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Glasgow Student Representative Council Condemn Disproportionate and Heavy Handed Policing to evict Student Protesters The leading student body at Glasgow University has today condemned Strathclyde police for the disproportionate and heavy handed manner in which they attempted to end a peaceful student occupation at the Hetherington Research Building. Over 80 police officers, 18 police vehicles and a police helicopter were mobilised to evict around 15 students who had occupied the University owned Hetherington Research club for just under two months. An ambulance was also needed to take a student injured during the eviction to hospital. Tommy Gore, President of the SRC condemned the amount of police who arrived on campus and disputed the need for police in what should have been an internal university matter: “What we saw outside the Hetherington Research Club today, with a police presence of 80 officers on University owned property is unacceptable. “Whilst we support the University’s goal of turning the previously empty building into learning and teaching space, we cannot, in any way, see the justification for allowing such a disproportionally large amount of police onto our University campus. “We are also very concerned by scenes of a student of this University being stretchered out of a University owned building, through a police line towards an ambulance and will ask University Management how they thought trying to end the occupation in this manner was sensible and appropriate. Reports that three students have been arrested are also concerning”. “We are looking to the political parties ahead of Scotland’s upcoming elections to promise a fair and publicly funded solution to £300 million funding gap that Scottish Universities currently face. We’re sure students would much rather spend their time being educated than having to protest at the problems that the currently underfunded system has created.” Glasgow University  Students’  Representative  Council  represents  the  interests  of  students  registered  at  the  University of Glasgow to the University and nation. The representative function is augmented by the delivery of 

services aimed  at  enhancing  the  student  experience  while  at  Glasgow.  Council  comprises  up  to  37  elected  students who meet throughout the year.

For more information contact: Luke Winter VP Media and Communications vp‐ 0141 339 8541 07989 111 856


SRC Condemn Disproporitionate Police Presence on University Campus

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