has advice aplenty for adding the ‘Wow’. “Upgrading to sleek, modern fixtures, or adding some stylish lamps can transform your space from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’. And never underestimate the power of decluttering. Clearing out the clutter not only frees up your space but also your mind, paving the way for fresh ideas and energy.”

“So, there you have it. With a bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can elevate your home’s vibe and value!”


Philanthropic Liam carries out a lot of charity work and has contributed both funding and advice for the Village Build Project in Colombia.

“This project is very close to my co-founder, Jay Munoz’, heart as he has always wanted to give back to people who need our help in Colombia,” Liam explains. “Through our charity fundraising, we have helped fund two house builds in Colombia, helping families who have low income and are currently living in poor conditions. We work with local developers over there to help build them suitable housing.”

54 Summer 2024


Liam says his business has seen a significant level of growth since the covid pandemic, so the only way now is up. How does he see Assets for Life evolving?

“The goal is to continue growing and to expand into other key areas in the business training industry, while maintaining the upmost level of quality for our clients.”

“The main property project going forward is our AFL Casa in Marbella, which is being built throughout 2024. We are also in the final stages of the Maidenhead property development.”

“Our main goal this year is to continue the amazing work we are doing at Assets For Life, to continue to train the UK’s most exciting entrepreneurs and play a key role in their success. Join us at my next free property event!”

Follow Liam on Insta @liamjryanwealth

Assets For Life @assetsforlifeuk


Through sheer determination and perseverance, Liam has managed to grow his property business from ‘nada’ into an eight-figure property empire.

A few of the highlights of Liam’s illustrious career?

• Becoming a best-selling author with my book, ‘Bricks, Mortar & Other People’s Money’.

• Co-founding Assets For Life, which is now the UK’s leading property, business & wealth company.

• Winning the Business Growth award at the Professional Speaker Academy awards 2023.

• Being featured in Forbes Magazine!


Assets For Life’s key values and beliefs to achieve success and prosper in the property, business and wealth education are ‘Quality, Trust, Partnership, Respect and Dedication’.

Liam’s top tips for thriving in the property industry?

“I believe it comes down to three key aspects: Mindset, Knowledge and Support,” he reveals.

• Firstly, you need to have the correct mindset in order to start your own business and if you’re going to be successful, having a strong mindset is crucial.

• Secondly, if you don’t have the correct knowledge on strategy, area, legal frameworks and much more, you will not stand a chance.

• Finally, you need the correct support in place. Find a community with like-minded individuals who are on a similar path and can offer advice and support along the way.

55 Summer 2024
© Angela Sara West 2024 Insta: @angela_sara_west
56 Summer 2024 SHOWCASE A BRIGHTER CHOICE THE MULTI-AWARD WINNING ALUMINIUM LANTERN LANTERN ROOF Elevate Find your nearest stockist EXPLORE THE FULL LINIAR RANGE WINDOWS | DOORS | GLAZED ROOFS DECKING | FENCING | PILING LINIAR.CO.UK Slim sightlines allow in more natural light and with innovative features, Liniar’s Elevate lantern roof system maximises thermal efficiency, delivering a year-round comfortable ambient temperature and reducing energy bills. LARGE SIZES AVAILABLE Up to 2.4m x 5.4m for even the largest orangery or extension SUPERB THERMAL EFFICIENCY For comfortable room temperatures and helps reduce energy costs INNOVATIVE DESIGN FEATURES Patented weather dam and glazing stop ensures total weatherproofing BEAUTIFUL FINISH Foiled components for a stylish finish, large choice of colour combinations PART OF WIDE PRODUCT RANGE Perfectly colourmatched, single point of guarantee BRITISH MADE And covered by Liniar’s 10-year guarantee ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN THE SPOTLIGHT Leka Xi Modular Systems Leka Carport & Canopy Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing conservatory or build a new home extension, Leka Systems is the answer. Transform Your Home All Leka products are light weight, cost effective, come with warranties and are energy efficient. Our fitting times are days, not weeks, so you can enjoy your new conservatory as soon as possible! Leka Solid Warm Roof Leka Orangery Roofs Energy Efficient Technology! CONTACT YOUR LOCAL INSTALLATION SPECIALIST TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE! To arrange a home visit from your local Leka installer, visit: Tel: 0800 773 4040 | Email: 0937 SEP23 LEKA IMPROVE AD A4_V9.indd 1 11/03/2024 13:09
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WINDOWS & DOORS Mercury Glazing Supplies Ltd Unit E1, Goodridge Business Park, Goodridge Avenue, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL2 5EB Beautiful Windows start with Mercury Security tested to PAS24:2016. Direct replacement for steel ‘Crittall’ windows. Fixed windows, tilt & turns or casement window options available. • Single or dual colour options with marine quality powder coating as standards. Our Alitherm Heritage 47 Aluminium Windows deliver energy-efficient technology to your project without compromising on the aesthetics of your original windows. Engineered specifically to replace existing steel and Crittall windows, our Heritage aluminium windows offer a durable and visually appealing refurbishment solution. Options in Heritage and Art Deco styles. Polyamide thermal break provides enhanced thermal performance. Traditional heritage styling for sensitive refurbishment projects. To kick start your replacement window journey contact the Mercury team today T: 01452 383 344 E: 0866 MAY23 - MERCURY AD_A4_ALITHERM HERITAGE_V5.indd 1 08/09/2023 15:52 THIS IS NOT TIMBER (BUT YOU CAN’T TELL FROM LOOKING) Meet Ultimate Rose. Ultimate Rose brings the timeless beauty of timber without the hassle. Say goodbye to endless repainting and maintenance of your sash windows. Instead, say hello to a conservation-grade sash window thats hand crafted to achieve the finest detail, even up close. Boasting 40 years of manufacturing experience built into every sash, Ultimate Rose is designed to keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer and secure and quiet all year round. The most authentic uPVC sash window meticulously crafted by the UK’s leading manufacturer. Classic style. Modern Performance. Tradition redefined. Scan to find out more STIGA autonomous robot mowers New extended range for lawns up to 10,000 m². Virtual installation . Intelligent and efficient cutting sessions, guided by AGS technology UP to £500* CASH BACK STIGA Robot - Service Dealer 210 x 297mm 5mm bleed.indd 1 16/02/2024 15:07:32 STIGA autonomous robot mowers New extended range for lawns up to 10,000 m². Virtual installation . Intelligent and efficient cutting sessions, guided by AGS technology Intelligent garden care Cable-free A 10000 A 7500 A 5000 A 3000 A 1500 A 750 UP to £500* CASH BACK FREE Connectivity STIGA Robot - Service Dealer 210 x 297mm 5mm bleed.indd 1 16/02/2024 15:07:32
59 Summer 2024 To advertise here please call 01302 278756 or email CONSERVATORIES & ORANGERIES BI-FOLD DOORS T +44 0161 804 9500 | F +44 0161 804 9505 | TL 6020 1.5 kN TOP MOUNT TESTED ACCORDING TO BS6180 CHESHIRE PLAINS, ENGLAND TRANS LEVEL FRAMELESS GLASS BALUSTRADE BALUSTRADES & BALCONIES devine by design inspiration for your home Completely transform your home and bathe your living space in natural light with our stunning range of aluminium windows & doors. Hehku specialise in the design and installation of bespoke aluminium bi-folds, sliding doors, windows, roof lanterns and sky lights that are meticulously designed to provide that extra special finishing touch to your home. Based in the South East our experienced team will work with you to provide a professional service with the highest standard of customer care. Our range of quality products have been carefully selected to be competitively priced, 100% British made, offer a unique set of safety features, deliver exceptional energy efficiency, offering an industry-leading guarantee of up to 25 years. We are pleased to be able to offer a 3 to 5 week lead in time from survey to ensure your project is finished on time. 01634 298026 Impressive Glazing Solutions to Create a Fresh Contemporary Style Bring in the LIGHT If you would like further help please call our friendly staff on 0114 231 3133 Email us to find your local installer: OPEN UP YOUR SPACE AND ENJOY THE VIEW! See how a sliding folding door would look on your property. Choose the size, number of panels, colours and handle colour options to generate a design and receive a quote from one of our approved, local installers. Visit us online to DESIGN A BIFOLD DOOR Bring in the LIGHT If you would like further help please call our friendly staff on 0114 231 3133 Email us to find your local installer: OPEN UP YOUR SPACE AND ENJOY THE VIEW! See how a sliding folding door would look on your property. Choose the size, number of panels, colours and handle colour options to generate a design and receive a quote from one of our approved, local installers. Visit us online to DESIGN A BIFOLD DOOR To find an installer near you, email us on Create a room that you can use all year-round Unique timber pod construction which speeds up installation and the roof is fully ventilated to prevent condensation. Fully ventilated The solid roof company For conservatory roof replacements or new single storey extensions Sustainably sourced timber, making for the ultimate green building solution. Eco-friendly timber The Icotherm roof helps maintain optimum temperature in the room, protecting from the summer heat and retaining warmth in winter. Thermally efficient
Book your design consultation | 01709 838188 Beautifully Bespoke Timber Windows & Doors Expertly Designed, Manufactured & Installed

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